The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 29, 1937 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1937
Page 8
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Friday, January 29, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE EIGHT That Fatal Louis Flaw Missouri Murals Stir Protest CLASSIFIED APS One Opinion FOR WtfAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh FOR RENT Two unfurnished basement rooms In modern home, ideal for living purposes or storage. 158 North Fifth Street. Reasonable rent. 170 NEW YORK, Jan, 29 As fifteen Three room house. References, quire 421 Walnut Street. thousand alert and relentless students of applied anatomy stnre very 172 Rates (or Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: Sc for each reading line (on column line, like Qoe of these). Nest two day Insertion: the lame Ic charge (you net three day at double the foet of the flrat day). Neit three days Inaertlon: the unit le charts (you get a whole week, all days, at three tlniea the tot! of one inaertlon). Keen group of three dare thereafter. Ic a line. Week Knc (like tble), 10 pet Mae. learnedly down Into the surgical room. Hlackman t72 Sleeping Street. "well" at Mndlson Square Harden. LEGAL NOTICES All -I Ifll mAm Including rtaras and notices of all kind must M. f Ptego Blvem jj, -; 1 ? 3 f - 1 .-, I f i i if ! ' M f' - , i v. , j f f f i j ; i f J ' ' is X I I ;: ' In i V 7 ' .-?- cfl v -X w flllsoiirl state eapttol Gov. Uoyd Stark 1 1 j Prof. Joe Louis will conduct another of his series of Interesting experiments upon what Is known as the genus guinea pigea tonight. The professor Is always Interesting. He has what the medical profession knows as a "glass Jaw" and one never is quite certain whether the subject will arise, take up bin bed and pink the learned professor upon the countenance while the experiment Is in progress. The subject tonight is a party known as Boh Pastor who not only promises not to submit to the operation but even suggents that the professor Is a bum who wouldn't know a scalpel from a bodkin. The odds of 5-1 declare that the said subject. Pastor, is 0 hum himself but there's Just enough be paid In advance esceot tnnsa rrttular customer whose account re paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills most be allowed before bring paid. In U Utter ease the person asking the piilillratloa of the notice will be held rcsponsllile for Its payment. .liSl' i X OAl Business Services BEAD THESE ADS EVERT DAT for late buying and aelllng NOTICK! Notice Is hereby given that Pete Voto. Special Representative of Department of Financial Institutions In the state of Indiana In charge of the liquidation of the Wabash Bulld-Inr and Loan Company. Clinton. Indiana, did on the 2ith day of January file his second current report, as such Special Representative. In the Vermillion Circuit Court of the liquidation of the Wabash 'Building and Loan Company, which accounting covers the period from July 1. 136. up to and including December 31. 1936. Said Department hy said Special Representatives now fixes the date of Kenruary 27th, 1937. npon which such accounts will be heard and determined by the Court and any creditors, shareholders or other person tntereKted may on or before the 23rd diy of February. 1937, file objections in writing to such account with the Court. Upon said February 27th. 1937, the Court will hear and determine such objections, if any are filed, and pass upon ruch account. i Dated this 2'ith day of January. 1937. PETE VOTO, Sne-ial Representative of the Department of Financial Institutions in charge of the liquidation of the Wabash Building and Loan Company. Clinton, Indiana. Colonel C. Sawyer. Attorney for Department of Financial Institutions. 