The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 26, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, IirtJiafln Tuesday, January 26, 1937 PAGE FOUR Film Star .Wftb'Daughter at Hunt THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1111 'LUXURY MODEL'&SSfc Established as The Weekly Cllntonliui 1890 The Cliuton Flalndealer absorbed In 108. CUofKeL Carey d'toT Publisher taterad at the Postofflc t Clinton, Indiana, as Second Claw Matter. Member Indiana nepubllcan Editorial Association National Awin RepreeenUtivei (1KO. l KAVID 00. 1900 Weighty Bldg., Chicago. t-UI General Motor. Bldg.. Detroit 110 East 42nd St.. New Tort end of the room they're Judging today, my dear and tell them I'v entered Miss Luana Water as my bet." Ramon bowed elegantly from the waistline, rising with alacrity, and wiggled, eel-like, through the mob. The ballroom of the Hotel San-souci was crowded. It was the fateful Friday afternoon of th big charity fashion-show. Spring sun-shins filtering through the high windows mingled with th softly glowing light within te splash itself on hundreds of little tea-tables gay with flowers and th shimmer of silver and china. As gorgeous girls In gorgeons gowns paraded on th horse-shoe runwsy that had been built out from the stage, there were many braathles "An I" and "Ohsl" from th audience. eared fingers she held her jade cigarette holder. The- other hand toyed with a long string of Jade that hung from her throat. Yet with all her air of languor. It struck Lusna forcibly there was something primeval here. Like some beautiful animal of the jungle that relax before a foray. Under th calm, a fire. Something that stirred one oddly, thought Luana, whether of repulsion or attraction he did not know. The young man named Ramon waa whiepering something to his companion. It wa evident h was Infatuated with her, although sh wa certainly older than he was. He had no ayes for th dozens of handsome young contestant who warmed everywhere. Not that any of them approached this woman in beauty or icx-appeal, thought Luana. 6h stood alone. Phone 1 1 7 Phone 4 1 v rl ' - I -rs - W 4'. U t"-f aw : j rr:y THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM s-- . 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion coonliei. 2 To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. ' To cooperate in solving Vermillion County', unemploy- merit problem 4. To beautify Clinton and make it Ihe moat attractive city of Ha aiie in the atate. BETWEEN 20 AND 45 Army experts pay attention to such statistics as the number of boys reaching the age of 20 years every year and like to know the male- population of a country between the ages of 20 and 45 year? Germany, during 1937. will have 313.700 youths reaching 20 years, which gives it an advantage over Great Britain's 296.900 and France's 171,000. Moreover, according to the German army year book for 1937, in 1950 Germany will have at her disposal 12.994.-000 men of military age, while Great Britain will have only 8.721,-000 and France 6,790.000. -. HOUSING A NATIONAL NEED When President Roosevelt stressed the fact that millions of Americans live in homes which lack modem facilities and actually breed disease, he directed attention to one of the sore spots of life in this country. He might have added that, in many instances, livim? conditions also promote immorality. The problem does not exist in the large cities, where slums abound, any more than in the smaller urban communities and on the farms of the nation. Lack of adequate housing is a national problem that can not be solved by blaming selfish landlords although there is something that can be done to curb the rapacity or a minority among them. In the United States, in the! five years before 1929, the nation built more than 400,000 homes a year but in the six years beginning with 1930 less than that number was built. The shortage of homes, during this six year period, was more than 2.000.000. 