The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 13, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ! in the rocks. The monotony of moun FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT tains rising abruptly from the edce of the water was frequently broken by numerous inlets or draws, and sometimes by quite larpe patches of level pround covered with a rank growth of grass or a heavy growth of large forest trees. Gigantic Scenes To Be Seen In The Cold And Gold Alaska SECOND OF SERIES OF PAPERS BY PROF. E DGA R h. M OrT TUFT RECOUNTING EXPERIENCES OF HIS TRIP TO ALASKA LAST SUMMER. Mrs. Will C. Smith Hostiss at Six O'clock Dinner. Art Jones, practiced Friday nigrht at tthe home of Earl Puling-. Mrs. Will C Smith entertained at Floyd Hatfield of South Bend visit- ; dinner Saturday evenispr in honor of cd his wife and children here the lat FOR SALE her .ittie daughter, Evelyn Ruth, and ter part of the week. Doris Rogers, this beinp their eisrhth Ella Bell Winan and little brother birthday anniversary. The following: : Forest were guests at the Lees home little folks were present : Madyln and j Sunday. Howard Mitchiner. John Lansrsdon, ! James Leach and sister with a carl' ( Concluded from Last Issue). A strong breeze swept down across Margaret Allen, Meltha and Mary .friend were callers Sundav afternoon I Some like one kind of cotl, Others like another kind; But they all like "Diue Jacket,'1 For sale only by C. C. Brown. Kenzie, Vera Jones. Brice and Freda ) at the home of Wilson Doherty west j the face of the glacier, disagreeably Owens, Carle ton Smith, Marjorie of Fairmount. cold so that very soon I was chilled Caskey, Doris Rogers and Evelyn : Mrs. Henrv Owens was called Mon- through despite the fact that I had Smith. The Utile girls spent an en-' day evening to pas Citv bv the serious j . . . , ... joyable evening, receiving several illness of her father, J. P. Gardner, j put on my heaviest clothing. Many FOR SALE A rubber lice buggy. Ennis Kitterman. flume 563 Red. remarkable echoes, and again as these were dying out came another rumbling crash, but much fainter than the first. The mass of ice that had broken off as a result of the second blast was much smaller than the first. Other blasts of the whistle each called forth a series of echoes, but as far as we could tell no further masses of ice were split off. This wonderful view of Taku Glacier was one of the most interesting ex- John W. Weeks breathes a very sincere sigh of relief at the end of each week of his official life. Being secretary of war and frequently called upon to testify before some committee of congress is only part of his duties. lie is also chairman of the council of national defense, a member of the Smithsonian Institution, of the Arlington memorial amphitheater commission, chairman of the commission on memorial to women of the civil war, president of the national forest reservation commission, on the of the other passengers were up for presents ana trey played and romped until a late hour. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Price FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. j a glimpse of the glacier and were ' standing near me in, the prow shiver- ing miserably but determined to stick it out. And the wonderful view we had well repaid us for the disagree Mr. and Mrs. Caskey Entertain Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caskey entertained the following guests at din- BACK CREEK ! pericnoes I have had, but by the time FOR SALE White Rock egs for hatching, 7! c for l.r; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. ner Sundav: Mrs. Mattie Caskey, ! f bad turned around to retrace our Yar- Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Florence Miss Alta Demaree spent Sunday Grant memorial commission, chair- Ver and daurihter. Bettv Ellen and with Miss Nancv Olive Scott. and course of Taku Inlet and proceed to ' man of the Meade memorial commis able chilling. i As we approached nearer to 'Taku and the icebergs, large i small, became more and more jquent, the speed of the ship 1 