The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 30, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 5
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PACE FlW the Daily Clintonlan, Clinton, Indiana Saturday, January 30, 1937 I.I ER PRAItS row's desk on 4 -nd For Instance: Lim (iebrlg wants been offered :!1.U"0. ROSS IS STILL THE CHAMPION Jan. :in. - Livestock : IIICAGO. RUPPERT GETS LOUD PROTESTS ON CONTRACTS One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh RUNNING ABILITY OF LATFST FOE GET SWEEP. IN GAMES FRIDAY for NKW YORK. Jan. 30 Like Markets I'HM'.MiO. Jan. :tn (iiiillniii. slrenglb at I. inn pool lul lueiici il l furl her :!lo 'u'' r,e In l I lu lul"! here today (oin down lo '..c up anil ouis 1 p. W1IFAT .May I 27 " : Jul III '', ; Sept. U',.. CIIIIN New May 1 " i 'i -T, Julv I mm -lnl : Si-pl -in 'a -!" Yankees Don't Like Offers New Season, Especially Gomei; Lou Seeks $35,000 Firemen, Lettermen Go Down in Defeat Before Siege Guru of Leltermen; Last Tilt Is Close soinelhUm lurlivo, Hnoukiim Inline In tilt, night, voiiiiw Ihn Informal ion Ibis illuming that ll"h Pastor, the old lllun from N. Y. I'., stayed Ion IIOGH. 3 noil; stonily: holdovers. 1 nun; mil. IM; bulk. .rm He O.or. : hcavv 0 so ifi 0 on : medium. $0 00 lii-ll.O.',; liglil. HI 7011 HI. M0; llsbl IlKhU. 251 ''.i5; packing ". JS.MMIIl II. Ill ; pICH, 7 HO till. 50. CATTI.I1!. 300: teadv. rnlven. 11111; steadv llei f sleel's: good and choice. t in no If I 4 25 . common and medium. $'l f u f i !i !, earllnmi iH flfliil 14 25. Illllrhcr ialll." helror, f .'i 50(1 12 "0- cow. $4 H5 ltl'7 7.-i; hllllx. I a M U 11' 7 "II ; clllvei. $K. OMIl 1 1.511; feetli.r sleers. Ill II" !il 8.75: Hlorkei r 5.n0': slocker cos and heifers. llniKc li.00. KIII'M'M'. :!iioii: stonily: medium H lid choice lambs. I II. Mil fl I 0 35 ; culls and coiiinnill. $7.0lllJi !I.5M: vearliiiRs. .?K.5ii'rii!l.:i5: common and choice cues, t3.0iifei.7S; feeder laniiia. t-S.i0fe9.60 DKTIUHT, Jan. . 30-Unrncy toss, world, , wcllcrwciKhl cliiiiniilon. -h still jilt.' I'liu mailer or Ills, class loday ufler easily nuluoinliuif M Mil Hired u, Pacific entml rival. In ijiclr , 1(1 round uou-lllle bout l.-u.t nlghl. . .. , . Iticni floored Manfri 'ln lv. in' during! Ihn luolri'. once in l ie thud wlih a left, rlr.lil and loft hiiU again in the oliihth by eroding up IiIo.wj In Ihn same way. Heferen Slim MrCI' I-IhiiiI gave Unas, neven rounds, and Maiifredn throe. Ah'Mil T.nuu runs paid 12.82l see Ihn fight. niarklim promoter Jack. Kerns' first promotional venture to revive boxing hurt. Kcains, forme nianagor -f J.iclt Dempsey, had expected a $20,000 gate. i in .la rounds wllh Joe Louis bctore iio.uiio Tin! "C" dull ecorcil liunkul linll Ln"- S'' Pastor Belongs to Olyr-ir Team. Announces e Wo'ilrl L;k to Fircht Altain NKW YOUK, Jan. 30. -Joe l.oul" bud but one expression lo offer today. Plainly, he had been disappointed il failinc to tac gallant Dob Pastor, who came throiiRh 10 rounds with the Bomber without a scratch In disturbed iuiiI clislrull because thev I OATS May !,; July t:i', ; KWI'I'D ill ( 111: lorill S.VllHIilHllllll IudI Sept. 4 1 li-is. had paid $18.30 to gel iulo a prize light and remained lo witness a foot race. It was that bad. iiiKhl lii'fnro u howling, partition crnwil of 1.GU0 rjeraons who enjoyed It was so had, In