The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1937
Page 3
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Page Three The Daily ClintonUn. Clinton, Indian Tuesday, February 2, 1937 Misfisslppi" Levees Strengthened AgaihstTFlood CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Sunshine Circle Holds SOCIAL CALENDAR Regular Business Meet Twenty-two members of the Sun Tuesday rjSr.-:,;:8 . f-: , - , frit ' v' " ' J&'y&i 'f " n&'j'. X Jt Tf I .fcb shine Circle of the Presbyterian Church met in regular session last tonh;iit Markets CIIICAOO. Feb. 2. Livestock: HOtiS 14.0011; 10-K,c higher; hnldovtrs. BA: fop. 1 0 40; bulk. $s rn 10.3U: neavy. 0.J ,0 30- medium. $10.20 10.3S;. 11,1,1." 10.00 If 10.40; light llghis. $( 40(fi 10.2"i; packing sows. $7.00 r ti.s:,: pigs. $:,.no(fi n.75. c TT1 F 7 00H: strong to 2"-higher. Calves, l.r.00; steady. Ileef ',.rs: good and choice. SlO.oOW H in' common and medium. $7.00 Oil ; v.-arlings. $7 Oufr 1 4.40. I;, , cattle. heifers. $r,.nO(S 1 1 cows $ 4 ! 0 (fT 7 . 7 Ti ; bulls, .-, n f '7 00; inlver.. $R.00W 1 l.r.0; f, , ,), r viecrs. jr.."i0iff S.'iO; stocker , i,,.rs 'tr, 50 i .: stocker enws and boilers. M.O0W7.OO. SIIF.F.I'. 4 000; 2.1c higher: medium and choice lambs. $3.75 ft 1041c culls and common. $S.00W !, vcn lliigs. $8.00 iff 9.23: common ami cnoice ewes. $3.00fff S.75; fei-der lambs. $S.r,0ffl9.r,0. flllCAfiO. Feb. 2 Wheat opened i, up to i down today, corn '4 to nif with old May leading the downturn and oats unchanged to night ut the home or'Mrs. Samuel Nlsbc! on South Fifth street. Mrs. Pythian Sisters will hold n pot luck supper at p. m. at the hall rtliur Aner was in charge or tne Rosedale Club Holds Election of Officers The annual election of officers of the Rosedule Shakespeare club was held recently at meetlnR ut the home of Mrs. 3. S. I.nnn. Officers me: president, Mm. ('. S. White vice president, Mm. Frank Mi-Cord: secretary. Mrs. Shlvely; treasurer, Mrs. Huxford, and rnrrespnndlni; secretary, Mrs. l.ane. Roll Call was answered lo hy responses on "Our Club In Poetry." Mrs. Herinah Huxford read an original poem on the subject that was noelullv Interestlne. Mrs. Oihson on lllark man street. Following Installation services will be conducted devotional period. Following u reading was wen l,v Mrs. I. I). White after which at 7:30 p. m. Alnha Club- will enlertuln tlieir nnlests were enjoyed. The next meeting will be held husbands with n dinner at the home March 1 at the home of Mrs. Wil- of Mrs. Ague,, Rae, South Fourth street, 7 p. m. Fortnightly club will meet with Miss Cruce O'Kourke, walnut (ireet. 8 p. m. MiKS Atnes Mct.ltMV reviewed the life of Edgar A. finest :nn Cmy, (112 Walnut street. Mrs. K. W. Powell Entertains Society pinns were discussed to give a will lie the leader. and read several of his poems, niirlni the business session tin Moose lodge to meet at hall on niackman street at 7 p. m. rlub voted to contribute $! to the r:nlilen Star Club will meet tlnnt relief fund. i,.i nrneram In the spring at a Tnesriav. 