The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 6, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllW The Fairmount News But the allies overlooked the American claim and divided the sum among 1 themselves. Published on Mondays and Thursdays I There has been held up to us the . q pnRPPT! j lure of American prosperity to be at- EditoV and Publish?.' ! tained through the restoration of Minnie MeLucas Roberts, Associate. European prosperity with American ; . :,aid. But Secretary Weeks, in his TELEPHONES p ir Tft7 ' order, shows that we have not been Ives., Main 107 i . , . , . j drawn by the blandishments of the Siren, the song of the Lorelei. New York Daily News. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 Six months 90 (Outside Indiana.) s ? nn WHY WE WENT TO WAR Tlie French press is reported as . much disturbed at the action of our Commencement Dresses or Party Frocks jj are delightful in their . freshness if made from our EEE Permanent Finish Transparent Organdies I Genuine Imported Swiss-Alpine Organdie, 40 inches wide, will retain its permanent finish after EE repeated launderings (no starch S5S need be used.) Note the new EE colors for Spring EE oii uiuiiitis - . j -j: a.. u Ju i ... . ... , , ,! government in uaiumg mav mc ucui. j All subscriptions payable strictly fe . fc . i in advance; paper discountinued at which that country owes for money : expiration of subscription time un- borrowed shall be finally settled and ; s less renewal is received prior to ex- evidenced by definite obligations with ; piration date. ' definite maturities of some kind. If ! there is to be further default, as ! Entered as second-class matter at ereu as w"." ."" " uvi ni T, Ko V .fflo sit Fairmount, lnd.. un- mere I'muduij m .w - der the Act of Congress of March 8, default of some definite amount due 1879. ! at some specified time. - j This horrible war grew out of the i Nile Green, Saxe-Blue, Canary, Pink, Cinnamon, Apricot, Old Rose, j Folly, Flamingo, Orchide and White. H EUROPE'S SHORTSIGHTED j conflicts of the great powers of j POLICY TOWARD UNITED STATES Europe for the control of territory j The merican State Department " and trade. The American people serves notice on Great Britain, ; were absolutely innocent. The pre- j France Italv, Beleium, and Japan tense that we were concerned for the j that the United States is not going ' protection of "democracy" or that we j to be drawn into a debate over debt i were under obligations to intervene j juggling or the merits of single vs. on that ground is folly. It was nev- rouble entrv bookkeeping in our . er alleged until after we became en-j claims for American Army upkeep gaged, nor could a single vote have j on the Rhine. We have presented been got in Congress for declaring our bill, with "Please Remit" written war on that ground. W e went to war j 1 with Germanv because her submarines across it. t , . , .. ., , . i , , . attacked our ships, and if they had Why shou d we be dran m.o any , -,iVi ncciiiTi America has want- Every Shade has that sheer transparency which is much to be desired in all Organdies. Samples mailed on request. S9c Special per yard. UV. 1 I VA'. - ed to withdraw her troops from the start. On the insistence, urgjngs, intercessions and pleas of our former allies we Kept mem meie i.-. ( engaged in war. vv e were competent to defend our own democratic institutions. It is none of our business whether other nations have them 'or not. I For these reasons it is proper that the debts be settled and maturities fixed. Winston-Salem (N. C.) Union - 1.1: THE R. L. LEESON CO. Alexandria, Indiana. they wanted them in the name and j interest of allied solidarity. From the beginning there has been American pressure to bring the troops factor in the 1920 ePuoncan. home. This was a "TRADE ENVOY" PROPOSED Full resumption of American diplo BllliillilllllllH Camels' heels, potted, was a holiday feast with the ancient Romans. McDonald's s matic relations with Germany will be j marked by a break in German tradi-tion if Otto Wiedfed, the reorganizer of the disarmed Krupp industries, whom the Berlin government has se- j lected for the post of ambassador to Washington, proves acceptable to the J United States. j The selection emphasizes the fact 1 that our relations with the new Ger- many have largely shifted from the j campaign, their removal was pledged: by the Harding Administration and allied ursrings have kept them there against the American will. Maintenance of troops in an occupied country has priority, a first mortgage and a prior lien over al'i other claims. International law has plenty of such precedents. At the present time the expenses of the troops of Great Britain, France and Belgium are met from German payments before a gold mark is set aside for any other form of reparations. Their claims do not wait, but ours are to wait, in spite of the fact that we al-o are doing police duty on the Rhine. The game now known as tennis was Among the Zulus only the chiefs may wear eagle's feathers. TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. ODORLESS BEEF SCRAPS I New lakes and rivers have recent- Kecommencled by Purdue University. For sale exclu- ! ly been discovered in the Rockv mountains by aerial observers. $ sively at Kelly's Feed Store Phone 275 