The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on April 3, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ni nriftf tin Political Announcements! AFRIAI MAPS Tfl I HOME K HAVE MANY USES I TOWN i FOR CONGRESS Samuel E. Cooks, of Huntington County, Democratic candidate for c. l, 1 , 1 1. jc..j. J at the election two years a$ro, is a candidate for re-nomination, and asks ; your support at the primary May 2, FOR SALE Ross Field Officers Develop j Photo-Technic to Meet Traf Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS TREES TOO OFTEN NEGLECTED fic Needs of Cities. CONTEST POSTPONED JUDGES WERE LATE. Contestants representing Fairmount high school, Fairmount academy, Gas City, Jonesboro and Marion in the High School Discussion League assembled at Jonesboro Friday night to take part in the county contest of the league. Owing to a downpour of rain three of the judges were late and announcement was made that the meeting would have to be postponed on this account. Shortly after the announcement two of the judges arrived and upon a second attempt " to resume the meeting it was found that two of the contestants had left for home; therefore the meeting was postponed until next Wednesday night and the same program wrhich was to have been given Friday night will be rendered at that time. It lead in War, It leads in Peace, It's name is Blue Jacket Coal. C. C. Brown. i Average Citiren Is Slow to See Their Value and Usefulness to the Community. 1922. Milton Kraus authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nomination for congress from the Eleventh Indiana district, subject to the decision of the Republican Primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. FOR STATE SENATOR Al-rVsrwl ITAfrcfnil Ollt Vri t Vltf ATI- HOT TAUGHT IN ARMY SCHOOL The tree growth on the streets of the FOR SALE Indian motorcycle in good running order. Will take price of good bicycle if taken this week. Phone 104. Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion , average American town or city Is rapped and unkempt in appearance. Lenses Have Been Discovered Especially Adapted for This Type of Work Great Aid in Surveying. Price FOR SALE Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. while that of the suburb or small vil- j nouneement 0f his name as a eandi-lape often Is not much better unless date for tho nomination for state sen-the planting has been done under ma- ator from Grant county in the Indiana nlcipal control, and the plantings on a General Assembly, subject to the de- (is;on of the Renubb'can primary elec tion to be held on May 2, 1922. Arcadia. Cal. New fields In engineering studies are beinc opened at the amy balloon and a"rship school at llos field here, in the department of plottir.p from photographic maps. street nave been confined to a single kind of tree. The telopraph, the telephone, the electric lipht and the trolley car have added their share toward the CAR LOAD of Chestnut hard ..oal on track. A. A. til rev & Co. FOR SALE White Rock egRs fo"r hatching, 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatrick, Summitville, Ind., Phone 401. H Window G 1 a ss FOR COUNTY CLERK Lafe II. Ribble, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for nomination v,v rvmf-v Clfrk snhiect to the de- PIANO TUNING VOICING, ACTION REGULATING D. M. HEADRICK 410 No. Main St. FAIRMOUNT Charges reasonable Drop a card and I will call, city or country. Phone 22J. according to officers of the recently t mutilation or destruction of the pood reorganized school. The plotting study- trees that were in existence at the room is equipped with an enormous ' time of their com In p. nhr.ToTrVii mar -mbrcinff lioO ; Faulty method is of pruning have ori rt- tne Republican primary elec- C r " " " f - " " L CTT ALL SIZES. Ering in your sash and let us do your work. Contract work a specialty. PRICES RIGHT We carry a complete line of Fu!-0-! Pep feeds. Nothing o-tter for growing chickens. A. A. U'tt y & Co. square miles of territory, almost to Los Angeles, of which Arcadia is the center. The map is a mosaic of several thousand photographs taken by balloon or airship from an altitude of 500 feet. caused disfigurement and ruin. ' Sue- lion to ,0 nejj on jray 2, 1922. cess follows the careful planting of ' pood trees which are given adequate Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the protection and timely attention. say ami i.m cment of his iia'ne as a ir.n-Farmers Rulletin 1200, Flantinp and jdidaic for nomination for County Care of Street Tws. Issued bv the I Clerk subject to the decision of the Unite,! States Department of Agrleul- ; Ecvikan, primary eloccn to be held E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to S- Cities to Use Macs. J. A. MAYER Phone 47 or 7 Fowlerton, Ind. tree should be trained to ; 1 - " 1 t . ,i. cru.i-; vv tli ture. "Every FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Ash Coal. Loy & Son. FOR SALE One Duroc male hog, eligible to register. Phone 