The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 2, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 4
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' Tuesday, February 2, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indian Page Four Behind the Seen 'LUXURY MODELHSfiE P THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found'4 There was mirror In tha ele- Established a The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The CliiUon IMuiiidealcr absorbed In lu. .tnr. l.uana took a quica survey She seemed no more than seventeen. Lorraine and he had been married eighteen years. Lorraine had of herself. . ..... Ths Kugenle hat rrsmeq a nt, Listen to this and take a lesson k.l .lniaed ulnklT in UllS llglll, Bv HARRISON CARROLL never wanwo a cnou, .... -min-ht snoil her figure. Had she held In diction." of delicsta featura and ssquislts . -.i.i.t iml. different views, it was possible contour. . The blus of her ayes was deep- , i ... I - - ha hat and A shipwreck la about to . ..naltnfr relUlttf Oil mend at the 1'o.tofflcc at n " s,,f"n(1 M'1'"' Member Indiana Ite-publlcan Fdilorlal Association ithey might have naa a u.uini.. Ijust this sge. . . . Lorraine was spenains v """.: enea oy i" .-hii .-. gown, snd perhaps by an emotion covered tank at the Paramount Thi. ia no miniature but hull awBKenen, yi .i- t.. u... Umm that almost Klar "inr- Sjnillrate. Ine. HOLLYWOOD: Lights! Camera! Ac Umi! A nurse la taking Itobert Taylor's temperature us Director W. H. Van 1 yko lines up a shot l,,r "The Man In Possesion". In an ordinary I'd'. Taylor would not lie working Indny. but holding up a movie com- II1IIV COSlS tllOU- now, Inviting ner 10 party she wa giving In the penthouse the following evening. a full-sized half-section of a clipper CHAPTER XV To lire and move amidst beauty I To hava such a wonderful settingl These thoughts came to her as she walked with Mrs. Vandaveer Into ths Louis XVth drawing room with Its asnuina antiques. The butlsr had already set out the tea-things and ths priceless old French sllrsr on a spindle-legged tabls that was close to a log fire, for tha Spring day had turned chilly. The owner of ths house was there. Mrs. Vandaveer presented Luana to ber husband. Sh thought) "What a dlstln-EutBhed-looking man I But hs looks ten-lbly tired l" Bhs thought of the Colonel. Ths face was deeply lined and seemed to sag, Just as her stepfather's had sagged that terrible h" was unnwiir.. of It as X' 'j' National A ,'"!'" lriocnlnlivr: fiKO II I'AVIII CO. llinu vi mi-y Illiln.. clihago. 1-111 r.onerut Motors Hl.lg, IMrolt 110 Hast IndBL, ship. The rorwaro purv vnj supposed ,o have sunk. Frances ' ' i,mh Hehllil. New Tori ths youn man i nor aiuo. smiled frnltl ber In tha mirror. But hs pslil nc mnpiimoi.i. ..... wai not hn sy .ins n.u "Do drop In, siiss viam. tlms between five end seven o clock. And bring an escort. If you nk- Lunna thanked her, but did not commit herself to ssy yes or no. She thought It rather strange that Mrs. Vandaveer should Invito Ihcr. But If she didn't turn up, and 117 V' Phone 4 I glad of it at I'.rst, but now an. r.,i.i..j v, would whlsoer to her Dee, liary K-uupi, . , kraut and others In the "Souls n'. Rea" cast are clinging to the rnl'a und the slanting deck. To simulate the rise of the stern before the final lunge, an hydraulic hoist will lift the whole end of the .1.1. wa and wind machines that she looked lovely. . . ...i. .1. rt.i r. f In kuihIs of dollars. ISnh carries on. Hick or well, must men would Hale places with lilin In this a cent. Jean NOI irom any 'nm heart, but from a woman i wish Mr. Quackenbush heard oi ii, wouiu he be angry with herl day In tne prison at oan to please wners sne ia .iir-ui.. Anyone seeing them together will send water sloshing over the however, was Mr. (Juackenuusn uiu ni v iv, mly an hour later, at the new Vandaveer, KM- than her step much handsomer decks. For runner ru"i, nronerty man sprays the actors THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM : 1 To further every interest of Parke .nd yerm.ll.on count.e.. 2. To the revival of the Indiana coal mining ndu,,Ty- 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County . unemploy 4. TrLea'utify'ciinton