The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on February 1, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1937
Page 3
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Monday, February 1, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Pa(?e Three milted to tile local linHpilal today, Mothers ! In treating children's colds, CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES HOSPITAL NEWS Mm. Oeorge Jardine of South Third street has been removed to her home from (he Coleman Hospital at Indianapolis She wan a patient there for several days for don't take chances . . use WICKS W VapoRub Marshall Hoatnuiii undcrwHiit an appendectomy at the Vermillion County honpital this morning. Mi-is petting along satisfactorily. Louis (iamlmianl of ( VaN-iiary underwent a major operation at the local hospital this tnornf im. IJ:I.l'm.VgcH?H;H,M.'H The Book of Job The author of the Book of Job is unknown. It has been Hid god thnt either Jehoiachim or Ilemen, writer of many of the Psalms, wrote the book, probably during the period of the raptivity, although the sctnes of the book are hiid in early times when "God talked with man," By many people, says tho Washington Star, it is held to be jti allegory showing Clod's provult-ntijil care over Israel, although He may design a trying purpose fur them. Birthday Party For Kay Ann Newlin Sun SOCIAL CALENDAR A dinner wan given ypsterduy In Imiior of thn first blrthdny annlver nry of Kay Ann Newlln at the home Kilnnr AhleiHoit of Kiiiinnuit un-d'-iueni ;i tonsillectomy at I lit local hospital today, lie I.- L"illtm alonr satisfactorily. Monday TONIGHT Junior Ill-Trl of christian clinch will inoul nl the home of Coll Mini lleniiis, Seventh mid llliicle man si reels, 7: . Ill p. m. of lii-r parents, Mr. and Mm. Harold Newlin. of South Fourth street. Thn pc u eat H were: Mr. and Mm. Mm. Harold (Inrish nnd baby )ji UK hi nr. Gaylii .loan, were taken to their home today al Knekvllle from the Vermillion f'ounly HoHpilal. Iloth mother and hahy are Kettluu hIiiiik fine. Mm. W. D. fierrlHh of South Fifth nlreol Ih upending thlH week at t he home of her hop, Harold (jerriah, and Mrs. (lerrlah. Will n rd rierry, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorue Anniversary Observed The 4!tlh birthday iinnlversury of Mrs. Stanley Johnson of near Hose-dale was observed yesterday al her home by severul relatives and her Immediate family. At noon a turkey dinner was served. (lui'sls attending were Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Alfred A. Junes. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reed and daughter, Miss Witndii, mid son. Herald, of wesi of the city, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Slrawser and children of Veeitersburtt, Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Allen and family of Covington. Mr. and Mrs. .losi.ih Jones and children and Mr. and Mrs. William .limes and family, all of Marshall. I lid. The al'ternoon was spent socially. Entertains Club Woman's Club will meet ul the M m. Itaymond N'olan of St, Her-nice wan released from tire local hospital to her home yesterday. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No mutter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, ciiest cold r bronchial Irritation, you can pet re-;ef now with Cieomulsion. Serious rouble mny be brewing and you can-ot afford to take a chance with any-'ling less than Creomulsion, which ifs viuht, to the seat of the trouble i :i!d nature to soothe and heal tho Ruined membranes as the germ-laden M'e'iin is loosened and expelled. f.vt'n tf other remedies havf failed, oM be di.-.rouraced, your druggist la Mlniie'l tn guarantee Creomulsion d to ri'f und your money If you are not tii tli d wiH. results from the very first le le. tic l Creomui.sion riuhtnow. Adv.) Set i: nit of llnrsrp'iwoi The term hoiyt'power v. a; uerl in the early Kightrenth century when the mofl.aiiK-al force of expanding steam in engines was replai ing the force of horses in hoisting und pumping in the British mines. The unit of horsepower was established by James Watt as the power of a strong London draught horse to do work during a short interval, and used by him to measure the power of his steam engines. The unit is 33,000 foot pounds per Ernest M unlock nl" Eugene was admitted to the Vermillion Conn:;-hospital this morning, lie bnd been Hilly Jumes. a patient nt the I'n-ion hnspitul at Terre lliiuie, is new able to be up in a wheel chair about mi hour each day. He Is getting along satisfactorily. scalded t,y hot water. 