The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 1, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
Page 4
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Monduy, February 1, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page Four PLUXURtf MODEL'W&e Traveling Around America THE DAILY CLINTONIAN FoundDd Established as The Weekly Clintonian 180 The Clinton l'lalndealer absorbed in 1908. T - . tontn hrtmfut of TO- but seeing Yvonne's susplslons aroused, abe had been forced to in .Editor and Publisher vent background of some sorb George L. Carey. ... bo Yvonne waa quiewa oy oeing si-: A ! - told that Luana was an orphan (which wae true) and that she naa been companion for the past two ,,! ai I he l'ostuffiea at Clinton. Indiana. as Second Clam Matter Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association mane, with It hining hill and the blue water of th bay. She had loved San Francisco and everything about It, Including its fog and its water fronts, with the gulls flying and crying, and ita ahlp that wer going to fr countrie giving on such a aens of adventure. Her had sprung Luana's first urge to see the world, to travel to far-Uung corner of th earth. It hurt her to remember faclnat. Ing San Francisco, and th barrier years to an oia iaay in puuuiu AJ""-,;inir Representative: CHO. II 1IAV11) CO. 1SIIU W'ligley HltlK.. Chicago. Mil r.enerul Motors Hhlg., nelrolt llu Fast 42nd Bt New York (which was a tarrauiauia, i.s, lib). Buffalo waa sufficiently removed from Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. She bad had to think hurriedly, give the name of the first suitable town that occurred to her, Yvonne had brought her stepfather's letter to her that morning, having risen early. Luana waa glad there waa uelther name nor return address on the (lap of the envelope. her own xoiiy naa pui uavwwn un and th roniantio city in th West. u,it malt th mast of what fate Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 offered now. jimmy waa nica, honest, presentable, with no nonsense. Was it that he wished no one in new York to know his connection with THF DAILY CMNTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1 To further every intere.t of Parke and Verrn.U.on counties. 2. To assist Ihe revival of the Indiana coal mining ""utry. 3. To cooperate in iolving Vermillion County uncmploy- 4. ToV.tUtfy'ciinton and make it the molt attractiv. city of iti size in the itate. her even under her new name? Or waa it to help her in the secrecy she thought essential in her new life? Yvonne, however, had examined the postmark in the entrance hall. "So you know someone in Hollywood 1" she had exclaimed. i expect anoiner ouinuiv hil, check the end of th week. I'll take you dancing. Saturday nlgbt, if you'll come?" She had accepted. It astonished her to find how much sh was look- ; ing forward to th evening wit , Jimmy. At th chop shs had a busy morn -Ing. Sh waa so rushed sha had to have a aandwlch and a small bottle of milk sent In for luncheon. When it earn to buying their clothe, th women who had voted for Luana at the big fashion show Irrespective of their figures wished her to model for them, so she was continually in demand. Mrs. Vandaveer arrived that afternoon, with Ramon. Mrs. Vanda Hollywood waa an enchanted name to her. The envelop waa In a i man'a writing. Yvonne scentea a romance immediately, and in order to avoid further quizzing, Luana FAIR DAYS IN GUATEMALA let it go at that, aven contriving a mysterious smile. The two girls rod to work on the top of a Fifth Avenue bus. ball games and exhibitions of horse CHAPTER XIV On her arrival In New York and after dodging Aunt Minnie, Luana had sent a night-letter to her stepfather In California, advising him of her safe arrival, and informing him 'that she was now "on her own, that she had decided against living with his sister in Flatbush, and asking him to communlcata with her through General Delivery. When her job had started In the Douse of Quackenbush, and she was hating Yvonne's apartment in Greenwich Village, she thought it would be best to let him knew her home address, and change of nam. After all, he was her nearest living relative. They had never understood each other, but lie had been gruffly kind to her in her misfortune. She would trnst him. It was but right that he know how things were going with her, and she could rely on him to keep her occupation, address and new nam a profound secret. It was necessary to keep in touch with the Colonel, so that she might get news of her husband, disturbing as that would Inevitably be. Not until the trial in San Francisco waa over would she know any real security. She