The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 9, 1976 · Page 21
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 21

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1976
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Thursday, December 9, 1976 A21 Two Schools of Thought Grace Druyor and Mary Ann Marger D The American education system is under enormous pressure. Changing social values, desegregation, budget deficits and other factors create unprecedented problems in the classroom. The dilemmas facing administrators and teachers as a result of this upheaval is analyzed in "Two Schools of Thought' a series which appears in this space about twice a month. Grace Druyor and Mary Ann Marger formerly taught in the Pinellas County school system. mm Suspensions: Yes and No mm, LLC 7 wiKin clQJX Q1F1F fA S f S 1 I TH,S Have you noticed that the same public that complains about lax school discipline also fusses when school suspensions increase? 510"to'1600T W 'Bl'Cbl. I ' AUIO SAFETY II Whirewall Whitewall f E T. SIZE Reg. Price Salt Prict & old lire AR78.I3 $4100 $30 73 $1.98 BR7S-1 3 44 00 3300 2 03 DR78-14 4800 36 00 2 31 ER7814 50 00 37 SO 2 45 FR78 14 52 00 39 00 2 63 0878 14 54-60 40. SO 2 80 HR78 -14 57.00 42 75 2.9 BR78 15 47 00 35 25 2 16 GR78I5 55 00 41 25 2 88 HR78 15 58 00 43 50 3 07 JR78I5 61 00 45 75 3.19 LR78 15 64.00 48 00 3 34 flexible Polyester Cera For Comfort Double Fiberglass Bolts for Strength All How tHitient Tread Design for Hood Hogging Tracten Mileage Warranted 38,000 Miles POWER 3 BATTERIES YOUR CHOICE ST 88 88 U W Each XHZ. 26 BM 91 I BM 1310 While our state laws require attendance in school through age 16, they also condone suspension for up to 10 days as a punishment. This denial of attendance is in violation of the individual's right to an education and should be abolished as a mode of discipline in our schools. At a time when he needs the instruction, a suspended student is plunged further behind in his work by this interruption. And failure to comprehend the academic subjects is most likely the root of his misbehavior. Although some school administrators defend this practice on the grounds that pupils come back to school chastised and ready to try harder, it also is true that many return more defiant than ever. Or they do not return at all. Suspension often becomes a prelude to dropping out. We should investigate these modern methods that avoid the heavy use of suspension: Wiser use of time-out rooms (in-house suspension), and the innovation of peer counseling. Expanded facilities such as an "alternative school," where psychologists trained to work with disturbed youth give individual attention. Closer cooperation between the police and the school. A student who has been suspended and also is being investigated in connection with a crime may be allowed to drift in limbo just when tighter supervision is necessary. Prevention of problems by providing vocational training for students not succeeding in academics. Since we know that a large number will drop out of school at age 16, we should make an effort to teach them a trade beginning at age 14. In the early days of our country children went to work in the fields after the eighth grade. There was little time for delinquency because every person's contribution to the work force was important. Restoring the ideal of dignity to hard work might provide problem students more incentive to rejoin the mainstream of productive lives. - GRACE DRUYOR Exchange Installed v- Groups: 22F, 24, 24F, 42, I, & 191 TRACK MATRIX STEREO Built in burglar alarm Tape reading lamp CASSETTE TAPE PLAYER Features fait forward Slide bor controls Heavy duty construction delivers up to 296 Suspension is one of many effective methods of handling disruptive students. It removes the offender from the room so that learning may continue, and lets both the suspended student and the rest of the class know that such misbehavior will not be tolerated. Suspension usually is used after milder methods have failed. Efforts by a succession of teachers and counselors to reverse the student's conduct have had no effect. He may be arrogant when reprimanded and apathetic when counseled. He disrupts the learning of serious classmates. Attempts to communicate with his parents fail either because they can't handle him or can't be bothered trying. Suspension is no haphazard procedure. Florida law requires that it be used only after alternative methods have been employed, except under circumstances requiring immediate removal of the student. It may be done only by the principal or his designated