8YNOPSI3 ' Karonta to her horn in Los Anreles from college, beautiful Klisabsth Harmon mstts Gerald BTUten, stoek brakes. Hr stepfather, Colonsl June McCarthy, disapprove of Gerald, but after a whirlwind courtship, the young eoupU slop to Arisen and r mtrrltd. Thai m day, in lb lobby of a boul at 8aa Diego, a woman approach Gerald ana exclaim. "Why, Oerald, I'd ao fdta y wwr la Calif orwi. Hv yon brought your wl long, Or I tin. Bratoa In Chicago?" EUsa-bth I tunned bat Gerald aesurei bvr k wa aivorced, adding that he refrained from telling ber for fear of losing her lot. A few hour 1tr, 0rM I rrtd for alleged etook fraud. Unabl to fc trie Hagrac. Elisabeth go to New York. 8h chang her nam to Luma Wtra and regiiters at a h) hotel. In narcb of employment, eh read n nnonncemnt :f a beauty conteet to b held at a faihlon 8 haw and Tea Dane th winner of which will b giv position a mannequin In th fimoue Hon of Qnackcnbush. Perhap, h ha a chute to wia CHAPTER IX , It waa a sparkling blue-gold morning inch as often coma to New York in early Spring, with a salty tang of th aea in th air. Elisabeth wee astonished to find heraeif o exhilarated. She had turned a new page. What wonld be written OB it Principally hard work. Lota of It. Sh wanted, more than anything in the world, to work so hard there would net be a ingl moment for brooding en her' disastrous marriage.- She absolutely mast ueeeed. She would. Sh had Be one back of her. Sh felt deep. Inexhaustible well f courag bubbling up in her. ' Here On the sixteenth floor, the noise of traffic in the streets' rose lik a hymn of battle. It wa like eonie powerful giant striking on hi anvil and Jubilantly ainging to high heaven. There was a not el triumph in it, . of eoundle courage and achievement Sh hearkened to thie rhythm of th city. Sh wa part of it Luana Water that sh now wa would present herself today for the Hrst lap of the beauty-oiun-fashion irontest in th appointed plaos on Uadiaon Avenue. She bathed, and hampood hex hair. Then ah went down to the hotel beauty parlor. She had a finger-wave, and a facial, and a manicure, not because she felt sh wa any longer vain, bat because beauty wa the mara essential for th coming battle. , e Hj dear, did yon ever snob mobs of females T" The speaker wa a elina, sleek-hatred, effeminate young man. He had a plaintive voice, with a pronounced foreign accent - His companion of the opposite sex flicked th ah from th end of her cigarette into a fern tub that eented the only likely receptacle in this crowded room. She smiled Into hi eyes and shrugged nonchalantly. ' "But yeu wanted to come, my dear Ramon f . "Only because yon did." Hearing this, Loaaa incurable remaatwist that ah still was, despite her avowed intention to put romance behind her wa interested at once. ' Th woman was rather tall, and slight, with a kind of willowy grace-.'ulness. She was beautifully dressed in black a shimmery, expensive black swathed with yards of silver fox fur. Her hair ws Titian red, her skin milky. Sh had sleepy eye of some indeterminate color. They ? tinted under heavy lid that wcra rinered with amazine Ions? lashes. Ann Harding and daughter Here is Ann Harding, blonde film star, as she appeared at an English hunt near Indon with her daughttr, Jan Bannister, shortly before hr marriage to Wernsr Jansssn. orchestra conductor. - unite with "(ienoral Spanky" to keep the home fireB burning. After running the gamut of calamity and Ned Sparks. Dixie Dunbar, Leah Ray, the Ritz Brothers and many more are added attractions. After "doing Places", with Lowell Thomas and seeing Fox News', you'll witness an Hawaiian "Legend of the Lei" In color, comedy, the boyS actually save the life of Holmes and keep Miss Lawrence from marrying the wrong man. Exclamations broke Into handclapping a Number 13, who had th pal beauty of a moonflowar, swayed across th stag. Also Included are a Sport Reel and comedy. Exclamation broke into hand- YESTERDAYS ;- JAX. a, 1012. Mrs. Joseph .Miller of West Vine street is reported on the sick Hat. Th woman laughed softly, caressingly. Sh said something in Spanish. Ramon' eye flew to her mouth, which wa lik a bright exotic Dower. At that moment he had clapping a Number IS, who had the pale beauty of a moonflower, swayed across the stage. Eye want hastily to programs. Voices murmured: "Luana Waters." a burning, hungry look that brought county home. Yet It nil ends cheer fully. "She's the most exquisite thing I've seen In years. She haa Just my flmira too." drawled wealthy Mrs. Movies "OXE IX A MILLION" AT THE WABASH We doubt If you eonld ever get enough