3722 Red. MISCELLANEOUS Lanclev Field. Virclnia!" and An adia ! s proper form while young, so that se- I authorizes the W. P. VanArsdall, the two great airship centers vere pruning will not be necessary -announcement of his name as a can-later. Utiards are necessary, too, for : didate for the nomination for County several years. ! Clerk, subject to the decision of the "To the mutilation of severe pruning l- Democratic primary election to be has been added the destruction of , held May 2, 1922. many trees in centers of business be- j cllrDirr TRACTOR plowing done by the acre. See Stanton Davis. cause they excluded Frank v . lUKey. wno fveui made the store less prominent, or were I several years as deputy sheriff, and ' who has seen active service in the U. somewhat in the way of using the side walk lor merman. use. 0 n Lrwmmt of the army air service, a number of cities are planning to use aerial photo- graphic maps in connection with city j planning, tratf.c control, street widen- j ing and fire protection work, accord- ; ing to army officers. ; Other uss to which photographic maps are Ining put art1 preliminary investigtttions of watersheds, hydro- el e trie dev-opr-. nts. highway, rail- ' road and canal location, forest sur- . veys and various engineering works. I Army air rs have perfected ; automatic timing of exposures to cover the proper ground an -a, and at the snn.o tin-e secure the necessary 1 overlap tor the accurate fitting tcv ; tether of individual necatives. This VhotshotV ! O. t will no IK" - - I work for both the state and federal BOOM IN BUILDING INDUSTRY i government, authorizes the announce- j ment of his name as a candidate for Movement That Is Practically General nomination for sheriff of Grant coun- tl BATTERY 0 IYTXm J?fTTYIV A TWICE-TOLD TALE One of Interest to Our Readers Good news bears repeating, and when it is confirmed after a longs lapse of time, even if we hesitated to believe it at first hearing, we feel secure in accepting its tru'h now. The following experience of a Fairmount woman is confirmed after nine years. Mrs. Louisa Kimes, 6th & Vine Sts., says: "I was having nervous spells ,ki- v, subject to mo aecision m urc Effect Must Have a Favorable cn Business. publican primarv election to be held on May 2, 1922. I NNationm Carbon CO. kl FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR There is at present a gratifying im- , provomeiit noticed in the building and John W. Pittenger, of Center town- permits tjAin; of pktr.ies from the heating industries in this country, ac- . ship, authorizes the announcement ot i i i ,T t it.-wV i-.i,,i iii V;- .-.ciia c o candidate for the HOIK- i Mv kidnevs Columbia Dry Batteries work better and last longer for bells and buzarrs buildir- and financial circle in thi ' 'nation for County Assessor, subject .and my back ached. rcncn riviuic - , . . - . , r ui:n. t- t 1 t- ! 1 d oveiXHi espe- city and Baltimore and covornor of the to the oecision 01 ine n.cimu.n-iM were wchk. ioo. i usw uoans ivn- .- Lenses have been Fifth district of the International As- P'-'" v. cue., u. .. ncy i i!is ana tney gave me complete eisllv for this type of work. thermostats ' gas engine and the otTWrs have developed the , aviation of Rotary Clubs, rep-rts the technique covering such details as the Washington Star. iote the ini- best he:ght from which to t:ke pic- . "It is gratifying to foe ignition on the Ford while starting for dry battery lighting in closet, cellar, garret, barn, etc. ; relief in every way. Another mem-FOR VUDITOR I ner tne family has also used Doan's Earl (Toby E. Bugher authorizes . with benefit." (Statement given the announcement of his name as a;ju,y 6th 1912.) j candidate for nomination for County. OnNovcmber 22nd, 1920, Mrs.! Aud tor subject to the decision of the ' Republican Primary election to be Kimes added: "If I have any signs of held on May 2. 1922. j my kidneys being out of order, a , ! short use of Doan's is sure to give Columbia Dry Batteries are for sale at your rery door! You can insist upon and get Columbia Dry Batteries wherever you live. Hardware and general stores, electricians, implement dealers, auto supply shops, and garages sell Columbias. Universally used for doorbells,buzz-ers, heat regulators, alarms, etc., for gas engine and tractor ignition, for quick starting ignition on non-self-starting Fords, and for every battery need under the sun. Insist upon Columbia. The worWi mntt famomt dry battery. Vsrd m-hrre giia of mdrvidmat reb it neiedej. Fknitock Spring Clip Binding Posts t no txtrm chsrgt tures for specific purj-'S-s, sped of airplane r.r.d maintenance of level flights to insure vertioality of view. The maps now produced by air service photographers, according to offic-rs, attain a high dect'e of accuntcy and wealth of valuable detail. j Aerial photography is amMig the , subjects taught at. the Ross Field school. A'r service offwvrs pint out that amor.g points of particuJar value pi has in re-cr.t months