The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 17, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1922
Page 3
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ROAD OF AMBITION WITH CONWAY TEARLE IN LEADING ROLE Political Announcements authorizes the announcement of his nam j as a candidate for Commissioner from the second district, subject to the decision of the R?publican Primary election to be held May 2, 1922. HOME TOWN Great Selznick Picture Announced to j FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Be Shown at the Royal Theatre Tuesday Night FOR CONGRESS Samuel E. Cooks, of Huntington County, Democratic candidate for Congressman in the eleventh district at the election two vears acm n FOR SALE John W. Pittenger, of Center township, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for County Assessor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on Mav 2, 1922. Frank Simmons, Jr., authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for County Auditor, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election to be held on May 2. FOR SURVEYOR Frank W. Whte. "The Road pf Ambition" is the apt- It J ; a.z . r .-- candidate for re-nomination, and asks 4SELLING', ONE'S HOME TOWN j first Selznick Picture, which is an- Some like one kind or coal, Others like another kind; But they all like "Blue Jacket,' For sale only by C. C. Brown. jnouneed as the feature attraction at your support at the primary May 2, 1922. Milton Kraus authorizes the announcement of his name as a candi- i ma irame as a canai- m - 9 Va u- thorizes the announcement of bis name as a Rennbl Work That Should Be Considered Duty as Well as Mark of Good Citizenship. FOR TRUSTEE Orville Wells authorizes the announcement of bis narnp ri5 si ranHi. the Royal Theatre for Tuesday night. The story, which is from the pen of Elaine Sterne, one pf the most prolific writers of screen material, County Surveyor, Grant county, In- t x-xT linn- mTr LAWN PARK BROOD COOPS $2.50 date for the nomination for congress t- 11 1 f 11 T7" 1 T i - ..... each. from the Eleventh Indiana Eleventh Indiana Kelley's district, 'Sana subject to the decision of the the decision of the Repub- e?J?.l,can Pnmary election of May subject to date for renomination for Trustee of Fairmount townshin suhioct to tb 2, 1922. lican Primary election to be held on Price decision of the Republican primary FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. iuay z, iyzz. j deals with the career of a young man who, although without friends, money or education, is inspired by the un-Iquenchable fires of ambition. He is, Nowadays, before Its salesmen an placed on the road by any of our larger concerns they are given a course In salesmanship. They are first mad acquainted with the article they are to sell, they are clven Us talklne point. FOR SALE White Rock egps for hatching. 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. FOR STATE SENATOR Alfred Hogston authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for state senator from Grant county in the Indiana General Assembly, subject to the de- or made to see its worth and value, to (large steel mill. He conceives the Lloyd H. Kemmer authorizes the announcement of his name as a can-diate for County Surveyor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township, Grant county, announces his election to be held May 2, litSll Joseph A. Holloway authorizes tha announcement of his name as a candidate for Trustee of Fairmount township, subject U the decision of the voters at the Republican Primary election to be held May 2, 1&22. David G. Lewis authorizes the announcement of his name as a candi FOR SALE Will sell cheap if sold i XUJ$ TVV ; idea how to utilize a hitherto waste ) by-product of the inon ore and, the i scheme being practical, it is adopted j I by the company which employs him. j i His fortunes rapidly rise in conse- j At once. Roth Paint Shon. Wash I name for commissioner from tbp ington street. the announcement of her name as a can primary May 2nd. the consumer, and then they are allotted their territory. Selling a town Is pretty much like selling goods. You must know first of all the advantages of your town, yo-i must be able to tell the outside world what It has in the way of advantages and then you must dwell on those talking points. Your territory Is large, fo any place in