and make it the moat attractive city of its iie in the atate. with water. Luana sat on an uncomfortable .k.i. that aha was Derfectly sure Harlow Is to cull him darling and then faint in Ills arms. He then Is to pick her "P and carry her off the Director Hathaway is oui ovc .1.. ..,,.,.. m the end of a camer.i i i .n.t mt iAot. a thnmtand dollars She thought of Yvonne's funny M.JIa.saaH:aLjij jritii Marluw crane. The rest of us hover around llttls r Tench imngroom. ua . . . . . I the braziers, wlllioui our dvbiw. ..nna n,iiioH im. because the se: is cold. They had to break the Ic Yvonne would love to hear about this house, this room. Yvonne was "K1' jSEjrt u...d the SHEPPARD REMAINS DRY c... Mnrr Snennard. of Texas, a.ilhor of (lie F.ic-htrenlh on the water oeiore gouig w At mld-dav, this man-made ocean Is only 42. amendment, is what one would rail consists! and an example of nana 01 mm nuow:n, uvn , ly from the waistline to Mr. Vanda There are many vianuia set because the sinking of the ship Is a good trick, even for veer, gave a u-tuu w scene. Jean Is wearing a brown wool dress from her own wardrobe that hues every curve. It cost $450. Willi Hie hat to match, and it Khnvs id, million dollars worth l if ligllie. During several rehearsals, Director Van Dyke tells Hob to save his strength and leud Jean oft the Keriie Instead of carrying her. Finally, however, they are ready to lake It. Darling." says Jean. Then she looks up into Hob's eyes and SVi'UOIlS. Taylor may not look like a ....u.. .,.t ha handles blondes , So obvioualy out for what he could By my side Is Harry snermaii, who produces westerns and other for Paramount. Kll 3W Bliutiin; B-t . i rnas(a aosmPl riPTTT' eus. Truth to tell, there was a fair He takes In the size, the Impressive chance of an extremely in-" man being at the opening of the i t j t..u triita affarnAnn. mince perseverance in the pursuit of an ideal. F.very year, on the 16th of January, he makes an anniversary speech on the ratification of the amendment, since repealed, and predict, the return of prohibition. Now 61 years of age. with 3 years of concessional service to his credit the Texan doe, not Into his tongue in flaying repeal promts contrasted with present results. He calls the distilled and fermented liquors stored in Rovern men, warehouses, -Misery in storage! Crime on deposit Murder in reserve!" and "Hell warehoused for the future destruction of realism or ine seu imiw's w he grins and says: "I could produce a whole picture for about what that cost," Ginger Rogers and Fred Astalre at had a half share in it, ehe un- .ierBtood. She wanted to cultivate i . J l.,. tin aoaa PomOTI mn man iu riBu...j. - itut of the nicture. Since he was have finished tneir rouer much eought after, it was quite n .i- .un v. mio-hf not remain , a.i If wii almost long ai wm isih. --r- five-thirty now. They were already half -hour late. Would Joel be an- 1 .V. a Janart With H& neatly. In fact, he strides off as ir he were good for four flights of "AH right, kids," praises Van Dvke. "That was a good one." Tile nurse, who has been watching Bob with Jean In hia arms, looka speculatively at the thermometer. But, being no fool, she puts It away. The thing only registers as high as 109. mon leaving Luana Waters to pour tea lor mm i , Joel was being pleasant to ths aance ana ' into the dramatic sequences of "Stepping Toes". I'm talking on the set tills week ; with A a t a 1 r e and with Di-rector Mark Sandrich. 'What are you going to do for something new in your next picture?" V"' ' ' " e a. umA girl. Better serine . "Darling, It's too tiresome, but mankind!" Again he has introduced a resolution .or ine e-. ment of the prohibition amendment which he predict, he will hve to gee successful. Whether one agree, wi.h the veteran legislator's view, or not and regardless of what one may think of his prophetic insight. ,t .. permitted to all to make a bow in ,he direction of the advocate of prohibition. He. at least, sticks to his gun, and sets an example , all fair-weather politician,. I'm aae$ late lor a oorma tuiii.." tea meeting for charityl You know -In connection with the big Car- . , , w l C . Conlmi alV nival in mauiau" iiu"' , . r; weeks hence. I've absolutely got to i - mua. nf f ii cf. And Winger Koger Ramon, you're due too" she turned I'm told about another scene that took place on the set at 8:30 in the morning. The company was railed (or that hour, but Van Dyke, who bet, before last election, Ithat Roosevelt would take every state in the union, decreed no work until after the president's inaugural address. I ask Astaire. from nun w nor "UDUB''U - - i im.