political to the commercial field, j c c Lyons was at Marion on busi-While Germany's former representa- ness yesterday. tives to this country were not unmind- ful of economic affairs, their point Jake Beals was in Marion Sunday of view was primarily political, in 1 afternoon. Not alone of this cits', but of the country for miles around. Friday night and Sunday the large tabernacle was crowded, the night meeting being the largest yet held. A number had to stand during the service. Collections have been liberal, running from $15 to $26 at each Kr with tbpir training and nrofes- ! in Mr. and Mrs. Will Naylor were Anderson Sunday. It amounts to bad faith on the part of our war associates. American troops were left in Germany on the plain promise and understanding that they would be maintained by funds handed over by Germany to the allies. The allies have taken the funds, paid themselves and ignored us. If they T sion. Under the peace treaty, mere politics has dwindled to a minimum in our prospective dealings with the German republic. In her struggle for reconstruction, economic questions of Elwood was in Patrick O'Brien town yesterday. Nathan tJoerffsnaii. a moneer citizen CASH or CREDIT New Chevolet Cars The Classic and Ail-Around Car. See Demonstrator, Sixth and Vine Streets. FRANK MORGAN, Agent did not want the troops and were not are Germany's first concern, and the v.n v ataind at Berlin government is sard to have re- gov wininsr mev tuuu:u - f , -, PEOPLE FOR WHOM THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD Are always the most enthusiastic concerning the excellence of our DRY CLEANING and DYING We have one of the most efficient REMODELING DEPARTMENTS in the country. Furs transformed into the mode very quickly. Men's and women's garments altered in any way desired. We dye fur skins and remodel them in any way. We tailor make men's or ladies suits, $50.00 up. Latest styles. We pay $2.50 railroad fare on every custom-made suit ordered from us. Send goods parcel post. We have no agents. THE TEASDALE CO. 625-627 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. candidates other - . n a iusea to consider ' of Grant county, and father of Mrs. j Mrs. William Goodman spent Sun- Elizabeth Bogue, of this city, died day with Van Buren relatives. , this morning at his home in Marion. The funeral will take place Thursday The old red barn on East Adams at the Friends church, Marion. The street is being re-roofed. the cost or uemianj ""- - . 0 j . cVa,,ii than business men. Milwaukee Sen-Tbmmcn fund, they should nave saia as much three years ago. i ine We are, in this matter, feeling the j resentment that Europe , STANDARD MATERIAL TESTS against us for refusing to enter the league, sign the treaty of Versailles! Increasing Need Fe)t for Some System body will lie in state at the home on ; Boots street all day Wednesday. Deceased was 89 years old. E. R. Lung and wife were the guests of Jonesboro relatives Sunday. ; The MAULE SEED BOOK to Be Part and to put our man-power, money anu Recognized in All of Country. resources at old world disposal for its reconstruction and readjustment. 1 Tlkt wonderful )7-pm hook m 70a the hraeflt of oar 46 ream experience a fleedjnmen, gardener and farmer. Send a postal for it today. WM. HENRY MAULE, Inc. itTS.? Wm. Vinson anTTlrs. Eva Barry ' EDRIC LITTLE TAKEN TO 4 were married at Marion Saturday. INDIANAPOLIS HOSPITAL Cedric, the seven year old son of Lemuel Pearson went to Fowler- ' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Little of S,outh ton yesterday to assess the tax pay- ; Sycamore street, was taken to Long's ers. hospital at Indianapolis Sunday morn With the wide extension of Im It hean when we failed to sign the) Ansrlo proved hijrhwny construction through- treaty of Versailles and the - i l - T : . n .1 o - . , i n wac m- 'ul- iti i uuni Flint's, iinr ntrv'j is iu- American-French alliance. named when we made separate peace j of highway with the Central Powers and stirred ( ,n on4 Richmond of Charles is T. Mrs. E. O. Ellis of visiting at the home Parker. again recently wni e v" & . the country can be accei-ted In an- or? ".i tan. chasing political will o tne otner Genoa. The bureau of public roads of the Resentment, however, is a two-' United States Department of Agrlcul- ing for what is hoped to be the final operation to effect a straightening of the eyes which have been crossed for l some time. This is the fifth time I young Cedric has gone under the knife and the Spartan-like courage and fortitude he has shown in a series 'of mishaps during the past ten : months would be a credit to a veteran of the World war. During the period mentioned the little fellow broke his larm, and it was found shortly after and ; ture has held conferences on the sub hanaea game, nus ucui-Mt ( ject with the various state highway One of the interesting topics of the day Fritz Roberts and wife were guests of friends in Marion Sunday afternoon. J. H. Wilson and wife visited E. L. Baker and wife at Hartford City departments, and last year a confer- impartially and thoroughly covered in The Indianapolis News. breach of faith on the part of our late allies, nations whom we have aided by keeping troops on the Rhine, will aggravate the prejudice and deepen the resentment and distrust of all