The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 27, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, January 27, 1937
Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, January 27, 1937 PACE FOUR THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundnd 1911 Pension Tester Makes Report - . -- .. . 'LUXURY MODEL'&SSfc Established as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Clinton Plaindealor absorbed in 1J08. Meantime. . Mrs. Jo." Vandaveer Spring sunshine In th. dimmed mrnnumai . glow Ui i,iu,,cvv wishes me to take you to her table ck. i. n nf mil hunt, rustomers Please bear that in mind." Qeorge L. Cnrry Edit' nd Publisher ,n,ero,l at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, a. Second Class Matter. The sircec sounus, wjw, subdued to a faint and not unpleas-ing cacaphony. One spoke in a hushed tone, as though one were In soma cathedral of beauty as in "Certainly, sir," aaia iguana, .il:,.. ,U.f ..... hnlh hgt. coming end entirely new. fate that : Is,. , t't y I lr., K. I. WiiiIIIi If deed one was. ,. .1 l-...ll..t Anna (n thn Member Indiana Republican Editorial Annotation had been ao cruei nu new 14 ,j 1'ur vnw iu"-",.. ... .... town wore displnyed on the loveliest J-l- I MM hlffh. It nor inn otrcuiiu uivv. fc.,, tackle her new life rightly from its beginning. She followed the portly form of Mr. Quackenbuah through the miiuain uric. i n . - was Adolphe Quackenbush's boast " National Ailvcr'i-'"" Representative: CEO 11 HAVID CO. mnn Wrlglcy Bldg., Chicago. ,., Genera! Motor. Bldg.. notrolt 110 Rant 42ml 01.. Now Tor (whether true or omrrwinni nmv no way had he been affected by the j.nn.BiAn vnt in hla increased crowded maze of little tables in me oaiiroom. vunitriivuii.i" howered on her right and left s Phone 1 1 7 contributions to charity. Into this milieu, on a Monday morning of lale March, the six Phone 4 1 ane carriea tne uoiuen n. . . k. .vmhnl nf hn aucresa. 8he acknowledged them with a any, winning contestants or tne iiimi show at ths Hotel Sansouci niail- entry. Tk.. r.rrlvad with Chilly sweet Dow. Directly In front of them, he saw the beautiful red-haired woman who had given her her initial op-nnrtunitv in the contest. A wave disfavor, hidden by a thin veneer or all ability, oy me oumr niuung of real gratitude aurged up In her. From the bottom of her heart ane would thank hcrl ii... t I. . mAArttmm the the Mouse 01 wjuacnenuuioi. The winner of the Golden Apple was not only looked askance at by these models, but by ths newly Imported five she had unwittingly triumphed over in the final sifting. fl I 1 l...l,At .fc har nnMell SYNOPSIS Enroute to her homt in Los An-elei from college, beautiful Elizabeth Harmon meets Oerald B niton, I stock broker. Her step-father, Colonel James McCarthy, disapproves of Gerald, but after whirlwind courtihip, ths young couple slope to Aritona and are married. That same day. In the lobby of a hotel at Sn Diego, woman sp-proachu Oersld ind escUimi, 'Why, Oerald, I'd no ides you were in California. Have you brought your wife ilong? Or la Mrs. Bru-lon In Chicago?" Eliiabeth is tunned but Gerald urn her he was divorced, adding that he refrained from telling her for fesr l loilni hr love. A few hours later, Gerald is arrested for slleged Hock fraud. Unable to face the disgrace, Elliabath goea to New York. She changes har name to Luana Waters and registers at a cheap hotel. In search of employment, the rends an announcement of a beauty contest to be held at a Fashion Show and Tea Dance, the winners . which will be given po-sltions as mannequins in the famous Hour of Quockenbuah. Perhaps, she has a chance to win. Luana got to enter her name for ths eonte t. Waiting for someone to in srview her, aha ii st-trsctsd by the