The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 26, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 6
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Tuesday, January 26, 1937 The Daily Clintonian. Clinton, Indiana GROSS INCOME FIRE, LACK OF CLASSIFIED APS Salesmen Wanted Coal heaters and electric appliances. Willing workers can earn good Income. Apply at once, 319 South Main St.. THE ROOT STORE. tllS For Sale Coal PHONE B19-3 for Brazil Block 13 25 I'lK 'h Vein, 2 75 Up 4th Vein, $3.25 Ul. II. t). Harrison Clinton. (J fif Good cheap coal, phone 7U7-W. B7tf FOI'IU'H VKIM WAIj. l'NIVKltHAI., MIAMI NO. 4, AND HLAOK BKTTV NO. HAKLKV HUFF- HV llll)NK 10. O'tt' LEGAL NOTICES ANM AI, HF.I'OUT Town of Universal. Indiana. T....n.,, -' itnnm-t of Ihe Re ceipts and Disbursements of the Town of Universal from January 1, 1S36, to December 31, l.i. IIF.CKIPTS, JOHfl Balance on Hand Jan. , ,oi $1,252.46 Taxes Include All Funds 212.03 State Gasoline Tax and Auto License Fees . , . . 730.00 Liquor License Fees and Excise Taxes ouu.uu Licenses, Permits and Franchise Fees 2.00 Depository Interest for State 14.16 All other receipts R. H. ' Nixon and Co., refund bank that went broke.. 17. B4 Total Receipts (Including Balance) $2,828.19 DISBURSEMENTS, 1936 Salaries Town Officials Trustees. Clerk. Treas. . 2 00.00 Legal Dept. Salary Town Attorney and Expenses. Office Supplies and Expenses Books, Blanks 50.00 TAX DUE SOON Gross income lax Is duo on or before January 30, and is payable at Ihe local auto license bureau, according to Miss tin Jenkins. Any one who has an Income of over $1,000 must pay the tax at the rale of one per cent. TAYLOR PUTS IN G. E. APPLIANCES 1 j General Electric refrigerators. which will complete inc. (i. a. line or electrical appliances, have been added to the slock of Taylor's Radio Service, 456 North Ninth street Pete Taylor, proprietor, announced today, Taylor's Is the oldest radio service In Clinton and has featured a general lino or household appliances for years. RITES PLANNED ON WEDNESDAY'S Funeral services for Mark E. Boyce. who died yesterday at 4 a. in., will be held from the residence near Universal at 2 p. m. tomorrow. Burial will be In Shirley cemetery near Universal. The Half Century club will officiate at the last rites and pall bearers will be members of the club. They are: Charles Snow. A. A. Hess, T. L. McDonald. J. L. Walker, Mark Nebeker and Charles Cluder. AH club members aro asked to attend if possible. RUBY CHANGES POSITION Harold Ruby, who was recently appointed foreman of tho Coleman Auto company, has resigned and is again employed at the Jackson Motor company. He will be employed as a mechanic. FOOD INCREASE TERROR IN CITY (Continued from Pi ge 1) pollution systems would make It difficult to keep supplies flowing Into all sections. All drinking water waB boiled to iivold spreading typhoid germs. There was danger that tho supply might run low. Louisville was under martial law. mid members or Ihe 138th Field Artillery. Kentucky national guard, aided In pnlclng tho town. The rcg-nldcd In policing the town. The regular police force and firemen wore exhausted after a three-day strugglo with the crisis. OFFICIALS PROBE BUS CRASH THAT CAUSED TRAGEDY (Continued from Page 1) Mrs. Clara Young, 03, St. Petersburg. Fla. Mrs. Sara L. Llsh. 56, Matawau. N. J, (228 Main Street). Edgar H. Whitney, St. Petersburg, Fla. , Louis Sargeant. Miami. Fla. Robert H. Ilalpen, Penn-Wynne, Pa. ' C. O. Towles, St. Louis, Mo. POPE CONTINUES STEADY DECLINE VATICAN CITY, Jan. 26. Although his suffering has been greatly alleviated by steady administration of opiates, "nothing seems able, to stop tho steady decline in Pope Plus's general condition." a semiofficial bulletin at the Vatican said today. The pope spent "only a fair night." Use of sedatives permitted hlin. however, to gain some rest, and he will again be removed to his chair today, where he will hold more audiences. 