The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 20, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Political Announcements VOTE FOR I night with Miss Ruth Lloyd at Fair- mount and attended a surprise given j FOR CONGRESS FOR SALE Monday Storm Hits Fowlerton. This vicinity was visited early Monday morning by a terrific wind storm which did much damage to telephone lines, several poles being blown down. The electric light system was put out of commission Monday evening when a rain and hail storm struck the community, the town being in darkness. Considerable damage was MM -5ra . ,.J Rev. Rhoads by the members of the ! church of which he is pastor. Miss Irene Hancock spent the week end in Indianapolis. Charles Millspaugh and family vis- ited Marion friends Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W ulard Dickerson en- tertained their son Clayton Dickerson ' ,and family at Easter dinner. ! The Wesleyan Methodist church and former resident of Fowlerton, and had many friends here beside several! ; j : j ' ; j FOR AUDITOR Earl (Toby) E. Bugher authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for County Auditor subject to the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. David E, Harris authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for County Auditor subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. Frank Simmons, Jr., authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for County Auditor, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election to be held, on May 2. done three miles ?uth of here when the storcn resembling a tjornado struck j Sunday school gave their Easter pro- ; date for the nomination for congress with force the home of Mr. and Mrs. gram immediately after Sunday school j from the Eleventh Indiana district, Russell Kimes, newly-weds. Windows 1 after which Rev. Everett Mills pastor ; subject to the decision of the Repub-were blown in and the hail and rain j of the church, gave a talk. I lican Primary election, to be held on nearly demolished the contents of ! Mrs. John Osborn, who died at her May 2, 1922. the home. Mr. and Mrs. Kimes ran I home in Fainrnount Friday night, was i for more than a quarter of a mile tp ; the home of Mr. Kimes father for refuge. ; relatives who regret the sad news of ; nouncement of his name as a candi-her death. ' date for the nomination for state sen- Father of Mrs. Owens J Charles Leach and family and Miss ator from Grant county in the Ir.diana Passes Away at Gas City j Elsie Lees attended church at the General Assembly, subject to the de-Mrs. Henry Owens and family were , Harmony Baptist church Sunday and cision of the Republican primary elec-called to Gas City to the bedside of j were guests at dinner at the home of tion to be held on May 2, 1922. her faiV.r. J. P. Gardner. 75, who Elder Will Richards, where they vis- FOR SURVEYOR Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a Republican candidate for j County Surveyor, Grant county, In- diana, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election of Mav 2, 1922. Lloyd H. Kemmer authorizes the announcement of his name as a can-diate for County Surveyor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township. Grant county, announces his name for commissioner from the First District, subject to the Republi can primary May 2nd. Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, Grant county, announces his candidacy for commissioner of the first district on the Republican ticket, subject to the primary election of May 2nd' Second District. James E. Devore, of Sims township, authorizes the announcement of his nanii as a candidate for Commissioner from the second district, subject to the v - ie decision of the Republican Pri- ary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR TRUSTEE Orvi'l? Well nut the an- nouncement of his name as a candi- oate lor renomination ior irustee oi Fairmount township subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held Mav 2, 1922. Joseph A. Holloway authorizes the announcement of his name as a can didate for Trustee of Fairmount . , . . . ... townsnip, suoiecr to tne aecision oi the xJts ,t the RepuWica Prim.ry election to be held May 2. 