exotic beauty of a gorgeoualy dreased woman nearby. A lighted cigarette falls on the woman's g wn Luana quickly retrieves It. Tha beauty thanki Luana and, lo 'ting at the girl apprais-ingly, ords her escort Ramon to enter Luan as "my bet." At the show, Adol ihe Quackenbush's ax-pert tys sp roves Luana. CHAPTER X In ths breath-taking interval when the a tists were making up their minds, the had peeped through the curtains of the stage, and seen the Tltian-h lired- green-eyed autocrat of tha other day's encounter 1 ! , l.,.. rtUtji f. I DUI ITCIUIO DUB LU..,,, beneficent unknown, Mr. yuacken- . , (.. I 11- ......... n , Dusn was uciore uci. ue hi- her with a flourish to the lady. Her 1 ney imu wb -- ; --- Apple made of cardboard and paaW name Mrs Joel Vandaveer, ana gin, nu vm .f HfamnM tn lh nnnsible entry and the dark-eyed Kamon was oe-Bide her. of a serpent into her Eden . .. . .1 Ui. MTU-..'.- A Mra. Vandaveer was In a gra- cioua mood, as she usually waa Luana inougni; iwj .... .1.- ..UU kr,H Rot if laie in uie uy win, -they could know how tnie it wasl wnen ane goi imi ui evident that she regarded Luana She thought of Gerald oruion. Prav heaven they would never as her own creauon. inumui n;i patronage, her influence on the judgee (so she thought), there was know I No one must ever know! She was three thousand miles irom tkA uwna nf An Eden that had no stamp on Deauiy, it iumiu w"" rmin indefinite until marked by proved non-existent. her all-seeing eye. After spending a portion of the $200 given him as a test of th Townsend pension plan by supporters of the Idea in Chelan, Wash, C. C. Fleming, who was delegated to conduct the experiment, reports on his progress to Mrs. E. D. Smith, president of Ui local Townsend dub. ine catty compeuwr wv jibed her about the serpent may l. ... kAf. wltflrliim tn the She leu possessive now. Hmv, pour her a cocktail. Sit down, my '. I, J . 1 fAllinn Mr. ll0 J'KBWU other models In the shop. Because Quackenbush that I simply forced directly oeiore luncn, wnen bi wac , iL. J I.. .m Jnnn nff hr the committee oj aruaiH w o i U D....a11 PdllaMnn vou. I aniu w nuo ..--and Howard Chandler Christy: 'No in ine urcauws hat and coat, a curious thing hap- i n... Ar wha onrh Aetinff as up to "(Ieneral .Spunky and mi men to keep Rosinn Lawrence from UVIIV-U. B , o - i -Ir, 1ia past nppnpnt- favorites now. uuana . ., :U, TUn nr- MOVIES maiTving Ihe wrong man. They ed Luana with a tiny live monkey ine omy pusaiuic tiiu,i.c. w k-tended not to be influenced but manage II In an amusing way. you know a word to tne wisei It was a very naugmy munivcj, and had belonged to one of them. A Sport Film and special comedy and they were assured it would me pvwci uciimu v...-..-, murmured Mr. Quackenbush, play "KOSK HOW I," VI' THH WAIIASH niK-tinie college football. Kcnornus- her table, the inevitable Ramon alongside, id the woman talking J .!... I., tttam RWft conclude the program. greatly inconvenience her sue accepted it, but she was not Ui ing up w ner, uui b iivhw vw,.-, in that he should have put the lady . . . ,u. ;.. in mat ne snouia nw "uv h the artists a.v- on the throne and not know that. loe inruiir nuu ' v. eageriy, v....... kept pointli B with her pencil to ly sprinkled with romance and com he honed his very best customer 1. iA md aavnliM Ka edy, holds Ihe stage In "Rose soma nurao r oi r ..... I If irhfr h tnfUv 131 would not notice this slip-up in "til HI, OF THK OZARKS" AT THK COI.OIIHA Little Virginia Veldler makes her HIE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM i I. To further every interest of Parke and Verm.U.on coonl.e.. 2 To .Miit Ihe revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. ' To "Cerate in solving Vermillion Count, unemploy. 