The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 1, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
Page 6
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t Monday, February 1, 1937 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page Si Markets LEGION ISSUES ANOTHER PLEA vldson. , Glendale School 1-B Marlon Antoiilnl. Carol An CLASSIFIED ADS First New England Rich Man The first man to amass a large fortune in New England was John Hill, mint-master of Massachusetts colony. He received 15 pence fee out of each 20 shillings lie coined. Public Sentiment Strong Against Marriage of Nine-Year-Old Child, But Young Bride it Not Bothered Feb. I Grain open- dcrson. Minnie Mllanl, Rose Mary FOR REFUGEES CHICAGO, Ing: W H E A T; Johnson. Louis Marrelli and Anila Rates for Classified Ads May. $1.28 Vf - cent. July, up Cent.,, (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) M.ZK'Xi, lip $1.12112 V. and Paid Notices Honor Students Are Named for First Semester First day of Insertion: Be for each reading line (one column line, like JpALACJg one of these). cook jes' a little and bring in wood. I ain't so big. but I'm growln' fast. Charlie does all the hard work and his ma docs tli cookln'. I help wash dishes, stir the clothes on wash days, and things like thai." "I married her young, but I was Final Tonite Next two days Insertion: tbe same Ic charge (you get three days $ 1.09 4-$ 1.09 , up 1-1-54, cent. CORN: May. new, tl.oiift-$1.06, up Vi cent. July. new. $1.01 '4, up -i,2 rent. Sept., new. 96-96 '4 cents, up -'J cent. OATS: May, f.O i -50 cents, up . July. 44 4. up . Sept.. 4 1 ' cents, up 'A . RYE: May, $1.1 Hi. up I I 'd cent. July. $101. up l-'A cent. Sept., 91 cents, up 1-- cent. Provisions: Strong. Names of honor students for the double the cost of tbe first day). Neit three days insertion: the same 8c charge (you net a whole week, sii days, at tkree times the refugees In Louisville. Mr. Cassa who Is In Indianapolis at the present time, has visited In Clinton several times. Local Men at Scene A truck load of food and clothing was taken from here lo Salem, the heart of the refugee country, yesterday. The truck, which was driven by Paul Oliver, was donated by Homer Mitchell. The driver waa accompanied by Ray Medlock and Dr. C. M. Zlnk, who bad lived In Salem years aimin' to get me a wife like I want," Rodeghelro. 1- A James Ferriwe, Gene Baz-zani. Rose Mary Pessetti, Louis Ia-conetti and Virginia Griffith. 2- B Pcarlle Dean Mlnett, Lcr-iii'iIk Searing, Virginia Law son. Martha Kuizlnas and Dorothy Mar-kello. 2- A Dolores Ann Frlgo. Opal Garaffa. Ixiuls Getche, James Wad-dell and Violet Brewer. 3- B Charles Gunnoo, Esther Kitlunjaa. Annie Gultliano, Frank Marelll and Mafalda Dal Sasso. 3- A Bertha Vandervoordej Gki-rla Tlinmerman. Vilma Parkansky. Donald Costa and Rose Palmer. 4- B Kenneth Rigoni, Charles Aiitonini, Reno Foley, Donald the husband declared. "Only way I cost of one Insertion). Each group of throe days there A Melody Queen . . . A Comedy King . . . And a Prince of Romance Rule the Screen in this Gay Wit-Spiced Harmony Romance! could do II was lo get one young enough to raise her myself to suit after, Be a line. Mark Fare (like this), 10c per me. She' pretty, ain't she?" line. first semester in Clinton's public schools were announced today. In the grade schools and junior high, the live Hludents with the highest marks receive mention. Academic honors go to the following persons: South School 1 11 Hobby nulls. Martha Jar-dine, Phyllis Little, Robert Powell nd Hilly Zane Sheltnn. 