had been with Yvonne a week when she received a letter from the Colonel, addressed to Luana Waters. It hurt her to see his handwriting, he who had been so proud, and who must now address her in an assumed name. That was part of her humiliation. "My dear Elizabeth," ran the letter, "It is good to know that you have found employment, although I could have wished something of a more intellectual and less frivolous character for you. It is naturally a shock to me to learn that you have changed a family name which has always been held In high esteem in our community. But, in the circumstances, it is no doubt for the best. "I have just come from the office of the district attorney, who fortunately for us informs me that the person who has brought such disgrace on us, already has a wife residing in a suburb of Chicago. Therefore his marriage to yon is illegal, and I am taking the necessary stepB to annul it- I am hoping to be able to have this done as quietly as may be, thereby avoiding any further unfortunate publicity. "I shall keep you advised on this matter. "With best wishes for a better future. "Colonw. Jamks McCarthy." raanshlp by military cadets. in th niiphln indiaeno. visitors Luana felt In lighter mood. It was beautiful Spring morning. Her can see Indian womeu patting out thoughts went from her letter, to young Jimmy Randolph. A couple of evening ago, when Yvonne was again out of the apartment (it was as though Jimmy had second sight, and opportunely timed his visit), he had come over the roof when it veer perhaps came nearest iguana. In the matter of silhouette. "I can't make up my mind, Mr. Quackenbush," sha said peevishly to j th couturier, and looking through Luana as though she did not see her, "so I shall have to ask you to send the gold gown, and the russet crepe, and the oyster satin to th house tomorrow at five with the model." .... Luana thought: "She1 hatefully arrogant! I wish I didn'thavetogol", A FAR CRY American textile men have been cordially received in Japan, where they will discuss the industrial situation with Japanese ex porters. It's a far cry from the day. less than a hundred years ago. when American warships forced Japan to open her ports to our commerce. Now, our cotton men o to Osaka and the Japanese export goods lo this country. . ; WORKERS Everybody who has o job think, he is busy and there are men and women in this town who think they work. They should consider one, J. Taney Wilcox, who is director of 100 corporations, and another. Frederick F.. Williamson, who ., president and director of 56 corporations, vicepresident and director of eiRht and director of 30 others. Meanwhile, Henry L. Doher.y, who had 95 directorships last year, has almost nothing to do tins aeason, beins? n director of only 65 companies. FAIRS In Guatemala have their modern moods, but they have alluringly primitive, momenta as well. One ot the most Interesting of these Ferlas Is the annual one held the last two weeks in November In 'he capital, Guatemala City, which is featured in regular fortnightly cruises between New York, Central America, Mexico and California. The schedule of attractions Includes agricultural and Industrial exhibits; a pueblo luiligeuo, or na live village, reproduced to present a picture of real native life; a colorful Midway without which, even In foreign countries, no fair Is ever com plete; and a program of sports events which nuns the gamut from motorcycle and horseraces to foot waa almost dark, and no one was likely to aee him, and had gently tapped on the window of the living-room and asked her pleas to for-iriva his lack of ceremony, but he tortilla corn cakes on om stone metates which have done kitchen duty for hiindisi.s of years; they can observe potters at primitive wheelf turning out colorful jugs and bowls like those used back In the days of the Mayas; they can watch weavers with ancient haudlooma making gorgeous textiles In deslgus handed down through untold generations; and they can listen to native uiarira has playing melodies centuries old-in short, they can seo life as It wai lived on our continent centuries be fore Columbus ever left his natlvi shores. T.uana set down hr cardboard had been unable to diecovar her exact location by the front way, and might he come in for a minute? boxes in an anteroom of th Vandaveer penthouse punctually at five o'clock next afternoon. Sha waited for five, ten, fifteen minute before Iter loneliness naa uiiea. uue miracle. How desperately her stepfather would disapprove! He would tell her that she waa courting further . I i V. n sl ma. hotlBvino. th butler returnea to say mat Madame would now see her. Contrary