The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 20, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1922
Page 4
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V THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS gTXITTTTTYTTTTTTTTT'JSI Mrs, George Bannister and daughter Glenn Bocia were' over Sunday guests of Mrs. Bannister's parents Mr. and Mrs. John Leach of THE WATCHERS g 2 By S. HELEN ANDERSON H Daddy M SaVs: "Puretest" B Athletic Underwear For Ladies, Men and Boys, and the Prices are Less. v Joe Pickard and wife and Otto Pic-kard and wife of Marion and Bud Pickard and wife of Alexandria who were here to attend the funeral of the late Mrs. Alice Osborn, have returned to their respective homes. 3 When changing the baby's diaper, always use Puretest Zinc Stearate! Then you will not have a "Cry Baby." It is the smart of the wet diaper that makes "Night Howls." This new baby's dusting powder is a blessing to them and the mothers ! A generous sized can, 25c ! During April ... - go The Pioneer Drucr Store If the people who have taken Tanlac were to form a line of march in single file, this grand army would reach clear across the Amercian Continent from New York to San Francisco and extend over 3,000 miles into the Pacific ocean. H. W. Hohne. Men's Silk Hosiery All Shades, 50cjper pair. CYCLONE VICTIM BURIED TODAY. The body of John Hasty, former Fairmount man who was killed in the cyclone at Williamspprt Monday, arrived in Fairmount Tuesday evening over the Big Four railroad and was taken to the home of his daughter, H The Rexall Store. Xen H. Edwards, Mfi r. IIEXXXXXXXXXXXXX T T T T t tyyy! The Bee Hive Cash Store The prices are down on All Leather Shoes. STAR BRAND I 3 v Mrs. William Weirauch on South Walnut street. The funeral will be held this (Thursday) afternoon from the Friends church and burial will be made at Park cemetery. FRESH FISH Carl Crafton was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Campbell Monday At The Mayflower Market April l6th R L Mr. and Mrs. Lamonte Brown attended the Easter services at THEATRE Large Pet Cream, per can 10c; Small Pet Cream, per can 5c The Bee Hive Cash Store. Comers and Goers All the Time FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS One gallon good Syrup, 50c; 1-2 gallon pood Syrup, 25c. The Bee Hive Cash Store. Strawberries, per box... Celery, Oranges, per dozen 15c 10c 50c Mr. and Mrs. John Leach of Fow-lerton were in Fairmount Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Osborn. i-Ui Ml THURSDAY, APRIL 20 HARRY CAREY The King of the Gallopers in his biggest fighting picture "THE W0LL0P" Also Century two-reel Comedy "THE DUMB BELL" FRIDAY, APRIL 21 Samuel Goldwin and Rex Beach Present Grouvernor Morris Famous Story "THE PENALTY" Also a Capitol two-reel Comedy "OH GIRLS" r AMI I MTM Bananas, per lb 7 Apples, Fancy, per lb. 7 and Miss Dorothy $hinn, who has been Quality Olives, per quart... 50c Rook wood Coffee, real, lb . . 35c Peaberry, Special Blend, lb. 30c Peanuts, per lb 15c Small Hams, per lb 20c Try our Bacon, per lb 35c Good Luck Olio, 2 lbs for 45c Milo Olio, 2 lbs for 40c Argo Starch, 3 lbs for 25c 5 lbs Pennant Syrup 35c the guest of Miss Floy Huston, has returned to her home in Hartford City. 10 25c 15c 25c 10c Grape Fruit, 10c or 3 for.. Dates, per lb Cheese, full cream, per lb.. Honey Cookies, per dozen.. The person who took the bicvcle i from Fred Haisley's front porch may i have the key to the padlock if he will j i ask for it. i If 22, by McClwr Newspaper Syndicate. The Browns had been married for ten years and nothing had marred their happiness. They had been content with each other's society for 12 months of each of the ten years; that Is, until within the past three or four days. Something, an Indescribable something, had crept Into the atmosphere heietofore so calm. It was that Infinitesimal something on which no finger can be laid. Mr. Brown first noticed It by the scared, wistful glances of his wife. She seemed to watch him furtively, and when she saw him glance at her, would look away quickly. She seemed to have something on her mind. Perhaps she was tired of him. The more he thought of that the stronger he was convinced. Well, he'd watch her closely and prove It. On the other hand, Mrs. Brown first noticed the change In Mr. Brown when he started to watch her with that searching, questioning look. The thought entered her mind that he was comparing her with some one. Who was It? Perhaps a younger, prettier, woman. Kvery time she looked at him sh caught him Just looking away. She decided she would watch him carefully In an attempt to fathom this mystery. The days went by even as days will. Mr. Brown kept a close, secretive survey of his wife. He noticed with alarm the Increasing signs of her nervousness and caught her many times looking at him with the same half-scared wistful glances. He felt that he must speak about It, ask her what she meant, or even suggest a separation anything was better than this under-current of mystery. On this particular morning he noticed that ;he was even more nervous and he decided to learn the truth. Varrle, er-er," he stuttered. "Yes, John," she answered, rather nervously. 