The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, January 29, 1937
Page 6
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Friday,' January 29," 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE SIX THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found fd 111 "LUXURY MODElcH&l Behind the Seen i In Established as Tbe Weekly CHntonlan 180 The Clinton Plaindealer absorbed in l08. HOLLYWOOD i probably never see hint again lie was lonely, too. Hs told ber so, naively, but apparently with no ulterior motive. "I ve reellT had no time ot op George L. Carey , Editr nd P''"-" ntered at the Postoffice at Clinton, Indiana, at Second Claw Matter. Member tndlnna Republican Editorial Association portunity to make friends," hs eon fessed, adding honestly; "nor fnd sufficient to entertain In the ws birthday present from Roger Pryor is a book of plane tickets and she'll fly to him whenever possible. Studio attempts to curb, her air jaunts are firmly squelched by the act res. eople entertain in this town. You now it's different and easier in the South." I hate eating alone. And that wine must have given you a bit of an appetite," she said authoritatively. 'Thank you. I've imposed on roa far too much already." He had been sitting with his back to her and the room, but now rose and turned as ehe spoke. There was a faint color in his face. He looked better. Much younger, somehow, too, and really quite handsome when he smiled. Blue eyes lookes at brown. Animosity had died between thera. Wae eyes were friendly and compassionate. Brown eyes were looking at Luana with a kind of wonder in them. They were seated at the supper-table. The tall young man who hH bnrst no trtraneelv into the National Advent" Representative: ciro n. UAV7D co. 1900 Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago. Ill General Motors Bldg.. Detroit 110 East 4 2nd St., New Tort Vi-ht nninlera. assigned tO .1oiB "More fnendim At least on o-eets people more readily?" a Paramount crew in Sun Valley, "That's so. !ot Uiat mina. 1 m Idaho, gave the film colony one oi awfully busy." 'You work song noursi- sne Phone 1 1 7 I By HARRISON' CARROLL King nture Kyndii-ate. Inc. upyrlrht, 1SS7. HOLLYWOOD Education for a screen child is so much easier. Shirley Temple is now studying geography and, instead of having to dig it out of dry text books, she is learning from movie sots. While she was making "Stowaway," her tutors concentrated upon China which was the locale of the story. During "Wee Willie Winkle", they'll tell Shirley the romantic history of the Khyber Pass country. With the faraway lands reproduced before her eyes, the screen's No. 1 box-office star is finding it all a lot of fun. Of course, this convenient system can't continue, but other means will be invented to take the drudgery out of schooling. Phone 41 asked. its laughs of the week, wnne an assistant director was loitering behind to check baggage, they boarded the wrong train and were towards San Dieao when 'All day. And often naif the night I've aa awful lot ts learn. he said humbly. 'But vou must be rooa wnen you the apoplectic assistant managed to contact the conductor of the train and have his charges put off at the next station. won a schoiarshipT You must knew a great deal about drawing?" SYNOPSIS Enrouts to her home In L01 An-telei from college, beautiful Elii-abeta Harmon meets Gerald Bru-ton, a stock broker. Her stepfather. Colonel Jamet McCarthy, disapproves of Gerald. biM after a whirlwind courtship, the young couple elope to Arizona and are married. That same day, In the lobby ot s San Diega hotel, woman approaches Gerald and exclaims, "Why, Gerald. I'd no Idea you were in California. Have you brought your wife along? Or is Mrs Brotoo In Chicago?" Elisabeth it stunned but Gerald assures her he was divorced, addint that he refrained from telling htr (or tear of losing her love. A few hours later Gerald is arrested for defrauding investors. Unable to face the disgrace, Elisabeth goes to New York She changes her name to Luana Waters and registers at a cheap hotel. In search of employment, she reads an announcement of a beauty contest to be held at a Fashion Show and Tea Dance, the winners of which will be given position! as mannequins is the famous House of Quacken-bush. Perhaps, she has a chance. Luana'c beauty attracta the attention of the wealthy Mrs. Joe4 Van-daveor, who personally enters Loans 'e name in the contest. She wins. The following Monday, arriving at the Quackenbush establishment, Luana is coolly received by the other models. Hoping to embarrass Lua a. they preaent her with a monfcev named "Chon-Chen." At apartment via the window, and the e . . . l j e.ufnn,:. "Only enough to know how little gin wno nao cunn nvio vj... to battle her way in the big eity. She had felt lonely tonight de 1 do know. To be a really good architect takes a lifetime." She sand, jmpolsrwely : 1 m crasy about drawing. Practical stuff, 1 mean. If vou desurn buildings- spite her real thankfulness for the new job. She had told herself shs must go on being lonely, with her secret of ill omen shut up inside ber. No temples of beauty my pet ambi Dsy's Gossip. . . . Bette Davis is down again with the flu . . . She was supposed to start work on "Kid Gallahad", too-. 