The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 26, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 5
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r PAGE FIW - V ' The1 Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana 1 Jl i i ffniiiiii i v .11 ii nun uuiih i at ro. j.&k.yjtki -t. - nram - - ... - - a m ! ii mm mm m eh mm kjk. wusw " jmmt mm swii w w w w w- - - " -r 72-hule total of 'Hi to win i matter Friday night. ' ramento open. -r,, mi., will lie decided after the Cooper Leads in Winter Tourney; C-MENWOiER . .Vi-hole ialiiyli. rounds in the San Mreineii Are Mum The liivmcn are keeping unlet. TODAY'S which has led to a lot of rumors. , Francisco niaicn pia Dudley Is Second , pionship Friday. IF THEY SHOULD ,.,ui ,,r uli ill are no (loum r..,,,l,Hiii mi fact. The lal-! SPORTPARADf, WIIIIIMII ll,,l,....v i Additional Sports on Page 6 i.,it n-porl has il that l hey plan I KAN FltANCISCO. Jan. ! HOLD PRACTICE play in slickers. l.l.lUlug urn. mi- , .a ,.,,, r. t hidden ball .Hays Anntbcr la. y R :. .i... o,l.n.nli.r have icshi.mi... DANCING his nearest SIX ELIMINATED IN FIRST ROUND OF TOURNAMENT i - Four Local Amateurs Still Wail Chance to Participate in Ring Battle ; Bod nor Defeats Beddow BENNETT GETS ONE-ROUND KO decision stroke lead today over Former Clinton Athletes Depend of Philadelphia. aecinen u. ,n., - .,.. ,,,., Ed Dudley and call for a new n-ai earn - , ia willter open ti e whistle is blown; although now i foi the Lalilomia that could Possibly win a game is championship. on Youth to Beat Oreater Experience f( Two Opponents . and Frank ho been saying to ii'e !sti something no,. The... . w m . tor years, and they never have o o X meant any of It any more than I did DormaiYs Tavern Good Orchestra Yota- Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquors The advisability of practicing for n the dream." the two games scheduled Friday night will be discussed at the regular "C" club piccting at the Clinton ba letliall One of the vol,,,,- Los Angdes. Oakland. . I'r. who hrd this idea said he al-j and San Francisco open champion-ways thought it was the same ships ' , i niTis FXPECTS hotel this evening. Holding (lie ad iiy hi;.kv i'.i;m;"'1' i SAIIAKOTA. I'l.'i.. .Ian. 20 .llm-my Wilson, the Imrd-hitten sontlR-mmi whose hair Is i;rr.ylii! around Ihn ocIkch. the shirs, and on top from manaplni; Hm Philadelphia Phillies, had a dream so rlorinu-i the olher niplil that he has heen c."-Ins to hed at sundown ever since in an erfort to icnilitnrc it. ! ( still makes me fwcl Rood to iliink about Unit dream," Jimmy ml, l me as we Mil around a tahh thing. Oh. wen ,.i,nii,i,innsllin race SHORT EVENING MraoH Drinks vantage of greater youth, the letter- . . .-it i i-i u 'ii i ' 1 1 1 (ii ill ii Hi' ; " The din. rncei,,.,, ' ' ,,, his sensational men arc nretty "cocky" about .me it. in approaching contests, in which their , 'Union's (ioldnn Clovn Team which fought ttnder the colors nf I ho Vermillion County lloccallon Department won four out of their ti'ii nshts If" nleht in Hi oponlnK of the Terre Hutllo sectional tourm'v Four of the fourteen (Minion "attics that did not hpb urtinu won- inhnnv Harcus. Kaymnnd Hii.hIU. two teams will lie pitted against the Volunteer lire department and the Clinton high school faculty. These last two crews will lie il' - and llhtened to Nlrk Allrixk. .lad NEW YORK, Jan. 26. Joe I.ouls today promised the fans 'an early exit from his fight with Boh Pastor in Madison Square Garden Friday night. "If I ran finish him In one punch. Tin going to do it," said the brown bomber. - VINES EVENS COUNT i x-f 'n a Leonard Runyan. mid Curl In Ours". 