The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 10, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 10, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS of situations arise, some of which are side-splitting. This comedy is brim- The Fairmount News TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY - miner over with lite and action trom Published on Mondays and Thursdays start to finish. jM GOOD YEAR K ! The cast of characters, which con- A . S. ROBERT?, Editor and Publisher. i tains many people who have previous- ' EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. Minnie Mc Lucas Roberts. Associate, ly pi ay oil stellar parts in high school j rv-.... i productions, is as follows: NON-SKID 10oQ5 TELEPHONES Main 107 ' E- M- Ratten, a wealthy broker Victor Love. Mrs. Ralston, his suspicious wife The excavations for the basement of Lewis & Parrill's new building-, was commenced Wednesday morning. Peloras Schlagenhaft. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 Six months JPO Gwen Ralston, their charming laughter Martha Couch. Rob, an employee, who doesn't li (Outside Indiana.) One year ..$2.00 .. 1.23 strictly John Duncan, the barber, has sold his building on West Washington street to W. Frank Davis. The fixtures were bought by John Conrad, who will continue to operate the shop. -Suzanne Bar- This makes it possible for you owners of light cars to buy a Goodyear the acknowledged standard quality tire at a price you have been asked to pay for unknown brands. Now it is unnecessary to "shop around." You can get a world's Six months All subscriptions Fredrick Edwards. Ethel, Gwen's chum ruet. Mabel, a would-be payable diseov in paper ciseountmued at actress Cleo Robir.sen. i Mr. Duncan goes to Alabama next J. i . i i . M M M H M M H H H M H H M H M M H H H H H price. standard tire at a "bargain tire Call, write or phone today. expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as seeor.d-class matter at the at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. acity of the plant is concerned. Messrs LaRue and Patterson are building wisely and well and their enterprise and their forethought in the interest of our little city are matters of congratulation. Ora W. Dickey, who a week ago underwent an operation at the Hotel Columbia, is getting along nicely. Mrs. L. L. Tyler will entertain the Ladies' Shakespeare club Thursday afternoon at her home near the academy. The young) son of Charles T. Parker is still critically ill. G. A. Fletcher returned yesterday from Indianapolis. W. II. Harvey and wife are in Marion this afternoon on buisncss. Rirncy S.mith will soon commence work on his new six room house on West Washington street. Sal el. her chum Maxine Banister. ! pe aoseiu a wcck or ten uays. Dick Donnellv, in the employ of : : Ralston Mary Sericht, Tho one-story house on West Wash- : Clarence VanDusen, another stock ington street opposite the old Wheel-, salesman Carl Duff. jer residence caught fire about 10 The Bishop, who is swindled r o'clock Wednesday night. An alarm Laura Brown. j brought out the fire department in I Martha, the maid Merle Carter. ilwrt ordcr ar-a the fire was ein A musical program is to be furnish- 1 mrished in a few minutes. F. C. : ed bv the high school first oixhestra. Sanders lived in the house. EO. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Former Fairmotinter Has A Laying Hen Tires, Accessories, on n n nil Cn I n Airr Yesterday morning Mr. and Mrs. S-M Or GILfcAO L0VL bit" I iGeo Crabb entered their stable and Lyssg. ... j Gasoline, Vulcanizing H W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Pbone 226 M A former Fa i mounter, C. A. now a resident of Phoenix. Ariz.. What Is Known as "Bee Wire" Has Been Introduced Into England Mrs. Crabb was immediately attacked ; by a cow which became anpered and forced into a corner. The stable door was locked on the outside, they hav in! but who for manv years live! Fairmount, claims to have the groat-est laying hen in the world, and to elate no ore has risen to dispute the ing entered through a small opening ng entered through a In manv houses in Great Britain, ; Fairmount Knights of Pythias at- and Mrs. Robert Dare, Mr. and writes a correspondent, a class Jar, and for a time her position was very tended the initiation of a new lodge at i Will Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Good- record