The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 9, 1976 · Page 53
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 53

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1976
Page 53
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Palm Beach Post, Thursday, December 9, 1976 CI 1 Brantley Bows to Pressure, Changes Committee Lists sV l!ft)89j 'WyW'y WW i." SIJ . I t- . , m .1 ' ' 'Sit Co Santa Claus, North Pole I Four-year-old Kelly Ku-bala of Jacksonville mails her letter to Santa Claus early to be sure it gets to the North Pole . before Christmas. If she was any shorter, Kelly would have to have help from someone to be certain Santa gets her list of toys and goodies. UPI Ttltphoto under the iron fist of a tyrant." However, Brantley (D-Jacksonville) maintained at a news conference that he was giving all his committees a free hand to come up with legislative proposals. The major change announced by Brantley involved the Transportation Committee. Brantley agreed to Winn's proposal to take Winn off the committee and put Sens. Ralph Poston and Vernon Holloway, both Miami Democrats, back on. State Sen. Don Childers (D-West Palm Beach) was added to the Agriculture Committee. Brantley said Childers was added to the committee "when he pointed out I inadvertently left off the committee representative of that delegation which, dollar-wise, is the richest agricultural district in the state. Sen. John Vogt (D-Cocoa) and Pat Thomas (D-Quin-cy) were added to the Appropriations Committee because Brantley said their areas of the state initially had been overlooked in appointments to the powerful committee. Sens. Tom Tobiassen (R-Pensacola) and Tom Gal-len (D-Bradenton) were added to the Governmental Operations Committee while Sen. Don Childers was added to Agriculture. Sens. Alan Trask (D-Fort Meade) and Winn were added to the Rules Committee. Trask had asked to be put on the Rules Committee and Brantley said he was putting Winn on so that the president's office would have a direct voice. Sen. Jack Gordon (D-Miami) was added to the Health and Rehabilitative Services Committee, a panel he had expressed unhappiness about being dropped from because of his major interest in the agency. Sen. David McClain was added to the Judiciary-Civil Committee and Sen. Henry Sayler (R-St. Petersburg) was taken off. TALLAHASSEE (AP) - Senate President Lew Brantley, reacting to a storm of protest because of his initial committee assignments, yesterday announced changes in the membership of seven committees. However, in all of the swaps, Brantley kept the so-called "Doghouse Democrats" frozen out. One of the dissidents, Sen. Robert Graham, charged he was left out because he refused to give "a pledge of unthinking acceptance" to Brantley's goals. Brantley said the changes were made to correct "some voids which were human error on my part in not having certain delegations represented on certain committees." , Following the initial appointments made by both Brantley and House Speaker Don Tucker, some legislators had charged the appointments represented a return to mainly rural domination of the legislature. The 8-member Dade delegation was particularly upset, and Brantley designated his running mate, Senate President Pro Tempore Sherman Winn (D-Miami) to try to soothe ruffled feathers in the Dade delegation. Winn came back with proposed changes involving six of the eight Dade senators. Brantley announced yesterday he had agreed to changes involving four of the six. The two he left out were dissidents Graham and George Firestone. Brantley said Graham had not asked for any changes in his committee assignments. Graham said that was true, but only because he was "unwilling to sacrifice my independence and my ability to speak for, my constituents" by giving a pledge of loyalty to Brantley. Graham charged that the various committee posts only gave the appearance of leadership since "there is no real leadership capability when you can only act 1 A . kl v 1 1 'V.. I Shevin Wants End to Plea Bargaining Come To This Christian Science Lecture By BARBARA DIX HENDERSON Saturday Dec. 11th, 10:30 A.M. DOLPHIN THEATRE PALM SPRINGS SHOPPING CENTER CONGRESS AT 10th AVE. (NORTH) of manslaughter just because an individual consents to plead guilty." He also called for a mandatory one-year jail term for anyone convicted of breaking-andentering a home without a firearm. "One year in jail is not an excessive amount but it will give a taste of jail and hopefully act as a deterrent for more serious crimes," Shevin said. Shevin compared both proposals to a new Florida law mandating a three-year prison term for anyone convicted of using a firearm during the commission of a felony. That requirement has contributed