The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 25, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 4
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1 The Daily Gintonian, . Clinton, Indiana Monday,' January 25, 1937 PAGE FOUR infant has been named Mary Kath erlne. Mr. and Mrs, Donald lived in THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Founded 1811 Clinton until about s year ago. ITLUXURf MODELfcHRisTiE YESTERDAYS JANUARY an, 1912 . Mrs. Albert Nurnberger and mother, Mrs. Chesser, Mrs. Roe Moss and Bon George of AtUerton visited Mrs. Charles Walker Wednesday, Established as The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed in 1908. Mrs. Alice Champion of Mulberry street had as her guests yesterday her daughters, Mrs. O. J. Anderson of Trinity, and Mrs. Robert Louden i .'. . .SYNOPSIS in ucbjimi vim "ay w m. - of the paper. Aa announcement on the Society page caught ber ey. It was headidV "A SEARCH FOR BEAUTY." t... thm envU- "For the George L. Carey Ed'"' Publithei ntered at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Clas Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association derstand It will be necessary for you to earn money to support yourself. I can do very little for yoa with my limited Income, beyond getting you him clothes t travel La, and buying your railroad ticket.'' Sbs cried herself to sleep that night In her upper berth on the train. She bad rua all the gamut of North Ninth street, and granddaughter, Mrs. champion Anderson, and two children, Wanda Marie and Mary, also of Trinity. Benefit of the Unemployed." Enroat to hr bom In Los Angelas from college, beautiful Elisabeth Harmon meats Gerald Brirton, a slock broker. Her stepfather, olenl Jams McCarthy, disapprove of Gerald, but after a whirlwind courtship, tbe young couple elope to Aiisona and are married. That same day, in tbe lobby of faol at Saa Diego, a Jui-k Bell went to Logansport Tuesday night, to be with his wife, who has been up there for some time. Mm. Bell was to undergo a surgical operation for an Internal goiter. ..,iiml. She was aneut to turn impanenuy back to the .Situations Vacant ..... . V. . aJMrtiiuiiMlt, whan something stopped her. Sh reads of emotion in the space of a lew hours, so that she felt drained now, empty, ae though sh eauld never National Awrtining Representative: GEO II. DAVID CO. 1900 Wrtliley Bldg., Chicago. 1-111 r.eneral Motors Bldg., Detroit 110 East 42nd Bt New York Mrs. Tom McCrea of Fairview Park Is reported to be confined to her bed 111 today. I A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cherry, Monday. feel anything any mora. But one thing stood out elearly. Her love for Gerald had been a 117 Phc Phone 4t mirage. What ah had thought to be love was nothing but shallow infatuation bom of vanity and a craving Mrs. Ed Cunningham of South Seventh street spent today Jn Terre Haute on business. for something new and mcltine. woman approaens ueraia M exclaims, "Why, Qerald, I'd no idea you were in California. Have yon brought your wife along? Or is Mrs. Brutos in Chicago?" Elizabeth is stunned but Gerald assures bar ht sua divorced, adding that be refrained from tolling ter for fear of losing her love. Shortly after, detectives arrive and arrest Gerald for defrauding investor!. Instead f regretting the humiliation hs ka cawed Elisabeth, the culprit blames her for his plight because she insisted on a rest before leaving or Tin Juana where he would nave been safe. - The disillusioned Elisabeth is jaiUd as an accom Her elopement had been aetamg but a dare that h bad taken under the Influence of too much champagne. That waa all there bad been The Agoga uud Amoina classes of the Baptist Sunduy school gave Mr. and Mrs, McKlnley Dugger of South Eighth street a miscellaneous shower, TucRday night. Fifteen were present who spent a very pleasant evening. , , ,j In th sweet cause of charity, Society en masse will turn out next Friday afternoon to the Faahioa Shew and Tea Dance is the ballroom of the