to expectation In view of yesterday' bad mood. Madam was moat aarreeable today. She was abominably in receiving a atranger. on a vaudeville Knt ana look at jimmv Ran route lo New York lour. seated before the mirror in her bedroom, putting the finishing touches to an elaborate make-up aa Luana entered th boudoir. Through th dolph's open, boyish faca would surely have convinced him, as It bad tives near Crawftirdsville. YESTERDAYS convinced her, that there was no ulterior motive, that the lad was as lonely as she was, that he only wanted someone to talk to. THE STARS SAY I'nr Tilesilay, I'ehiuaiy -ll til'. l:'IKV 10 KKMBI.K AI.THDUfiH THKHE may he sudden upheavals and quite unforeseen events on this day, judging by the lunar and mutual aspects, yet. In the long run, these surprising and disturbing circumstances may rpsn It 111 definite benefits. Remov open door eh greeted Luana affably, and told her to slip out of her dress right there In the boudoir-no on would com np to interrupt them. "The gold gown first, please." she ordered. . . . He was not. however, a young FFB. J, !- Miss Ilelva Schrader has returned man to accept hospitality from the Hut It F.miiiu Simmons, daughter of Air. and Mrs. II. N. Simmons nf North Kill li street, who is ill at her home with scarlet lever is reported to he getting along very well. Miss lOlsie Italston. who lives at the Simmons' home and is employed at the J. C. Penney store, is quarantined in with the family. opposite sex. or irom anyone, wun. not return. to her home in Chicago after spend Sh decided on that, finally, and It seemed Jimmy had got a check on th russet crepe. "Now you must com (Town to tne drawingroom for tea, my dear child." Luana waa hungry. Healthily hungry after her day work. Be I'Fll. 1, WIS The Bachelor Girls of Hillsdale, mostly married -follis now mel with Miss Delia and Nora Self lust Friday night. An interesting program of music and delicious refreshments were enjoyed. Miss Hazel Heber, Mrs. H. A. Church. Mrs. Hcs-sie Hoover and Mrs. Bessie Short were present, and Mrs. J. E. Kendall was a guest of the club. als, changes and Journeys may cull ing a couple of days here at the Cooper home In South Main street. George McRevilolds, who is a student at Indiana University in itlimminetiin is spending the week that day a email check for a pro-Baic drawing of pots and pan from an advertising agency that occasionally gave Elm a chance at what he called "pot boilers." He insisted on taking Luana to a movie, and from thence to a supper for a rearrangement of plans and A wave of intense relief swept over Luana on reading this letter. In the Incessant turmoil of her thoughts since leaving San Diego, she had thought it perfectly in the cards that Gerald Bruton had been desires., with new environs, inter est and contacts causing concern. sides, necause oi nr. uacaeu. buah admonishment to be spe. cially nice to this best eustomer, It would never do to refuse. Yet she felt shy about turning business in-, to a social occasion. of bacon and eggs at a popular, in-exnensive restaurant. end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. New contracts are presaged. Once these anxieties and rearrangements She had enioved tnia amazingly. Karl Ilohson and Herscliel Cheek lave returned to their homes after pending the pasl few days in t'hi-ago as Ihe guests or llohson's aunt, Urs. G. IT. Barclay, While there hey attended the automobile show. She waa learning a new Jimmy an Ceorge Mclicynolds, of Walnut street. He is to return to Hlooinin:;-tnn Sunday. engagingly companionable young are composed, however, there should be success and gratification. If This Is Your Birthday Those whose birthday It is may man wno was capame oi uniting un a wide variety of subject. She was glad of her two years in college. She had not enjoyed them, it is true, but they had given her a Mrs. Neil Dunn of South Eleventh street who has been ill for the past find themselves launched in a year foundation or at least a smatter of sudden upheavals, removals, few weeks is reported to be feeling ' Mrs." R. H. Adamson gave a dinner for her grandson, .lames Adam-noil Sunday evening, the occasion being his fourth birthday, lleside the Adamnon family those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Balmer. Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adamson and son. Lloyd, and Miss Irene Marshall of Terre Haute. ing of knowledee. better today. So he won't necessarily think me a boob, she told herself. Her step change and travel, possibly in connection wiHi new contracts or agree Dr. C. M. Zink, county coroner, has returned to Clinton after spending the past several days on a business trip to Texas. During Dr. ZInk's absence, Dr. I. D. White acted as coroner. father had been right in wanting her to have a good education. Now ments. These may he tacit or secret understandings', with elements of ll was coming in unci ui. "You like to dance?" asked Jim. lying to her when he had Informed her his first marriage was ended, that he had had a divorce. Now she knew it was part and parcel of the deception he had practised on hei all the way through. She had been his silly little tool, but thank heaven the bigamous marriage had never been consummated. She hoped with all her heart that charges of bigamy might be kept out of the trial, however. Not only for her own sake, but because she had a woman's heart and, though no longer was Gerald anything to her, she knew his sentence would be sufficiently heavy without a further stretch being added to it because of his connection with her. She re-read the letter. The signature with the "Colonel" prefixed to it touched her. She had humbled his name, but no one could take his Army record from her stepfather. Yvonne broke In on her thoughts. Yvonne was curious about that letter that was the very first one Luana had received during the week in her flat I Strange that a girl as good-look- Luana should be so devoid of -dencel That was to strike ;ve French girl more and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Straw of South Third street, are the parents of a baby boy horn on Monday. The child has been named John. intrigue or subtlety, perplexity at first. After adjustments are made, my as he bade her goodnight at the bottom of the stairs leading up to however, there should be much sat the anartment. Mrs. Charles Simpson of Casey Ave. Is on the sick list. Ami Antonini, student at Indiana niverslty at Illoomingloti, Is spend-ie the weekend witli his parents. "I adore it." said Luana. Her eyes isfaction. Mrs. Charles Cooper, vaudeville There waa a reason behind the Invitation, had she but known. For Mr. Joel Vandaveer had come home unexpectedly early, and this had, upset an arrangement that Mrs.,' Vandaveer had made with Ramorij by 'phone that morning. Ramon and she were to attend the opening of a smart brldge-and-cocktail club, and Joel hated that sort of an affair. When he came horn early, he expected to have cup of tea or a cocktail with hla wife, were ihe at home, and Ramon's arrival might be awkward. But with Luana present, things would look better all round, Luana thought the drawingroom with ita exquisite Louis XVth furniture quite the most beautiful sha had ever beheld 1 Wealthl What (t could dot For the first time In her life, perhaps, It came definitely to her that it would be wonderful to have money! She had not hitherto envied th rich women who earn to th shop, even though they were able to buy such lovely clothes for sha waa well aware that sh had mora real content, and looks, and youth than most of them. They had a bored air, for the most part. But this lovely background! (To Be Continued) CwrUM, 1111, Kla tmtamm SradiatU, In A child born on this day may he ind Mrs. ' Angelo Antonini, of dancer, spent Wednesday here with M Bhone. She was All Girl again. Her past was put behind her. Avid, after months and months of confinement in her prim retreat of yearn Mrs. Faye Clark has returned from a three weeks visit, with rela given to Intrigue, schemes and sub-tioiv 4 restless and erratic nature Icirth Tenth street. Mr. Cooper. Mrs. Cooper was en- N may keep it moving about a great ing, for enjoyment. Not that she would fall in love deal, It will lean to the curious with Jimmy. She would permit herself to fall in love with no one. She A Monkey-Wrench in Any Cog Stops Them All had had too bad an experience. But with a new name and a new Inh that entailed lots of hard work, 7 - r k i what harm was there in stepping out occasionally of an evening i v as the weeks went ;iid mysterious. MOVIES TIIF.-OAV DKSPKRADO" AT THF. ( AI-ITOly Briskly directed by rtouben Ma-MOiiUan, this story of "The Desper- Before she had met Gerald Bra-ton, while still in college in the north, she had had soma wonderful weekends In San Francisco, at the home of a college chura and they by. She baa questioned Luana as to her antecedents, and her home, and her people. It waa obvious Luana did not know New York in the least. Luana had at first prevaricated, had gone out dancing. .do" Mid i-omhiues romance, singing Mexican banditry, Nino Mar-handsome musical star of nnera and the films, plays adio, he leading male role opposite Ida with zest and humor. Jack Oakie contributes som efine comedy, aided and abetted by Mischa Auer. Lucille Hull. Frank .lenks and