The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 28, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 4
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The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, January 28, 1937 PAGE FOUR THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found.-Jd 1912 YESTERDAYS .IAS. 38, 1B12. D. B. Medill, recently of Danville, has been Bent to Clinton by J. K. Uering. the new head of the Oak Hill Coal & Milling Company, nnd will be the local manager, Established as The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 Tuo Clinton Plaindealer absorbed In 1908. SYNOPSIS MOVIES smart mxxoi;:' AT THK PAU( ''Smart Blonde" Introduces a new and interesting character called Torchy Blane, . girl newspaper reporter, in the person of CUenda Far-rell. Clenda Is her natural self its this, fast-talking and clever headline hunter who gets Involved in a Enrouta to her noma in Los Angeles from college, beautiful Elisa Oorge L Cnrey Editor and PubWier tntered at the I'ostoffice nt Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. beth Harmon meats ueraia vruton. a stock broker. Her atsp-father, Colonel James McCarthy, aisap-Droves of Gerald, but after a whirl Invitations hove been Issued by Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Bruheck of Rock-vllle for the marriage on Ihe evening of February 8, of their daugh Republican Editorial Association Member Indiana on ceremony but who sprang over the sill with an agility which rivalled Chou-Chou's, landing several feet inside the livingroom. Luana gave a stifled scream. The man paid no attention to her. He swooped down on Chou-Chou who fled under the couch that later would be turned Into a bed. The man dived after him, his long legs In grey flannel trousers jutting from the chinta skirts of the couch, the rest of his body hidden. "Coma out, you thievish devil I Give me back those papers I Come out. or I'll wring your eoah-darn wind courtship, the young couple elop to Arizona and ars mrxricd. That same day, in tht lobby of a hotel at San Diego, a woman ap .l..,.r:: Representative: Nuti-mal ter. Miss Ktta F.rmyne, to Hnlann nv.o. h n win co. Luana waa furious. Both breathed quickly aa they stared at each other. Sha said, pointing to the open window: "Will you Kindly go back the way you came, or must I ' call the janitor!" He gar an ironical bow. He started to move to the window, holding his papers. Ha was a thin young man with dark reddish hair and a face that would have been attractive had It not been so worn looking, she had noted. Suddenly, with on hand on the window-sill, he hesitated, and seemed to stagger. Then he slumped down on th window seat, as though in collapse. Luana stood still, staring at him. Was It melodramatlcsT Had be been drinking? This was th crown Henry Sutton of Clinton. The bride l'.HHI Wiltl'-y Bldg., Chicago. I 111 General Motors fllilg . Detroit 110 Kant 42nd St., New York is a graduate of Wells college, 1911 proaches uerald and exclaims, ''Why, Gerald, I'd no idea you wera in California. Hav you brought and n talented musician. The murder mystery. The solution lakes her from trains, night clubs, police slnilonn, etc., to Ihe scene of l he crime. Her friendly enemy. Barton Macl.aiie. appears as a husky detective lieutenant. Winifred Shnw. who sings "Wliy Ho I Have In Sing your wife along? Or is Mrs. Bru-ton in Chicago?" Elisabeth is groom-to-be is a jeweler with the Phone 1 1 7 41 Plu neck I" Stnats-ltaynes company and has In a flurry, Chou-Chou emerged stunned but Gerald assures her ha was divorced, adding that he refrained from telling her for fear mode many friends here. The couple will live in Clinton nfter March 1. a Torch Song?" Craig Reynolds. Ad dison Richards and David Curlyle to leap to the mantelpiece and from thence to a high shelf whereon was a painted dinner service of Alsatian crockery much cherished by Yvonne. One end of the roll of papera waa In Chou-Chou's teeth. The other ing touch I Osa Ayers-Dayson of Clinton was III lis head had fallen forward, his body had slipped alackly against THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. comprise Ilia supporting llne-np. You'll also Bee some "Irons in the Fire." a Vltaphone Act and recent news. of losing her love. A tew Hours later, Gerald is arrested for defrauding Investors. Unable to face the disgrace, Elisabeth goea to New York. She changes her name to Luana Waters and registers at s cheap hotel. In