1922. David G. Lewis authorizes the an nouncement of his name as a candi- date for nomination for trustee of Fairmount township subject to the . . - , decision of the Democratic primary election to be held May 2, 1922. (daughter Zola entertained at Sunday J- i v n -,, 1 umer vir. ana .urs. t,som nmn, aau- fihtor Hazel and sons, William and Llovd. Miss Willma Leach and Delbert Leach spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Beinive Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Leach and familv of "near Hartford Citv spent Sunday rirti Mr. and Mrs. Burr Leach and family, ylla aw.l Wocio Tu-u CT.i-.t t.,. cl-ay shopping in Marion. Mr and Mi-s. Rnscoe Hich and familv and Mr. and Mrs. James Pavne motored to Orestes Tuesday morning r see where the torntdo passed through "Monday evening. Irx,aTldvM,rs- A"??rt .Littl and, MJ"- snd Mrs. Palmer Wood motored to Orestes, Alexandria and "up bv Gas tn to view the wreckage of the tor- TTRdo. Bernice Robertson spent Saturday Tjjght with Marie Hunt. Mrs. Lacy Leach is improving and ' i died soon after her arrival. Funeral services were held at the home at 10 o'clock Saturday, after which the funeral cortege left for Hilton, Va., their old home where interment was mo. Ki- tfco sir?e of his wife, who died sevreal years ago. A son from Indianapolis, and als a son from New York accompanied the body to the boyhood home of the deceased. M. P. Church Gives Easter Entertainment. . The Easter entertainment which was given Sunday - evening at the M P. church was heard by a large audience, the house being filled to capaeitv, while several failed to get in the vestibule which was crowded to the doors. Several small children participated but the program was mostly given Dy larger Fuy. Excelsior class, consisting, of young men and women, gave a pageanx. Loren Wright and Ruth Himelick sang solos. A mixed quartet oonsiting of Mrs. Elmer Myer. Myrtle Mahoney, Ray Lar.c-sdon and Art Jones, gave several selections with Mrs. Ralph PdT-sr.n at the Piano. .MISS .duc sang a solo, the neaumui oia s.ouB -Holy Ciy-. xrith Miss F orence j uome at Former .Mnberai Guests o? S. S. lass. ' Doyt Rich of Adnan coiiepe. no - pan, ana r-ari nun V?' , , -ti fhnr laciV Llovd Helms of DePauw visited the Excelsior c".ass Sunday, the yourig men beine members before entering college. Mrs. Glass the ex-leader, was a visitor also. Mrs. Lena Dick-orenr. the present teacher is very rroud of this class of fine young peo- pie. there beir.g thirty presenx ouu- tanner ior wie " - -',--,i Tothc in the school, UrSe free .,! S -choc Church Notes 1 V 1 '-. There will be preaching services ax v vt-oion rhnrch Sundav evening, me i ri-iw" v-- , Rev. Everett Mills, pastor, m Preaching services ax xne .'i. -church both morning and evening by Rev. Elmer Myers. Senior Endeavor at 6:30 in the evening. . Preaching services at P"nntive Baptist church Saturday afternoon ;1L Intermediate Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. ; - . v KoccrMOTit Endeavor room at Via M P church. Jun:or Endeavor Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock All are invited to at- tend thee meetings. ! I ocal and Personal 1 -r Vr Earl Mien drove to -,lr- RT1?. . J bummit uie V.U-- . Robert Vinson, v fnnn.1 in a r.ravel pit 'west vtinr r that city where he had oeen smce . . r j . . if u i pn fmer resident'' of Summitville WeF6 fWH kcouainted with fhe and 'were wen h deceased rart,enter children eld ihe: vCht. at the home of Mr. A 1ri llSCar wliuchk',." - . . TV IVlTPl The children ox r - t wm Carren- a.l tem,, M " ticCii0 and had , te, cJ from Quarantine f Vet fever a few days. f or sc. . - Charles Mitchiner and iU Miss Mary Leach were Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. B- JT- Va; w c t. u. wm V v;AThrdav afternoon