The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 28, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE FIW Thursday, January 28, 1937 - r . f ' . I i ' I Dr. G. R. McGUIRE, ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS Bob Pastor Says He Has No Fccr As Time Nears for Louis Battle; Confident of Victory by Knockout Chiropractor X-rmy Hurtle. Palmr OnultuttA tM Btarkauia Street HARDWOOD WIN PRACTICE, GET SORE MUSCLES Fairvicw M. E. Drops 2 Games Last Night; Winners Lay for Sacred Heart JANCINC NK.W YOlt.K. Jan. -IX -The howlers go III for money In n hie way. . ' , . They will crush Ihe maples here March !i In April .Id for 12ll.. 0110 In cnsii, ai-ciiidlug lo Francis Alberlanti. the old llulil w':o has turned press agent for Ihc Amerii'au lliiwliug Congress. . . . New York's entry of l.iiiHi live-man teams will be iom from liny rlly In ( KiHtnrN Note In the follnninu 1 A-public diiiHT, npniv;nrnd by (he WPA nrrcaliun d'MKiF'liK'til. 1.4 in 't0 hn!il thin fVMrn- nt llm Mooae hall. Si iico tlm purpose nf theno Uanrn b In crea! Horiid activities, only a Hinall prko of tirimiKHion wilt Mo rlmricpfl ! In-lp defray csiirnnea. iond nuiHlc will Iki furnlnhrd by a hU pliMO band, and dam-hit; will be from s p. in. to 12 p. m. Boys Gather Ache and Paint hy Rehearsals on Wednesday; o z o Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Ifour favorite Beer Oil Tap Winei Liquor Drinks I Tim wnndtnilt Hhs, under the Muporvlslnu of Kndy .ftuilk, will nmot at thn ('f)lunibiii Kui reiMloit rpiiler at tt p. m. tndny. t' tf'i I to M u e H . j lhneei, I'm not n l or ;is 'Inn any ede and for lb. it reanou 1 nm j;oiii'r hp insist before the ei York State Athb-tlc ('tiiniuivsif)n tl'at lllleii nmelllillg Ilie uillollUl ot I b.iinlnfrr nml t,i- a W liter mtiy itfi f In- ntoi i t d Lout;-. 1 utidci Hiaml J Hi! a k that the rub-s be waived I ,Hk thai they be enforced -i I more no le . ! I want to mention thin tAvl. ton Thai I h:ivr br-'irriMi for this fish for niotit hs, b" :i use I am eon ltd nit ; c:ui brat f .fin is. My confidence is; based o:t the ! -1 i f that 1 have the boninn Ktyle that will do it, aloii? with the le'ce?:: at y ijuo'-'i and ablli ty lo t;ik- it. Al-o. 1 have nevr been alf aid of any 111:111, iiu ludiu j Lnnif. i Briefly. .1 ktni'v th;H I ca-i ;ii' will win. I expert lo do it by knockoul. a Held of more than inn.nnii cupcii-; ed to participate. . Mr. Al- ; lierlanti says the coiigriwa will sol a record in point participants. . . , Toams have entered from virtually every city and from scores of hum-lets. Lou Anthers. the lightweight champion, has won only one of his last four start's. . . . But tiiat was the payoff match In which he whipped Tony Canzouerl for the II- tie. ... He dropped an alleged ; "home town" decision to Kddie Cool of Philadelphia. . Iminedi-( ately after trimming Canzoneii, hej ' lllll Crest's laxt hreakliiR live defeated the Kalivlew M. K. team, 21 to 17, In n lnnk"l hull came played at the Community Center last nicht. The visltliiK II team also hint, it to 8. Shaffer whh Hie outstanding player and hlsh scorer In the feature tilt, which was pretty roimh because of the speedy style of play used by both teams. The Fairvlew netters are generally tall and showed promts of better things. However, they havo no ood facilities for practice and appeared to he bothered considerably hy the Hill Crest floor. Oil-more in particularly played a good ame. The winners worked hard all the nay, iisinc their entire reserve strength. Interest has now turned to the Sacred Heart tunsle tonight, which is expected lo draw a large rowd because of the great rivalry hot ween the schooli to say nothing OVERLIN TAKES APOSTOLI FIGHT (Cory, Hob r.iMor, fnrnirr Ymk I itlvfriiy liM-milKitt student, Hiiscii In lili nun voids Ihc cry (bill he v. II he kimi ked out by t.tnl.) Ity HUlt PASTOIt NKW YORK, Jr.n. ftver kiiici-I signed to flt;bt Joe I-oiiim In Madison Square flardfn tomorrow nlRlit. T hifcve been reading iibinit what lie is goinff t do to un: tlmt he will knock me out! ! want lo answer that with the flat aKMcrtioii thiit, in niv opinion, Louis hasn't knocked out an body hf cause it hasn't be on iices,.ary. Most of IiIh o)pon"nts. were knoi krd out by fear. Furthermore, the. Nrst Rood fishier he mot simply revcicd that hM nation by iyiidiii" tbo lirt hard punch. Max Sell in el in;: whh yanie. stood up and loiilil, and you know the result. I am absolutely certain 1h;it I will wipe away any lemuining boljef that Louis is a super-man. A c.xtd. stin riht hand to the chin will do it. Statements to the effect that h-had an ot'f-nifilil against Sclnne!