The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 17, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1922
Page 2
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T THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS 4 The Fairmount News Published on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie MoLuas Roberts. Associate. m LITTLE RIDGE TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. Pride of Ownership With Goodyear tires on your car you know you have the best your friends know it the whole world knows it and your speedometer proves it. Mrs. Marion Jefferies of New Castle who has been visitinsr her parents, I Mr. and Mrs. Denny Winslow, for the Office: Main 265 Res., Main 107 TELEPHONES past weeK ana a nan, returned to ner home Wednesday. The Misses Adda Wright of Richmond and Veda Wright of Maripn, were guests Saturday night and Sun-dav of their parents Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Wright. Loren Caldwell, who has been Mrs. E. O. Ellis who has been visiting: at the home of Charles T. Parker, returned to her home in Richmond Wednesday afternoon. Arthur Leach has resigned his position as night operator at the Fair-nwunt telephone office. "THESE famous quality tires are obtainable in the 30x330x3 1-2 31x4 Clincher sizes for light cars. Other sizes in Stock. Goodyears Cost no More and Our Expert Service is Free.- SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 Six months .90 (Outside Indiana.) . . One year :.$2.00 Six months 1.25 All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. spending the spring vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Caldwell returned to Earlham college Sunday afternoon. Mr. C. S. Wright is able to be out em California for the past eighteen months, is the guest of his mpther on Noith Main street. Louis Jacobs returned to his home in Cincinnati, after a visit with M. Harris and family. Hugh Parker has accepted a position with the Indiana Natural Gas and Oil company. Jacob Briles was in Summitville Tuesday attending the funeral of a friend. Mrs. Joe Meister Vst a valuable diamond ring in the tabernacle Tuesday night. K faE: 1 ""T again, alter several aays umess. j Mrs. Russel Harvey, who has been : ill for many weeks with rheumatism, ' was able to attend church last Sab Misses Grace and Nellie Parsons are visiting friends in Elwood this week. Mrs. Frank Goodall of Mbrion visited Mrs. Charles Keefer Wednesday. bath morning. a 1 " . At ' - a A. 1 1 Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, t879. A numoer irom tnis piace aitenneu j h4 U-- 11 E. 0. EHis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES TIRES, ACCESSORIES, GASOLENE, OILS, VULCANIZING, W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 has her Miss Gertrude Winslow who been very ill at the home of the S. S. convention held at Oak Ridsre. Mr. Merritt Wildman. manager of the dredgie crew that is dragging the y iivi is lm- sister, Mrs. John Flanagan, proving slowly. c - u. r j t-w f i family and force of men from the j Hiram Harvey iarm to tne Lmmeu i fc4 W X condition is still Miss Ida Gates very serious. WHAT SENATOR LODGE DID Having dug his way from beneath the avalanche of votes under which he was buried, James M. Cox lefts his voice again to attribute all the woes of the world to "the spleen of Henry Cabot Lodge" and to say in substance that the only way in which those woes could have been avoided was by adopting XJ league covenant just as Hort Ribble will hereafter be found at Cornell's grocery store. Ansel Winslow and wife have returned from their sojourn of several months at Melbourne, Fla. Marion Rev. Oscar Lowry was in Tuesday afternoon. Cartwright farm. Mr. Robert Harvey was an Anderson visitor last Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kimes were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kimes last S,abbath afternoon. Mrs. Denny Winslow, Mrs. Marion Jefferies, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kimes were callers Tuesday after- in J. L. Swaim transacted business Anderson Wednesday. John H. Wilson has sold his North President Wilson brought it home. I Main street property to William Elmer E. Hiatt, Phil Armstrong and ! noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Trin Phillips left for Mobile, Ala., on Henry Panis. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kimes and their families, Mrs. Etta Dpherty, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mart and daughter Lena, Mrs E.. E. Stuckey and son Glenn Allen of Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rush of Rigdon, Miss Lyra Haisley of Earlham college, Misses Alice and Eurah Ratliff. Edith Wright, Lester Taylor, Robert Harvey, Frank Wright, Wilson Doherty and Loren Caldwell of Earlham college. All de ed and led by A. E. Ratliff. After the service a very interesting proerram j was rendered consisting of scriptural and social contests, conducted by Mrs. J. B. Whiteley. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served to the following: Rev. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ratliff, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Dennv Winslow, Mr. and Mrs J. B. Senator Lodge has been chosen as Lindsay who will take possession the goat of the Democratic orators. june i He is held guilty as the chief assassin . of the league. Yet he led the Repub- j Dr. C. N. Brown reports that Mrs. lican senators in March, 1019, in pro- Frown, who is now at Phoenix, Ariz., posing an immediate conference to i improving in health substantially, make peace and a later conference to j form a lea-ue. When Mr. Wilson did j Clyde Zeiglar has a fine cartoon of not heed his advice, Mr. Lodge labor-; a well known Fairmount man in the ed for months in the endeavor so to window of his store. Tuesday morning to be gone several days. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Wilson left yesterday for Westland to attend the funeral of Dr. Andrews, -who died suddenly of heart disease. Mrs. Andrews at one time lived in Fair-mount and was quite well known. j. is. wniteiey. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Hasting and children of Elwood, visited the latter's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson last Sabbath, little Mary Ann Anderson accompanied them home for a few days visit. The committee of the Little Ridge prayer meetings conceded that some manifestation should be demonstrated in showing their appreciation for the loyal service rendered by their pastor, Rev. Hiram Harvey, and on Wednesday evening of last week about one hundred people eathered at his home about 7:30 o'clock and gave him a comnlet5 surprise and another parted at a late hour wishing Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Moon, Mr. and j Harvey many more happy birthdays. Mrs. W. R. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Will Hobbs who has been in south- Mahlon Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Roy plates. On them depends reserve power, strength and life. If they go Doherty, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Jones, !Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis, Mr. and Mrs. George Hasty. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simons, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Safford, Mr pnd Mrs. Fay Anderson, Mr. and E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to BATTERY COST CUT WELCOMED I wrong the result is expensive upkeep 1 reminder that he had passed another Q vicoiocc Kattsrr Pret- mile stone in life. The usual prayer Opiates the heart of Prest O Lite meem& topic John 12:12 was discuss- Mrs. Frank Anderson, Mr. and Mrs j batteries, have been brought to their ; modify the Wilson league that it could j be ratified by two-thirds of the j Senate. j Mr. Lode's Tart in the arms' con- 1 ference is sufficient to clear him from the aspersions of Democrats who resolved thr.t, if the world would not be saved in the Wilson way, it should j not be saved at all. That nation found three great nations building navies ag,ainst one another; it has pledged them to stop building and to scrap many ships. It found a dark war-cloud hanging over the Pacific Ocean; that cloud has vanished. Mr. Lodge's offense in Democratic eyes is that he has succeeded where Wilson failed by using methods that Wilson present high state of perfection by j the careful mixing of the paste to j insure uniformity, and the expert moulding of the grids. The 1922 ! Prest-O-Lite product is the best we , have ever offered and at the phenom- j The general reduction of the price of storage batteries of standard makes was started by the Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc., in a recent announcement which brings the prices of all high grade standard automobile batteries manufactured by this company down to the lowest point that motor . car owners have known in several PREST-O-LlTE Quality Up! PREST-O-LlTE Prices Down! j enal reduction in prices offers the jmost for anybody's battery money." i - A USEFUL PAIN Heed Its Fairmount People Should Warning icjtvLtu. i. v 1 1 1 ci 1 1 v"o. years .... - j "This last reduction in storage bat- FORD'S BOGUS LIBERALITY priceg welcomed by the Many and many a man who has to automobile public and is a further in-work for his living read with