The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 10, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ' trip and are due at Taku Glacier at i nouncement of his name as a candi- ! about 4:30 in the morning, we did not jdate for lhe nomination for state sen 'ator from Grant county in the Indiana spend long down town. However I Gigantic Scenes To Be Seen In The Gold And Gold Alaska General Assembly, subject" to the de- did stay long enough to have at a lit- 1 cision of the Republican primary elec Grant county, announces his candidacy for commissioner of the first district on the Republican ticket, subject to the primary election of May 2nd. Second District. James E. Devore, of Sims township, authorizes the announcement of his namj as a candidate for Commissioner from the second district, subject to the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR TRUSTEE tie restaurant, a dish of delicious tion to be held on May 2, 1922. Alaskan strawberries with real I ' cream FOR COUNTY CLERK ..... , .,,, ! Lafe IL Ribble, of Fairmount, au- Wednesday, Aucmst 10, Skafrway, ; thorizes the announcement of his Alaska. ! name as a candidate for nomination SECOND OF SERIES OF PAPERS BY PROF. EDGAR L. MOR-PHET RECOUNTING EXPERIENCES OF HIS TRIP TO ALASKA EAST SUMMER. . . . , .. i , , . At 4:15 this morning I was up and Cou1! Clerk, subject to the de- Since I had onlv Canadian monov 'part of the country where one is sur-! , , , , . session of the Republican primary elec- ... . .. i , . ... ...... ... . ... ; dressed for already we were nearing t.n tn ua um nn rav o 1019 I went to the small bank to stock up rounded by such high mountains. . . .... . ----- j - ' the Taku glacier, one of the best and on American moncv and stamps tor wnicn appear so close, yet, it ma hum ptnwi 01 me live glaciers n. tuuiinij ciuuhm t me along the Alaskan coast. We were ' announcement of his name as a can- use while in Alaska and then saunt- i even be miles across the water to the ered on back to the wharf as the time ! nearest land.) This glacier must Eyes Tested, (JJasses Fitted by !St;ite Uejxistered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARiS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion .1 1 - to approacn as cioseiy as was consist- 1 clerk, suhiect. to tho derieinn of thr fi-r the departure of our boat was i have been many miles in length, wind- t . Clyde E. Helms authorizes the announcement of his name as candidate for nomination for trustee of Fair-mount township subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2. 1922. Orville Wells authorizes the announcement of his name as a candi ing as it did from somewhere above date for renomination for Trustee of Fairmount township subject to the dvax '.11? r.ear. Here I found a rum-Lei of Indians, squaws, men and chil-uien, sitting down with their backs to the ware houses with their stock ef poods spread out on the clock in front of them. Some of the boys had a supply of rvuh garnets obtained from "garnet ledge' ir one of the nearby mountains. These were on sale for from ten to fifty cents each depending on.the size and quality. Some of the squaws had clever moccasins, hand made, of course, while decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1922. the clouds, far down 4he mountain slopes facing us, nearly to the edge of the sea. The ice had a peculiar deep blue color that seemer in part to be reflected to the clouds above the g'.aeier. The view we had was most fascinating, impossible for anyone who has not seen it to imagine, for it is beyond the power of word pictures. Just where the glacier met the clouds, it seemed as if the sun must be shining through. These BRACE UP Do you feel old before your time? Is your back bent and stiff? Do you ent with safety so that everyone j Republican primary election to be heh might have a good view. on May 2, 1922. , Already I could see large and small FOR COUNTYASSESSOR iccrenrs, mostlv near either shore ... . , , . . W . P. VanArsdall authorizes th for Taku Inlet is really not more than 1 announcement of Ivs name as a can three or four miles in width. I lost ' didate for the nomination for County no time in getting, on deck where I ' Clerk, subject to the decision of the might have an unhampered viiew. 