the world you go you can spend a few minutes "selling"' your town which means nothing eise but boosting It. Citizens should learn the great ad cannlnarc Tor stato wnatnr ciihit 4- date for nomination for trustee of for nomination for trustee of the decision of the Republican quence, but he still realizes his lack ' 0 t - . of polish and education. i l?"JTc Bl3Ck To overcome this social defect he ' Ash Coal- Loy & Son, engages the daughter of a society ; FERTILIZER Car foad in stock, woman who has met with financial j Kelley's. reverses. But the woman is a clever .. riJ Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, j Grant county, announces his candi- j Fairmount township, subject to the A . dacy for commissioner of the first ! decisipn of the Democratic primary mary election to be held on May ! 1922. district on the ReDublican tickpt. election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR COUNTY CLERK schemer, and she plans to marry him FOR SALE Nu-Wa-Cleaner for your subject to the primary election of May 2nd. Second District. James E. Devore, of Sims township, spring cleaning. Mrs. Br Lafe H. Ribble. of Fairmount. au- in order to get his monev. Failing ' - - - vantage to be derived from being able iii.i,.c- m ue unoeti irom wing ame For very low a thermometer has been invented in which gas it used instead of mercury. "j . , , i - . , , . ....... in tfcic i,; -i . thorizes the announcement of his 1 2 , ; 1 1 V'e mro,;,auTamagesor " 2 Yl FOR SALE Rnra 1 KW vi, ?ani as candidate, for nomination for County Clerk, subject to the de- a residents here, of telling others ex- m business, socially, and m the field actly why they prefer to live here to of politics, which he has recently en- potatoes. hone 213 Black, 2 rings icision of the Republican primary elec havir.g a ho:ue anywhere else. The tprvl Th tion to ie neia on ilay 'Z, 1922. an,i . , .. , , ... . , ,r . j r vJti sALJb Cultured buttermilk and and and man who can talk up bis town, ce mind, but in the end Bill Mat- cottage cheese at Cloverleaf Cream ' Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the station. j annciiutment of his iiamo as a cr.n- oiaa.e ior nomination for Count v , J 1 . Bir thews achieves the heights of his am- admired, no matter In what part of the , , . .. . , . . bition through the love of a true girl. country he may be or m what com pan v ; ... , he Is thrown. Home-town pride is the ! M,?s Sternes inspiring theme has f i ,.:.! ,,i . been lavishlv stacftl bv Wm T S ! Clerk, subject to the decision of thr LOST Republican primary election to be hel on May 2, 1922. W. P. VanArsdall authorizes th 1 'hum ,ui"ll l'l 1 Ul All lil!', :5 i l vi : - ...... - people j10 hear ynu reciting the mer- i Earle, and the Selznick studios have LOST OR STOLEN Bicycle, blue Its of the place In which you live provided the following superb cast of i and white frame, rubber grips and naiurauy take u tnat an the otner cm- players: Florence Dixon, Florence; pedals, bmwn seat. Reward fnr in. . - - l w lens are doing the same thing, and Billir.r.. Gladden James, Tom Cook, formation. Call Fred Haisley. 121, announcement of his name as a can ididate for the nomination for County j Clerk, subject to the decision of the j Democratic primary election to be . V V 1 ,rt 1Ve Tom McQuire and AcVlf Milar Start out LUbl o0x3l2 tire, rim. tail litrbf. ! 1,1,1 at o imo license plate 222929 combined, S,at- j j urday. Finder notify Miss Florence FOR SHERIFF now to "sell" your town, wherever you go. Learn Its advantages, learn to tell about them in an interesting way, and edge right in at every opportunity and tell about those advantages. Indiana Labor Journal. Cox. Phone 1512 Red. Frank C. Tukey, who has served sovernl vcas as dertutv sheriff, and ! who has seen active sorvic in tha II FOUND : S. Arr.r". nr. vt-!l .is V.w r r 'V--i MOTHERS' SOCIAL AT FRIENDS CUHRCH. A social and address to the mothers of the Primary and Cradle Roll departments of the Friends Bible school will be held at the church, Tuesday afternocn, April IS, from 2 to 4 o'clock. Program Devotional Elizabeth Rush. Solo Loora Bogue. iwork for both the state and federal iuiiv iur uowi me siaie ana leoera rnnvn v -v 1 fUUAU iear Oak Ridge, purse government, authorizes the announce containing change. Owner can bavo r.icnt of his name as a candidate for by identifying and paying for adv. Miss