The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 13, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1922
Page 4
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THE FAinAIOUNT NEWS Llovd Campbell's mother has cone ! . 5 tAArNVlVAtVlKlMKlf to Gas City where she will visit another son. i M irv o i m 24 States -April Dollar jwiug oaie i! if ive If you once cive Tanlac honest trial, you will add your voice to the thousands of others who are praising it. II. W. Hahne. $2.00 FOUNTAIN SYRINGE FOR $1.19 GOO I) FORM HAIR NETS. SINGLE MESH 3 for 25c Mr. and Mrs. Owen Joslin and chil- dren. Merkel. Dorothv. Reoriro and Spirits Camphor, 4 oz ,r M Junior and Roland Livensay of Mun- eie visited Oscar Powers and family Sunday. 35c Puretest Aspirin 16c 25c Zinc Stearate 19C 25c Boric Acid 19c 25e Henna Leaves 1R Red Mnnnjrram Syringe, with five foot tube and three hard rubber pipes. Will buy either a pair of Men's fine shoes or oxfords. The newest, latest, styles in Youth's and Boy's oxfords. w utMii ivianey 1'ills in After a ten days visit wtih his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ed.eiar M. Baldwin, Mark Baldwin left Wednesday morning for Wauseon, Ohio, to continue his work with the U. S. Bureau of Soils. two quart, moulded one piece. . ,t,.111K iuus 2.1c 15c Soda Mint Tablets ... q. - - - M 3?22a MILK OF MAGNESIA M M FULL POUND OF ABSORBENT COTTON.. 49c 3 H I I Li There will be a joint meeting of the Aaron Worth and Xittle Ridge W. C. T. U. Thursday, April 20, at Little Ridge church. Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley of Liberty, state president of the W. C. T. U., will be present and address the meeting. H-- VJfflUM Pfl r iTi ::C;:t-." - M -Sv fee I M uwi ine ana iron 4 ox. Pure Olive Oil 50c Soda Phosphate 98c 29c 39c For the relief of heartburn, constipation, and sour stomach, caused by excessive acidity and fermentation. During April 50c value for 39c fj The Bee Hive Cash Store Jj It pays tobuy All Leather Oxfords JSj STAR BRAND Mrs. W. II. Parrul was called to Akron, O., last week on account iof COc Cocoa Butter Cold Cream 39c Cadet Wrapped Caramels, per pound 39c the death of an aunt, after which she i : J i . . l nr Montgomery, to her home in Detroit where she made a short visit, returning to Fairnyount Monday. H in Marion on The Pioneer Drug Store M M H H M H Curt Gardner was business Monday. i K. . tooper, Mrs. ritch hooper, Rex Cooper and wife and Mrs. .Mary The Rexall Store. Jessie Wright will leave this j Houser Klwood were the Sunday Miss Xen H. Edwards, Manager. M SI evening for Goshen. pueMs oi .urs. c..e i.aser aim un , j Bynon. Mrs. Traster accompanied Charles Mcilone is very ill at the them to Elwood and made a short M i i home of his son, Isaac Malone. ..... visit with friends and relatives there, returning home Monday evening. WOMAN FORCIBLY FED Will Jones is ereetingi a pergola at the rear of his residence on Henley avenu. - 1 iiB We Were Volunteers Mrs. Trader, accompanied by her neice Mrs. Minnie Deeren of Gas Citv, went to Elkhart Thursday Russian Red Gees on Hunger Strike in Prison. Miss Bertha Latta of Indianapolis where they were called by the death was the guest of Miss Jessie Wrigh Wednesday. M Mrs. Anna Smith. Mrs. Smith was the daughter of Johnathan Haynes and formerly lived at Rigdon. The father passed away about seven months aero. Mrs. Trader returned home Tuesday. Marie Spiridonova, Who Attacked Bolsheviks, Escsped Prison and Was Recaptured. Nearly Dies From Lack of Food. James Watt was brought from to ihe home of his father, Wesley IN THE FIGHT TO PUT DOWN THE HIGH PRICE OF LIVING. -.It. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Lesley Winslow are gutsts of Mr. Winslow's parents, Mr. r.r.d Mrs. Jabez Winslow. i Moscow. Marie I'liiridonova, social ' revolutionist loader, who hroko with i the holsheviki over the Brest-L:tvsl ! treaty, is dangerously ill in the Cheka i hospital as the result ot a hunirer Come in and get a well-filled Easter Basket for the Children. Mrs. Ed Nyhart of attended the funeral of Mrs. James Howard Tuesday aftenyion. The body of Mrs. Pearl Howard, whose death occurred in Kokomo Sunday, was brought to Fairmount and the funeral was held Tuesday from her late residence on South Buckeye street. Rev. Benjamin Kendall, pastor of Broadway M. E. church, Log-ansnort. and a former paster of the M. E. church of this place had charge of the funeral. Burial was made in Park cemetery. ii FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS Tar.lac is appetizing, invigorating and strengthening. Try it and be convinced. H. W. Hahne. i $23.00 to$40.00 Suits strike tliat lasted lo days and was brought to an end