The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 25, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 6
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FACE SIX The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 25, 1937 I CLASSIFIED ADS Behind (he Icen In PVe I STATE QUINTETS HAVE FIGHT FOR POST OF LEADER Rates for Classified Ads For Sale Coal I 'M i ,,' ' f!OLLYUJOOD and Paid Notices rirtt dar of Insertion: Ic for each I'HONK 919-3 for Hrazll Mock, 13 25 (h Vein, 12. 7S l.p; till Vi, I ). II. I). Harrison. (liiitiMi. f Good rliean coal, iihoue 797-W, 67tf reading: line Sous column Hue, like hour and no bridegroom ill Bight. He' a apprehensive un n man who see his rich oil well running dry and doesn't know where lo find another one. And no mother Ik more solicitous about her first born child lhaii Joe Is for the.heallh and well being of his brother heavyweights, Vou see but let Joe tell 11 : "I sure do worry plenty about all ilutse hoy.' said Jo today, a he wound up heavy liuiufng for his 'ipln wlili liob Pastor Friday night. "I worries speejully aboul that Mr. I'astor. I hope nothing happen to Mr I'astor" before Friday 'cause Ihey I'll nie hi in and nie is By HARK! HON CABROI.L Caprrifkt, lJ1, Ml rlwrr a4taUl Ih. HOIXVWOOD An eery experi Wabash Defeat Make Race Wide Frankfort Holds Edge By Slight Margin In Conference ence. Bob Taylor lust had. Short ly before ha and Jean Harlow started work In "Man In i'ossc- tVU HTH IWXXMI,, I VUf llKAl,, MM Ml NO. 4. A MI lil.ACK "HTf Ml. H. IMItl.KV HlrK. MAN, I'llOKK tO. tf one of these). Next two day Insertion: the Mime Ic charge iron Kt three day at double the coat of the flrt day). Kelt three d) Insertion: the same He charite tyou get a whole week, sic daye. at three tiiuea the cojM of oue itinertloni. Kah group of three daya tliare-after. He a line. lilaik Fare (like tlila), 10c per Hue. H'n", Bob mail an overnight flight to Bait Lake City. Somewhere along Ui route. h lost hi I.MiMNAI'MMH. Ind.. Jan. Jean, with her atrong sense ol justice and her cruaafllng spirit, I apt to surprise everybody by carrying out her plan some day. The studio basketball league i getting under way and Clenda Farreil can be counted on to see all the games In which the Wsrnrt Brothers team appears. Reason .f her boy friend. Drew Eberaon plays guard. In college days, h starred In the sport at Penn State Day's Gossip. . . . George Ral will get Gary Cooper's dresslnj room suite when the lanky star moves over to Goldwyn. . . . It ehc HI'TII AMI MXTH Vh'H IIML 'AI,I, NK Kll I'ltK'KK. lK-j When U'aliaslt. last of the major un- checkbook, t he Incident had been forgotten by the lar until b waa I U HiHi. AMV JlttlMtOK, I'VAf opening accumulated mail. In one t.i'iioNK ui.vix ma going lo draw t '"HI communication waa In checkbook .All classified atl Inclutflne "If any accident happen to Mr PAID NOTICES and a not from til finder. She was tjladya Witt, steward esa of the I'aslor or any other of litem boys. I I rtama mwl aotke of all kind nuat i ' ' aw ijaid la adtaaca escept tltoae hp regular rusUtmers wlioae m nut MM want lo be Ihc a'-'-ident. airliner which recently disap peared while en route from Lo "That Mr. Ited Hurmaii worries high s'liool liashHball t'-alus, fell in defeat before Ali-sall-drla. 21 to 2, Friday night, fully a dozen quintet leaped back Into the spotlialil lo demand any top honor ratings dinned out. The Apache eouldn't get over No. 13. Injurie might have had some-thing to do with it. Hut on (lie other hand Ihere lias been some doubt eiprcsscd all along a lo Just i are paid vuotttlily or those In tin or- gaalnuloa no