fact, thai Iho next contest suggesled is Joe l-ouis against (ilenn Cunningham to see n revniii'iou: and ,a ait sections of t'nl. Itiiiii-rl 's baseball domain. What was a niiilteriu;: of dial islncllon has become wllliin the last 21 hours a howl of jiri.tent. Lou tieiirig here in New York. Lefty tioiuez. in llenniiila; Joe Hi Maggio, in San Francisco; Jake Powell In Washington: Vilo Tamulls. in Huston, and fieorge Selkirk, in Rochester oil are up in arms, or at least knee-deep in expletives against the salary terms the colonel would impose upon them for the new sea- i Madison Square flnrden last nlRht. tho latter can be cauRht before he runs a mile or something swifter and more diverting between Louis INDIANAPOI.IS, Jan. 30. Llve-sloi k : I1O0M l.ano. Holdovers in. l.V Sac hither. UiM-Hii lbs. 1 K.ti ft 10.25:2511-300 lbs. 1 0. 1 n fc 1 u. I "i :iimi-:iii0 lbs. $!i.iiui'n.oo; :i!io-4of. lbs. J'.I.Mt; lin-lllil His. $'i.".H'ii 10.00.: liio-lio His. $X.. 10-0.25; sows 0.00 iff 11.40. ( ATTI.K- 2.i. ralves 2.1; compared with lust week, fileers inosllt 25-50c lower. Heifers 5o-7f)C low or. Steer lop J 13.75. Heifers $8.75 Vealprs steady. BHKtiP. 25. La ih It market nomlit. and Jesse Owens at a hundred yards. Anything could he belter than what didn't happen ut tho First Turrrpike Act The first turnpike act, permitting a nrivnlp eoinnanv to construct a Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor X-rsy Service, t'nlnter (Irsilusle. . WSJ Jllacknian Street I hi' whole performance, good anu hull. Tho Volunteer Flroraen wore oitlclasHcd In the opener, which the Chili's H learn raptured by a 15 to i; niarsln, but the feature tilt was a close battle all the way throuKh the Inltermon llnally whipped the Clinton liiRh school faculty by seven points. 41 to 34. iflfiFl With a gate far exceeding cxpee-liitions, tho evcniiiB was a financial and artistic success. The spectators went home happy, and an electric Fcorcbpar.d adorned the, wall. The twrw games were arranged to raise money for the new board. Stutcvlllo SUirs its arden Inst night. road and charge the public for use, was passed In F.' '"' It was. all too unfortunately, a son. sit-down strike by what . bad been expected to be a sland-np prize fighter. Pastor heard Urn opening bell last night and ran like a thief for the rest of the evening. Mr. I.cfty Veils The most vehement denunciation Is carried over the rolling Atlantic by the voice of Lefty Gomez. "He couldn't have meant me," Lefty squawked in reference to the colonel's new contract. "Why. il offers me a bat boy's salary." James J. Johnson, the promoter and rent Wildcat live, was officinl leader of yells, and he performed in a "nmmeiidalile fashion. The tone of the cheering showed that the family, for some reason, was the favorite of the fans. Summaries: j Clul. (I.-.) FO FT PF Clollcll f 2 1 2 TONIGHT A IT F H S IHI "Mali Roodncss. it was like tryniR: to hit a bird in full flicht- That man Pastor doan hclonR In the ring he belongs In the Olympic paroeo. lie's the greatest runnuh In the world and ahm goins to tell It to Jesse Owens the next time I see him. Next time 1 tight him I want nuthin' but a fo' foot ring." Pastor, who did retreat and lived to tell the tale, said that he would sign today for a 15-round bout with Joe. providing that they fought with bare hands inside their