through forced feeding. Spiridonova is the acknowledged loader of the Russian peasants. Shi was banished to Siberia under the czarNt regime for bombing a provincial otlieial. She denounced the Brost-LitovU treaty in the Jifth all-Uusskin soviet congress because she said it robbed the peasants of food and clothing. Spiridonova disappeared immediately after her iidlammatory speech. Bolshevist leaders a used the ieort to be e-irculated that s!n was mentally unbalanced and had been place 1 in a AMOMA GIRLS TO Miss Marion Anderson of Indianapolis, will spend the latter part rif the week with Miss Lillie Hinds. Ma te to your individual me isure. Our unarantce Hot Cross luns, per doz.. . Lie Uookw ood Coffee, per lb . . . 3."e Sun Beam Coffee, per lb . . . 12c I'ea Berry Coffee, per Il 30c, 3Sc Sun Beam Flour S1..1.1 I.arjre Post Toast ies. 2 for. . 25c Corn Flakes. 3 for 2-"c Good Grade Corn, 12 cans 5? 1.20 Kit Fish, special 7.1c Bulk .Macaroni, per 1! 18c Little Crow Pancake Flour. 10c Small Easter Ham, per lb. . 20c Boiled Oats, ." pounds .... 2."c 2.1 lb .Mills Mash (Good). .$1.00 of n;;;;tv and price iro- ENTERTAIN FRIDAY NIGHT. j The Amoma Girls will entertain 1 their mothers and the ladies of the j Baptist church Friday niirht at the i home of Miss Lillian Dunbar. AI-J .Miss Audrea Jones has returned to her home near Swayzee after a visit with Miss Velma Briles and other friends. j though no formal invitations are is- t ? v our c u t o m ors. O. :er iWvvforlEaster. RI3BLE BROS. 'of course x i . u v i kv i 1 1 1 o tiavi iniciiK in. n ihe rdiallv lmiiarium. TheM Crab and family Mayfl oi .Marion, ladies ot tne church are cor ower were the guests of the former's par-j asked to attend Phone 11. cr.ts, Mr. and Mrs. George Crab, Sun day afternoon. Bob Lindsay, Prop, FARLHAM SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED TO MISS ZEI.LA LEWIS Frank Ray is adding a bungaloo j Miss Zella Lewis was awarded the porch to his residence on S-mth Wal- j Earlham scholarship by Fairmount nut street which adds quite material ly to the appearance of the property. LaFRANCE SILK HOSE 0U KNOW K academy, rating highest in the grades. Herbert Scott and Glenn Rush being close competitors. The grades are a follows: Zella Lewis. 92.5; Herbert Scott, 92.3; Glenn Rich, 92.13; Dora Reeder, 91.97 and Everett Ritchie, 91.3. .ue was common nu u nine 111 a building in the Moscow Kremlin, but managed to escape, ami was not heard of for a long while. The cheka discovered her living quietly in an cbscure section of Moscow and site was again imprisoned. After repeated attempts to ge't released. Spiridonova started the hunger strike which, came near ending her life. She has been afflicted with tuberculosis for years as a result of her prison experiences under the old regime. The lack of food aggravated her malady and It was necessary to move her to a hospital and administer nourishment forcibly. Spiridonova was a school teacher at the time she became a terrorist, and while still In her teens took up the defense of oasants against the oppres-siems of government officials and landlords. She is now about thirty-five years old. The iaoies of the Missionary society of the Wesleyan church met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. Crilly where they took part in a quilting party. Charles Malone is seriously ill at tSe home of Isaac Malone. Ginghams. Organdies, Likens and Latest Novelties in Waist Girdle s at Mrs. Ella Patterson's Art Store Parisiana and Bon-Ton Corsets Mrs. William McCoimick and f-pcr.t Saturday night and in Marion. The Epworth League will hold a sunrise prayer service Easter morning at 6:45. Immediately following, breakfast will be served in the basement of the church. Mrs. Roy Heck returned from In-4ianapoiis Tuesday evening, having taken her daughter Donna Jean to her physician, Dr. Carl McCaskey. FIND ANCIENT INDIAN RELICS Rev. Ben Kendall, wife and sons. George and Chestine of Loeansnort. were in Fairmount Tnday ar-noon. Mr. Kendall havine rided at the funeral of Mrs. James Howard. Been Had in The regular mer.'