1-A Gall Cottrell, Donna Holler. Ann Hitches, Charles Malr and Eve ago. Although the refugees have . All rlMirid ads Including memo. Great Lost of Life Expected to Be Revealed at Flood Watert of CHICAGO. Feb. 1 Livestock: CATTLE: 9.500; strong to 25 cents higher; calves: 1.0H0; steady. Beef steers: good and choice $10.00 ft' $14.25; common and medium. $6.50 (ii $9.50; yearlings, $6.58 ? $14.25. Butcher cattle: heifers, $5.50 Oil $12.00; cows. $4.85 Hi $7.75; hulls. $5.00 & $7.00; calves, rlama and notices of all kinds be Mid la advanre exrefrt Uioae by been well organized, they are still badly In need. The food and supplies Tk. mrular customers whose accounts hiUnou Ur-tu4d4 wnf Indiana Section Begin to Recede that were taken there were donated by citizens of Clinton to the American Legion and Auxiliary. bMlmiHiMiii O'Bradnvirh, Harold Clark and James Mestek. lyn Myers. ' re paid monthly or Hume from or-ItaniMtloBS whose bills must be allowed before being ald. In Oie butler oaae the person asking the publication of tbe notice will be held $8.00 ffu $11.50 a princ ( jul J feeder steers, stoeker steers. 4-A Patricia Thicsz. Peggy (Continued Trom rge 1) $6.50 v $8.10; The dance sponsored by Joe Marietta In Blanford last evening Scott. Maude Russell. William $5.50 Hi J7.7 heifers. $4.00 2-H James Dauchcrty, Belly Little. Joan Lowry. Ray and Nancy Lou Wood. 2-A Norma Ruth Henry. May stocker cows and $6.00. reponsiDie lor n for tbe relief of flood sufferers nett Kuizlnas and Mila Steffy. thousands of bodies of livestock that perished In the flood. ed a profit of $30. SO. which was donated to the Red Cross. Business Services At Louisville alone, there were 200 SHEEP: 12,080; steady: medium and choice lambs. $10.00 & $10.35; culls and common,. $7.00 Ifr $9.50; yearlings, $8.50 fr $9.50; deaths. Therefore, there must be a Other donations were made by: Montgomery. Mary Lee Vrablc. Vaughn; Daughcrty and Rose Marie Henderson. B-B Margaret Balma. Olga Con-tri. Camellia Garaffa. Helen Skoff and Betty Benson. 5-A Anthony Laverda. Mario Contrl. James Markello, Louis Ba- kcominon and choice ewes, $:i.0 ( great number in jrefersonvillo and New Albany. Just across the river, READ THESK ADS EVERY DAT for late buying and selling the Eagles lodge. $25; Spring Valley Coal Co. and employes. $15; H. S. $6.00; feeder lambs, $8.50 fa $9.50. 3-B Mary E. Payton. Eileen officials believe. These largely are Pinsoii. Sante Forte, Mr. and Mrs. Donald. Estin Jenkins. Juanita Jack nersons who stubbornly resisted son and Patty Ann Baysinger. roue and Martha Bihich. 6-B Esther Gunnoe. Joe Bo nucchl. Dorothy Bibicb. Paul Mar-yon, Mile Bogovlch and Ernest Frl evacuation. Ora Webb and John J. Marietta, each $5; A. Punies Junk Yard, John Doe, Frank Ozella, each $2; Mr. and DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO tind you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad 3-A Norma Jeane Weir. Ruby Tbe exact number of millions of eck. Elmer McCarty. Betty Falls The Devil's Parliament The Devil's Parliament was the name given to an English Parliament convened by Henry VI, which met at Coventry in 1459 and unjustly attainted the Duke of York and his adherents of high treason. costs very little. and Juanita Foster. go. 4-B Nathan Harttuau, Edgar ODDS-AND-ENDS MERCHANDISE 6-A Tommy Jones, Eugene Skoff. Marilyn Vastbinder, Rosic dollars of property loss also may never be calculated eiactly. The dirty, uncontrolled flood tide probably has cost more than $10,000.