search of employment, she reads an announcement of a beauty contest to be held at a Fashion Show and Tea Dance, the winners of which will be given positions as mannequins in the fa married to Ben Osier of Itusbville. Monday. The nuptial knot was Med at Newport by Justice A. K. Mahan Immediately after the couple procured their license. jam'akv as, man Miss Elizabeth Wilson of South ICighth street Is visiting with rela 'THE RIG NOIKK' AT THK COLI'MIIIA ' The audience as well as the cast lias a lot of fun in this picture about a wealthy man who refuses to re mous House or (juackenDusn. iguana's bcautv attracts the attention of the wealthy Mrs. Joel Vanda- tives in Brazil. tire from active business. Guy Klb-be is the manufacturer who's getting bored with nothing to do so he veer who personalty enters Lusna in the contest. She wins. The following Monday, arriving at the Quackenbush establishment, Luana is coolly received by the other models. Hoping to embarrass Luana, they present her with a monkey named "Chou-Chou." At lunch- Miss Marguerite Jones of South Sixth street was able to resume buys a small cleaning plant on the sly. Things begin to happen when he gets mixed up with racketeers and machine guns as well as a budding romance. Blond Marie Wilson. work today niter being 111 at her time, she meets Yvonne Dautrey, home for the past few days. WHEN A MAN BITES A DOG The old saying that if a man bites a dog, it's news, must mean that if a man biles a dog twice it's a sensation. Well, something like that happened twice in the same week, if we catch the drift correctly. From Nanking, China, comes word that China has warned Japan that she will be forced to "lake appropriate measures" unless Japanese airplanes cease unauthorized flights over North China. Then, from Rochester, N. Y.. comes the second bite when the Rev. David Thys Williams urges the taxation of church property, apparently anxious to abolish the favor that government extends to churches by letting them off without taxing their property. ' There may have been other instances, worthy of being classed with those mentioned above, but, if so. we missed them. Maybe, after reading the items above we were too weak to observe others. another model, who tells her to ignore the jealousy of the others. Yvonne suggests that Luana share W. B. Nichols of Hlackman street ner urecnwicn village apartment. is spending several days in Indian CHAPTER XI The apartment of Yvonne Daut Warren Hull, Dick Fornn and Alma l.loyd add to his woes. The comedy flashes up in "Blue" while Betty Boop advises "More Pep." apolis on business. Mr. and Mrs. John Marietta and rey was in the old-fashioned French manner. Directly under the roof in a somewhat dilapidated-looking house in the old part of Greenwich Village, little son. Hilly are enjoying a mo tor trip in the Mouinianu. i iiey its little entrance hall and uvini room and bedroom were papere- spent some time at l learwaicr. Florida, and expected to leave there throughout in a gaudy pattern of for Texas the latter part ot tne week. iinlered defendant to pay the Bum of COURT NEWS Miss Vivian Bosonelto is to en $5 per week pending the divorce aud the sum of $50 for use of plain tertain the members of the Tatapo-chon Campflre tomorrow evening nt her home in North Fourth street. tiff's attorney on or before March 15. Both parties are residents of The man dived after Chou-Chou, his long legs jutting from ths chlnts Bunco was played at nine tables surra ox tne coucn- nOKK IHtWI.' AT THK W AH ASH This fast-moving football picture has a five-sided love triangle in which everybody seems to he Interested in the wrong persons until the climax, a smashing victory for Tom Brown and his team. Tom is a small town boy out to make good on the team. His rommate, Benny Baker, Is fine as a wise-cracking funny man, Eleanore Whitney plays the leading feminine role, while Larry Crabbe acts the conceited loud-mouthed campus hero lo perfection. William Frawley, Pris-cilla Lawson and Terry Ray deserve mention in lesser roles. The real ball game played in "Rose Bowl" is quite exciting and should interest Clinton fans. A Paramount Pictorial and News-reel plus Betty Boop wlih a severe attack of the "Housecleaning Blues" are short subjects. Clinton. Defendant is employed on V. P. A. musical project and also plays for dances in the Diana in Clinton. He testified that he made the sum of $24.25 per week. Mrs. caught the handle of a soup tureen which hurtled