01 I was ready to go inside Jennie Leach.. Will Caskey and fam- . Several from this place attended ily were afternoon callers. j the funeral of MVs. I. S. Benbow ! Tuesday. sion, on the United States interdepartmental social hygiene board, FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. I and watch from the observation room for I was nearly frozen. FOR S.ALE Shetland pony and outfit. Phone 20 or 201. member of the Rock Creek and Potomac parkway commission and chairman of the federal water power commission. Aside from that he has nothing to do but try to beat President Harding playing) golf. Washington Star. t hutch ."Notes. j Uncle Kobert Wilson, who has been ! slackened more and more because of Mr and Mrs Will Simons and j very porly is slightly Jmf- , Uhe dangers of a possible collision, daughter Ida. Mr. and Mrs. John Si-' Mr- a Mr?- Charles Allred and f mons and grand auchter of Fairmount, Oscar and Karl Allred spent Monday . smf of these great floating masses Mr. and Mrs. Will Dye and children ctlerrcvm at Mt. Etna, at the bedside of almost touquoise blue ice must Paul and Ella May, of Rigdon. attend- j of the former's brother, Frank Allred, j have weighed several tons. In fact ed services Sunday at the M. P. ' seriously i! 1 i even the part above the water would chuixh. Miss Fannie Spanorler spent the . . . , , Mrs. Mattie Reeder of Leachbunr, i week-end with Miss Ethel Howell. j in man-v '"dances weighed many tons, attended" services Sundav at the M. P. Miss Ruth Hoskins entertained her find it is said that only about one- FOR SALE Good John Deere breaking plow for $10. Phone Red 1505. FOR SALE Nu-Wa-Cleaner for your spring clenninp. Mrs. Bruce LcRoy. i cousin. Miss Bernice Richardson Sun- church. j seventh of the total mass is above Ithe water. We passed quite close to The ten davs soi vlces which have , ay. 1 1 n r .1 1. I Mr- nyA Wrc I "- A 11.1 Itnvfl FOR SALE Cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at Clovcrleaf Cream station. L L w. fct w!Citv. snent Sundav with Mr. and Mr. I some berP nearly as long as the ves LETTER LIST Letters remaining in the postoffice as advertised on April 11, 1022, which if not called for in two weeks will be sen, to the dead letter office: Rev. Roe Bundy. Frank Tesar. E. P. Shugart. MINNIE A. WALPOLE, P. M. a very successful meeting with the : Charles Allred. Rev. Cydle Meadow of Huntington, j " Soon we came to Taku Open, still frequently passing ice berg,s of varying size, and headed for Lynn Canal which we entered about the middle of the forenoon. Why such a magnicent expanse of mountain bordered sea should be called a mere "canal" is more than I can understand. If any of these many Alaskan "canals" were along the coast of Norway, they would be dignified by the name Fjord and heralded far and wide for the rugged grandeur of the beauty. Many of the mountain peaks visible along the Lynn Canal extended to a height of seven or eight thousand feet. Those rising steeply from the Canal were oft times three or four thousand feet in height. Scattered trees were still in evidence up to the snow line, although the mountains were very steep, and the sides were seemingly solid rock with hardlv a I sel and extending above the water nearly as high as the second deck. A collision with anv ice mass of that LOST in charge. Rev. Meadow being, college student, it was necessary for OAK RIDGE size would most certainly have meant i : disaster for anv vessel. The color him to return to his studies. Rev. Everett Mil's occupied the pul pit at the I. B. church Sunday, the Rev. Meadow being called to attend a Rev. MorVm Whybrew and wife ! of the ice varied considerably in vari-eallod on the former's brother, Reo ous rerjrs tiiat we encountered. Some Daniel hybrew of Upland last Tues-! ,. , . , , It always pays to advertise in The Fairmount News. STRAYED OR STOLEN Iarge yellow and white female collie, Friday evening last. Answers to n:une of Betty. One dollar reward for information leading to recovery. Call Carrie Kimes, Fowlerton, 17-2 rings. funeral. . i. o were a very nsrnt oiue, oxners