The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 24, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 24, 1922
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1 E FAIBMOIIMT NEW i FRIXTEO FOR A PURPOSE TO H ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. . SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fiflh Year FAIRMOUNT. INDIANA, MONDAY APRIL 24. 1222 Number 41 Beveridge Talks RUTH COVALT CONVENTION HELD AT JONESB0R0 DGAR L MORPHET LEFT F. il. S. FRIDAY Small Lad Hurt Under Wagon Donald Jumper, Aped 7, Suffers Severe Injuries When Thrown From Overturned Vehicle PRIMARY CONTEST REARING THE END CANDIDATES PUTTING IN HARDEST LICKS DURING LAST WEEK OF CAMPAIGN WINS CONTEST MISS COVALT AND MISS LEWIS WINNERS IN DECLAMATORY AND ORATORICAL EVENTS Milton Jefferies and Wilbur Hoskins Have Second Places All Four to Represent Fairmount Academy at Dual Event to be Held at Vermillion Grove, III. Miss Ruth Covalt has won for her- self honors galore, having contested To Large Crowd Candidate for U. S. Senate Greeted by Fine Audience at His Meeting In Marion Albert J. Beveridge, candidate for the U. S. senate against Harry S. New, spoke in Civic Hall, Marion, Saturday night. Mr. Beveridge was gireeted with a good sized audience that well filled the main floor of the hall. He was introduced by attorney G. A. Henrv and nroeeeded at once to iaunch a severe talk against what he termed was an attemnt in Grant eoun- ' tod he said, "thev are still talking TWO DAYS SESSION OF GRANT COUNTY SUNDAY SCHOOLS BEGINNING APRIL 27 Program Includes Talks by Prominent Workers Conferences and Excellent Musical Numbers Relay Race on Jonesboro High School Track a Feature. On Sunday afternoon the Fairmount township Sunday school convention was held in the Friends church. Re- of the township attended and it was . notict,ab!e that the Sundav ; Ht of manifest , th w ,the mertJn- The pro. townships have holding their conv entions for the past two or three weeks. These are the her way right thnough four successive ty to defeat him because he had sup-declamatory events. In the declama-' ported the progressive ticket, "I am Takey Withdraws From Republican CVntest foe Sheriff His Withdraw al Coming as a Surprise Ribble and Connelly Making Hard Clerkship. light for Tfc K.t . f n.-:dte seekir.r to serve the people of Grant county as their servants in public office today began their round-up what nas proven to be one of the liveliest ar.d I hardest campaigns priding a Pri- J mary elects in Grant county. in ; nearly every instance there are two or j true all alor.g the line frcm township ' ... . , iuvjit: v.... 1.1 ii.r .r.v v f v;,u i k office for wh:ch nomination is to w . , ... M , Kscft. c-oth on tr.e Ktrii" uean ikkci t-o rw- ticket this beirr,?h,rt J tory and oratorical contest which was held Friday night in the Friends ' in terms of stand patters and progres-church. Miss Covalt again came off siva in Grant Countv" He declared victorious, while Miss Zella Lewis was ; that the impression was out in cer-awarded the honors in the oratorical tain circies "that they must not vpte ... .... ,cram prepares it me lownsnip presw- ermil- or anv man who fought under Roose-and 5 Velt," He devoted considerable of his fiw attempted to turn ine wam - - - icontest, l hese two will go to i . , - cnt, Miss Dorothv Luther, and pub- , . around and m doing so had made too ..... , , thon Grove. 111., academy May 4 . . . . lithwi ,n former in f Th its J J turn the locking of . 'j where they will represent to state office. The result is that the' u ballot the voter will be handed when li - v...., he enters the poling place on Taes- j Jumper lad xvas thnxvn under the dav moming of next week will W anW.s and draggr.1 for several feet exceptionally long cr.e. fright and start- prelude to the annual Grant County I .1. v7nnrs 01 secona Vce-imon aRainst all bloc or class legisla. Sundav school convention which will !f;fff ,es .m dtory and W ilbur tion but favored many measures be held at Jonesboro in a two days' j Hoskins in oratorical. iwhich were for the welfare of the session beginning Thursday, April 27. ' The ""rtds church was filled to masses. He said the people of In-This promises to be one of the most the rs Friday night to witness the diana in nominating a senator should enthusiastic meetings ever held in preliminaries to the annual inter- eonsider the candidate's