1 P?1 P",mary eloction to be . , . . ,, - . . . t , , held May 2, 1922. Right m the prow of the ship I found i a comparatively sheltered position j FOR SHERIFF where I had an excellent view ahead j Frank C. Tukey, who has served and on either hand. Far ahead I several years as deputy sheriff, and could alreadv distinctly see the mag- ! who has seen active service in the U. nificent Taku glacier, and on either S- Army, as well as law enforcement . . .1 r ,. 'ffnrk for both the state and federal hand as we passed along, I caught government, authorizes the announce-sight of several other large glaciers ment of his name as a candidate for that came down, winding) from far nomination for sheriff of Grant coun-back among the snow crowned moun- j ty. subject to the decision of the Re-. . r . , , ., , publican primary election to he held tains, nearly to the edge of the chan- j n jjay 2 1922 nel. The Taku, however, is different ; " . . from the average glacier in that it j Jacob C. Campbell authorizes the tumbles right down into the channel, j announcement of his name as a canlike an eager pup into a pan of milk, j didate for the nomination for sheriff, From far back among the mountains j subject to the decision of the Repub- suffer urinary disorders? Don't despair profit by Fairmount experiences. Fairmount people recommend Doans Kidney Pills. Ask your neigh PEOPLE FOR WHOM THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD Are always the most enthusiastic concerning the excellence of our DRY CLEANING and DYING We have one of the most efficient REMODELING DEPARTMENTS in the country. Furs transformed into the mode very quickly. Men's and women's garments altered in any way desired. We dye fur skins and remodel them in any way. We tailor make men's or ladies suits, $30.00 up. Latest styles. We pay $2.50 railroad fare on every custom-made suit ordered from us. Send goods parcel post. We have no agents. THE TEASDALE CO. 625-627 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. oti.ois had hand woven blankets, has- clouds appeared white, or in fact, even kcts and many little trinkets of in- silvery, while that part of the tercst. Some of the men had quite glacier, duo to the multiple reflection, clever hand carved little Totem Poles, seemed to stand out, basking: in a However I was not impressed with much greater light than the lower the cleanliness of men, women or part. Even at that great distance children. Surely I spent a most inter- we could see that the peculiar blue ice os-i-g 'cur and a half in Wrar.gcll. jwas deeply crevassed and exceedingly So n after leaving Vi:;rgell came rough because of the great cracks, ti e ''all to lunch and we just finished This scene was one of the most difTer-m time to get on decK a? v. came in ent of my entire trip as well as one of siih 'f the much talked if Wrangell the most interesting, partly of course, Narrows. This is, a? tee n.ime indi- because of the fact that it was so cites, quite a narrow and also a new. angernus passage and only near high ; The surrounding mountains from tide -;n the large steamers pass this time were much higher than thro ij.h with safety. For about fif- those that appeared on either hand tecr. lv.iles the rovky sh.nxs seem in during the early part of the day. bor. Hhere's a Fairmount resident's statement. Samuel Fritch, 504 N". Main St., says: "I wrenched by back and this brought on kidney trouble. I had severe backaches and pains in my loins. I had headaches and my kidneys didn't seem to act properly. The kidney secretions were sometimes too free in passage and then again they were scanty and contained sediment. Doan's Kidney Pills pave me relief." After fourteen years, Mr. Fritch said: "I use Doan's Kidney Pills whenever my back or kidneys trou- where the central ice mass probably lican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. covers two or three hundred square miles, the great blue band of the Taku winds down to the head of Taku Chan- John V. Pittenger, of Center town- enl, thrusting its nose far out into ship, authorizes the announcement of the water, where great masses of ice ' his.namS asfa candidate for the V?m: ancl ; to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, ! 1922. are continually breaking off floating away as bergs. (To be continued next issue) j ble me and they always give me re had ricst places just a few feet from the Whereas the clouds previously lief." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get FOR AUDITOR I Earl (Toby) E. Bugher authorizes j an s Kidney Puis the same that the announcement of his name as a E. B. COUCH DENTTST Rooms tver Hahr.e Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:.10 a. m., 1 to 5 i Mr. Fritch had. Foster-Milburn Co., side ot the vessel avd :n fact the been just a short distance above, or j ge is so narrow in nar.y places had seemed just to rest on many of that a rock can easily bo thrown from the peaks, during the rest of the af- or.e ; hore to the other The narrow ternocm practically all of the peaks on stretch of water, very iuch like a either side extended indefinitely alxwe iier, winds ar.d twisc. among the the clouds, seemingly to quite a r:"'jnair.s forests an wb. Every- great height. I Auditor suhiect to the decision of the Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. ! Republican Primary election to be 1 . , , held on May 2, 1922. PIANO TUNING witness the tin- Not long after passing the first one was on dock t David E. Harris authorizes the FOR SALE DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice j announcement of his name as a can- i VOICING, ACTION REGULATING 'didate for the nomination for County j D. M. IIEADRICK Auditor subject to the decision of the j 410 No. Main St. ; Republican primary election to be; FAIRMOUNT held on May 2, 1922. Charges reasonable Drop a card and Some like one kiiul of coal, Others like another kind; But they all like "Blue Jacket," For sale only by C. C. Brown. FOR SALE A rubber tire buggy Ennis Kitterman. Phone 563 Red ; I will call, city or country. Phone 22.. Hours 8 to 11:20 a. m. 1 to 5 p. ra FOR SURVEYOR I Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, au- --w t-C .-.- Jv. usual panorama and hnrdly a word glacier we came in sight of another, was si okon as the steamer made its somewhat smaller, and then still -ny alor.g the chan "sol m dor slow others came into view, some quite V-ll f- : the tide was -suite low still, near so that we had an excellent view; ruth ugh comir.g in t-'.v.dly. Here others so far away that they seemed and there rovks cropped out in the like silver blue bands or streams of CiV'-c-l s that it seem a I the steam- water. At one time three quite large c wvld hardly have ru tr. to pass, glaciers were in plain view on adja-tioworr the passace quite weU cent mountain sides, and practically lvavKed with small lights and signals all afternoon one could look out on at ex cry turn or projector rock mass either side and see the winding 4.nd 1 wys ar.c-r.rod to eery hidden thread or riWxm of at least one gla-roef :n the char.r.el. he about half cior. Also at frequent intervals dur-way through we passeo the remains ing, the afternoon we came in sight of the "Colorado" wrecked on a hid- of small ice bergs, and the air con-den reel in the char.r.el several years tinued uncomfortably chilly. co- and a grim remidc of what ? Toward evening the clouds seemed mi-h happen to us or other ves-! to lift again and on either side far name as a Republican candidate for i County Surveyor, Grant county, In- l irja diana, subject to the decision of the 1 lice , , . . , . . - r 1 eloction of May i FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. Kepunncan primary 2, 1922. FOR SALE White Rock egs for: Lloyd IL Kemmer authorizes the . it hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, if touni ?u" ' , f- J o i t rv. trti i the decision of the Republican pri- Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. mary clection to be held May o 1922. sel that micht get thi least bit off , ana near, grim stately mountains ; FQR SALEVirjrinia Crystal Black; FOR COMmTsSIONER the r .v row course. rose abrup ly and terminated m heav- , District The tide xv. the narrows is very , ,ly snow clad peaks. Many of these 1 j Jamos Stric,er of Richlami tmvn. pronounced, running with the speed of were so hisrh that they pierced the FOR SALE Good DeLaval separator.! ship. Grant county, announces his RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment I fr current of a very swi't river. As clouds so that we knew they must be i. v 1 j.,. ,..,th name for commissioner from the Also good No. .calf