Florence Cox. nomination for sheriff of Giant county, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. FOR RENT Ger-as I Columbia Dry Batteries crc ii'r.iicrzclly used bcczzicc- They cost so little, are so easy to ob-tain, are so powerful, and last so long. That's why they are used everywhere for every battery need. It's why dealers all around you carry Columbias to meet your demands electricians, hardware stores, general stores, auto supply shops, garages, implement dealers. For doorbells, buzzers, heat regulators, alarms, etc.; for gas engine and tractor ignition ; for quick starting ignition on non-self-starting Fords; for every purpose, always insist upon Columbia. GARDEN TO RENT Nina Davis Jacob C. Campbell authorizes tha announcement of his name as a can- Address Alice Ratliff, "The man mother and her children hare known them." Social hour and refreshments. property, West First street. ' didate for the nomination for sheriff, WANTED j subject to the decision of the Repub i lican primary election to be held 01 on 1 1 The worWs most famomg dry battery. Used where group of trndrrujual cells u needed. Fahmetlock Spring Clip Binding Potts ml no extra charge Columbia Dry Bat teries work better and l.".st longer tot tells and buzzers for thermoatata fur ti engines foe ignition on the Ford while starting for dry battery light-ins; in closet, cellar, arret, barn, etc. CANADIAN CITY LOOKS AHEAD Example of Oshawa in Barring Narrow Lots as Dwelling Sites Should Be Followed. The Oshawa town planning commission has resolved that in future no subdivision plans with building lots of less than 43-foot frontage will he sanctioned. Oshawa will be fortunate if It succeeds in controlling the future development of Its suburban area according to the enlightened ideas of the commission. The town has already a city population and, as a growing industrial center, will spread beyond its present boundaries. Many cities find it too late to remedy conditions which could have beeo forestalled by a little provision and public spirit. Private greed, uncontrolled by public authority, has deprived the majority of city dwellers of a healthful al WANTED House cleaning to do. MaT 2 1922- AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION MEETS AT MATTHEWS. Jefferson township unit of Grant : County Agricultural Association held ; Mrs. Del Smith, opposite the Grist j mill. FOR AUDITOR Earl (Toby) E. Bugher authorizes the announcement of his namp as a to launder. its regular monthly meeting, Thurs- ... . v-,,. : j . , . ... ,ArsTLD Curtains day evening at the town hall in Mat-, T,u . , . . , . 1 hone 277. thews. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the attendance was not i . : I candidate for nomination for County I Auditor subject to the decision of the j Republican Primarv election to be j held on May 2, 1922. I David E. Harris authorizes the 'announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for County (ScDfltmimiilbiiai so large as usual and O. W. Flora, who was to have given a talk, was unable to be present. However, the pooling of this year's crop of wool Wiry: EBatitaries lowance of light, air and ventilation, to was discussed and also the binder ! Auditor subject to the decision of the m -af ' Republican primary election to be say nothing of garden space, by crowd- twine proposition. The meeting was Ing the houses together, even in tbe devoted only to business matters. held on May 2, 1922. imuM n me oounuiess Frame, wnere land would be the cheapest commodity In s'.gbt but for real estate manipulation. If Oshawa will continue the policy of Its town-planning commission It will be an example and a reproch to other cities which have neglected their ci portunitit s. Toronto Globe. , Spying on the night habits of mice and ,-ther small rodents is now occupying the attention of Vernon Bailey, of the biological survey of ; the department of agriculture. He : lets some of them sleep on a sleep-S ing porch and flashes a light on them ;at various times. Others spend the Eyes T Vstvtl, (i lasses Fit-tet! !y Slate I Jeritem IT MHTi:iSTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South S:de Square Marion n Community Garages In Duluth, Why tonic value is in this yeast Community garages, says Popular evening with him in the library. An- i r l- : . , 1 , , ... . . .ntusui .uaS;uiuc, uae own iniro- j other lot he