The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 27, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1937
Page 3
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PACE THREE Wednesday, January 27, 1937 The Dally Clintoninn, Clinton, Indiana Plans Near Completion for British Coronation CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES I ii i it l i r'g i i i i Mrs Anderson Hostess Luncheon Bridge Club Holds Meet Tuesday SOCIAL CALENDAR China Learned Sugar From India The Chinese emperor sent In India in 600 A. D. to learn the art of makins sugar. EiTects of Alcohol The average man with a normal heart still appears RhbeT- when his blood contains .1 per cent of alcohol. He is still fairly well in control of his faculties when the percentage luis been increaseH to .2!. But between .25 per rent nnrl .4 per cent, asserts a writer in Collier's Weekly, he becomes unconscious and be-tuecn .7 per rent and 1 per cent he tieo For Tuesday Club Wednesday. . TONIGHT . Mrs. Dyron Anderson of South Third street dnltglil fully entertained Hie menuhers of hor hridKc club Tuesday afternoon at liar home. GucntH wore Mrs.- Tom Knwls, Mrs. Trl Kappa Sorority will meet with Mrs. Mat Johnson, South Third The Tuesday I.iini-hcou-Ilrlclgc club enjoyed a luncheon yesleniay nflciiionn at the homo, of Mrs. It. M. Pentrcath on Blackmail street. Pirate bridge was played at two tables with high score prize uward-d to Mrs. II. M. Ferguson and low. Mrs. W. 1). Gerrish. The next meeting will be In two weeks at the home of Mrs. Bonner ii South Third street. street. 8 p. m. Past Chief's Club --will meet si the homo of Mrs. Pleas Kchhclmor of South Fourth street, 7: nil p. in Mrs. Allen McPhall will bo the n'-sistanl hostess. A. B. C- Cluli will meet with Mrs. Albert Henderson, South Fourth street, 7:30 p. m, Thursday Cul l In I,oihIcii, Mrs. Art hlo Car-mlrhael and Mrs. Karl Turner. During the short business session the dub voted to contribute $5 to the flood relief fund. Immediately following brldK" was played at four tables with high score prlao for the club nirmliers awarded to' Ulrs. Harold Mack and low. Mrs. H.O. Huffman. Mrs. Car-mlchacr receded hlKh guest prize and Mrs. Tumor, low. Mrs. Lee Black will entcrluin the club In two weeks at her home on South Third street. . i Fairview P. T. A. to Sponsor Show Jan. 29 Speed Campbell's Kudlo Show of Station W'DZ, Tuscola. 111., will be Hlven at Hill Crest Community Center on Friday. January 29, under the auspices of the Fairview P.-T. A. This show will begin at 8 p. m. v: SPCC a EB55 d ri,l i,i4i! XyJ'- -jl , ,. a rArchblshopof tanterburjj I i ! )M 1 1 I f&Tjff ' P 4 s W C At p!SS JL, Nait Westminster Abbey ' 1 V Ifif ;ir m.-i.)i.iJiimjiii'.1Jii"Wil"ii , f Jk I jAf V, llSHOL J King Ocorge sT i, 1 t -iJp Bagfcaitaa tftvmwmirf . , i((rf I f C'oronatloiijjialrjgw fkmztmjteiei&t3-x!& iff44iaiSii-a Sorority to Hold Party Delta Tliela Tun Sorority niein-iers met last night in the Ii. Ac P. W. ('IiiIii'ooiiih on Sou t li .Main street 'nr their regular business session. During Hie meeting plans were made to coulrlliulo $111 to t lie flood clief fund. The next inci ting will be held February (I and will lie In the form of a party. The committee in charge will bn MIfs Arminta Spencer. Mlsi llannahlee Tibliotts. Mrs. Muynard Malone and Mrs. Martin l.anzone Any member unable to attend i Molliodlst Choir will ni:t o tile church, 7 p. m. Eagle Lodge to meet at the hall in South Main slrecl at 7 p. m. Job's Daughters to hold regular business meeting at hall on South Main street, 7:, 10 p. m. Woman's Missionary society of Hill Crest will meet at Hill Crent at 2 p. ni. PoiBhoulas lodge will meet at the hall. South Main street. 