The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 9, 1976 · Page 41
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 41

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1976
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Thursday, December 9, 1976 B19 p 1 1 X h ffh -A J k-'4 A Wry? A ' 7 3 iititiiiiiiiP 9- ' . C Lc1 9:00 (4,34) America Salutes Richard Rodgers: "The Sound of His Music." Hosts Gene Kelly and Henry Winkler, present a tribute to the composer whose songs and shows have echoed around the world for 50 years. Guests include Diahann Carroll, Sammy Davis Jr., Sandy Duncan, Lena Home, Cloris Leachman, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne and Peggy Lee. In addition, Kelly, Winkler and Groucho Marx will introduce classic film footage is trapped after an explosion. The event finds reporters Jim Mallory and Ray Whitehead on the scene along with Sawyer, who will do anything for a story. 10:00 (10,12) Streets of San Francisco: Mike Stone's investigation of an armored car robbery is hampered by his clash both personally and professionally with a street-wise motorcycle cop who falls in love with Mike's daughter Jean. spotlighting Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. :00 (10,12) The Tony Randall Show: Judge Walter Franklin is charged with three counts of first -degree tyranny by his children and his housekeeper. Walter's daughter wants to move out and share an apartment with a girlfriend; Oliver, his son, refuses to attend another school; and the judge won't let Mrs. McClellan have a pet cat. Disgusted with his constant refusals and believing Franklin to be a tyrant, they hold a mock trial at the Franklin home. 10:00 (5,7) Gibbsvllle: Bob Crane guest-stars as the famous but heartless newsman covering the story of a mine disaster in Gibbsville. Miner Steve Krup-ka warns superintendent Mike Farley that the mine is dangerous and should be closed. But Farley can't get mine executives to heed the warning. Meanwhile, Krupka's prediction comes true and he St. iX . spy yarn of Spanish Civil War; he meets Bacall along the way. 12:30 a.m. (4,34) "Desperate Moment," (1953), Dirk Bogarde, Mai Zetterling. Taut melodrama involving displaced person in post -World War II Berlin falsely accused of homicide. 2 11:00 (2) Monty Python's Flying Circus (4,5,7,10,12,34) News (6) Wild Wild West (23) Cine (51) Mark Allen Show 11:30 (2) ABC News: Captioned (4,34) Kojak (5,7)Tonight Show: Johnny Carson with Jessica Lange. (10) Ironside (12) Streets of San Francisco: A policewoman acts as bait for an attacker and almost becomes his next victim. (R) 12:00 (6) Untouchables (51) I Led Three Lives 12:30 (4,34) Movie: "Desperate Moment." (10) Streets of San Francisco: See 11:30 p.m. Ch. 12 listing. (12) Dan August: Dan August's investigation of the murder of a beautiful teenage girl is complicated by the victim's father. (R) (51) Laurel and Hardy 1:00 (5,7) Tomorrow: Tom Snyder. (6) Noticias (51) Movie: "You Were Meant For Me." 1:30 (10) Dan August: See 12:30 a.m. Ch. 12 listing. 2:45 (10) Jobline 3:00 (10) Noticias (51) Sea Hunt 3:30 (51) Movie: "Mystery Woman." 5:30 (51) Bat Masterson Dialing Guide 1:110 p.m. (6) "So This Is Love," (1953), Kathryn Grayson, Merv Griffin. Rags to riches story of Grace Moore, who became a star at the Metropolitan Opera House. Vi 1:30 (34) "Bailout at 43,000," (1957), John Payne, Karen Steele. Dilemma of air force pilot whose relief at not having totest new safety device is outweighed by his coward-guilt complex. 8:00 (6) "Confidential Agent," (1945), Charles Boyer, Lauren Baca 11. Boyer is Graham Greene's hero in engrossing 1:00 (51) "You Were Meant for Me," (1948), Jeanne Crain, Dan Dai-ley. Nice combination of musical score and script of girl who marries band leader. 3:30 (51) "Mystery Woman," Gilbert Roland. Woman swears to clear her husband who has been sentenced to a life term, by finding the secret papers entrusted to him. KEY TO RATINGS Excellent Good Fair Poor Channel Network 949-8321 PBS CBS 2 4 5 Cltv Minml Miami WPB Miami Miami Miami WPB Miami Fort Pierce WPBT WTVJ WPTV WCIX WCKT WPLG WPEC WLTV WTVX Ch. 3, Ch. 12 on Ch. 9, Ch. 51 on Ch. 13, Home Box Office on Ch. 2. 