1 1 ( n, Paul Waner, W'cs Fi'rroll pending on- then- greater experience :nid eunnlna to beat back the threat These men will ulf probably C'l .llln ilar ft ilnxcu other naseoai ENTIRELY A . . of what they a ' pleased to tall ( r tent ellhtr toiiiKlit of tomorrow nlavers swan lies. the exception of Curt (ieorgc. . ,.u ., something like this. It I V"" ho is laid tip with the flu. ' was -opening day of spring practice inhn Alfler. -assistant- recreation ,hl. . .....i wli oil I walked on the IdU4fMl DEER "adolescent enthusiasm." The teacn-ers are particularly anxious to win. After all, they spend their days try-ng tn impress "on impressionable students their vast fund of 'knowl- i mtml can conmier ' COLLEGE PARK, Md.. Jan. 26. supervisor. pinch hit for Oscar Jen iKiiunrih- vines. California nt Held I saw a stranpe jcam-mit there, dressed in the Phillies suits. Gabby iiariuelt was eatchiiiK and Dizzy aee todav had evened his exhibition sen last night in' announcing tne vhi Prank Boduar of Clinton had euge ami nw - series with Fred Perry, British star, pitchinK. Manendi the honor of winning- the openiiiK pcan VM .-in. -4 6-2 victory here in the over matter. .n iy going to be UP against a lot of Vas winning up Carl linnucn ov. tenth match of the tour. by tha diiRoul. Camllli was on lirsl. Hilly Herman en second. Dill JuiRef fight of the tournament. His decision cama over Joe Beddow of Torre Haute. Both boys were In the 112 pound class. J I it. short, and l'nppcr Martin was 1 -Uncling on third tnlting a chew of in a row lohaero. Then I looked out In the Reel Winn Clinton made it wo technical outfield an dthere stood Joe Med- , . and if you're wise, you won't pass up . . when Don Reel scored WW &s 111 til it v 1 Li Terre .i,k Terrv Moore, and Mel Ott. Ward of K. O. over Jack I "I walked up to Ilaitnett and 126 uoi,i Ttnlihv. what the hell is going Haute. , Leon' Blanton, Clinton's pounder, kept the slate clean by gi i on here?' And he told me tney an bad been bought by Philadelphia and that 1 was to manage them during Hie season. Well, the SILVERMAN'S Big January ruL' i the nroduct of choice dream skipped a while and the next thing I knew If was ojening day. And hew do you think we openeo ; B 1 With a dbublehcadcr against the eartts and Giants. That was the grains, pure water, yeast and hops nothing more. Ad entirely natural beer -naturally aged. Your taste can lell the difference. Vermillion Beverage Co. 707 N. Ninth St. Phone 680 CLEARANCE SALE ing Guy Gambill a terrific lickiug. Clifford Price of Terre Haute finally stopped the Clinton winning streak when he outpoinled Dale Reed. Both boys are welterweight Jim Switzer of Waynetown and Jim Lucas of Clinton fought twr close rounds, but Switzer scored i knock down, bringing victory to lilt-side. .. . Mooncy Defaults Jim Mooney of Clinton, flslillm in the featherweight division, hao to default to Jim Trout of Martinsville after he had dislocated hir shoulder In the Orst round. Ray Trosper of Clinton and Ralph Hamilton of Terre Haute fought one . :y ' 1 1 f fly V weetest part of the dream Setting crack at the two clubs who have been beating out the Phillies' brains $1.65 MANHATTAN , Shirts and Pajamas $2 and SO Vl"es. SALE PRICE I S I CALL F O R C O O ehr Sfler year. Hid we Knock nen ottt' or 'em! ' We beat the ' ard something ike 17 to 4. and the Ciants by eleven runs. '"Then came another very delightful Dart of the dream. Sooii th. games were over I walked over to Terry and Frisch. and with a kind smile mi mv face, wished 'em better . j.