7:110 Clothes of Quality at Reduced Prices asked to gel in touch Willi any member of the committee before Mon day, February 8. Friday DELPHIANS MEET Friday Bridge club will meet at the home of Mrs. Coen Robertson, South Third street, 1:30 p. in. Happy Hour club will meet In Morgan's basement, South Main street, S p. m. .. ' ' Mrs. T. R. Taylor gave an inter and is open to the public. The proceeds derived will be used to purchase drums for the rhythm baud of the school. , ' ". Contract Bridge Club Meeting Last Night esting report on "United Stuns Stamps" at a meeting of the Del- turies will be renewed as King George receives his crown from the Archbishop of Canterbury. One of the interesting features of the ceremonial is the coronation chair which contains the historic coronation stone brought from Scotland in 1296. As plans near completion for coronation of King George VI at Westminster Abbey, indications arc-that one of the largest crowds ever to attend an event of any kind will witness the impressive spectacle. Traditions which have been in effect for cen phians held at the home or Mrs. Arthur Tonibaitgh on Blackmail Saturday street last night. Eight tiienibers attended the COAST GUARDS DO HEROIC WORK Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Stevenson of Art Needlework Club will meet with Miss Sara Downing at 1 IS South Fifth' street, 2:30 p. m. meeting. The next meeting will be in two South Third street were hosts last evening for the meeting of the Tuesday Contract Bridge club at their home. . weeks, the place to lie announced Monday The Word fauna" The word "zenana" refers to the apartments in winch Indum uotnen are scclurVrJ. Tha term conx sponds with tlie Moh-'ipimc'lnn hfrem. Substitute fnr ('ieaine Stovaine is an ones? IjfMic drug, a substituto for cocune. ' It is used in opthalmolo;:y and as a spinal anesthetic in operations. later. Bridge was played at -two tabled LODGE TO CONDUCT wilh high score prize awarded to Monday Bridge Club will hold a meeting at the home of Mrs, George .iarvcr on South Main street, 2 p. m. ' Sunshine Circle of the Presbyterian Church rwlll meet at the home of Mrs. Samniel Nfsbet, 820 South Fifth street, 7:30 p. m. - SERVICES TUESDAY The regular business meeting of o o o the Pythian Sisters was held last night at the hall on Blackmail Mrs. Hubert Ahlemeyer and second Ugh, Mrs. Stevenson. The club will meet next Tuesday at 8 p. m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ahlemeyer, South Fourth street. , . Mothers Club Holds street. If a Cold Threatens.. Plans were discussed to conduct Henry Wagner of South Sixth iireot Is much improved after being seriously III with the flu for the past two weeks. 1 . installation services next Tucsdav "veiling at 7:30 o'clock. A pot lurk dinner will he served at 6 o'clock. Meeting Tuesday Timely use o( this especially designed L aid for nose and j upper throat, helps prevent many colds. ROSENBLATT'S Mrs. Mary Stith of North Telflh Mrs. Raymond Oilfoy of South street, who has been ill at her home 30c crnd SOc Third street entertained the members of ttie Mothers club at her VlCKSVATRO NOL for Bevoral weeks, plans to resume her duties at the Indiana Boll Telephone company Monday. home yosterday afternoon. During the business session plan. Miss .viable. Wood of Terre Haute were made to hold a 1 o'clock lunch '- AMOM A CLASS MEETS Mrs. James Thompson of Walnut street entertained tho, members of the Amoma class of the Baptist church last .evening. Games were played and a prize awarded to Miss Lucille