of the delightful, eye-fllling ice-skating of Sonja ;Henie, lovely hlond queen of the silver skates who can also act most convincingly. The entire story centers around Miss Henie's skating prowess, as it In Miss Grace Tillotson spent Tuesday night with' Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cale. ueraia .oaac so tjiur euuiu. ouo hated that memory. Swiftly, the woman's right hand touched her companion', as if to reassur him, while her left hand that nonchalantlv held the Jade "Porky Rainmaker" provides the Joel Vandaveer to her olive-skinned comedy. The latest "report received by "GENERAL SPANKV" AT THE PALACE somo of ex-Mayor Scott's friends, is that Mr. Scott Is rapidly improving deed should. She lives with her father. .Tean Hersholt. high In the at San Antonio, Txas. Those of you who have enjoyed plump little Spanky McFarland In the nonular Hal Roach comedies Mr. and Mrs. Schell Wright had Swiss Alps. When Adolphe Men ion. worried and broke manager of a stage troupe, arrives with his snu.y wife, Arline Judge, and a long list bolder fell to her aide. The glowing cigarette slipped from it disappearing in a satin fold of her gown as It swept the floor. Laana stepped hastily forward. Sh said: "Pardon me, but your cigarette has Just fallen, and will burn your dress." Sh swooped down and retrieved it crashing it eat m th fer tub. "Oh, how careless of met Thanks very much." The woman turned and gave a long look at Luana. It was an appraising look a critical look a thoueh for the first time for their guests; Sunday, Mr. and with he highly pleased with this Civil "fiTTM. OF THE O.ARKS" AT THE COI.IMII1A Little Virginia Weidler's first starring picture has to do with the hillbilly regions of the Ozark Mts.. where she lives in direst poverty with a sick mother and old pipe-amnking grandmother. Leif Erik-son, publisher ot a local paper, and Elizabeth Russell supply the romantic Interest. Virginia has a time of it in school, where her spirited nature gets the better of her. When Granny goes to Jail for stealing a pretty dress so her granddaughter could look nice, Virginia is sent to a Mrs, W." E. Maxwell of Terra Haute War story, in which Spanky ann nis nals nlay Cupid for Rosina Law of entertainers, he is quick to se Sonia's money-making possibilities. Mrs. E. R. Cbfnet of Tene Haut.' ftvnt Tuesday with Mrs. (J. O. Nichols. rence and Pihllips Holmes. The fat little fellow shines shoes to earn a livinir and is once befriended by After much confusion and dairy mix-ups. she reaches Madison Square Carden and wins fame and Holmes. When war is declared. sh was awar of the reaaon of being here. I havent met you before, my nnckwheat and Carl (Alfalfa) fortune for all. Don Ameche plays a handsome newspaperman, with partner. Mr. Adolphe Quackenbush, well-known couturier of Fifth Avenue, breezed up to their table. Mrs. Vandaveer repeated her remark. Mr. Quackenbush bowed. Her words carried weight Waa not Mrs. Joel Vandaveer one of hi very best customers? But his expert eye had already approved Luana's lissom lines. For modelling his gowns, ska woald b a "natural." At every entry that she made, there waa applause. With an excited lift of the heart she saw the great Quackenbush beam at her. Sh thought: "Who care if he told as that married women are ineligible to compete I Anyway, my marriage is going to be annulled. No one"ll ever know the difference I" She had to win. She had to get a Job. She couldn't last another urea days on her money. She had been terrified te walk oat here, to run the gamut of th sharp, critical eyes of "Society." Although she had hated the way his fingers touched and lingered on her skin as he had given the last touches to her various gowns, backstage, ft had given her confidence that Monsieur Arroand, right-hand man of Adolphe Qeackenbosh and manager of the fashion ahow, had murmured to her that h waa "ravissante" . . . "adorable I" . (To Be Contraaed) Swltzer and other boys the same age Luana thought the woman's face was lik soma pale, exotic flower under the small black velvet hat that dear. I take It yon'r a competitor. What' your name." T.nna Waters " Ted Dutlcr left for Coalmont, Wednesday. r.'aiy Amis misaed school Tuesdny ,in account of illness. JAX. 20, lfra. Word has been recflvvud