7:30 p. m., at the home or Refreshments were served at the meeting of the Woman's Choral So Mrs. John Kaster. Crompton Hill, ciety last night nl the home oi close of the meetlnK. Entertains Club Wednesday ft V Owen Woman's Relief Corp K. W. Powell. South Main street. The next meeting will be In two weeks at the home nf Mrs. Francis Schelsky of Mulberry street. ic lower. There was some liquidation in wln-at due to the bearish interpretation of world statistics, with the luiiv,- sliipmenis from exporting countries which heavily Increased the on-passuge stocks to some 54,-itiMi.ii'io bushels. WHFAT: May. 12i-127; July, IM'k-HI; Sept., 108Vi. COItN: tnewi May. 104-105; July. 99S4-Hiot.ii; Sept.. 94; (old I May. 102'.s-,4. OATS: May. 4 . - ; July, 4:i"2-; Sept., 40,. Morkmen till and stack sand bags will meet at the Pythian Slstci reinforce the levees with sand bags. Aiuioug t liAi-A-l seriouslv threatened. Members of the Monday Brldpe Hull, niackman street, 2 p. m. In) A, the mighty Mississ.ppi. swollen by the turbulent tide of the Ohio, threatened to break through the levees from Cairo. 111., to Memphis. Torn... v.orh-men under guidance of army engineers hastened to llalinn services will he conducted. jienijiu w . - ( plans were outlined for wholesale evacuation a.c:i. the Father of Waters in case of serious flood. club met yesterday afternoon at the i . ir Oenree Satver on r:nnd Time nridge Club to meei Mrs. A. D. Spears Hostess for Club Sonih Main street. Ouests were Mis at 7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Fred Grace Jacobs, Mrs. Charles Walker Miller. 339 Nebeker Btreet. iHi,,. Aid or Christian Church- and Mrs. Carl Ulrlrh. id as fundamental. If the poliie will not arresl you. you are denied the right of Hahaes Corpus and the rlaht of trial by jury." w all-1 ." NEW YUltK Si: win. HniMi .ity-pl A paper on "March of Democrae- uritten hv Mrs. William A. Sat- i: iind in Hill hoi i Will quilt at the home of Mrs. Pearl sears. Blackmail street. 2 p. m. Three tables of bridge were played with high club prize awarded mi nr. Short Interviews Satan (lets Credit "Satan.'' sid Uncle Eben, "giti credit for ipmptin' some men dat he jes' let go deir own way without" ierlee was well given by Mrs. E. A. Kvans and Mrs. Henry Warren at a 's skys. r.i Men's Bible Class of the Christ to Mrs. R. M. Penlreath and Knesi I;- olij. (II : "'!':. c lrD TTlrich. READ THE ADS' ti! iii.i mietinr of the Woman's CluD. me fv Vni'W "--is now l:uildini:s II eiKlltv 1" ian Church will meet in the basement nf the church, 7 p- m. At that iioulil Mm .1. Clarke Smith of niackman in. ession was held at the home or sirs. time Boy Scout Troop C3 and Mr. he higher ilia street will entertain the club In Iwo i:HHANA. III. Dr. David Kinley. D. Spears on Bout!) Fourth street m.,,i0v afipmoon. The reports giv president emeritus of the I'nivemty of lllions and Internationally known ILLS. IIKVKIM.Y Shattuck's Class will be guests. Skipper Wilson of Terre Haute will he the speaker of the evening. en were in regard to the days of Co C.'i r-l:i weeks at ber home. HARNEY-MINDERMAN ft Monomist. sumn up the communistic lumbus to Lincoln's administration. Boy! I can lloh nict I now et i :i . lent I I It: i Hi" r- i neal Bridge Club win meei The next meeting will be fen- form of governmeni: "Conimuin-m m.. rhorlen Vogel. hOUtn paiil (lavs w!l''ll siie ruary IK at the home of Mrs. L. B. is ecnnomieuily uiisounii. reiiguMiM. : Announcement is made of the Willi Fourth street. 2 P. m. breathe now!" Silverman on South Fourth street. morriirA nf Miss Mary Mindernian ink: "I Vn' l,a'l'ier lli"ii 1' alheisllc, socially ilesiriictiwv etn-b ally indefensilile. and morally (!"