The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 30, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 4
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Suturday, January 30, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE FOUR THE STARS SAY THE DAILY CLINTONIAN YESTERDAYS JA xt'Aitv :, tins Hugh Tilus and family. who hnvc "LUXUFCf MODEIflbBSfc 1 My (iKNKVIKVK JEMIH.K For Sunday, limitary it I SUNDAY'S HOROSCOPE shows very lively and progressive day. i forecast by the .predominant , scss been living up on u larni in lion Founava Established an The Weekly Clintonian 1890 Tbe Clinton Plalndealer abaorbed In 1908. L Carey Editor and Publisher township, are moving I""'1' IH ver. And during the depression he had loaded himself with gold stocks. man In lov with her who would understand her. Ramon was so possessive. She had no peace with him. . , 1. . v. ...A.A eek to mirth Tenth street. stelhir operations. Employment is George A mange was wnm Ma nno aiiIH Ke a more divine when everyone inougnv nun :.;. H. had triumphed over all of them In Wall BtreeU , , t Misses Esther Hunks, Mildred Hny, and Nell Fly n ii have accented The, struggle Baa agoa mm, now- chapter ni Chon-Chon was lapping np his iread and milk, his expression, n-:clic. James B. Randolph from Untucky looked at him, with . vhlmslcal, half .pologetlo look. Luana Inquired miichi.vously: You'v. forgiven talmt" His raggestlon of help In her rork sh. fgnortd. Things mutt not under excellent auspices far promotion, preferment, dignities or furors at the hands of superiors nnd those In authority. Friendly Inter danc. partner than Ramon, however. On. must tonced. that If he would only stay in that role, and tutored at the Pottofflce at Clinton, Indiana, a. Second Clan. Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association ever. Not tb.t Joel was young L- ...11 In H. Afllo. B positions at the Griffiths store. handsome man with silvering hair est In sound proposition is ns- 111 llr.izil and Kii was 'lung Miss Isnliel Moore visit in'): Thill sdily cv and mucn-nneu isc oi aujuuiua features. "He looks thirty years my senior. I don't look . day over twenty-five, or maybe twenty-eight," Lorraine National A"":in Representative: OF.O. tl DAVID CO. 1900 Wrigley BlilR.. Chicago. I I II General Motor. Bldg.. Detroit 110 Bant 2nd St., New York day. about him except th.t h had told her n ws an arcniteci, .no ni.u. nifuM Ilka a burfflarT of North tola nerseu. T . 1 1 a,nKa.M ItAttlh " ll s Wilso la Irpolt' .lam Mi. el 1 rs Thin! cease to be so aemnnoiiigi told him so, and it had mad. him furious, so there had been scenes, followed Invariably by his repentance. Strangely enough, it had not occurred to her that th. regular in-com. eh. gav. Ramon, and his fear of loting it, might hav. anything to do with his apologies. Not that she gav. him much, in actual money much from her own point of view, that i. to say. Lorraine thought in big turns of money. She had given the poor loy a good deal of Jewelry, because it suited him and ho adored it. It went with d ill. Phone 1 1 7 At hr question tha young man Huahtd. BacauM of her kindness nd renerosity to him. h. felt Phone 4) AJVByikV ,IL,HWIIV ........ beauty, however, life had grown monotonous. Being the bett-dresaed 1 XT.w. Vn.-i. ntnunfr hrT-int ,.h.m.H nt hla nrarloui outburst nUIIIOIl ,1, HBH ......... - hour, and hour, at one't dress lieep work-In town tint w a Floyd (Hons, Kill iim near t' Snnilay. "I have to thank you for being so rood to me, and of eours. I forgive r, r. . .ill. . . m flu Intn maker, and at least two hours aany In th. beauty-parlor, what with having one's hair colffured so that Him. 1 wm 7 w "J ----- .uch . stew, but I was terribly it wat immaculate, not to speaa ui sured, with splendid reactions In the private and social life. These affiliations should he cultivated. Those whose hlrthilay It Is are insure,) of n year or promise In employment mid In the Rood graces of those In power nnd prestige, hoth n business ns well ns private ns-lorlatlon. New nnd sound projects may seek this Influential cooperation nnd friendly interest. A child horn on this dny may be efficient, enterprising, nnd it should rise to position nnd prestige through is dependable nnd energetic qunl- ties. For Monday, February I MONDAY'S astrological forecast s for a fairly successfully and active lay. hut much depends, however, on wise handling of funds. While there trrald my wora wouio go oy ui . j .k. U .t Via, nn. THE DAILY CLINTON. AN'S PLATFORM - 1. To further every inlert of Parke and Vermillion counlie. 