The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 24, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1922
Page 3
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TOE FAIR&OUNT NEWS ACADEMY GIVEN ROBINSONS CIRCL'S IN MARION THURSDAY BIG FOUR ISSUES REFERENCE BOOK Political Announcements HARD BATTLE It tcont be long before the bands will play, the "blood svneattingr behemoth cill grumble his grreetincrs to the people of Marion, for John Rob ins?ns circus comes to town on Thursday, April 27, comes on four trains on its ninety-eighth annual tour of the United States and Canada. And FOR CONGRESS Samuel E, Cooks, of Huntington County, Democratic candidate for Congressman in the eleventh district at the election two years aro. is a QtAKERS MANAGE TO WIN TRACK MEET FROM WABASH BT A SMALL MARGIN Triangular Affair at Rash Field Sat ueday Attended by Largre Crvtrd FOR SALE candidate for re-nomination, and asks INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY lUB LISHED TO HELP BUSINESS ON ROUTE OF ROAD Fifty Thousand Concerns Cla'sified With Valuable Information for Buyers and Shippers I .argeM Book of Kind Ever Published and DistrU bated Gratis. the decision of the Republican voters, at the primary election to be held om May 2. ' FOR SURVEYOR Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, au-thorizes the announcement of hia-. name as a Republican candidate for County Surveyor, Grant county, Indiana, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election of May 2, 1922. this year the oldest vrhite top ergyni fcation on arth rill ntiv h wtai. and Excellent Ueeerds are Made bx your support at the primary May 2, Milton Kraus authorizes the an tWinl. tv tt-..!""1 ,n us nr rmKs ana on us ttco Some like one kind of coal, Others like another kind; But they all like "Blue Jacket,' For sale only by C C Brown, LAW N PARK BROOD COOPS $&0 each. Kelley's j stages, to say nothing of the air and ba?h and Muff ton School? nouncement of his name as a ranrii. date for the nomination for congress the track, a performance that vrill please with bulk, its refreshing irom the Eleventh Indiana district. The triangular track and field meet ! Aimed to be a business-developer, j novelty and its spectacular features. held on Rush field Saturdar afternoon kt" . . .. A k - . . s (Via Vv- YVvvL- If--... 1 t U.. . i Price FOR SALE Marion fence, right, Oscar Loy & Son. proved to be one of the best of thejin rtJinff and c,oWn di?pUv$ xviU up!sued and are distributing gratis to school. The events were witnessed to it? foMw(. sUmimt aml tw mosl shippers the largest railroad refer-by a large stwrd. Although manaey Lnnuii n .i.. r.. v book of its kind ovor m.hlUfct i m . v v. . V U lOlK" XVIIVT t - ' v suojeci to me decision or the Republican Primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. FOR STATE SENATOR Alfred Hogs ton authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for state senator from Grant county in the Indiana General Assembly, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. Lloyd II. Kemmer authorizes the announcement of his name as a cm-diate for County Surveyor, subject to, the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, T'.f',:., FOR COMauSSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township. Grant county, announces his name for commissioner from the First District, subject to the Republican primary May 2nd. FOR SALE White Rock egRS for hatching, 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. ...v ..wv.Mumj, standard to be high, indeed. Former! contains me names or more mount academy squad had the hard-. faVxHte 5tat$ the rinproe Hod'1 individual concerns n its est battle of its existence, succeeding p,n5 NUie DiU. Irww Montgomerv, classified by commodities, in tcmnm over Wabash by the small Cwil Rwanda, Madame Bedini and localities and railed facilities, margin of 3 pomts. The academy Mis$ Hodgini will again be seen on I Th purpose in assembling, the di-marked up 4, while Wabash scored tne resin-backs, and several troupes rtory lists was to bring the various 44. Blufftxn. the third entrant.. c( riders abmad will be Intro J industrial and business activities into proved a hw thml, making only Sjduci uml?r the W(lt le top !" and intimate touch with points of the entire meet Marks of 'fo. the firsl Um The famcUS xet.jone aether for mutual benefits. The Wabash, who holds the state record tHx- r .... ! volume hfii-av9l r,f r3il,wrl Mrs. Culla J. Vayhinger authorizes the announcement of hername as a Leslie Mills of Pleasant Tnwnhin Voad in stock. FERTILIZER Car Kelley's. candidate for state senator, subiect to 9rant.count"". announces his candi- the decision of tho PoKlw. !ac'. for commissioner of the first mars- election to be held on Ma 2.lE ," ,hlherf"b", "ckV . . k . .. .. v-1 nviv.'nii. mivi n t uailf I --v,- - - ...... .