-Ina:, or was ov:r confident, or wasn't permitted to use enough bandage on his hands, are cnipt y a I ibis, si ud I 1936 Used Car was soundly spanked by Jimmy Mc-Larnln and a few nightx ago he finished In a draw with Eurico Ven-t n rl . the European champion. . . . Uneasy lies the head, etc. Twilight Song, which was sold for $1,000 In the Old fllory Auction of 1935, Is the winter book favorite Bargains of the free admission. Summary: Hill Crest (21) FG FT PF Cuunoe 1 1 1 Morrison 1 0 2 MEL OTT SIGNS UP NKW YtJKK, Jan. .'S -Outfielder Me ott today ber,une the 'MM Ciant to return hM signed conirael. Tlie (iiauts also announced their Jersey City farm has bought Outfielder Hal Lee and Pitcher Ben CatitwilJ from the Host on Bees. iNKlW YOK-K. .la ii. 2K Km Ovn-I'n. a back-pedal I iiiK cv-nailnr from Fichmonrl, Va., Inday stood af the f nd of a rrpbly nit path toward middlowcight rryopnilinn and fonif-A hen n I on c thn rnn t n Frrd A pon-loll, tho bollfni; bell utt) from Kan Fjancfnro, plnniifd a fresh start In thn aarnc direction. Through the tine of a mixture of clnuting and running, ' Ovcrlin IhsI night made his New York drbtif a JMfciial succcbb and spoiled Aposto-H's. but most of the cheers of 3,000 spectators went to the latter. He waded in through most of the 10 rounds trying gamely to- slow Over-1 n with hard but too often inaecur-:tto swings, nilrt put on n htazins? Piiisli In o desporaio attempt1 to pull wt thn victory with a knockout punch. 1936 Chevrolet Coach With Wildcats Hm'o miiHrlrt', dull arhrrt nnil sharp pains were prevalent Iwlay among members of thn Biinail which will make up the "C" Cluli haKkel-hall teams. Laid nlRht a lorn;, slrenuous practice was held ut the high school gymnasium in preparation for the gumeH to tie plii ffl here Friday evening wil'i the Volunteer firemen and the ('. II s. in -ulty. After drilling . for dome time hv pboollnp, dribbling and pur.hi'-;. Oi" club's A and B team had a fast scrimmage session. On the number one five were Chamber.1; and Oianotti at forward. Brown al center and Tate and Hope at Riiarrt. The other combination boamcd the lineup of Lyday and Fenoclio. forwards. Jenkins, center, and (iold-ner and CloiiRh. guards. t'licek Drops 111 , . The. lellcrmen showed Ihelr disdain, of; Friday's opposition hy allowing Herncuel Cheek, ouo of the firemen, to scout the rehearsal. In fact, be even took part hy joining one of the learns for a workout. , Tt was obvious to spectators that Barney Clanotli will take a let or watching In. the ''history-making tests of strength scheduled for the delectation of local net fans. Kv-erctt, Lyday aiid Ernie Clough also displayed raro good form. ' Teachers Drill j It : was revealed ''today that the faculty team has been holding dally j practice sessions with the Wildcats, using a team composed of Jrnkiin and Lahtl at forward, Stuteville at center and Boswell and Trobaugh at guard. Like all others concerned, the teachers are taking (he pending battle very seriously, and they areigrowlng more confident hourly. It was suggested te a "C" man today that they iwlRht lose the nightcap tomorrow night, and he responded with the remark that miracles sometimes do happen. The contests, have been booked 'to raise money for the high schnnl'r, new electric scoreboard, a badly- ArMiHnnftl Soorts on Paee 6 Jenkins S 1 Shaffer 4 2 2 Provence 2 1 Hayes 0 fl 1 Tyler 0 0 3 Jones 0 0 1 Jtamarnta 0 0 0 Totals 8 f S Vairview M. K. (17) FO FT PF Clark 1 1 0 Short 2 0 1 Cilmore 2 1 4 U. Kerr 1 0 2' Smith 0 1 .1 B. Kerr 1 0 1 Ifl , . and if you're wise, you won't pass up ... . for the Hambletonian at Goshen next summer. . . . She was the leading two-year-old trotter