ar.d the claim. Regarding Mr. 1 n j wjIn a vellowish liquid and con- ! dangerous. Mr. Crabb succeeded in Van Buren last night. Wiltsee's hen the Phoenix Arizonian t'nir.c small Pieces of white fungus, .heatincr the cow off. and while Mrs. all, Mr. and Mis. Frank Davis, Howard Tetrick and Mr. and Mrs. John Dare. loosely covered has the following. may be seen. It is serious, the Easter time, the program was given one week earlier. The high school first orchestra and the high school chorus of mixed voices under the direction of M'iss Sample, were features of the entertainment wheih were very much appreciated by the large audience. Crabb's wounds were quite they are not dangerous. Is This emarkable hen, a White Leg- J P' brown rPr. Thi - a.;i i bee lr.e- In the making. The re This Dr. Carl Lucas will graduate from the Indiana Dental College at its 22nd commencement on April 19. ae- horn, has tlviTy or tre pieces oi lunm iimiih l M. D. Robinson is building a large nickname. Its cor- j ?iaiuc ",s l" ,t""w" l"'l'L pave the wine its RFHARREL CFRLFSS WITH UNIVERSITY BAND. Beharrel Curless, who plays an alto horn in tthe University band at to Miss Edna Overman has gone Terre Haute to State Normal. rect name Is "Balm of Uead." and ! tiere is an old superstition that It j Clarkson Carey and family have PAUL WINSLOW RECOVERING Ann Arbor, starts todav with that 1 FROM FLU-PNEUMONIA orpnnization on a tour of all the large cities of Michigan and will also j The Fairmount Trades Council will jmeet next Sunday afternoon at 4:30 in order that the members may attend services at the tabernacle. ! must not be sold but always passed j moved into Mrs. Ellis' property on on as a love gift. Our soldiers. r- J South Mill street, from Mesopotamia, broucht the ! balm (which is procured from an Fairmount is to have one of the Eastern tree) with them. The fungus ! c?t electric light and power plants d'Mihles in hulk with every brew. Balm ; in tn Mt anA give a concert in Toledo. They give their first concert tonight at Saginaw, Mich., the full itinerary taking them several weeks. of micad is actually a yellowish, aro- j Patterson are going about the work TWINS HONOR GUESTS AT DINNER PARTY. Paul Winslow, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Winslow of East Washington street, who was forced to give up his studies in the Summitville high school and come home about three months ago because of an attack of influenza which finally developed into pneumonia, was able to be on the streets for the first time last Thursday. It seems now only a question of time until he will be restored to his former good health. : of re-establishing, the plant m a man- Abvssiiuan trees. The niakinp of it : . , , bavin- become common knowledge n that will merit the approval of EASTER PROGRAM AT CONG REG ATION A L CH UROL Mrs. John Dare gave a seven o'clock dinner Friday evening at their home lms mie.1 the borev that It everynoo.y. rsew ana emcient maeh- someone produces cancer and other malismant ' mery has been installed representing on South Walnut street in honor of The program at the Congregation-growths. It may. however, be taken . an outlay of $6,000 or $7,000 and is the birthday anniversaries of her al church was unusually fine Sunday tn an imfermented state, as It Is cfthe most substantial character and husband, John Dare and Mrs. Frank evening. This was to have been useful in cases of whoopin couch . antic5pates the neod!l of the toW71 for G dalI? Mr Dare and Mrs Goodaj, their annua, Easter entertainment, and other ailments. It has always .-rt VMr- n far ae k.- ti , . - . ....... . , . and March 31, 1922, a total of 353 j egjrs. During that time she missed i on December i 1921; January 11, February 12, March 3, 10, 17 and 21, 1922. On every other day since April ! 