at the meet tnis inui"; . ... m? . Pmm, Davis and Beth Wins- I Miss tmma ija rf . low were 51 i Fl?reSs MaT Salvers and Bertha ! .rthof Fatrmount. visited the Hayworxn oi p churc"h ; Excelsior elas axxn Dickerson. ta ff rter visited Matthews Oifford Carpenter ; friends Sunday eTenm? ,a , , i r Mrtnnpe. Mrs. a a few days "0rtp home 'of her parent, Mr. and Mrs Levi Simons who takes care of f her two children Tf 9TV R. H ardesty , who spent VT the winter with her sister near wn; h thewir to her home here D ansporv, it Sunday. - . r Rn.tnn visited Mrs. Macy - , Wdod ot BOVon; ' .ri . V a her CSrcuw, r t ci Tch last wees. .. I OI tne " in at o js il li day A, the E. as e ed Mr. ivir. Samuel E. Cooks, of Huntineton County, Democratic candidate for Congressman in the eleventh district at the election two years agio, is a candidate for re-nomination, and asks your support at the primary May 2, 1922. Milton Kraus authorizes the an- nouncement of his name as a candi- FOR STATE SENATOR Alfred Hogston authorizes the an- Mrs. Culla J. Vayhinger authorizes i . . ine announcement oi her name as a j -j t . . . candidate for state senator, subject to the decision of the Republican pri- mary election to be held on Mav 1. 1922. rnT? rniTVTV T Lafe H. Ribble. of Fairmount. aii- thonzes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for Countv Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be hel on f;.v o iqoo w r v a.,i.,ii ..i: .l i announcement of his name as a can I ;.t v, v.,; r I rwv- ci.t.; u A;.t ; . v i , cui-.jvvi I V' 1 11V I-lV'il V I L iC Democratic primary election to be hcj Mav 2, 1922. rnR cHrRIrr Frank C Tuke who has served several years as deputy sheriff, and who has seen active service in the U. S. Armv as we as law enforcement -mv fr botfc tv, ct,ta government, authorizes the announce- mer.t of his name as a candidate for nomination tor sherirr of Grant coun- ty. subject to the decision of the Re-' publican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. ' Jacob C. Campbell authorizes the i announcement of his name as a can- didate for the nomination for sheriff, ' subject to the derision rf tbo RonnK. ; 1 prtnr Section to b. heM on , T FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR John W. Pitteneer. of Center town- shlP authorizes the announcement of ' ms nam as a candidate for the nom- ! ina!ln r .9OTnty , Assessor, subject to the decision of the Republican i nrimarv election to be hlrf on Tav- 9 1922 en. Afternoon callers were Mr. and rs- Jake Powell from" Anderson, and I . 1 - n 11... 1 1 r j j ' r- and Mrs. Corlm Shields and son Hubert from Jonesboro. The children of MY. and Mrs. Os- born Bliss, who are ill with whooping cough, are ?ome better. Mr. and Mrs. Cy Allred, of Hart- .-rd Citv Mr. nnrl Airs. Cleti! Stoks ar J daughter cf Gaston, Mr. and Mrs. Uscar Loy and tamiiy, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith and "Mr. and Mrs. Oscar j-v ill i i it 1 1 i . . i r 1 1 in v kii M i At iti MV. Charles Allrcd. Mrs. Charles Jones and son Ralph of Hartferd City, are spending this week with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Howell. Mrs. Ar.cil Win -ow and Mrs. Lin Wilson assisted with the cooking for the supper which followed the G. C. . . . . .. ... L A. track meet at fhe academy Sat- urday. !i LITTLE R1TJGE j II ! - Easter program was rendered at me close of S. S. Miss Eurah "Rat 1 avp a talk to the children .i- it Rev. Hiram Harvey occupied the pulnit Sundav. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harold entertained for Sunday tTmner, Mr. and M.-s. Russel Harvey, Mr. and "Mrs. Earl "Davis, "Mr. and Mrs. George Hasty and their families. Mr. and Mrs. Liman Metcalf -and family ,-f Elwood visited Mr. and Mrs. Denny Winslow Saturday night nd Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Winslow also entertained in their Tumor, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith of Jonesboro, Mr. and Mr. Clint Shugart, Mrs. Araie ?iShur,art MY. and Mrs. John Painter and Mrs. May carter oi manpn. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley at-last Sunday of (tended the funeral Robert Vinson at the residence and vere entertained lor dinneT at tne home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thurs- ton. mixvuie ia?i onmiay Bueniwiii. Mrs. Etta Doherty entertained for Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. John Dare, Miss Cecil Tetrick and Howard Tetrick. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley visited Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Compton east of Gas City Wednesday. GRANT Mr. William A. Lewis, daughter Quindola and son Wessie spent Sun risv with Mr. and Wrs. Palmer Wood and family. Mr. and Mrs. Albert -Little and ; Some like one kind of coal, Others like another kind; But they all like "Blue Jacket,' For sale only by C. C. Brown. LAWN PARK BROOD COOPS $2.50 each. Kelley's. FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. Price FOR SALE White Rock egjrs for hatching, 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, 1 Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. FERTILIZER Car Kelley's. load in stock. FOR SALE: Rural New York Sweet poratoes. Phone 213 Black, 2 rings FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream station. FOR SALE Eggs for hatching. Fishel's Direct. $1.50 for 15. Mrs. S. P. Roberts. FOR SALE Rural New York seed potatoes. Phone 213 Black, 2 rings. FOR SALE Piano box buggy. Will sell cheap if sold at once. Roth Paint Shop. Washington street. WANTED WANTED House cleaning to do. f.. Tl ClwiitVi rrrcito fVio Grist i 1 1 , . ' V 1 Ulllllltj li . ' ' v. milu LOST LOST A new ride curtain for a Foid , between Acadt my and Eighth street and Third and Sycamore, j Finder return to this office. I AGENTS WANTED AGENTS WANTED $100.00 weekly possible through our exclusive representative plan. Fastest selling Ford accessory on market. "Masco" Splash Fender for front of Ford car eliminates rattling of front fenders, prevents radiator, lights and front of car becoming mud splashed, induces greater volume air into radiator, reflects lamp's rays onto road in night driving, beautifies lines of car putting Fnrtl car in higher miced class. The iFord car, being the only car without a splash pan protection, every owner wants this essential attachment. Any nno ran attach fender in tew minutes. . - . . . Retails $6.50. Send $4.00 for agent's sample and contract application for territorial rights. Give references. Mayer Auto Accessaries Corporation, Manufacturers, 333-335 Washington St., Buffalo, N. Y. sai K.SMKN One for city, one lor t county. Men who can earn from $2 000 to $6 000 per year. Sell the ' , . r-maia Pple what they want. Groceries, fend supplies, household necessities, manufactured specialties used daily in every home, sold under our Cus- JL . .. i ru tabJished company, quick sales. Large Profits. Permament and frequent re-neat business. Exclusive territory. No capital needed. our choice of three Company, 1-07, Dayton, Ohio. Codfish is said to be the wprld's aiost eaten fish. Few fish are more -r,i-rlifiv It has been asserted that one weighing seventy-five pounds will contain over 9,000,000 eggs. The od is oractically omnivorous, finding means to supply great schools where ever food of any sort is found. It is found in many parts of the world other than the North American Ibanks," and it is said that it has en fished for by fishermen of northern Eunope since the beginning! rt recorded history and, of course, fin unaccountable centuries before tan begun to make written records, Some stars are sp remote that it takes 40,000 years for their light to reach this earth. SJwcessive seasons of turpentining cause no lowering in strength or rosin content of pine trees. The wearing of gold lace was prohibited to women under the old blue laws of Massachusetts. Braille, the system of writing) invented for the blind, can ba learned There were 0.448.366 farmers in the United States in 1920, 6,898 being Japanese. ited with a niece of Mr. Leach, Miss' ..v.. - , few davs for Marion hospital where she will take trair,W tn j. 7mn h enAL wfisfc will Iadita in i nurse. The second examination for seventh and eighth grade pupils was held here Saturday for those in the town- j ship who failed in the first. j Teachers institute was held here Saturday. School will close next Tuesdav. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS NEW MULBERRY ... . : Miss Estella Davis was the guest j iSS Upal aymire at Hartford i City Sunday. Miss Crystal Williams was the guest of Miss Opal Miller Sunday af-; terr.oon. Mrs. Samuel Laughmgw-ell is on - . . . " . sick list. , Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mittank of Ma- Kimes Sundav. jjrs. John Newby and daughter I uFaa J .ui. uu mine .uiuanis were Lpland Saturday. , Mrs. Eva Arnett and little daugh- er left Wednesday for their home in wren .orth Uakota. Z- , " niu&iv vias this place agam this summer. ! Mr. and Mrs. Watson of Muncie, were the Sunday dinner guests of Liberty Hamilton and familv. i Miss Carrie Kroy and mother were guests at the home of Limon Carter Sui:da M Uoyd Dulinsr her on sister. Mrs. Rv Smith nf Matthews 1 o g. J home north of here and his rarovervi doubtful. ! Llovd Kibv was home over Sundav ! . . irom .Muncie .Normal. Mr and Mrs Hunter are ywts of Allcn Morman and family j ! - ; i! f OAK RIDGE I! Miss Edna Whybrew spent Thurs- ( night with Miss Florence Cox Frances Davis. Florence Dohertv, Dolcras Hollowav, Mildred Scott, Harold Goodvkoontz, Wavne Haisley, Vaughn Powers, Rilev Scott, Walter Whvbrew, wrote on the eighth grade examination at Radley. : Miss Dolores Hollowav spent Fri- i - niVt t;.-o TTl i Mr. and Mrs, Earl HenTy called on ' latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. , Garner Sundav. r- -i i r i n . l i i . r. rt t-i n I hrvTvrq it n n Mr. and Mrs. E. their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. : Blanchard Davis and daughters Fran-: Rnd Kexis and M Addie Wins- low. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Winford Thomas and, Al -r.A Tr-r VA ' v. " "" ; Howell Sunday. Mrs. Anna Haisley and family call- ' on Mr. and Mrs. Ben Milikan of ; 1 I Marion Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. David Cobert and daughter Jennie called xm Mr. and Mrs. fc.. t . Hol!oway isunaay nignt. Mrs. Elzma Campbell is on the sick j list. - ! Mr. and Mrs. Bundy of Marion, ' and Mrs. Jesse Haisley called on j j i i Mr. and Mrs. Callie Scott, daughter MildreJ n Riley called wn Mr and Mrs. Fred Haisley Sunday afternoon. Clyde Prine was awarded second place in the boys county declamatory contest. Mrs. Bertha Moon, son John Wilson nd Miss Clista Haisley called on Mrs. Gladys Howell at Marion Thursday, Hmon M anJ anu ii is. .iiinur uunci iv. family called on Mr. and Xrs. Will i Vetors of Fairmount Sunday. - BACK CREEK H i J Ralph Edwards has returned home! from Alabama, where he taught nvet trintar t r. titi TT?slev Mrs. Linus Haisley who has been ' Mrs. Oliver Sprong is visiting her . . . . . T Marfe Smitn spent Sunday afternoon Miss Mary Thomas, Arthur Payne spent S.unday with pypr meeting was held at the home q Mf anJ M Qtto Henley last week. Miss Elizabeth Henley as ,der Uelvin Barkdill. Mr an(J Mj E Howen entertained at dinner (Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Knight and sons, Chalmers Mi Thurlow, Mr. and Mrs. Winford Thomas and son Roger, Mr. and Mrs. ir.i a ma ta i.;umii ri-iB mvA Mary xrr anj Mrs, Charlie Jpnes and ry. Mr. ana Mrs, iname Jpnes ana on TUlph. and Mr. and lira, George Howell and children Howard and Hal- ! j 1 JUDGE 1 SAMUEL E. COOK OF HUNTINGTON CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESSMAN for the Eleventh District on the Democratic ticket at the primary election to be held May 2, 1922 McDonald's ODORLESS BEEF SCRAPS Recommended by Purdue University. For sale exclusively at Kelly's Feed Store Ky Tested, (Ha ussa r it- y State I legist ort'd OlTOMKTIilrS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion PEOPLE FOR WHOM THE BEST ! IS NONE TOO GOOD Are always the most enthusiastic concerning the excellence oi our DRY CLEANING and DYING We have one of the mo: t efficient REMODELING DEPARTMENTS in the country. Furs transformed into the mode very quickly. Men's and women's f-.nrments altered in any way desired. We dye fur skins and remodel them in any way. We tailor make mcr.'