The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 27, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1922
Page 3
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1 tub FAmnouNT nevs THE MANDATING BUSINESS each, and our mailing department will I r ao me rest, jine regular price of! The National Republican is $1.50 a ! have been in this mandate business had it swallowed the league proposi-j tion? It would likely as not have been holding the bag with one pr two ' very costly mandates it was proposal . : 1 .... . I information about the nation of which every citizen is a part and devoted to the stimulation pf serious thought. The National Republican fills that bill. Just send in the names and addresses, with remittance to cover at ten cents year.) Address, Circulation Department, National Republican, 425 10th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 10 11 uevasiaiea Armenia a few side wars to carry on in administering the mandate and nothinsr com For County Surveyor Republican Primary, May 2. LLOYD R KEMMER Of Franklin Township Graduate Civil Engineer, Experienced. Res. State Licerss No. 749. EFFICIENCY WITH ECONOMY Although the secretariat of the league of nations some time apjo reporter! that some twenty-three or twenty-four of its constituent members had never come across with their dues, he is now out with a set of figures purporting to show that the assessments are not burdensome. But Winston Churchill, British colonial secretary, says Great Britain's league expense is no trifling- matter. He has told the House of Commons that it has cost his government a bil-IVmv and a half dollars to date for the an ing in but all going out. while Europe ' meanwhile en.yycd the pick of the '. business. Clarksburg, (Y. Ya.) Telegram. I Ind. t-' 5J. One of the extraordinary features of devil fish is their methods of swimming. They draw water into their bodies and then force it out of a hole just below the head. The force of the water as it rushes out propels the creatures. Usually the devilfish swims backward, but it can swim forward simply by turning its flexible siphon in the opposite direction. I i4 'V . - 3 puipose of r.-iaiutalriiv.jr its mandate; for Mcsopotrw.ia nr.d Palestine alone. j Anvi the is still running on. I Great Britain, of course, has mt J boon sinkivsr money for this mandate , out of pure rh-":iv.tV.vpy. Th.ore are ' rieh oil tield.s and other concessions there, and the shrewd British business j mind has doubtless t'srurod a substan- J tial otTset. Still, as an exvhansre savs. ! ' i s . , . The ex-kaiser has already received fmm Germany nearly lOiOOO.0OO,uo marks as well as much valuable pj-o- if tk: f r the benefit poity. tr.v'udir.g gold and silvc- plate. of all. as has bcvn alleged, why should a single ration bear the cost? Where would the United States It always pays to advertise in The Fairmount News. xH- j Political Announcements 1 U ! r 1 . 1 r primary election of T FOR CONGRESS subject to the Samuel E. Cook?, of lluntincton ; May 2nd. V, ( . . - ----..-:, .-I - County, lVmoera;v candidate for; Congressman in the eleventh district , Second District. at the cct;on two years ago is a i .Tames E. Devote, of Sims township. lor re-nor.-.maton, and asks n,thorizes the announcement of his frS'V' -:c n u r cfAk- .9 ft W ' " . 1 y.vV. $urrovt at t!u Pnmar" 'May - ; as a candidate for Commissioner ! t from the second district, subject to ! 'the decision of the Republican Pri-1 n 5 3 t. f Milton Kraus authorizes the an- mary cleetivn to be held May 2. l'.v2. nouneemer.t of his name as a canoi i u 'i I I I I i I 3, I - -E f .' '5 i f FOR TRUSTEE date for the nomination for congress frtMn the Eleventh Indiana district, subject to the decision of the Repub Orville Wells authorizes the an- lican Primarv tloetion to bo held on ' ! nouneement of his name as a candi- May . l!2. jdate for renomination for Trustee of ARTHUR E SHUGART Franklin Township ONLY FARMER CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF PLEDGES HIMSELF To Protect Interests of Farmers To Stand Squarely For Law Enforcement To Serve All Faithfully UNBOUND BY ANY "FACTION" "I am asking the voters at the 1U pua'.can I'rhuary to or.sidor me otrictly on my merits. "I have always stood for the riht in private life and I can promise the same conduct in office." Signed: AUTIII R K. SHUtJAKT. NO. 32 ON REPUBLICAN TICKET "Vote Right to Get Right." run titp -SFVlTiiR ilairmount township subject to the, 1 STA1K ,d,v,sion of the RepuMican primary! Alfre.1 Ilegston the an- election to be held May 2. 1 '. nouneement oi his name as a candi- j - date for the nomination for state son-j ator from Grant county in the Indiana j Joseph A. Hollovvay authorises the' General Assembly, subject to the de- announcement of his name as a can-j CHARLES J. BRADFORD WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Candidate for County Assessor on the Republican ticket subject to May 2nd Primary Election. Not bound by Special Interests; honest efficiency his m6tto. Farmer candidate will be fair and impartial in the discharge of his duties. Absolutely fair. ft n cision of the Reptib.ii an primary election to be he'd on May 2. li22. ii.'.ato for Trustee of Fairmount townh:p. subject to the division of the voters at the Republican Primary eleetion to be held May 2. 