The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 25, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1937
Page 3
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PAGE THREE The Daily Clintoman, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 25, 1937 HOSPITAL NEWS Children's Colds J Yield quicker to GERMANS NAMED BY PRISONER AT MOSCOW HEARING action of double Ohio Valley Flood Rages to Point of Catastrophe Today Continued from Page 1) CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES .Mrs. Ida Caldwell, of Houth Fifth street, waa admitted to the Vermillion County hospital Saturday. cits VapoRui (Continued from Page 1) HIII'IIHW Sunday School Teachers, Assistant! to Meet Tuet. Jusiness Women's YOUNG MOTHERS! TO KI'OXSOIl MTI'KK A supper will be aerved by the Modern Martha Class of the Methodist rlnmh nt the rhurrh Thursday HVenlii from 5 to 7 o'clock. A delirious menu has been prepared. Council Meet Held Th tsaohRrs. ofrlrers and thi'lr assistants of th fhrlstlan Sunday A T.I. womn k mmr nrdod of Ilanley Hlllyer, who was Injured In a mine accident several days as" waa removed from the Vermillion county hospital to his home In South Fourth street yesterday. Ilertha Louise Freed, of raynca, who underwent a tnnslleclomy at the Vermillion county hospital, was removed to her home yesterday. Um'hI Women Attrnd Mix-llnff Held school will hold meeting Tunsduy of Lenri Trotsky, now In exile In Mexfro. ftnkovnky a one- expelled from the party for hin TiotKkyiHi artivlilt't. Imt Inter reinHtuled. At the nm time, L, Seri-hriakov. former Vie Comminar of Conuntin-IcHtlonn and annther of the ariusert. IcKtlfied that I'rtnee II u d tl m Mil (van I headed n Reorulan terrorint (croup dlrertwl Hpee;fj(ally aaiiiHt dictator Joef Stalin, tlirtr livrt nerd i Ititttc like Dr. fi-rr'' ( it vor it l'f Me. Win. lrtiiory of lH Rrnliui Si . ler a lnnii fn.'ht lo k p out the water and r-lief wan badly hampered for Die 2i'0 OHO lefuireeH iiH the t'jwn was foiceil to resort lo candle and keroHene hi nips fur I If in . Nai!v haif of LouiHVille's i'i H'luare fnil'K wan under water aud Mayor Nev.Me Miller bet.tfe nil women a ml children to flee the city while i hey Mill bad a chance. At Claypool Hotel , at 7:311 p. m. at the home of Mrs. 1 " i Dow Mltrhell. Boiith Seventh Htreet, I .. i Hoy (illliiTt Anion the Clinton women whit aceordlna; to an announcement made I f, (, Mnnelilp. son of Mr. .MiiliHlilp Of Hniltll s;ild- fisltawaka, Ind , 'fuih'Winc rhildt.irtli . rtiv aniwltif wit Idn t .1- i-t, di,.mlirt a mid-winters council lousy ur unii i ml I li.i'l irrv litllr KirrritctJi I took In Pourlli Htreet. Is conllned to his home with Illness. 4"etlnn of thai nuHlnem and l'rofea- tendent. l'i'-nc'i t ivr.titp l'e wiipi imi 4 a innn: and )W nAlr nmnii, nicd tri v .(iii'(ilc and iad' inr frr-l jik' n.w ll .ikji'i, ' Huv n ! New kif, 1,'iI.k l rls l.iiiiii f! R $1 t Mrs. Ruby Burroughs, of Cayuga, waa dismissed from the local bos. pital yenterday. Iiinnl Womed'a club at Indianapolis f his weekend at the Claypool bo- Mrs. Evan Adams and Mrs, ,)oe II were Mra. Paul Thompson, stuta Hliaw are visiting their parents. Mr. iresldent, Mrs. Archie. Nolan, stale and Mrs. John (lllmour of Terre icretary, Mrs. Pete Oiterrl and Mica Haute today, arln Field. Mra. Thompson and . Mrs. MnKKln Shannon of North Ninth Street la confined to her home with Illness. LOCAL AGENCIES START WORK TO HELP REFUGEES PERFEGTMN Alonzo MiBiide. who underwent an appendectomy at the local hospital, was removed In his home In Vine street yesterday. vlL IS MADE UP V! fOf MANY LITTLE jj THINGS WELL J 7W v r y. frs. Noian aiiennea a pmuuisui ji ytra. Fred Mnekei ol hoiiiii MM ,., ra,..n r renter has Inetlng Saturday night. ; Fourth street Iiok n.lunied to her piin(1 m .,ru t visit relatives and MIhb Kathryn Btarii,.ck of Kara- home after apendlng several days