fitness to Grant county and it is expect ed that i academy meet which is held at Vermil- handle the tremendous questions not less than four delegates will at- ; lion Grove, III., and at this meeting, which were now facing the country, tend from each Sunday school in not on,y th? talent of its speakers Preceeding Mr. Beveridge, Archibald Fairmount township, while quite a,xvl!I represent the schools, there will number from the various churches in fbe athletic events in which there will Fairmount and Fowlerton will be ; le a track and field meet, baseball and present during the session. j tornis;- t is understood that the re- Some excellent features are includ- ?ular track team will represent the od in the program, talks by prominent 1 academy and there will also be some t:me to Senator New's record in the cenate and declared that if nominated he VT)uld not have to , on the rec. ord of hls opponent, lie declared ne Hall of Indianapolis spoke, criticiz- ;ng the large sums of money which he asserted were being expended by Senator New and defended the Ameri- canism f Mr. Beveridge in vigorous language. F. H. S. Typists Contest AtMuncie Vnie v0 Winners Among Fairmount Students Phyllis Cooper Writes 1,003 Words in 15 Minutes Representatives of the commercial department of the high school went to Muncie Friday to enter the typing Donald Jumper, 7 year old grand- t son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank White, j living on South .Main street, suffered severe injuries Saturday morningj at ; io ;S0 o'clock when he was thrown I from the spring wagon in which he jwas riding when the wagon was over- - turned m front of The ews oKice. was driven by William surgeon ana w,in -"-" "; 7 J: ; . t. - Mr twis Egdorf went to Mt. er- pta week transact- mg busmess and vtsitmg f nends. i and Mrs Arthur hefnt wheels, the horse going on; el v run. iint-v 'i. .iiv aumi iu rv-achol the boy immediately, the wa- ed from him. He was first aid was given. ul Butler rvceivexl a baly sprain- XI arm ar.a a ru;' ' .tlim xv"-1 l"c Jur:irr were taken to the office of Dr. I- l., wno rr.nchcd the scene of the accident soon after it occurred, where they were given niedical attention. The Jumper hoy when picked up was covered with VWvl which flowed freely from the cuts and wounds on his head The examination disclosed that he received a had scalp wound extending to ' r.d many other cuts arJ bruises. Late reports of his conditin are to . . ti..t r-e e..i.'s. i;v 1 .Tui-.i, mce.y Sturgeon and the' Sommers . ; 1 escar uninjurexu EARLHAM COLLEGE TO HAVE BIG EVENT Celebration of Seventy-Fifth Anniver sary Will be Made Notable in Historv of City F'jaria'"! Ri.--briiril- is , v . J maKir.g acuxe preparations ene celebration, June 4-7, of its sev- er.ty-f.fth anniversary. Co-operation of the city of Richmond has been pledged by the Chamber vf Commerce and committees of . ....... r 1 - -. v . . . . . . . I!ece 4Ut.,rities in the publicity . Prvf. E. P. Trueblood, department of Public . . t th ' " Henl of Carthaff., hltS Kn . Quen of the May y Vvte of e student Miss Hen- ;jev principal character in - .virtW-tal r, .t; wm form tractions of the jubilee. Almost the f j f.c .1 r.i; Thursdav afterncrn a relay race. participated in bv representatives of' the various schools, will bo held on the Jonesboro high school track. j t nday nignt meeting, ine ioiw-Fairmount will be represented by program was given: Fairmount acaaemj in tne inter-acaaemic de- cUmtory "d OT&ric1 contest be- " . 1 . . iorty-nve or nity academy ians thrc tl lack thir home folks. Loretta Rush, Leona Kemmer ami Alice Ratliff acted as judpes at the J Music. Fairmount Academy Orchestra Invocation ."Responsibility of War" - "Good Citizenship . Lhester llipes Wilbur Hoskins "Child Labor" Zella Lewis Selection Orchestra "When Angry Count a Hundred JPro and Con .IIow Dot Heard the Messiah Bernicc Roberts Cornet Solo Miss "Soldiers Reprieve Franr jnnM Hero". .Ruth Covalt "Aunt Eleanor's Hazing (of ahant ...Irene Pavne .Pauline Smith Orchestra - Qld Mother Goose Decision of Judges Benediction. MARTELLE KIMES HOSTESS TO KING'S HERALDS. Martelle Kimes charmingly enter- tained the King.'s Herald club, an auxiliarv to the Fairmount Foreign .Missionary Society, at 2 o'clock Sat- urday afternoon. An interesting les- I 1 Pauline Elliott Jefferies I contest neia in -Milton te normal, and while the home FAREWELL RECEPTION TENDER