The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 30, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1937
Page 3
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PACE THREE The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana I Saturday, January 30, 1937 SOCIAL CALENDAR MARTHA SAYS: CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Monday Woman's Club- -will meet at the Happy Hour Club Meet Itert Wright Injured home of Mrs. A. D. Spears. Soiltn Bert Wright of west of Ihe city Thought of the day .ove yourself last, nook near, behold thv duty Fourth street. 2 p. m. Held Friday Afternoon Mrs Hurley Youmans was hostess Monday Bridge Club will hold a Is confined to his lied with a fractured hip he received Wednesday evening nt his home. To those who walk heside you down meeting at the home of Mrs. fleorge F A I RVJ E W F-ViUVIKW. Jan. 30 flarenco f'ooper, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Leo Cooper. Is confined to his home with influenza Another small hoy, Charles Cargal. son of Mr. and lrs. Hubert (urgal Sr.. is also ill. Mrs. Malinda McKee attended the uneral of her sister. Mrs. Klla Sow is of Kingman at one p. m Sunday it ihe foiled Crethreii church. Mis. ewers died Friday. January 22. Mrs. John Carrno and Mrs. A. !'. I'jeice are Still Oil the sick list. I'reslilll I.lndley is spending a few Weeks Willi Ills Sister. Miss M .1 1 i II '111 I.lndley of Kingman. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Sheldon of Indianapolis are the parents of . baby daughter. Sally Sun. born Sin dav January 24. Mr. and Mrs. Slo-I- In my purse u new dollar lay Hut buttons were all 1 needed lhat day. But at the first counter, in peorgoiis array A line of (osmetics in order there lay And visions of beamy in my mind arise So only eighty cems in my pin-:, i t-book lies. Then back to the ki'ilen dep.m- nieiit I I urn Ih ii's j.-nli'i Is galore for which housewives yearn An.l when I turn myself about .lust sixty cents from my purse is out . And before I make my way to tie for the meeting of the Happy Hour Sarver on South Main street, 2:30 p. m. While performing his farm chorea club Friday afternoon In Morgan's Sunshine Circle of Ihe Presbyteri insement. South Main street. Two tables of bridge were played he slipped on the Ice and teii aealnsl the curbing of a well, which caused his in 1 ;it y . He Is getting an Church will meet at the home life's road Make glad their days by little ads of beauty nd help them bear Hie hilldell of IHe load. I. ove ihyself last, and thou shall know In spirit of Mrs. Samuel Nlabet, 820 South with Mrs. Harold Mark the recipient of high nnd travel and Fifth street. 7:30 p m. Woman's Choral Society will Mrs. Cenrge Kamrn. second high. Mrs. Clarence Harrison of South meet with Mrs. K. W. Powell, South To see. in hear. In know and under Third street will entertain the club Main street, 7:30 p. m, stand Tuesday Sunday School Class j Holds Meeting Friday The Daughters of the Mnhnma llnHR of Ihe Baptist church met tout nltilil nt the home of Mm. Paul Zrumley of South Third mrcet. Flf-jren month attended, j Limine Jonea wan In charge of the tcvnilonal period and Maxlne Ilo-larth. the program. A playlet win liven entitled "f:hrim Died for My lln." A violin iolo wa played hy Louise .Jones. I Election of officers was h'-lrt with Martha Halsy as th new president !or the ensuing year. Other officer sere secretory. Norma Hillyer. and reporter. Maxlne nntarth. Hefreshments were nerved at the lose of the meeting. ATTENDH BKOTHKB'H IHTKH Jatk Tlhhetts returned to his dome on Walnut street yesterd-iy Ifier spetidlnn several dayn In Brand Rapid. Mich., where he attended the funeral of hia brother. The message of the stars. I.o thou shall hear It door , ire former residents or ran- And all of find's Joys shall be at There's collars, handkerchief. iew and the mother is the daughter f have f la vis. (e'.veiry eabiiH thy command. At this season of the year when along ns wll as can he evpecled. Miss fatherlne Davis of South Filth street was In Terre Haute on business Thursday. Mrs. Elizabeth Illlcheson of slPK-l is now able to be up after he Itlli ill for the past two weeks wllh Ihe fill. Miss Mary K. Satlerlen has receive d word Irom her father. Willis A. Kutterlee. and sister. Miss Emma lane Kutterlee, of' I.oulpville, Ky., Dial ihey are safe, although there Is water in the building where they aie staying. Mrs. E. W. Cordlngley of Sou! h So take a collar and handkerchief' few in two weeks. Marriage Licenses NEWPORT. Jan. 30. The following marriage licenses have been issued by Clerk Everett E. Rhoades: Aaron R. Titus. 