Hotel San-aouci. Tickets will be $S, An interesting feature of the entertainment will be the contest held in conjunction with the Fashion Parade. Several well-known artist will assist Mr. Adolphe Quackenbush, famoa atylist and couturier of Fifth Avenue, to select six npreeentativee of Americas Beauty wh will be offend position- as mannequins in the House of Quackenbush. No girl is eligible to compete who is of foniga nationality or who baa ve modelled professionally. Below thia were the aames of th to It. The realisation waa oegraa-ing. The wonderful emotion she had felt throughout the ceremony had diminished on the long, hot rid to MOVIES "GREAT OUY" AT THE PAUff Dynamic and two-fisted James San luego. It was aa thouga, even before she heard the amazine words Mrs. William Kelly was in Tuesday. of that woman in the hotel lobby, plice, colonel Mcurtny rusnes she had known fn her subconscious mind that something was wrong. Even if it wen true that he was to her aid. chapter vrn Cagney returns to the screen after a long absence to battle bis way in fine form through thiB new and dlf-erent story, Based on the popular "Johnny Cave" stories which ran in divorced from hi wife, fa had de- oetved her. JANUARY SSS, 12 Mrs. F. L, Swlneliart of Walnut street entered the Vermillion county hospital last night for treatment and rest. Mrs. Swinebart ie Just re artist. Also th information that Bhe tried to vlsualu him from The Colonel did not sayi "I told yoa so." Nor did he reproach her. He said, heevilyi "We'll have to try for an annulment. It'll be a long term for him. I waa afraid you the Snturday Evening Post, "Great th weeding out of competitors was taking place every afternoon be Guy" proves better than average en- would have to appear with Mm at the moment of their first meeting on the train. It was not his good looks that she remembered now, but the bold star in his eyes as, they repeatedly sought hers. She had baea easy, eheapl She covering from an attack of flu. the trial In nan rancisco. out cne tween the hours of two and five, at an addnss on Madison Avenue, with a committee of society women acting as judges. On Wednesday there would be a final sifting down to ths fortunate forty who would model the gowns and wraps at the big shew. district attorney's been very fair. He's accepting onr statements and letting yon ge, Elisabeth.' "But . . . Gerald?" So could aay HIE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM i 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make ft the most attractive city of its size in the state. $50,000,000 TO HELP BOYS Charles Hayden, private banker of New York, last week left almost his entire estate of about $50,000,000 to establish a charitable foundation for the education of boys and young men and the ndvancement of their "moral, mental and physical well-being." Mr. Hayden was an officer and director in fifty-eight corporations, including some of the leading industrial and utility corporations of the country. He was never married but he was firmly convinced that the "future of this nation, and of the world for that matter, depends in no small part upon the young men of the United States.' He believed that if they received the proper training "we shall rear a nobler race of men, who shall make better and more enlightened ' citi'iens, to the ultimate benefit of mankind." The gift emphasizes again that in this country it is common for men of great wealth to leave huge sums for the general good. It certainly is to their credit. Whether it would be wiser, and a source of greater joy to them, to distribute surplus wealth during their lifetime, perhaps in the form of higher pay to workers, is debatable. had behaved as dozens or other siny C. L. Ilertenstein, principal of the Clinton high school, Coach Paul Kellv. Assistant Coal Neil Pierce no more. She could only stare at Elisabeth caoarbt bar breath. Per and Harold Stanton are to attend the banquet of the Wabash Vulley geese bad probably behaved in his experience. Seeing how ready (he was to encourage him, ho bad been quick to take advantage. - She bad only herself to blame. Bhe did not even blame Gerald for what he had done to her. She bad been in love with love, had dramatised her- baps hen was her chance T ertslument. Cagney is a rash but ''lever young deputy who decides to smash a political ring in a large city that has been defrauding every housewife in town by giving short elght to customers. Mae Clarke heads the supporting cast and makes an attractive leading ludy. Robert Cleekler. James Burke, Edward Brophy and Bernardlne Hayes Klve capable performances. You'll also see Jimmy Lunsford's Band put on some new melodies, news of the day and "Give Me Would she be inordinately con film neipiessiy. "He's gone. They've taken him away. To Saa Francisco." Her fee grew paler than before. "When was itf Without even-saying aood-byet Or ot leaving athletic association at Terre Haute tomorrow night. sell, seen uersetf as an all-conquering Circe. a message!" They left on the train before I arrived. It seems they asked htm Miss Thelmu Syme of South Sixth ceited to try I "I'll have-a (porting shut at It," shs murmured, tearing out the announcement, folding it and putting it in her handbag. Independence waa th only thing In th world she wanted now. By hard work the past might be thrust into the background, though it Like person who baa aa oneea- street and William Burton of North trollabl desire to bit on an aching tooth, sh went over every event if he wanted to see you," Tbe Colonel swallowed, as though afraid Third street, both talented violinists are to play tomorrow morning that bad led up to her insane marriage. She had beea a fuU of her would always b there. self wail with hiss that h bad mad no attempt to study him, to with the Terre Haute Symphony or. chestra at the Indiana theater. eh dreaded the meeting with Aunt Minnie. It Would tie tier to pcnstiate hi veneer. She had believed everythin be that past, be an ever-present link with her old life. Mr. and Mrs. John Donald of aid, because aha wanted to believe if then wen no Aunt Minnie Reelsville, Ind., are the parents of a it, led on by her vanity. . She had raged at her stepfather's Interference, discounter his wide waiting for ber, ho could change ber name, start a fnsh page. of telling her, "tie refused." "But I'm marrUd to him, she tattered. "You yon know that?" "It waa la th Los Angeles papers this morning," he said tona-lesaly. "That's why I cam her. That's how I knew where yon were. It said what had happened." Crimson flew to hey cheeks. 8b gave a little moan. You Mean enr arrest was in the papersT Oh, father I Haw terrible I" She had thought that her cup of humiliation was full. But It was to brim over. Far reporters war waiting at the prison gates as eh drove out into the sunshine with her step- baby daughter burn last week. J ne m tnin ran Into Urand oentral "OXK IN A MJUJOV" ST THE VAHAHH Sonja Henle's Ice-skating Is all and more that critics have said superb, Incomparable and a delight to the eye. She is, in addition, a charming and cuddlesome person to have for a heroine opposite Don Ameche. The story serves as an agreeable framework for Miss Hen- station. A flock of fed caps ap experience of the world and of hi own sex, aecsx in her auperior knowledge. Now she must pay. For the net of her Hf sh must pay. In loneliness. In the knowledge that by her own insane follv she had shut ro peared. "Ill carry my own," h said firmly to an importunate porter who attempted to seize her suitcase as ahe SAIL Hll mance and decent marriage forever IP IE IB OS followed the crowd np the passage. Once through the barrier, ahe saw Aunt Minnie, blinking shortalght-edly about ie's "dancing on Ice". Adolphe from her. In terror that D (natter where sh want, ber story would But it was Plata that Aunt Min Menjou as a temperamental and impoverished show manager, Ned Sparks as dour as usual, Arline leak out and (he would be branded aa the wife of a arimlnaL - Gerald bad never loved be. Ha had desired