The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 6, 1922 · Page 7
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 7

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1922
Page 7
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THE FAIRMOUNT NET73 I NO LIVING THING ON ISLAND GOOD louse Toot TMpsT HAD LINGO ALL THEIR OWN Telephona Operator In tht A. C, P. Employed Cod That Baffled "Jerries" Listening In. "Hollo, lluokwhent. Naxv, I don't xvant llroadway. ;ltume lUtckxvheat. That you, Itttckxvheat. WcU, why In don't yon nnswar? toortre Wash Inpton want to talk to Harry Thaxx and tx sxvoet tm,M A reviewer Rone erar.y? not a hit of It; just the way the A. H. F. tola-plumo oporatx'r at some headquarters told another operator at some other headquarters that 5en. So-atut-So wanted to talk xvlth tol. HomelHdy Klso, IMaln Knjiltsh wouldn't have done at all. because the chances were that setue Itoehe who. used tx drive a hroxvery wagon on Avenue A was cutiluft In along the litto waiting for an earful xxn the next American Jump-off, Kvrn xvlth such disguises a the above didn't alxvays work, and the Instance I related by Captain l.avine where a number of Choetaxv or some other Indian tribe xxere tted a operators and transmitted the messages In their Inimitable native way and thereby ruined the hearing of four listening Jerries, Tho foUoxvlng i a hectic bit of authorship that is typical and Just a hit trite at present ; "To the northwest the marine met the kaiser's best marching forxvard 'nach Paris' In the full flush of victory, and turned them back atnated. stupefied, demoralised. "lnnerwvtter! What has happened? "The American hsd happened. The peak had been reached. The Hun had been stopped. The xverld breathed again." Chicago Kvening Tost. NOW WE HAVE "CANARY JAZZ' SU Thousand Birdi, in Hold of Ship, Introduced New Music to Now York Dancers. "Canary Jarx" I the latest in syncopated mnsto to be Introduced to the feet of )ance lover. It w a tried out In tho grand ballroom of the steamship Coerge Washington. Tito tieorge Washlnslou reached quarantine Just after sundown the o! Iter t.lght and xx cotnpelled to lay at am her until the next morning, before proooedlng to her Hoboken Her. Forced to spend another night at !ea, the otllcxM's xf the f?eorge Washington arrangxMl a masked hall for the entertainment of cabin passeugers. With Mis Kcgina Hatler, a dramatic soprano from Cleveland, Ohio, who ha hcn ttging abroad, Capt. Harold Cun-nitighatn led the grand march. Tho Ja mu.e frottt the ship's r-cbetrt disturbed the slumber of some six thousand canaries in the hold. The hrd stn..,l the music for a time and then started venrhllng themselves. The shrili note of the yellow-coated aoixg-ster became real "raggy," and tle musician In the orchestra ceaed their effort. The dancers ctntlnuel to glide around the ballroom to the bird music. It proved a great hit and thus was born the "canary Ja." DauQherty Wen a Dollar. Tho member of tho President's cabinet are not alwavs dolled tip in frock coats and silk hats, ami xn their dignity. When they get together they are rxl human and sometime act like schoolboy. As they xxere flocking out of a recent meeting like schoolboy let loose Attorney General Harry laugherty spied Representative "Nick" Long-worth and challenged him to match a dollar. Harry won and brushed aside "Nick's proposal to accept W cents In cash. "Nick, you're a wealthy man and 1 Insist on the whole dollar," said Harry, and went away proudly Jingling four quartern. What Interoste Londoner. Krxm an anetent areli of Old London bridge, built at the end of the- Twelfth cttttury. Is to sprtog a new motlorn building which will tower far above alt the Innrion steoples ami probably will be the highest building In Lxn-lo, not excepting tho monument, liondoners, however, quire cbarscterla-tieally apear to rake tar more Interest In the questVn of mhether that relle of the over famotia and once so tovuinr London brldee, tbo only recently discovered arch, can be saved, than In the hetght of t"le prospective akysrrapcr. She Waited