gloves. Louis' hands last night were heavily handaRed. The story Is that folks came to ee llttlo Pastor annihilated. He uished like a whirlwind, smacking foe something pretty. He wanted o tear in for a knockout but the oard of "master minds" back of 'ilm said "No!" as such a board said to Jim Corbett when he was wearing down John L. Sullivan. Pastor, supposed to be a plodding non-thinker, outwitted the great Louis. Louis claimed afterward , that Pastor thumbed his eyes as he flicked leffs into Joe's face as the Homber attacked. Joe said he wanted to fight that "flying bird" again. Ho was asked if the booing after he fight bothered him. at- manager, thought it was all right. He was around the ringside during the seventh round, openly gloating that his man, Pastor, was about to go the distance with the supposed one-punch killer. The result was one of the worst prise fights seen In New York within recent years. For the first two minutes, neither man led a punch and. after that, the affair settled down to a six-day bicycle race. Amplifying that staicmcnt. Lei;.1 said his wife had called via the teh phone from New York to say thai the new contract stipulates a $7..1mii salary. LaBt year Gomez, workinc. out the second half of a two-year contract, received a $20.(100 stipend. Most of the other, malcontents have declined permission for public "quotes," but sizzling letters of protest have already reached Ed I'.u- GENEVA TAVERN 1 mile west of Fairview MUSIC BEER DANCING Hoppe yesterday. Schaefer won bo'h afternoon and evening blocks to ako a lead of 2,000 to 1.540. - - Clinton's rarslty hardwood mentor, "Slim" Stutevllle almost, but not quite beat the "C" club A team single-handedly scoring seven field goals and ten free throws for a total of 24. points. Unfortunately for the teachers, the rest of the troupe wore not so accurate. Paced by Jim Tate, who knocked over 13 points, the lettermen were 1 nlhe driver's seat pretty much of the time, but they never looked safe, and held only a three point lead with three minutes to play In the last quarter'. Chambers, Brown and Hope also did some timely sharp-shooting for the winners. Popular Opener The iirst encounter or the evening drew a lot of laughs, as the members of both teams were playing the style of basketball known as "every man for himself." Bill Vinco took high scoring honors for the victorious lettermen. who displayed considerably more accuracy than their opponents. The inability of the smoke-eaters to find the basket is best Illustrated by pointing out that their high man for the evening, Tony Fe-noslio, scored three points. "Moose" "Phillips, erstwhile C. 11. K. srid star and member of the cur- Mfier. f 1 0 J Jenkins, e ...10 2 ".oldner. E n n 0 i.vcell. k 0 0 0 Vinco. p 3 J Totals j T 15 Hrr-men ((I) FO FT I'K cheek. f 1 " ' flunlap., f n n 0 FenoRlio. c 1 t 0 'luerri. r 0 " 0 Kendall, n 0 1 0 Johnson, ii 0 0 1 ftroves. fi 0 0 2- Monship. g 0-0 0 Tolals 2 2 1 Referee lioyil. " flub (II) FO FT PF 'ii.notti. I 0 2 2 Tate, f 6 1 3 Ttrown. c 4 2 4 Hope. B . . 