1022. Mrs. Culla J. Vayhinger authorizes the ar.r.ourccmer.i of her name as a i-andidate for state senator, subject to the Republican pri-j David G. Lewis authorizes the an- II the division ma'-y eh :ion he held on May 2. ; nouneement of bis name as a candidate for nomination for trustee of, : t an mount township subiivt to the - decision of the Democratic primary FOR nH NTY C1.ERK Lafe H. K.r-'e. of Fairmount. election to bo held May 2. 1022. ar.nour.eement of thorites th. name as a candidate tor nomination for County Clerk, subject to the decision of tVe Republican primary election to be he'd on May 2, li22. WANTED: A Mlt.I.ON NEW READERS FDR THE NATIONAL REPIULICAN. Mws z to s atoD-S Samuel A. Connelly authorizes tne.the Illustrated Werklv Mnffi ' I. Clerk, subiee-t to the decision of theivaP,,a'- Special Harsrain Introduc- J of the Capital. S be heh !tory DtTcr n to to readers of this papcr- F.cruVlican rrir-.aiv e'lX' on'Mav 2, 1022. 1 1 pirns AJscsf For Tct Cents, in stamps or currency, The National Republican ill be sent' announcement of his name as a can j Mx ffks addrrss. didate for the nomination for County Show this offer to wmr friends. The HE makers of U. S. national Clerk. fubvH t to the decision of the ; National Republican is a DemeK ratio rrimarv election to be held May 2 i?22. nxeek.x icmcvx of politics ai and srovern- I ires made this announcement last ment. rrmtmcr more interestintr rnr- November field (now that the season promises business from the American car-owner), it is worth remember ing that "Usco" showed its good faith bv announcing this price fast aft. The same intent to serve that has madeMUsco" a standard value for years. FtM. SHI'RIFF I ren and historical information abmit Jacob C. Can-pbi'd authorizes the ' rrt atTairs each week than any announcen-.ent of his name as a can-othcr Vrr in America. It is of didate for the nomination for sheri'T, j 'T hal value to children studying his-suHivt to the division of the Repub-jtov ar- eivics in the schools, to new r. an rr:mnrv election to be held on ! rnen voters desirinjr to familiarize V Mav 2, 1?22. The "Usco" Tire was never better than it is today with its established ntinlirv. Its themselves with the facts essential to a comprehension of public questions and has much worth wh;le information for every member of the family. There oucrht to be on every home read-inn table in America at least one national periodical intended to furnish time-tested performance, etna its price eioselyig-tired in tunc with the times FDR nU'XTY ASSESSOR John V. Pittensrer, of Confer township, p.ttthorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for County Assessor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on Mav 2, JQ. FOR Al'DlTDR Earl (Toby E. Bupher authorizes the annov.ncemont of his name as a candidate for nomination for County Auditor subject to the decision of the "Hereafter the price of the 30x3' 'Usco' is $10.90." The lowcrt price evcrquoted on a tire cf quality rcputim'tm and MiiiiJarJ Ivtortiumcc. And now, with the opening of Spring, there seem to be quite a number of "New and Special tires" coming into the market in the $.0.90 price range. Perhaps you are wondering just what there can be cither "new or "special" about these tires. It can't be the $10.90 price "Usco" established that five months ago. Nor quality reputation and standard performance for it takes more than one full season for any new tire to demonstrate where it stands in quality and value v. i i 1 i 1 i VOTE FOR Republican Primarv election to be ! held on May 2, 1P22. r v David E. Harris authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for County Auditor subject to the decision of the Republican primary electien to be held on May 2, 1922. With so many tires into this S 10.90 price Frank Simmons, Jr., authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for County Auditor, subject to the decision of the Republican Voter at the primary election to be held on May 2. United States Tins re Good Tlrs I i y U.S.Tir.Oo. United States Tlrcs United States 0 Rubbsr Company - mm '.. mm a- Ori7f r. .' iS3 K-llu m the ITmtS FOR SURVEYOR Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a Republican candidate for County Surveyor, Grant county, Indiana, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election of Mav . . . Lloyd H. Kemmer authorizes the announcement of his name as a can-diate for County Surveyor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township, Grant county, announces his name for commissioner from th First District, subject to the Republican primary May 2nd. Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, trant county, announces his candidacy for commissioner of th first district on the Republican ticket, t-tK JUDGE SAMUEL E. COOK OP HUNTINGTON CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESSMAN for the Eleventh District on the Democratic ticket at the primary election to be held May 2, 1922 J. C ALBERTSON, FAIRMOUNT. ROY ROGERS, FOWLERTON, IND. PRATTS GARAGE. MATTHEWS, IND. CHAS. W. DAVIS. PT. ISABEL, IND. W.M. H. MARKLE, RIGDON, IND. Where You Can Buy U S Tires.

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