in the buiMmg industry." Mr. Stock said. "lue to the l e-adjustment of price ou.d.itions which has be'U under way. In addition to a loosening up of money for construction operations, we are feel in 2 a revival of huihlinc opera tiMis that will have a favorable eiTect upon business in general. In fact, this condition should serve somew hat as a barometer of cor.vlitious generally throughout I-UK Miuniuu imiick relief" Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, v.iTirrtoT(t of bis trice boc, at all dealers. Don't rime" r a Republican candidate for 1 simply ask for a kidney remedy eet j Countv Survevor. Grant county, In- , Doan s Kidney Pills the same that diann. subiect to the decision of the . Mrs. Kimes had. Foster-Milburn Co., Republican primary election ct -May Mfrs ., Buffalo, X. 1. Advertisemtnt. i-.V,.M,if.rv,Vv T-ii lio .t-.o.' w 5tti w hicli the tniteil States W- wnstmet1.-in Is now- running well ahead of the aver- T . tI authorizes the i nw nmim.s wen aucati oi nie aver- Llovd H such maps may re prooueeti, araiiTy are for a good many years past, announcement of his name as a can-and all indications point to an diate for County Surveyor, subject to to ci"ver Territory inaccessible on ft, eoninaratixelv low cost and impos (ScpBwfinnlbMi sible v of omitT,nsr any feature of the increased activity m this line. the decision ot tne Kepuoiican pre area phetoen phe.!. j mary election to be held May 2, 1922 DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:20 a. m. 1 tc F p. m they last ieogme The m.-a:c map. army ..n.vrs s.iy. Community Renaissance Comes. dxs not mean transit, stadia an 1 eommunity rena!s.tnce has ome plane-table are in the dismixl. but tliat and not t.o soon. Here and there bis engine rinc surveys ma le solely by cities rnd small towns, farm areas these time-tried instruments will tf ard vilhre circles bad fallen Into a FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stricler of Richland township. Grant county, announces his name for commissioner from the out of date. i tatterdemalion state. What wonder , First District, sut icct to the Kepuoli- if one of th r townsmen traveled , car. primary .May r.ct. LUXEMBURG HARBORS EXILES ! oad and came back and was con- T.fslie M ils of Fieascnt Township, scions of the borne neijrhborh 001 Vs i vit- -rTiiii-ir s his candi Five of Former Suite of Ex-Emperor' nudity and dirt? Perhaps an Wrv- ; dacv for cc;r,:m;SPi:Wer of the first Charles of Austria-Hungary j ing newomier. school teacher or d' strict cn the Irublican ticket, FUe to Duchy. j tor. who bad seen better conditions 1 subject to the primary election of j elsewhere, was enlightened on the i Mav 2nd. subject of local welfare and by tact Luxemburg, t.rand Iuchy of I.ux- VVlKlWT l-'l rfV "!-( f V till ' d Second District. ful sugcesibn. keeping himself In the . - - Ti. il li 1 - 1 ' v iin Hi" vi. v 1 t James E. Devove. of Sims township of former Emperor Charles of Aus- r.acKprouno. rpwi tnis ana tnsi his tria-Hnnpary. who was exiletl to Pure yeast now concentrated in small dose With the introduction of Yeast Foam Tablets you dont need to cat large quantities of baking yeast to secure its great leaZth-correctife properties sioner Ma- community enterprise and consequent authorizes the announcement of Hun- group activltv. ! name as a candidate for Commisj orarvl The chief construct! !Mnt trained from the second district, suoje of ( i ""rcuiri om.mi .h i-im u 11 ' .i, Vl deira. have arrivcnl here. The ject to ganans nave t-en crantetj a temixuary ion of the republican Pri-exile alvvle tending disposition by the : has been b put a community task In tft be held Mav 2. 1922. allies. Inhabitants are not enthusiastic. ; sisrht : to Inspire unified consciousness as they fear that, under protection of , f work In r tn an.l f.r their own town, j FOR TRUSTEE rrin-e Felix of Kourton Tarme, hus- with an organized pullintr or liftlnc Clvde E. Helms authorizes the an- band of the grand duchess of Eux- together. What remains Is a deep- nouncement of his name as candidate emburg and brother of tne ronner ; .i-i mti.ii nummnin inniminn. ior irmmanoii it y u.-itc Empress ZIta, a new monarchist plot may be developed. $50,000 GEMS IN COAL PILE Procter Jewels Recovered at Horn of Bur-filar Suspect In Dayton, O. forwartl-loitng local improvement : mount towns nip sui'jwi i n-.r- v..- procram. the readiness to be and act : sion of the Republican primary elec- llke Wordswrths "cloud, which when , tion to be held May 2. 192.. it moves moves all tocether.- Qulncy .,, x ,, 77 L. Dowd m Chicago News. Orvtlle W ells authorizes the an- jnouncement of his name as a candi- Beat Coke ShcrtaCe With Oil. r rencmination for Trustee of Because of a coke shortage due to Fairmount township subject to the w ar oonditlons. Ansitrin ws rvblliretl to i decision of the republican primary If you are one oi those who have been eating large quantities of baking yeast and perhaps finding it troublesome to get and unpleasant to take you will be happy to know that in this newyeast,dried and highly concentrated, you can get the same tonic yj.