in Vain. "I suppose It wa a proud moment to Mrs. Gadxler'a life wWn she cast her ftrst vote?" lt was. Indeed," ald Mr. Gaddor, "but something of n disappointment. tov "Was her candidate defeatettr "No, ho waa elected. twt It was several wks before Mrs. Gadder discovered that It Isn't customary for a successful candldato to send a note of thanks for each vote received." Birmingham Age-Herald. A Running Start. Maurtno and Billy are rivals In their school work. But Billy had received much tho higher grade on an examination paper. As ho turned triumphantly toward tho young lady after tho results were announced, sho gavo htm what Is commonly referred to as "a nasty look." "Huh," tho ltttto red-haired rascal boasted, "X can maks an uglier faoa than you.1 "We'l. yon ought to," sho snappod. "lx , o;.ut jrouvo got to start with," Ciilit(cn f AftAtr WcutJ Sem t Pnevt That Mcthr Nature Can M.tKe Ensrs A frx of tutturi rxvns of moro thAn o-h:navy htxvrot. h ; fvl st?ol shtut in Tnt sxnttnl, xxhkh is liv!iixHtly xijljt frxnn oM It xxa xVsorxol tast sumwor that oxvry tr sVul cvhr lnx tho lshxvl xvas oaK AKxt tho xxator's xvljW' votatio ai-Hxrxt xxlthoroxl avl a thin vajsr hn oxxn- tho ts?att! htrh!? tho hx Noxor trhahitoh ant about t wotv In ok-tont tho tsanvl ha for yoar hxvn n.otox! r Its; jtrxnvth of xvxMwlorfui t ws, Mrs tb.rxv foot in n:anotor jrrxnx o, thiokiy as to tnako tmxoi thrxnih thorn atnuxst hvtos5W. Itoth xtar att ator llourtshoxl. Tti oxtor-shtx of tho traot has bxvn in litigation for yoars anl tho thnhor xni not ho losivxl. Noxv tb.tcr t not a living th'nt on ti istamh Not a oixxx ivsts on tho xloaul tos, sx'5 boats as, an ovasota orah toM of th1 faii-'tt of sroat ttMcv Sv-kn-.tists xxhvx haxo visitoxl tho l-an- 'n th.v last fox- tnoth txNUoxo tho tatul has sximxl. Thp jtrxxxvth of Uvo arl xotation has hvn so ratlvt atut onsx as tv chaist thx in tho soit. .Vnothor thory is H M tho soii rxst on rxok iasti ;U'.l tho roothMs of ttx tiants havo oxxmo Into xy.taot with tho hrlnf of lnrvt svxnnl to suoh wn oxtont that tho salt ha hmnoxl out tho lnt Uf. FRENCH FARMERS MADE GAINS Assertion That They Realited Lars Financial Benefits Frcn tht War Stws Rtasenab?. A xslass of rromh sxolrty that inol larcx1" tinamtal bonotlts frxni tho xxar is tl'.o farmors, Th.xx- haxo booxn.n f lato a i:vat fxxrx-v in rwuh olittxx, thrs far only xlofonslxcly, in avxivliujt aatin. but lator thoy xxill sutvly u.x r. rxv ;tcrxsvix o. In tho ohl xlays many. If not most, of thorn usoxl to ivut tlvo lanl thoy tiHol. lut I'.' xx iio tenant farmer has oxsasol o oiv they laxo all txwntly bought J.eir Th.orv xxov ;2,mVxXM Atueiloan vuiiers in t'ranex ami it is xstuuatx-4 tiat, on an xoracx thoy t a foliar a lax aiec-o out of thoir xn ovke!s; tlis makes uhum a !ay. ami most of It xxont to tho K-xaei farnvers, to say uothlrc of tho million spoilt by ov;r jxonmnnt to t ty rations to- thxso vory sohliers. TIo vU;Yertsnv botxxxvn tho oity tNtl-ters anvl I ho farmers is that tho former aw foxv xxh,i!o the latter tvpresont a xory lartv voto, xxhieh has tiix saim vstUs that It xxouhl havo in any .her tvV(hUx vis., thoso rxswxtins tho larirx votx arx not taol! Tho nool of tho Lwneh luhlt xxUi xloubthxs brtnjr about a xonv Hon of this sta?x' of affairs, xxhon tho faruor xotx4 xx til baxe to (ass frxm tho lo-fxMtslvo txx tho afTxvssixe. 1 II. Shor-tiM In tho outlook. Japanese Glycerin Production. Cottl tho xutbrxak of tho xxar all the ilyoecin used in Japan xxa itnportxd from the I'ultoxl States attd Kuropxan exxnntrlxs, notes Fianoe anvl Com-ntorxv (Shanghai), but the enormous demand resulting frm the war led to tho establishtttottt of a factory under tho protection xf tho Japanese gxvern-nvent. xxhlch has tvdmvd sonmxvhat the volume f Import of glycerin. Originally tho manufacturer of glycerin In .Japan used xxuly tlh xll. bxtt are noxv adding to the supply by us'ng talloxx, wgxtablo xx a v. and xsnut ami bean oil. China' Imports xf glycerin during V,V shoxxol a fair ncreasx tut of a total valued at aUutt to?.oo halk-xx an taels, tho Cnlted Klngxlotu sup-plixl oxer tkkxM taels' xxorth; Japan. taxis; tho I nitrd Statxs, 11.000 taxis; tho Netheriattds, .0tH taels, and Sxxlt?erl.tnd, 'J.otx taels, while tixur-many also srtt some small supplies. Shanghai is the largest absorbing center, taking about tVt Hr xHMtt f the total Importations of glycerin Into China. (The average value of th hatkxvan tael for UO) xvas $1.24 gtdd.) Just Supposing. The mxst embarratug moment of my life was in schxol. I ant a senior In high sxduxol, and naturally take grvat pride In It, and like to lord It over the freshmen. 