126-2S-3037 JOE LOUIS, "'GUT BC KAiOCKEP OFF BV AMV . G-AMr -xxjve rruou umA good BisKr- iTwGtfT at PAfroa. douht about the matter to produce an element of Technical Interest. In other words, they think the nrofessor is a hum, too, but are not his two years of profes- j California's "path of gold ias silent quite certain that Pastor Is the prop Cooper, runner-up In the National lion fighting muddling arqjind with DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO lind you and your particular type of .ervlceT Tell them! A want-ad costs very little. - ODDS-AXD-EXDS MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. er subject to determine Just how such as Steve Dudas, Eddie Simms many bums may he In view to and Ray Impelllttiere, which is like night. It Is the general Idea that bringing a mug up from class B and match play open two years ago, promised to improve upon the 72-one over par that be shot in the first IS yesterday. Cooper's 72 was good enough to maintain ,his lead in California medal sweepstakes competition al asking him to pitch to Ruth. Not since Diego Rivera stirred a storm of criticism throughout the ?rt world several year, ago with an exhibit at Radio City, nassuch 1 commotion been aroused n, that fomented by Thomas Benton, creator of the new murals In Missouri's house of representatives. His choice of subjects has brought protests from those who believe he failed to represent adequately "the grand old slate of Missouri . IT S NOT HOW MUCH IXSI. R-AXCE we can sell. It's how much you actually need. Robb and Gtl-mour. Ml Houtb Main Street. Phone is. an extra bum will produce confusion and only serve to complicate the situation. The professor's recent experiments have not been at all encouraging in this connection. He has heen knocked by Schmel-Ing and rocked by F.ttore and Brescia, with the result that even a though Ed Dudley of Philadelphia, who shot 69 yesterday cut the Chi-cagnan's lead of 5 strokes established at Sacremento, to two strokes. DATTV IlFRfl IN TOURNEY FINAL WHKV VOIR MOTOR LOSES lis pep belter have a complete Inspection of the ignition system. Urlve In. J. L. Horney-Robert Battery Company. 22-22s Mulberry Street, Phone it. Humpty Dumpty like Pastor is given COOPER HAS IT ALL DOPED OUT SAN1 FRANCISCO, Jan. 29. Lighthorse Harry" Cooper, pro of the Clen Oak country club at Chicago, today teed off in the final IS holes of the 36-hole qualifying round In the San Francisco National match play open confident he would win the tournament and the $1,000 extra prize for the "kingpin" of a chance. Beret Mean Something In the Pyrenees the beret, popular headgear because of its convenience, has significance. So much so that they dedicate festivals to it, and the Basques consider it so highly that they never remove it when salutirg fnend The distance is ten rounds, the Kind Deeds "One kir.d deed a day" is all right as a starter, but not as a house will do better than 75,0'in and the betting at last is reasonable. PI XTA CORDA. Fla., Jan. 29 Patty Berg. Minneapolis school girl, and Kathryn Hemphill, Columbia, a c Carolina sute 'champion, will Takes Gasoline Fiom Water Gasoline can be removed from water by pouring the mixture into a 200-mesh sieve. Owing to the difference in surface tension, the gasoline passes through while the water is retained. REPAIR PARTS FOR ANY make of car. A convenient, money-savin service for the public. A. Damn. It had been 12-1, which was fnnane. and went to 3-1 which was silly, and now is 5-1. which is normal. Pastor meet today in the finals of the Char Press Barrage Centers On Sloan KLAT TIRE! TELL 18 where your car Is parked. We II get the tire, return It quickly. Phone 540. Clinton Auto Wrecking Company, "ERNIE 8". lotte Harbor women's goll tournament-. A 40-foot putt that hit the cup from the edge of the green gave Patty a one-up victory over Jane Cotbrane. Oretrvllle, S. C. on the 2tb hole after she had trailed by two boles at the 13th. Miss Hemphill entered the finals with a 6 and a victory over Jean Bauer Providence, R. I. Why Didn't You Tell Me This ... YOL'R FfRXITL'RB AND woodwork can be trimmed with transfer patterns to match drapes or runs. See our line of Sargent Enamels. Marshall and Son. Phone 2. THE DEFINITION OF A P.AROAIN is "price plus quality." You'll find a mariroum of both in BLACK BETTY NO. i VEIN' coal. Harley Huffman. Phone 10. FOR SALE Bowling Results Harry t7' Work mare and mine pony. Brown, Bosedakr. Ind. MYSTERY USED CAR S A L E I hileo radio. I. 127 Water St. t7 13 V motor and 1 1-ton rear end. 4 North Tenth street. t7 Fat hens 41 pounds up. Dreseed frew. Mrs. J. T. Carlin. t71 ATIO?f AL LEAOI B fHamu Colombo 12 H Murdock " " Brazukas 1' J Ave l "! Five burner Florence Oil Ranee. 112 SO: I'sed Majestic Ranre 24.5: need Sooth Bnd Malleable Range. 2: used all Enameled flange. 127 50; used heater in per-tw-t condition. $25. Kayoe-Frazir Company. t7l Arriving in New York from Washington, foUowmg ukp"ridLit strike peace conference Alfred P. Sloan, Jr fleft, P" ri General Motors, is besieged by reporters, f??01 prospects, Mr. Skn hopes for an er!y settlement of the .tnkc 17S 1? 