4 . Lunchim at the Vendome: Townsend Netch-er and Lee Wiley, New York blue singer . . Norma Shearer dii. not appear at those places in New vnrt ax someone Drinted. It was tion is to he a erackcrjack ciotnes designer." one must know it Jean Hallow and Robert Taylor would give a lot to stop the rumors linking their names. What upsets them all the more is the knowledge that their appearance together at the Roosevalt ban will add fuel to the rumors. Especially, as Bill Powell was not invited. her sister, Athalie. who elosely re IUE DAILY CLTNTONIAN'S PLATFORM : 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion count"-. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment proMem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make H the most attractive city of hi size in the state. A man is as busy as he thinks he is sometimes. Temperance in all things is the great lesson of life. Angry indignation seldoms results in sane thinking. Death is hard to understand, even if you are dying yourself. Properity is the worst misfortune that can befall some families. Schemes to make money are plentiful but men to carry them out are rare. But Luana was young and ft was Spring time. Chou-Chou and fate had together flung this young mas in her path. They had spoken harshly to each other at their meet, ing, but that was changed now. They talked. Stiffly, at first and self consciously, but gradually gain-in mora confidence. sembles her. Norma s oniy inp was tn a Helen Haves' nlav ... The Pat O'Briens are six years mar ried. He is in New York ana ane is in Tucson, but that's just a happenstance, as they are devoted . . . A sun lamp treatment for a cold He was a shy young man, hut the Burgundy helped loosen his tongus.. Hie name was 4ames a. nanaoiuu. He was from the South. Kentucky Innerrime, she meets Yvonne Dau- (her own idea) has uyaa. Korjeru innirincr ajs if she had rone to sfeeB She had noticed, now and again. trey, a French model, who tens ner to ignore the iealousv of the others. on the sands at Catalina . - . Her bhe had naif expectes mm to pooh-pooh this, hut he seemed interested immediately. "That's another way of putting beauty into the world. If one has a free hand, one can do beautiful work." F "One has to have a clothes sense." said Luana. His brown eyes unconsciously went to the simple, dark bine dress she was wearing. Shs laughed. She had read his thought "Y ou 'rs wrong," she said "This isnt my handiwork." "But you're dress designer, are yon not?" "Nothing so important He looked questioningly at her He was shy. He thought it might sound rude to ask ber profession Probably she was on the stage? She was lovely enough, certainly. "You belong in New York?" "No." Forget California. Never speak of where shs had soma f rom. Cover her traces.) She pushed the salad bowl towards him, insisted that hs have a Being kidnap-conscious put Phillip Huston in the most embarrassing position. Driving to town the 'other day, he saw a young man I being dragged out of a car parked 'on a side street. When, a moment I later, he recognized the victim as 'William Benedict of the films, he swerved recklessly across traffic, leaped out of his car and went ;into action. Was his face red 'whan Reneriiet intervened iust in the soft slur in his voice. He was a bachelor in the middle twenties. He Luana accepts Yvonne's offer to hare her Greenwich Village apart was a college graduate, and baa taken some sort of a diploma in architecture, winning scholarship ment. One day, Chon-Choo steals a voune architect's plana and bert Marshall and J-ee tiuaseii were a twosome again at the Cafe La-mane the other night . . . Donald Woods will lead the grand march at the Screen Actors Guild ball, ihriniv 13... Victor Moore comes flying through the window to New York, has traded his Long Island resi followed by the man. ine true newcomer retrieves bia papers and riles Luana for harboring a menace. She indienantlv order! him out. As time and explained that it was a friendly rough-house. Now he was hoping to compete for a much larger prize to be given in connection with designs for buildings in the forthcoming New York Exposition. "And tt was some of these that No more heroism lor mm, cayc dence for one m ueverry runs ami will linger a while . . . And the reason Jeanette MacDonald and the man is about to leave, he col It's about time for the fashion makers to bring out some foolish styles for -women. If some people would work harder in the day time they would not have to work at night. Huston. Chnn-Chna stole? I exnect Ghou Chou is cleverer than we think, and Gene Raymond nave set June 11 for their wadding day is that it is the second anniversary of their first meeting. Mrwertns Your Question.