1 am In the freshman French class ami at every opportunity I get I make fun at their mistakes. Well, we were Just starting on Frem-h ami my French teacher "was trying txx help me out? on something t did not understand. She said txx me; "Norman, supposing that I said txx you, 'You love the girl.' " Nxt koopln the Question In mind t sheepishly said. "What ttrll" It truly xx as an embarrassing moment for me to have all these freshmen giggle at too and taunt me, thus glx tng me a dose of my own medicine. Kxchange. Maan Trick. Johnnie and Jtmmle could nxxt agre with the little ltrowna next dxor, but they were fond of I he Hrovrns' dog, Buster, x much x that they Invited him tx their show because Duster could do tricks. The show at a r ted and was well along when Johnnie and Jtmmtc rushed la to their mother, and with many tear and lamentation walled mitt "We had our ahow goln good, and Duster was doln otto of hit boat tricks, when thorn raeaa Brown kldi called htm homo and butted p tho whole ahow," ROADS SURVEY NATION'S HIGHWAYS Accurate Measurement f America's Net cf Roadvxtayt Seen to Be Made by Government. tteivard by th tnitol Strs tiwrt-mont of Agrtx'uttur.) Anoricavs far -lluusi not f rxvnlxvay Is soon to bo measnrxMl cenra?o(y in terms of milcatxv, xst, elKuaetor of t-xMstrux-tiou lmprxvotnent xxork ami fcvneral tvnditioti by tho burxau xf public rxtiis f tlo rnltetl States lo I'-arttux-nt of Agriculture, Tho survey, xxhieh is tho most otonlxo oxer mt-oei taken ami tio tlrst In seven years. Is to bo nuole with the ahl of state and local ttleials and Individuals tho country oxer, and Is xHmiarahlo only txx tho j:rxat task of taking the national census. Nobody, In all irxhablUty, rtuthl jtmss today within mlUlous of dollars what the rxxadxxay total. In dollar and cents, on the lodcxT of national asset. Nobody knnxvs hoxv tmtny mile thotv atv xxhetv wheel may rxdl. The sttvnpih and tho xxcaknos of tho nation's transportation arteries likewise are ttuktovxn in detail. When the survey Is cvmpletod, ail thosx aiv) other fnxis xxtil bo knoxvn attd xx HI be available for Kuldanxv to road builders. In addition thotv will bx abundant data txx shoxv up comparisons of costs, Tho woihhullt rxads xxf, say, IVtMtsylvania can bo laid, dollar for dol'ar and mile for mile, alongside the xxcll built rostd of California and other states. Klrt xvt and main-tenant of macadam, asphalt, concrete ex-ery kind of road built from one section xan bo matched against such xvsts frottt every other section. If deslrod. The xxay to make tlo dollar mot etYecllxo Itt rvtd xxork thus will bo pointed ov;t. Itural htchxvay a xvoll a urban are txx bo included, the latter omhrao icii ;;ll rads, stm ts mx,t allc.xs n u crporatod ootnmttnltlo of iI.ot In N sc -.-.ov . o"H ' t V V w Sr Hard Sulfate Rcxd Butlt in Cahffr-nia by Federal and State Funds, habitant r motv. How tho f ind are provide! f.r xnstrurling and maintaining txvnls also xx Ul lx made knoxvn. Tho amount Invested in road ma-ehlnorx itctn cxMHH-rltu xxhhh even apprxltnute itfonnaliot I lacking today -xx Ml ho After tio Informal iott is obtained It xxill bo kept p to dat lt ttmlortaktng tin survey, the bureau rxuo-ets tt,o asslstrtuo of every unit xf gxx errmxvtt dltg rad work Itt the nation; f road ofllciats the outntry xxcr; atnl xf associations, or-ganlpatton atnl Individual, down to the man xxith n tUvxxr, having infor tuatto4i or data a t local highway aettxltU. As future legislation may be based on percentaut xf rxad mile-g It Is pointed out that It I essential