4, 1921, she has laid an egg. i That is some record and the rea- son for claiming this hen to be the greatest layer in the world. She is two years old and of the McFarland i strain. She is an ambitious hen with a wonderful appetite. She has not taken time off from laying eggs to moult since 1920, and as a result her feathers appear worn in spots. This famous biddy has been kept in a portable coop 6 by 14 feet in size, with wheels en one end so that it may be moved around on fresh ground each day. The coop is equipped with a trap nest ami a roost in one end. The roof and the front end are on hinges so that it can be opened in warm weather. Feed for this hen consists of bran, higera rolled oats, laying, mash with some green feed each day, fine ground oyster shell and grit, and she has a dust box with some sulphur in it. She has two full sisters that are making a good race with her for the greatest layer record, but they both stopped last fall to moult. READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN . . . . iun. iiioe present were mt. out owing to oiner tnings piannea ior pilli!lilllllll!!llllllllllllll!IIHI!lllllllllll!IIIIIIIIM ben valued in the East for its exceptional fragrance and supposed modioiral qnnlities. In fsct. the trees from which It comes belong to a family of plants style l "all heal." The cum Is collected by mak'.ncr incision in the trunks and upper parts of the trees. Draining the Zuyder 2e. At the Inland shipping congress held at Rotterdam recently the drainage of the Zuyder zee formed the most important subject of discussion. It was pointed out that the drainage would make necesary the construction of a number of new canals. One speaker pleaded that the building of new village and factories of the polder should not be left to mere chance. Villa ces with churches should Commencement Dresses or Party Frocks J are delightful in their j freshness if made from our Permanent Finish Transparent Organdies Genuine Imported Swiss-Alpin ESS Organdie, 40 inche wide, will SEE retain its permanent finish after EEE repeated launderings (no starch EE need be used.) Note the new EEE colors for Spring EE BIG ROYALTY PLAY BY HIGH SCHOOL he bum near the CRnRla- bnt industrial works near the dyes. Sivoh an ar- I rancement would prove of advantage -Nothing But the Truth" to be Given . to shipping, and would prevent any on Thursday Night of This ' pollution of the polder water. A Week 1 num!er of the waterways connecting i j the Zuyder ree ports are to be pre- -r,, i c.v- . - t ! served, but wherever polders form a The well known plav, ''Nothing But . .. .. . , .. . , . continuation of the existing land, new the Truth is to be presented at Fair- ; narhors win nave to he made. Pclen- mount h:ch school auditorium Thurs- j fijc American. day evening, April 13, at S:15. The' Nile Green, Saxe-Blue, Canary, Pink, Cinnamon, Apricot, Old Rose, g Folly, Flamingo, Orchide and White. jj Every Shade has that sheer transparency which is much SE to be desired in all Organdies. EE members of the cast have been chosen from the high school public speaking class. ''Nothing But the Truth" is probably one of the most difficult plays to fctsge ever attempted in Fairmount. Moreover it is on of the famous Sam-Vlel French $23 royalty plays. That is, that much royalty must be paid before permission can be secured to stage it. This production is seldom attempted by high schools, nor, in fact by other amateurs. It is now being played by stock companies in many of the large cities and is proving decidedly popular wherever presented. "Nothing, But the Truth" is a three-act comedy built around this expression, "Could you tell the truth, the A Wise Chicken. Tn a wet side school the pupils of the eichth grade were studying about the different Presidents of the United States. They had just finished Jefferson's administration, and Miss D the teacher, asked: "President Jefferson was known as what?" Harry was quick with the answer. "He was known as the Sage of the Age." Before the teacher could ask another question, a hand shot up and a small boy asked: "Miss D.. what does sage mean?- Harry was permitted to answer this one, too, and he said: "Sage means wise." Whereupon the small boy asked: "Well, what's a sage hen. Miss D?" Before she could explain, she was Samples mailed on request. 9e EE Special .v per yaro , . THE R. L. LEESON CO. H Alexandria, Indiana. g llllllllllllllllllllH whole truth and nothing but the truth j shocked to hear Harry, with disgust for twenty-four hours?" The play! ,n h,s vo,ce turn to maU boy proves that it can be done but during! n say: . , . , . f. . . r . - j ii . i "Whv a saee hen is a wise chicken, the twenty-four hour period all sorts - ,,- x- J of course Indianapolis News. By Charles Sughroe Shame on You Men Folks! RUCKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL W( 1-? 1

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