-000 to public buildings, roads. will auickly find sale through Moser. Jack Sutton. Darroll Kubus this department. Tell tbe public and Ova FallB. Junta and Tony Kuizlnas. Junior High 4-A Donald Halsey. Sammy Cur ry. Martha Paine. Hugh McCilf and 7-B 1: John Pltlsek. John what you have. Excellent opportunity for men locally to represent large manufacturing concern. Experience not neces bridges and sewers alone, according to estimates. The damage bill COLUMBIA Marcel! us Cummins. Spears. Edward Stuteville. Billy Vastbinder and Betty Wright. to railroads and public utility com sary, write cox Hi, .nuw,. 5-B Martha Manship. Evelyn Kelsheimer, Harold Baysinger, Dor t73 7-B 2: Karl Zamberletti. Verna Last Times Tonite Indiana. Mrs. Parrett Haun and Agnes Mc-Ginty. each $1.50; Martin Comba. Mrs. Floyd Earles. Charles D. Der-ger. Walter Skelloy. Mike Mendga, Wright Van Duyn and Ed Dirker, each $1. I, ford Donations Lyford answered the Red Cross call for aid with the following contributions; P. T. A., $5; Adams Crocery. $4: J. M. Van Lieu. $2; Mrs. Ethel Grew, Mrs. Ada Jackson, Martha Kemp. Mrs. Elhel Wilding. Mrs. A. P. Hamilton and Richard Greer, each $1; Mrs. Earl Biggs and Mrs. Kate Van Lieu, each $.75: Mrs. Ida Jones. Mrs. William Shoemaker, NtrsiM tlNC Mitebs SUE! ,. Slavens. Emllio Savlo. Eugene Mo- I ...111. I othy Anderson. Catherine Cervo and Elsie Daves. rinl. Herman Frigo. Nataline An- frk JENKS panies of southern Indiana has been enormous. Destruction of homes, damages to buidings and residences and to machinery and furniture have cost private citizens many more millions of dollars. 5-A Sallv Williams. Clyde Wink pie tnnlnl and Calrium Phillip. 7-B Warren ' Baugh, Martha Brown. Maxine Carrico. Richard ler, Naomi Falls. Wayne Kispert and Billy Daugherty. 6-B Evelyn Clougli. Shirley Moser, Ruth Ann Wood. Parry Johnson Make your own job. Own Interest in your own Business. Opportun-ily for eight good miners with $25 each to get possession of an exceptionally good truck mine. See I. C. Easter. 1427 South Fifth Street. t77 Mohair Davenport and chair, nearly new. Used three burner Perfection Oil Stove. Used American Radiator Victor Heater. Lee Hain Furniture Store. 235 South Main Street. Plus Cartoon - News - Comedy 10 - 25c and Loraine Conner. FLINT IN PUBLIC EYE AS FIGHT IS TAKEN TO COURT (Continued from Page 1) Rinehart. Donald Beard. Jack Montgomery and Helen lyambert. 7-A 1: Elaine Collette, Marion Dorman. Mildred Bonnucchi. Bculab Provence and Martha Halsey. 7A 2: Virginia Wilson, Lucy Berto. Walter Church. Roland Beard and John Hayword. SB 1: Bessie Harden, Wanetta Russell Reid. J. W. Brookband, William Laney. Ada Bosstick. Mrs. Wil 6-A June Baysinger. John Dorothy Durliene.,Imogene and D. L. Paine.' Central School 1-B Marilyn Crawford. Jimmy liam Price, Mrs. J. V. Keid and COMEDY "Ay Tank Ay Co" With EL BRENDEL Fox Movietone News 10c and 15c Coming Tuesday "NIGHT WAITERS" Do Not Forget the Mix Master James Reid. each $.50; Mrs. Goldie Jones. $.40. hen be tried to serve an injunction I Fisher. Eugene Hunt. Bobby Btwal- Tony Castagna, $.35; Mrs. Ruth HelmB. Martha Hungerford. Ben against the sit-downers several weeks ago. The worst bloodshed In jamin Jones. Ann Mestek. Mary L. CAR GLASS! EXPERT FITTING. Costs Less than you think. Call A. Dunies for estimate. THE IGNITION SYSTEM IS neglected more than any other part of the motor. Have a complete inspection. J. L. Horney-Roberts Battery Company. 