The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 26, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1937
Page 3
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PAGE THREE ana The Daily Cllntonian, Clinton, lndi Tuesday, January 26, 1937 HOSPITAL NEWS I fyWfcetS f V10 W BURNING, GNAWING PAINS IN STOMACH RELIEVED Neutralise Irritating acids with Dr. Emll's Adla Tablets. Prevent a' sore. Inflamed stomach, yet eat what you want. Adla gives relief or your Mrs. Joe Provence of North Third r. joe Provence of North Third $8 OOW 12.00; feeder steers. 0.00 iff 8.75; stocker steers. $5.00 fi) 7.7.: Blocker cows ond heifers, $4.00i 7.00. , SHEEP, market steady: lambs, $10,501! 10. SO; culls and common, $8.iioi 10.25: yearlings. $8.75Ca 0.75; common and choice ewes. $1,1101' 0. 00; feeder lambs. $8.50(f 8.50. .,.DOt ,ho underwent a nnti -k INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 28. Live CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES eratlon at the St. Anthony's hospital stock: m T,re Haute last Friday, Is get money bsrk. Powen s murium-;. 1IOCS 7.0110; hnliiovers. : . i.. .... .,,,1 int-i 10c lower: ting along satisfactorily. Ket iim; nn-. ee , . underweights unevenly 1.x- to c Installation Services : Conducted by Lodgf lower: lno to L'ou i"s.. i DOES BLADDER IRRITATION SOCIAL CALENDAR M Fiina Louden, who has heen in. sr.: 2r.o to :too ms., .:",-,. WAKE TUU urr 10. IS; 140 to 1(10 Ihf.. J-.l.t.ow 111 with pneumonia for the past ten Card Party of Business Women It's not normal. It's nature's warn ,. .... 1110 to 1211 118.. If.!lllHT.". i.,iHlltttlon services were eon- sows.' mostly !i.oofi"J.50. ing. Danger Ahead." .viage mm in days, was removed rrom ine y.-...,.. Hon county hospital to her home in .wi.d recently by the Royal Camp Tuesday TONIGHT test. I'se burhu leaves. Juniper on, -ATTI.K, 1,M)"; ctlives. i , i , , i, CllirAOO. Jan. 26. With some i apprehension expressed by traders over possible liumuge lo the winter 1 wheal crop in the Hooded areas of j the Ohio valley, wheal I mures met with u fair demand at the opening luday w.ih prices lo c up. WHEAT: May. 1 2 8 - ; July. inrni-y I Sept., llO-llO'i. Of the Royal'Nelghhors of America Mulberry street. and other drugs made lino steei h anil yeiirnngs sum , it. i ..ruii Mrs. Mary Heiius ...en tablets, lo flush out excess snl.-s steady: heifers a nerai s ip- acids and Impurities. Excess acids and Mrs- Ed Hardle were the In A.nn Miller, of Dana, was ad y bidding 2-r'- l fide lower; cows lull s Bl( any ; enriy m n. .tnlllmr Officers. Thursday Night . ! f I'tirty lo Be Held Hoynl Neighbor HhII on Kim Street. Oames At 8 p. m. mitted to the local hospital yesterday for medical observation. rfi 111. (ill; beef cows. 14. I n to I I COIIN: (new) Muy. lirJ'.-'s The newly selected orncers are a- can cause irritation resulting in n"i-tiiig up iilghis. scanty flow, rrnn.ue.-it desire, binning, backache, and leg pains. Just say Hukets to your drug 100 utters. $.1.75 4.50 : veulnrs sieauy ..n Mm. Hurry i.ewm, Tuesday Contract Bridge Club-will meet with Mr. and Mrs. ,0. II. Stevenson, Smith Third Street, 8 p. m. . -. . ' Gumma Gamma Sigma sorority will bold Its annual dinner nf the home of Mrs. John Rwlcknrd. South Third Blreet. 8:30 p. m. ' iUIMlwn. to f,0c higher; must good to choice. 