Daugberty. A playlet entitled "My Darling" was presented with Mr. and Mrs. William Spence and James Thompson playing the roles. The'neit meeting of the class will be held at the home of Miss Wanda Johnson. co iu two . weeks at the home of is "VlsitTnS friends and relatives In They're Coming, COMING to Our Big MYSTERY SALE OF USED CARS Come and Learn the Reason JACKSON MOTOR CO. Clinton today. Meeting I'ohI hiici! The meeting of the pastime cluli. which was to have been held this week, has been postponed. WtrJCi&rAu'J. j? .MohiliM-ii hinu slatiollN ill lliany stales, I . S. coast Kilaldson ll si'lie with heroic comaac in llixxl dislriels, resciiinir vieliins ami wr-lcina supplies to niHl-oolieil resirh'lits. 'I'iiese two yuni-dsiiien ai'i' slioun loail-inu a l).i Bilb siiiilli-s at KviiiiKvillc, Intl., lor another Hip I" nl'l ref-uuii's. Kvunsvillr, a cil f I HMHI!, was placed miller iii ii-tial law is tile (lliii liver rem hell (lie liiuhcsl si. me i-n r known, iimulni" rn'iy scitioii of town. WALTHALL GETS GILLIS POSITION Geui-fifi. WaltliHlI. local uutiiHU'T David Llewellyn of Vine street, who has been critically ill for the past several mouths, remains iu the same condition. Mrs. Callis Slover. who has been living in South Ninth street, has moved to 129 North Seventh street. Mrs. G. M. Porter of South Su.n street, who "has been confined to er home with Illness, is now able to be out. of the Oillis Pharmacy, was elected reaaurcr of the (Mliis Dnifi company at Terre Haute at I he annual slot k-boMcrs meeting Monday niiiht. Amboyna, Wood of t'.xst Indies Amboyna is a wood native to the East Indies and is most often used for fine inlays. It is curly, mottled, and orange-brown in color. j I t'-l i f f" -"' ' ""ItiCffl!!!? i'i;i!MMMii f 1,200,000 I i'-ri falls 1 'm. T ii . "I fil rwwan rt' irira1itt'4aiZa. Jfllllts j&Mll L 300 MODERN Mrs. Pete -Voto on North Fifth street. - ' . , Bunco furnished the entertainment with prizes awarded to Mrs. Tony Ave. high, and travel; Mrs. Marshall Frist, bunco, and Mrs. Voto, low. ; -J Bunco Party Enjoyed Four tables of bunco were played at the weekly meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary held , last night at the Legion home on South Third street.' : Mrs. Maude McDonald was the recipient of high score prize; Mrs. Bert Lambert, bunco; Mrs. C. C. Manship. travel, and Mrs. Anna Mackie, low. Another party will be held next Tuesday evening at 7:30 oclock. Mrs. Louise Whitcomb of Elm street returned to her home Tuesday evening after being at the home of her daughter.' Mrs. Charles Matthews of Terre Haute for the past week. Mrs. Whitcomb fell at her home over a week ago and suffered severe injuries and bruises, later being taken to Torre Haute to recuperate. She is getting along fine and is now able to be up. ' t'Ll'B HOIJKS MEET Fifteen members of the Miuue-lia-ha club met in regular session bit night at the hall on South Maiu HI lift. Following a short business session games were enjoyed with prizes of the evening awarded to Mrs. Mar-ruret tit-ay, Mrs. Maggie Itlioades. Mrs. Luey Xevins and Mrs. Carl James. Another meeting will be held in two weeks. ROOMS. QSQ m m 'Mrs. Artie Sturgeon is confined to her home following a heart attack she suffered Sunday. - Mrs. Kd Cunningham of South Seventh street had as her guests yesterday Mrs. Fred Maekel. Mrs. Glenn Bridgeman. Mrs. Shell Tur-beyvtlle- and- Mrs- Ben Sims. GOOD FOOD Famous Steamboat Cabin Coffee Shop Popular Venaillei Dining Room- You 'rc Losing Money These Cold Days I'arli one Iiainlleil Mrs. Goldie ; Jenkins of West Terre Haute- Is' visiting with relatives