ber. That was all. While ehe had been torn with ter Judge as pert as ever, Leah Ray and Shirley beane to sing, Dixie Dunbar dancing, Jean Hersholt as the kindly nie did not connect the tall, beautiful young woman with th scrawny tomboy Elisabeth bad baen in bar early teen. With an impulse that was a wild bid for freedom Elisabeth let herself be swept with th crowd beyond the dumpy form of Aunt Minnie, out to the waiting rank of toxica. ror and pity for him when th ae-taetivea Lronobt him to her hand. cuffed, he had sneered In her face. father and the Riti Brothers here, there and everywhere these are Having leased my farm, I will sell at public auction, 12 miles south of Rockville, two miles east of Clinton, one-half mile south of Lyford and 12 miles north of Terre Haute on U. S. Road 41 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27 AT 10:30 A. M. and the look In bis eye bad been one of cold censure. only part of the tine cast. Bhe wss thankful that every revo "Going ' Places" With Lowell la the cheea hotel that had been Thomas, a musical romance called lution of tbe wheels was taking her farther from the scene of shock and of humiliation, though to her dying day ahe would remember U- That recommended to her by the taxi-driver, Elisabeth registered in the nam of Luana Waters. Legend of the Lei" and Fox Movie tone News complete the program. She had thoiurht of it in th cab. would b aar punishment. - , -10 -HORSES- 10- The fourth morning on the train. She had decided that It waa absolutely essential that sh change ber name, putting in so far aa vnu passible -her oast behind her. h had THE TEXAS RANGERS", ocarina New York. Elizabeth rose ST THE OOLI'MBflA latner. , They Jumped en ths running board, peppering her with a bar-rag of questions like bullet from machine gun. Colonel McCarthy's temper flared up. He ordered them eway. But not before they bad snapshots of tbe car and it occupants. Newsboys were accelerating als of the early afternoon paper by shouting the scandal in the street. Elizabeth, shrunk into the farther-most corner of the car, pressed the back of her hand aeroe bar (south to keep frem (creaming. She could never go bom. Never hold up her bead among her friend. Her en desire was to disappear. . ' She had faltered to her stepfather the whole story of bar runaway marriage aeen a momentarily relieved look en his face when he understood tt had aot been eons morn ted. . She told him how impossible tt would be to go back with him, that she was unable to face It. - "It see mi terribly weak and cowardly to leave you "to 1st you meet It alone " "I understand. Elisabeth," he aid not unkindly, "driving down in the ear I was thinking that the best thing would be for you to go direct from her te my sister in New York." iihe remembered Aunt Minnie vaguely as a prim, dried-un widow living in a suburb called Flatbuah. Auat Minnie was full of grievance and dyspepsia, A regular wet blanket. earlyTTrha sun waa shining on the Fred MacMurray and his amusing one seep a play of th South Sea waters ox tbe Hudson tuver a (tie sat ka th restaurant car at pal, Jack Oakie, are two "Texas witn a neroine namea iguana in it. 8h added the Waters because it was Raneers" reformed from being the At Foughkeepite, the New York most dangerous and wily bandits of paper came aboard. CiUxabeth One black team, 8 and 10 years old, weighing 3,000 lbs.; one team bay mares, 8 and 10 years, one in foal, weight 2,900; one brown 8-year-old mare, weight 1,500 lbs.; one black mare, 8 years old (fall colt by side, rebred in September) ; extra good brood mare weighing 1,400; one bay horse, smooth mouth, weight 1,500; one bay mare, weight 1,250; these are all good farm horses and in good flesh; one coming 2-year-old and one suckling black Percheron horse colts, from same mare ; extra good ones and nicely halter broke. the Texas border. With the whole bought one. With an almost painful intensity, mnsicaL Sh had horned her boats. Ther could be no turning back now. Bet, remembering bar