a very AO services were neia cur.uay ne- . , , nine at the We?l van church, the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Moon. Miss;ark, m fact almost a purple blue. Mills assist ire the Rev. Meadow at . Thelma Holloway were Marion callers j while many carried boulders large and the U. B. church. , Wednesday. ! small partlv imbedded in the ice. Miss Elsie Lees was leader at the. Mrs. Rosa Harris called -on Mrs. j . .i.,vK- drow nMrrr to the mid-weck rmver meeting at the U. B. Clara ITollowav Wednesday afternoon. ' As diex neaicr to the DR. C. L. FENTOM Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN church. school children are The :uno?.v YOU CANT BUR AN ADVER Dalcris and Glenn Hollowav Friday blue color of the ice was one of the h,t of 80,1 to he S5pen anywhere. It is n5?ht. 'most striking features. The entire -"a-kable that the trees actually IruSu U RlrMn J ay i was creacked'P a their roots Ms"sth France! 'DavT Mildred and crevassed so that there was hard- ly extending "down small cracks TISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THE practicing for the faster proeram, while the Exccl;or class taught by Mrs. Lena Dickcrson. will cive an Easter pageant at the M. P. church Easter evening. K t 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. ra 01 ; NEWS IS READ TIIUOLMU. Hollo- ly a smooth spot of any size as far,' as the eye could see. The front or i ? ott called on Miss Daloris way Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Belle Benbow passed School Notes. awav face of the glacier must have boon between a half mile and a mile in The township examination will be Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hollowav called held airain Saturday at the local on Mr. and Mrs E. F. Holloway Sun- width, while the face extended more dav afternoon. cr less perpendicularly pevnaws uk' feet above the water. Great masses and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Davis family spent Sunday with Mr. and of icebergs hovered directly in f ront Mrs. Tilman Cox " ' "" , " " i. ii. i - J Mis Jennie Cohort called on Misses ' of the glacier, thinning out and be- school for the benefit of the eighth grade pupils who failed at the first examination. The seventh grade will also write on Geography and Physiology. Trustee Orville Wells visited school Monday. The final examination of all grades will be held on next Thursday and Friday. Miss Ruth Rotz of Fairmount visited school here Friday. Miss Mildred McCoy who attends school at Fairmount Academy was absent from her school Monday. PaWis and Mary Holloway Sunday. ' coming fewer gradually, farther ou Mr. and Mrs. Winford Thomas had tV. rv.onni as their Sundav guests, Mr. and Mrs. t "V e cnannel- Ed Howell and family. Mr. and Mrs.' N hen we had cautiously approached Bennett Knight and family. After- lo within about half a mile of the face noon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Byron cf the glacier we were forced to stop. Thomas of Marion : There were so many bergs, large and Miss Jennie Cohort spent Sunday ; ,, , ....... nic-ht w ith Miss Florence Doherty. ; small, ahead that further progress Misses Frances and Elxis Davis, ; would have been very dangerous. I Most of the children who were ab- school on account of sick-' -Jer.n? Cohort. Philin Cohort, called on noticed that the water had becomr sent from ness are back in school. milky color because of tlv "v nearly a ;nignt. ! ,. ........ , the bergi Misses Dalons and Harv Holloway eenmem oissoiveo irom Louise Leach was a guest of Mar- : called on Miss Florence Doherty Sun- and that brought down by the T;ik Jorie Caskev Sunday. ! dav evenincj. river which we could hear tumbling Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Partridge en- C,U nn Hollowav called on Burr : down a iarpe "draw" to the lef tertaired Mr. and Mrs. Dve and chil- Haisley Sunday afternoon. ... , ... . . , For E very Room In The House ..111V 1IIME1 lltt .tllVl tlltT JUUXl other glacier fed streams tumblin dren of R;g. 1on at dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Levt Simons entertained at Sunday dinner. Mr. ar.d Mrs. 