2 To the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in .olving Vermillion County'i unemploy- 4. jrtfyClinton and make it the moat attractive city of id aixe in the atate. Hiic-k W' Illtetliatinll delegate tr A. enliven-home, re- lister, who b al I'. M. W Sunday nl 'ierstandT Pleas, accept my apol lion, spent ogy." iim .! I unrlnratand. Chon linllanaliolis Monilay. turning l -7. . Ha VIIUU " .m MIV - was wished upon ma. But In spite of his naughtiness I nnd myseu growing attached to him. Like an old maid in her attle with her eat r parrot I" She laughed merrily. "You oughtn't to b. living alone like this," ha blurted out, "You're nnlv a verv voune- ffirl." .1 AM AIIV !tO. .-!! A hlrtlidiiy party was given Monday evening hy Mrs. John Faraco nl her home in Fairview Turk in honor of her .laughter. I.olita Pearl. Misses Aiila Faraco anil Helen Louise Ailains serving. The guest: were: Miss.-s Kathleen Miller, Mar-jorie Adams, Nell Carlin. Audrey Hixuii, Shirley Karles, Hernh-i may he some Inclination 10 ue. nee with funds, either In extravagance "Oh, I'm sharing the .partment with . friend. It belongs to her. aa a matter of fact. ir indulgence, yet there may be .nin through speculation. This may She saw his .yea stray to the WINTER WEATHER " Almost every section of the United Slates enjoyed mild weather during the first half of January, which caused many predictions that 1937 would be a year without a winter. It may be. With winter half over, according to the calendar, the weather may surprise us. However, don't forget that January. 1936. also began in mild fashion but before the end of the monlh honest-to-goodnes. cold was at hand, with sub-normal temperatures staying with us for almost three weeks. . There is only one safe rule in prognosticating the weather: Don't. ' amazing wall-paper with it. wild luekins birds in incredible trees. io In enimect on with comnine.s. .Hounds anil Hill Oswalt, Arinni Vielti. Iiale Clark. Kaymond Hilton and Paul Prnlhiere. "I think the same as you do. It s an appalling paper I .he .aii laughing. "But I d.r. not tell w CL. . V. : 1. - I, mannl. lous. She's adored that sort of dec- ..hiMbnn,! She brought It over from Franca. She's "Ings or secret societies. Those whose birthday it Is ma) xpeei a fairly active and successful ear if they exercise sound hnslnesf lcumen and wise judgment in the management of funds. Speculation night prove profitable, providing here are no Indulgences of a rash nature. A child born on this day may he -lever, shrewd nnd subtle, although personally generous, popular and a French girl." "But you'r. American!" .T. laat 4inn " The members of the White Sta eluli enteitained yesterday with : surprise dinner 111 honor of Mrs Marie Haskell's birthday. The din per was served al Hie Haskell home in South Kleyenlh street. Mrs. Chl Itumsardnor and son and Mrs. Martha Reese were guests of the club Lotto was played and prize award-h t Mis Hot Who.iUin, Mrs. F.llei' He said: "I may be going over lo Paris on. of these days in con- : .;.U m omi.1t There'a MAY CHANCE WAR loads I can learn over there. Id love to go." She was utterly .mazed .nd disconcerted at her .wilt feeling of I. w,,,in nniintr that the three countries, Germany, Italy and enmnanionalile. It may have pro Japan, which seem most likely to disturb the peace of the world, are Spem-e. and Mrs. Haskell. Mrs nounced tendencies to gambling taking chances and extravagance. laskell was presented a prein birthday Bile from the kiwi mem- iters. Ramon was to possessive. She had no peace with him. A change wat what the needed. it Steve Solomon of re the parents of a nans MOVIES "Pl'HLir KXKMVS WIFE" AT THK COIA'MBIA Cesar Romero is the sinister pub hi Snanish irood looks and his