top-father's gruff kindness to hex when he had com to her help in San Dieco. ahe decided (he would send she studied the Situation! Vacant colorful outdoors as a setting, this movie shows vividly those histori and the Waxl Adt. It was humiliatine- to knew how cal struggles of the early Rangers him a night letter, a that he need not ha tsor worrie4 n hat account who tried to make Texas safe for little ah oeuid do that wa lucrative, oven though she had spent a others. The last big battle with than neea ne. Aa for Aunt Minute, she doubt couple of yean in eoUegel Book-keeping t Shorthand T Typewriting ? She (new none of them. the Indians is indeed thrilling. Jean -HEAD OF MULES- less would b Mliaved to be rid of Parker is the winsome feminine star, with Lloyd Nolan. Edward reaching! n bad taken no training. Besides, look at the long list of unemployed governesses and Span brown horse mules, well-mated, smooth mouth, weight 2,700 lbs.; soan mare mules, smooth mouth, weight 3,100 lbs.; these mules are all serviceably sound, good life and extra good workers. th "oning girl". Being no blood celattve, to land upon her certainly would be an imposition. Much better for all parUee that Elisabeth -Harmon disappear in favor of Luana Watenl Ellis and Bennle Bartlett as other Important characters. tutors. She felt further discouraged over A comedy in color of "Cifts from the numbers of people who were offering their service merely for (To Be Continued) the Air" and Fox Movietone News you can HEAD OF COWS- "While living with her J look for something te do. Y leu. aias raw Board and lodging. - lou un are special shorts. Five-year-old Guernsey to freshen March 1 and 4-year-old Guernsey to freshen about April 1 ; these cows are nice and extra good LEGAL KOTICES THE STARS SAY icefs ones. By GENICVIFVE KEMBIJ5 For Tuesdav. January ion -20 -HEAD OF HOGS-- 20- the future destiny and fortunes. Be wary with strangers and weigh new propositions and doubtful opportunities with culmneBs and discretion, If not suspicion. A child horn on this day may be original and Independent, and may have many unusual talents, perbap in a scientific line. It may be erratic, fond of change and is likely to travel in places fur from its tlonary character of the planetary configurations bearing rule on the affairs of thiB day. there are likely Chicago, Jan. 25 Grain futures were uneven at the opening today. Wheat was lc lower to c higher, corn Vic off to Me up and oats & to c higher. WHEAT; May 128-128V.: July 112-11314: Sept. 109. CORN; New, May 108-; July 1114 - j ; Sept. 100. OATS; May 60-: July 44. i Sept. 2. . to be whirlwind developments of de vastating and disintegrating force, which mav have a radical and far- reaching influence ou the future life. birthplace. " It would be well to meet these crlt-icni aitnationa with much wise coun sel and deliberation. Hasty decisions should be avoided. Also be cautious In dealing with strangers and untried propositions. HoosierGolrJMedaiaifClubWai Be Organized to Improve Quality; Nomination! Are Due in February (Continued from Page 1) SHKKIFK-8 SALU - ' By virture of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Circuit Court ef Vermillion Oounty. Indiana, in a causa wherein 8 ANTE FORTE, JAMBS MAflNABOSCO, BARNEY OIACO-LETTO, BEN NARDI AND rX)NA-TO BALLBRINI. AS TRUSTEES UNDER THE TERMS OF A DEED OF TRUST DULY EXECUTED KOK THE PURPOSE OF LIQUIDATING THE ASSETS OF NINTH STREET BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, NOW DISSOLVES?, are plaintiffs, and LILLIAN UKUSHKR and RAYMOND BRUSHER, ara defendants, requiring me to make the sum of Eight Hundred Eighty-two and 89100 Dollars ($888. 