The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 25, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

PAGE W The Daily Clintonlan, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 25, 1937 uy by the Lei,,;.::: " '. Chronicle u)Uj a, c-uil'lisliing 'he Iiath is the earl celebrated bib M'tli Willi- , . the wrong route; It will be recalled that his erstwhile Icatnmate and idol, Uabe Ituth. got a lot more mileage out of much less gas. day. . But., .said the paper. Lord i . c . Lonsdale broke two bones lu ins i Additional Sportt on Page 0 SULLIVAN STORY IS CALLED TRUE LONDON. Jan, 25 -Heperls tllal Lord Lonsdale, Knglaim s famous sporting peer, defeated John L. Sullivan In a secret battle in New York LOU EXPECTED TO JOIN YANKS' HOLDOUT PARTY MANDERS SAVES DAY FOR BEARS CACNEY ROLES! PALACE T0NITE j lu 1 879 while Sullivan was rhatupi-I on of the world were continued Ul- reach the finals. The Vcrinilllou county champs are scheduled to play Duirgcr at 1 p. in. Friday In the opening round or the valley flnuls. Summary: DANA (35) Vd FT !K Adams, f J Ktrohm. f G i Johnson, f V l - Ktull. c. & 1 J Brown, g1 ) ' 1 Wagner, g. 0 Total's 13 ' ST. BKKNCK (3D) F'i FT I'F Williams, f 1 J 1 KellZ. t. 2 J Class, f. f 2 Dorfmeyer, c .1 2 B. Brown, a ' ' ' Hartsook, g 0 0 Totals It THE DYNAMIC STAR OF THE SCREEN'S BIGGEST HITS IN THE HIT PICTURE OF HIS CAREER! . DAHA PREPARES FOR FINALS OF. VALLEY BATTLE (..... Stl Bcrnio Loses, 35 to 30, In Final1 Game Afar Holding Four-Point Advantage At Intermission COUNTY CHAMPS TO PLAY DUGGER 81111 the haHketbull rluimpiniia of Vermillion jeounty, Dana hlEh school began p-rnflurafloris today for an invHKlon or Torre uk a dualist In the annual WuliaKh vullny tournament. St.' Bernlce fell lipfnre ' U' (ham pa. 35 la 30. In the linn turn" of the preliminary ended at Hie Dana center Saturday nlchl before a capacity crowd thai braved the season's worst barrage of snow, Ice and flood 4o pack the gymnasium and howl for their favorlten. The cuk-t(neps could huve gone a lot far-Ihpf without rinding a heller cnn- PfCJCO' LOS ANOHXKS. Jan. 25 Ceorg'-Halas. owner-coach of-the Chicago Bears Professional Football team, had decided today that his most valuable asset Is the toe of Jack Manders. termer Minnesota grid star. For it was that toe that earned the Bears u 20-20 tie In a ihrilllng game here yesterday against Ihe formidable Cieeu Bay Packers. The' Bears Mailed most of the lime, hut two expert field goals by Manders earned them the lie. More than 10,000 avid tuns witnessed the struggle. -id 7HPf(JURS ' 4 " 5,1 - I0c MON. & TUES. 25c liefciec.. King; Umpire. Myles. TABLE TENNIS GAINING FAVOR id m SABIN CAPTURES TENNIS TOURNEY 't ' 4 V - - " Gehrig Won't Talk, Leaves News Vending to Club Officials; s Small Salary Offer Is Reported NKW VdllK, Jan. 25 --You can idd (.1 Ihe list of New York Yankee holdouts beside the names of outfielders (Jennie Selkirk and Jake Powell.' captuln and first baseman Henry Uouis Cehrig. the heme run champion of the Major Leagues last season. Personally. Mr. Gehrig would rather that the whole thing he forgotten for Ihe time being, and at any moment he and Col. Jacobs Rnp-perl, Ihe Yankee owner, may be posed together by Ihe photographers going through Ihe ritual of signing each other up for another year, ' Balk Ik Keen In that cast they will have come together on terms, but the Iron horse of the, Yankees timidly is balking at