frjl,niB .; route she slopped In In-tKa, N. Y., chairman of the Inter- In flary with her brother and sister- J lt i:i Mn ,, iH to visit her sister, Mlfs mtlnnal Relations fot the National In-law, Mr. and Mrs. governor ('mi- N(.M (.irMn .no nB entered a federation, waa the principal speuk- Ingham. ' . is,.m ,,f beauty there. of the session Stinrtuy. She gave. . ' ji Interesting talk on "International j Wllford Adams of WaynenvMIe, I jelatlons." Bhe la an executlva see. Mo , V.,K Ilt n, home of his 'Mr. and Mrs. Phil Forten and son. itr.r and nrnfessor of law at the hmih.r. i?vn Adams, and Mrs. and Ileal rice Dnd Woodrow McDon- Wllllum Gardner, who was injured In a mine accident Friday morning, was removed from the local hospital to his home ill T'ire Haute yes'ierday. DONE the weekend lli lit in ore college and la one of the Adams or Walnut street. laid of Detroit were ennuis of Mis. Maude McDonald oi oKt active members of her dull. Mrs. George Jnrililie of Snillb Third street was admitted to tbe Coleman hospital at . Indianapolis Saturday, where she will undergo an operation. (Continued from P. ? H S.S; (i. C. Murphy fompaiiy, crti-ployen, $5.25; Tbe Ditily Clintniiian, $5; SiKters of St. Franc in, II. A. Moore. First Spiritualist church, ln r;, K. Mt'Juiri.. M. I'. il:ilr-ii. , C, Tavlor. Albert W-bHter, Ib-urv Kiiif, Fred Clark. John II. Palms M mi Ilniew, Joe Walker, Claud llaldwin. Hoc f'oiti r and lon Mitchell, all $1 each. Local boy scout forces bnvo Joined fbe delve to relieve fliirferfng autonK flood vtciiittH ,y collectlnK enh donations aH we aft non-peifHhable food and bed-clothes. Any pernon who fhwires to aid the cinirie Ib aHked to call Rev. C. C. I'f-iirce, telephone H4, heron A V p. in. and the contribuiionK will be ailed for by HOiiiH. The youlhs plan to place a Kbipment ol Riippliea on a Terre (laufe train thin eveninK. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Vanzo of South South Fourth street. Eighth street spent Sunday with ' Mrs. Vanao'a parents, Mr. and Mr.1 . ur. cnraldlue Currv of North Hie will he a repreaenlntlva at the initial conference of the rause and Jure of War, which will be held fcla week at Chicago. The Maytag gives you the world's most ditrim tive wslicr iniprove-nients teatures that provide quitk, convenient washings at lower cost fur more xar quality even in theniall-etit, hidden working p-irr. Women retognic thete extra values by choosing more Mayings than any other .i!itr. See the roomy(one-piei.'e, ciit-alunnnum tub, (Jrjtttor Washing action, hr-rlimriit Trull lb i-17-K to her Ferrara of nlnnfnrd. Seventh street Is confined home with Illness. IRTHS Mr. anil Mr. Ho.mrt Itunynn, nt R. R. 3. ar the parents of a htihy Kfil born nt l hp Wiinlllion romity iioKpltiii yiltrilay. The Infiint 1b the flrnt rhilrt and tiaw heen inunwl Mur.t'MH Yvonne. Mm. Runyitn wns furriMTly M.hh Marie Clark. and Keller Water Followliur.,her talk reports were tjven by the various commiltleea and Mrs. Margaret Walraven of I nominating committee waa an- Klghlh and Walnut street, who has feinted to select officers to be elect- been confined to her home with id at a conference meeting to be heart trouble fjir the. past several w-ld at Indianapolis from May 14-1 tl weeka. Is greatly Improved. ' inclusive, Several bills were dls-, ssed that are confronting the slate1' "Mrs, Charles.. Matthews ,of Terre tKlslature, I Haute la reported to be III at her Kcmover. Mj tja available with (av oline Multi-Motor. Mata alio butlds a rii'jjeni Jrotirr Mr. and Mrs. Joe Klner, of Centenary, are the parenis of a baby THE MAYTAG COMPANY, Manufacturm FOUNDED 193 NEWTON, IOWA f At noon a dinner was served to nome Mrs. Matthews wna formerly Mlfis 70 members with itiproiiniately 23. Mary Louise whltcomb of Clinton. daiilm r born Saturday, Jan. She bus been named Ma vine. COLLECTIONS ON STATE TAX WILL SHOW INCREASE