-inr hill nil. i.n.nna nn vntir hands?" He confesses he was nevet able L.uana i . . ". ri" dertsken a prominent part In tne pagesnt-BenvenutoCellinl, tout to master the art. Krindricli. vhn had been listening, Peoplo had flocked to tha bar of ths Vandaveer horns. He lined Jean, Hob ana me wnoie He nnea jean, mm " you mind offlelating at the tea-table under i --- .',,. .would hava said they mads a hand in my absence! Joel, you brldge-and-cocktail elub to which hs had contrived to get himself elected to a membership. company up in front of a raoio on "e particulttrlv . "All right, you actors." he said I att. active in a dance like "t. some pair, mess two. iiraui Idolph, tall and slim In his suit of wefl-eut navy serge, his bronie halt brushed baca iroro nis una iucuu stand I simply must snow upi Lusna was taken aback, bne glanced shyly at Lorraine! bus- bHis face remained a smiling mask. "Most certainly keep your appointment, my dear Lorraine. Luana thought whimsically: : tnuin anmetlmea i nil university, al Danville, Ky Hs found himself at the bar beside ths lovely Mrs. Vandaveer who carelessly told him she had Invited iLuana. 'Because lots of the women When tbey bad dined ana asnceu . I 4 -.1 -within hla fneana. ONE-EYED CARS We wrote recent of the menace to the traveling public involved in the parking of automobile, on the paved highway, especial-,y on curves or grades where the vision of approaching au.omob.le, is limited. Today we wan, to direct allrnlion to the danger to the ravel-ing public of allowing cars on the highway at night with only one lamp burning. An approachin, automobile traveler may be entire- 1 i i U . rA rta not sludviiiK law. This is the alma ma lit had been borne In on Luana that ter uf the late Governor Claude Mat who voted for her in your co mv"- l.. .., . . . I T ful aViA'a girls and women oiten looaeu ai. mm tlOD Will 0 tnoro. vmu -... -. A t mlntt jil her admiringly, ana at ner wi thews, grandfather of Claude E i, nancy hi " i "yesterdays l i:i:iti Aliv 2. ii3 Mrs. Clnrlssji Salyaids was the 4iiest of A ui il - and Mrs. H. T. I'nyne of Neiott from Kalurdoy In Monday evening. Mrs. Hairy Held uf Clinton went up and spent Mon aori oi uiuwsw ...... . off at five, Mr. Quackenbush, be ing. cause she's certainly a gooa aur- sbe asked nerseir now: ttin i" smart crowd here realize how aw-fi.llv a-nnri-lnoklnir hs la!" She fell usemeni iw yw. , Mrs. It. .1. Collier and Mrs. J. I proud of Jimmy. i.',i,.,iii ueni to Terre Haute He conceded tnia do j,, was hs that Luana was art ad that ho Insisted she wear for the must cover a queer lot or on-go- '""Taks good care of Joel." Mra. Vandaveer beamed. Joel gave an odd little crooked smile. "You leave me in Kdnd certainly in beautiful hands, be Luana wondered what that smile of his portended. She did not know , . i ir A - n. well swsre day with them. They rolled oil Mrs. Strains of Hawaiian music greev ad their esrs as the butler opened ths door to them. A stringed orchestra .Wednesday. Mrs. Kdgerton planned to remain kit. a while lo visit her occasion only, be it unoerscoou Charles Kvans Monday afternoon. $360 "cocktail gown" oi sappnire parenls, blue velvet that moumea u.ui. was playing in a conBcmawij opened on a music room that bad been cleared for dancing. Its parquet floor had been polished, and lissom oouy o " . ., . 7 poured into it. It had a silver metal- thst his handsoms wife was fibbing . him aha had steadily fibbed for lie collar, ana long ugm i i .1.