102 V,. July, ' I July. I 05-1 ll ' ; Sept.. I (old I May. loo's ; July. ' OAl.s; May. JiHh-'k i I Sept.. 42 s. t,. nniman was dismissed gist. In four days If not pmasea $12.00 lif 11.00. vice orncle, Mrs. Evert Ahrams nasi oracle, Mrs. Andrew Kankus MIKW. 7.000; supply nioKny I'u your 25c will be refunded, i.nns from the local hospital Saturday. western Ininlis. i hainii'cy. auv. 11114 ell a ucelior, Mis. Emma Sptirr: re Mrs. Willinm Tyler; receiv Thursday, January 28, Is the date set for the public bridge party of Mis. Willinm Burton, of North ,v Mm. Bellasan; marshal!, Mrs. J ho iinalnpnt and Professional worn Third street, underwent nn appen ui.n.hniii club will meet nt the Pride "Pride," said Hi Hi., the sage of Chinutown, "Ije-omes a gieat man, since it must be inspired by a re CHICAGO, Ian. 2. Livestock: Hons. 2S.0O0; market weak to lower: holdovers. 1. 000: top, ilu:i:,; bulk. $0.25 i 10.10; heavy ,,.i,i iuri 10.25: nieilliini r nnlmn: assistant mnrsniiu. dectomy nt St. Anthonys hospital in nrtnll Archer: Inner sentinel. MIsf YOU haven't used THAT NERVINE I I I M 1U Terre Haute Friday. xnc is " ling along satisfactorily. 'Helen Vlroslko; outer sentinel. Mrs spect foi the opinions oi ouina. NERVOUS mi. nvhee: threo year manager I BOUGHT V0U I COULD I J lrs. William Melsmer; Faith, Mrs en's club. This party will be held at the Royal Neighbor hall on Elm ulieet over Doughty's store with games to begin at 8 p. m. Pivot and progressive bridge will be played during the evening with prizes to be awarded to both men and women. Ticket, mav be obtained from any Cliff Vltalie of Vine siroet is con Two Discontents Tl.aro u,t lU.l icllllls f)f diSCOIT nil. Rmirr: Courage, Mrs. limine weii-hi. $! lu.lf. ; light weight. !t. ,:Hi 10.25; I. gilt licbts, $!I.5iito IU.15: packing sows. $8.75 Ti. 9.75; lit-s. 7."i fl 0.7S. CATTLE. lO.IMlft; market steadv ,o 'weak. Calves. 1.5110; market i.iindv Beef steers: good ami hall on South Main street, 7:30 p. m. Delphlans will meet with Mre. Arthur Tombaugh. Blnckmen street, 8 p. m. MooBe Lodge to meet at the hall on Blackman street at 7 P- m. Delta Thelo Tau sorority will meet at the Business and Professional Women's cluhrooms. 7:4b p. m.- for business meeting. fined to his home with Influenza. Atnn-siv. Mrs. Willinm Spurr; in . ,,....,. ui.. Alice rtazzam; r-n : a,,iin nf North Ninth tent in tins world: the discontent that works and the discontent that Ho hunHu 'I'he Hrst gets t?IIIHII iin. .,-, .treel who has been seriously 111 at choice. $10. oofi 14.50; common and durance. Mrs. David Johns: nag bearer, Mrs. Cllinence lliidcelle. nnd what it wants, and the second loses his home, is improving. member of the club or at the door medium. $7.H f.r0; yearlings, $7.(iiiiiil4.40. llutcher cattle: beilei-s. $5. nil 12.00; cows, $5.00 what it had. mere is no cure ior the first but success, and there is no on the evening of the bridge, i or mm cure at all for the second. Lnveta Kelly, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Willard Kelly of Vine firs. Oil; bulls, 11. -'ll' (.:"; caiveu. Wednesday ' mri. nf the Oueen Rather Circle street. Is 111 with Influenza. captain, Mrs. Hardle. . A social hour was enjoyed imme dlately following the services and refreshments were served. A special meeting was held last night for the purpose of raisin' funds to he sent to the flooded (lis ilricts In the south. of the Methodist Church will hold a meeting at the home of Kiizaneiu Ann Manshlp. South Fourtn street imrr,oHlniplv after Bchool. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Malone of John street and Mnynard Malone "I Klin street attended the funeral "f Mrs. Lula Andrews of Dana Sunday iflei-noon. ' . tin itnriv Hiiillln and sun. Jack- T-i Knnna Sorority will meet affair Is opened to the puniic. ' Mrs. William Roach Entertains Club Mrs. William Roach of Rookvllle entertained the members of the Wnmnn's Department club at her home recently, which was the midyear session. Mrs. Frank Randolph, president, presided at the meeting. Officers were elected for the year. They re as follows: president, Mrs. n Hnrrison: first vice president, with Mrs. Mai Johnson, South Third Surprise Party Held r.lreet, 8 P- m. w.rinMrtnv F.mbroldery club For Rev. C. L. Kearce Monday being the birthday anni . of I-'airview are reported t he ill will meet at, the home of Mrs. J. F. GENERAL 0 ELECTRIC Adams, Blackman street, 2:o0 p. m. it their home. Inckie is Keltlng along satlsfnc- r nf Rev. C. C. I'eurce n- Wednesday Bridge club win . l. mitu Di.DAt nnnroxlmately 20 hUUlII P ll'H o..