7 MYSTERY SALE of Used Cars r BRADDOCK AIRS VIEWS ON NEXT BIG RING FIGHT Champ Says He Can Whip Bomber but Pastor Can't; Give Louis' Opponent Four Rounds NEW YORK. Jim. 26. -There Is only one man In the world who run he regarded as a clnch to heal Joe Louis and one oilier who might be given a chance, but neither of Ihein Is Hob Pastor. Ihe brown bomber's opponent lit Madison Square Harden next Friday night. Pastor may lust four of the scheduled 10 rounds because he is game. But some time during those 13 tense minutes, will) a capacity crowd of 20.000 waiting for It, a blurred flash of brown lightning In the form of a five-ounce glove will thud Into the features of the blue-eyed collegian with the black, wavy hair and Louis will have scored his 32nd knockout In 38 professional starts. That is a succinct summing up of the heavyweight situation and the Pastor-Louis fight as viewed today by Champion James J. Braddock from behind that inevitable cigar. Champ Is Confident Braddock himself is the man who couldn't miss against Louis and the one who might come through because he did once is" Max Schmeling, the champion explained. "But not Pastor," Braddock said. "Because Pastor will keep right on getting up off the floor as long as his legs will hold him he ' has a chance to go four rounds. But no more than that. "Pastor is too little and Louis hits too hard." the champion went on. "Pastor can puncfi. too, but not hard enough to off-set Louis' advantage of about 19 or 20 pounds. When you give away that much weight you've got to be able to knock the other fellow dead or out-box him. I don't think Pastor can do either with Louis." VERMILLION COUNTY PREPARES TO HOUSE REFUGEES OF FLOOD (Continued from Page 1) 300 can easily be housed In Clinton. It was decided at this morning's mooting, 200 at Dana, 200 at Cayuga and 225 at the county poor farm. The principal difficulty will probably be securing and prepariir foods, but steps are being taken to overcome this. Preparations Made Cots and blankets will bo sent from natfonal guard equipment school busses will be utilized to provide transportation, but residents provide transportation, but resirents who are willing to donate cars to help carry refugees, if necessary, were urged to telephone tholr names to the police station. T. L. McDonald was elected chairman of the general food relief committee this morning and Immediately appointed the following committees and chairmen: Housing: Earl boyd and Dr. C. M. Zlnk. Quartermaster: Dr, E. W. Cording-ley, R. B. Medlock and Mrs. Odell Archer. Transportation: Chief of Police Cole Curry. - Medical: AH physicians In the city. Following is a list of contributors, whojiave donated to the Red Cross for the relief of flood sufferers, since yesterday: Loral No. 5518 Blllkley No. 10. $!(i5.0(: Local No. 3584 Blckett No. 2. $25: Clinton State Bank. Murk Nebeker, Mrs. etc. 42.60 Rent of Buildings and Grounds 16.00 Street and Other Public Lighting 369.00 Health Officers Salaries, Supplies ft Expenses '. . 76.50 Labor, Material, Supplies and Repairs 440.03 Premiums on Officials' Bonds 10.00 Examination of records. May 23, 1935. All Other Disbursements 12.95 State Sinking Fund .(... 