ED IN GYMNASIUM OF HIGH SCHOOL Fire Alarm Sounds Students Vacate Building Prof. Morphet Walks From Building Between Two Rows of Lustily Yelling Students God-Speed Tendered by Ki wards Club. The junior high school declamatory contest held in the auditorium of the high school Thursday afternoon was of more than passing interest in that it was the last exercise held by any of the classes of the school while Prof. Edgar L. Morphet was principal, and for that fact that an addiitonal number were present to attend the con test and also the farewell reception which was afterward tendered Prof. Morphet. First and second honors were awarded to girls and boys in the contest, Pauline Jones winning first place and Eunice DeWeerd second, for the g,irls, while Hugh Winslow was first for the boys and James Nolder second. Immediately following the contest the reception was held in the gymnasium which was attended by the faculty and students. The faculty and spokesmen for the different classes paid Prof. Morphet the high tribute his three years' work and association with Fairmount school deserved in the talks given, and Prof. Morphet responded with words of deepest appreciation. On Thursday morning Prpf. Morphet visited the school for the final leave-taking. Just before his departure the fire alarm was sounded with the result that the building was vacated and Prof. Morphet in leaving, marched between two lines of students whose lusty school yells were sj-mbolie of the godspeed they wished for him. The Kiwanis membership was out and a number of friends par- icipated in this pretty farewell tri bute paid to him. Prof. Morphet was driven to Upland and caught the Pennsylvania train for Grass Creek, the home of his parents, where he made a short visit. STATE PRESIDENT W.C.T.U. HERE Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley State Presid ent of W. C. T. U., Speaks Before Fairmount Audience Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley, state presid ent of the W. C. T. U., spoke Thursday evening in the Friends church. The address was strong and forceful and it is to be regretted that a larger audience was not present to hear her. Her subject was along the line of law enforcement and she urged her audience to not negject their franchise privileges, to attend the primaries and to see that the right men were put into office men who would support dry measures and who would pledge themselves to enforce the laws. Mrs. Stanley made a number of talks before the different unions over the county and in all of them she asked the members of the W. C. T. U. to take advantage of the ballot in promoting the cause for which the unions stand. POST MORTEM IN ACCORD WITH CORONER'S VERDICT. A post mortem was held Friday over the body of the late Orlando Gossett, well known Fairmount resident who was found dead in his home on East Third street Wednesday afternoon. The coroner and several phy sicians were present, but the autopsy disclosed nothing other than in ac-. cordance with the coroner's verdict rendered the day before. The fun eral was held Saturday afternoon from the residence with Rev. S. Adel-bert Wood in chargo and burial was made in Park cemetery. ORLANDO GOSSETT DIED OF CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE Coroner Phil Lucas was In Fair-mount Monday and held an inquest over the body of Orlando Gossett who was found dead in his home on East Third street Wednesday afternoon and rendered a verdict of death induced by cerebral hemorrhagic. Mrs. Gossett, who was visiting relatives in Covington, Ky., when notified of the sudden death of her husband, reached Fairmount Monday noon. John A. Jones. Republican coun- v- - K J t- r :n v1c sireal t .V and the townships to vote the entire ticket in the primary. Because cf the length of the ticket the chairman ' cautions voters to towr.sV.ip ticket. Tliis'.e-et the esroviallv ir.-.portar.t, ar.d the exr.tcst for township trustee in many of the townships is a ir.tcrestir.jr one. Chairman, in his appeal to the voters, says; "The township ticket is fully as important as the eour.ty ticket or the state ticket. Mr. Joros said, "Ti e town shin is an important unit of the government and it is imperative that the Wst men W select..! to evcrn the towns. .-.p. . : - r t..- . ;Va vt e rs be-evme tired . u . i..,--. f;.