to a 39 per cent drop in armed robberies, he said. Deputy Atty. Gen. James Whisenand acknowledged later, however, that a plea bargain-, ing ban would put more cases on court dockets. "It would establish a greater number of cases for the courts to consider," Whisenand said. "But if it acts as a deterrent, one would hope it would reduce the number of cases that fall in those categories." Shevin said in an interview the plea bargaining ban might find rough going with state lawmakers, but he remained optimistic. "It's going to be difficult to sell it to the legislature," he said. "But it'll work if we can just sell it." , TALLAHASSEE (AP) - Saying plea bargaining can make a "mockery of justice," Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin called yesterday for an outright ban on deals between prosecutors and defendants charged with serious, violent crimes. Shevin told a seminar for 26 newly elected county sheriffs he would ask the legislature next session to prohibit plea bargaining in cases of murder, rape, robbery and armed breaking-and-entering. "Plea bargaining sometimes makes a mockery of justice," Shevin said. "If a prosecutor can make a case of first- or second-degree murder, he has no business opting for a lesser plea GHD3 MENNEN NESTLE CRUNCH SCOPE MOUTHWASH Dealer Will Accept Tucker's Desk Back WoELF PACKS AAADF WITH SPEED STICK REG. 1.19 EXTRA STRENGTH MILK CHOCOLATE REG. t.SO TYLENOL CONTAINS NO ASPIRIN Sw 4 29 5 6 OZ. 3 DAY SALE PRICES GOOD THROUGH SAT., DEC. 1 1 y STATE NEWS t 9 KODAK m- I RIBERHAUS Danish Butter COOKIES MINITURE LIGHT SET 3C FLASHING LITES INDOOR LIGHT SET FULLY ASSEMBLED 19 13 49 I LB 20 G.I. MIDGET TINSIL LIGHT SET A Qfl 2 SPARE BULBS INCLUDED REG. 8.20 KWiJ 5 MIDOIT BLINKER REPLACEMENT LITIS 1.49 2.90 4.29 PRE TESTED. GUARANTEED TO LIGHT REG. 59c 20 TRIM-A-TREE MINITURE LITES BLINKING LIGHTS. ONE SPARE. WEATHERPROOF REG. 2.08 21 LIGHT TREE-TOP DECORATION USE ON TREE-TOPS. DOORS, WINDOWS, ETC. REG. 4.43 . . 15 TRIM-A-TREB OUTDOOR LIGHTS FULLY ASSEMBLED REG. 7.31 10 ROLLS "BAG-O-WRAP" 80 SQ. FT. OF ASSORTED CHRISTMAS WRAPPING. 8 DESIGNS REG. 2.29 PROM AX ,NC M A 1 PACT FEErA'!P i FOR HIM AND HER (No. S MfFLASH) A J J A M REG. 23.50 l'asb I CLAIROL sunbeamFv T I HAIRSETTER steams dry II W wo. mi IRON 1 " PjjjSj P ml JLSrtTHE r i OLD SPICE! I J TSBSs hot top 1 A After Shave 1 Y AeBrjJA HOT LATHER " MG. 2 " IS) l DISPENSER BY SCHICK Mf m -919 Eg 1 1 m gift y c,ogne rnAii SHICK SUPER II 0i reg. -fl QQ CLASSIC RAZOR Jr I s.oo I BY INTERNATIONAL 'J tW " 1 16 SHEET GIFT WRAP OAc 65 SQ. FT. OF ASSORTED CHRISTMAS SHFETS REG. 1.49 CSV 36 STICK-ON STAR BOWS mm ASSORTED SOLID COLORS REG. 99c Ofj DECORATED FANCI'FOIL 20 SQ. FT. FOR CHRISTMAS WRAPPING, 4A( HOLIDAY DECOR, TABLE SETTING, ETC. REG. 49c W TRADITIONAL OR MISTY ROSE ORNAMENTS From Pott Wirt Swvicts TALLAHASSEE - The furniture dealer who supplied the state with a controversial desk set hand-picked by House Speaker Donald Tucker for the new Capitol said yesterday he'll take back the desk - but the state must pay a penalty. Charles Turner, owner of the R. E. Wilkerson Co. .of Jacksonville, said his firm would accept the return of the $8,431 desk set, which Tucker decided to return after harsh criticism of the purchase. He said he would charge the state for returning the desk set because his firm will have to sell the set, probably to a highly paid business executive. "The price is the factor that makes it unusual. Most desks don't cost that much," Turner said. Pregnancy Killing Draws Criticism MIAMI - An official of a union representing about 80,000 women said the Supreme Court's ruling that disability payments to pregnant employes are not mandatory may hurt the cause of equal rights for women workers. "I'm afraid a lot of employers are going to see this as opening the door to excluding other rights in addition to pregnancy coverage on disability," said Frank Parker, international secretary treasurer of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, AFL-CIO. Parker, whose 200,000-member union includes 40 per cent women, said employers may take the ruling as a signal they do not have to provide equal job and benefit opportunities to women. As a result of the ruling, Parker said unions will have to seek benefits at the bargaining table which once were thought guaranteed by federal law. Hare Tiffany Collection Uncovered WINTER PARK - The existence of a collection of rare artworks by famed turn-of-the-century painter and designer Charles Comfort Tiffany was disclosed yesterday by a Winter Park art patron. Hugh McKean, former president of Rollins College, said he rescued some of the treasures, thought to have been lost or destroyed from the fire-devastated Tiffany estate in Long Island