- .;lA- f tvaina. Ha was already a gooaiy numoer ux cui-lhctj ana uie " - , were dancing. lv misled a. to the location of the one-eyed car, Dec-u . -know whether i, i. the left lamp or the right lamp which is out, and ,n many Case, he thinks it is a motorcycle coming. Highway patrolmen would contribute to the eliminate o needless accidents, with resulting death, and injuries, by seeing thai careless automobilists were punished for infractions of the safe use of the highway, regardless of whether accident, actually result d or not A car parked on the road should cause its dr.ver to be Lsted if it is parked in a dangerous position. The same, should be given the wilful use of a one-eyed car. atiempcing cu 7 Among Clinton r."ople al the ail (oniohile show ill Chicago Monday, besides those previously mentioned in this paper were Charles Meyer. Morg Slater, .1. N. Frist, Oeorge Ku-iua. H. C. Dies. N. O. nilibina mid It. M. I'entreath. hat his milliner had created one out of the asms blus velvet as wie jgown, with a feather curling under I'KH. IS. HKM. Mrs. Clarice Canady of South Main street entertained the members of the Hld-A-Wee club last evening at her home. Mrs. Cole Curry and Mrs. Frank Payne were guests. A surprise handkerchief shower was siven in compliment to Mrs. R. E. Peck in honor of her birthday. There was tea in wic owuumi French drawingroom, but when they arrived, that room was practically empty. People had flocked to the bar of the Vandaveer home, which was a the chin m a ngnver auau . I-: - . i IL. -.pH, CUB il a wui" mi" , , Y . Jimmy Randolph called for her . .. . if T?:iU ivmn. at flvfi. Claude Kwing.. who entered Indi room In itself, done in Uld rjngnsn style, with a high counter that ran at tne snop on mi-i, -----Bearing in mind Mrs. Vandaveer's a long time, and that he was no longer wounded or annoyed, as he had once been over her lack of character. He was thinking that Lor--aine was getting careless. Had she not told him a couple of days ago that she absolutely mutt go to this uponingT He had told her In reply that he didn't think much of those - connected with the club and that, s she seemed so keen on Society, and keeping up her position m it, why mix herself with inferior people? . . . True, In a way, he was fond of Lorraine. He was proud of her beauty and her chic, but long since he had realized her inferior mental i tha rtvnlnusnesa of ana university, last fall, is at Cen almost tne wnoie lengw oi uu suggestion aDoui an encun,, uu. ICnehre was played and prizes and a brass loot-rail to iu bad asKeo rfimmy w Bw. "It isn't much in my Hne-:ocK- awarded to Mrs. Vaniee Benneil. were scattered here and there, and h; Mrs. Wayne Cadwell. lone His Public tai -partying, I mean ouv want me 1'H go." hs told her ac already eacn one v wiu hand; Mrs, Charles Doughty, low. commodatingly. it .,tt Ia Irnnw tha comnllca- 11 in: i o o im w..k,.um r-rr- of corks as fresh bottles of cham -- unit Mrs. Curry, guest. The next tlons that bis presence at the party ii ...all., kntiff into the meeting of the cluh is to he at the pagne were opened. 1 ns clatter oi ice in metal containers, violently ahaken In ths orocess of mixing the home of Mrs. (iilhert Martin. wouio eiiiu"j ----- lives of at least four people. Luana her character. She never had made cocktails. The babel of tongues, too. and be sei on onvnciy any effort U understand him or be a companion to him. They had and Mrs. Anton Frigo of Mr. cu..M In tVia ImnwledTS that an mingling with the musie oi tne ukelela and the steel guitar. Joel Vandaveer had corns uptown earlier that his wont, at his wife's While street are the parents of a Wit TS A . attractiva young was accom lUiiy daughter horn today at ineir He was a fine man, a loyal man, and no woman-chaser. He thought - i.A...lf,.l uniinv OTrl. but panying ner, arm u , m ""-: 1 i I . -h- wnnld ha at request, one tnougni it wouia iuu. I, nine. The Infant is I lie Heeonti r - u At-v-boA aa tha averaee leaafc aa '-- ' . i,iM li tin lieell named Di-lores 1IC1I W , 1 (. o i.e. ..uaw..w f ' - " the gathering from Its beginning, in any idea of flirting with her never ..wl in him for a minute. As I 13 woman at trie pany, uuii si of the taicab on upper Park Ava- j r l .. nm(A tha ei river Ann. .- ..t tha thmiffht had View oi tne lact umi ineie nun uwh eossin lately about herself and ..i .l.-.,,...!, l.-c mind that It Ramon. 