23 17 ICS gr,s 172 15 141 17 17 71 Wasn't Just a Fake ? ? ? Bennttti 1 Totals 7 "ss Indianapolis News Rj-rauda . 12S 124 Homey 12 12 Mattioda 14l Timmerman 127 125 romh, 175 143 Uanriir-an 71 71 Pro Tennis Game Comes of Age baoy Cbkki In addition to our ova hatch, we can secure chicks from Parts. Standard and Eoekville at no advance over prices a, the hatcheries. Get our prices before hnymc chicks anywhere. Reader's Feed gwre. Pbon 15S-W. sch. EiWwrtfa Vtoe m4 Yn Terry Totals 772 732 S5S - ...... ' t" ... Notice The picture 111 South l'h. i t71 Cfca!fu nan lives at HUtko. Tesaco Oilers Frazier 120 131 Hmnc 170 175 Gilfor 13 123 Kamm , 211 Mills I 15 Handicap 21 SI WANTED FfrtRTH. nmi At WITH 'Kt BRAZIL BUK-K MI-WHIE OM.IXA. FHOE wl-VI. 172 14 145 113 143 133 31 ( HI 13 151 14 15 READ THESE DETAILS In order to reduce our big stock of used car to make way for new models, we have adopted a sensational plan. Every car in stock has been marked down to rock bottom. In addition, each day we are selecting one of these car to be the Mystery Car. Cn this machine the sale price is slashed without regard for costs. As soon as a Mystery Car is sold another take its place. If unsold, a hew Mystery Car take its place in the morning. We never know and you never know when just the machine you have been wanting become the Mystery Car. Come in and save. That's what a good friend wanted to know this moming. It seems he had presumed that our Mystery Sale wu a lot of "hooey." But yesterday a good used car he has been mildly interested in was the Mystery Car. He didn t come in end he missed the chance of a lifetime. This b the Car He Wanted (Yesterday' Mystery Car) 1934 FORD V-8 Standard Coach Good tire and pane. A clean car with 35,000 actual miles. It was formerly priced at $385. Its price mi Mystery Car was $249. So our friend is convinced now and so are the other smart car buyer who have taken the trouble to come in. There' no "catch" in this sale. Totals ... c. r. Mnnwiy r- Uoore 1T 17 Tae 1 l'-i Boll 173 221 r. to-l.l-kr 17 14 B While 157 157 (45 iI 124 Totals TrthwBe-eiiar led 14 V. Asbary 145 M-!ung U r.amk 117 PAID NOTICES la ut Mrs. fcffi Aader- va. a to depart .4 tins lite three ear aao todi-y. H-r a title y and iws!y taul are ii lit to ewnle Kuauea lieve some tin 'twill all nriil; u t! i lte m-ill uot say far we'd fc-jt just good-aurbt Hi-dy suid ty tiiad For Sale or Trade Tin good w4 irvti to traO f" cosl. Ciitiuia At Campaur. t" 144 Its 154 1 lt 11 III 145 114 112 132 James Totals 7 l! tlkwum U f'v. I -- :yf . 1 y r f .... J " - I i ',' I ' ' ;-. f . r - 1 ; H. V i - ; i -y . .-'- ... I V I 4 . f I 7 I t I I t. JgkU TlMw ' f I " - I 0 I - L ? Dwwaid Bdt"e ,C f. BereHdre 14 14 ' leverxlge 14 13 KatiaoB 12 15 fmberneck 127 144 Knott 134 134 Haaaieap fcl 22 WANTED TO BUY l-arr mi si bla- wad and trtu eaael PnoBe 522-14. 71 IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO TAKE ADTANTAGE OF THIS SENSATIONAL SALE OF BETTER USED CARS There Will Be More Mystery Cars Tomorrow! Don't Make the Mistake of Failing to See Them 14 1 135 124 142 "l 73 I I I I 142 13 ; llj 15 I 122j 141 113 ; 144 1, 4 For Sale Coal Totals 74 733 pjsvfcange flmh Rt:tt 142 142 Chf-k .- m 15 Heyarry 17 1! Inwtra 11 1 Mills 222 17 Totals 74 t!7 C'wiawiaslwe fuvea Bvsdi 14! 11 PHE !- for Brazil Be. l: 25 l; h ta. 12 "S tv-4-b vu. tl 25 l. H D. Ham"- Cl.llWS tJ ;utr 11 14 Cuud eke coal, phone 7-W. 5' HK KTH VOt COL. l a.TVKK'SAL. V. grk-kky 157 15 FefKl II 1JI Lsnzjne . ... It lk( Haadieap 44 (4 Ml SMI . 41. A. CO. Phone 2 JACKSON MOTOR 231 Blackman Street M. IttOSE . 4Mtf Totals 131 152 77 Tbt nucceas of the tour now bring staged by IM profesmonai uruna L beaded by Eus.onh Vine, and Fred Ferry, poasihiy toe tunouomt two players as the world tooay forecasts a drastic change ka tne net game rh bereUifore bs Un almost exciimveiy aa msur wport. The pro game re.ved its br ma v.-hen fall Tuora orarrteo tir ranks m lilL Donaia Budge, now No 1 nr.lii paver Lruled fctates. ut reported U be tne in buaers of Ui pro gam ae to an go tec OtAUd FOUND Forty per cent of u earth a tur-bec lies wiuan to tropics. pBitler Will. wan it tia-k svirtjt. jtii kry atrvnu H2'

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