present, according to good authority. Always playing every' peg safe, Mr. (lehrig himself had this to say today In answer to a question as to whether he was holding out: "I'm non-commital." He then confessed that lie had received 'his contract. : ' He was also "non-coinmital" on whether or not ijt suited lilm. Nothing To Hay ' He explained at some length that the Yankee Club would give out the proper information at the proper time, and begged to be excused. According to reports, the Yankees offered him scarcely more than the $31,000 lie lias veceived In the last two seasons when the Yankees were finishing second In the American. League. ' 'It may lie that Gehrig is traveling ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 23- Wayne Sabin. Los Angeles and Hollywood, Cal., today had captured the Florida open tennis tournament by defeating FJwood Cooke, a fellow Los An- gelean, Id straight sets. ti-1. ti-3, ti-4. In the finals yesterday. While Sabin was winninc the men's singles title, Mrs. Catherine Sample, Miami, won the women's title by trouncing Miss Eunice Erers, 0-1,2-6, 8-6. , i Table tennis was a decided success at Ihe Columbia ReVreallon Center for the week, according lo i;f-ficials. '' ' Well over a hundred persons par icipated In the raddle Pushing past-time, which In conducted every Monday and Friday evenings 'by Frntrlt Tindora. Recreation Jjeader. ; F.nrhusiuflm ran high over this nonular indoor sport Hot only'1 with the young 'hoys and men, 'liu't alio with the yopng women who ar-' icipated frt the uaat week. ' Jimmy Nichols, the 'Wabash Valley Champion and Ihe winner of la"! wok's tournnment at Terra Haute, Tiiomised to come lo Clinton lo show the local ping-pong ui'tiuts a few pointers on how a -Champ plays the game. . J ; " A. ' . . . 'i i '.. . '. LOCAL WOMEN BOWLERS LOSE - ' - The Wubber tllris from Term Haute lived up to predictions ind Soundly thumped the local won;en'r, team in a match here at the Clinton i IM HIS GBEATEST.BOLE w "fin EAT GUY ' wttb MAE CLARKE tent too, for it was close from start to finish, the lead changed hands ofton. and tlic Score was tied liore and there along the line. j I HornetH Tak- ltl ' ft -looked like the St. Beniice'n ball game at the half mark, as the hornets went to the lockor-rwni with an 18 lo 14 advantage, nfler demonstrating auperior accuracy from the outfield, (iluss. lilKh-scor-ing forward, wao "on." and It looked dark for the home club. After the j Intermission, however, "Pete" BttiH. I Dana pivot man. took things into hin , own hands and made four field gonln I as fait -ns he could get his hands ou the ball. Meanwhile, the Hot-j nets kept pitching, and Ihe senr-stood. at 26-23, Dana, at the close ui' . the third period. Cplug Into the final quarter. T)an:i j And it's TOPS in Entertainment! All the thrills . . . drama . . . punch COLUMBIA ,"v humor of Cagney's best . . . '' relied into one Smash Picture! 0 'VMHM LAST TIMES TONIGHT Plus J1MMJE LUNSFORD and His Colored Band ' NEWS of the Day Also ACT 10 - 25c COMING TUESDAY nad WEDNESDAY A ,4 Pwawwwt flu SHORTS f r'V' I.' ' ri . Bowling Alloys Sunday afternoon. Although the visitors yielded a large, handicap. Scores: I A Screen Treat for Kids from ? to 60 ! ! l,AI!l!i;i! iilRliK Shook l' 142 t.vons 113 143 Welch : 13 16 Buttcrtnan IB 8 H! Sneyd 159 136 160 , 120 1 12: 147 ir.3 ;'!";"!" ' S DANCING VOUTH MMCMCS OM ! ' i 1 1 it"1 V 4 o ii Totals 764 723 720 TOTAL PINS 21U7 isor4Gsii nrj 1 HTS( I flV Z3 'f . UAIiLll til HI ileledga 76 106 z o Dorman's Tayern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquors Colored Comedy "GIFTS FROM THE AIR" Fox Movietone News .. 