- . . . . . i or me i-yam icw mmites, was tiw m ..., amrtM , andiwas nd to aid shippers in direct- 1922. FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream station. May 2nd. . Afc 111 V Will VI II star pei termer of the meet, carrying act9 aml lnat fcnnounwmtnt inling their traffic and new enterprises in aay zv ri tne points made ty tnefit,f wwms rvtl ything to lovers of .locating their plants most advantage- n . a . . . . . h arasn ipsm. .MarrpTr, nis team ously. , ......... ii if, i fpuuH viiennrs. mate was next individual high point- As has tn John R . The Volume has 1000 pages, includ- hX)R SALr Eggs for hatching. Fishel's Direct, $1.50 for 15. Mrs. P. Roberts. rr Trim iz amt HnoKsmre, rairmount in,on WmM t tmvn with evervthinCM? 20 pecially-ilrawn maps, one 20x star runner, Was just behind with 11. H ... , u . ' . hwin in roU,r th tniir Second District. James E. Devore, of Sims township,, authorizes the announcement of his nam. as a candidate for Commissionerv from the second district, subject to-the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held May 2, 1922.. FOR TRUSTEE Orville W'ells authorizes the an The Fairmount academy reiav team t .. .. v . k-. v-.i. .,..., i .w.. FOR COUNTY CLERK Lafe H. Ribble, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the annrumement of his nanu as a tan-didaie for nomination for County Clerk, subject to the decision of thr Republican primary election to be helt on May 2, 1922. - - .sij irue on mis tour, lor ine snow tSI"" '"' win, ,nvi vmvis FDR SALE Rural New York seed potatoes. Phone 213 Black, 2 rings. won the relax- in 2 minutes and 49 j0 j charting the existing railroad term- j new fim the opening pageantry twx inai lacutties 01 tne Dig cities. r;.r ; L.:. :LV:rrfc;' : "7 .hariot races, with nearly WANTED There are more than 400 halftone illustrations. The book rsives facts . tr t ' i hundred more people than ever before Knee of Wabash and Haislev of Fair-' , . , . , i taking part m the performances. A mount each wvn first places. j , , . . , . WANTED House cleaning to do. Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist and figures useful to business menj Summary i nouncement of his name as a. candidate for renomination for Trustee of Fairmount township subject to the decision of the Republican primary i election to be held May 2, 1922.. covering the wWole territory served railroad rolling stock. I mill. W. P. VanArsdall authorizes th The tirade this season is said to be V' inr a v-vv IIII IV V'l a 'l IV VVH" Fairmount Academy Wabash high school BluflTtvn high school 44 BiuiuuinTinrni 01 nis name as a can LOST nothing short of an animated open air j tral lin? which enter twelve states , production, for huge sums of money jahd two busiest provinces of I didate for the nomination for County j 1 Clerk, subject to the decision of the j Joseph A. Holloway authorizes the LOST A new side curtain for a Ford ! between Arademv and Eighth . .r . .: and the conceptions of a staff f Canada. . m,. muv .niiiij, 1'in.uuu io ue i announcement oi nis name as a can- u abash, w; Marrow, abash, 12;' . , . , , . . . 7 , . . A . . .. specialists have gone into this "ten! Communities held May 2, 1922, along the lines are i didate for Trustee of Fairmount . . l , , r, . pictured with special ana n,ra na sycamore. uiwKMure, ran mount .raatnv. 11, .... ., . ... ... i .l-,.-.v.ill .l ... . . blocks longer piwcession, which will described and antages they offer for : r ,nar rflurn t0 in'8 mce- .:. . ,.. ' inaugurate the colorful activities f : reference to adv e hundrcl pages are rns f. oTf,t vA..,i k , V 1 1 V U Utl V ijjmvv mi Events FOR SHERIFF ! ovvnsn'P subject tio the decision of Jacob C Campbell authorizes the tn? voters at the Republican Primary-announcement of his name as a can- election to be held May 2, 1922. didate for the nomination for sheriff, s'.ibjcct to the decision of the Repub- David G. Lewis authorizes the an lican primary election to be held on nouncement of his lumu as a canui- devoted to the classified, indexed , . , 0 . ... . vii . lont ng to Mrs. Mary Spears Fri- , lists of manufacturers, wholesalers,! , . . , ... . . . j day afternoon. Return to 224 East I jobbers, contractors, retail merchants, I ... . . , First sttrmef. 