4. Ton.e.i'ymClinton and make it th, mo.t attr.ctiv. dt, of itt sixe in the state. " GOVERNMENT OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE The inauguration of President Roosevelt last week and the be-Cinning of the 75th confess this month mark something of a turn ing poin. in the history of the United States, whether most of us realize it or not. The purpose of the Norns amendment, which changed the in auguration from March to January and provided for the newly elected congress to meet in January instead of in the followmg De. cember, was to make government more responsive to popular will. This result would have been greatly emphasized had the people of this nation elected Governor Landon and a republican congress. It is none the less true, regardless of the fact that no great change of policies will result. It is apparent, from the election results, that the people of the nation have endorsed the new deal in the method set up by Amer-icans to decide such issues. The voice of the people has spoken, whether wisely or foolishly, and the verdict is reasonably pla.n. Should it be ignored or obeyed? Believers in the American system will advocate obedience to the popular will, whether they espouse or detest the Roosevelt program. Any other course would mean the corruption of American democracy, which is not to be countenanced. vrAmmiMWW This does not mean, in our view, that those who are against the new deal should abandon their rights as true Americans to work for what they think is the best interests of the republic. They should, and can, serve their country by vigorous opposition, which is usually necessary to secure good government. The fight, however, should always be open, above board and directed toward the .people themselves, who. in the final analysis, have the right to make ultimate decisions in regard to leaders and policies. There is no reason for Americans to forget the virtues of their government or desert its principles. Temporary political fortunes may vary the expression of popular self-government but they do not attack the foundation faith upon which this republic must base its continued existence. Ever and anon, both in party success and party failure, loyal Americans must resolutely adhere to a government "of the people, by the people and for the people." I ever uicn ""Ty . . accused of poor sportsmanship 11 tactl Bowl", named for the actual Btndl-um in which the scenes occur. Fea The ether irls had twitted her about her nt mber But she was not about her nt mber But she was not starring debut as an underprivileg meir .r.hftu ..You shall always model gowns she refused it. She had tak superstltltio :s, and told them she for me when I come to the shop, my Golden Apple. This was was thankft I to have an? number dear." condescended Mrs. Vanda- tribute. Its name was C,hou. at all in the program. veer, "because our figures are prac- It had a face as ancient as I veer, uecnuoc uui B.... -. t. 1 1 . 9 a as am onfOtatlt AS tured players are Tom Brown. MfthU- Eleanore Whitney, Denny Baker they. Ualeh. Its grin was fiendish. But ed "Ciii of the Ozarks" with a genius for getting into trouble. The spirited youngster lives with her sick mother and gun-totlng grand ticallji identical. Aren i William Kniwley, Buster Crabbe and Priscilla I.awsmi. Tom Brown Is sne tooK tne nmw ture into her hands and thanked them very sweetly for their kind Ramont" Ramon rolled his expressive eyes that were like twin Vesuviuses, but well cast ns the small town boy who mother up in the mountains. Granny Bi. . . , eventually makes good as a football like a wise young man uiu nui twm-mit himself, beyond an ecstatic'e: a M heno. His chum and room-male, As sne went aown uj tn by the employees' elevator, a sal- 1 A svifh hlalr