15.26 OCv "tv-'l O ir's . ; ;; 1 A 'MYSTERY F)-: $-:ajzri ' I Used Cars , i y , COUNTY R. E. M. C. PLANS MEETING The Vermillion County Rural Electric Membership Corporator wlH. hold a meeting Thursday night. January 28 at 7:30 at the court house In Newport. A. D Watormun of tho Statewide It. E. M. C. will speak. Township committees are progressing nicely with solicitation for service and cxpoo. to prepare for a membership drive soon. Mr. Wuterman will explain tho general procedure In other counties) and will assist Vermillion county with Its drive. Every person Interested In rural electric servlco should not wait to be bo licltod. ' but come to this meeting Thursday night, STATE OFFICIALS RUSH THOUSANDS - FROM LOWLANDS t Continued from Page 1) lary authorities billeted troops In any part of the nation during the World war. Tho governor, how ever, said he did not wish to use force, hut appealed to the humanitarian Instincts or the citizens. Thousands Homeless Relief agencies today estimated the present total of Hooslcr home less at nearly 100.000. Cities, towns and hamlets In many parts of the state sheltered those driven from their homes by the angry waters. With hundreds of cases of pneumonia, influenza, scarlet Biid typhoid fever reported among the huddled populace fleeing from the greatest flood fragedy In the state's history, sanitary measures wore of the utmost Importance. Amethyst as a Charm The amethyst was valued by the ancient Greeks as a charm against the intoxicating effects ot alcoholic beverages. Phone 2 Bowling r-N I. KesuiTs AMERICAN liKAfit'K DiiiilelN Produce Walker . 15 106 Fowl 131 II t' Di.ulels 163 106 IB Duberneck 177 142 I'll Tnssn 122 ljM lttl Toluls J... 9 M 7r, Mike's Auto Ifcxly Nlrnp J. Rendacl 117 155 133 Nnrdl 105 146 13:1 Wclr 143 133 173 Welker 135 1.17 167 Combs 146 190 177 llundlrap 1 1 Totals 647 762 783 The Dally Cllntonlan Smith 117 112 lM A. Van Horn 117 107 135 Hope 138 124 115 Carey 162 145 148 F. Van Horn 146 1B2 168 Handicap 13 13 13 Totals . 691 653 682 American Legion Lundie 196 141 164 Rader 147 1B8 169 Bentley 171 133 180 Manshlp 180 167 166 Lemstra 169 141 166 Totals . 862 740 845 Clinton Pure Milk Nora 105 167 127 Tuberosa '. 147 130 137 Ruffattola ... 186 204 1S6 Varda 142 150 162 Mattloda 135 206 176 Totals 715 857 788 Rexall Store Haln 120 130 148 Cascbeer . 149 172 192 Boyd 120 159 160 M. White 110 137 138 Stevenson 105 132 190 Handicap 36 36 36 Totals - 640 766 864 Winters Drugs Collins 132 177 158 J. White . . . 114 110 110 S. Asbury 94 105 115 Burroughs .-. 131 118 90 Stewart 138 139 124 Handicap 32 32 32 Totals 641 681 629 Butter Krust Reend Klrkman 171 154 134 F. Meyer 125 17 155 Bartlett 109 127 124 Hornev 167 127 175 Cooper 158 136 154 Totals 730 719 742 Mrs. Carrie Nichols. WPA Band, W. B. Nichols, Harry Newland and Jennie Hedges, all $10; M, M. Scott. Half Century club. Exchange club. Commercial club, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Bingham, Daughters or America. Clinton Automobile Repairmen's and Service Station Association, Alpha Bridge Club, R. M. Pentreatb. Jack Williams, and Service Oil Company, all $6; J. C. Penney employes, $4.25; Mike Rendacl.' Glllis Pharmacy,1 Dr. J. F. Swayne, Louis D. Marietta, J. P. Porero, all $3; Mr, and Mrs. Angelo Aimone, Charles Farnsworth, Welkcr's Auto Service, Everett Davlsson, George Kamm. Clay Ncal, Forest Kaufman, J. A. Davis. F. M. Brown. Edwin Kaufman, and Paul Thompson, $2; Ortie Klspert, Ervin Bussard. , Gayle O. Martin, Mrs. Alice Formento, Ray Ieinhcrger, L. B. Silverman, Byron Anderson, Oscar Elder, Mrs. Janet Scott, Valentine Antoninl, W. O. Curtis, EBther Nolan, William Fe-noglio. Marguerite Jones. W. P. Oll-foy, Tony Ave. Jesse Smith, Raymond Wood. Llnr.a P. Kelly, Valiah Reeder. Elmer Timmerman, Edna Moore, Oscar Chesterfield, and Earl