- ! Clarice Kennedy, San Francisco: Olivia de Havilland's sister, Joan Fon knows good work when ns sees it air) t nam amilinir. second helping. ' lapses, j CHAPTER XD "Drink this," she urged again. "Vou'll be all right in a minute." He looked wonderingly up at her, then took the glass from, her hand, as if still m a dan. and drank a little. "Some more now. It will do you good." She stood over him as Ihoupb he were a child. He drank airain. Slowly. As "You made this yourseiiT its awfully good. My mother is a splendid cook and a great hand at this nort of thins-, but 1 don't think I taine, is blonde and bears a startling resemblance to Esther Ralston. She has been signed by Flash! Michael Whalen claims ihtx bimnr nf hetner the Victim Of Hollywood's most unusual accident. I R-K-O and has a clause in her con ever tasted such fine dressing." The young man flushed, ft struck Luana then that he was really very good-looking, in a manly sort of way. He looked as if he belonged In the out-of-doors. As if he had been born to be husky. It was only the long hours of confinement in his studio, and probably lack of proper feeding and tbe right amount of sleep, that made him look rather nale and thin. tract forbidding any -publicizing 01 her relationship to Olivia. Shs poured him more coftee. She was elad to see him eat. Ex The fireplace at his home leu town on him, injuring his foot and put-tine- him rm emitnhes. Thev'11 hftve Our Own Prediction: There will be much money made in 1937 and 1938. Get your share. The principal business of some people is the efforc to make others think they are important. Some of the most affable men that you have met, unpublic, ire not quite so affable at home. traordinary about ana fainting spell I Shs would bring it up later. I to delay hie scenes in "Wee Willie though savoring its bouquet this. Recent air crashes Tiere make no difference to Ann fiothern. Her Wink-ie." v time. It was lusn, strong uur-gundy He began to feel a faint daughter, Bessie of Mecca, visited warmth in his veins. He made as though to give the glass back to her. but she refused to take it She said, compassionately: "You have to drink every drop of it. You need H" He had bronxe hair with a wave in it cut rather short, as though he were ashamed of Its tendency to curl. His brown eyes that were St-tractively deepset could sparkle into gaiety, or look somber, according Mr. and Mrs. Parke Dickerson of 81111th 'Fourth street Sunday. Mias Kidnapers of children ought to have a special section of Hades, set off with refined tortures. to his mood ... or serious and How much he needed it she was Bessie called an her cousin. Mis, Elva Curr. j.' thoughtful. His lashes and brows YESTERDAYS J.I V lilt, J Wl 3. The embroidery cum met w!fh Mrs. Leslie Southard, last Friday. Mrs. Frank Miller and her 'mother, Mrs. Junes of Peru, Ind and Mrs 1-ete Connor were guests. were dark and thick. He bad ftna nnen forehead. One of the easiest things in the world is to reorganize business in casual conversation. Rather a square face, and decidedly square chin. A good, manly nrt of nose, straight in profile. Full never to know, for he was a proud and sensitive young man, and not for worlds would have divulged the fact to her that he had eaten practically nothing tor the past few davs, funds being lacking. - ''Now you come over to this armchair and rest a little before I let vou go." she announced firmly. He started to protest, to apologize for bis indispoaure. but she put a hand undet his arm and piloted jlM'.tRV a 12 . Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kyle of R. R. 4 are the parents -of a lu-pound baby boy born Jau. .24. This is the third child. fees, there was a small mm 01 Hastening on the bridge that did not detract from nis appearance. A real baseball fan thinks that the new year begins when th big teams go into the training camps. W. S. Lewis, It. L. Ainermau, S. O. Harlan, U. C. Wright and R. M. Pentreath have gene to the automobile show in Chicago. Others plan to go later this week. "A fighter I" thought Luana. She smiled approvingly to herself. He must have read her thought or seen hor look for he remarked, grin him to an over-stuffed, comfortable ning: "I've dons bit of boxing low chair by the h replace. His unfinished srlass in his