-, !OV an I a mi Wednesday Bridge club win daughter of Mrs. Ray Peffley of Mrs William A. Satterlee of Mul meet with Mrs. L. B. Silverman on basing." i 11 hilt nockville. to Paul Harney, son ... .1.. ei.n Hnrnev of Mansfield ,'. N. .1. A Just a few drops of Vicks Va-tro-npl up racb nostril reduces swollen membranes, ol..r stufhness. btings prompt relief. South Fourth street, 2:30 p. m berry street is visiting ut the home mm. I .ll.liSKY CIT Chi- Curfielil Hays. nnl I.VWflOD -Tntll Yuen Th weddlne was solemnized De attorney for li" Lihcnii-s rtiion, of her daughter at Indianapolis. She plans to go to Louisville, Ky.. Thursday Used in time, helus prevent many colds. nese actor, reveals a "' method oi cember 23. 1936 at the parsonapc Ameri'un Civil wants the pt:i Woman's Foreign Missionary So In the near future. weather forecasting: "Cm off an e in arrest aiarim itileail ol out'.- i iias- n n v. Savior. cietv of the Methodist Church will slrikc picketert VlCKS VA-TRO-MOL ..eniii.D Wl 30e DOUBtt QUANTITY 50e Mrs. Harney was pradnated from onion top: if cut part spread open I r,..'anl Hi" ri Mt ot the home of Mrs. Roy tvetta Kellv. infant daughter of ins them away ihat means rain, but II dose up men .ho Pnckville HiEh School. mi Htnnt. Walnut street. 2:30 p. r n,i Mrs. Wlllard Kelly of Vine -..; nnlnti closin'- 111, to S11VI Harnev attended the Bridgeton Mrs. Jeasie Douglas will be the as- street, who has been 111 with pneu monia Is not feeling so good today. niRtant hosteBB. The young couple will make their Half Century Ladies Auxilliary Mrs. J. F. Adams and Mrs. J home at Rockvllle. will meet at Morgan's Basement c.....t. mii., utiwi 7-30 n. m. Di ci.ri. smith are visiting Mrs. Ad Claudette Colbert says: Allen Walters of East Chicago spent the weekend here in Clinton itint'ion services will be held. - unis' sisler. Mrs. Henry Aitkens oi .,.i.-.!. rhrtir u-lll meet at Terre Haute today. ivieimiiimi I lie church 7 P- m. with relative and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Myers of north tii. onn Mrs. Frank Hixon and Friday nt tho eitv had as their Sunday nm "My throat is safest with mitinir Club will meet with Mrs daughter, Betty Lou, of Soulh Eighth street had as their guests v Mm. Paul Oliver and ner guests Mr. and Mrs. Solon rom md Mrs. Louisa Foltz of west of the Everett Helms. South Fifth street city. daughter, Patty Ann. Mrs. Meryl 2 p. m. Saturday a light smoke Louis Lemstra of Blackman street is reported to he 111 at his home today. King's Heralds of the Methodist Church will hold a meeting at the borne of Clyde Winkler. 1329 South Third Btreet, 2 p. m. 1HCVCI.F. I l.i n MEET F.laine Cregory entertained the liru- iiicvcle club at her home In Monday Rnssell, Miss Mary FulK ana ..r. and Mrs. Basil Hixon of Dana. Mrs. Grace Jacobs of KanBas City is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Stine on South Mam street. Mrs. John' Webb of 5.1G South Main street has been unable to receive any word from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamm and daughter. Nora, of S14 E. Walnut street, Louisville. Ky. Mr, Hamm is a brother of Mrs Webb. t North Ninth slreet Saturday after- Job's' Daughters will hold an important meeting nt the hall on South Main street. 7:30 p. m. aooll. p.nnco was played and prizes .warded to Frankaline Comaiani. ilgh- Madelyu Carll. bunco; and "An actress throat is naturally very important to her. After experimenting, I'm convinced my throat is safest uith a light smoke and that's why you'll find Luckies always on hand both in my home and in my dressing room. I like the flavor of other cigarettes also, but frankly, Luckies appeal most to my taste:" Marie Marietta, low. Julia Ann do- BIRTHS anini was a guest. Refreshment were served. Mr and Mrs. Melvin Weatherman of Dana are the parents of a babv girl born at the Vermillion county hospital Sunday. The next meeting