to the floor, smashing to pieces. enormous nowers and birds against impossible-looking foliage. This wallpaper covered even the very doors I It made Chou-Chou shriek exuberantly, as if he felt right back where be belonged, in his original forestl Because she was practically devoid of money until pay-day (which was five days off) and because Yvonne had been insistent, and she had felt lonely in this great city, and she had no time to look for lodgings, Luana had consented to stay with the French girl. Yvonne would be company in the evenings. Luana dreaded her own thoughts and memories. She was still suffering from the shock of her unfortunate, brief marriage with its sequel. The chatter of Yvonne helped to dispei. however temporarily, the vision of this recent, devastating past. It struck Luana there was something in Yvonne akin to Chou-Chou, the little monkey. Both had quaint small faces, beady black eyes that noticed everything, Incessantly jabbering tongues, and restless bodies. That Yvonne, In true French fashion, had cot much the better of NEWPORT, Jan. 2. Malik-McKinney Glasson of Clinton was granted a divorce from Ira Olin Glasson in Vermillion Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Glasson testified they were married on February 12. 1927 and separated or. November 23. 1930. She testified he was guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment, having struck her en numerous occasions. Mrs. Classon also testified that since their married life she had advanced money from time to time to the amount of $7. 000. no. and she asked for a last evening at the regular Monday evening bunco party given by the members of the Friendship club in the Orange Hall in Elm street. The prizes were awarded to Mrs. Adam Mair. high score; Mrs. William Ol-sen, bunco; and Jimmy Aitken, low score. Chou-Chou opened nis moutn to bewail for more orobablv cheer) the calamity, and the papers skidded Ilnrton testified that at the present time she is making her home with her mother Mrs. Jewell Miller and is employed in a tavern. Mrs. Burton was represented in court by Attorneys Aikman, Miller & Causey of Terre Haute. ' down. The irate newcomer graDoea them, Ignoring the broken crockery at his feet, turning angrily on Luana. la this messy brute yoursT I've a mind to turn him over to the Mrs. Leonard Hayworth and who live west of the city. police! If he's spoiled my drawings, I swear I will, little sneak-thief that he is!" Bessie Glaze of Jonestown has Bpent yesterday with .Mrs. i,,HoT,t in ttto c m nf $1 000 II 0. Maria to nnrtiallv re-nav her. anil also 'filed suit ill Vermillion Circuit I worth's mother, Mrs Hands shakine with excitement and anger, he unrolled the papers. Duyn of South Fourth streot. Luana saw they were pen-ana-ina nlans of buildings. He hastily J Ralph McCuire sustained severe asked that her maiden name of Mi- Court seeking a divorce from Posey Kinney be restored. The court j Glare on grounds of failure to pro-granted judgment in' the sum uHvide. The couple was married Jan-$1,000 and the return of her maiden j nary 7. ISOii and separated In May name. The defendant is a resident 1929. Plaintiff is represented in scanned them for possible injury. But there were only marks of little teeth down one side. "What's it all about?" she de injuries to his back yesterday when he was struck by a large lump of sulphnr while at wark at the Twin Statu mine. . , - . Mrs. classon was I court by Attorneys nan i tainn- of Indianapolis. manded haughtily. "What right have you to break into this apartment? I've a good mind to call the ers Newport. Attonn- s o! Terre represented in court by Aikman, Miller & Causey Haute. "la that so?" He glared at Luana. the left wall of the little alcove. Luana took three quick atepa towards him. She bent down to look at his face. It waa very pale. His eyes were closed. It was as though he had fainted. Compassion touched her. Here waa no Bhamming. Her mind worked fast. Young artist of Greenwich Village . , . probably starving. Sick, anyhow. Maybe a heart attack. Brought on by the chas across th roofs, th fear of losing what he had worked long ever, and that he fondly expected would bring him fame or money. She waited a moment. Give him time to recover. He did not move. She became alarmed. Ought she to run for the janitor? Call a doctor? Considering the way he bad arrived hers, that would b embarrassing for him suppose it wasn't serious? and for her aa well. If it waa