HVPI tlii Benny Baker, steals the picture and sleezy black hair who had followed LUBIIB WHO OlIBFF" -sina Joel Vandaveer by the new pho- , i TU.w Vr A talran fnn most of the laughs as a wise-crack' Iiik comedian. Eleanore Whitney her into tne ca aaareesea ner. I'M. W than nrtx rntfi. these goes to. jail, Virginia leaves school and is sent to the county farm and matters In general look dark. Things turn out happily, however, with Mistress Weldler uniting the hero and heroine Lett Erlkson and Elizabeth Russell most effectively. The comedy has to do with "Porky Rainmaker". ones I Because you are lof-ly and piCLure ueiuic oho ' midst of her triumph she was as who tap dances so well, snubs Tom ine orciiiiwo ni-n The curtains psrted, displaying the six eelebratH artisU standing to one aide of the stsge. Adolpne Qusxkenbust walked on. Each handed him a folded slip of paper, with a nane on it. He read the name aloud, in turn. Luana, s anding in the wings with all th - other girls, felt sick with excite nent Four namea had been read Ths fifth ' "Luana ' .'aters." Cheers gl eted her as she walked out to take ' ler bow and shake hands with the ju lses. The six winning girls were lined up in the e inter of the stage. Mr. Adolphe Qt sckenbush handed each a large car iboard plaque, on which her new nu nber was written, ranging from 01 e to six. "'Out of these six young ladies, t.ii.J k..,,k him mPD-anhone. nave won ova "J, ..u. iln-iaam " ohm mind. until the last reel when lie saves the sailed by terror, n. ier urn-, , l I I nkanirnrl (horfl ed. "Me, I hate them! I avoid them I day. It's entertaining. tnoupn ner uiub voo v-iioi.u, would be a sufficient similarity be Beltv Boon with Ihe "Houseclean You too, be careful I Beware r IT.IJ! s-L. JjtiisKine litMst tween tne pnoioRTapna a- oh and those of today! nir Blues", a Paramount Pictoriul monkey in the crook of her left arm. illd Newsreel are added. "Please aon x pui n in w v" pen," she besought the reporters. iguana laugnea gany ai ine Bnn. ll -r .. 1.n-k sariar ma Wo IOU turns W lunvii -rww a..-. - - go feefty-feefty! It is a bargain?" at her, but Mrs. Vandaveer fdr- Anxious to DO irienujj phu un I "I I. . Bmy,lfon In n M TI . tunately mistooK ii ior an -iwcr 1 l.:.L. uoilltje loilll. "(iKSKKAl, SIMNKY" AT THK l'AI;A('H Hal Roach offers his first full parently friendly way to her, Luana 101 enynesB wuiuu wan I able in the younfi: giiis today. She THE STARS SAY For Tlmlfsclay, January 28 ity ;i;mcvji:vi: kumiu.u THE PRESAGE for tills day. according to the lunar and mutual aspects, is for the sudden precipi said so. , length production to the movie pub no DWiuwm ... "you ara lucsted to choose tne one worthiest of winning the Golden lic in prnscntliiK "(Ieneral Spunky have none of it The more publicity i h.J fUai htfjr consented. - Ths girl's nsme was Yvonne. She had been with the House of Qusck-enbush for almost two years. She modelled sports clothes on an upper floor of the establishment. She had a thin, excitable sort of face that who is. of course. Kpanky MacKar- nis new m1u111c4u.11 n, for his business. He would encour- land of the Our Canir comedies. 1 age no noneiit;. hou -- tation of a wholly unexpected and surprising adventure. This should have a vital effect on the fortunes. drunk her cocKtaii (ne wbi giau . . 1 . 