The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 1, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
Page 5
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Page Five The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana .Monday, February 1, 1937 "MAsr Cour.ccus" Does He Deserve His Ranking? Grant Has Faint Heart at Miami Tourney Starts BRADDOOK DROPS GERMAN, BOOKS. LOUIS CONTEST FRANKFORT GETS TEST THIS WEEK IN STATE GAMES i- V y i' y f", ' ,.Nr" -"-jj g (mi. ji .. ,s. 'sav.m mT -me mo. 2- . w Teo Former Pupil is Victorious Over Golf Instructor SAN FHANCIS.CO, Feb 1 Neil 'hrlslliill, tile flay hailed pm ll"lli Vakimii. Wash., today ileiliired be .1 least bad 111" lali- fie lii.n "l .IMIwilU lie 1:1 a fin 'I ill''! Pletnl'. Klthl yearn nun al ibe Uuveili .'olllllly rlnb al I'.l I 'and (He l Iii IhIIiiii had a 1 1. e.i l -olil I'lljiii n hied Luw.iHi l.illle. 'l iie nill llllis'er fl'.'Ul Hie I'll' ill u..rtlvcl and 1.11'le. low i.ue of the world's gl'ealtH rollers. Illi'l veHterdav n liuahm in ihe event'-annual a.onii n.i I inaieh phi-open here. And. Ibe cr- I M liil" iniii'l !r tunplicd. 1 up on Hie iw-nl el' Rrccii, after the in is! excit'ic. I'His' ill Ihe history ef San Fr.i I'els -n faverlle liiin-ni'inelil, 'I'll" I'll aid le 1 .'"" null cup. At Hie lourleenlll ll"le l.llll" ' 4 up 1 In go. Aa.l llO'll II fi rmer llrit'sh and I'. S, ninaieu ehainiion -blew" the eeM I li'-b Inking 3 ii'ltlii en curb ';i'ecn. On the nineteenth. !h'' i ' halved iar fours and then I. "I" Hie match wish a binHc fiorr en I l-.veii'leth. "I (iiiiili I r.v.on mi jil. ' I" ''" Iliml In Irs old in-I ruet'ir and i " r l icd me from the 1 ith." Cm -Han a inild-liianneicil si'-e t i eia n s .i'!. Sckimelmg Slated to Get Chance At Winner in September in Berlin; Chicago Will Get First Bout ll DAMS J. WAIMI N HV YOHK. Krli. I .liiniiv. I Hrttddnrk versus Joe ,nthi tftl- Ibr w-orld's hruvywelnht i liti m jiUtnff III J' lit SoldliT'H Klold. flilrur.o, In .lu nil Tle winner of thill one vermin Mux Srbmellnir In llic Olympic sia ilium nl Berlin In September. Tli in today was the absolute anil Ileal pi "Kill III behind Ihe ilalrnieill til' Hie Uraridii.'k rump Hint h wiif ptllllllR nut t Ihe Krhini'llIlK lilillrll lure, ill Juno, and, instead lying up with it I'hlrauo Hyndii ate to meed Louis tut the ailo of the second Tui iiey-Peniisey Hs-ltt. , which . die $2.60(1.0011 .fit a worlds record Those behind Ihe current llruildoikr I.ouiH-ScliliK'llliK plan expect thp t'hirUKo IlKht Id drnw upward ot MIAMI Fla.. Feb. I Willi At-i HI u 'a Illy. ill Al. "Ililsy" Cl'ant pre-. '1,11.' H al :h. mid he and Donald .11' c. re, I headed Oakland. Cnl., I ll ... e, n i "I in Ihe finals or Hie ail club lull) I. ane III here this lilt ."e i'iill'l Kill ill four sets, i t r ill. id iii il. !e n of Ibe annual '.eel I'" !l g''! Uhd'T WilV lodil'. li I''' ... . in i i a s N'o. 1 player. li. i !'ii !',. n! in 1 he tin. lis of lb" ! .mi I i': lie ' In iralghl sels, mid n in i "' liiials nf Ibe annual e i v. tin. ciwii Ibe lop po- ilii.ii .it H in-rent meet. For his rsl v.. icd oppniictil. Iludge will ai . a li In . I'ltil II. Hawk, For- I II lis. 1 I. liranl. : I -r a slil'f olkout yes-r.Iac in a :,tn,:ce lilalelt. Wat fi .1 v ;b . I.j n li. Jr.. for bis , f mnii'l. i:iaiil as Si-edcil Ibe ecnil pi. ail ion by Ihe ranking rolll- tllittee. Ilinl::.' ...liil as llueslllau ill the professitni'il exhibition between Fred Perry and Klsworth Vines. Vines slrelehe.l his leatl over Pcrrv by three m. lit In s as In- defeated Ibe 'trilisb Slar. 5-7. 