and. friends iu Clinton Ibis week. OU English Tap Room IF YOUR RADIATOR LEAKS ! ST. LOUIS I gtM fi ST. 5 HOSPITAL NEWS Mildred Uuberneck. who an appendectomy at the Ver- T r : milliou t'ouuty hospital Monday, is getting along satisfactorily. Thomas Thompson, of It. It. Bra- H. A TARPY. Mis, 7er -i : til, m-ho suKtaiued a broken pelvis iu an auto accident near Hockville yesterday, is getting along as well One Of The ALBERT - Il's a lot c heaper to drive inlo Wclkcr's ancj have repairs made than to go on buying anti-freeze every week. If your car is overheating, perhaps your radiator needs cleaning. No matter what kind of radiator repairs are needed, we arc equipped to give them. as can be expected according to re separately and to your order Kti-rv day the x-oile of thi i-lale say to the Indiana I'rll Ili'iliinie Coinpanv: ''Make ),2KI,fKM( triephone rotuiertinns. "Make tliem individually to order. ''Make them fat. ".Make them clear." And eai Ii day 1.2IK),0(K) ronnertionii or made, eaeli to order . . and uith astonishing tjMed and accuracy. S hen you call a telephone number, you say in effect: 'lMe me the use of fcome miles of vire in a cahle underffrouiiil or stretching overhead across town and country ; pie me a section of switchboard and all the other equipment needed in the central office. I may need the services of other telephone company workers. 1 would like all this arranged to connect me with my partv clearly , instantly and at a minimum of cost." Indiana Bell jieople. asked to do this more than a million times a day , find nothing unusual in the request. But such serii e has been made possible only by the most unremitting research, skillful engineering, and a highly co-ordinated organization. INDIA N A BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ports from the local hospital. Lyle Veraou Marshall, a patient at a hospital iu Detroit, Is gcttin? along niceiy after undergoing au emergency appendectomy there. His mother. Mm. Mallie II. Marshall, who has been with him for several weeks, is reported to be ill there with the flu and sinus trouble. HOTELS 4500 ROOMS IN 8 STATES Marine Corps The United Stare Marine Corps is under a major general commandant, who receiver orders from the secretary of- the navy. The corps headquarters are in the Navy building at Washington. D. C. Recruit depots ol the corps are located at Parris island. S. C. and San Diego, Calif. Recruits from the eastern part of the country receive their training at the former station and those from west of the Rocky mountains at the latter. The Parris island post is off the Atlantic coast, near Beaufort, S. C. It includes the Receiving station. Naval .hospital, Naval Radio station. Marine Corps Training station. Marine Corps Aviation station and a naval prison. WELKER'S AUTO SERVICE CmCAOO tUi OftXAT NOTTKMN HOTEL DTTrtOIT MICHIGAN TULLE MOTEL DATTCSt OHIO UHMl HOTEL COIAJMK OHIO CHITTENDEN HOTEL COLUMMJS OHIO FORT HATES HOTEL toxdo ohio rorr mekmi hotel CMC INN ATI OHIO - roUMTAlH BOL'ARE HOTEL INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA AMn.PRS HOTEL AN OCR SON INDIANA AUUt BS-'JN HOTEL TERRE HAUTt INDIANA TERRE HAUTE HOl'fcE A SHI AND KENTVCXY VENTURA HOTEL OWLNSBORO KENTUCXY . OWENSBOkO HOTEL lACkSON TLNNLSSEE.NEW SuTHrkN HOTEU ST LO'JIS MO M AKiC TWAIN HCTEL WAOO. TEXAS RALEiOH HOTEL UO . . Ops .. a-- - Definitions of "Dollars" Joe Tuninns says one reason finance is so hard to understand is that the word "dollars'' may have millions of definitions, ranging from ham and eggs to the equipment o an army. Fhone 6 408 S. Main

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