226-228 Mulberry Street. Phone 06. the GM strikes occurred Jan. 11 Paquette and George Stevenson. Wilding, Olla Abner. Mrs. Maggie Faulds. Mrs. Vern Axtell, Eliza Kirkman. Robert Laney Sr., Mrs. Plrina Buba. Mrs. Leo Green, Cities after the heat was turned on in KB 2: Fred Hope. JamcB Staats. ley and Carolyn Wbitcomb. : 1- A Myra Jean Griffiths. Mary Foncannon, Earl Pine, Sally Cogan and LaVerne Birt. , 2- B Marion Roll. Roberta Howard. Ramoua Glover. Beverly Auder-Bon and Donald Ray James. 2-A Dorothy Crossley. Claude Ruth Bentley, Max Shannon, Jean Fisher Body No. 2 and sympathizers were barred from bringing food to the sit-downers. HItt and Etta Mcintosh. Service and Mrs. Alice Nolan, each $.25: Mrs. Martha. Craves. Mrs. Mayme Emmart, Mrs. Adams. Mrs. 8B 3: Joe Cannon. Pat Swayne. Walter McCarty, Marjorle Nelson FOR SALE Ida Burbank, Mrs. Mary Thomas and lames. Helen Anderson. Kenneth Rose Evelyn Nolan and Donald Monday & Tuesday Fox Movietone News Popeye in I'M IN THE ARMY NOW No Advance in Prices 10c 25c LOUISVILLE HAS GREAT TASK AS WATERS RECEDE Miller and Elizanu Wallace. 3-B Billy JanieB. Barbara Beut- Reynolds. 8A 1: Martha White. Jean Rae Mrs. William Shorter, each $10. ' Donations of food and ciothing were also made by Mrs. Ida Jones, ly, Dickie Glover. Virginia Long Margaret Thorbum Antoneitte Bal Feather bed. 18. 462 S. 5th St. t73 25 Acres. Former William Helt farm. Good improvements. Locat PCKOi and Jerry Stuteville. Mrs. Ethel Wilding. Richard Creer, Mrs. Joe Wright. Mrs. J. S. Willy, ma and Tommy Weir. 8 A 2: Violet Kelsheimer, Rol; THEPCTlRES 3-A Margaret Maden. Max Hun (Continued from Page 1) ed 11 miles northwest of Geneva Dennis Grounds. t77' Mrs. Oather Hallon. Mrs. Charles gerford. Charles Maden, Phyllis ert Merrow, Hanna Melbourn. Billy Goddard and Mrs. Frank Yowell. IT'S BIG! DIG! BIG! Brock and Arthur LlndHey. feared, will result in the finding of many victims, greatly increasing the One gilt six months old. James 4-B Betty Mae Oliver. Betty Jones, Lyford. t74 CONFESSION CLAIMED Fruit trees, shrubs and flowers and death toll officially fixed at 207 today. An area of approximately 30 all kinds of laudscaping of the famous Stark Nurseries. Also monuments and markers made by Dur square blocks was placed under rig ham Monument Company. Repre aentative. Carl D. Williams. 425 Lincoln Street, "Fairview," Clinton lnd. t74 Joe Reeder and Olga Deak. High School 4--A': -Betty Jean Cunningham, Frances E. .Elliott, Eylvia Mae Gel-ler. Irene Genius. Cynthia Giovan-lnl. Call Murl Hennis, Alfrieda Hol-ton, Imogene Hugg. DaiBy Jones, George R. Jones. Frederick Market, Josephine Marcinko, Julia Marcinko. Virginia Morinl, Carl Moser, Kath-ryu Newconie. Evelyn Payne. Mary Potisek. Evelyn Rodish. Robert Schumau. Cesira Sscorza, Vlrgginia Shew. Mary Suchta. Rosenxarie Storm, Theodore Thom Jane Davis, Elizabeth Hain. Margaret Piani and Hilda Salmond. 4- A Ethel Pierce. Charles Baird. Ruth Ann Dowdy. Barbara Straw and Junior Crosley. 5- B Richard Auer. Wanda Shew. Dorothy Morrison. Jean Robertson, and Kenneth Kerns. 5- A Clara Harden. Moyue Griffiths, Eugene Kelley. Leuora Thomson, Deora Thomson and Helen Hammond. 