-. -- meet with Mrs. Kaymonn ru..., Mrs. H. M, Overpeck: second vice South Main street,. 2 p. m. members of the Men's Bible class m the Methodist church assembled a his home last night for a surprise president. Mrs. EM. Dowd; recoro .retary. Mrs. James Gillian ' Past Chief's Club will meet nt .ho home of Mrs. Pleaa Kelsbeimer .fully lifter being III fr the past six weeks with tonsllitls. Mrs. Gi-orge Willlile of Kairview is slowly Improving at her home rl-lowing a week's Illness with the flu ami sore throat. upv Do the care of the home and children, the obligation of social or community life, the worry of finances, "get on your nerves ? "NERVES" May spell the difference between happiness and misery for you and your family. If you ore Nervous. Sleepless. Irritable. Restless, it may be due to an overwrought nervous condition. If so, you will And Dr. Miles Nervine a real help. Your Druggist has Dr. Miles Nervine both liquid and E.ler-vescent Tablets. Why not get a bottle or package and start taking it today? Large bottle or package Jl.jJJ rrnondlng secretary, Miss Grace parly. of South Fourth street, 7:30 p, m. Th pvenine was spent koi-i.hi Thompson, and treasurer, Mrs. Don Mrs. Allen McPhail will be the as- ci.lanl hnflteHS. i and refreshments were served. rfx WRINGER Contiol $tart$ ondt stops rolti applies and relieve pteuure diiectt diainboard. Washer illusttated also features ACTIVATOR Permanent Lobii-calion, ond Quiet Opeialioo. UADl IT GENERAL tLKTUC At tMDGtrOHT. CONN. TAYLOR'S Radio Service . tj r r-inh will meet witn McMillan. y V January 27 a state enunrll meet, in h held at Indianapolis al p.,0.eil !.owrv of (147 Walnut A. . 1 -----' . C...h Aihort lienaersnn. ciuum READ THE ADS street Is confined to his home with the Claypool hotel. A large number cnorth afreet. 7:30 P. m, a broken ankle. Idle Wile Club Mrs. Tom LewlB of South Fifth street will entertain Ma Miss Hazel Haase of the Doughty plan to attend from kockvhhj. , 1 WakofeClub Meets At Davey Home Mon the members, 2 P. m. apartments on Elm street Is con Modal AW-22P Ctpsciiy $54.95 EASY Favmcnts fined to her home with tne nu. PUBLIC BRIDGE PARTY at Royal Neighbor Hall Over Doughty's Store (Sponsored by Business Women) Thursday, 8 P. M. Price 25c Thursday Thone 70! 4.-.0 . nth St. nr I. M. Caseheer is confined to - Eaele Lodge to meet at the hall Eight members of the Wakofe i..k m In regular session last ciiii Main street at 7 P m. his home at Sixth and Elm streets ik.. n.imhtera to hold regular ih, h home of Miss Rosemary with Illness. business meeting at hall on South Main street; 7:30 p.' mi nnn'. Missionary society oi Davey of North Main street, a. Clara Elliott, new president, presld-; ed at the meeting. ' During the business session the club voted to give a $3 contribution lo the Red Cross Flood Fund. . .. - . , a l. nntartnln Hill Crest will meet at HIIJ Crest at 2 p. m. .. . n.hnninT lodge will meet at .... .....ti Gn.nh Main street, 7:30 lilts n . "HeortB lurniisiitfu ment of the evening with prize . nintt and Miss p. m. Friday awarnea 1 " - '"" Marjorie Tompkins, ' ood things come in Friday Bridge club will meet at the home of Mrs. Coen Robertson, South Third street, 1:30 p. m. Happy Hour lnb will meet In Morgan's, basement. South