Smith. $1: and the Holer' Barber Shop, 50c. in Clinton Phone 792 Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flret day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column Hue, like one of those). Next two day Insertion: the same to rhargo (you Bet three daya at double the cost of the first day). Net three days Insertion: the nine 8c charge (you get a whole wook, six days, at three tlrooa the cant of one Insertion). Kach group of thrco dayi thereafter, 8c a line. Black Ke (like this), lOe per line. . All classified ads Including memo. rlatna and notices of H klnla must be paid In atlvanre except tlioee of regular customers whose account re paid monthly or tlioee from organization whose bills must be allowed before belli ld. Ill tlie laller ease the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible fur lie payment. Business Services READ THESE AOS EVERY DAY for late buying and selling information. DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO tind you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad coBts very little. ODDS-AND-ENDS MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. Special offer of a permanent for a friend at BOc. Will be good until Februury 1 at the Modern Way Beauty Shop. COMPLETE CHECK-UP of your electric system. Reasonable price. Extremely important. J. L. Homey-Roberts Battery Company. 226-228 Mulberry street, phone B6. TIRES AND TUBES REPAIRED. When we fix 'em, they stay fixed! Clinton Auto Wrecking Company, "ERNIE'S," phone 640. PAINT! THIS COMMUNITY needs paint as never before. We ate prepared to meet that need. Get your paints here. Sargents and Benjamin Moore. Marshall & Son. phone 92. 1 i ! IK THERE'S A WOMAN DOING the firing in your home, by all means get 3 by 6 egg No. 4 vein coal. It'B clean, easy to handle, doesn't come in heavy chunks, and holds fire exceptionally long. Har-ley Huffman, phone 10. FOEl SALE Concral Farm Sale, 1-mile south of Lyford on U. S. 41, Wednesday, Jan. 27. 10:30 a. m. S. C. Stultji. sch Haled timothy hay. Lewis Hardware. cl1 One lft.11 Ford Tudor Sedan in good condition. Dallas Dickey, Summit Grove. Good Ford T lj-ton truck. Inquire Osmon Brothers. t67 Fat hens 41 pounds up. Dressed free. Mrs. J. F. Carlin. t71 One oak wardrobe, $10. See Raynes-Krazier Co. t69 WANTED 300 People to Eat Supper with the Modern Martha Class of the Methodist Church Thursday from B- t - . not ntnia Includes drink 7 p. m., aoc per piHiw, and dessert. Splendid Bupper ..... IGli Housekeeper for family of two. State age, experience. Give references. Write Box M, 442, Clinton, Ind. t67 WRTU FIFTH ANI SIXTH VEIN BRAZIL ltlXM'K OOAI,. COl IK OSKLLA, PHONE 015-12. t72 PAID NOTICES CAM) OF THANKS I wish to take the opportunity at this time to thank all scoutmasters, their assistants and the schools for their help and mobilization of Boy Krout troops In the city. 1 also want to thank the citizens for their response so generously given to the m-nuls Monday afternoon. Itcv. ;. C. I'oarce, Scout Coinmls-Honer. tS7 NOTM'K! Thursday night Is our regular socisl night. All members are urged to attend. J. C. Hayslctt, secy. tli9 HANCK Melody Belles Six-piece All-Oirl Orchestra. Moose hall. Wednesday, Jan. 27. 8 to 12 P. M. Plenty of entertainment. Couples 50c, Men yBc, Ladies, 15c. t6S NOTICE Members Workers Alliance No. 81 be at Wednesday night meeting. Business of Importance. John Bar- ushok. Sec. t68 NOTICE! Chicken dinner will be served Tuesday at Fairvlew Methodist church by Builder's class. Time. 6 p m. Per plate, 25c; pie, 5c extra. 