The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1937
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

PACE THREE The' Daily Clintonlari, Clinton, Indiana Friday, January 29, 1937 Markets HOSPITAL BOAT CARRIES INJURED TO SAFETY DR. B, H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 i South Main Str Clinton, Indiana ONE IN CITY COURT Ira llciiHley of Nol l Ii Main street will be Irlid in ihy eourl liiday on Intoxication and pulilie liidei-etiry eliiuces. lie as arrested on Main a! reel lasl evening. BENEFITS SEEN FOR BLANFORD, FAIRVIEW PARK (Continued from 1'ann 1) f "-. . - . 1 jV j '- . ' " I I hi' j f H. M i-luh "f f'enlnnnry anil Iho A. H. C. :1 ii l. each $:); I.. B. Hwalforii. Mm. K. W. Kiniiliiini, I'arli $1; an-l John Terhcwky, 75 cnla. Universal donalicina weru iiihiIu by: Swondino nrolliura $10; l.arllnii clans or tint II. II. cliurirh, 5; Mary Miirkitlo, Mm. Mary Hilolilo, Mrs. Oncar Ourd anil Mrs. (!liarls Knurr, each $1; Mai'Karot Verimtko, Mary Cliiera, and Mrs. John CralK, each 60 cental Mrs. A. Evans. Mis. E. Ilt'esc. Helen Hill and Mrs. John Runny, each 25 cents. JNIHANAI'OUS. Jan. 211.- Mv" Block: IKiliK. S.niill; ImldoviTH, 1SR: mm km very uneven; ISO to 275 lbs. sleady lo 15c lower; wumIiI ubnv; .-,; IIjh. Hieiulv lo 5c iiitilK-r; undi'f-w' i,-bls a5e lower. I'uckini! sown it roe ml Hicailv nl n.!Mli !!.::. "i 'i 411 iiuik io in 'H' $m.n: 201) In 2:5 IIik.. $l l': lo 25'i IhH $111115; 2 fill lo 275 lbs.. ?!: -75 lo :nm lbs., $0,115; .toil in 325 I,; :l2fi 1" 3511 Ibn.. $!l.7"i: 25ll' lo 4H0 Ills., !l.5: 155 lo 1110 IIih., i.7S; U I" 1 US Hw.. ' 1 40 lo 150 lbs.. .2fi; IHI' "' His.. ll: 120 lo Uil Urn.. $8.75; I HI lo 120 lbs., $8 50; 100 lo 110 lbs.. $S25. CATTLE, mm; voi'ls. 400; nnd heifers dull and weak; steers iiioslly $7."0ffi)8.r0: hoirers. $.0 ifj.7.50: rows gciienilly sIcNily. Hulk or beef cows; $ 175 'a 5.50: culler nrades. $11 50W4 511; veals 50c Inw-nr; gooil and c.bnice. $ 1 1 .50 rffi 1 2 00. KIIKKP. 3.000; market slow; nothing done early on fed western lambs; good and choice nnlivs Hliuidy at $10.251' 10.5(1; i;laughler cwra sleady. Bulk i.Hf(V 5.00. top $5.50. ACCUMULATED DEBTS "Ihre and There" NDtt -A IIAVH, ntediess to worry ami fret as lo where noil bow aiuli. i'-n: money can be w.eiind lo pay your debts. HIK Kl' I'lilTY LOAN I'D Ins nia le it possible for hundreds or 'penple to tbiow off ili.-ir "debt burden" hv lend ma tbem rnoiiiJ: inniiey to piiy all lli-y owe, '.bus (;rou K their total liid'-lil-ilne:-a under one I.KY I'K KXI'l.AI.N til'lt I'LA.M 'I'll YOV. SECURITY LOAN CO. National Government Takes Steps For Ultimate Agreement Between Warring Factioni in Labor Strife ' (Continued from Page 1) I'lIONK I1 I 'll KOI'TII MAIN STI1KKT f'HICAr.O, .Ian. 29. Wheat fu-luns recovered all of yeslerday'H losses when droll? rallies stimulated (?"nd buying and boomed nrirea 1 Vs to lWc at the opening hero todiy. Coin followed the ne- -p ....a.. .i..i- twus . 'mwi''m yi''-tTI'' mend settlements. B-i-A bird's-eye glimpse ot President Roosevelt's new labor Ionization urogram,, provided by Mibs Perkins, revealed he will ask for a flexible collective bargaining law "even broader than the Wagner labor relations act." As influenza and diphtheria added to Iho terrors of flood victims, boats equipped wilh hospital cots put into service to carry invalids to first aid stations for treatment in Marietta, O., above. n.L-i jt t j g--j tion of the ma.kel leaner ami prices advanced to c wilh May showing i lie greatest strength. Oats were lo up. WI1KAT: May, I27-14; July, 11 1 -'; Hci.t., lllXKj-. t'OHN: (now)' May, 107-; July. 103-1112; Sept.. 87 14. OATS: May, 49; July, 41; Sept., 4H4. QUART 6 li tdoubltwbipptd a itw liwredunu re fkillfully bUndad THEN it s ilow-y piKMd iitrsuh i mi-r with I rntsh finer thn th fin miltat Th why b-m-baoy ii crrwnier, ncHef. EXTRA SMOOTH t Ymi will agitc it icp alids. Sv toiif Uw tUoftr Wyr' tiusqueltauna Indians The Susiiuonanna Indians were a tribe of the Iroquoian slock, living in lu'OB on the lower portion of the Susquehanna river and its affluents. As a separate body they were driven out of their former homo about 1B76 by the Iroquois, and they merged with other tribes, principally with the Meherrins, Moose Powerful Swimmer The moose takes to inland lakes to escape tlies and insects. He is a powerful swimmer and can churn along at 15 miles an hour Flr:l Educational Endowment The bequeathing of 25(1 acres of land, an adjacent salt marsh, and eight cows comprised the first educational endowment in America. This was left by Benjamin Symmes to found a free school in Elizabeth County, Va. Mr. Symmes died in ltM. Cow Works Lying Down The cow makes her milk lying down. Cattle of all kinds grow lying down and "show" cattle get in "condition" lying down. Pure Cans British Bought Ohio Ores Ores from the Hanging rock region in Ohio were not only used to produce the heavy ordinance of the Civil war but were also purchased by the British government for producing metal to be used in the Crimean war. SUGAR PRUNES Cutty Stool A cutty stool was a low stool, the stool of repentance formerly set apart in Presbyterian churches in Scotland. Upon it sinners were required to sit before the whole congregation during the entire service, and then to submit to the minister's rebuke, before they were readmitted to church privileges. The expression is often found in stories of Scotland of the Reformation period. Garnet, Widows' Stone The Italians call the garnet the pietra della vedovanza, the widows' stone, because at one time in Italy widows wore hair ornaments studded with garnets. The stone represents resignation and faithfulness. It guards against loss, and its wearers are said to find lost property. 10 49c 4 l s 19c 10 & 33 c "Bravest of the Brave" Michel Ney was born in Saarlouis, France, In 1769, the son of a cooper. Entering th army in 1788 as a private hussar, he become a general of brigade in 1706 and distinguished himself by bravery in the wars of the revolution and ot the empire. He earned for himself from Napoleon's army and from Napoleon himself the title of the bravest of the brave. When Napoleon abdicated in 1814, Ney attached himself to Louis XVIII, but on the former's return from Elba he joined his old master and commanded the Old Guard at Waterloo. On the second return of the Royalists to power, he was arrested, tried by his peers and shot on December 7, 1819. Run Ripened Santa Claros E-Z Bake White Creamy CORNMEAL 4 rk 19c oC Jello CORN im- I'KAS 3 Ft IK Hix PcliciouB flavors 3 Cam 20C "o) IT5 For Holding I t a Husband ill lily 4 423c 2 Ptes-lSC . i :i. Oats A", 15c Old Dutch J Country Club Sra. Pkl. 7c tloanset j Twinkle 6 r k 25c Raisins Gfilatiiia Deasert Six fruit Flavor! Ueedlesi Clock Bread ,L 9c Pancake Flour It'll Fresher Country Club Flour 24 gaeit 79c Grapefruit Avondale High Quality Country Club ' Motor Oil 2 1 92c Jewel CoHee renn Bad Plin c Tax Hot Ua'.cd i Ritz Crackers lk 20c French Brand 1 i . w.,- Hot IJattU Coffee PON'SFOODPtlffil "Sure that easy. I prepare tasty thing to eal tor lum r .. aH oJ food supplie. at OAKLEY'S, I return to my husband more 1Z than he expect, to receive. My advice to , .11 nramed womct, is keep your husband by shopping at OAK.Lt. If 3 I Lb. 19c i.b. 23c 345 S, Main St. Free Delivery Phone 345 ALMj0N Pk IOC ' 5 i... 25c Whealies ' Brown Sugar OAKLEY'S BEST COFFEE Specially Blended Rich Full Bodied Coffee llieakfast of Cbanipione PotoSoos sr WSECKERJ KROGER'S BUMPER CROP GRAPEFRUIT SALE 15pe. 3Tin,29c TEXAS SEEDLESS W e rewrve I lie rinlil In limit (iianlllle. 