in 1957. The collection, including huge stained glass windows, lamps and vases, will go on exhibit at the Loch Haven Art Center in a display to be called "The Lost Tiffany Treasures," McKean said. Gunter Announces Major Budget Cut TALLAHASSEE - Treasurer-Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter announced a $1 million cut in his proposed office budget yesterday, eve of the start of hearings on agency requests exceeding $3.2 billion for the 1977-78 fiscal year. "I'm determined not to play the old bureaucratic budget game, grabbing for all the money you can possibly get," Gunter said, adding that he'll operate the department frugally. He said he eliminated a request for 40 new employes in his fire marshal's division for a reduction of $768,105. He also cut out $117,800 for 6 DECORATIVE CHRISTMAS BULBS REG. 6.87 NOELLE 2'4 -IN. ORNAMENTS SNOW FROST GLASS BULBS, 12 PIECES REG. 2.67 GOLD TINSEL GARLAND 25 FT. BY 1 V, IN. METALIZED VINYL. TARNISHPROOF FLAME RETARDED. REG. 1.89 a new record-keeping system and trimmed spending for new furniture and equipment. Ex-Hanker Pleads Innocent to Charges ORLANDO - A former bank president pleaded innocent yesterday to a 58-count indictment charging him with missappropriation of funds by loaning more than $6 million to persons with whom he allegedly had secret financial agreements. U.S. Magistrate Donald Dietrich ordered C. Schalah Stephens released on his own recognizance following the arraignment. Stephens, former president of the Flagship Bank of Orlando, was charged in a federal grand jury indictment last month with making improper loans during the 1972-74 period when he was head of the bank, Uurns' Pension To He Proposed JACKSONVILLE - Haydon Burns, former governor and Jacksonville mayor, stands to receive $12,500 a year under a special pension bill being readied for presentation to the Jacksonville City Council next week. Burns, 64, who was mayor for 16 years before being elected governor in 1964, said Monday the bill would connect his two years as governor with his time as mayor and two years in the 1930s when he worked for the Electric Department to give him the 20 years necessary to qualify for a pension. The $12,500 is half of $25,000 salary he earned as governor. Burns said his service as mayor and governor did not count toward Social Security benefits. Public Must Help To Cet Mail on Time JACKSONVILLE - The Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service expressed confidence that it can deliver the heavy Christmas mail on time with the cooperation of the public. Postmaster General Benjamin Bailar said the board spent a good portion of the time at its meeting here discussing possible future action in the event the United Parcel Service strike continues. The strike has greatly increased the load on the postal service, and packages are reported piling up in some areas of the nation. Bailar gave no details of plans made at the meeting, which was closed to the press and public, but he said the public will be urged to mail cards and packages early. 18" LENGTH METALIZED ICICLES 500 STRANDS LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC. 4( TARNISHPROOF. REG. 59c 0 12 CHRISTMAS GLASS ORNAMENTS AA 2'. INCH DIAMETER REG. 1.91 I (y QUMTimS LIMITED HUllltV MMIlf THfT LMT! All New! MYLANTA NESTLE HOT COCOA MIX MASTER CHEF HAMBURGER S SANDWICH COOKER 12 OZ. LIQUID OR 100 TABS. .J PLEX CLEAN FESTORES ORIGINAL LUSTER OF PLEXIGLAS A LUCITE. CONVENIENT PUMP BOTTLE. JUST ADD HOT WATER REG. 1.23 by Famous Northern 12" SA VE 80' REG. 1.69 8 OZ. 89 'U CLEANS UP EASY IN JUST MINUTES REG. 19 99 12 ENVELOPES CIIAi:L-r-9ERVAL0Nl I FLEX ! KERI I ,- , PFRNfiyl CHERACOL-D F SHAMPOO fl B0DY -"SHAMPOO ACTION P2i COUGH SYRUP yUjV STRAWBERRY O "- IFED 4 BLEACH tum J fift 1 SCENTED 0 ""CTORANT REG. 1.39 , j WO.2.25 2y llVG , 3J - I REG. "U OS! j U REG. 3.82 mm 1 1 h 1 3 ggg 1 UNTAX AREA BOCA RATON AREA DEERFIEL0 BEACH AREA LAKE WORTH AREA m. . "KEL"M " , Buy Rite Drug Mutual Liggtrt Drug Mutual Deerfield Drug Mutual Tru Value Drug Mutual aLrDrug Mu,ual 105 So. 3rd Street 1875 N. Federal Hwy. 959 S. Federal Hwy. 1000 Lake Avenue 936 Park Ave. POMPANO BEACH AREA Rexall Drug Mutual PALM BEACH SARDENS AREA Henry's Drug Murual OKEECHOBEE AREA Mediworld Drug Mutual 138 W. Palmetto Pk. S.rgt'j Save More Drug Mutual 3156 S. Congrei Ave. .Dru9 M 0,u1al 19 N. Federal Hwy. 2600 PGA Blvd. RMHAlURU 413 Wett S. Park Street B0YNT0N BEACH AREA DELRAT AREA WEST PALM BEACH AREA Riviera Beach CLEWISTOH AREA Steven's Pharmacy A1v,e"u DrAu9 Mu,oal Henry's 1 Drug Mutual Drug Mutual &M Drug Mutual 416 N. Federal Hwy. 105 N W- 5,h Ave 3319 So. Dixie Hwy. 1301 Broadway 910 W. Sugarland Hwy.

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