bv side. Phone 1573 Red. ; First District, subject to the Kepubli- j l can primary May 2nd. 1 ve tci-c-l the channel we were mov- higher than any mountains that have irg with the current Lv i fter pass- been visible since leaving Vancouver, ing aVul half way tr. Jv.ffi we met The snow on most of these peaks re- he currnt rushing v.. fi-ent the op- fleeted what little light that could Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, sS33Si2SSSSSStt All bnetland pony and out-Phone 20 or 201. fit. I r site t'..ction. Just betore enter- penetrate the clouds, much as the iig Frcceriek sound wrn having the glaciers did, so that the clouds above FOR SALE Good John Deere break-Narrows wc passed th. o' : little fish- them had a decided silvery appear- J inpr plow for 510. Phone Red 1503. ing village of PetersVn r. Ilere is ance. This stood out boldly above all ; Watcd rV.e of the m .-iv hrV can- else, so pronounced was it, and one. j FOR SALE Nu-Wa-Cleaner for your neiKs to Ix found rhe Alaskan at first glance, would always feel Prin cleaning. Mrs. Bruce LeRoy. as a la cia siorag,? mat on an sucn peaks the sun must FOUND riant. This seems t j be -viite a rapid- be about to shine. These grim peaks Abundant vitamin now contained in small yeast tablet Yeast Foam Tablets are from 4 to 5 times as concentrated as the ordinary baking yeast. The necessary vitamin potency, therefore, is contained in a much smaller dose, ly growing town with - promising fu- , rising steeply before, behind, on j FOUND On streets of Fairmount, a tuve. -tartly because of tri pleasant ' either side, made it seem that we piece of money. Owner can have location on a large plot of level must be on a large mountain lake! by describing and paying for adver-ground giving room for ample expan-, r:hcr than an arm of the ocean. Ij tising. Phone Red 761. sion. Such towns as this are, of have heard many tales of the marvel- ! course, all ocean ports with no means ous f jiords of Norway, but as far as ! ANTED - . . . k v . 1 ' 1 a ... - '-' ' to launder. of communication wun me ouiswe grancieur anci ruggea oeauty are con- WANTED Curtains world except by occasional steamships eerned, the f jiords, tamely and inap- j phone 277. nd by wireless. The landing of a propriately called canals, of Alaska, ; AGENTS WANTED steamer is always a big event in an .eoa'J hardly be surpassed. At times UT CONGRATULATE YOU," writes a I Foam Tablets there is nothing but pure A well-known physician,on your new thera- ' whole yeast millions of these tiny plants peutic yeast. I am sure it will be welcomed being concentrated in each tablet, by the medical profession and by thousands ( vitamin ncy q thig new of people who daslike eating such large quan- . therefore high and, consequently, its tines of fermentative baking yeast as well , ' , . , , 1 - t tonic and reconstructive properties are most as by countless others who sought in vain lor Alaskan town. Practically every , tne channel was so narrow that one j town along, the coast ( and even little could nearly toss a stone to the steep A REAL OPPORTUNITY towns are few and far between) has 'cliffs on either side, and again it wid- . , .. . . r ' . . i , . .5 Why not go into a profitable, rapid- its wireless station. In fact that is ened consideiably, and the vessel ly pvnng business for yourself? ne of the first things one notices. I slipped between tiny, rugged, rocky, ' One of the foremost manufacturers Just after passing Petersburg and j but tree clad islands that dotted the 1 of automobile storage batteries (one entering Frederick Sound we encoun-; course, some quite near at hand; , of, lJjf. ig Four) has an opening to ' " , l 1 u . I lt .t 11 t establish an exclusive distributing tered many very large chunks of blue- others quite far away. All in all I ; b?ency jn Fairmount, Ind. white floating ice, in reality minature cannot possibly imagine any scenery j The battery is well known, nation-ice-bergs and the first we had en- ' more completely fascinating, and, one) ally advertised, is standard equipment countered. The air began to grow micht say, overwhelming, than that on many popular cars, and is guaran-quite noticeably colder and w sought along this decidedly differently pic- i . company with-a long es-. . ... . fi . , tablished reputation. We will teach