6- B Norton A. Chapin. CharleB Bostlck. Virginia Province. Sally Hain. Alice Trunko. Dorothy Fletch id quarantine by Dr. Hugh Leavell. city health commissioner. Authorities estimated the damage to "relatively permanent and private properties" at $100,000,000 today, explaining this figure does not include the inestimable damage to stocks in warehouses and factories Liasiawaw-""" The grandest of fAW-ra Av? " DeMille' ,1 r l; I Vltm-" WANTED INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Feb. 1 Eugene Pinkston, 25. faceB arraignment in Municipal Court today In connection with the blackjack slaying of Robert Jent, 36, Saturday night. Pinkston confessed, police said, after they found Jent's battered body in an alley. Pinkston told police they had quarreled several days ago when he refused to lend Jent money. He said the fight resulted from the quarrel. COIIITK, FIFTH AND VEIN BRAZIL BMK'K Cot IE OKKLLA, PHONE SIXTH (XML. 915-12. t72 and the coulents of homes. Damage to public properly, including streets, was estimated at $10,000,- as, Mary Totolio. BarDara vo-gel. Anna Walczak. Martha Web i)00. er and Rosemary Wright. ster, Susan White and Joan Wright. For Sale Coal 3A's 1C or IB Ruth Helen So Water, Power Water service will not be restored 6-A Joy McKinney. Billy Craft, Maybelle James. Betty Jean Rosa. Mary E. Newland and Robert Da- APPROPRIATION BILL IN HOUSE Cluder. Thelma Coleman. Catherine I. Elliott. Natalie Ferro. Carl Frautz, Margaret Giauottl. Margaret for some days, and it will be at least 10 days before the river re PHONE 919-3 for Brazil Block, 13.25 Up: 6th Vein, $2.75 Up: 4th Vein, $3.25 Up. H. D. Harrison. Clinton. 66f Good cheap coal, phone 7D7-W. E7tf cedes sufficiently to allow full restoration of power service. Jennings. Wakefield Kirkman. Violet Lawson. Claire A. McDonald LEGAL NOTICES More than one-third of the city's WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 A billion dollar appropriation bill which carries increases for old-age pensions Irene Penrod, Mary Pesavento, Mary Helen Roberts, Robert Shew, Rona population of 350,000 of whom 210,000 were forced from their FOURTH VKIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BKTTV NO. B. HAJtLEV HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf SAi?nriL Clinton Most Beautiful Theatre Sllotta, Benjamin Sollars, John Val- and provides for many government homes, has been inoculated against ente and Mary Young. al establishments, was reported to the house by its appropriations SHERIFF'S SALK By virture of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Vermillion Countv. Indiana, in a cause wherein SANTE FORTE. JAMES MAGNABOSCO. BARNEY GIACO-LETTO, BFN NARDI AND DON'A- FOUND committee today. typhoid. City authorities would coulirni or dony a report that two looters have been shot to death. TONIGHT AND TUESDAY The measure appropriates $1.04G.-57,143. which Is J59.703.218 black Pointer apotr. male, while with 10(15 Morey Street. TO BALLERINI. AS TRUSTEES t72 above last year but 15.950.080 un 2A's 2B'e: Harry Coleman. Brc-nard Collette. Ruth Crosby. Maxine Foos. Harold Frist. William Hosier. Frank Kaium, Betty Martin. Robert Miller Leona McCarter. Kathryn McDonald. Grace Nowling. Clara Grace Paine. Mary Rendacl. Elizabeth Simpson. Mary Ann Strlngfel-low. Lucyelleu Toiihey, Florence Trunko, Betty Vogel and Ora PAID NOTICES NINE-YEAR-OLD CASE IS CLOSED der President Roosevelt's budget estimates. Severe criticism of many federal agencies for making huge expenditures for printing to "sell" them N'OTH'H! WnHlan Cafe. I,Hwrt'ncvi!U'. will jessi t. iasky ,, 4 HVyW sr romance witn ' "'Tif i glorious "usic ft - ' . 