3 2 3 "hnmhers. c 2 0 2 Milani, K 1 0 1 Shannon, g 1 0 1 Totals IT 716 I'liiuHv ;)l) Ft! FT PF 'lorrford. f 0 2 0 l.ahti. f 1 1 2 Sluteville. c 7 10 2 ftoswell. c 1 1' 1 Itceder. r 0 2 1 Jenkins, k 0 0 0 Tuck, g 0 0 0 Tolals 9 16 6 Referee Floyd. " "" ' Dance Tonight DREAMLAND BALL ROOM "If they were booing mo It was no dice. Ah was trying every second. Let 'em boo so long as dey doan come Into the ring to do it." SPECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT Music by the Provence String Band FISH FRY AND CHICKEN DINNERS Every Friday and Saturday lee Cold Beer Honeymoon Cafe SCHAEFER HOLDS BIG LEAD TODAY Music by Dreamland All-Stars Dancing 8:30 to 12 CHICAGO, Jan. 30 Willie Hop Ladies 10c ( jfiillt'inen 2 3c ne had a handicap of almost 500 FLOOD BENEFIT DANCE SUNDAY Adm. 25c per Person Kve v C'lil Will Go to Aid Floo I Sufferer"! Come, Do Your Part! billiards to overcome today as be and Jake Schaefer concluded their 2. COO point match for the world's '8 2 halkline championship. Despite a run of (IS billiards hr Clinton. 4 111 I N. 7th St. SECAR By E. C Starring Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE 1 I OF COURSE, V M I W00 O10N T TOUCH THE TEA IS REAOV, 7 I DIDN'T. HrG6V. I SUJEET. AHO THE MA6K FL0TE, FISH FRY STEVE'S TAVERN Jacksonville SATURDAY r BEER 5c and 10c Sandwiches of All Kinds. Steve Giordano, Prop. GO TO SUtP POPPA-) I'LL PR0TECH. VA-rr FROM ALL THE "Tm. WpIot'1E0T IOE SHALL. DRINK. DID VOO, WELLINGTON? TO OOR LOVE r "VP?. f f DANCING o z o X Dor man's Tavern Good Orchestra . Yotr Favorite Beer , On Tap Wines Liquors .. - Mixed Drinks By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER DOM'T TAKE IT TO I'M AvaruL omtv FBrt VMHAT'S THE' WAV IMC feBEW ACTImJJ HEAfi-T SO, MAC, Ivou've ear MOTHSt MOTHEft TO THIS CETTER HER.C OKI m CHAD NAIHEM HE FAIMT- -TUST ONE TMIWS HOE.B,MV Vka.Liw6 TILUB 1 CN5 vtOU SO MUCH THAT I CAN'T BEAK. THB THOUaHT OP VtJU esiBX. CBTTTINff M AEXilEO, BS CAUSE I KWCMl THAT THEI2-B ISWT A MVM IM THVS VOOOU5 SOOD EMOOSH FOR TOO My FOMOC5T hope is, that i cam See vou, kovj that vou HAVJE SeOVON TO VUOMAMHOOD, BUT THAT DE - TILLIE l OVJESS ftJuR. PATHSri'S R.K3HT WHCVJ HE "SAVS "THEME ISM'T A MAM (SOOD EMOUfjH ED r10U CAM LOOK. AT IT, MAC. VAIHIUB I TAKE THIS CLASS OF - TIL.I-IE i FOB. -(130 A.TS TO MOTHgtZ. J PEMDS OM TOVJTt MOTHEll (MUST SAV QOOO- Rtye mow, SO BE" a Gdoo (Sift i-. DANCE AND FISH FRY r.Ipnte Carlo Cafe 1301 North Seventh Street LEER WINES Music by Herb Hedges Orchestra vourt l-ovimS J1 NTi DCj ir'ff &m (TIM TOMSS) Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN 3eanwhile T UKinfj VOl I &DF EVTREMELV FOND CNJD VOU fEL ' ri.,i- rrAB TO VOL) A6AIN '. I OF BABS, DAK AND SHE IS OF VOU" THAT WITH VOUP JOB BEINQ WHAT PLACE I THINK IT WOULD BE A VERY HAPPY ARRANGEMENT IF VOL) WOULD ADOPT HER h& VOL) KNUW 1". riwi-it t-r,. - ., , ,r DkCI Kl IT - ' ' IT IS, VOU WON'T BE ABLE OFFICER TJ l-itht Ds-r, w BETWEEN WOLF. 'AND MVSELF, WE . STOPPED "ZAN IDEA JUST V a STRUCK ME '' 5UPPOSIN' THEY I A.W, HCW 1 I FOUND OUT WE'D COUL0 g ADOPTED BB5 THEV, W AND SKIPPED?? MATILDA, ? A EVESYTHIN3S r . , r BEENi KEPT ' " BETWEEN VOU, I FEEL SURE TO GIVE HER TWF PROPER a tVLKt I itirNV3 vvuuku wuni i . MEFnETHE M2&??ISlCE k ATTEWTIOM ?y OF THE LI I ILC -'oikl-3 . IT'S A FIT PL.Al.fc. rvj oaj, rOAl ILUA AND MORTIMER, ARMED WITH THE ADOPTION PAPERS WHICH MAKE BABS LEGALLY THEIRS, CONTINUE TO WAIT FOR HER RETURN . I iilAJ II " 1 . Universal, Indiana HalfannHalC DANCE Plenty of Cold Beer FISH FRY EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Eycrybody Welcome

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