'Did the paper come this morning?" he finished lamely. She got the paper for him and he opened it, giving a semblance of reading it, but all the time he kept a close survey of his wife, who in turn, thinking him deep In the paper, watched him more openly than before. Nothing of this escaped Mr. Brown. It seemed that things had about reached the climax. He htn come definitely to the conclusion that Mrs. Brown was dissatisfied, had found other Interests, but was too timid to say anything to him about It. Well, he wasn't. -Carrie, er-er," he started again. "Yes, John." "Er have yon read about this murder case?" he finished. For the next five minutes, he related the details of the murder and trial, but his words were a m-e cloak for thoughts far nearer to him. Well, he'd speak about it tomorrow or perhaps yes, he'd write a note and leave It on her dresser just before he left for work. Meanwhile Mrs. Brown had become fully convinced that Jonn wanted t tell her something, but was afraid to. as It might hurt her. She was now quite sure that he was tired of her and dissatisfied with married life. Perhaps he even wanted a divorce. A divorce! A dry sob came to her throat. And she still loved him. Well, she could prove her love by making things easier for him. She knew that her emotions would overcome her If she ventured to tell him that she would not stand In his way any longer. Yes. she would send a note to his office by special messenger so that he would receive It the first thing this morning. So It came about that, when Mr. Brown opened his mall, he found the following note: "My iVar John: Something strange In your manner recently has convinced me that you are unhappy. Even though my feellncs toward you have remained unchanged, I will no longer tand in ynur way, and (here a large blot, evidently a tear, smeared the page) I will let you have a divorce. I want you to be happy. CARRIE." Mr. Brown gasped, read the note again, and still a third time. Then he railed the office boy, told htm he'd be out for the rest of the day. and boarded the first homeward bound ear. He found Mrs. Brown Just finishing reading the note he had left. Carrie!" "JohnP And he clasped her In his arms. What made you look at me so funny?" Mr. Brown asked after they had fully recovered their senses. "Why. I thought you were watching me. She looked at him In surprise, "Oh, John, how near this came to wrecking our happtnes." . ! Mr. and Mrs. Orestes Ballenger! ; and Oscar Dickey attended the funer- j 'a! of Mrs. H. O. Frazier at Alexan- ) idria Tuesday afternoon. I We regret very much the service given last Saturday, but because of the unexpected large business delays in delivery were unavoidable. We will endeavpr, however, to be prepared for any volume of business next Saturday, and give prompt and satisfactory, as well as careful service. We especially thank our customers for being) so patient with us. $25.00 to $40.00 Suits Made to your individual measure. Our guarantee of quality and price protects oji" customers. Order now for Eater. Beharrell Curless has returned to I his studies at Ann Arbor, Mich., after ! spending: his vacation with his par- : e-nts, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Curless. The Mayflower SATURDAY, APRIL 22 LESTF.R CUNIO Supported By Mrs. Wallace-Reid In the Cyclonic Melodrama The Masked Avenger A Tale of the Night Riders "THE DUMB BELL" Evenings, 7 and 9 Saturday Matinee, 2:30 Music to correspond with pictures with D. M. HEADRICK at the organ. RIBBLE BROS. Phone 11. Bob Lindsay, Prop, Tanlac strengthens the nerves and ! bring back the normal state of health ; throusrh its effect on the appetite and . nutrition of the body. H. W. Hahne. (of course) DAINTY LINGERIE Mrs. Myra Baldwin, who has been ; in Indianapolis for a brief visit with : her brother Charles A. Rush, city? libarian, returned home Tuesday af- E0PLE v to moon. Lingerie Charmeuse for the combination suits and gjowns, also for the underslip for the dainty organdie dress. Orpandies in all the latest spring shades that will retain their permanent finish after repeated laundering. Starch unnecessary. ! The Woman's Missionary Soo5tr of the Concreeational church will meet Old Fvdiable Coffee 30c per Boe Hive Cash Store. this (Thursdav) afternoon