100 yanl dash Marks, Wabash, first; Brwkshire. Fairmount. second; Gaith-r, Fairmount, thirxl. Time, 10 3-5 MRS MARTHA STCRltS to SPEAK FOR RKVKRIDK. r.. m-. - o. v gfain Kvators, electric light and Mrs. Martha Stubbs of Indianapolis, . . , . . . , I May 2, 1922, ! date for nomination for trustee of eevnds. AGENTS WANTED if rfwkhJr nVuV , T TST.r. agricultural pioducers. Stork Olberg Rluffton; Uttle, Fairmount. Wnesday evening April 26 to the fc Time to scends. J Ud, o Fairmount -nd vicinity n ! Fairmount township, subject to the FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR (decision of the Democratic primary John W. Pittencrer, of Center town- j election to be held May 2, 1922. ship, authorizes the announcement of ! AGENTS WANTED $100.00 weekly possible through our exclusive repre sentative plan. Fastest selling Ford j his name as a candidate for the nom- kindred business . k ... I . . , . , , ' , , i mntercial and er, Fairmount? Colberg, Bluff ton. Time tng the principles as advocateil ',j4..intl wjti. mat ion for County Assessor, subject the name, of accessory on market. "Masco Splash 5. seconds. ienaW Albert J. Beverutoe. Dnt ... , Fender for front of For.1 rap limin. O.t... t It. .... n ... .. .. . -, ...,. I I ICMlMMOIWav.'J Shot Put Knee, Wabasii Marrow, Jfail to come. Yabashi Gettle, BIuffbn. SS feet, 1 ! Signed: COMMITTEE, $nch. ; inv.r j'ns '.i ,vr n'latir' r,u - - - ! number f nember, as wrll s all at rattling of front fenders, pre-!ankinp institutions located on t.u venta radiator, lights and front of car New WW Central system, are a - becoming mud splashed, induces great-Ipbabetioally listed. Every raiWud r volume air into radiator, reflect Utation ot bc system, with its eomw. damp's rays onto road in night driv- ......... w..i:c t ; j j Half Mile Haislev, Fairmount',) HELP THE OLD FOLKS Lewis, Fairmount; McCombs, Wabash, j 1 Time. 2 minutes, 14 3-5 seconds. A Helping Hand Extended to Many uons. i listvd aipnateticauy. togctsi l'VHU"" 5 " puiung with uivtodate lists of railtoad Frd car m higher priced class. The e Ford ear, being the only car without to tht decision or the Republican o-insry election to le held on May 2. 1922. FOR AUDITOR ' Earl (Toby) E. Rugher authorizes the announcement of his name as a ; candidate for nomination for County j Auditor subject to the decision of the i Republican Primary election to be j held on May 2, 1922. David E. Harris authorizes the j announcement of his name as a can- j didate for the nomination for County ! Auditor subject to the decision of the-Republican primary election to be ' held on May 2, 1922. j Frank Simmons. Jr., authorizes the ' announcement of his name as a can-! officers in charge at all points. Articles by experts deal with the : splash pan protection, every owner best packing methods and avoidance wants this essential attachment. Any- Old People in Fairmount The infirmities of ape are many. Most old people have a bad back. The kidneys are often weak. Or worn oul with years of work. Packathe means days (of misery, Mile Haisley, Fairmount; Lewis, Fairmount; Kimes, Bluffton. Time, 4 minutes, 5T 3-5 seconds. 120 yard high hurdles Marks, Wa Vvash; Garner, Wabash; Harsharger, Fairmount. Time, IT 15 seconds. Pole Vault Cecil. Fairmount; Mr row, Wabash; WYds, Fairmount. 10 feel, 5 inches. Of loss and damage to height. " ienaer m lew minora, A feature article by Charles Fred- Retail $6.50. Send $4.00 for agent's erick Carter, the noted writer on rail- sample and contract application for road tunics, irives in tabloid form near territorial rights. Give references. For Sale By Kelly & Son -:- PHONE 275 -:- Urinary troubles, nights of unrest. low himlles Marks. Walashl tVnKidnv- PilN bav blt t lhe frtnt of bHk the stent of the Mayer Auto Acccsries Corporation. IXvins Kidne Pills haxe helped to service5 Manufacturers, 333-335 Washington ke life easier for many, jnjy.cwi r"P"-. "r,,cie,. , VT - Rrookshir, rairmount; darner, a-; M, ..t .i tu AMUt!Su Buffalo. N. Y. didate for County Auditor, subject to' -iH$H4A I hev aro tiomi? so for oirl anl voting x,.v.. ..... bash. 8 seconds. t. ' , i ' - and financial requirements f thei Fairmount this. Hic:h Jump Knee. Wabash; Mar! people are learning jNtw York Central system. a a v a. a t 2 inches. Rad the following local endorse- h"T. tan l0 xmnJ the " 1 ,nv"v- ,..,., office f this newspaper, and requests Broad Jump-Marks. Vsh; LU' ment WMmftr. ! for copies f it miy be sent direct to tie, Fairmount; Gettle Bluffton. 