representative. It must be reported in writing to the parents. Suspension is not a perfect solution. But it is practical. Schools do not have the time and resources to provide enough guidance to every misbehaving youngster to get to the root of his problem and insure that he is on the right track. The true responsibility for the child lies in the home. Parents' failure to instill values, to provide good examples, and to be available when needed poinls to a far more serious ailment of society than the acts which lead to suspension. When parents assume their proper role, school discipline will improve. In the meantime, teachers must teach. And when they must resort to suspension to maintain an adequate learning environment, they deserve public support, not blame. - MARY ANN MARGER cold cranking amps Dry charged activated at time of purchase for optimum power EXPERT INSTALLATION AVAILABLE AM U S Cars drum type HERE'S WHAT WE DO ON All 4 WHEELS: Irtjtall premium b'oke linings Reiufface drumi Rebuild wheel cylinder! 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CHILTON REPAIR MANUAL STP OIL TREATMENT 93 Each I Oik I 197 WWJ 88 88 8 10 1 5 OX. limit 2 Combination V4 " limit 8 RESISTOR PLUGS 4C Eoth Change air fitter regularly for improved engine performance i'B" drives, 21 piece set Helps your oil do a better tb. WOC.vO MARIS 1 1 t 4AV 1 0 &'Or C2E3flE9 W PALM ILACH Palm (out Ploio OEIRAT IEACH Delray Moll KEY WEST Key Ploio MIAMI 7fih Si. Moll MIAMI Allopottah I U.S. I MIAMI Midway Moll FT. LAUDERDALE luud.thill Moll MIAMI Carol Olv Centu FT. LAUDERDALE N Ridge Ploio BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! REPLACEMENT OA MONET GLADLY REFUNDED George Will Ha.&r MDO. con COMVINItNT TIM! fMMINT (ONVtNl INT UV AWAY FUN SHOP WOOLCO :30 A.M. to t:30 P.M. DAILY - SUN. 11: A.M. to 4: P.M. Carter's Options Illusory The Days of Wine and Roses . . . electorate must tread so softly. But the importance and volatility of the public mood means that a president is always walking on egg shells. Much of the celebrated power of the presidency is illusory, and this is especially so regarding the performance of the economy which is, of course, what enables presidents to get things done and get re-elected. Reality is full of unruly variables, and economic variables (including that fragile thing, "confidence") are especially elusive. A president cannot control the money supply. That is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve, an institution that enjoys remarkable autonomy. This autonomy is defensible, but it is nonetheless unusual in a modern state where elected persons are held accountable for aggregate economic performance. And unlike the heads of governments of many U.S. trading partners, a president cannot effectively dictate quick, specific alterations of the tax structure. Speaking of unruly variables, Sen. Russell Long (D-La.), chairman of the Finance Committee, which helps write tax laws, probably will be a more substantial impediment to the Carter administration than will the entire Republican membership of Congress. Long should be much in the news soon. A simple, substantial tax cut for both business and individuals may be inflationary in the long run, as well as stimulative in the short run. But unlike a sudden spurt of public spending, a tax cut may be the only stimulative policy that will not stimulate anxieties about inflation, and self-fulfillmg prophecies. That is why Carter, looking into his fat catalog of "options," is really looking through the eye of a needle. WASHINGTON - Jimmy Carter is bent from the weight of fat notebooks his advisors prepared to explain his "options." But concerning the economy, for which he must have a policy immediately, and on which all his other policies depend, his range of options is narrower than those books. It is certain that his policy will be stimulative. This is so not just because many of his economists tell him that the current "pause" in the recovery dictates that, but also because his political sense must tell him that the success of his administration depends on it. Far from being "vague" during his campaign, his pronouncements on domestic policy were specific enough to paint him into a tight corner. And a tax cut may be his only way out. He made it abundantly clear that he hopes to deliver on the Democratic platform, which calls for scores of new or expanded spending programs. But he also promises to balance the budget by 1980 (fiscal 1981) and hold federal spending to 21 per cent of the gross national product. He said, in the first debate and elsewhere, that if these goals