at the 5 heme of Mrs. Sallie Heaston on West I Washington street. j PARIS1ANA and BON-TON CORSETS La FRANCE SILK HOSE Mrs. Ella Patterson's RT STOR E Good Sweet Com, per can 10c. The Bee Hive Cash Store. pgay nctth? ill Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bannister and j m-her, Mrs. Mary Bannister of near ! Charles MaVne remains very low t the heme cf his son Isaac Malone. Hackleman were Sunday dinner quests M Orville Wells and sister Miss Mar-caret Wells, f i relieve nerrw iinpintrrmpnts. Ill McATKK McATKR fll Gramiates of Palmer School Give nature a chance. Take Tan-Tac nature's own medicine. H. W. Hahne. Lis PRINGTIME should be hearth time - fkr A vary man wnmrnn mrA VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM Strictly Throat Bled Pure and Potent aw Miss Merle Smith entertained Wednesday evening! at six o'clock dinner the Misses Georgia Weser, Mary Louise AmoM. Helen Cox. G?owia HVhardv'v Fiov Husn and Dorothy Sh-nn, of Hartford City. Fred Dean and family have moved t Mur.cie where Mr. Dean has rnnrartii h rtmvan that the diseases of mor- fH Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra tory prices. Keep a supply on hands at all times 1 tals are caused by a pres- ? j sure of misplaced spinal J'J vertebrae upon nerves, 55 jJ limiting the life impulse Mr. and Mrs Isom Jack -on are guests of Mr. ard Mrs, S. W. White f S".uth Main street. Phone Black 1802. Foster Williams and wife whi were called to southern Indiana one year ig to care for Mr. Williams parent, hare returned to tehir home on the Summitville pike, Mr. Williams father having passed away recently at the age of E5 years. H. D. WILSON, Rep. Sir?. Lttler of Matthews came Tuesday and made a brief visit with ler niece, Mrs, L. D. Holliday. the hpdy that should re- I 1 ceive it. Chiropractic Jg adjustments have proved j$ their right to assist na ture to conquer disease. Ak for CtatropMwcm literature KTATFrrMWKR m Arthur Sommers and Charles Naber were driving around in their new WiTlts-Knight sedans this (Thursday) morning which they recently Rev. J. Frank Harbison and wife returned rrmte Monday from Grafton. W. Va., having finished their eneacie- ROOF PAINTING ment there as tinging evangelists. SOGESBEaSSSKSsSal They will be home two weeks when they will fill an engagement at Flora, til. The Kingj's Heralds of the M. E. atureh will meet at the home of Hartelle Rinses Saturday afternoon t 2T o'clock. If your iron roof needs painting let us do it for you. We use the best of paint and do not pat any oil, gasoline or lamp black in it. And we will guarantee it to stay on. We will paint your roof and you can pay for it when you are satisfied. Black paint pat on complete for 75c per square, and Red paint $1.00 per square. Call PARKER Mr. and Mrs, S. W. White and their house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Isom Jackson of Madison, will go to Marion this (Thursday) evening where they will be guests at 6 oclock dinner at the home pf Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Ischson. Fairmount, Ind. Phone 6 or 102. THE TINNER Miss Floy Huston, who has been spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Huston, returned to Greencastle this (Thurs-tx.T) morning where she will resume ler- studies at DePauw university. 1 "" Palled. My house was for sale and the real estate man called me in the morning and said he would bring a buyer In the afternoon. Aa our cellar was full of water, I hired a neighbor boy to dip the water out before the buyer arrived. When the men arrived I showed them the house. At the last the buyer said, "Oh, yes. Is your cellar dry? And t said, "Oh, yes. It ts as dry as any cellar Is. We started down the stairs to the cellar and the neighbor boy yelled tip, "Oh, mom, Pve been dipping water for an hour and a half and the floor's covered yet. The man did not take the house, Exchange. The funeral of the late John W. Creamer, T8, a civil war veteran who died Sunday morning at 2 o'clock at his home on North vine street, was held Tuesday afternoon from the Baptist church, Rev. Williams of Anderson in charge, Burial was made at Sum-m'H-ille. Mr. Creamer and family moved tp Fairmount less than a year FAIRMOUNT NEWS Want Advs will sell that stuff in your attic. Miss Edith Shugart returned home Qonday from Columbus, O.. where he has been spelling a week with ler sister Mrs. Cooper. While in Columbus she heard Dr. Griffith TVmas, a bible teacher and preacher f international reputation. Dr. Grif-f lit Thomas was formerly principal T Wycliffs Hall at Oxford University, Cxferd, England. For Sale By Kelly & Son . : PnONB 273 -:- ago. lie has been an invalid for Rev- ( eral weeks, I

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