'l tb. down th? nearby mountain sides, GUANT 1) ' : occasional low grinding of one ic Will Simcns, Ida Simons. Mr. and Mre. John Simons and crandaughter, ' Bottv Jane Simons of Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Dwicrht Osborn and berg againt mother and the fitfv soughing of the Cold win !, not sound could be heard when the ver el first stepped. It seenied almo11 like a dead v oild and one wonderc even to find hardy trees keeping i Mrs. Mattie Caskev will leave Wed- 1 family entertained last Sunday after-nesday with her mother. Mrs. Atkins, noon. Mr. and Mrs. Olio Darter and who will start on her iournev to her , family, Mr. and Mrs. Olie Nail and home in California. Mrs. Atkins will i family. John Moon and family. Anna stop at South Bond for a visit with ay Darnell. Ray Moon and Mr. and her rrandauhter. Miss Frances Rush. : Mrs. Carl McCombs. and will thon go from there to Chi-; Mrs. Emma Harrison and son Art a strugple for existence on the neigh capo for a visit with relatives for sev Linoleum is no longer thought of in connection with the kitchen and bathroom alone. It is now. used for every room in the house. Designers have gone far of late to popularize this serviceable and sanitary floor covering, and have succeeded in bringing out some cxcerdiiiirlv attractive patterns, showing color effects that are quite as prcttv as more expensive rugs. The average home has numerous requirements that could lie tilled t splendid advantage with linoleum. We Specialize on wide Linoleums The advantage in buying 12-foot widths are manv. Thcv liniinatc for water to soak through, eliminate the dirt and grit that ir.evitaluv wori.-s througl eliminates the wear and tear that comes from s.;uiis. The entertained Mr. and Mrs. Car! M;t-tank and family of Marion last Sun- eral days. holing cold looky slopes. ; A few minutes after the vessel wa ! stopped a long blast was blown o- the whistle. For nearly a minut Several persons from here drove to day. Fait mount Sunday evening to the! r- tK William A. Lewis en- nome ot Mr. ana .Mrs. inario? Maione f.(;.,,.i r- n.-;,i r where Mr. Malone is seriously ill. Mr. i tAn Ar n5io Rnbrt Sunl this echoed and reverberated fror and Mrs. Malone were former resid- ' dav t mountain side to mc mountain ride, alter ents nere ana owneo: property ior sev- Mr, an1 Albert ani Mr anl eral years. . Mrs. Robert Little were in Indianano- Mrs. Creed arber and daughter of Hs Saturday to visit Cedrio, the little Indiananohs, spent W ednesday night of Mr. am1 Mrs. Robert Little, at the home of Charles Leach and j who was operated on at the Robert -'.- Loner hospital Saturday mornincv ill I . XiTh wn MnniiA visitor I - . ..' . . nately sounding quite distinct, arc then very faint and gradually dyin; ; away so that one could hardly to! just when the echo did cease. I de tec-tod a movement alonpt part of thr ge service and satisfaction derived from having voiu- iini.V.;.. piece is far greater, and it is just as economical." ..... , ....... .Mrs. cm ma Harrison ana son Art r,.,,M. ., u i . .- . , Fndav n , . ., nont 01 trie glacier, saw, a huge spra rriaay. called on Dwicht Osborn and family . . , ' , ... Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Corn were m Thursday evenine- water shoot up nearly as high ar Marion Friday. Mrs. torn will he! r : . . r. I Miss Bm'ce Pobertson spent Sat- the front of the glacier, and just ar This Store s Headquarters for Lnoleum treated by the Interstate doctor at Marion. Rather than .:i;!n, urday with Miss Zola Little. Ihey at- the last faint echos of the whistle tended the track meet at Rush field ; cormP,i to be dving awav, a lodud, pro m the afternoon. !, , , .. t. Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Pavne took din- ! 