1'iiciH hnlijei l lo market ilmi'ge Hvitii Qiialily l iiil 1-ll 'ai $1.15 Extra Good Michigan No. 2 lc PurtliL e 3 For 10c Qnly Get One Extra For GRAPFRUIT !1DC 24-lb. bag $1.09 PTVk" MVAT Hiippy Family IniliniiK Haul Wheat 24.. . finnnmiiai w;.r',.',. For Ik. r Hunt-lie Iceberp; Lettuce, 2 for 15c CarrOtS-Seoti CERTIFIED, Kansas Hard Wheat Spaghetti or Macaroni, Red Cross. .4 for 19c Corn Syrup, Pleezing golden. . ,5-lb. can 31c Crian, Solid Heads 1"""- Sweet Potatoes 4 1 bs 22c Creen Onions 2 bj-'; s c Soul hem Yaroa VouaB T.mlet, Hunkisi 00 fU6li uu"hI5c M'eilli'SS, yilll Ml'ie, lioz. sUaU l.ej.i. Green Hcajd New Cabbage i Ll" liic iieiery 2.,!;". 13c Fre.n. Solid lleada Nvw Florida Vl.ll lllea,:lied APPLES UrMn",Br.&ty C"-1""IS (i 25c Stay man WinesapBGood Ealing 4 Lbi. 25c Ordcbois EXCELL Lb. 21c BREAD New Twisted Bread ; You will be amazed at its 11 j poodness. A M i Valuable coupon g Mr 1 in each loaf. 20-oz. Loaf li J Green BEANS Tender, Cut Slrinpless . j Tt Cans 33c II CHERRIES OLEOE2aSBrand27c PICKLES, sour, dill or kosher dill .. . quart 16c SOUP, vegetable or tomato 3 tall cans lie PUMPKIN, dry pack 4 big cans c COMR HONEY, fancy quality rack lc GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 3 cans 25c COFFEE, Oakley's special lb. 17c HOMINY, Loudon's 3 big cans 25c CORN FLAKES, Hollieanna 3 Irg. pkgs. 28c GINGER SNAPS, oven fresh 2 lbs. 15c TOBACCO, Velvet or Prince Albert 3 tins 29c PEPPER, pure, ground, black. 8-oz. pkg. 10c APRICOTS, Blenheim llAC PEACHES, choice Muir . . . . Jb. 14c RAISINS, choice seedless 4-Ib. bag X)c PRUNES, Santa Clara. 4 lbs. 20c FINEST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ENDIVE, nice heads. . each 10c FRESH GREEN BEANS . 2 lbs. 25c TOMATOES, hot house lb. 15c GRAPEFRUIT, Texas seedless 3 for 10c LEAF LETTUCE 2 lbs. 15c STRAWBERRIES, extra nice pt. box 15c BANANAS, ripe fruit 5 lbs. 25c FRESH SPINACH 2 lbs. 15c BEETS bunch 5c v STEAK I ROAST l CHOPS 3 Lb. Ketchup, Pleezing fancy. two 14-oz. hot. 25c Kidney Beans, Joan of Arc . 3 20-oz. cans 29c Fancy Corn-Fed Beef Doiling Beef 3 " 29c Chuck Roast ce,,i'cui J9c Ground Doof '0tr.r 1 5c Sausago . l9c Pork Chops i"ms 224x CENTER LOIN CUTS 29c Frankfurtors BMouHs 2 b 25c ECONOMY Lb. 1 91 SMOKED HAMS l2 Red Sour Pilled Pic Cherries 25 c No. 2 Can 2 XT" B STEAK Lb. Chuck Roast f Swiss Steak i a it t F E E D S OakIe's Best Feeds are always uniform made lo our own hiyh quality formula. lT, a W V Viotein Si ,89 Dairy m iuk i Hamburger "You Can Ea" 3 lbs. 29c frankfurters! P ROASTS O STEAKS f'c R SAUSAGE ; K CHOPS re ;C scon 'radio' ib. 23c SALE ON QUALITY MEATS BACON, sugar cured, Radio or Boston style lb. 12ic CALAS, sugar cured, smoked, 4 to 6-lb. ave. lb. 15!c SAUSAGE, pure pork. . lb. 12 Jc BEEF, fresh ground, no cereal added lb. 9ic NECK BONES, fresh meaty, lb 5c BOILING BEEF, rib or plate, per lb 8ic BRAINS, felected pork. . lb. 10c FRESH FISH 3 lbs. 25c EGG $9.59 HI $0.69 inn-lb. Ban MASH Scratch FEED Bacon Squares S lb- 12c Without Grit llJO-lli. Big FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Rhubarb, fancy lb. 19c Tomatoes, extra fancy lb. 15c Leaf Lettuce, garden fresh lb. 10c Sweet Potatoes, yellow Jersey. . . .4 lbs. 19c Idaho Baking Potatoes, Cabbage (old-new), Green Onions, Head Lettuce, Green Peppers lKI-lll. 67c Oyster Shell

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