Mlla niast le al- Angelea to salt Lake city. Apparently, (h mailed the letter on the eve of the flight from which RYTEX DECKLE EDGE VELLUM MIRTH) STATIONEtf " The sale ' yrr bees . ' wtdthir far.. , Byte Deckle Edge Vellea statlsaery . . ; eeubie the aaeal .4aaatit ' . . . printed wMa. yen aaste sad address or .awaogre for enly fl , Large flat ' saeeta aad : ' lowed M'm being; paid. In Uie I IMVi'K Melody HWIes Kis-ulece AIMJirl Onhettra. hall. Wednesday. Jan. 27. to 12 V. M. I'leulr of enterialuiiient. Couples 60c, Men 35c, l-adie, I tic. ttfs stay out of night clubs for four months, Lola Lane will have war her bet with Sam Jaffa. . . . Thank, to a Up from Fred Astaire, Cei:r Raymond had $20 on the nose or Paradun, which paid 17.21). . he ha never returned. Utier m the M.-rwia asking the SHiblli atloa of lis notkie will be betd me nome loo I understand Mr litirman and til' can do f"i'l.'" In Iletroil and wouldn't want nothing to happen lo Mr. liurtnan until I meels up with him. After that, he responsllMe ror Ha parincai, If tudenU In the night course In psychology at Lo Angelea Junior worry lor hlwlf." i Mack Gray, a great believer if pllla. still hasn't recovered from taking a button by mistake the college will examine their elaa-matea closely, they'll Identify one how far Wabash will go in the state a touriianieiil fu March. j The North Central Conference has Business Services KKAO THEKK AW5 KVKflY IMV for late burlus and selling Member Worker Alliance No. 61 be at Wednesday night meeting. Dusmcss of Importance. John llar-ttshols. hec. aa Craig Reynold, of the Dimj. other night . . . Eleanor Powell, who doesn't do things by halve ! large rnvelepea for year nas installed six sun lamps In a Not In the acrlnt of "A Day At League Bowling AMKIIK'.tK l.VMiVV. htantllngs Won lyost Pet ei-tablished lts lf a a leading factor to be dealtb with ea-h year before a final champion I established the Racer' waa Harpo Marx rail room for her grandparents. . . The Binnle Barnes-John King two .SOTH'K! Chit ken dinner will be set-red Tuesday at Kalrvlew M'-Uiodist from the back of a Shetland pony Leading Iihihii of this loop Just can- some continues. They were at the loager letter aad far the faaiity 100 SHEETS , 100 ENVELOPES -,' - - UO PKOI'LE KNOW WIIKItK TO lind you and your particular type of eerlc? Tell tbeio! A want-ad twi very little. cnureii iy liullder .-las. Time. ! not be left out of any lineup iff Victor Hugo opening the other It waa a dipping aaddle that' did It, but the comedian got more horse laugh than aympathy until the next morning when bt right night. Bo were Eugenie Leonta- p. ut. rer plate, 2ic; pie, Sc eilra t7 .Ull .r.r, & to vtch and Gregory Raton". And that was Donald Frtede with ! American I virion . . . 2K S it'lintonian 2" 13 ltea Klore It 15 Clinton. Pure Milk,. IK 15 W inters drug 13 20 Mike Aulo llody Shop 12 21 Mutter Krust lir-ad 12 21 Itaulels Ptcwluw ... II 22 (UblM-ANU-KMK MKHCHANOIKK shoulder became o tiff that he al, will quickly find aale t It roust. FOR RENT .31 ,3 ,3'i4 Patricia Ellis The Ballet Ruase opened to a star-studded audience here. Among them Chaplin ano fhis department. Tell the puji bat you bare. most had to go out of the picture. . . , Would have If the scene (or the day Harpo playing flute hadn't permitted him to hold hi arm In the only position that waa probable stale tourney winner. flight now there are three top not' li quintets In this league, Frankfort, Motion of Ithhmoud and It-Ka neport . The Ho! og are holding down liist place by a email mathetiKitlcal edge. Iti'hmond gained -'ond place by virtue of a victory gained over Ixgan