- effects, without any inconveniences and with several extraordinary advantages. This yeast corrects I a widespread disease Vitamin deficiency, that the leading medical men are all discussing, is a disease that thousands of people nowadays suffer from, but which has only recently trouble may simply be vitair.ii; deficiency, and in all such cases Yeast Foam Tablets are recommended because they are made entirely from pure,whole yeast the richest source of the essentij vitamin. Yeast Foam Tablets rebuild tissues By supplying this vitamin, which many foods wholly lack. Yeast Foam Tablets stimulate the appetite, aid digestion, enable you to get strength and energy from the food you eat and thus rebuild the sick tissues and tone up the whole body The purity and vitamins turn to some other fuel ror heating election to be held May 2, 1922. enrwt) fm-naces. (fMl sceniei) to be the ! 1 Cincinnati, Ohio. Fifty thousand dol lars worth of jevoelry, stolen from the h. .-vo t.w,., 1 only promising medium, and Its trial Lord Ashfield, the head of London's on Nomber 28 last, has Jtist been re- J ? Rn ltemate produced some asfn- underground and bus combine, was covered in Dayton, O. It was found on-! tsh,n bm M results. The ex- earning 1,000 a year at the age of der a pile of coal in the cellar of the lrimental furnaces were equipped j nty. house occupied bv Peter Velker. one i Ith two burners and a necessary . of the men indicted in connection with complement of air pipe. N ether j - . . , I alterations were made. The tests dls- j closed the fact that the coke charge. Women Husk Com. en " was was reduced by, Mundott. Kan. A woman s class 41 - i wu vuu vu , potency of Yeast Foam Tablets is guaranteed by the-world's largest manufacturers of dry yeast the makers for 45 years of the famous . baking yeasts. Yeast Foam. . and Magic Yeast. This guarantee is your ' protection, so be sure you , ask for and get Yeast Foam Tablets. They are sold by all druggists. jre. tne ou requireu was a utile over two oumls, and the melt was ac- complished lu from one-third to one- ; half the- usual time. lNpular Mechan- ' les Magazine. been recognized. Unlike other diseases which come from germs or infections, vitamin deficiency comes from a lack in modern foods of the recendy discovered element,vitamiiu Its symptoms are failing appetite; indigestion; loss of weight, strength and vigor; unhealthy skin; nervous troubles and other signs of a "run down" condition. If you are suffering from .'3 any of these disorders, your Extraordinary advantages of Yeast Foam Tablets The only pure whole yeast in easy-to-take tablet form. They contain no drugs or other ingredients. They do not form gas nor cause belching. They are the only pure whole yeast suitable for children; they do not cause fermentation. Each lot is tested to insure high and uniform vitamin, potency. Joined in a husk'ng bee on the farm of E. L Baldwin In Liberty township the other day. The Sunday school class of Mrs, Arthur Dry of the Chester Sunday school of the Christian church went there at the Invitation of Baldwin and husked a load of corn he offered to give them for the husklrg. The corn will be sold and the proceeds used for Sunday school purposes. PEOPLE FOR WHOM THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD Are always the most enthusiastic concerning the excellence of our DRY CLEANING and DYING We have one of the most efficient REMODELING DEPARTMENTS in the country. Furs transformed into the mode very .quickly. Men's and women's garments altered in any way desired. We dye fur skins and remodel them in any way. We tailor make men's or ladies suits, $50.00 up. Latest styles. We pay $2.50 railroad fare on every custom-made suit ordered from vs. Send goods parcel post. We have no agents. THE TEASDALE CO. 25-627 Walnat Street, Cincinnati. OVfo. Northwestern Yeast Co., Chicago , Makers of the famou baking yeasta Ownership cf Homes. America Is the greatest nation ot home-owners the world ever knew. '. Even though many home owners had to weather some financial storms m order to hold on to their land titles, j they are well repaid when It Is con- i sidered that the average man who j owns his own home pays but $30 a leM foam and Magic 1 on the investment, pins the taxes and ' 1 r- t Dog Hero Give His Life. Lancaster, Pa. JmC a watchdog owned by II. t Rhoades of Bnena Vista, awakened the Rhoades family one morning early when their store and dwelling were tn flames, and his alarm was instrumental In saving their live. After the fire "3rtT had disappeared and Ms Udy was found la the reins where he fcati Un trapped. tite 0ml fur wtUttymmst in convenient UUet Jena repair, as rent. Contrasted with this, the man who does not own his own home and Is forced to pay rent gets rid of a good sited fortune every er. t

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