.hly missionary TReetinn of the Wesleyan church will Warrior's Horse and Gun Buried With Him Kansas. VACCINATE YOUR HOGS WITH THORNTOWN SERUM STRICTLY THROAT BLED PURE AND POTENT e held Friday afternoon at the home f Sirs. Maria Neal on West Second street. R. C Smith. Vtner pronrietr of he North Main street grocery store, now livinsr near North Vernon, is visiting his brother J. W. Smith and wife Serum and virus, also capsules and iodine, at labra-tory prices. Keep a supply on hands at all times CARD OF THANKS To the kind friends and neighbors who came to us in our hour of trouble and who so willingly assisted us during the sickness and death of our be'oved wife and sister; to those who extended sympathy, and those who bestowed the beautiful floral offerings we wish to express our heartfelt thanks. Mrs. Elzina Campbell. I. S. Benbow, A Nuisance. Charles M. Schwab said at a dinner In Loretto: "Some men. retiring from business at fifty-five or so, take bungalows at "Los Angeles and do nothing but sit on their front porches and listen to their arteries hardening. A bad thing. "Others join the Atlantic City colony. There they are sure to become cranks, golf cranks, while their wives, frequenting the board walk sales in the Japanese shops, become auction cranks. Rather a nuisance, that. "1 once spent the week end at an Atlantic City cottage where my host and hostess were cranks of this kind. My bedroom adjoined theirs and I got very little rest, for all night long the golf crank husband kept shouting In his sleep, 'Fore! and Instantly his auction crank wife .would yell out, Four and a half!" on East Eighth street. 13 9 HP t rr,mm Y'4 Ab Jones and family, living near Phone Black 1802. H. D. WILSON, Rep. 7C THING IN Swayzee, had as their Sunday dinner ruests R. P. Lindsey and family, Gertrude Hill and Miss Velma Briles. Afternoon callers were Noah Henne-rar and wife, Miss Mable Riggs and Miss Blanche Tetrick. Hutchinson, Kan. While excavating southeast of Fowler recently, Charles Hill unearthed some relics from an ancient Indian grave. It appears that all the belongings of the brave were burled with him. An old and deeply corroded gun barrel of flint lock pattern was unearthed. The lock had all fallen In pieces and the gnawing tooth of time had made heavy inroads on the once shining steel both of the barrel and the lock. What appears to have been a bridle bit of wonderful heft ornamented with chains is among the most Interesting relics of the collections. A number of sterling silver trinkets are practically Intact. All that remained of the body of the old Indian were two or three rib bones. The relics have been turned over to the Sourbeer archaeological collection at Meade. W f? fit Chiropractic ajusi rout nerve machinery. Mr ATE E McATEE Graduates of Painrser School ANOTHER BARGAIN ROTECT the halth- !HP jt giving machinery of Cunning little invitations in the shape iof a rabbit have been issued to an Easter social in the form of a pot- . your body. It Is a won- w' J r luck supper to be held in the basement of the M. E. church. Tuesday. House Paint; Any Color. Guaranteed to be Pure Linseed Oil and White Lead, for $2.00 per gallon. This Paint is Guaranteed for 5 Years, you to be the judge. Sold by April 18, at 6:30 p. m. The party is being gpven by Mrs. Patterson's Sunday school class. E. H. PARKER Fairmount, Ind. Phone 6 or 102. uenui piece oi mecnan- ism and thanks to the advanced study of Chiro- f" practic it can be adjust- ed so that all organs ' will work in harmony. L When some part of the V body does not receive the proper nerve energy because of a misplaced i vertebra Chiropractic ad- justments relieve the pressure and health re- J Man With Horns. "A native with horns like those of a springbok, has been brought here from the Rand," writes a Johannesburg correspondent of London Ttt-Btts. "The horns began to develop when he Killed in Kansas. An Emporia hunter has killed a bird which seems to be a combination of duck, goose and buzz saw, being the size of a eoose. having the appearance of a small teal, and boasting a sawtooth bill. Without doubt It Is the well-known carpenter-bird which was common In the district south of Emporia In the days of our youth. A closer Inspection will reveal that It has a hammer-shaped head and nails on Its toes. It saws boards with Its bill for Its nest and nails them together. 9 Mrs. Minnie Walpole, postmistress, will make an inspection of the three rural mail routes out of Fairmount this week and authorizes the residents a!onj3 the routes to have their mail boxes where they can' be easily located and the name of the resident on the box in letters large enough so that it can be seen plainly from th road. Foimerly the law required the num places distf -e. W2 Asfe torChiropittic liuratu .lure was nine years of age, and, despite j f w M FAIRMOUNT NEWS Want Advs will sell that stuff in your attic. ireqnent cutting, continue to grow. In every other respect the man Is normal. It is highly probable. In view of the medical Interest In the case, that he will be sent to Europe. jp-j PHONE: FAIRMOUNT - 280 M ber of the resident on the bjox, this is not necessary now. DU' and goes on strike during the busy season. Kansas City Star,

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