ierp mualc being furnished by a ember of the Indianapolis club. MAYTAG (Contlnui'il frfiui Piio I.yle Vernon Marshall is getting alollK nireiy ill a lioHpital at Detroit, where lie underwent an operation ler aiipeuilii iiiH recently. SOCIAL CALENDAR SIOIIH I'dll l iU'i'lflnJilisllcil )iy nm-iii1atoi'y lilll nffr-rtlvit April l!l37, ft was U-ullii'tl hr. FOR BEITLR SERVICE AND LOWER TERMS I Mm. F.ltabclh Rltcheann of Elm Street, who has been confined to li-r home with the flu for two weeks. Is still confined to her bed. Sandra Wallace. Infant daughter of Mr. and Mra. James Wallace, is III with liifluenra. ' Angitstlne f'aloncy of Gary, Ind., spent the weekend here with relatives and friends. z William Morris of Hammond spent the weekend with hid parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wllllum Morris of Crornptnn Hill. , Charles A. Jones, of St. Ilernlce, is seriously ill at his home. y William Hnckenlmck of Terre Haute was the Kiiest yesterday of Pavld Henry Rlchey of North Fourth street. ' Paul Barton of Terre Haute and Lowell Jessup of Aurora were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mra. Ed Speneo of North Tenth tsreet. . John Brazall sustained a sprained wrist while at work on the WPA sewer project this morning. He was treated at a local doctor's office and was then able to return to work. I Monday TOWKJHT ' Wakofe Club will meet tome of Mlaa Rosemary WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS at the Davey, Buy Your MAYTAG A. J. DOUGHTY I Peace Is Within If we have nut peace within niir-aelves, it ia in vain to seek it fiuin outward sources. M.l VTC, li:Al.i:it KIV'K 1 1KB! j;tl-:lH KI.M STIiKKT Mrs. David Whltcomb of Black-man street la confined, to her home with Illness. ' . ' Mrs. John Sweeney of 14ri4 South Fourth atreet Is' confined to her Ikome with Injuries she suatalned Sunday morning at her home. While performing her household duties she slipped aud fell off her back porch, '.' ' ' ' ' ' . HBRVIH'KM POKTPPVF.D Installation services and the politick supper of the Pythian Sisters, which was to have been held tomorrow evening, has been postponed for one week on account of the death of Mra. Jeannette Britton, a member. Miss Mary Kathryn Reed of Lafayette, a nurse at a hoepltal there, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mra. .Lewis Reed of north of the city. ... Table tennln cliiKnes, under the mipervinion of Frank Tindeta, will meet at Columbia Recreation Cen-ir at a p. m. today. The H'I'A welnht lifting team will meet at Columbia eentir at I p. m. on Monday, Wednesday and Krtday. Kenneth Allen iff Instructor. Old Hitchint Post Law An ancient Delruil hitching-publ ordinance prowued tlmt every owner or occupant of a lot "may erect in front of the same a hitching post, or a substantial ring in lieu thereof: provided that said hitching posts are lirmly fixed inside the curb, and provided further tha. said hitching posts shall not exceed in dimensions four inches square and be not less than three nor more than four feet in height, the tup of the Dost not to be pointed or tiurp in my case." TERMS TO SUIT YOU Maytag Washers OSMON BROS. Service With a Smile Wood craft elase under the direction of Rudy Janlk. will meet at p. m, tonight and Thursday. These J 224 Blarkman Street Phone I69-W, J cluKBes are open to the public. orth Main street, 7:46 P- m.'