-.-w-. nil ' -i.. D Prtrrtrtionatelv ! Cook's Beer is 100 Union Made Scores ot Uther items " 'T-. TAn i V THE SALE IS ON-COME IN TODAY of the best fights of the evening, the match finally going to Hamilton. 1 r Mm mm Wmi THEATRE .. ' Starnng, 1 , 55 fsi l I 1 (?) rZ This bout brought a nice hand fromj the crowd. Another Knockout I Hugh Bennett, a new Hash from Clinton, knocked out Earl Volperr from Terre Haute in one minute and 14 seconds of the first round. Ed Follmer of Terre Haute scoret a technical K. O, over Ed Boariu in the second round. Searing most had the fight won but a litth gambling proved to be-fatal. Bolt-hoys were middle weights. An Jones lost s decision to Bill Davi-of Terre Haute. Jones' hitting abll Ity was not up to par. RlVALSBOOKED , TO PLAY AGAIN A first-class grudge baltle will be for haskctball fans Thursday I "I t f z:- r C lit II -t I II I C - t . ..J ' 1 - 'i v 1 f 1 1 i ' L. . - . i --I., f ' By RUSS WESTOVER night at 7:30 when Hill Crest meets h. Heart five at me nm TILLIE THE TOILER r-.... .m These red-hot rivals ie oi ic?'?,5'. I L.nvE' L ... . i.ii, i his season and OH . MAC (SMtFfO 1TS TOO 5AD 1 CAM'TI I Kl&ltK. VJIt-U Him -X'smFfQ -rou pom navn . mt-L I rm ' I I EAfee5T T'L.L,5vki-r k- Ktv lcJE FOR VOU A limutrs are even. BEAD AMy I MOMENl . 4 irr between the B i s - i -r vvfcr i r mr x -l . . ,o UiVRF I'M tMCTT ENTITLED TO - VUlo." will begin at 6:30 p. There will be no admission chaife iCCt TO nfCSJ M view ir L.T mv DAlfct-tMG TW MOST KUOW VMHATEVGI for the two contests , - it i r n anNi p z HAPffcNfcD OK VUM-l- r 1 ' Noble Tnonitllts They are never alone that are ac THIkliS VJOfiTH A4HtUE iu tr- grm UIFE i J Jif-l I ut ajv -v. -v ,i. - I m "V . I i l l . -. 1 I Jl i companied wun nooic t..v.s... i Wheat Is Ancient Food It is known that neolithic man grew wheat between 10,000 and 15,-000 years ago. 1 - The Cafeteria The cafeteria's first note development was in Los Aageles m 1908, but there were several restaurant of this type in New York and Chicago much earlier. 1 111 W 1 1 . : 1 L. w r" 1 - " ' ' " -ft- Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN mow KJOW. TIM. BUT I BEEN THFRE TWENTY tjEANTIME KBUT THEN I CAN'T OBJECT ,P "g'VE JUST YOU BUCK ivEABS, &s;d&et. AN' &A.B-3. I MAUE PROBLEM Origin of Word "Caddy" The word "caddy" te derived, saya the American Art association, from the Malayan "kati" and the wr-v, i ever Kin ME BkfK UP, -THAT OH. MERE TMA.T YUU r-ia.T SCME-MIM NOU'VE DONE AN AWFUL LOT ISTOOO FQk fid-i. ljco OA.FTIN' i ir-i a MP 01Vt. EFFIE LL G En ANOTHER AM&LE TOO ' ONE. THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT EITHER OF US WOULD UKE ll'D RWHER cue . a DUTTIN' ii r-i JTM 1 1 IKET TO Chinese "katty" wnicn were u. the Orient to designate packages of FOR ME ft-M MWbt. IV o. JUST A TERRIBLE BOTHETR JO WFRS V OWFB ON Ti GO BA.CK TO THt VOU BUT VUU Ak't jui Kl' THERE (kRE OTHER PUELiC t tea in the clays oi ui j. company. STAY WITH vou MUCH. CR WOULD VUU -t-ijc-o elks; WITH LIKE I ALWAV5 HOPtO TO DO iwm i- t WOULD BE BEST FOR VOU. LITTLE COTTAGE, THE OFFICER OF THE HOME',' WHO HAD BEEN FIRED BV THE CRAFTY MISS EFFIE. FCTHER WOULD BE WOLF AND ME IF I HAD ONE SORROWFULLY WAHTED Hides Iron Hags Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid Al D tunes Water Street TELLS HIS DEVOTED WIFE. THAT HE HAS LOST MIS JOB A-

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