10c and I 5c 74 77 6 Jin 131 18!) 103 65 85 122 180 Stuczynskl 82 lnzone 100 Amati 88 Mills . : 127 Handicap 18 scored six points quick, snpiirentl" puttlnphe game on ice, but St. lie-nice had one more threajt ready. Dorfmeyer, Olass and Keltz all ta'-lied, anfl the last minute of pin-con tallied a. desperate effort by th -Hornets to overcome a one-poini lead. However, Dana's veteran Strobm,' wiib played better hall as the- evening progressed, wanted n" argument; he sunk three points in the last forty seconds. Brown also got a free throw; and the book '"" closed for 1987.' Dana Is Hearty Parke Lewnuiu's boys played a steady, fast game which was hard t break up, The Hornets were not inspired. Although they displayed their usual .knowledge of the basket's location, they didn't get free for as imany shots as against their two tourney victims, Perrysville and Clinton. Stull outplayed the small er Dorfmeyer, St. Bernlce center, which was a groat factor In the victory. 1 The Dana cagers, who drew a bye In the opening round of the tourney, haVI only to whip Newport to 1 ' ' ' " '.mini i . j News Pictorial Musical j$ ttt iMiuMMtttt 662 670 686 Mixed Drinks Totals . . . TOTAL -P1WB 8018' By E. C SECAR Starring Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE SUJEE.THEKRT. I'M KrnMF nri.OnPPft. 'IT ) pMU&HT rXK WE WHt" &0NG TO LtfVVE THE f-,n TQ BED PN DON T . TOUCH ITUJWLE I'M ; At IT IM TUF KVTt.AFN - ( CUTE LITTLE THrAC3 ISN'T IT 5 J MA6IC FLUTE KtRE OeA VJORRV sB00T notkin THINK" VJE OUOHitK THE TfeuE WWLE I BREW K DON'T TOUCH THE 1 V T-i Mfiriir V I LL StT BW Sf PROTECK VA r POT OF ' j-. SLEEP JTtmssa UJiMPV h I WON'T TOUCH I '"p IT I CAME VOU V FLUTE FROM THPiT OL C-PTTlNfi eXLONCj MV UJORO UJITCH mi 5 l m v No Home Is Complete,. Without An By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER i viA.ft.t-r tw fPcrVPx fClv.J 9 .M I . . Jl I 1 ' I I yn. . , k . 1 I I t tk A STB M , H AC AB-E VOU SUKE ACK , MAC -DO OU RBA1.1M &hhW Hfe r7 get back to L YOO FEEL V0E.L.L t'MOUQH TO i FEEL ALL ElgWT ABAtw; rj 1 WAS SUfePR.rj&D VMMfcM I MIQ PrxwD ,T BUT VUHHM VOU HEAR: T STAND A SHOCK iPTk nS?s 5Lt5-J Xf-- STAMP A SHOCK yoU'UU BE SHOCKED J ;.i - p'r, It I 1 1 Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN THEV 5EEM TO BE QOITEl 7 rI AM WONDERING VJHW JUDGE. LEVEc. THE TZ 7 THROUGH JUD6E EM AN WOULD BE DL3i hjh Htu- 7? SHE was That re:waRO SITUATION IS TWIS 3 IVE HEARD HE HAS HAD TV-i WFTD UPD AITW MR OH 1 TinMI - . COMINIG VOU KNOW EXTREMETLV FONO TAKE HER BACK TO THE HOME" THEV SENT BABt) A'S VDU THEV MIGHT BE . .....rr,.: TUAT ' AN V- ' TWEV SENT THAT OFFICER SOME STRANGE POLITICAL CONNECTIONS, EVEN I MAV 5AV, DEAUNiGS THAT a.df oLimr ikADV COURSE I 1 CAN IMAGINE uANT TQ DO WHAT FOR HER AND THEV LL J OFFICER " A FOR 'A 1KlOVA rs BE BACK ASA.IN, WHAT WILL BE BEST FOR HER MV ADVICE IS TO KEEP BABS I. j OUT OF SKiHT FOR A 'm. SHOULD 1 DO f 13 IMTERESTe. DANI V- UAISI ' r 1 -v. : FEW DAYS' I iO Oversize rolls . . . Automatic wringer . . . Sealed fn Oil . . . Full-siz tub . . . and sold as you wish . . , on your terms FREE DEMONSTRATION AT - Osmon Bros. "Radio's Home" 224 Rlncliman Phone' 169-W rrr, -...J n 1 , -J- II n,nJ cS:?i . J-u i

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