'innie of Mrs. A. I). Speiirs, Soiilh i-'oiirlh street, 2 p. m. Monday rirlilgn Club will hold a meeting ul the home of Mrs, (leorge iarver on South Main street, 2:110 ). m. Sunshlno Circle of the Presbyterl-ln Church will meet nt t tie home of Mrs. Samuel Nlshet, 820 South Fifth street, 7:30 p. m. Woman's Choral Society will meet with Mrs. K. W. Powell, South Main street, 7:.10 p. m, Mai-Null-. Mr. and Mm. C. C. Newlin Mr. and Mm. Claude h. Vlettl. Mr. and Mm. I.ynn Fisher and son, t.yn-mi li e. of Hnsi'dnle, Mr. and Mm. Hurry Lynch and Mm. Harold Neece of nrazll. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Strlngfellow of Vine street spent the weekend In Anderson as the guest of Mrs. Slrlngfellow's brother. John Ellis, and Mm. Ellin. While there they attended the President's Moll Saturday night at the Elk's Club. Miss Hazel Hnase,, chief operator nl the Indiana Bell Telephone Com-pimy. and Mrs. Mary Stlth have returned to work after being confined In their home with Illness. Walter Shannon, who underwent an appendectomy at the Vermillion county hospital nhoiit two weeks ago, was removed to bin home In Sandylown yesterday. Tuesday Bert. Lambert, who bus been a Pythian Sisters will hold a put luck supper at 6 p. m. at the hull Anita Mitchell of Falrview entertained the members of the Happy Hour Club at her home recently with Susie Lalchney as the assistant hostess. Following a isliort business session three tables of bunco were played with high score prize awarded to Virginia Morley; bunco, An Your Lucky Numbers The Kiibbaiists had several divine names for each planet. Each name had its number, according to a writer in Pearson's London Weekly. The highest spiritual numbers of each planet are Jupiter 138, Mars 325, Saturn 45. The Sun 111, Venus 49, Mercury 1252, the Moon 3321. Some astroluers believe it is lucky to wear the number of your planet. Washington Irving, Publisher The Salmagundi was the name of a periodical started by Washington Irving, his brother, and James K. Paulding in 1807. The object of the paper was to correct the town. The publishers became tired ol their venture before the subscribers did and iftilv 24 iiiltnlier -at-p (.'-iied patient at the local hnspilal for several weeks, was removed to bis home today. Visit Us In Our New Locations Campbell Bldg. 246 Soulh Main (FiM-ltlHrly Oerupii-il by Itiilstnn'm on Blackman street. Following Installation services will be conducted at 7:30 p. m. Home Missionary Society of the ita Mitchell, and low. Martha Aber- Odell Archer, Jr., who underwent an appendectomy nl the Methodist hospital in Cary about ten days ago, is Improving. Methodist Church will meet at the nathy. Refreshments were served. home of Mrs. 13. M, Mitchell. South Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haase of North Jndson spent Saturday night and Eighth street, 2:.10 p. m. Mrs. Wal Oilier members attending were Mary Catherine Elils.-Inez' Peperak, ler Jones will be the leader. Mile Sunday in Clinton visiting relatives. While here they visited Mr. Haase' Florence Jones. Virginia Hayes, Vir boxes will he opened at that time. mother. Mrs. Katheiine Haase of ginla Blewend. Martha Peiuk, An Hnrley Eugene und Clara A I ! Wilson of near .Mecca were admii ted to the Vermillion County ho.pit al Saturday. K( Iviniitor Refrigerators and Washers C.runow RCA I'liilco Radios ABC Thor Maytag Washers t-i' Huss Oil l,';ilit'.