last Fri Two unfurnished room. Ground ,333 '1 floor. Outside entrance. Mr. Goddard, Virginia Bruce and Caesar Romero, the Errol Flynns. KOB COMI'l-KTK INKrK'TlOX of your igniiion eyiiiein. Our charge Mayme Curry, 30 Vine Bt, t Iwllvblual Average Ix-gion- lynistn I4!t; l,iindl; 140; Ktntiey. .3; Mat'ship. 137 i reasonable. J. I, florney-Kouerte the Harold Uoyds. . . . Frank Morgan opened a furniture store u Palm Springs. "We'll just move the furniture out and have a liery ( omiuny, 2-Z2S Mullwrry For Sale or Trade T? o'xrj uC'd Ou'fb lral' fo riireet, phone (. day night that broke a tie that e iMed between I bent for the berth, 144 134 party," said he. , . , And a note for chafing Priatisg U& toulU SUecU MOOKliN TIUK KKI'AIKIN;. Corn our anything-can-happen-ln-Hc - wood department. Bob Montgom plete eauirment for quick and lasiiug Job. I'bone fti'i. I'Uuvm Auto liadet. 133; Jam. IS. clintonian- F, Van Horn. Carey. 13: Tate, 135; fcmnh. loi- 132; A Van Horn. 131. Hetall rjiillith. 157; Bovd, Htevens'Oi. 13'j; f'aseleer. White, I2; Main, 121, Pnte Milk - Tuberosa, 14: It Ic Interesting lo note that o( ZtS tournaments held by the Indiana ery Is taking a mall order course 144: 132; Wrecking Oiupauy, "KliMKK. comfortable raised in the air. Answering Your Question' Myrtle Fanner, Lo Angelea: Basil Rathbone aay he named hi eon Rodlon after a character Hi Doa-loevsky- "Crime and Punishment". The character name waa Itndion Raskolfinikov. In Russian, Rodion mean first-born. In Armenian, It mean light. The latest ambition of Jean Mulr is to become a lawyer. Gail Patrick once had the Idea, as a step toward being elected the first vermM governor of Alabama in agriculture. On account of hi farm interests In New York. SAMMY BYRD IS High ft hool Athletic Ass. iftiUw owuitws of the North Central have Var- Sat art deekte edge deaMe sheet far gayer and shorter FOR SALE TOURNEY WINNER been winners or runnetsiip in 21 ol Flash! Doctors assure W. A Van Dyke that the coming baby in the family will be a boy. They had better be right, for, on the strength Oue Cwd T1or Hf4au In wm4 tju4iUm, ifeUxx, Uikvyt Hum tint :1M sheet, 104) ea- ' velonea . . inehni. , the events. In many of the event:-they held both positions and captured 13 or balf of the championships. Which, by the way. Is a pretty fair average. KAKATOtlA, Kla , Jan. 25 -Khoot-ing another ub-par round of 7ft for a 72-bo(e total of 24, even par, Sammy Byrd. former New Vork Yankee and H.'incjonati oii'ft. I1- AA J tag prietmg 1 of It, all the presents In the bany dtowers are for a son and heir. V , da. 147; Mattioda. I4; llutfattola, 141: Nora. 133; Ftan hetto, 120. Winter --Sftewart, 15; IMtln. I ?! s ; Montgomery. 127; Asbury. Ilts; Winter. 117; Burroughs, . Mike -Combs ; Weir, ll'l; Nat 41. I2'i; J. Kentlael, 123; Welk-c-r. 121; Itendacl. 10. Kutter Krost - -Cooper. 144; Kirk-tnan, 13: Horner, 135; F. Meyer, 12; ttartleii, 124; C, Meyer, lltt, lantei - Tastf, 1415; Uulterneck. 145; lantel, 32; Walker. 121; Fowl, 117; Archer, 4. Be anre to fcor bads ef ,1 Wth sties far sr . . . aad H er, and now a professional golfer, today a the winner of the wond Louis 1$ Worried f ' far fataa-e wsa. WANTED The Eosetia Stone The Rosetta st'me, which supplied the key for deciphering Egypt's ancient monument, was foiled by a Frenchman in 1799. annual national babenail pJayei' golf tournament. The Clintonian About Health of Next Opponents Byid, chattering par figure in Hare Greasy Appearance Bough diamotd iound in river bets have a pecuJmr greay appearance and are recognized tenly by experts. Self Re pert felf-retrpect is the noblest garment with wtiich a