are incompatible, the goals of the platform will be the ones sacrificed. Thus, his freedom of movement as president - the fun of governing -depends on his. ability to produce a "fiscal dividend." Such a dividend occurs when rapid economic growth enables government to reap increased revenues from constant or even lowered tax rates. Carter needs a dividend sufficient to pay not only for all the commitments the federal government already has made against future revenues, but also sufficient to pay for a dignified fraction of the Democratic platform. The "Forever" Rose is so incredibly real, you won't believe your eyes! It has the same unique silky softness and the romantic fragrance of your favorite flower ... the rose. And for the wine . . . Free Carafe With purchase of one dozen Forever Roses you will receive a one-liter carafe. Buy a half dozen roses, and a half-liter carafe will be yours free. The dilemma is that such a dividend presupposes a stimulative poli-cy, and all such policies are potential threats to the psychology of prosperity. Any such policy - a tax cut, a spending increase, or a combination of both - may aggravate the public's fear of inflation. This can set in motion a self-fulfilling economic prophecy, as follows: The economy is powered by consumer spending and by business spending that seems justified by consumer spending. When consumers sense difficult times ahead, they become cautious; spending throughout the economy falters. The dismaying statistical "indicators" appear. These deepen the sense of foreboding, and make difficult times more likely. That Carter is sensitive to the large psychological component of economic policy is suggested by the fact that he has virtually abandoned talk about standby wage-price controls. Such talk causes anxiety in the business community, the confidence of which is an indispensable component of Carter's plan for producing a fiscal dividend. It might seem odd that a man who is about to assume the grandest office at the disposal of a democratic The perfect gift for her. Exclusively at Memory Lane. L B4N AMtRlCAKD Complaint Sent to Ad Office The Unique Quality of This Rare Blossom Is ... It Is Made Entirely of Shaved Wood Will Last . , . (Jj A. tA jt A.-!is Lois Wilson ft , i The Listening Post Everett Soars of West Palm Beach has a complaint about an advertisement in The Post for the Monday night wrestling matches. He says the ticket prices are $6, $5, and $3, not $5, $4, and $2.50 as the ad says. He adds that the ad gives 1 p.m. as the time for championship wrestling on TV and for weeks it has been at noon. Advertisements are not the province of the news department of The Post. We have an advertising department divided into three parts - display, classified and national which handles all this for the paper, but it is basically the responsibility of the advertiser to make sure the ad is correct. I will send a copy of Soars' letter to the advertising department. Holiday Special 11 3 Blooms in a Each Bloom Lovely Bud Vase Vj Dozen Boxed $10oo 1 Dozen Boxed $1700 $3400 people made a lot of silly mistakes in the past couple of days and it is just one of those things. Most knew better, some learned something. We had "grizzly" where we meant "grisly." That one comes up periodically. A "mute" question should have been a "moot" question. What came out as "banned together" should have been "band together." A Chickering piano became a Pickering piano. Japan's Prime Minister Miki became Tiki. An outgoing tide ebbs and flows, it does not "egg and flow." And a delectable rack of lamb became a detectable rack of lamb. It all confirms the fact we're human, as to err is human . . . Waldron Mahoney of Atlantis called to complain he lost 70 cents in a Post vending machine Sunday. He says the machine at the Atlantis Inn is adept at giving nothing for something. He's never lost 70 cents before, so he's never complained before. Newspaper sales, whether by home delivery or street sales, are the responsibility of those in the circulation department. I have forwarded the complaint to them so that they can check a machine that seems to be malfunctioning. i and the MALL FLOWER SHOP f Open 10-9:30 Daily Open Sunday 12-6 (Do you have a comment, correction or complaint about something you've read in The Post? If so, call The Listening Post at 833-7411, Ext. 219, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. From Broward County, Boca Raton and Delray Beach dial 427-2430. In the Belle Glade area call 996-5258.) And now for a mass mea culpa. We goofed. A lot of

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