has placed in a room at Vluced In Duluth, Minn., which show ' outdoor temperature so that he can some decided advantages over the usu-UlJld out how th hibernate for the al Individual garage. Ith the aid of jntg,. good architecture and landscape gar- j dening the structures add to the ap- J . i Yeast Foam Tablets are made entirely of pure whole yeast the richest source of the tissue-building vitamin The amazing tonic properties of yeast, that they will aid assimilation, promote and its consequent popularity every- growth and the formation of firm, where, have offered opportunities healthy tissue, and that through these which patent medicine makers and processes you will experience an ener-others have been quick to capitalize. gizing and generally upbuilding eSect The resultinE flood of so-called vita VOTE FOR jx?a ranee 01 tne neignnornooa, aca tack yards are left free for gardens and playgrounds. A saving Is made In the cost of constructing buildings and driveways, and the heating problem is simplified. A single plant heats all the rooms most economically and all rooqrs are kept at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees even In the severest winter weather. There is a solid wall between each group of four rooms. The otlfer partitions are of concrete to a height of three feet and of palvanized wire netting the rest of the way to the ceiling. The construction Is of hollow concrete blocks, metal lath and cement plaster. min preparations reveals many products which contain precious little yeast v and insignificant quantities of vitamin. Remember these facts It is of utmost importance to you to re- ' member that Yeast Foam Tablets are Take Yeast Foam Tablets for these conditions Yeast Foam Tablets, which are so rich in the tonic and tissue-forming vitamin, . are recommended for loss of appetite; indigestion; lack of physical strength. Make Last Year's Suit Do Many times Dry Cleanings Pressing and Repairing will give your garments many seasons wear. Dirt 'gets in the fabric and if it is not removed at times, the garment will wear out quicker, and besides this service keeps your clothing looking new. Watch For The White Truck. made entirely of pure whole yeast j . j vaoi and energy; anaemia; skin disorders; - O J 1 HIM, MUU UlSUlUtiS that thpi ,Vd, an1 jr. K. i. . v L,. J actual test to be both high and uniform tamin deficiency and general ill health that frifV am onrlnreal Vvtr Irrwram 9G wiin Innm" j - j j iaum w amauwwu ,wxAi 1 LlvJIlr. uicuiLu scientists ana tnat tnev are ine namp Yacf T,u , : - wwA a. auxmsy i made by yeast experts, the world's your protection. It is your guarantee ol purity and hnown vitamin CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the relatives and friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy shown us during the illness and death of i Mary E. Powers, beloved wife, mother and gjrandmother. Especially Rev. s S. A. Albw and Rev. J. J. Coleman for their words of consolation, the singers for the beautiful songs and the , friends for the use of the machines. Adams and Hubert the undertaker, for their kindness and efficient service bo ' the family. Also every one for the j largest manufacturers of dry yeast. By virtue of these facts you are definitely assured that Yeast Foam Tablets have an exceedingly high tonic value and that is what you really want. Youmay take them with the positive knowledge The Brown Laundry And Dry Cleaning- Co. U A. McNEIL, Apent. potency. Ask for this yeast by its full name. There is nothing just the same or "just as good." Get a botde from your druggist today. Northwestern Yeast Co Chicago ' Maker of the famous baking yeaajg. Yeast Foam and Magic Yaaat beautiful floral offerings. Geo. W. Powers. Milton Powers, Oscar Powers and family, June Zimmer. JUDGE SAMUEL E. COOK OF HUNTINGTON " CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESSMAN for the Eleventh District on the Democratic ticket at the primary election to be held May 2, 1922 PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. HKADRICK 410 No. Main St. SEE 7 t One noticeable difference between tha. TTr.itH) P"TitM and Enron i fbaf FAIRMOUNT -this country is printing less money. Charges reasonable Drop a card and roston iranscripu 1 win rail, city or country. Phone 225 a"ssss""ssassssassmsssssasjsaissjsjsBssT,

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