hand, in my day. Got my nose battered about a bit. "Swell. Why shouldn't an artist Burt Jones or Hillsdale, lias accepted a postion with Taber's in South Sixth street, he would not embarrass him by watching him. She started making preparations for her evening meal, after she had cleared away the Word haB beeu received here of the marriage ot Richard Ike, former Clinton youth, in Los Angeles. Cal. Delailii of the young man's wedding were not contained in the message to relatives here. Ike if the son ol Mrs. Ethel Ike and lived in Clinton Tor several years prior to moving to Los Angeles. Ynulic Ike is the nuphew of Sam Vustblnder. be a real he-man 7 she eounterea. "An architect." he corrected her. tie returnee to ner avowee amoi-tion. "Are you attending classes at that well-known woman s school of design?" "Yen aaeaa over on Lexington Avenue-? Nat yet I hadn't had time yet " She checked herself. Best not let him know chat she had been barely more than a week in New York City, Be might ask awkward questions. "I'm a model in the House of Quackenbush on Fifth Avenue," shs told him. "Is that a clothes house?" "Yes. One of the tiptop ones. 1 was lucky ts get in." "How did yoa manage that?" he inquired. He added hastily: "Not that I mean to be inquisitive." "Okay." She smiled at him. She liked his boyish shyness, his sensitiveness. It was such a contrast to Gerald B niton I , "I won a competition." He looked puzzled. "In amateur dress designing?" "No. In walking across a stage and out on runway, wearing all kinds of gowns. Does that sound silly?" , J "Not at all." He wasn"t surprised that she had won a competition, because of her beauty which was obvious. But she was so used to compliments that any tribute from him must aound banal, he thought "It was at the Hotel SansoucL A fashion show for charity." "But you won't let it rest at that? I mean, in your spare time why not go to that school of design I do think it's a shams not to develop a talent or ambition," he eagerly ventured. She smiled. "Maybe I shall." "I'm fairly good on line. Perhaps in my own way I eould help you bit if you'd allow me," he suggested. It struck Luana how entirely changed hs was from tha angry young man who had bounded through the window on the track of Chou-Chou. 4Tb Bs Continued) "Same thine, onlv more practl mtt5thpr) rrockerv. cal." she averred. "I think ifs Dynasties of England Names of the dynasties which have ruled England since 1066 include the house of Normandy, 1066-1154; house of Plantagenet, 1154-1399; house of Lancaster, 1399-1461; house of York, 1461-1485; house of Tudor, 1485-1603; house of Stuart, 1603-1714 (commonwealth intervened from 1649-1660), house of Hanover, 1714-1901; house of Saxe-Coburg, 1901-1910; house of Windsor, 1910. Nerve-Racking, Nerve-Wracking The correct spelling is racking, for the meaning is derived from the pain inflicted by torture on a rack. Definition 1 of the verb rack reads: "To stretch or strain on a rack. . hence to cause prolonged suffering or anguish, to distress or pain greatly." So nerve-rackinE torture or pain is related to the Anglo-Saxon raxan. "to stretch," and not to the Anglo-Saxon wrecan, "to drive out." Literary Digest marvellous to dream and plan build- She pulled out gate-legged table from its corner, put a yellow linen cloth on it, two blue glasses and two blue glass plates (the Mrs. E. K. Weirick and daughter, Miss Faye of Terre Halite were in town Saturday. Miss Fale stayed over Sunday visiting friends. Ings that will put fresh beauty into a city." "That's my ambition, hs said fhanrea were he mieht be hungry?) miieklv. his eves liehting up. Lu and fetched long loaf of crusty French bread from its tin box in ana had nut candles on the table- the kitchenette. Mr. and Mrs. George Curry and She brought big slab of butter from the ice-box, and four hard- yellow candles that matched the tablecloth. His eyes glowed in their light He has a charming voice she thought- nd even if he does eome from the South, there isn't any flat boiled eggs, and a fresh, crisp salad she had prepared In a wooden bowl half an hour ago., she had set on the stove Goin' to Town! tery on his tongue lor women. Mrs. James Baker of Torre Haute, formerly of Clinton, who has been very ill with double pneumonia since New Year's Day, is said to be getting along better now although she is not yet able to be up. Mrs. Baker is the sister of Mrs. T. L. McDonald of Mulberry street. Mrs C. W. Smith of Terre Haute -.pent today in Clinton with her laughter. Mrs. G. W. MeRcynoldt. of Walnut street. directly after making her salad. It had been perking busily for some That was to the good. Never again, she told herself, would she trust idle compliments from a man particularly at a hret meeting, an with Gerald on