7-5. 6-4. 7W Indiana Basketball Champions to Taclile Jeff Tuesday Night, Richmond Friday; One Lois This Year INIHANAI'OLIS, lull . Fi b 1 High school basketball luteresl rem lies uu early crest Ibis week Willi Jefrerson of lifuyelle and l' Mil k foil slaled lo clash in Howard gym at Hot Dog town tomorrow night. ' W'lTKSJ Ordinarily Ihis iraine would be a sellout on the natural rivalry bai-is alone. Bui the flood of lnierest and feeling belwren I lie two reached a new high a few weeks ago in a battle at l.arayette. Jeff snapped a Frankfort winning slreak that bad spread over a period of from early in lli:i5 season lo the middle of January of this year without defeat. Illspnleil Victory The mere fact Jeff'-rson defeated Frankfort did not add I he fuel to the fire. It happened Unit the poinli that brought viclnry to Jeff raine by way of a hist second field goal by Charlie McDowell. Frankfort players and fans say I he ball had mil $1,600,000. His ajo. 2 ueraAHKiHG IS DiSPUrcpf ! TODAV'S WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEW! MY SKIN WAS FULL OF AND BLEMiSHES" Says Vol na Schlepp: "Since using H-nlia :be pieipbs are gone. My in i : n.ieru ml glows Willi A.'.lMi-ika washes BOTH neb-, lids you of poisons that use a bud complexion. I'on-ell'.s Pharmacy Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell, Cleveland Indisn outfielder, who battled his way to health three times after being afflicted with spinal meningitis, was named the "most courageous athlete" of 1936 by the Philadelphia Sports Writers association and awarded a silver trophy at a dinner In his honor. Heavy Guarantee It la declared to lit) positive dial Braddock , haa been Kiiarantccd $500,000 for hhi cud . nl Chiraco with the, cnliu amount to Im put m before lie enters llio rlnj;. Of thic ho will fict hair. , or $250,0011. it escrow the moment his niannirer Jon Could, bIkhh the I'untrai't. Mike Jai'obii, New York promoter him been In ChlniRo ,fiir the, Ian forty-eicht hours, ostensibly to t h up Iou1h for a ten round meetiii wllh Natje Brown al Kansas C.i' , during the middlo of February, but al the same time to elose the details of the proposed Loula-Braddoek IlKht. It is assumed that this will go through whether or not Schmel-lus. the accepted and logical challenger, agrees to wait ninety days for his-chance at the winner. left McDowell's bauds when I lie final gun sounded. Lafayette partisans took the opposite stand and since they were supported by one ifficial and the I. II. S. A. A. the 17-16 score stands, but Frankfort promises in no uncertain terms to aeitle that tomorrow night and a full house will be on hand for the festivities. VMKI And that is not the only test in store for the Frankfort boys this week. The defending stnle champion, and at present leader of the North Central Conference, muwt The pius-iKing class, under 1 direction of Frank Tindrru. w meet at 6 o eloeU Ill's evening al I Columbia Krcrraiion ('enter, This class, which for the In : fit of the public, has been divic into two periods of two hours ca From li p. in. until S p. hi. child: from 12 lo 1H years of age will instructed, and Hem : p. in. un I o p. m. will be fo." adults. 