1- . lia nro was not exactly gooa-ioosing om mn mwh alive, and a resllv beau mat sne took muy uim J .t. k tnnlr hor HrmlV DV tiful figure. n gUVU OIK IS ssv rvvtm -w- l l the arm and led her to the table re and may take one to strange and far places, with splendid opportuni served for the juages, wnere a wnvie a ..1. . mon tar oi-a wait.ino' uver tneir saiaa ana lea-wnn-lemen ("one mus' take care of ze feegurel") Yvonne poured Into IllCat u tiuGi. " addition to Spanky, Buckwheat, Al: falt'a Switzer and t lie rest of the gang, there is a competent adult group headed by Rosllla Lawrence. Phillips Holmes, Ralph Morgan and Louise Beavers. The story has Ihe vivid days of the Civil war as a setting. Holmes Almost losing his life in the fray. While he'B away it is ties, new environs and pleasant as her. She was placed among the famous artists, and photograpnea nH reDhotoflranhed with them. sociates. Romance or important friendships may figure profitably fihm rnmforted herself that It was Luana s ears a meaiey oi miorma-tion. She had been born in Lille, In France. She had been pettte sn-fantt during the terrible bombardment. She had escaped in her mother's arms as the Germans ad- a long way from New York to San Apple. Voting papera . un tables. Mark off your choice, please, ladies and gentlemen." Luana won the Golden Apple. Incredibly fantastic, and in direct contradiction to all the usual stories of the poor and pretty hero-ine landing in New York, fate, after delivering one terrific blow, haa apparently relented, for the time It'was like a dream to her. She had walked out on the runway in a dream. Had seen a sea of faces that had no reality to them. But the voice of Adolphe Quackenbush had strength and body. It was like a great wave breaking on her, whirling her high on some warm and glowing shore, bringing her back to a thrilling consciousness. ... , She had won ths top position In the contest by a majority of votes. Out of the six entrants chosen by the artists for their grace and . . . a I thin Patronize Our Advertisers UlKgV UI onii aov-.ow. .... -- threa thousand miles, waa it not! and happily in Ihe private life. If Thin Is Your lliiiliiluy Those whose birthday It is may anticipate a year of surprising and lar-rraching developments. with abrupt changes, splendid opportu Who would connect uuzaoein nar- - li.U L. fieaaanl T.IINnM Wflb. aneea. une montn later, ner winvr. a soldier in the French infantry, had , , ;ii I ii tl. A'.A erst Beyond Aunt Minnie, who oeen Kliieu, aim nw inuvitv, iwu gw Slaughter of the Innocents had tailed to recognize ner " n.n-iAw. (kara tun tint, a Uilll WHO IOI a Dranen umb, kwthik 'umw w be brought up by relatives shs nities, new associations and pieas- knew bar tn iNew zoric. nnany grew w nei. environnient. These uniy lake (T itiL. AdAlnha far from old and Irksome ron- them X I1Q ColOUIlOllll" ii" . """r Quackenbush on Fifth Avenue was "ao l came to America, noping mi find re gold in ze streets and instead I land wis Monsieur Quackenbush I Ah, this town is so ex-pen- DUBUI in, mi. ' . ' ililii in and stirnitilidiims. and bring i in iiili urrsniml happiness imposing, PUS in unpwvv.j pw i. An a MAtA nnnarrla In llpnt I !( II Bjva" she rolled expressive eyes- n nrvrMiovVif hrnmiiim inrl through friendship or romantic al- CICTBvVIO w "UUB"" ." -- . a.1 : t-. oeauiy oi into l'"."T V, ,, crowd of New York "fashionables salons so eiejrani mey miRMv even my I rr. Lin aipsri.meiii, in Veellage what it cost me I " I' I J 1 1 ..kWJ T ... n. I.. hnnMilK. A child horn on this day may be pinal and have unusual talents Deen Set Dy ine aecornwro iu awure millionaire's privata house. Signs of anything so vulgar ma s-J. a kanlathafl frrtn f Ha Uo the arm, discommoding Chou-Chou had selected her as winner. It was even now being announced loudly, resonantly, through the megaphone by the famous Fifth Avenue cou- I tTaat- aanl intft mnft fine creative powers in oiil-of- mil I 1 () WHO B ama swim ssiw thick rugs the color of the plumage so mas ne snoweu mm unr wwui her, "I have se grand ideal It eeme like a flashl Luana I like you yos come share apartment wis me? oidinary lields of enterprise. It Back In the wings, the great ll 