9), with interest on said decree and ooats, I will expose at Public Sale to tbe highest bidder, on Saturday, the 20th day of February, 1987, between the hours of ten o'clock A. M. and tour o'clock P. M., of said day, at the door of the Court House in Vermillion County, Indiana, tbe rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years, the following Real Estate, to-wit: Lot Number Tsirty-oae (11) in (ileadale Second Addition to the City of t'Hntuu, Indiana. If suoh rent and profit will not sell for a sufficient sum to satisfy said decree, interest .and easts, I If This Is Your Birthday Those whose birthday it is may find themselves at a place in tbelr lives that calls for very wise decisions, for there are likely to be pre Ten weighing over 100 lbs.; 10 Hampshire gilts weighing about 70 lbs. These from high-grade Hampshire sows and a registered Hampshire boar; would be excellent for breeding purposes. HAY Fifty-two tons in bale 18 tons second cut alfalfa 12 tons soy bean 20 tons timothy and mixed and two tons of wheat straw. CORN About 250 bushels of yellow corn, good enough for seed. HARNESS Five sets of double work harness and a lot of collars. IMPLEMENTS Five farm wagons, two hay frames, one Chevrolet truck in good condition, one good gas engine and one pump jack, one 5-foot Mc-Cormick mowing machine, Black Hawk corn planted, one John Deere 3-row planter lister and a 3-row disc cultivator, good as new, two John Deere 1-row horse planter listers; one 2-row I. H. C. planter lister, 4-disc and 5-shovel 1-row cultivators, two Fordson 12-in. gang, 3 sulkey and 1 walking plows, one 2-disc and one 3-section harrows, one cultipacker, one steel roller, two sulkey hay rakes, one Fordson tractor, two basket and two harpoon hay forks, 200 feet of new rope, two 9-barrel slop tanks, and other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS Cash settlement must be made before property removed. FoHrth, in the county shows, the cipitated guile unforseen events or situations of radical influence on eligible calves will be shown lu separate classes by breeds, providing each class contains at leaBt four CHICAGO, Jan. 25 Livestock: HOGS 32,000; 10 to 15 cents lower;, holdovers. COO; top, $10.40; bulk, ?. 40 0i $10.35; .heavy, tl6.25 , $10.40; medium, $10.25 6 $10.40; light. $10.15 $10.35; light lights. $0.50 8 $10.25; packing sows, $8.50 $.90; pigs, $7.00 4 $9.76. CATTLE 16.000; steady to strong. Calves: 1,600; steady. Beef steers: good r.nd choice $12.00 CD $14.50; common and medium, $7.00 tt $11.60; yearlings $7.00 $14.40. Buteber cattle heifers. $5.00 $12.00; cows, $4.75 V-$8.00; bulls. $5.00 $7.00; calves, $8.60 ip $11.60; feeder sieers, $6.00 (B $8.76; Blocker steers, $5.00 $7.50; Blocker cows and heifers, $4.00 $7.00. SHEEP 13,000 atrong. Medium and choice lambs, $10.00 $10.90; culls and common. $8.00 $9.00; yearlings, $8.50 $9.50; common and choice ewes. $3.60 $6.00; calves. There will also be a get-of-sire class. CT .. Fifth, 'Gold, silver, and bronte medals,' furnished by tbe Indiana hf Ha. Livestock Breeder' Association, will be awarded in accordance with tbe winnings of the calves. Three-fourths of the calves In each class will receive medals. Wlnnen in the get-of-sire class will also get medals. (or ECONOMY and feeder lambs, $8.60 & $9.60. Farmers may get further details from tbe local county agricultural agent. ( READ THE ADS (So tl) I will, at the same time and place expose at public sale and fee simple of said real estate, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to discharge said decree, interest and costs. Sard sale will lie made without any relief whatever from valuation or appraisement laws. January 23, A. P. 1937. ALLEN HENNIS, Sheriff. SATISFACTION use Dou bit Tested 'Double Action! fff BAKING LnVW POWDER Suae hke Jodtya 45 tfvnAyo 25 ounces for 25 Foil Pack -"No Slack Filling Stomach Gas OK om of AD(BRUCA uackiy r-tlevoi ;. bloating, wiwaiau out BOTH ' ucpur ftftaj tower tSwwie. altotvf you lt at w.t4 ilMp fool. Qulcit, thorouU CLINTON Owner INDIANA RAY BROS., Auctioneer, Tangier, Ind. GEORGE SCOTT, Clerk Lunch Served on the Ground DR. B. II. SELLERS DENTIST 1 249 i South Main Straw ' Clinton, Indiana t ( uun, yei enure! rnt:e inq eaif. Mfl"'U iZ it', ii e1 E Vermillion County. Mark V. Lyday, Attorney for Plaintiffs. 125; 21-837. a. J

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