things European that is never far wnder the surface in America. ence of testing engineers was held In Washington. The results of the conference are published In Department Bulletin No. 949, "Standard and Tentative Methods of Sampling and Test interpret it as riht to they will. to have Edison B. Lung and wife have re- that it would be necessary ing Highway Materials," This bulletin turned from a visit with relatives at If this is a move to force us to help f 93 pages gives 62 different tests and Albion. Mrs. Ernest Schultz of Shirley, was the guest of Fairmount friends over an X-ray taken of the fracture. This disclosed that the bone was broken in three places, which necessitated having; the bone reset. Following this his tonsils were removed, then adenoids and then commenced the effort to have his eyes straightened. Sunday. That's the question on the lips of nearly every citizen in Indiana. Forecasting the winner in the race for Senator is hazardous at this time. The voters will make up their minds within the next few weeks. It will pay to watch the trend" of political affairs. THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS will print the news pertaining to the senatorial race in an unbiased manner, conceding to its intelligent constituents the in executing the Versailles treaty, it j tentative tests covering nonbftumlnous is a bad one. If the allies think more ; and bituminous road materials, soils of $241 000,000 than of keeping their and other substances. . . - ,1 tvioir- inter-1 In some cases the standard tests of word and their faith, then their inter for Te Ma national morals and their business aJomd ,n thelf orig and political judgement are hopeless, j or 8l:ghtly form mnd Do they want us to go direct to . n others nnt yet covered by the sod-many and muddle the reparations j ety orJg1na standards have been es-muddle even more man it is now mud- tabllshed. Lists and descriptions of Clyde Lewis and wife spent S.un- Every right-thinking man or woman must have the facts . the rest will be easy. Subscribe for THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS and keep posted in every phase of business, social and political life. Four dollars a year to people riving on rural routes or other localities in Indiana where service by agent or carrier is not maintained. NEWS WANT ADS. GET RESULTS. day near Fowlerton the guests of Oliver Buller and wife. jj j apparatus tor conducting tests, rorm tYmr late allies are m stepchild. ! standards such -ratinp- us like unto a as Banme gravity, Fahrenheit tempera tv.v:. T J 1 V,1UK1UC "U PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. HEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonable Drop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 225. tures, and metric and American measurements are also given for ready CRatr la rlrlra twa whr carrier "I wrrirr Is malatalaU IX rcati a otIk.J WATCH ON THE RHINE ENDS Orders directing the return to the TT;twi ctotn hv Jnlv 1 of all the ROOM YET FOR IMPROVEMENT troops in the Rhineland garrison have . been issued by Secretary Weeks. J The young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Deshon died Monday afternoon after a short illness. Mrs. Jas. Smith of Cincinnati, arrived here Saturday afternoon on a visit to Dr. and Mrs. Warner. The Woman's Label League held an interesting session in the G. A. R. hall last Thursday night. Bert Smith, who was operated upon recently, is improving and will be taken to his home in Marion this evening. The Academy Field Day will be held one week from next Saturday, April 19. Those expecting to enter the events are practicing earnestly and some good records are looked for. Although Roads Hav Been Improvd Since Comino of Auto, Conditions Are Ripe for Mor. Mail This Coupon Today! 192... THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS: Enclosed find Four Dollars for subscription to the State Edition of The Indianapolis News for One Year to address below : This proper action of the War Department follows what in effect was a refusal of the allied finance minis E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to 5 ter to settle the American claim for That the roads In this country, al- $241 000 000 for maintenance of the though greatly improved since tne 4 of Occupation. I coming of the automobile, are not yet Tmelaprwere left on the Snlversally eloped to th. point American troop of I where they should be, was demon- Knvr at me " 7"' y.ti Hnr the arref of war. In City R. F. D State. left there to - DR. C L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms Tcr PostofHce Ilomrs 8 11:3P . m. 1 ts S p. m r e allies, iney were several Instances shipments of essen-t--v Germany that the allied nations materials were seriously de-were still united against ber. . because of Uttle less than de-The cost of maintaining armies of piorable conditions along some of our occupation, according to the terms of supposedly Important highways, con-he armistice, was to be met by Ger- dltlons that might hare been Improved many. Germany bss paid the money, at but little cost. The Indianapolis News THE GREAT HOOSIER DAILY The great revival meetings now in progress and conducted by Rev. William Sunday are arousing the people,

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