-l-4. ,v- V,, x-.t.1 f.r the and state effic-ers. This is wrer.fx I want every voter to vote the entire ticket, ar.d I have so instructed my, committremen to appeal to the voters , a much as possible to vote for each on the ticket. The race for the nomination for sheriff on the Republican ticket was 1 r.arrowed down last wv-ek when Frank C Tukey, former deputy sheriff, and who has been making an energetic canvass of the county for the Republican nomination for sheriff, announced that he had withdrawn from the race. This announcement came as a surprise in political circles, as the race for sheriff was exrocted to furnish one of the most tr..ereur ey est in the primary. While Mr. Tukey s withdrawal will eliminate him as a . , , contender in the primary, his name will appear on the ballot, his an- nouncement having been made after; the time limit for withdrawals naa expired. All the helots have ' been pruued. Mr. Tukey gets out of the race m . order that he may resume wors wun (Continued on Page Two) PROF. MULLEN COMES TO F. H. S, SCHOOL I ''"" -" r mitville schools this morning tck up his work in the Fairmount high T t I,.1Un Y-1TMT. 1 AI IHF , - - . . 1 r. 1 ,wd Vsvin taken over the classes heretofore taught by ITmcipai t-agar L. Morphet whose resignation last week became effective, Mr. Morphet leaving Friday on his way to the Philippines, Mr. Mullen will have charpe of the classes during the re mainder of the present school year. MISSIONART METTING AT HOME OF MRS. HEASTON. The ladies of the missionary society of the Congregational church held a most enjoyable meeting t the home of Mrs. Sallie Heaston on West Washington street Thursday afternoon of last week. This was the regular monthly meeting and also the occasion of the yearly election of officers. Mrs, W. F. Meyers was elected president, Mrs. E, M. Laffler, vice-president and Mrs, Otho Compton secretary - trea - surer. Mrs, N. A. Wilson gave a most interesting talk on Japanese missions and also of her visits among the fiareign elements in the western part of the country. Thursday being the birthday anniversary of the bos tess, the guests gave her a handkerchief shower during the social hour, and the hostess in turn served a delicious two course luncheon. ; . 1 i j son was given and much interest was words, errors, 10, net, vo, sho among the eighteen members per minute, 72, and won first p ace J who were present. At the close of the two-year contest. June ltcfte" the lesson two appreciative letters' of Windfall school won first place in were read to the class, one from Miss the novice class her record Dei g, Uva Dav and another from Dr. Miller 'gross words, 1029; errors. nei. another missionary. These were of interest to the visitors present as well s q tVio rlnss. A snrial bnur followed v. -i : ..v:v. : . v -:,i- whole student body has been included Mr- nd Mrs R A- Mor"s dr!ve Sun-in the cast of characters for the May !dar to th torm wrecked section near day revels. It is planned to have ajElxxl- at least one team and possibly more in this event. Ox Wilson, who had the matter in charge for the Friends Sunday school, states that there will ; be a team to represent that school and it will be in charge of Howard Marshall. The complete program will bo car ried dut as follows: Tu,.mAr Mrn;nr Anril ?7 IA.M ,r.rvi.-.- .Wntirmals Rev. R. H. Wehrly. pastor Gas City r r I 10-SiV-W-eloome address. Mrs, Mat- tie Gibson. Jonesboro. Response, j Mrs. J. B. Whitelev. of the county s i p1; , 11:30- -General conference on Edu cation. Most important conference of ; (Continued on Pug Two) Local News Brevities Mr. and Mrs. Claude Huston attend ed the funeral (of a friend in Converse Sunday afternoon. Fred Bevington and family living near Montpelier spent the week-end with Mrs, Edith Bevington and family. Mr. and Mrs, George Ferguson and . , r. nPI 1 Airs. l. I . onaugnnessjr iia tanirf from Chicago where she te ta has re made daughter. Mrs. P. M. Anderson. Luther Davis of Marion was called to Fairmount by the serious illness of his father W. Frank Davis of South Mill street. Miss Cecil Tetrick entertained at supper Friday evening at her home on South Walnut street. Miss Ortence Dean and Miss Louise Jenkins of Ma ripn. Mrs. John Borey has as her house guests her daughter Mrs. Ed Welsch and her neice Miss Wagner who came Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sommers, Mrs. Reuben Frits and Mrs. Orelius Hiatt were among the number from Fairmount who viewed the wreckage of the