1 tr-r-ce a Due, nu a.iiuii e'- ,. V They entered the building where iibbiicu w.uis - would be very : -mt to have a the Vandaveers lived, ana snot op Hurry Shannon of Norlli Ninth slreei Is confined to liis home ill. (To Be Continued) Oopjrlftit 1 ' 1 1 Kln rMlurM Sndloal. la. ,l..ihfr who look., 'ike her and 3 k cr tX. .w's-i mn'.n thVeslor ta ths penthouse. Tom MeCiea Is aide to he Mis tone News. ahoiit the liouse after suffering relapse from tile flu. num. The driver of the tnuk dou-llle erosses his pals, hides the cold and then sets killed. The police and rival gangers run :i lense and .net ul with linancea, which muy in-n-ase through uuderslandiug "1 a ii-cret nature or in collusion with ings or secret bodies. ir This Is Vonr llliihday Those whose birthday il is ure on feverish race to see who can locate An aeeoiincement of Ihe marriage of Miss Mabel Florence Hulk, of Soul ll Hixlh street, to .less Williart ihe gold first. Shipper .lone und the eve of u year i'f lair prosi i, Willi subtle agreements und spccula- Waitress Mar;;ot are unwittingly er has been reienily made n bride s parenls, Mr. and Mrs. I. Mil the e M-niures. These udvaiiluges dm wn Into the tangle. A I'ete Smith Specialty. I'atli' rk. The wedding took place Ail-Ki 14. IKl's ill Itenilnston. lnd. would In- imperiled by hasly. reckless and Impulsive moves and rash Topics and a Jack I'epper Act are "HII-: iAV DKKI'KItAIM)" AT 'I' II 10 rAI'ITOl. Ida l.uplno. the pert und saucy Kngllsli aeiress of tlu' fumed Lupino family, plays opposile Nino Martini in this muKii'ul roiminen which has Mexico us a background. Ileuutiful scenery, plenty of action from hold and very had handils of the hot lu-tuali' country and excellent singing hy M iii-t inl will keep you Interested. I.i-o Carril!o Is a sinful hut merry bandit chief who likes Martini's voice so well that In; kidnaps the num. Later lie the singer to do some "American" gangster work. nterestlllK shorts. THK I'l.AIVWMAV AT THK WAHASH Tonight is your last opportunity Mrs. A Knox of Keiinnhui I!, "nl.. v villini! her brother. Joe Ihivev. ii ml nnnily of North Main street. 1-OiiiK Divan, student at Purdue univirsiiy at I.arnyetie. lnd., i upending I be weekend at the home derisions. Healing with mergers, secret organizations or by secret understandings may prove profitable. Safeguard employment and preserve the private lire from discord. A child horn on this day muy ho talented, energetic and enterprising, although disposed to rash and hasty ads and words. It may h iiopiilur und have a pleasant and prosperous life. lo see his exciting panorama of American history In the making. with r.arv Conner and Jean Arllmr of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. I'Ouo- which brings Miss Lupitio und James Illakeley into the picture. stealing lot) acting honors, though Divan of South Twtlftli street. laurels also go to James Ellison. Mickev Mouse mid his friends an "Alpine Climbers" in the added liort feature. MOVIES THE STARS SAY Mfillt WAITRESS' AT THK I'Al.ACI'. Charles Bickford. Helen Burgess. Porter Hall and John Miljan. At his heat in out-of-door roles, flary Cooper portrays "Wild Hill Hirknk." hy the government to see who was selling guns to the Indians out west. Hoydelilsh Jean Arthur appears as "Calamity Jane." James Kllison as hard-figthing "Buffalo Hill Cndv" and John Miljan as Cen- S:in Franiisio'H colorful water-rroin. inei linK place of adventurers, . - At 'fs ' CAAfaX"irc 'r '-r-' -" ' -' -rmM-' dereliriH. tumblers and gancslers Is For Immediate Result Advertise In tho Clintonian! ihe Ki-nini: for "XiKhl Waitress." it ;knt.vii:vi-: kkmih.k l-'or Wcliii -day, 1-vliiMiiry :t Judging by the planetary configurations. Ibis day may he a conflicting and perplexing one. While there may he decided benefits in business, new contracts and speculative enterprises, yet there are perils from too rash, hasly and impetuous acts or unwise decisions. He i. Mii.riiir Varuot Ciahame in the ti eral Custer. The tweeping .attles Hh the Indians as well as the more and Cordon Jones. niton tie role dramatic and romanlie scenes are Ii. Hilly Oilberi and Arthur I iaivoi well presented. "VoaMl also see I'opeye In 'Tin in the Army Now" and Fox Movie- Loll in supporting, roles. A truck-load "f fold hullion disappears while eu ruuie to the San Framisep

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