serious were he to die here the ensuing publicity would doubtless bring forth further appalling publicity about her runaway marriage with a man now ia prison ... on the principle that on calamity will lead to another, troubles never coming singly I She shook him by the shoulder. He stirred slightly, mumbled something, then slumped again. Trembling with apprehension, she ran to an old-fashioned buffet or dresser that fitted in an alcove in the tiny entrance to the flat. Sh prayed there might be brandy or Scotch there. There was a flagon of red wine beloved of Yvonne. With shaking fingers she drew the cork out, poured a glassful, took ft to him. "Wake up. Drink this. It'll do you good." She put ao arm about him, supporting him. He opened his eye. They were very brown, with tiny flecks in them like sunshine makes in brackish pools when it filigrees through th branches and leave of tree in the Autumn. His eyes looked vague, uncertain, now, as though he was not at all sure of bia stirroundirurs. Haiti, Means "High Land" The island of Haiti was so called by the natives because the word means "high land." THE STARS SAY By GKNKVIK.VK KEMT1I.E For Friday January 29 Judging by the lunar aspects this should he an unusually lively, progressive and profitable day. providing a certain degree of vigilance is exercised in the way of trusting strange people or questionable projects. An element of intrigue, subtlety or collusion might be hazardous to otherwise sound propositions or opportunities. If Tlii Is Your Itiitliilny Those whose birthday it is are on the threshold of a year of definite progress and prosperity if they will but exercise vigilance against He seemed absolutely unconscious of her youth and beauty, so indignant he waa "You harbor this thief who steals property that may be worth thousands of dollars to me that may be the turning point of my whole life my future and so far from apologizing, you have the Insect Poison From Roots Cube is a plant whose roots yield a high percentage of a poison used in the manufacture of insecticides. Troposphere The portion of atmosphere lying below the stratosphere is called the troposphere. Vermillion y afternoon suit money divorce ar-Burton vs Hearing was held ii Circuit Court Wedliesd on the application for and maintenance in tin lion of Tlieda Olene Tarots, Figured Playing Cards Tarots were figured playing cards used in Italy as early as the Fourteenth century. Lancelot Thomas Burton. The court the bargain in their division of the apartment had been unnoticed by Luana, however. Gladly she agreed to sleep upon the livingroom couch that quaintly turned into a bed at night. The bathroom would be her dreBsingroom. Yvonne had the bedroom. Luana said she found the arrangement perfectly all right. On the fourth night afUr her ar-rival, she was sitting alone in the tivingroom, Yvonne having gone off to dine and dance somewhere or other. Luana had settled herself near the open window with a book. It was a sweet Spring evening. Soft airs caressed her, flowing in on her over the quaint, craiy old roofs. She thought: "I feel like Trilby. Or like Mimi in her attic." Then she sighed involuntarily as she remembered that only a lover was missing. But, in her present circumstances, it was folly and worse to let her thoughts wander towards romance. ... She started as a ball of fur clutching fluttery white papers bounded through the epen window past her very nose. "Chou-Chou 1 You bad boy I What have you got? Come here at once I" J She had jumped to her feet in pursuit of Choa-Chou, but halted is amazement and alarm. For the light coming from the window was darkened by a man's figure suddenly blocking the aperture ... a man who maue no attempt to stand Has He Been Looking Through the Wrong Glass? effrontery to talk that wayt" "Effrontery? You're the most impudent man I've ever met I" she choked. "Indeed, you're more of a monkey than a man, climbing over roofs to burst into people's houses. Don't blame Chou-Chou I You're as bad as he is I" Brown eyes glared furiously Into blue. Blue met brown eyes coldly, unflinchingly. She was through with men. Greedy, grabbing predatory creatures, thinking only of themselves and their petty property! "The monkey broke into my studio, I tell you. He ran off with my architectural designs. It was no time to stand on ceremony. I had to follow him over the roofs and get them. If you choose to have a menace for a pet, then the consequences are your own