of 1936 and set up a new record of 2:03 J-2. . . ," Braddock caught arthritis in bis baud so ho could go through with one show. . The commission ruled out the Joe Louis exhibition. . . . Now Schmcling Is boycotted. . . . Nothing ever happens to us," wailed Joe Could, manager of the heavyweight champion. Newspaper men had a tough time getting into the dressing room to see Ellsworth Vines artcr Fred Perry-had whipped him at Madison Square Garden. . . . The promoters the officials and half the customers were in formal attire, and a newspaper man in mufti simply didn't have a chance. . . . But it just happened that one of the newspaper boys was in tails and top hut. . . . He fixed everything. reports Have , Totals 7 3 11 1936 Chevrolet li-Ton 131 -in. W. B. Truck This truck In Imrilly broken in. 1936 Chevrolet J-ton Pickup Like New Two 1936 Ford V-8 157-in. IOiiS Wlicel Base Trucks Xcw t'r fiunrantre JOE ON FLOOR S V B A 'S BAER HOME IS RUINED IN FIRE Big January POMl'TON LAKK.S, N. J., Jan. 2S j There was maeh debate here lo- j day in and around Joe Loois' train- J ilit nnarters as trt whether- or not the Brown Bomber was knocked down during a workout with Eddie Malcolmi, one of bis sparring part-' uers, ' , .- i lyrc-wltnesses differed. Some said 'uis was floored with a riht to the )aw. Others insisted he only CLEARANCE SALE MANHATTAN VINES INCREASES EDGE $1.65 SACRAMENTO, Cal Jan. 28--Max Baer, the former heavyweight champion, and his manager. Ancil Hoffman, were without a home to-tay. Their palatial country place was swept by Are last night. Damage was estimated at 140,000. Baer and Hoffman and their wives were - entertaining: several guents when the Are broke out. They escaped uninjured. Cause of the lire was undetermined.. ....... Shirts and Pajamas 1928 1929 1930 1931 Atoll A Ford Coaches lt'.mlif ion (Ml. n fill tTfMrfl lirr $2 and $2.50 Values. SAL.F. PRICE CHARLOTTE, N. C, Jan. 2S--tOllpworth Vines iVate two iip 011 his British barn-storming partner. Fred Terry, today following lb" 1 2th match of their 'rriwn-rnuntry Keries, Vines won the match here last- night 8-flt fi-1. mid new pftiii), nt Banjaln 1'i irrs. tumbled. IicIiir off balance ' whfcn .Malcolm bit Mm on the nrm. In any case. Ionis later pave Malcolm pond himmerlns and flattened smother spurring mate, Tommy Clynn. in a mimitc. Scores of Other Items Reduced Proportionately! THE SALE IS ON COME IN TODAY 1929 Ford Sport Coupe needed accessory. t THlMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye By E. C. SECAR lDOKT VOO TOUCH THfcT SM0.6tC FLUTE -VU. K1U- L WJ F VOO 00 Itmnlilr wit. Llk- new. new pjilnt, rimmI tlri-n. New silk nio-hiilr top. KAIKiAIV! 1929 Ford 5tndard Coupe In (mmI Slinpe Three 1935 Ford Coaches 1935 Fordor Sedan Tin s rnr mrry .?0-da-anai-anii'p. 1933 Ford V-8 Coupe N w I'Hint. 1932 Ford 4-Cylindcr Coach itivt milrw. -I'hii rar. 1933 Ford Coach k.m l-.t ii nr. Ak f'r lrm-m-iihi in r rail nl we will Lot of 1929 1 i -ton Farm Trucks t'.ifi fnriiir tun nun a limit nI llH' Httc, tntm 9)7. to By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER I I'VE SOT I ,Vn I VEAH - KK3HT UET TO Voubl ' nu Jfi I HEART yj ELL, VOU CAN KB6P OH .MAC. I'MB BEEM AiATIMQ FOR YoO WAWTl CT ET2-TVI M LV I LOVJEi HIM, BUT tT'5 A t DFFEflEMT K.IMD OF L-OME A BetAUTIFUU JTO FIMI'SH "THAT LETTET2 I TAR.ED TO Itfc VOJE 1'L.L. CSIME YOU THE LETTER AMD VOU hC) U IT'S SO "T&UCHIWG IU "SENiTiMENT, I 111 1 r H " v X l 1 I CAM BEAD T, YOURSELF "THEM NiAVBS WANT YOU TO HEAE IT ' r . ..... 1 1 . 1. 1 1 1 c ti 1 - . . 1 . ... 1 . v ' ' , mr m ftv v . i 1 We Build Farm Tractors for $2 SO and Sell Prime Electric Fence Cut Your Fencine Cost 80 rSS TDAUTTlfB ITJO fl OKAY- v A ''i Zjj DANN DUNN ........ v ,. Secret Operative 48 f MATILDA MATILDA 1 1 1 f TO JUDGE 1 S g YT I JUDGE EMAN'S itell hin EMAjslS OFFICE-U. 1 fu!w nw U-J TmS little I ON THE PHONE wE'll "ra, - ANO A I it she," bb-s wfij, 1N? T 1 OPTION PAPERS I Sve, ife lTAV' tr V J J R. QUICK. MORTIMER f FOP BAB ARE fJ AL V X Q- ? (VfT Vchild I LET'S GO GET HER II J rw ) v - 1 ' 500 Used Tires All Sii Coleman Auto Co. Phone 427

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