-s Alpha Club will entertain their husbands wilh a dinner at the home. WOMAN'S DREADED FORTIES DK, Pierte'i Favorite Prescription i a loiiic for women whirl) n Maxine Onley of Cayuga was nil-mitted to the local hospital t'nr treatment. She mislalned injuiie: to her hack when n truck ran into her. is if-mjiLiltly ettit it-lit al trip triliiji time ol I i I V Mrs Anna Kitfftr o: l ift Phillips Ave., Mi. Iii smoim mwos Radio's I lome" vit fcan i ny, Intl.. said: A i& v J few years ait I li.i-l N y hratijtlie. lis. Ut ile jiui an ail K"'? iVrluix. ul' "f In fntii tlonal (liMui tunics. I Jr. Pin a- mil ile I'ltM f tiitrii a limit' Mint- f i , n . j t.1 tt-ti my j)Ktitt- Jl.iJ I Wji gT'iil ii.inmnt. ' T.iU i-i.inil i & .1 Max Dale of Walnut street, who it Mm. Agnes Rae, South Fourth itreet, 7 p. m. Scout Mothers Club will hold regular meeting at home of Mrs. 1. H. Stevenson, South Third street, 2 p. m. F.lection of officers will be held. Fortnightly club will meet with Miss Grace O'Rourke, Walnut itreet, 8 p. m. Miss Agnes Mcfilnty will be the leader. Moose lodge to meet at hall on Blackman street at 7 p. m. flolden Star Club will meet Tuesday, 7:30 p. m., at the home of Mrs. John Kaster. Crompton Hill, North Third street and Mr. and Mrs. Oorge Wllhlte of Falrview. Mrs. Louise Whltcomh of Elm street Is now able to be out after being ill for the past ten days. Miss Frieda Voto has returned to her home on North Eighth street after attending a Hardware Convention at the Murat Temple at Indianapolis last week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Talhott of Mlackman street had as their weekend guests Mrs. II. D. Stickler and son, nobby, and Mrs. Sinnley Powell of Uvbana, 111. sustained lacerated lip in a mine toinette N'esiler. Plans were made to bold a Valentine party In Ihe near future al the home of Miss Petnk Willi Mary Catherine Kllis as the assistant hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reed o! North Main street bad as their Sim day dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reed and daughter, Miss Mary Kalherine of north of the cily. Miss Reed has returned to the St. Elizabeth hospital ot Lafayette where she Is a nurse. Mrs, Harry Hudlin and son Jackie, of Falrview who have been ill for Ihe past several weeks with illness are slowly improving. Mrs. Oeorge Wilhlte of Falrview accident about n week ni-o, was ml When ive say Chesterfields Wednesday Ladles Aid of CUristlau Church Will quilt at the home of Mrs. Pearl Cilenn Earles of near Dana today at the home of her Ben Harrison of South Main sears, Ulaokman street, z p. m. Is slowing recuperating nt her home Mrs. visited father, street. lilt J.fimvi wfi jwoiuir ify after being 111 for the paBt two Men's Bible Class of tho Church will meet in the of the church, 7 p. m. At that weeks with throat trouble. it means something. . . mW-M Miss Marynette White returned today at MacMurray College. Jacks Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor of South Main street Bpent Sunday with Mm. Taylor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson of Farmers- time Poy Scout Troop 6,1 and Mr. .Shatl uck's Class will he guests. Skipper Wilson of Terre Haute will be the speaker of the evening. onville, 111., after spending her mid- semester vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. White Jr., of burg. Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Connell South Main Street. Mrs. Carl Jeffries and daughter and son, Jimmy, of Brazil were Sun 7 I Deal Bridge Club will meet with Mrs. Charles Vogel, South Fourth street, 2 p. in. Wednesday Bridge club will meet wltb Mrs. L. B. Silverman on South Fourth street, 2:30 p. m. Thursday Woman's Foreign Missionary So- Louise, and son. Clarence, spent day dinner guests of Mrs. O'Con-nell's parents. Mr. and Mrs. James vesterdnv in Crawfordsville nt the home of Mr, and Mrs. Robert Wray Mr. Wray was chief, electrician on si I , 8X (f i!1 .'7" ft" i 1 - AV ti Mety of the Methodist Church will meet at the home of Mrs, Roy the new gymnasium. Miss Elizabeth Earles of Dana spent yesterday at the home of her South Main street. Staats. Walnut street, 2:30 p. m Mrs. Jessie Douglas will he the as-listant hostess. Furnishing society of the Presby yyiamtpcuatuAteL terian church will meet with Mrs. W. B. Nichols, 459 Blackman street. 2:30 p. m. Ragle lodge to meet at hall on South Main street at 7 p. m. American Legion Auxiliary will Saecialiiti. wharrnaic Snlinond of New Ooshen. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Egloff and children, Margaret, Barbara and Bobby, of Terre Haute and Frank Horberger of Fontanet were the guests yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. John Charles of Nebeker street. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Fugitt of South Fifth street spent yesterday in Aurora. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Louden or South of Clinton were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden of Centenary yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. George Sarver of South Main street had as their afternoon guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Priest of Linton and Mrs. Ida Kessler of Bloomfteld. ENTERTAIN WITH PARTY Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shew of west W- - - ' , 'lift VAV t S -4?n J fowtUA...X -r-fv. -v-.-::-' ;?ft-; $'.wkir hold a meeting at the Legion Home, South Third street, 8 p. m. Teachers, officers and their as for ECONOMY and sistants of the Christian Church will bold a meeting at the home of Henry Wellman, Mulberry Street. 7:30 p. m. . Ladies Missionary Society will SATISFACTION use "Double Tested DoubkAclion! Trip BAKING LlV POWDER Sime Met ToJiiyis45Ye4aAqt 25 ounce, for 254 i Full Pack No Slack Fillind hold a meeting at the home of Mrs C. M. White. South Muln street. Pocabuntas Lodge will meet nt the lodge ball on South Main street. or the city entertained with a party at their home Saturday night for J 7:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Alec Weir am hildreu, Donna Lee and -lainei -'arl, were the dinner guests yestei lay of Mr. and Mrs. Charlei. lonelily of South Fourth Kireti. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bonnmo ami Vtlss Dun lie short of Flint, Mich are spending a week at the home of Mrs. Bonomo's and Miss Short's The LOWEST POINT ! mji, . iikc line ' wines mother, Mrs. Nenia Short, of North Main street. Miss Lucille Sizemore of Terre where price and quality meet The new 1935 Model M Speed Queen, represents the " happiest medium" between low price und dependable (inality on the market today. Come in and see. THOUSANDS of casks of milil, ripe tobacco are stored away in these moilem Chesterfield warehouses, where for three long years they become milder and mellower. Ageing improves tobacco jitsl like it improves fine wine. Nothing else can take the place of mild, ripe tobacco. Nothing can take the place of three years of ageing if you want to make a cigarette that is milder and better-tasting. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge 8arver, Mr. mid Mrs. Wright Van nuyn and son Paul, and Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Vun Duyn. MEETING HEI.O The ministers of the Protestant i hurt-lies of the city held a business meeting this morning at the home of ftev. II. H. Wugner on Black man utreet. Mrs. Elizabeth Ellis of. Vine ureet spent yesterday In Terre llnute visiting ber mother, Mm. Mary James, and Billy James, her brother, at the Union Hospital. Mrs. Etta Frist and Don Frist of Blackman street left recently for New Mexico, where they plan to be gone for two weeks. Billy Houston of South Fourth Street, who has been ill for several weeks, is now able to be up. Miss Norelle Picket of Blackman street had as her guest yesterday Miss Mary Hill of Terre Haute. Harold Hope of South Fifth Street, employee of The Daily Clintonian, is III at his home with the flu. Haute spent yesterday at the home it her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sizemore, of Walnut street. Mr, and Mrs. Oeorge Phillips nl $3950 Brazil spent yesterday at the home f Mrs. Phillips' mother, Mrs. Ann Rohner, of Vine street. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pribhle of Mild, ripe home-grown and aromatic Turkish tobaccos . . . aged three years . . . make Chesterfield an outstanding cigarette . . . milder and better-tasting. Peoria spent yesterday here wilh relatives and friends. A. J. DOUGHTY Kit in it ure Floor Cover In ft a tut Kur-s i Quality First Prices Always Lowest 234-38 Elm Phone 361 Mrs. John A. Hnuser is HI at the Copyright Wi, l.iA.n Mints Toaic.iiCrt. home of her daughter, Mrs. Csrl D Williams of Falrview.

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