for each unit to have It total, a welt at It Improved, road mlleago enreftUly and correctly rexnnled lt the anrvey. TRUCKS AND GOOD HIGHWAYS Farnxera Almost Unnnimeui In Oec!ae ing Principal Disadvantage la Poorly Built Reada, Vast' Increase In use f NUtnmohtles I now to be depleted with motortrucks. Their complete- utility Is testified to by T cent of the farmer replying to the latest government Inquiry. These same men agreed that tho principal dlsaxlvantago of motortrucks Is poor tomls, For about eight weeks of tho year, mud or snow t o bad that ttxmks cannot well he used. When all-the-year gxxod roads are established, agricultural use of motortruck will he universal. Motortrucks Involve problems new to htghxvays,' Their tremendous loads utterly destroy roads which under horstMlrawn vehicles were permanent, Big Road Program. The state h'ghway commission In New Mexico has launched a big road building program with tx new federal aid projects, one to cost f4tt.707.tV2, a aocond to cxvt $(W,o0.(l7. a thtnl t,H.. Wtt.87, the hxurth $4t.024.7o, a fifth ItSMUMfA and tho atxth $7 4,1 47. Dixie Highway Lead. Of the H.(W miles of rtxads to bo constructed tbroughout tho United States through the aid of federal appropriation, tho Dixie Highway leads tho I t with Ktt iplioa. . n 1 isvs .OY-. i FOR SAI.R KOU SALK Scotch Collie pups. Heelers. Seven week old. 2 1-2 miles west of academy. Chas lUirnsido. It load in War, It lends in Teaee, It's name is Rlue Jacket Coal. C C. Urown. FOR SALK Indian motorcycle in jroo.1 running ortier. Will take price of pood bicycle if taken this week. Phone 104. FOR SAI.K Mm rion fence, rijrht. Oscar Ioy A Son. Price 0AU LOAD of Chestnut hard voal on track. A. A. Ulrey & Co. FOR SAI.K White Rock orrs for hatching, 7r c for 1.1; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. We carry a complete line of Ful-O-Pcp feed. Nothing oettor for growing chmkens. A. A. tKu-y k Co. FOR SAI.K Virginia Crystal Hlack Ash Coal. Iy Son. FOR SAI.K One Duroc male hog, eligible to register. Phone 3722 Red. Misc::i.i.ANKors TRACTOR plowing done by the acre. See Stanton Davis. AKKXTS WANTK1) A RF.AI. OPPORTUNITY Why not into a profitable, rapidly :,ovvin luisiucaa for yourself? of the foremost manufacturers of automobile storage batteries (one of i he Hiir Four bus an ontnim i . cst.t'lish an exclusive distributing j.y: soy ju rnirmount, ind. "The battery is well known, nation-ail,, advertised is .standard equipment on many popular cars, and is guaranteed by a company with a long es-lall.shed reputation. We will teach you 'ho I i-iness and extend the aid of a powerful sales orjrani.a t ion. With a tuH investment you can build a pe m'inent business that will make you independent. Your inquiry in-vo! s no obligation ami will he considered confidential. For details xvilto to Mr. Lloyd Springer, 105 S. 'Hi:, i Sttvet, Muncic, Ind. Their Frank Opinion. A few weeks ago my parents and 1 were walking In a section of a suburb In which quite a lot of building xvas goit g on. Our curiosity overcoming us. xxe xvent in one house, which whs about half completed. We immediately commenced to crltlcire It, commenting upon It Instability, tho simdlness of the room ami hoxv wo xxouhl hate to live in such n house. Finally, our exploration of the first floor completed, we looked up to see If there were room upstairs. Imagine our chagrin when we saw a man. who we afterward learned owned the house, sitting on the rafters, painting a window sill and Interestedly listening to our conversation. We fled quickly. Chicago Tribune. Touched Fireman's Heart. An old mother cat got caught In an apartment house fire with her four kit-ton in Brooklyn. A fireman named Smith was at work In the thick of the smoke when he felt a soft and persistent rubbing against hi foot. The smoko wa so thick that he could not see the flxr distinctly, hut he bent over and found the object was a eat. She wasn't worried so much about herself, but she had her whole family four kittens with her In a pasteboard box which she had dragged from the flames. The trouble was that she