Herman Ring. Everything, including the music, is whipped together in fine ahape. "That's All Over Now" is one special short, shown with a Merrie Melody in color and recent news. his misdeeds. When Cesar is sentenced for his crimes, Margaret tries to Blurt over again. She is about to marry wealthy Dick Foran, when her former husband escapes and vows to find his wife. Then Oman Pat O'Brien enters the plot a nd manages to win the girl, finish the public enemy and provide a happy ending. I F.I Ilrendel says "Ay Tank Ay Go", shown with Fox Movietone N'ews. .upino. James Illakeley. Mischa Viier. I.eo Carrillo and Stanley .'ields contribute to the action. Mar-ini of Hie golden voice Is kidnapped !iy a very bold, bad bandit ill the pei win nf Carrillo, who holds American gangsters in high esteem. He uuvck Martini In steal un aiitomo- of despotism seo the weakness in his doctrine and wheruln lies the strength of constitutional democracy." ki HOLLYWOOD Ann Dvorak, actress, believes stage folk are cooler than others ill face of danger: "Actors are so In the habit of acting like heroes in their daily work that they often from force of habit assume the role In real life." NKW YOB.K Mian (Iwynno Ross, vucntioiial guidance expert, warns stenographers they will have trou-ole finding Jobs us they get older: "Women over llilrty don't go well with the modernistic furnishing in most offices." id kidnap the passengerB. who ut In he Ml'" l.upino and ;le : i urn Short Interviews Illakeley. Following events ure liuiiinniii" (and tuneful rather than dcasl rotis. Alirkey Mouse holds forth In Ihe "Alpine Climbers". The ' manager of the Capitol Theatre has asked The Dally Clin-toiiiuii to publish an apology from Ini, i lo tin' Clinton patrons because his new sound equipment Is not yet in operation, as advertised. For the presenl the nl, I sound equipment lias to be used. Part of It must noiue from Uiuisville and has of ' -Wj ' High Thinking High thinking is a high plateau from which one easily climb to Alpine peaks of living. "THF, PLAINSMAN" AT THK WABAHH OnlsiaiidiliK performances are given by Cary Cooper, Jean Arthur James F.ltiKon. Charles llicktord. Helen Burgess, Porter Hull and John Miljan In this glorified Western of the days when settlers were trying to rid Ihe plains of lawless Indians. The familiar characters of Wild Hill Hlekok, Calamity June and Ceneral Custer come to life with vividness and feeling as the cast gets under way. Cooper and James Ellison make war on Charles Ilickford, who has been selling guns to Indians. From a background of battle, rises the romance of Wild Kill and Calamity Jane, superbly given by Miss Arthur and (!ary Cooper, The whole family will like it. Fox Movietone News and Popeye saying "I'm In the Army Now" are added attraction. LOH AXtJKI.KS- F.dwill It. Kings' ley. International president of Lions Clubs, explains their cainpaign for character building In schools: "A nation without morals is lost, aa was Rome; and intellectual polish with out moral sense is a menace." Resting Posts for Spirits Natives of Tinibuctu put roosting posts on minarets to serve as resting places for returning spirit of dead relatives ind friends. o CHICAGO Prof. Harry C.lde-onse, of the University of Chicago endorses America's reciprocal trade policy: "We uiusi not expect II to he liked by everybody. Us purpose Is to remove protection from the Inefficient industries and transfer it to those that deserve II." NF.W YORK Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, says fascism and communism lead to the suicide of civilization: "We must make the lover course been delayed, bill is expected ihe first of this week. . ' 'TT "THAT C.IKl, ITtOM lAIMS" AT THF. I'AI.ACF. This gay little story Is about a pretty but tempestuous singer who deserts her bridegroom at ihe altar before the "I do's" have been said and attaches herself to a dance band nhoe leader she has fallen in love with at first sight. Petite Lily Pons as Hie lady In question is cute to look at and sings deliehtfully. Gene Raymond plays the wanted man Military Honors lor Vineyard Tbe vineyard of Clos-Vougeot near Dijon, France, is the only spot of its kind in the world that is accorded military honors by the army of its country. Ever since about 1810, when a certain colonel made his regiment salute it because he liked its wine, every body of troops passing that way has also stopped and honored it in this manner. Collier's Weekly. 'PI ENKMY'H W'IKK" AT THK rOI.I'MBIA Margaret Lindsay is the wife in the ease and Cesar Rnnwro is the menacing public enemy who married her wlthouf letting her know

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