167 FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms. Ground floor. Outside entrance. Mrs. Mayine Curry, 356 Vine St. t66 For Sale or Trade We're Really Surprised at the Way Folks Are Taking Advantage of Our Big MYS1RY SALE Total Disbursements ..$1,232.34 Balance on Hand December 31. 1936 $1,596.85 Before me. the undersigned, n notary public, In and for said county and state, personally appeared Frank Vanzo, Town Clerk-Treasurer of Universal, Indiana, and being duly sworn upon his oath, says that the matters and things set forth In the above report are true and correct; (Signed) FRANK VANZO, town clerk-treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of January, 1937. (Seal) My commission expires May 11. 1938. D. W. LAWSON, Notary Public. 12637. , NOTICE! Notice is hereby given that Pete Voto, Special Representative of Department of Financial Institutions in the state of Indiana In charge of the liquidation of Ihe Wabash Building . and Loan Company. Clinton. Indiana, did on the 20th day of January file his second current report, as such Special Representative, in the Vermillion Circuit Court of the liquidation of the Wabash Building and Loan Company, which accounting rovers the period from July 1. 1936. up to and including December 31. 1936. Said Department by said Special Representatives now fixes the date of February 27th. 1937. upon which such accounts will be heard and determined by the Court and any creditors, shareholders or other person Interested may on or before the 2.1rd day of February. 1937, file objections in wilting to such account with the Court. Upon said February 27th. 1937, the Court will hear and determine such objections. If any are filed, and pasB upon (uch account. Dated this 20th day of Januarv 1937. PETE VOTO. Special Representative or the Department of financial Institutions in charge of the liquidation of the Wabash Building and Loan Company. Clinton, Indiana. Colonel C. Sawyer. Attorney for Department of Financial Instltu-llon- 126-28-3037 FLOOD AREA IS LARGER TODAY AS OHIO RISES (Continued from Page I) day began evacuation of 6,000 of the city's 25,000 homeless to Columbus. Three-fourths of the city is under water. The greater portion of Zanesvllle is under water and residents along the banks of the Muskinghatu river are being evacuated, Kentucky counted its homeless in excess of 400.000. its dead at 30. Sell It With a ClassiilAd Phone 41 Before 11 o'clock! But We Shouldn't Be! When we marked down our already low prices for this record-breaking sale, we knew folks were going to be pleased. But when they saw what we had done to the Mystery Cars, they didn't wait they acted. The first Mystery Cars didn't last long, but the lucky ones who bought them profited. Clinton never saw better Used Cars sold for less money. ' 1 HERE IS THE "DOPE": Every day this week new Mystery Cars will be found in our show room. On each of these the special sale prices are being still further reduced, to move our big'stock of used cars and make way for new cars. As soon as one Mystery Car is sold another takes its place. , You never know when just the car you are wanting becomes the Mystery Car. That's why we say . Better Come Tomorrow! Announcing Our Appointment Am GENERAL ELECTRIC HDqsiIIge? Now, we offer our customer a full line of C. E. Appliances, in addition to Crosley and other nationally-known lines. Drop in tomorrow and let us show you the newest in household labor-saving equipment s See the New O G.E. Crosley Refrigerators on Our Floor O WATCH THE CLINTONIAN FOR NEW LOW G. E. PRICES il ackson Motor Co. Taylor's Radio Service 231 Blackman Street 456 North Ninth Oldest Two good used trucks to trade for coal. Clinton Coal Company. 168

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