.i or ladies suits, $50.00 up. Latest styles. We pay S2JJ0 railroad fare on every custom-made suit ordered from us. Send goods parcel post. We have no agents. THE TEASDALE CO. 625-627 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist -X-RAY- Rooms over Posloffice Hours 8 lo 11:20 a. m. 1 u 5 p. E. B. COUCH DENTIST . Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to S PIANO TUNINH VOICING, ACTION REGULATOR D. M. HEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonableDrop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 22S. T0U CANT BURY AN ADVES. TISEMENT IN THIS PAPER, Tim i? able to bo up and aiymnd some. jways tp sell. "Quick-Starting I: fan Mr. and Mrs. James Payne enter- finances you, no waiting for commis-tnined at Sunday dinner, Mr and Mrs. Th we want may be em-Ferry l,Vood and Logan Holder. io"n . . . Mr. John Hasty who was killed in! ployed but we make it worth their a tornado Sunday night -near Lafay-jfhile to change. Write today for -ette, was a former resident of this your city or county. The E. C. Har- Mrs. Sarah Carpenter was a i on u .js &smeyl9Lt improVed. J Mr. and Mrs. Fay Anderson and Sundav afternoon at the home of mt. Mrg Gnt BaTkdun called on Mrs. daughter Mary Anne and Mr and nd Mrs. Huerh Deeren. Mrs. a0 Charles Malone one afternoon last Mrs. Frank Anderson and family vis-Deeren or "Grandma," as she j ited their parents at Alexandria last known to her friends, has been vn Several from this pace attended Saturday night and Sunday. veVv poor health for some time. the Gnt Couny track and field Mr. Henry .tTord attended the Versie Couch, who was Para1" meet at the Academy Saturday. j funeral of Mrs. John Huston at Sum- ErVLyZ s... with his cousin, Melrin Tiarkdull. "Mrs. Rachel Tomlinson and family, east of Summitville, aTe victims of sm11 pox. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. "Payne took Sunday dinner with Mr. nd Mrs. Ed Ribelin. Mr. and Mrs. John "Roberts who were in fhe trrnado path were formerly t)f this -neighborhood. The wind did quite a lTt of damage Monday morning to "Mr. Covalt's buildings and tjuite a number of trees were !lown down in the neighborhood. Mr. William "Lewis had a part of his l am roof blown off Monday morning ?" the storm end in the evening a win-(. iw was broken and fpme trees were 1 '.own down. The little green plant lotrse, known Oil stock that proved to Te worthless, led an "investor" to write a letter of complaint reeently to the United States geolpgieal survey. The victim called himself "one of the many misfortuners of oil frauding, and told the Washington officials that "the company is incorporated at $2,000,-000." Rosewood is a commercial term used to describe dark-colored woods of many disinct varieties of trees. now to maKe usable products Horn industrial waste is a course in the chemical engineering department of iko University of Wisconsin. from the effects oi aipiu - ." y . , , ;;rr for some ume . attended Easter services Sunday eve ning. Although Miss Couch is nox well she is greatly improved. . Ovid Feeder of Marion was J Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Simons. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Lotus Caskey and children, Rxtth and Martelle, were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caskey. , , ' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahoney were the guests of Charles Brown ana family at Fairmount Sunday. i rT; who has employment at Elwood, spent Sunday with nit family here. . j Miss Elsie Lees spt Thursday WS IS READ TUnCUGIL

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