. ' 1 Tuesday Tuesday Contract Bridge Club ITill meet with Mr. and Mrs. 0, H. Jtsvenson, South Third Street, 8 k m. flatnma Gamma Bigma sorority irlll hold Its annual dinner at the kome of Mra. John Swlckard, South Third street, 8:30 p. m. I Minnehaha club will meet at the lull on South Main street, 7:30 p. m. Delphian will meet with Mrr. Jitbur Tombaugh, Blaekman afreet, (p. m. Moose Lodge (o meet at the ball n Blackouts) street at 7 p. m. Tuesday Bridge club at the smile of Mra. Byron Anderaon, South riilrd street, 2 p. m. Mothers club will meet at the iimne of Mra. Raymond Gilfoy on utb Third street, 2 p. m. Tuesday Luncbeon Bridge Club fill hold a 1 o'clock luncheon at the knme of Mra. R. M. Pentreath. lackman atreet. Delta Theta Tao aororlty will ieet at the Buainesa and Profea-iouul Woman'a clubrooms, 7:45 . m. for business meet in. Wednesday I Olrla of the Queen Esther Circle Sf the Methodist Church will hold meeting at the home of Elizabeth 4nn Manshlp, South Fourth Street. Immediately after school. Tri Kappa Sorority will meet lib Mrs. Max Johnson, South Third greet, 8 p. m Wednesday Embroidery club fill meet at the home of Mra. J. F. Adams, Blaekman street, 2:30 p. m will I Wednesday Bridge club freet with Mra. Raymond FolU. l aa.aa.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.aaBaaaaaaaaaa..iaaaaailiaailBliaaaaBaBaailBlaiaBBaaaa1aBaaBaaaa ' J SS?'' L H ' , ,4,y-'- - BUSY SECRETARV. At- ; - f ' 1 , ; f " -4 '.''""jt' if " ameU put more fun into I f . ..f . "Skiing Take Good Digestion," says Skiing Wizard- V J, r . ,ef -I "AND A HEALTH V tec of nerves coo," continue Sig Ruchmayr, If :4f 4tl : ' thown executing a jump turn (A), and enjoying Camels during a WH-..,-. t"1 v .if ' hearty meal right). "I smoke Camels a lot. I know tlit-y don't get on yf'' 7 ' K . y my nerves. And they help my digestion. Camels set me right!" f k , ZZ f , ' Vigorous people count 0:1 luahhy nerves and proper nutrition to f , ... , -' ' tfi f ' '' tP 4.i ' see them through. Vi'hen you sniol.e Camels, the flow of digestive 4' J " ' fluids alkaline digestive fluids speeds up. And you have a sense of -' "" ' JL XT 1 1 v ' i : ' . , digestive well-being. Camels are milder better for tleaJy smoking. t ? -.-.,.. ,4 t "' " 1 "1 - f I , t .. ( . , as A SEA-GOING CHIEF ! y ' I J ' Hr&W firTf r vimmw II ..J.JJUm-11 - :-;?fS: ENGINEER, George bulking- Ji . r " " ,PJg uveSv I ' .. S' ". ., savs:"C:amel keep mv y -', I A y X ..i .f f l- r': lii,ili,iii,i,iiiiil .. , r tlt- S , ' L ,- , . . . , .. :Vf-'Ji-J&" hmnc iwite a day. She says: - ' '"2 .4 "V. '' ,f' "Tlie jolting pms a strain on .tt 't.lQ'i: If RADIO'S :i w' ' " Ji ny d.giioa. Thafi why I y,V NEW SMASH HIT! r Ut' X ..iZi . h&A amok Camels with my aueab f , iTf.. f "Jack Oafca's ColesJa" - -f'A. T IT .d afu-r. Camel, are so uiUJ.- X f v iaCK U3KI0 S College j. Jr v I -v- M V " V a - t I f iircprcaible )a.k Oakic at hi best. 1 "CXi' - V -A NV'ilf ' I Al,, Bean, Ooada. S..n. I ' ' ;" fmt& I w VETERAN TEST DRIVER, if Ji' Ba"J.o,e s.ti ,cootorche I &Xjl A Cfydt fntmum frMt), absorb 7t f 3 V . I rnuUrouJcomt,n,.nd,.ii..a fgZl ' ii -t "(Phrmet,a.t 'FV V ' ...EveryTu., ..,.-, pa. 55' ' f -j '.' ; $ i' -kT Um ear.Hey: Fordigtstioos . if A $ - V .s r , 30 P m c.s T. 7 o p m 1 ?i. - JT V f .X f JV 1 aake-wnokeCamelsisagood f t V '. i f V M S.T..6 (oPm PS T ,ov wabc- X rUfsaJsU " ' " . 1 ..... if 1 - mail -TH- f lfl- " ' LMaa1SRMaataWasWaWa nuth Main atreet, 2 P- m. Past Chlef'a Club will meet at lie home of Mra. Pleua Kelsbeimer tl South Fourth street, 7:30 p. m. Mra. Allen McPball will be tbe - f slant hosteaa. A. B. C. Club will meet with lr. Albert Henderson, South fourth street, 7:30 p. m, Idle Wile Clab Mra. Tom Lewis ar South Fiftb atreet will entertain ie members, 2 p, m. Thursday Eagle Lodge to meet at the ball Soutb Main atreet at 1 p. m. J Job'a Daughters to bold regular business meeting at ball on South Vain atreet, 7:30 P m. j Gamma Gamma Sigma aororlty Will bold tta annual dinner at tbe tome of Mra. Job Swlckard, ttout'u Third atreet, 7:3 p. m. Woman'a Mlaalooary aociety of Kill Crest will meet at Hill Creat t 2 p. m. i Pocahontas lodge will meet at the ball. South Main atreet, 7:30 9- . Friday Rebekabe will bold a meeting at 7:30 p. so. Happy Hour club will meet la Morgan's basement, Soutb Main atreet, J p m.

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