could not get the box downstairs without spilling Its contents. So Smith rescued her and the kittens, and got badly ctit by broken glas In doing so. Art. The pick of recent Japanese paintings are exhibited In Iew York. Observe the subjects: "A Prairie Fire." "Scenes In the Buddhistic Hell." "Weasel." "A Shinto Shrine" and "Yel-lw Bird on a Blossoming Tree." Those subjects reveal that Japanese Imagination has a tremendous scope. Hence Jnps are quick to senso tho possibilities of a thing, as shown by their nsrgresslve diplomacy. But Imagination Is not all. Japan, within a few generations, will bo oellp.xd by the plodding Chinese giant, who Imagines nothing except facts. That's what made our west-keeping Its feet on tho ground. Mileage Would Encircle Qlobo. Since the government first began planning tho enormous task of building highways, July, 1016. tho mileage of roads which have been built or are now under construction by federal aid la nearly sufficient to encircle the globe. Dragging Helps Road. ' Is your road to town rough and hard to travel over? A split log or Iron drag drawn over the road after each ruin helps a good road arfM cost much. ot Kyos TVstetl, (ilnssPH Fit-ttl ly State IJfoji.tered OITOMKTIMSTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical txouth Side Square Political Announcements FOR COMJRKSS Samuel K. Cooks, of Huntington County, Democraitic rnndidute for Congressman in the eleventh district at the election two yimrs aft, is a candidate for re-nomination, ami asks ""." 8UPPrt nt thc primary May 2, Milton Kraus authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for congress from the Eleventh Indiana district, subject to the decision of tho Republican Primary election to he held on May 2, 1922. FOR STATE SENATOR Alfred Hogston authorizes the announcement of his name ms a candidate for the nomination for state senator from Grant county in the Indiana General Assembly, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to he held on May 2, 1022. FOR COFNTY CLERK l.afe H. Rihhle, of Faii-motint, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, l'J22. Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the; i m uiu ement of tin nr:v.' as n tr.r.- didato for nomination for f'o'inty Clei'k, subject to tho dec irion of the Republican primary election to V hel on .May 2, 1H22. W. I VnnArsdal! authorizes th announcement of his name as a can didato for the nomination for County-Clerk, subject to the decision of tht? Democrat ic primary election to beheld May 2, 11)22. FOR SHFRIFF Frank C. Tukcy, who has served several years as deputy .sherilf. and who ha seen active service in the U. S. Army, as well as law enforcement work for both the state ami federal government, authorize the announcement of his name as n candidate for nomination for pheritT of Giant county, subject to tho decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 112J. FOR COCNTYASSESSOR John W. Pittenger, of Center township, authorizes the announcement of his name as n candidate for the nomination for County Assessor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held on May 2, 1022. FOR AUDITOR Earl (Toby) E. Dugher authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination for County-Auditor subject to the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held on May 2. 1022. FOR SURVEYOR Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a Republican candidate for County Surveyor, Giant county. Indiana, subject to the decision of thc Republican primary election of May 2. 1022. Lloyd II. Kcmmer authorizes the announcement of his name as a tan-diate for County Surveyor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1022. FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township. Crar.t couny, announces his name for commissioner from the First District, subject to tho Republi- (Mil u iiiiat j k Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, Grant county, rnnounces hn candidacy for commissioner of the first district on the Republican ticket, subject to the primary election of May 2nd. becona imiricu . James E. Devore, of Sim.