655-3761. Perry Cable TV Co. - Ch. 5 is seen on Ch. 3, Ch. 34 on Ch. 8, Ch. 12 on Ch. 9, Ch. 23 on Ch. 11 and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 622-1881. Belle Glade community TV Ch. 20 (Port Myers) Is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 23 on Ch. 9 and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 996-3086. Trl-Comm Systems Ch. 17 (Instructional) Is seen on Ch. 13. 686-1581. Perry Cable (Stuart) Ch. 23 Is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 34 Is seen on Ch. 9. 334-7400. 377-8241 655-5455 377-0811 751-6692 573-7111 848-7211 652-4000 464-5220 920-7804 NBC Ind. NBC ABC ABC Ind. CBS Ind. 6 7 10 12 23 34 Hallandale WKID 5) Cable subscribers' dialing guide: TelePrompTer Ch. 2 Is seen on Ch. 11. Ch. 5 on THURSDAY MORNING 6:00 (10) Women in the Professions (34) PTl Club 6:25 (5) This is the Life 6:30 (6) Fran Carlton (10) Noticiero 0b- servadorJobline 6:45 (12) What's On Your Mind: Dr. Robert Al- sofrom. 7:00 (4) Skipper Chuck (5,7) Today (6) Popeye and Friends (10) Arthur and Company (12) Good Morning, America (34) CBS News 7:30 (10) A.M. Miami 8:00 (4,34) Captain Kangaroo (6) Duck Duck Goose (10) Good Morning, America (51) PTL Club 8:30 (6) Community Close-up 9:00 (4,12) Mike Douglas (5) Perry Mason (6) Manna (7) Bonanza (34) PTL Club 9:30 (6) 700 Club 10:00 (5) Sanford and Son (7) The Gong Show (10) Family Feud (34) December Magazine: Editor Sylvia Chase talks to Judy Mc-Farland, who without any previous acting experience or knowledge of television technique, handled 150 takes of a commercial like a "pro." (51) Stocks and News 10:25 (7) News 10:30 (4) Price is Right (5,7) Hollywood Squares (10) Don Ho Show (12) Bonanza 11:00 (2) Electric Company (5,7) Wheel of Fortune (6) Not for Women Only (10) Edge of Night (34) Gambit 11:30 (4,34) love of Life (5,7) Stumpers (6) Love American Style (10,12) Happy Days 11:55 (4) Weather (34) CBS News THURSDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 (4,5,10) News (6) Perry Mason (5,7) Best Sellers: "Once An Eagle," Chapter 3. Sam Elliott, Glenn Ford, Darlene Carr. (10,12) The Tony Randall Show: See Spotlight. (23) Carmita Jiminez (51) Cine :30 (10,12) Nancy Walker Show: Nancy is determined to even a client-raiding score with an arch business rival when the two "friends" meet for lunch. 10:00 (5,7) Gibbsville: See Spotlight. (10,12) Streets of San Francisco: See Spotlight. (23) Imperdonable 10:30 (2) Jeanne Wolf With: Jason Robards." (6) News (23) Noticias (7) 50 Grand Slam (12) The Don Ho Show (34) Young and the Restless (51) Stocks and News 12:30 (4,34) Search for Tomorrow (5) The Gong Show (7) News (10,12) All My Children 12:55 (5) NBC News 1:00 (4) Young and the Restless (5,7) Somerset (6) Movie: "So This Is Love." (10) Donahue (12) Ryan's Hope (34) Around the Town 1:30 (4,34) As the World Turns (5,7) Days of Our Lives (12) Family Feud 2:00 (10,12) $20,000 Pyramid 2:30 (4,34) Guiding Light (5,7) The Doctors (10,12) One Life to Live 3:00 (4,34) All in the Family (5,7) Another World (6) Flintstones (23) Liga Contra El Cancer 3:15 (10,12) General Hospital 3:30 (4,34) Match Game (6) The Three Stooges (23) Cocodrila 4:00 (2) Sesame Street (4,34) Tattletales (5) Dark Shadows (7) The Odd Couple (10) Brady Bunch (12) Edge of Night (23) Mundo de Juguete 4:30 (4) Merv Griffin (5) Big Valley (6) Bewitched (7) Dinah: Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Dr. Bob Fuller. (10) Medical Center (12) Howdy Doody (23) La Criada Bien Criada (34) Movie: "Bail Out at 43,- 000." (51) Daily Market Close 5:00 (2) Mister Rogers Neighborhood (6) My Three Sons (12) The Brady Bunch (23) Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros (51) Investment Digest 5:30 (2) Electric Company ers come to the aid of two disastrous situations the blizzard has caused. (5,7) Van Dyke And Company: Lucille Ball. (6) Movie: "Confidential Agent." (10,12) Welcome Back, Kotter: Horshack falls head-over-heels in love, but his chances of getting the girl are against him when it turns out she's Epstein's sister. (23) Super Show Goya (51) Comedias 8:30 (10,12) Barney Miller: Barney has problems when the lights go out in the 12th precinct and a female psychiatrist turns on him. 9:00 (2) A Tribute to Johann Strauss: The World famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra dedicates their 1975 New Years concert to Johann Strauss in this show. (4,34) America Salutes Richard Rodg-srs: See Spotlight. 