some- 1 dieation 0f the policy of the Prest-O-thing like envy the announcement that ( Ljte Company to reduce prices as Have you a sharp pain ior a dull ache across the small of your back? If your battery shows signs of weakening, no mat-ter what make, come around and let our experts diagnose its trouble. It costs you nothing. We'll do everything we can to wring the utmost service from it to prolong its life. We never tell" you that you need a new battery until you do. That's an tin-variable rule of Prest-O-Lite, the oldest service to motorists. Henry rord's employees at uetron: quickly as possible to a of light cars. Prices correspondingly low on batteries for every make of car. These are not special models; they are regular Prest-O-Lite batteries, backed by the regular Prest-O-Lite guaranty. A definite, generous obligation, plus a spirit that says the car owner must be pleased. Prest-O-Lite batteries are specified as original equipment by 87 leading manufacturers, and this list is growing. pre-war j Dq realize that it's often a timely Here is a double-barrelled reason for buying the Prest-O-Lite Battery: Quality: The backbone of Prest-O -Plates. The plates with peculiar porosity, combined with unusual hardness. Ready, dependable power in coldest weather; great non-buckling heat-resisting strength in summer. Price: Our 1922 prices, lowest in years. $19.90 is the trade-in price for a battery for popular makes local and elsewhere will presently begin to basis." savs B. L. Allred the sign of kidney weakness? Prompt treatment is a safeguard against Prest-O-Lite distributor. "High pric- ; at least as of storage batteries, es far as Prest-O-Lite is concerned, caii , r;n rf w o A , , , , , Doan s Kidney Puis. Profit by a take tp a deep hole and pull the hole . , . , , , , , i Fairmount resident s experience. in after them. Mrs. J. L. Kirkwood, 720 S. Walnut I "It will be recalled that Prest-O- St., says: "My kidneys were weak Lite was the last manufacturer to in- j and disordered and I had a lame and observe the five-day week. In announcing, the change Mr. Edsel Ford spoke highly of leisure. "Every man," he said, "needs more than one day a week for rest an rerceation." And 'atfr: "Tvery man should have mo;c time to spend with his family." But has the family been heard from? Would it rather have its breadwinner spend an additional eight hours a week with them, or would it prefer an additional $6. It has often been said that time is money, but how is tne corner grocer to be persuaded that an extra holiday is the equivalent of a day's pay? Spokane B. L. ALLRED, Distributor, Fairmount, Ind. aching back that kept me feeling j miserable. I became run down and had headaches and my kidneys were fa irregular in action. I ud Doan's THE OLDEST SERVICE TO MOTORISTS Kidney Pills from Edward's Drug Store and they quickly relieved the ; crease prices and the first to announce a reduction. These new prices will apply to all types and sizes and are for the powerful, long-lived Prest-O-Lite batteries that are standard equipment on eighty-seven makes of motor ! cars and trucks. "Only one grade of battery is manufactured by the Prest-O-Lite Com-I pany it is the battery with the im-' proved Prest-O-Lite plate. "The most important factor in bat- aiiment and strengthened my back land kidneys." J Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't J simply ask for a kidney remedy get ' Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mrs Kirkwood had. Foster-Milburn Co tery service is derived from the Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. Before electing Mr. Bryan senator the Flordans will be prudent in find-;r& out from him whether he will try to live on his a'ary or whether he will expect to do only part time service, reserving certain months for his work on the Chauauqua circuit Detroit Free-Press. i I ' 5 ! It is evident that the Soviets think they are going to Genoa to be kow-towcvl to. Perhaps they are, but there is one long-legged individual in tr.-ped trousers who will not be found kneeling with the rest- Boston Tra. script. price f RALPH C. COTTRELL l SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES H 409 Marion National Bank Building 1 MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment Headquarters for Prest-O-Lite's special battery for radio purposes! The Democrats declared that nothing would come of the limitation of armaments conference, and now they are chagrined that something did. Prejcott (Ariz.) Journal Miner. By Charles Sughroe In Self Defense MICKJE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL 1 i f

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