21 f KHen Green, ,10 N. Sycamore S.. irtmMl( vw vrV- I says: "I had attacks or kidney and :"" :;'"";"r ' ; ' fert -l inch. Join Our Battery Life Extension Institute for s Central Lines. Grand Central Termin- $1090 In the rclv -cnt Fairmount Acad-j bladder trouble and felt dull and run;j emv toam had two teams entered, thelowtv My Kidneys acted irregular- ;a c York. rather schools, one each. The winning jb? ' used Doans Kidney Pills from yOU CANT RUR AN ADVER. Fairmount team was Brookshire, ! Edwards Drug Store and they have TISKMKNT IN THIS PAPER. THE Wovl, Smith, Ltttle. Walvsh got never failed to give we telief from NEWS IS READ THROUGH. second place in this event with Selv-( these attacks and to regulate my kid- READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN neys. POe. at all dealer. Don't Price other Fairmount team was third with Gaither, Harshbarpcr, Lewis, Haisley. simply ask for a kidney remedy sret PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS. Doans Kidney Pills the same v Mrs. Green had. Foster-Milburn Co., I ' ' Time, 2 minutes, 49 seconds. Crowd 1000. Mfrs Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. That's our trade-in price for a 6-voIt Prest-O-Lite Battery for popular makes of light cars. We have types for heavier cars priced correspondingly low. When you get a Prest-O-Lite Battery, you have joined our Life Extension Institute for Batteries. You have started right with a Prest-O-Lite, and Prest-O-Lite Service will prolong the life of your battery. Prest - O - Lite Batteries live looser, nd die slower than any other make. It's their backbone of famous Prest-O-Plates that makes them live to a ripe old age. The plates that do not forgo porosity, to obtain hardness. Plates with ready power in winter, combined with great, non-buckling, heat-resisting strength in summer. That's why 87 leading manufacturers specify Prest-O-Lite Batteries as original equipment, and "the list is growing." How is your battery pulse? If it is low and weak, let our experts diagnose its trouble, no matter whatLmake of battery. Our friendly advice and attention will put it in shape if it can be done, and we never tell you that you need a new battery until you do. Come around and enroll your battery in the Life Extension Institute of the oldest organized service to motorists VOTE FOR Were you out-of-town yeaterday? Call Main 265 and tell them about it. ' NOTICE OF THE ELECTION OF TRUSTEES Notice is hereby given that on the third day of May, ninteen hundred twenty-twp, at eight-thirty o'clock P. M. the Fairmount Baptist Church of Fairmount, lindiana, will elect two Trustees, one to serve two years and one to serve three years. ETHEL COAHRAN, Church Clerk. Done by order of the church at a business meeting held April 19, 1922. X I B. L. ALLRED, Distributor, Fairmount, Ind. MONEY TALKS RIG IN FINK WALLINGFORD PLAY Cash Come in Shoals in Crooks in Strong Picture, Get-Rich-qick Wallingferd That money talks we all know, but that it comes in bunches when J. Rufus Wallingford begins to talk about it, is demonstrated in the Cos-nvpolitan production for Paramount of "Get-Rieh-Quick Wallingfortl, a screen version of the popular play by George M. Cohran which comes to the Royal Theatre Thursday and Friday. How J. Rufus Wallingford and his associate in bunoxmbe, "Blackie Daw, make a fortune for themselves and the residents cf the ne-horse town of Battlesburg. is an enthralling story which is well adapted for the screen. r9 OLDEST SERVICE TO MOTORISTS .0 The details of their scheme present j enough complications to make the picture interesting from first to last, and Pull op whera you M this sign it is filled with amusing) surprises for the audience and the two adventurers. The featured players are Sam Hardy, Norman Kerry, Doris Kenyon ami Diara Allen. The production is massive and of a high order at tiyea Tested, Glasses Fitted hy JState Registered OPTOMETKISTS Dr. C. C FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS JUDGE SAMUEL E. COOK OP HUNTINGTON CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESSMAN for the Elerenth District on the Democratic ticket at the primary election to be held May 2, 1922 Headquarters forPrest-TT O-Lite's special battery II IL for radio purposes J! F. II, S, ALUMNI There will be a meeting the F. Exclusively Optical It, S. Alumni, Tuesday evening, April 25, at 7:45. All arc requested to be Sovtlt Side Sqaare Marion present. j

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