5- packeJ with f x- t ' ('Ct citcmcnt, 'r.l! anJ trtatn-tatins selves to the public was coutaiued ojmmi TiiPHday, KpIi. 2. Free npii fchp.ti. Mario VleUl. t73' UNDER THE TERMS OF A DEED OF TRUST DULY EXECUTED FOR THE PURPOSE OF LIQUIDATING THE ASSETS OF NINTH STREET BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. NOW DISSOLVED, are plaintiffs, and LILLIAN HRUSHER and RAYMOND BRUSHER. are defendants, requiring me to make the h u in of Eight 'Hundred Eighty-two mid K9I00 Dollars U882K9). with interest on said decree and costs, I will expose at Public Sale to the highest bidder, on Saturday, the 2 it Hi day of February, 1937, between the hours of ten o'clock A. in the report. FOR RENT UOCKVIEW PENITENTIARY . HELLEFONTE. Pa.. Feb. 1 Quivering like a frightened child. Robert Dreamer. 40. of Washington. Pa., a burly 200-pound railroad hand, died early today In Rockvlews oaken electric chair for the "lust slaying" of Thelma Young. 17. almost nine years ago. STEAMER SEEKS TO SAVE 35 ON SINKING VESSEL (Continued from Page 1) houHU Hfftr'nci;a. Got to Be Alive "De world may owe you a livin'," said uncle Eben, "but you i, gotter do sumpin' to let the world know dat you s on hand to collect it." Thrp! room quire 421 Walnut Klrt. 12 Mr-HP ink Street. lilatkitiM't 172 M. and four o'clock P. M . of said day. at the door of the Court House in Vermillion County. Indiana, tbe 20. bound tor London and North Sua ports. The Meanticut carried no passengers. The vessel Is of S.800 tons and Clinging to the arms of bis guards, his legs collapsed under him as he moved from the death chamber to his doom. He was placed In the chair promptly at 12:30 a. m. renin and profits for a term not ex Something Divine in Us There is something divine in each of us else a poet would find no ceeding seven years, of the follow was built at Baypoint, Cal. Houston Is listed as her homeport. ing Real Estate, to-wlt: Lot Number Thirty-one (31) in Glendale Second Addition to the City of Clinton, Indiana. If such rents and profits will not and one minute later death, in tbe form of 2,080 volts and 13 emperes of electricity, pounded through bie bulky frame. At 12:33. the words of Dr. W. J. sell for a sufficient sum to satisfy said decree, interest and costs, I will, at the same time and place expose at public sale the fee simple Weixel. the penitentiary physician, "Gentlemen, Robert Dreamer is We Pay 5c per pound for large clean Cotton Rags. Daily Clintonian Roman Empire and Christianity Ernest Sutherland Bates says that the Fourth century A.D. saw the acceptance of Christianity as the religion of the Roman empire, the establishment of the New Testament canon after nearly three centuries of discussion, and the first translation of the whole Bible into Latin by the foremost scholar of the age, St. Jerome. dead." closed the case which required nine years to solve. WANTED Hides Iron Hags Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid A. Dumcs Water Street of said real estate, or so much thereof as may lie sufficient to discharge said decree, interest and costs. Said sale will be made without any relief whatever from valuation or appraisement laws. January 23. A. D. 1937. Avulsion Avulsion is the sudden transfer by natural forces of a portion of one's land to the soil of another. The term is also applied to the result of a sudden change in the course ef ( boundary river. Also MICKEY MOUSE in "ALPINE CLIMBERS" and Other Short Subjects Lower Floor 25c Balcony 20c Children 10c ALLEN HENNIS. Sheriff, Vermillion County. Mark W. Lyday, Attorney for Plaintiffs READ THE ADS 125; 21-837.

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