64. Champaign. HI.. and Amelia K. F. Schoon. TiC, of Oil-ford. 111.; Dale Ireland. 2D. George, town. III., nnd Ailina Edwards. 22. of I'errysville. Oh. If I Just had another dime oi there are no flowers growing outside, a little bowl filled with pebbles in which bulbs of nanuses or lillies two. Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. K. M. Mitchell. South Kighlh street. 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Walter Jones will he the leader. Mite boies will he opened at that time. Alpha Club-will entertain their husbands with a dinner at Hie home of Mrs. Agnes Itae. South Fourth street. 7 p. m. Scout Mothers (lilt, will hold regular meeting at home of Mrs O. II. Stevenson. South Third streei i p. m. Election of officers will b are growing gives ihe house a touch DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 29 South Main Stre . Clinton, Indiana of cheerfulness and beauty ccn though it Is storming ami cold RIRTHS Tested Iterlpe. lemon Pie. (l-'or Iwil pies) 1 ij i lips HUL'ar 2 cups boiling water t2 cup lemon Juice 1 tablespoon butter 2 heapicj tablespoon!! flour 4 ce-g yoiks crated rind of two lemons Main street received word this Listening to the radio broadcast-US from Louisville, and n feeling of orror and helplessness fills my 'leart as I listen to tale alter tale .f distress and rescue, then the other side of the picture appears morning from her sister. Mrs. II. W. lilakeman and family of Louisville, that they were sent to Lebanon with held. Fortnightly clnh will meet will Miss (irace O'ltourke, Walnut street. S 0. m. Miss Agnes MrfSInt; Mr. and Mrs. Word D. Lewis of Seymour are the parents of a baby daughter horn Januaiy 21. The Infant, the first child In the family, has been named Rowena Catherine. 2.000 refugees. Mt together flour and sugar, add They left there recently for Wil- boiling water and cook together un ind my heart heats wllh pride and more, Ky., to stay at the home of Mra. Lewis was before her mar faith in my fellow men as they work night and day In th rain and cold Mrs. Blukeniiiii'H mother. Mrs. .1. F. riage Miss Rowena SatierliH. She formerly taught in the Clinton high school. Asklns. Mr. anil Mrs. Wllford Doolin of will be the leader. Moose lodge to meet at hall on nlnekman street at 7 p. m. Colden Star Club- will meet Tuesday, 7:30 p. m.. at the home of Mrs. John Kaster. Crompton Hill, Wednesday T Deal Bridge Club will meet with Mrs. Charles Vogel, South Fourth street, 2 p. m. Wednesday Bridge club will meet with Mrs. L. B. Silverman on j 1 l is smooth. Add I' moll Juice rated rind and ee volks and hut-f r an.l conk iint'l the k. Pour in a 'iake,l era;! and cover will a merin-ue made v.ith the four i whites cliffy beaten-, f.,ur inblespoons sugar and a few drops of lemon Julie. Put in hot oven for a few minutes until meringue is a iM'rat' brown. Watch closely for it I" ea--ily burned. - MA I1TII South Seventh Street have as their guests Mrs. Dunlin's brother, John Mam. Mrs. Elani and children, tmd forgetting self to bring comfort and help to those in distress. Sometimes iliings haiipen to make us lose faith iu our fellow creatures and it taker real disasters such as these to rally show us what is in their hearts ind to bring out what years of civil-zalion and Christain teaching have meant to us. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker of North Twelfih street are the parents of a baby son. Donald Lee, bom January 25. Buy neckties with what it saves i-n'i n-i-rv lo f r0 or mw to f qualitT in milr.e. I..: ii.rinr 1 t'Olli I'aMr-, nia.le tJ llw mUerm I .UrnM- ..