3. B. H, SELLERS Uy LUhlJIl AVKItV I'ini h-lilHiu'; fur Henry .M'Leamre) NKW YORK. Feb. 1 Putting tiie iports shot here and there: Table Lenuis statisticians say I here ar.c INJURIES CAUSE FIGHTER'S DEATH DENTIST ?49 South Main Straat (linton, Indiana now more than :!.Uiiii.oou players of he game In the United Slate?. . . . i'hey claim that the sport now ranks .enth in the nation in this rcine-l. Jimmy Wilde who used to Kenneth Allen's weight-lifting I battle Richmond Friday nisbl. Frankfort is a top heavy favorite of many to repeat again this year as state champion. , Richmond, a team that established itself recently by trouncina Logansport. is In second place, right behind Frankfort In the North tral race. However a victory for Frankfort will juat about clinch the honors for the Hot Dogs again. League Bowling i(Oss the flyweights, is reported as NKW YOHK. February 1 - ton. Marino. 25. batman. wei-ht Halite; formerly of Pilsbiirgh. who col lapsed naiurday nirbt atler losin, an eighl-round decision to Indiai .i:iiniana, died in a iirouklyu hospit a! tod; y. DANCING leaiu will meet at 6 p. ni. at. Columbia Ccnler. Allen b"lievis his boys ire among the lies', and wants a bailee to prove it. Any team wish- leaving now passed the ll'O-pouiiil revived lor this season in Toledo. Ohio's Buckeye conference basketball championship race has been knocked haywire 1 by the floods. . . Many games postponed because of lack of transportation facilities. . . . New York baseball writers are hollering because John McCraw hasn't been voted a niche in the Cooperstown hall of fame. . . Speaking of sports boycotts -baseball fans of Joe Vosmiek's neighborhood in Cleveland are urg-ng everybody to ignore the Indinns iiome games because of the deal which sent Joe to the St. Louis Browns. ... Sports-writer free-loaders who who have had to take In beefsteak dinners three Monday nighls runnings, will be fed again tomorrow. . . This time it's a banquet at .sew York Athletic club for Gar Da-v'dson, popular Army football coach. mark. o eg tn hold a inaieh is lo communicate with the lie. re. i '.ion Uopart-I meat. Dave Levin, "Jamaica Butcher Uoy" of the wrestling rings, and a ormer title claimant, is recovering tlowly from a blood stream, infec A MB RICA X LEAGUE Standing Team Won Lost American Legion .,81 5 The Daily Clintonian 20 16 Clinton Pure Milk ... 20 16 Rexall Store ....... 1! 17 Hntter K rust-Bread . . 15 21 Mike Auto Body Shop 14 22 Winters Drugs 13 23 Daniels Produce .... 12 24 Pet; .861 .655 .555 .528 .417 .38(1 .3611 z o tion. ... He has naa several Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquori Mixed Drinks Marino, who -li;r"!-eil a icrelnn' cc... ussicui. neve:- r. -aiin d un s iousness. Knocked down several times in Ills bout with the Pin a boxer. Marino refused to quit until the final bell. While sitting on a stool The woodcraft shop al Columbia Center will he open eic'b Monday I ind Tliursilay eveniu" Irei,; 6 p. in o !l p. in. for bulb jii! and adul; i "Dead Man's Chest." The ''Dead Man's Chest" of the pirates' chantey with the refrain, "Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum." is a barren rock in the Virgin islands, on which tiie pirate Teach marooned fifteen of his men with out rum or water, to due iplc them. blood transfusions. . . . Harness horse racing is enjoying a boom iu Ohio. . . . Two old time harne-f horse fixtures, the merchants and manufacturers stako and the chamber of commerce stake, have been classes. Itudy .laniU s Ihe Instru or. after the light, he collapsed. By E. C SECAR Starring Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE ' rocks- ee, poopoecki VJOKER HOW VJMPV BUT BEUEVE WOO- THfxS TOO 8(0 . POPPft . VfS 8EEK UP (ALU NIGHT HONET. HfXGCjV, OIDN'T INPi TKEETOH.MHtrSF BOVJ 8kE(aKS IME TOPVft TOUCH VOUR tAt&C j 1 TL.UTE- IT UEDjcrL ftN TIULPi NN nui AJJITH THKT OC VQtTCH? IHftW'. I? vou v.t iu ) ME,OftRUtAG,l'Ut KILUVOU-VOO liiOULDN'T UE TO et.EEP- ' ) (S . s -r TL1AT I j -r '-.T , . Individual Average . Legion Lemstra, 160: Lundie 1.42: Benlley, 142; Manshlp, 140 Itader, 135; James. 