the train. time. She opened can of condenses milk that was creamy in Its thickness and appearance. Scouting on tti shelves for further food for him The thought of him was like a damper on a mood that had grown lighter than it had been for many, many days. If this boy with ail his candor (Yvonne kept provisions on the short side) she discovered a can of peaches, and opened mat too. He had finished bis glass of Buiu r,,nf!v when she SDoke to him fciww I Rut he was nothina but a ship sawtuMi teat, ami passing n the night She would me and have some food. Mrs, Isabel Williams of South Fi-fi street entertained the mem-lieis of the Tuesday Bunco club yesterday Kith the following officers: Mrs. W. Berry, president; Mrs. John 'luerri, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs Cecil Church, reporter. The next mooting of the club Is to be ivith Mrs. Margaret Uarbee of South Fourth street. Most and Fewest Counties Texas has the most counties they number 254. Delaware has the fewe3t only three. a factor in such progress. Be cautious in making ' changes, and safeguard employment. A child born on this day may be studious, profound, gentle and gracious, as well as culturally inclined, although sensitive and affectionate. It should he popular and happy. Genua ro, Italian Name Gennaro is an Italian name derived from the Latin god Janus, for whom the month of January was named. V BUMPER LIVE-STOCK AttJV f 7?vk ) CftOP SALES' llJ 1 r" figgl fit. xyM Readers Comment The members or the Alpha Bridge lull met MnndHv attcrnmm at the home of Mrs. W. B. Nichols in Hlaeliman street. Cuests ot the -I11I1 were Mrs. (i. It. MeCilire anil Mr. .1. F. Balcll. Prises were iWHi'doil In Mrs. MeCuire. guest. lid Mrs. Walter Tanke. club. The next inert Inn of the club wl" be 'leld at the home of Mrs. William Rae in South Fifth street. Chest Colds Rub on Muslerole. Used by millions for 25 years. NOT jusl a salve, but a "counter-irritant." All druggists.Three strengths. point; ho I aro perfectly satisfied on this point, liven if Bingham's mind is changed again. I'll not cry. I only ak tor the J125 for book work and JIU for mailing reports to all depositors. I signed a blank order for Huuier Ingram to get a fair pay for his work. What happened to it after I left Newport. I don't know. He had drawn $1400 and Jiot $900 as the paper said last night. Bingham ( the paper said) said I had not filed my resignation. Here is the copy of what 1 mailed to him. Then he accepted it ill person fe days later by agreeing to let me resign. I had some delay in getting the report made is the only reason I did not get out sooner.. The story of this receivership job cf mine will fill a fair size book. If the yellow bellies want another -tiou of the whole thing, let them serve notice by answering this statement. I remain the football receiver. The kind they use :ll!5 days in the year and many times during the night. A. Marietta. THE STARS SAY it ;i:si:vii:vii kkmule For Siiluiday, Jananry HI I This day's lunar aspects point to Mays, imped imeuts and difficult situations. Perseverance and diligence may save the day. however, for there are some fortuitous situa Jan. 28, 1937 The Dally Clintolllail : Please accept my thanks for tin article you had in the paper Wednesday regarding me as receiver, This has made the other side smile the first time in twenty mouths and I mean it when I Bay I am glad il happened. I have wondered how I eould get hack on the front page with this receivership deal without opening the gale myself. I am like the Irishman that tried to capture the wild bobcat with his hands. I didu't need help to hold him, but I do need help to let him loose. 1 took this job with the understanding that the committee and Bingham would set my salary, and we all agreed on this point. This is exacLly what was done. If the yellow bellies knew half of what J went through with on this job they would agree that I was very nklich underpaid But 1 never Utok th job from the pay stand Hides Iron Hags Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid r. X' :yA S' tions to assist in breaking down obstructions. Active social conditions are foreseen. Those whose birthday it is may to cope with certain difficult situations or stubborn obstacles during the year. If these are met with sound judgment, determination and persistency. tfiese crystallizations may melt away and make -way for nibslatuinl prncress. Friendly or doHK-stic ein'our'teeineiu may prove i up. Uec. 24. 19:10 Hon. c. K Bingham Judge' of Vermillion Circuit Court 1 hereby resign as receiver ot the Clinton Trim Co. To be effective Jan. t, 197. Aiithonv Marietta. A. Denies Water Street VA . - I" titf fristH infs trae. WsfH MrVi sw4

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