man may clothe bimself. three of the four rounds, won fhe 2ee fettle tx, Kuppej- jtb the Modern Martha Cl ot the Methodist church Tbursday freia S-7 p. m i S- per plate. Include drink end dessert, Jjpleadid aupiier, t High Individual Tasso, lanlcls, I'oweil Croiley tconhy, eibleaati: 221. High Team Monkey For Grows Fast The fjr of the Rhesus monkey will grow longer overnight to protect the animal from cold. I-gion, J. f'tmpum l.kes, N, J , Jan. 25 of the chaoupiottshii. hi h tu presented to him by Major K. A. aiitb of Sarasota. Housekeeper tor family of t. (j'at 4Lge, eipeiieoae. itiiye refereiLc. Write lion M, a2, Cliutoo, Ind. t7 To look at his dead-pan expression. The ueaiest opponent of IJyrd' you'd never dream that Joe Ixuit had care on earth. SeU It With a ClatsUlAd Phone 41 Before 11 o'clock! was II stroke lyehind bita. CarJand Brastiua. Milwaukee pitxher, a Toaigbt' IW4tedule T;'t F, M. Mike r. panfels. Ciimotjtan r. l-gitm, :l'l I', M. I'ue Milk v, lietall. letter Krust vs Wiot.,rs Hot the fact Is, and be admits it. MedrterraneaB Fruit Fly The first invasion of continental United Slates by the Mediterranean fruit fly wa discovered in Florida on Apr4 t, VEt. HHHIH, HUM Al MXiH US I', IIIJHK IIMI,. faotitt w;ijj, I'Hoxk i-vi2 72 Key Once a Diplomat Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star Spangled Banner," owe served as a diplomat to settle Indian troubles in Alabama. Joe' a worried a a gai who has setond with tjtai of 2 following been waiting at the altar for an bis round of 73 yesterday. Watch the MYSTERY CARS in Jackson's Show Room SAVE Watch the MYSTERY CARS in Jackson's Show Room of Better i V X. II I v I '-s i V X fill w a, er m a. at v a ' mm wt -s. sr ax at Announcing .... JACKSON'S USED CARS - T I o New Mystery Cars on Display Every Day AH This Veeli ! Frankly, we are overstocked on good used cars. We are going to move these in the Greatest Used Car Sale Clinton has ever known. To begin with, we have reduced our already low prices on every car in stock. In addition, each day we will select a "MYSTERY CAR" for a still further reduction. These will not be announced in advance, but will be on display in our show room. It will be first come, first served and no Mystery Car will remain long until it is sold. NEVER BEFORE Has Clinton Seen Such An Opportunity ! As soon as one Myttery Car lias been sold, an- other will be iselected from our wtock to lake its place. The Mystery Car you see in the morning will not necessarily be there in the afternoon. So stop in often. The car you want may be next. Only those who fail to take advantage of this sale will lose. Tlie cars are there and the prices will be the lowest vou have ever een. REMEMBER. THE FIRST MYSTERY CAR GOES ON DISPLAY TOMORROW MORNING. There wiN be new Mystery Cars all week- ffl i i COSTS DISREGARDED d TO MOVE OUR STOCK! frU . e THESE USED CARS MUST GO-YOU WKJ! "WATCH THE MYSTERY CARS" "WATCH THE MYSTERY CARS" 1 CHEVROLETS Value$ Like Thi$ . e and Thi$ 1933 CHRYSLER ROYAL I Jt'lit -cylinder sedan. A titan rai with good utjirJsterini, new tire and in fine condition. 1933 CR AH AM COUPE KumbU it, nw paint, gttod ir9s ndt bydratjriic brkk. ijw PLYMOUTHS DODGES CHRYSLERS NASHS e and Thit 1934 FORD V-8 COACH Equipped with heater and radio. Very low mileage, good tires and original finish- ' W $410 Sal.Pr.r. !AO FORDS GRAHAMS ESSEXS Was $325 Salt Pfict $245 Was $395 SalcPrice$345 4 a. ' DODGE and 231 DLACKMAN STREET Wo PLYMOUTH "Sale & Service" SAVE Watch the MYSTERY CARS in Jackson's Show Room Watch the MYSTERY CARS in Jackson's Show Room

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