here of What a Boon! Msaa I "How divinely poetic!" The woman opened ber ayes, and Luana saw they were of a startling Jade green. She thought: That' why he wear th necklace and brandishes the cigarette holder to bring out the color of her eyes. She's imply (creamed fan A faint exquisite perfume emanated from her. "She's stunning looking," thought Luana, who had been her a full hour without anyone taking any no-tic of her whatever. She forgot her chagrin, and her grim necessity of getting immediate employment, m the fascination of watching this the birth of a baby dancbler to Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Lansley of Detroit. Kha said aloud, with a faint smile "I'm rtmA von like mv name. No formerly of Clinton. The child was one else her seems to be the least born on Tuesday and h Ix-en ' 8he had lone Pal hands, which interested in it or In me. gaeas I wa foolish to think I had any named Elizabeth. Both mother and baby are doing fine. The infant weighed seven and one-half pounds. chance in this competition.- "Bat of coarse too have. I shall Ware the only things about her that really see mod alive. That and her eyes, perhaps, although th lids drooped o with utter boredom that se that yea have. Ramon, put down ber name at once. And go over to those tiresome women at th Mrs. Langley was formerly Miss Mnrie Hinds. a couia earaiy amy wnu mey x-presaad. Between beautifully mani- lllhl Mrs. Homer Mitchell of South Main street spent yesterday in Indianapolis with her sister and hrother-ln-law. First Schawl for Sightless The world's first school for sightless was established in Paris in 1785. . TH2 STARS SAY f !"p W'tnetaV January 27. By CiKNKVIKVK KKMIH.E Horse Power Horse power is energy exerted at the rate of 550 foot-pounds per second. School of Defeat Defeat is a school in which truth always grows strong. Miss Louise Robertson of South AcrnRflTKf: TO the aspects of The Anvil If you are the anvil, be patient; if you are th hammer, strike. Third street entertained with a delightful party last evening in honor of her guest. Miss Margaret Carter, of Port Arthur, Texas. Miss Carter the moon to certain planets, this may prove to he a doubtful and variable day, with much depending on Individual effort, sound decisions PALACE TONIGHT and conservative management. De is a senior at Indiana university lilonmlngton, Ind.. and Is spending the weekend with Miss Robertson. finite incitements to rash, nasty, quarrelsome and Impetuous actions C;uests were Mrs. Cleo Bash, Mrs. Gtft Ifil. aW hWV 9vM K. laav World nm 11 a ' ' ' L-wf---a7;'-'7'"!r-"r-" i ii ii - ii 1 ' "" """ "f"'"' may Jeopardise possible Deneiiis or progress. John Wood. Mrs. John Richardson. Miss Marie Koonce. Miss Louise I. ii.e, and Miss Mae McCaffrey. Those whose birthday it is mav r,nA themselves In a yesr In which much depends upon Ihelr own well- Mrs Louis Barker and daughters tbougntnot programs and their own restrained and well-governed action. Mary Esther and Ruth Maxlne, of Strife, kaste and reckless and im Cloverland. Ind., are spending a few duv with Mr. and Mrs. William petuous behavior would prove dis Weir of South Fifth street. astrous. A child born on this day may be Inclined to be hasty, impulsive and Rosemary Ttonzero entertained passionate, unless" it h given early training and discipline. It should. yesterday In honor of her ninth hiritwinv Mrs. Alma Folti, Miss Lena rhillips. and Miss Jewell however, make friends easily, ana be popular and well liked. Pranklin. teachers of filendale school were her dinner guests. Mrs. A. T. Randall of Cherry street, who has been 111 at her home niilt the flu. is reported to be feel ing better today. Castle Lang in Building Th castla of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria was begun in 18b9 and completed after 1905. Many Animals in One The Portuguese man-of-war is not a single animal but a colony of several so integrated that they act as ana creature. "Generad Spanky" taet Hal Rflarh . fi-amre hit. Spanky McFartaad, Phillip Holme. Ralph Margjui head tnpnotch cast In pk ioreiurap drama of tlvll War ilays. Nature Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of it own. Ifm It i- Psctra-Oatfcal U Baytsd CsiHi aHaaMag i I

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