- township, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for Commissioner from the second district, subject to the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held May 2, 1922. FOR TRUSTEE v-.iyae r. neims suinonzrs me w nouncement of his name as aruh2ae M S A 4. ....... v A "C". i im ior nomination xor iriutu-u i. x- n lilllUll v W n ii,-xiii owe vjvv t tion to be held May 2. 1922. r' Orville Wells authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for renomination for Ttostee of PairmAiinf Iftnmihin a t Vij. decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1022. For untold centuries the peacocl feather has been a mark of rank h China. The honey obtained on the the Euphrates is of an ' nature ADDS TO VALUE OF PROPERTY Effective Arcuv,rt to ti Necessity fcr Carfu'y Theua" Out City PUnntng. City fronV xity p!;vm..r-. Wnd tvx 5t;V;n.?i et:ito vnlues and nm'xe It e,tler for the mil est.tte x.e.t'ecs to offer pcnvuxnent .vmstnwnts to prospective ihawt. TWs fvvms part ct tb.e advice that J. t Nki.o's of Ksr.s City rfTorvd his felloxv real toe. Ho says: "tu talking last smmfr with the exxr.'pt refer xt a ttfe Insurance exmt-p&ny vxt U h loans lar$vr amount of movey on real estate than any othot eo.vpar.y In the world, t asked him If ho $UY,tHstk'i wa txo htrce an ar.-o-.-nl to p'aee o-t the ,, vv-o-tton of property value In our vlto from to xonr by tie sVr.ft'v.s of wcti-vxn bus.r.css xvuters and by the aMv. don.y.or.t of h'jrSelas wsMen property. ""Why, bo saM. 'Xhh.o?. $VV tW xxvuhl not bestn to iwvr It.' I nU; 'Whst do you think $.MMxV AV r "'WrU; to said, 't xbsibt vory much If t V. t xxoy,M eoer the annual loss In r.u-cy from tVo ttr.mvx "sary shift-Ir.p of e-ur property value. "Nov-, xvlth what cvtvV'oe.oe cart xxe ltVxved tO tuXxsUT thO prx'pOSttoU of huxrc property t xo haxe to admit r'cht on the face- of U t ;t xx o a.v In A that deal xxhh ernvrtah-.t'os, that we atv U st hnness tV;t deals with shtftlrc values of preper-ty"? "There I the xory keynote of etty rlar-.r'rs fror-t the standpoint of the tv.tter. It Ms-iMSe tho vory product xxV.Sh ov, :.rxN vr,vx"'',-', yo-;r Vt-tvsto'r-s , -not nn-iortnntl xxhy tho N;'vt.v fvo svAt1on H nH jot t aUyxst thnt tho otty-tAnvtrj: ivoxo-vont that Is stavt;v tn .'; xMivxrx xx'.M haxo umv vY t utvn U o hr.slvos vf oxory tvul -otsW tr;n th.s'.ir tho oth.or ttoon:or.:s pit toothor. BLftCK WALNUT TREE BEST Departt cf Agncu'ture P?irts Out It ExceUtrt Quaiit ct as Roadside Ommtft ' In ''.no xx'th txxxon,onts lav.nchol by awtotv.x'h'.S aul asov iation stato hhxxay o Ai tv.'outs, tho Amorl- , tun Lotion, tto Anxorloan KxMvstry assvviation, at,.l xartous icxwl rxals or?rAii nations, tho lvartnont of Atri-ov.Uurv is urjr-ng tho av.tlnf xxf hlaok 4 xxsiU".tt trxs ah tho ht.chxxaxs, Th , lato xx ar n'roxv boaxUy uon tho bhck xxahviu tinvhor sv.j-iy for airianx ox- ; trxution bv.t It rn,hl bofoiv tho ' hvrx r nvxvs otMro!y l!.vajixvarxl. Tho snj v'y has boon sroaty tv lnvh hoxx-. s vx-or, an tt o iovu(nont uts at it bo rxwsovl xxithont loiay. It is bo-lioxxvl that by I'lantlnj: xxainnts in tho ol nnl tYAtiv.ft trxs los thx rxvuU At.'liio sxhI can bo soourwl from thoso trx-xs to rx oMahih tho xxalnut fotvst xxbov.oxor thoy ata'.n booxn.x lootsl. fVx sh !os of tvos havo a xhtor Kxx- , jtrsth.lo rarx foxx rx noro raM trxnxors xxon tixot a faxrablo vn-x trxMuo.ont anl foxx- aw morv otYootix s to shao arl hvntsoatH lt avhll-t!M, tho h';k xxalnut irxluws a mi- , trttious fvvl. Unpaid CcxmiiMien Dees Best Wcrk. A isartr.nrt of Aj:rUa;lturx bul-lotin ls:.sts rxx ivb.n: siaio o xlty Mrxvts is as tntioh a tuunioipal funotlon as xrxx!l!nc Itchts or silx'-xxaiks, anl shouM, thorxsforx bo xxarx for by jmhlio otMotnls, lxibahiy tho most otV.ohMxt xx ay xxf arrats's fMr lrxvr snorxision It says, is thrxvith Ktt utTaM xAMan.tslon xf thrxx4 xr ttxe v.O!hxNti, which. In turn, omloys an oxwutixo otxr. MothMs of xnrani-tation arx? xsortbrl, n tunnrxis Illustrations shoxv hoxv tmxs should be rlanto!. 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