(" I )"U iM UtiC tul-e t 23. -N"' ,w it i tan, l-raui:l r and ;.run- U ur H-rtit- M're ,-. feU y-" ""J "k th" LISTERINE TOOTH PASTE 25c (red Tlhhetts. Thursday afternoon. Vr. Tilihelts died Tuesday. ! " " 1 John Ottsky of ChlcaRO in spending the weekend with his parents, lir. and Mra. John Ousky of Vine it reet. Miss Martha Hays, teacher In the Kingman schools, Is spendiuK the eek at the home of her parents, tlr. and Mrs. K. J. Hays, South fourth street. j Mrs. Hays l now aide to he out Ifier belli III for several weeks. I... KNTKKT.MNS rl.l It Mrs. Coen Robertson of .South third street entertained the mem-cm of her bridge club Friday afternoon at her home. 1 Bridge wa splayed at two tables with high score prize awarded to ilr. Harry Moore and travel, Mrs. farl Balmer. I Mrs. Ora Malone of John street Mil be hostess for the next meet Mr. liurdlck. all of Kvansvllle. who have been refugees In Terre Haute since Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. James Massa are the parents of a baby girl horn Thursday. The Infant has not yet been named. Some buttons I needed for the blouse I wore READ THE ADS imt so I went to the Varietv stor They came to fMinlon last night for an indefinite visit. Mrs. Harry Shannon of Vine street plans to leave this evening for Detroit to Join her husband there . She plans to ho gone a week. Mrs. J. F. Swayne of South Fifth street, who has been 111 for tiie past week, Is still confined to her bed. I rf a p nr n f South Fourth street. 2:30 p. m. Thursday Woman's Foreign Mi-sionary Society of file Methodist Chun h wll! meet at the home of Mrs. Roy Staats. Walnut street. 2:30 p. m Mrs. Jessie Douglas will be the assistant hostess. Furnishing society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. W. 11. Nichols. 459 Blackman street. 2:30 p. m. Eagle lodge to meet at hall on South Main street at 7 p. m. The Egyptian Scarab The Scarab is made of many sorts of stones. In many varieties of stone the Egyptians copied the scar-abaeus or sacred beetle. The ancient Egyptians took the scarab beetle for their symbol of creation. They associated the symbol with their god Khepera. who rolled the sun across the sky as the beetle rolled its egg. The Egyptians believed that by wearing the scarab they absorbed the strength c ing In two weeks. II VV7 I Mr. and Mrs. Herman KuhiiH and . .. . . f .. i i.....r,.ii hlltlren, i-;rma nay " lean, of Whltcomb avenue, will Clinton's Most Beautiful Theatre GRAND OPENING Resist With Fortitude Calamities that seem insupportable when looked at from a distance lose half their power if met and resisted vjih fortitu-te impend Sunday 111 .Dana with rela tives. Sunday - Monday - Tuesday TONIGHT SUN. MON. TUES. Fox Movietone News Popeye in I'M IN THE ARMY NOW No Advance in Prices 10c 25c Dorothy Lamour and Ray Milland in THE JUNGLE PRINCESS' "Ace Drummond" Comedy PfCKV iNEPKTUREA THE SURPRISE MUSICAL HIT OF THE YEAR! Rcmtmtxr torn of th sat pictures of tfi past tLt burst upon your corotsouMicM without Ixntfit of advance acJaim.-.That the sort of thrill you'll set when Nino Martini's goIJen voice fills the Kreen in this viviJ, retkless. JaAins musical romance , ti l rl i . I' f .. Al . I ' i GLORIOUS ROMANCE PACED T9 FLAMING ACTION ON AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER! math the moon ol sta iexico...ii unrayiui.". . 111 All the greatnesi of "The Cove-.ed Wagon" and "Cimarron" rises to a triumphant climax in this greate.t of all DeMille's great romances... the never-to-be-forgotten love story of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Ci ' j . 'v, Vk cl Live rts exciting scenes s G-SL cCff. TTk ill : oo illrp UMIttD 1 1 T ' ailH - -"III I " ' " stf'i11""1'1 mm Feel the glory ot deathless love! Mickie Mouse in I'Alpine Climbers" - and - Other Short Subjects CONTINUOUS SHOW SUNDAY STARTING AT 2 P. M. Lower Floor 25c Balcony 20c Children 10c 1JZ

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