Main street, 2 p. m. ' Miss Florence Auer win entertain the club In two weeks at her home on Sycamore street. Party Given for ! LaVerne M. Birt ' Friday. January 22. marked the ! seventh birthday anniversary of Lair.,..,. ri Birt and a party was Monday Mondav Bridge Club will bold a meeting at the home of Mrs. fieorge Sarver on South Main street. p. m. TO CONDUCT INSTITUTE SATURDAY. JAWAoi - Th Parke founty Federation of Women's Clubs will hold an me" i..t on "Bible Literature" at the II given by her mother. Mrs. Claude Birt at 235 Vine street. The evening was spent in playln? games and contests. Refreshments were served. The little guests attending were Betty. Bobby and Maxine Bozarth. Vera Jane Eaton, Beverley Anderson, Carolyn Whiteomb. Myra Jean Griffiths, Sally Lee Cogan, Betty Jo Ricauda. Billle Jean Cheek, Donald Ray and Bobby Mount James. Ra- I mona Lee Glover. Marilyn Craw-ford. Joe McKinney and Etliabeth ; H. Birt. Entertains Club brary auditorlnra IfJ Rockville at n m Saturday. January 30. ur. neii strange is county rhnirman or the institute and Mrs R. O. Teany or Montezuma will be in charge or the program. ANNIVERSARY OBSERVED ' The golden wedding' anniversary ' Mrs W. O. Curtis of Blackman f rfc S??t (' $ Y" "J MILDNESS K. J " V Chesterfields refreshing ' Ca f-. - J mildness that's never flat. p L ' rT" roOD TASTE y Voti say goou . ' Chesterfield- y i l Sure. the. ' Jr , tobaccos rfldpe I f Ak- JjvY nf tr and Mrs. r.rant Rclnoctu oi i street oeiiguiruiyr ruiwiunucu .u members of the Monday Bridge club Lena, rorroerly of Rockville. was observed Sunday at their boma t an at her home yesterday afternoon were Mrs. W. B. Nichols house from t to 4 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs". Relnochl were mar Mrs. Etta Frist, Miss Sara Downing ried at Robinson. 111., on January !4. 11187. ' - Mr. Reinocbl Is 72 and Mrs. Rl- nochl is H years of age. and Miss Jessie A. Robison. Bridge was played at three tables with Mrs. J. Clark Smith receiving the club prize and Mrs. Frist, guest. Mrs. George Sarver will entertain the club neit Monday at herhome nn South Main street. MRS. VEDA BOHINC ENTERTAINS CLUB WOMAN'S n.l H MI-KTS The annual election of officers of the Woman's club was held recent- i. .i meetlnr at the borne of Mrs. rharles J. Brown. Officers for the r .re- president. Mrss." H. H Th n R. Club held Its regular I... .1... nrrsMent. Mrs. !' meeting recently at the home of Robm: secretary. n. Hubert San or and treasurer. Mrs. Ouy Alden un Veda Bohinc with Miss Mary nrlrlinne as a. guest. The entertainment Was In charge Th. nenlnf was spent in playing nf vir. n 11 Lee. Mrs. H..U. r- t.,.,.n m-iih high score prise award Mm. W. F. Smith. Following. luncheon was enjoyed st the Rock ed to Mrs. Angeline Marietta: Miss r.-iciinn bunco.- and Mrs. Bessie ville Candy Kitchen. nnnvfln. lOW. Refreshments were served it the For the good things smoking can give you . . ...... Miliar, small daughter of ino of the meeting. U-'U' Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Miller of Black-man street, returned to school this Mrs. Lucille Marclnko will be hostess for the next meeting of the club. week after being 111 with tne nu. utn r-hadwena Swayne. who at Mr and Mrs. Max McKee of Sul livan. formerly of Clinton, spent last nnH Indiana university,' Is spend night at the home of Mr. and Mrs ... i...- MTnester vscation witn her parents. Dr. and Mrs. Swayne of South Fifth street- Mrs. Swsyn Ernest Elliott of Vine street. Mrs. McKee was formerly Miss Mae Wells. They attended the funeral, of Dr. O. M. Keyes of Dana this afternoon. who has been ill for the past two weeks, is Improving.

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