slww. not mine." ' doubtful, subtle and intriguing propositions. Shun strife and discord. Profit may come through contracts, writings and practical projects as well a through cautious speculation. A child born on Ibis day may be talented, enterprising, adfrenturous and ambitious. Jt may gain through practicul propositions or . creative talent. or what had happened. - (To tie Continued) CanM. HI. KlM Wmuum SraSlala. Im Short Interviews cellor Hitler's forthcoming reich-stag address: "The wold of der Fuehrer Is Ihe word of the German nation!" FAIRVIEW PARK CORRESPONDENCE CHICAGO Walter Dill Scott Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carlln, and (ieorge Hunter. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fulmer and family and Mr. and Mrs. George Hunter of Terre Haute. Mrs. Burl Hurdesty Is confined to her home with Influenra. Mrs. Mary Williamson of Terrs Haute was the Sunday guest of Mrs. Jacob Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bugger of I'nlversal were Sunday guests of Mrs. Gertie Silk wood and family. president of Northwestern universi I V. . .it, - - . . rj f?M AW P ty, considers his institution's Big Birthday Dinner Held at Terre Haute for Parents of Mrs. Wells ST. BERNICE SCHOOL NEWS Ten football rhampionship: "A win nins football team performs a very reu.1 service in building group loyalty, group interest and group con FAIRVIEW, Jan. JR. Mr. and Mrs. JeRse "Wells, and Hilda B. Church atended a birthday dinner sciousness." Saturday afternoon, January 23. at Through this coiutna w miUt-the vary n pec in! rclPniw that a uMr-. Glossal basketball fiume tetw-cpii two outBtaaditiR giti's team will l-P 1 u yed at the lo nymnuni u si , February 11. The protfdb &a to CHICAGO Robert Maynard Terre Haute for Mrs. Wells' parents. Hutchins. president of the I'niversi- ty of Chicago, considers, the insti tutlou'B low standing In competitive the conimfrciHl dpitntneiU. Full chaulfeur to General Pershing I France, gave a fine talk on his a eiperiemes at the P. T. A. meetin last week. athletic and Intimates he isn't much concerned: "I haven't any positive objection to a winning team, details are not available, but we do kuow that such net sure 40 Phoebe Rogers. Alice CIuwboh. Shorty ConnelJ, Bertha Glaus. Opal Mc-Cown, and many others who loom large in the athletic world will participate. The rumor is that both but such a consummation would be only an incident, uol a main objec Three feature astoetball games Mrs. Walter Lear and daughter of Jacksonville were Friday guests of Mrs. Mary Newklrll. Mrs. Mary Malonowsk! spent Saturday in Terre Haute. Mrs, Russeil Neidlinger of Clin tou spent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. Gertie Silkwood. Mrs. Roscoe Pwesjy and Howard Haues spent Saturday in Terre Haute. James JlcPherson-of Glenn Aires spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Mary potter. ; Miss Margaret Cranes of Center spent Monday with her grandmother, Mrs. Emma Cranes. Mr. and lira. Carl Whitworlh spent Sunday with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. Fiitak of I'nivers- tive in university life." including a rirls' game between two picked teams and two country-city NEW YOItK Sir Charles High games were played at the gym Tues teams have gone on a strict spinach diet. day night. The money made was am. British advertising man, lookf for the P. T. A., which gave a part lor flood relief purposes. These tea mm are known far and rfar and have gained su-u nation wide reputation and fame that they at the United States system of government: "President Roosevelt is as strong an autocrat as either Hitlet or Mussolini, the difference being that your jieople choose your autocrat for president instead of his choosing them." take with them their own etaf f ot doctors and nurses. Don't forpet A play A womanless wedding will be presented at the St. Bern- some high t-lass and tricky iiasket- ire High Scdool gym rriaay ai ball will lie demonstrated February p. m. It promises to be full or fun 11. right here in our own gymnas- and laughter for the audience. Many aj. . mm. Mrs. Mary Williamson of Torre Haute was the Monday fuest of Urs. Byron Hunter aud Liniily, Hollywood celebrities, comic picture eharaeters and others will be on the stage presented by local takut. BKHL1X .Dr. Joseph Goebe's. minister of propaganda in Germany, calls 04 Jk-h citizens to bear Chan- Jack Cra vena of Ttrre Haute,

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