air disappointment. Mrs. Joel Vandaveer was bored. Extremely bored. She had done everything .nd been everywhere. What sensation was left to her? Almost she had it In her heart to envy that fresh, unspoiled child who, through her patronage and power, had won th. Golden Apple at '.hat absurd "Society" function the other afternoon. Society was bunk. There was no -eal Society in New York, barring a few really old name, like her own. The so-called "socialites" were nobodies, trading on money or "a front" principally the latter, in this town that is "all front and son bom Jan. 2S. The Inlant is me of effeminacy. r v. ,.i,n,i unit has been named Steve. Jr. manicures and facials. Each morning, a Swedish masseur came to the penthouse to pound off any incipient lumps in Lorraine t svelte figure. Sh. thought again of Joel. He was generous in money matters. Didn't he pay all of her bills, and facing serious economic strains. Germany reports increasing shortages of certain materials, notably some metals, -as well as some goods. Rationing is already beginning. Finances do not permit purchases abroad to ease the situation. Italy has much the same trouble. In each country the public has been persuaded to believe that these troubles are due to causes originating beyond domestic borders and fanned into a patriotic fervor to endure hardships in order to win greater triumphs. Hitler and Mussolini hold in front of their people alluring promises of a new day and both may have to choose between a gambling military venture or domestic collapse. lic enemy who doesn't want his wile t ,...,.! VRiearct Lindsay Is Mrs .lessie marketer was hostes It was almost noon when the Swedish masseur arrived. He had been kept watting so often and bo long that he was taking no chances. He had an excellent clientele among rich society women and the nou-veau n'cAs, largely because of his good work with Mrs. Vandaveer's f. ... In Itle. nnmrnnn ennoa Nnrth. the ladv of the case who didn't know , ... members of tile A. r . A. ciu io,t nioht at her home in South give in:, m nauiuviiN Nor did he ask any questions as to her husband was a criminal until after her marriage. With Romero wifiii street. Iluiu-o, contests and behind bars. Miss Lindsay decides to ;.. t lie n 1 vers IOI1M in in It had struck her of late that all of Joel's time could not be spent ern soul he thought she was a very iinnii " ' 1 ' event nc Mrs. Buona Marshall won accept Dick Foran's offer of marri no back, she thought acifljy. She was In bed, . breakfast tray Bearing glass of grapefruit Juice, scrap of toaBt, and a small pot of -offee on her knees. She drank It sugarless and black. One of the foremost considerations of her life ws- the preservation of her furure, 11 . ..J h laps Khe age. Ho has money and should make at his downtown office. Of course he was often at his clubs or elsewhere with his innumerable men he prize for high: Mrs. Earl Smiin. her happy. Then Pat O'Brien enters semsn, stupio woman, vua ua wo grateful to her, too. He could pound hard, and did, paying no attention to protesting squawks. Not that Mrs. Vanda-veer mad. any fuss. Her vanity low- and Mrs. Charles miow, uuuc... friends. She wasn t tne jeaious eori, -i a.u nit if )ia rlid have the.story as a C.-man who is sent to and Mrs. Vein Bennett was awarded the prizes in the eontest. lanan. following the lead of militaristic leaders, sets out to e-capture JtonieTo. who escapes a littl. affair, she would certainly reached over to a reading-table by from His captors. O'Brien uninten . maintain an army and a navy that involves a stupendous drain upon was so strong that tne wouia tuner anything for it. T IJ:,!.. fa. faala mfniltj.' fttiA turn it to ner own nuvauuiKn, o she did with everything. She would tionally weds -Miss Lindsay and then XII BUU1.1UII ... massage, he made her exercise for lar DCO IIO UUUM wem hi.i", J a hand mirror Lifting it. she scrutinised her face, turning and twisting her head, to that light would fall on it from It was not a pretty thought, but the movie "becomes a race and a chase, Robert Armstrong. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell of South .Main street were Ihe dinner guests of their son. Claude E. Campbell and familv of Center on fifteen minutes on a mattress on .1. a rrui. Lant ka. aniiaa.1o governmental finance. In the island empire there is talk about men aces from abroad, the necessity of protecting the nation and the ne ;.iiv for more trooos and larger ships. Unrest over heavy taxa it nau Its lascmauon. im tne iiwr. a uia tacp - - , - limbered and was an aid to circula Purcell and Joseph King are im settlement, auu uu iwwiu -"-"--J and undeniable social position, she She removed the little plaster portant members of (he cast. would be -a catca. tion is evident and sooner or later the same evil choice that confronts El Brendel returns to the public Not that sh. was any longer : rr... ... tion, tince tne iaay rareiy a step that could be avoided, like ao many American women. She rested for half an hour after he had gone, then had her bath. She j 1 . Leai.fifnt avaaaa-awtlnrftH Strong on nirriK3. uik" felt sh. had had enough of mar Italy and Germany will face Japan. patches rrom rne corncro ui I.ivelv lips that had been there all night with . layer of skin food un-dti them, to prevent wrinkles. Also the chin strap filled with rejuvenating herbs that had an astringent In "Ay Tank Ay Co", shown wnn Fox Movietone News. riage, i o be a tmart young mrorteo . .wA aWnit tinH its at- Judging the future from the past one may assume that each UUIlIieil B waamui -" peignoir and extended herself on traction. She would be delightfully Fiddlers' Green ' Fiddler's green is the imagined Elysian fiele of sailors and vagabond craftsmen, where credit is good and there is always a lass, a glass, and a song. "THE (iAV IiKKPKrMIMl" the chaise longue in ner uuuuiui: UUBIIl-.V There, that was more comfortable! Lorraine took full stock of country, under present leaders, will prefer a war to internal revolu tion, legardless of the long shot that a war will be successful. Ire. to queen it in an tne lasiiiuu-able cities of the world I rrmina tnved nleasurablv with . small room aojoimng ner wcu- -. LV. aa-a-lf via m ntC-hf nf ruuill n . aai ' a --- " brick steps to a side terrace of th. her own beauty. Vtt .xrmn In th Hirht of dSV WOUld AT THE f AlflTOI Golden-voiced Nino Martini plays a starring role opposite delightful Ida Lupinn in this love story that LUIS UlUUKllb . ... penthouse. Men fell In lov. witn ner reaouy .t.A.A fn fall in lnve. which anyone guess her real age. What - LI : .. . . It. txnm avith tTftnd one ui tin a. iicai, --- -- brought her, and scanned the aocia was stimulating. It flattered and has Mexican bandits for excitement clear skin! And what blessing The Wheat From the Chaff 1 fed her ego. Sh. managed to encourage them i -I Alm.w.inw Thit nnlv to have had the courage to surrender to the little scalpel of that columns 01 tne newspapers, in, was the only reading, apart from her taste in spicy novels, that Lorraine really enjoyed. and the colorful scenery of that country as a setting. Martini is sing over mastic surireon in iaub BUU JTCl BUWW uiau.,WH. - - - . sin in th. decalogue was in being ..nla nf mnnth B CO I one naa no mncneon uw luuj. T 1 .,..... mnnJ .4 al iaat tf ttd. round out ... He had Hone . good Job. Lor- .1 .. . uh I... r-a Viair hark VTt .U- laH M HTP. in net iiaeaii ......... . tion with her mode of life, that wat raine im'i nei ."--- t over het ears She held the mirror She had a good reputation. Of course, down at her villa in Cannes, in the South of France, there had ..:; . wltt. nmnn all to the good. Ramon arrived long before th. annotated time to escort her to a ing in a dingy theatre below the Rio Crande, where a picture showing methods of modem American gangsters at work is on the screen. Leo Carrillo. notorious bandit chieftain, sui-cnmbs to Martini's magnificent voice and sets ideas from the gangster movie. He forces Martini to tideways It would take mighty sharp eyes to see those tiny scars tea-dance. Grudgingly ah. per- Uin 0I1JOI luiliwca, b.b ,..... a. Ramon had been a professional Uiat were only rain, unoa nuw. Tnal 'a oroT-A ll OfTI Joel mitted him to be sent up. He was "intense" today. Directly dancer at the casino. &ne