'onffw. reverberating and rather ter ner Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. ! fifying crash, set up another series Hannon. - iof rumbling echoes. The vibration Mr. and Mrs Andy Mann, who re- j from the whist!e had dislodged a selection to r. li'i-i Misses Madge and Gail Smith of Marion spent Saturday night and Sunday at their home here. Miss Ruth Lloyd spent Thursday night with Miss Elsie Lees. .1 ;h-this fr-on sortment, romc to store and eh m( i Mrs. Vergil Duling spent Thursday or and Friday with her sister, Mrs. Will ) Sundav with their daughter, M Rav chunk of ice from the face of iJ-ss m Marion. Booy"and family. jthe glacier. This mass had split off scores ana scores iTwTy Another prolonged blast on most desirable available. Whether vour vt -v fe ft r . i Ralph Johnson and children Sunday. I ,. . . fr nA M j.mM P9r- PMt. the "histle set up another series of Mr and Mrs. james rayne enter. Mrs KUtn ssnrnn ana son omney, iurc lllcntK five fur were airmount vtsitor? i nursciay. ? ?ned a d5nner Sunaav Mr. and Mrs. Freti Mahoney was a Jonesboro vis- . jjenrv Roberts, the afternoon callers , , , ! were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yarber and Sunday school r,., nor l nursaay. Ltfwry Glass, M. P. . ft. rfkaft t - k I iU' . jlll 1 rt uc ft ft ft ft 1 local wmm cu.iM.r,,.,. ... v..-.-, j victor 1'ayne. teacher at Lake, en- was a Marion caller Thursday. ltertaind Thursday night two of his Frank Morgan of Fairmount has ac- t m K willard W'eimer and William cepted a position in the Lora Hayden tlavnes garage, beginning Monday. j Mr. wick Lach, daughter Hasel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leach and'v,nd ,ons rjelbert and Robert, snent n-e v'sltors at .the5,Sundav afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. 5-foot 9-foot, or 12-foot widths whether printed or inlaid quality, or, for thick battleship grade, vour selection, here is sure to prove most satisfactory. We are also offering a wide range' of new stvles in Pro-Lino, a felt base floor covering, looks like linoleum and really wears well in G-foot widths. Per square vanl 49y2c Bring your room measurements with vou, select the erade and nattorn vnn Trff. nA ii mau": v-aivcj uwiire denim. ,John Roberts und rmitv. Mr. and Mrs. James Blair mf near Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Rich and fam COME TODi Y! ii. f ... . t -' va u uun men ten vou ily motored to Jonesboro Sunday afternoon. 1 Mr. and Mrs. It. E. Payne entertained at dinner Sunday. Rev. and ,Mrs. Rhoads, Mr. and Mrs. Vergil Winn and daughter Rrhsir Noll nt immediately just what the est .will 1,,! of w win gladly s",d u measure your ix)oms for you. aiiv? PEOPLE FOR WHOM THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD Are always the most enthusiastic concerning the excellence of our DRY CLEANING and DYING We have one of the most efficient REMODELING DEPARTMENTS in the country. Furs transformed into the mode very quickly. Men's and women's garments altered in any way desired. We dye fur skins and remodel them tn any way. We tailor make men's or ladies' Baits, $50.00 up. Latest styles. We pay $2.50 railroad fare on evety custom-made suit ordered from us. Send goods parcel post. We have no agents. THE TBASDALE CO. 625-627 Walnut Street, Cincinnati. Ohio. "Hartford City were the evening call Fairmount were visitors here Monday. Miss Verniee Lees was a week end visitor at the country home of Ella Bell Winan. Mrs. Clarence Smith and children were visitors here Monday. Clayton Ford spent Tuesday night with Fairmount friends. Mrs. P.oy Mann is taking! school enumeration in this vicinity. Miss Helen Caskey, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Duling were guests at the home ef Art Jones and family Sunday. Misses Elsie Lees, Lacey Leach and Roth LYyd drove to Fairmount TltursdavjveninT. ers. Miss Alice Little and Irene Pavne Ispent Saturday night and Sunday ;wh Miss Grace Little of Anderson. II Morcnn Payne spent Tuesday night with Vern Lewis. Melvin Barkdult spent Sunday with Arthur Payne. Lowell Wood, who had been out of Oecond and Washington Ota. Marion, Indiana A quartet consisting of Ray Langs- 2, " ""j K5 ; school several weeks on account of ; scnooi several weeics on act j , on, Earl Duling, Clyde Partridge and .sickness, returned last week.

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