130. Clintonian F. Van Horn. 145 Carey, 13!); Tate, 136; Smith. 133 Hope. 131; A. Van Horn. 130. Pure Milk Mattloda. 149; Vard-148; Tuherosa, 148; RuffRttol? 147: Nora. 131; Franchetto. 120. Rexall Griffiths, 1 ft 7 : Boyd 144; Stevenson, 140; Caseheer 135; White, 126; Huin, 122. . Huller Krust Cooper, 144; Kirk man. 13D: Homey, 137; F. Meyer. 131: Bartlett, 124; C. Meyer. 110 .Mike's Combs. 1611: Weir. 141; Naidi. 127; J. Renduei. 124; Welkor. 123; M.. Kendaei, 108. , Winters-Stewart, 157; Collins i;i!l; Winters. 117; Aahury. 115; S While. Ill; Bin-roughs. 98. Daniels Tasao. 163: biiberneck. 150; Oanjels. 133; Fowl. 118; Walker. 117; Archer. 94. 1 ( I KIN tAOT 6UEE P, ' 'DIU.,f 1HC l-L.Ut mriNt'T ta u t thrfw (I DIDN'T! I ft I VyME. UJOOLD VOO?, XI vjjoRRi&OJ rxi VOICE- I'M ft VENTRIUOQ016T- -ii em TRIED TOCrXTCV, VOO IK A LIE ffjsr&iv M Illlih Individual Tasso, Danlein 221. Higli Train RexHll 864. By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER AND MOVJ AFTEIZ ALL hVJ Tr4l5 LETTET (AFT Jvyy i" fl BUT You see , rrtUMy, IT'S OIPFEE EMT VJtTH ME- t rOufe FATVIEr. vmrote FATHEK l K.KlOW,TlLUE, &OT MOaI THAT I'MK TOLD VOL) THE TROTH ABOUT HIM, t THeSE "YEAfiS 1 m m r f TO TtJO, HE SAV 5, VAS. TOO amd ths idea of Him sayims thetce ISKI'T A MAM (SCO a FMOU3H Ikl AU THE voorei-O FOR VOU F HE THOUGHT SO MUCH OF VDU. HE VJ AMTS T& SEE "TOO, BUT THAT CEPEMDS YOOM6 TO PEMEM- A km Tuiiiglil'n Silieduln 7:00 . Butler va. Daniels, i, legion vh. I'ure Milk. 9:00 Itexall vs. Clintoniaii. Wintora vs. Mlko. Turquoise, Turkish Stone The turquoise, known in Asia as the Turkish stone, is believed by Arabs to be very lucky. They wear this stone in rings, ear-rings, amulets and ornaments. It is supposed tQ have certain medicinal qualities, ays a writer in Pearson's London Weekly. Its wearers do not suffer from intestinal troubles or stomach disorders. It is the stone associated with Buddha. aEP. V4HAT1 MAVBt 'M WOT EW-TlTLEO TO $PEAK OP LOstri'LL Say HE ISKI'T VLL BET HtP- HAD "fD GO TO THB OtCTIOMARy TZ3 Jr "X ill fTAN'T UMDEei TAWD HOVAJ VOU CAM HAM6 ANY AFPECTlOM' FOR OKJ ME VMHV DE HE WALK VJEU- FOB LIKE OUT OKI U5 VJHfHM THE MAM My PART, I DON'T WANT FtklO OUT HOSaj VO YOU VJEcZE A VEAR SPELL- THE WORD J A L-11 r,T r nn old; RIST Secref Operative 48 DANN DUNN TUnRAL i NOW NOW, BAB5- OH, MR. DAN, T-ka u.nn n.i . SO VOU THINK 1T WOULD BE VOU ARE eo , Home I j -just GOTTA CRY IT MAXE5 ME .JUST TERRIFICALLY THE PROPER THING, LOVELV TO ME.' VOU'VE MADE I'VE BEEM WANTING TO DO THAT ALL THE. TIME BUT I WA'S AFRAID THAT, DUE TO MV JOB, I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO LOOK AFTER HER A"5 WELL AS SOMEONE ELSE JUDGE LEVEL, TO ADOPT BASS. -''4 WAPPV TO HAVE, y . ME THE HAPPIEST y dajsi VOU FOR MV LITTLE GIRL OWN LITTLE, WILL VOU HANDLE THE LEGAL 8 GIRL IN THE END FOR NE AND SEE THAT WORLD, I EVERYTHING l PROPER f 5 . 1 BET I XT 0 1 US 'y OR 8 niGHT i EiJT MORTIMER AND MATILDA ALREADY HAVE ADOPTED BABS AND ARE. WAITING OMINOUSLY AT DAN'S HOTEL rOR HEIR RETURN ? ? ? ? ? W4

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