naa .a T) Han VnrLr with her husband. But even h. had no .4 tV.a h,ni. e-esture she had uruuaiii i . o i.tu.i w - - - - - - --- the maid had closed the boudoir her. Joel did not know this, or II made in the restoration of her face steal an auto and hold the occu door and they were alone, ne new to her side. He not only kissed her fnr there had oeen lines iwo he did he turned a Dlina eye to it. Joel had n excellent reticence In months ago, and . noticeable sag poking into the affairs 01 nia oeau pants. Miss Lnpiiio and Jumes Hlakeley. for ransom. When Martini falls ill love witli the girl, matters tllUI WHO. Curioutlv. Joel for . long time .- .,t Lui (ntprestaarf in her Ramon was still infatuated wltn hand, but kissed her on tn. tips. And he said an amazing thing at though he meant it. Imagine such effrontery, thought Lorraine. He said: "Darieeng, I cannot bear it any longer I Always I must b with you I You must get a di- ... f - ,.,T, V.11 aliuriH and then reach a critical stage thai builds up ner. a?n wo giw.Tii. . of Ramon. True, the liked young beauty, nor in the fact that the was considered the best-drer Mi. woman to the climax nnd winning the lovely in New York I v.n.,nv,B tvatrai nn his bust men, out laatiMa "no ... and jealous, too. Innumerable ...... orlfh Vamnn had hean trviniT. less. He wat . member of the lady. An added short feature is Mickey Mour.e in "Alpine Climbers". VUlia au.aa J . ... T you must marry me. and w. will b. even alarming. American young Stock and Silver Exchange. He h! cleverly foreseen th. inflation nnation men would surely be more aiuo- men wuiuii ouac.j -. i always togetneri (To Be Continued) OManUM. !-. ainB FaaUaiaa tradLaaam. 1m. I V..r... it hannanial. Ha naainame.ll ihci "w aaa " eVaned" up two coo! million. In til-: It would be nic. to hav. . young PI.AIVSMAV" THE COLUMBIA SUNDAY AND MONDAY T THE W ABASH Willi f;aiy Cooper In a role that ulis I i nt perfectly playing opposite unully fine Jean Arthur and with ..uistanding performances turned In Ellison. Porter Hall. Ilii-kfoid. John Milian am' .la l a l ies ilo with a tempestuous singer who deserts her bridegroom al the nltur and rushes in America. (!ene Raymond, dame band leader, captures her affections. Jack Oakie and Herman Bing contribute some elegant comedy, with Lucille Ball. Mischa Auer and Willard Robertson nohlv assisting. The dialog is bright and the music most enjoyable. I if iVWh-Xivii Service- $?J0Z$M 1 ! Q v..- y " fir I At......' IL. AW.llr v. ' 4 li.-len Harness, no wonder this glor-lid Western is breaking hox-ot'fii-f records right and left. Cnry Coopei girl-shy Indian Scout known lit Mill lllckok. He and Buffa- is tht is Wi : n war news and a are special color, art ill Cody (James Ellison I make on Charles Bickford. who has selling guns to the Indians A cartoon in musical-dancing short subjects. ,1 r . " -! n I I i y y 1 1 ' f " Ki 1 1 r , m. ' - , .'- -. f i , ' ' -?' ! - ', a ' j ' ' -. -n. -P. - imp1 . -. mm tJl mm mi mmtv"- 'br been Aided Jane by the heroics of Calamity (Miss Arthur!, their effortt COURT NEWS culminate in Custer's Last Stand Romance blossoms aguiiwt a backdrop of terrific battle. The entirt family should be satisfied with this The are "I'm In Popeye Movietone and Now" starring treats. Fox Army added -VS. a . NEWPORT. Ind., .lanuaiy 111--loseph Silkwood has til"d suit n Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from. Clara Silkwood. The complaint alleges that the defendant is guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married August 3. 1935 and separated October 20. 1935. The plaintiff is a resident of Fairview Park and is re PARIS" "THAT ;1R-L FROM Margaret Lindsay "on the inside" in "Public Enemy's Wife" coming tha Columbia Sunday and Monday. AT THE PALACE Lily Pons' second starring vehicle is a darn. It s "different," clever and a classy adaptioo of "Street Girl" in which Betty Compson plav- presented in court by Attorney H. K Cuinn, Clinton. READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS ed years ago. Tbe gay story has to M.M JU.-:-Prldet Art. lco .1 Mart If r Job Holder.

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