01 a aove. une reiaxea on gry-nu- IJ 1L.1 -bah triiimnka Have far. and have hluh ad- Adolphs became tne Dusmess man ... ti I L. T n T .. . n a - may i To He uonunueai llluie and romance in its life. again, nm m vrnwr w "You will report at my shop for gOia CUUCIICO HI CSV nca3 miuHifiB of comfort-eum-beauty. One's eyes rested, after the glare of the bright omotiim. itia, tin n worx at nine on nuiiu; w" !,.. tions." Mrs. William Sexlon, and .Mr. Sux-tou of Crnnipton Hill. YESTERDAYS JAN. t At a very prelty home wedding on Saturday evening MIsb Bertha rioMiter of Lvford became the bride Short Interviews NEWARK, N. J., Simon Doul-ger, director of the Jewish Child Guidance Bureau, wants to keep square pegs out of round holes: "II is impossible to make a successful bookkeeper out of a boy who wants to be a carpenter." MiiiS Helen Wood. Instructor In Iho Indiana Slate Normal school in Teire Haule. spent the weekend here with her wot her, Mis. Olive Wood, of Walnut street. of 1)0111 I'esavento of ('Union. The wedding was soloiiil.ed ul Ihe home or Mrs. L K. Vim lloosler in South Third elicit will! Rev. Reno Taconio ( HICAl.O Vnited States Senator Joseph T. Uohliisnn ussails monopolies: "Public opinion lookR with dread on the coming of the day when s few glcantie combinations of capital shall control production and sale of the necessities of 111'." Baptist church officiating. ,if Ihe Alice Van Hoosler was the M II.M NEW YOKK Former Mayor James J. Walker says be enjoys watching politics from the Bide-lilies: "You would be surprised how my sleeves puff with the laughs that run up and down them." loldiHllimd and Neuo Pesavento. brother of I lie gloom, was the best mail. Mary KrunieK Huntley, Utile dsiiiKliier of Mr. and iMrs Jark Huntley, who live on the fllntoii-Terre Haute roud. Is rei oveiiim from a sialp Injury received about 10 daya ai:o while at school. The little ulrl went to her locker at the Otter Creek school to get her coat and hat and In opening the door the locker fell on her. Mrs. Mary l,oi'ki)"d of Terre Hunt. speni ihe weekend with her daughter. Mrs. Kthul llayer. of Xorlli Main street. NHW YOKK Aluernon I). Black, a leader of the New York Society for ethical culture would make divorce possible by mutual consen': "Such action, with certain restrictions to prevent marriage from be lug lightly treated, would go far to eliminate hypocrisy and social stiii-ma' attached to present divorce ac Live With Purpose The man without purpose lives on, but he enjoys not life. Downright Facta Generally downright fact may ba told in a plain way; and we want downright facts more than anything e!;e. Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Iteilinoil have returned to their home ill Beech drove. Ind.. after spending the weekend with Mrs. Itedinon's mother. Mrs. K. H. folium, of South Fifth street. Derivation of Word! "Bible" The word "Bible" comes originally from the Greek byblus or papyrus, the name of the material upon which ancient books were written. Columbus Touched Porto Rico Columbus and his men touched at Porto Rico November 19, 1493, hurriedly explored it and named it San Juan Bautista in honor of Prince Juan, heir to the Spanish throne. Miss Louise McAdams of Mecca spent yesterday here at the home of Mr. and Mis M. F. Marshall and family in Elm street. The Marshall family visited Mrs. Henry Gllfoy and son. Lewis, in Lyford yesterday. They're Coming, COMING to Our Big MYSTERY SALE OF USED CARS Come and Learn the Reason JACKSON MOTOR CO. High-Pressure Air Narcotic Air at greater than three atmospheres of pressure has a narcotic effect, retards the higher mental processes. Tom cilH"on of Danville. 111., cut the weekend with his sister. Is'

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