34 A Budweiser Special! "RICHARD RODGERS: THE SOUND OF HIS MUSICI" -Adv. (5,10) News (6) Partridge Fami- '7 (12) Andy Griffith (51) Financial Final 5:55 (4) Weather THURSDAY EVENING 6:00 (2) Zoom (4,7,12,34) News (6) Emergency One (23) Noticias (51) Sports Hustle 6:30 (2) Carrascolendas (4,34) CBS News (5) NBC News (10,12) ABC News (51) Greyhound Racing 7:00 (2) MacNeilLehrer Report (4,34) Lawrence Welk (5) Treasure Hunt (6) I Dream of Jeannie (7) NBC News (10) $25,000 Pyramid (12) Hogan's Heroes (23) Barata de Primavera (51) Horse Racing 7:30 (2) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: Mary attempts to cope with being a sex object; Loretta waits for a friend in drag; and Wanda hopes for a relapse of Merle's past. (5) Name That Tune (6) Hogan's Heroes (7) Hollywood Squares (10) In Search Of: "Earthquakes." (12) The Odd Couple: Oscar's young niece arrives at the apartment in an advanced state of pregnancy and tells her uncle she has run away from home because her parents object to her decision and that of her Gl husband to have her baby naturally. (R) 7:55 (2) Jack Hor-kheimer: "Star Hustler." 8:00 (2) Fall of Eagles: "The Indian Summer of an Emperor." The autocrat whose authority depends on his own faith in the Al-mighty faces insuperable problems when faced with political decisions for which he has no clear divine guidance. 34 BEST XMAS EVER! NEW-THE WALTONS -Adv. (4,34) The Wal-tons: Efforts to get together for a Christmas Eve dinner prove most difficult for the Wal-tons. A terrible snow strands a few family members throughout the country while oth Biggest values in Fla.! Biggest selection in Fla.! INTERNATIONAL RUG GALLERY Area Rugs from All Over the World! All sizes. All designs. moamD rag co. ft Home Box Office is a subscription television service available to customers of some cable WEST PALM BEACH:21 75 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. 684-3200 5:30 Smokey Joe's Revenge 7:30 Movie: "Lost in the Stars." 9:00 Movie: "The Killer El ite," (PG) 11:15 Movie: "Lost in Stars." nrt " 'ne' vVl ' the Veterans Wives ATTENTION!! s vi I lm I tr Exquisitely delicate UV lm I 14K 9ld chain rin9 f V"""" with one diamond. Ill I $200 II '111 I Matching necklaces H I W f $3900 II 1 ROBERT W. J Mil PALM BEACH MALL -"Z' . . V' 689-8320 axmrn0 Delicious Pink GULF THURS., FRI. & SAT. 10 AM til 6 PM Come and get 'em s y While they V Last for only U Per lb- til our trucks on inspected 1 licinud by thi P.I. County Hiolth Otportmtnt for your protection MOBILE I COVERED BRIDGE I WEBB'S SERVICE TEXACO 7B STATION Corner Ok.e. Blvd. at Haverhill Corner Lake Worth Rd. Csr- Prosperity Farmt Rd. Across From Century Plain at Pinehurst Northloko llvd. West Palm leach lake Worth W 'ark, Fla. Use P-T Classifieds Are you the wife of an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? If you are, did you know the government has passed a bill whereby qualified veterans will be reimbursed if they use a local cemetery instead of a National Cemetery! Hillcrest Memorial Park and Palm Beach Memorial Park qualify as local participating cemeteries, if your husband pre-arranges now for his space in our Veterans Garden, the wife receives her space for one time 2500 charge. Find out for yourself. Send in the coupon today. Limited space available. First come, first served. Find out for yourself how the government will reimburse you to use a local cemetery instead of a National Cemetery. No phone calls please. If you send in coupon now, you will also receive a valuable Veterans Important Papers Portfolio. Find out today. Send today for your Veterans Portfolio and Cemetery Benefits immmm mm 0(33331133 0333 r a aaa aiakaiajai a a a a a aat. i ah n A a a H ai f1ILLv.KE9 1 MtMUKIAL rAKft tk f Aim DCAV.H m 12976 MEMORIAL PARK 6411 Parker Ave. West Palm Beach, Fl. 33405 Dear Sirs: I would like MY FREE VETERANS PORTFOLIO and COMPLETE CEMETERY INFORMATION I ; LclbUKc ) Vr HOURS V SWIMMING . .TV f NOT CLEANING! M ) ) , Jf 1 lie C-G 01488 N 'N ' FREE ESTIMATES CDCC nCCinM call now Name. mm by it. hebici 2712 NORMAN DR., WEST PALM BCH. Address. City .State. Telephone. HR. SERVICE

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