of the club will two weeks at the horn of lloria Macarl. m- Cwic.ins of 149 South F.lev- Mrs. John Sweeney of South Fourth street is still confined to her borne as the result of injuries she sustained about ten days ago. Mr. and Mrs. Beverino Ferrare of -nth street, who has been confined o his home with the flu. Is slowly 94 3 Morgan si reel are the parents rt a i,:,l,v bov born this morning This is the second child and has improving. HOSPITAL NEWS been named Stanley Gene. ) STAR OF PARAMOUNTS FORTHCOMING "MAID OF SALEM" DIRECTED BY FRANK LLOYD . 1 ; Stewardess Recovers Mrs. F.lmer Clover of Blanford. Bert Wright of west of the rily Is slowly improving at his home with a broken rib he sustained sev erul days ago. Miss Jane Nishet of South Eighth street haB resumed her duties nt the Modern Way Beauty Shop arter spending the past four weeks at Fort Wayne visiting ber sister. Mrs. Andy Lottie, and Jimmie Nishet. f .miiv who hove been living at ..i.n h:,s been a natient at tne ier lllitin county hospital for the past month, is improving. m... inhn snnwlierrv. who was njured In an auto accident about o months ago. Is getting along atistaciorily at the locul hospital. Edgar Slltes Jr.. 4411 North Seventh street, who has been a patient at the Vermillion county hospital tor the punt ten daB. is Improving famllv, won have been living at 1103 South Third street, have moved to 1249 South Seventh street. Lucille Hayslett Is improving after being ill with the flu for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bates nf North Ninth street had as tlieir (.uests Sunday Mrs. Hazel Cooper and son. Charles, of West Lafayette. Mrs. Cooper is a teocher in the public schoolB there. Marv Butcher of South Sev An independent survey was made recently among professional men and women-lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc Of those who said they smoke cigarettes, 87 stated they personally prefer a light smoke. Miss Colbert verifies the wisdom of this preference, and so do other leading artists of the radio, stage, screen, and opera- Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies-a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat! Below Sea Level The Sahara Desert is 1IU feet be low iti level; the Caspian si a. I feet, and Dead sea. I.Si'.i t "' ? I .... . enth street spent Monday In Terre DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 i South Main Street Clinton, Indiana Haute. STOPIUKF. PARTY THE FINEST TOBACCOS "THE CREAM OF THE CROP". A surprise birthday party was -(.. ,-,.ilv for Mrs. Lottie .... l hnnnr Of her 64tll Diarrici iu kipihrinv Anniversary. MI.I..U 3 A Light Smoke "It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection HALF CENTURY CLUB KILL MEET WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7r00 P. M. Important! AH Attend! In Morgan Drug Store Baswnemt Cuests were Mrs. Myrtle and sons. Herbert and Max. Mrs. Liisv Kitchen and son. Mrs. Turbey-Tllie and son. Vera Murray. Mrs. DoriB Blacketer and daughter. Beverly, all of Fairview. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Blacketer and daughter. Nancv Rae and Clara McCalmet ot Lyford and Mrs. Minerva Curry of gbepardsvlUe. Esther Jo Conner Despite her experience as stewardess aboard the WAE plane which crashed near Glendale. Cai.. about the first of the year, taking toll of five Uvea, pretty Esther Jo Conner plans to return to work m aoon as she fully recovers Iron, Her injuries. AGAINST IRRITATION AGAINST COUGH

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