any appreciable tonic oeneura in many umg- laden and untested Vitamin preparation." Yeast Foam Tablets are made by the i i world's largest manufacturers of dry yeast,, ie makers for 45 years of the famous bak- -ing yeasts. Yeast Foam and Magic Yeast. They are the result of two years of experiment conducted under the guidance of some of the country's leading medical scientists. . Recommended by physicians and sold by you the business and extend the aid of This yeast supplies what modern foods lack Yeast Foam Tablets correct a serious deficiency in present day diet by supplying the essential vitamin which is found in many raw foods but which is comnltelv elimi As nifrht closed down a drizxline .-ri-fil cloo nrironiTiinn with sun had come out for a short time about noon but again the clouds be- rain set in but fortunately did not a sma'l investment you can build a can to grow heavier and assume a last long. We were due to arrive at 'permanent business that will make - t . . you independent, lour inquiry m- wintry appearance over the distant Juneau about midnight so we spent wlves ro cHitration and will be con- mountain tops. On getting up tms the early part of the evenins? in con- sidv-rcnl confidential. For details ; morning I had donned a wollen jersey . versr.t;on most interesting to me, at' 'Write to Mr. Lloyd Springer, 103 S. ! as an added protection but this after- , least, because on the first hand, some- ' oiree., .uuncie, ina. r.oon I have hardly been comfortable times thrilling tales of the days of ! 9 ' when outside with my heavy army j 98. Almost an hour before we were PolltlCtll AnnOUnCCHlGntS nated, i n many cases, by the time these same Jl aruggists everywhere, foods reach our table. This vitamin is necessary to digestion and Extraordinary advantages the conversion of foods into healthy tissue w t Yeast Foam Tablets and bodily vigor. The only pure, whole yeast in easy-to-take Without sufficient quantity of vitamin ta!f C orm your body goes sick and you are only too They contain no drugs or other ingredient., aware of it in such signs as loss of appetite, do not form 8 nor cau belching. j failing strength and endurance, nervous- , They are the only pure, whole yeast suitable ness, sallow skin and other definite signals for children; the? do not fermentation, of vitamin starvation. . Eac Iot is tested to insure high and uniform sweater in addition to all my other due at the capital city we rounded a heavy clothing. Consequently I spent : turn and could see the myr'ad lights ! FOR CONGRESS I .j-. ..... . ... VJVJl.v'. V. XIUIltlllEiUll observation room rather than on the ; across the expanse of water. This County, Democratic candidate for Yuauuu puwacy. "i Yeast richest source of tntamin In the yeast plant is an abundant store of this indispensable vitamin and in Yeast Northwestern Yeast Co., Chicago Makers of the famous baking yeasts. ' Yeast Foam and Magic Yeast observation deck cr standing forward presented a beautiful sight as we ! Congressman in the eleventh district in the very prow as I would have de- J came slowlv nearer, seeming to glide t the election two yars ago, is a sired had lhe weather been more f av. almost noiselessly over the smooth jtpporl "SJ'SrilSy' May rable. water. 1922. Soon after noticing the large chunks j We found Juneau wide awake and cf floating ice, we came in sight of awaiting us despite the late hour of J Milton Kraus authorizes the an- quite an extensive glacier, the very our arrival. The business houses had j no"r7Tn!L .Jif Jfndi" . . T . , .... ... , . . . ; date tor the nomination for congress first of our trip. Quite eagerly I had closed at the usual time, but hearing from the Eleventh Indiana district, vratched for this and was not disap- of our arrival, many of them had op- j subject to the decision of the Repub- pointed in the least, even though it ened ready for busines as they always bxn Primary election to be held on was away a great distance, perhaps do no matter what time of the night ; l2 i 0cfy fum wkabymst in cmnvenitnt talStt Jm over twenty miles away. instances a ship puns in. since we are to stop j TOR STATE SENATOR are unusually deceptive in this special four hours at Juneau on the return Alfred Hogs ton authorises the an-

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