storm last Wednesday. The W. F. M. S. of the M. E. church will meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. L. D. Holliday on South Main street. Mesdames McTuman, Wells, LaRue and Adams will be assistant hostess es. The program as given in the year book will be carried out. ' ine icasuii uuiiug v 11 iv u nine iic 51110 ; 11 -f tVio vis were very busy making doll hats out Commerce Building for -all 01 xne of crimp paper, a contest which ended .iting, contestants and teacn-with Leah Linville having first place If essor Baxter, of the norma , w classes did not win ftrst or seconu 1 Af 4ht tyi a A ale honors, or in iacv .. awarded, they never-tne-iess maue for themselves a. splendid record, win- ning over the Shortridpe typists, who . r T AX n vwvli c- q rfrm - tnere irom '-"-" anied by their teacher, Miss Zola Beasley, a former Fairmount girl. Representatives from two classes of ithe Fairmount school entered the contest, typing class No. 1, the begin- ners, represented by Rhoda Helms, :May Salyers and Leslie iiDurn, im typmg class No. 2 dvance,d' J Suzanne Barruet and Phyllis Cper. Miss Cooper made a record of lOOd words in 15 minutes. Ihe nner- Nina Thomas 01 - woras, ojj , A nnnil. the KlWaniS, UP"'"'". Ury, and Exchange clubs of Muncie, 1 -.., B luncheon in the chairman of the general charge and actea ,. rr.n, riven DY jonii -e. - ;a f the chamber of commerce and President L. N. Hines, of the state normal. v rhiirrh services Sunday V t .ire - , . omipir Miss Elsie Sweeney, daugh ter of the former pastor. Rev. C. B. e.: presented with a nana- some present, this in recognition of ber faithful and efficient services to oreanist. Miss fwee- I ... . Ua-d bv a large circle !0f friends whose good wishes go with . w home. a&ra. w j mr r. Salvers and nr. mu .o. w. r- --nbters Uva and May and Mrs . lamrsdon drove to Indianapo- !jja wnere they were guests of their sons, William Salyers and nai ings-a. While there they were delight fully entertained at 1 o'clock luncheon by the Xi Psi Phi fraternity at the fraternity home. J. E. Mart of Marion was in Fair- mount last week looking after busi ness and greeting old friends. Mr. Mart owns a farm southwest of Fair- number of different plays going cm jjt tin same J10' catnpus, A-. .- ' I Pyramus and Thisbe, the sheep-sheering scene from "A Winter's Tale and Ben Jon-son's "Hue and Cry fter Cupid." In addition to this there will be May pole drills and a number of other old English Mayday revels. A Diamond Jubilee Pageant, by Dr. Walter C Woodward, editor of the "Aemican Friend, depicting the seventy-five years of Earlham's history, will also be presented. 159 STUDENTS OUT OF SUMMITVILLE SCHOOL. Efforts have been made by a nam- and Norma Campbell winning second, Dainty refreshments of grape juice, , , j j the twenty-four present. Each re- turned to their homes leaving an en- ,Vyable expression with their hostess. The next meeting will be held at the home of Iva Louise Taylor on South Walnut street. W. C, T. U. MEETS WITH MRS. W. WINSLOW. The regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held April 21 with Mrs. Webster Winslow as hostess. The wU&u: m. m. , jr Mrs. Elmer Buller and was followed by prayer by Mrs. Wilson Hunt and others. An excellent paper on "Sim- plicity in dress was given by Miss Leora Bogue after which Mrs. Charles Harshbarger gave the Union Signal Quiz. Mrs. Ed Hollingsworth read an interesting article on "Health foods. A motion was carried to hold a market May 6, announcement of which will be giiven later. Two new members, Mrs. Nellie Buck and Mrs. Poind exter were welcomed with a word of prayer. The hostess served dainty refreshments to a goodly num- I (ber of SummitviIIe ciUtens to have,from Cleveland, O., to spend Easter . the board of health rescind the order Lnd make a short visit. j requiring certificates of vaccination : from all children attending the public j schools, but they were of no avail as ; the epidemic is far from being under j control. County Health Officer T. S. t Owen, of Elwood has announced that the original order will stand. As a ( result more than 150 children, whose j parents refuse to allow them to be vaccinated, are out of school for the remainder of the term, which closes next Wednesday. Several new cases of smallpox have been reported to the .health officers. ber of guests. mount.

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