The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 30, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Kiwanians Have Excellent Dinner M The Painnount News: Published on Mondays awl Thursday A . S. ROBERT Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLwas Robert. Associate. TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. (Continued from Page One) ! Ford, Maxwell, Chevolet and Overland Owners OiSce: Main 265 Res., Main 107 j TELEPHONES ; The revival meetings conducted by ; Rev. William Sunday are attracting SUBSCRIPTION RATES. .95 fully Non- You can now buy a genuine, guaranteed Goodyear 30x3 Skid at month. Upon this and the final re- j port to come later the next session of . r the legislature would be asked to take such action as would enable the 1 schools of Indiana to place themselves J M higher in the list of states. Mr. j jj Hamilton urgted that it was the duty j of every person to study the reports j on the survey and the recommenda- tions that will be made, in order that j they may judge correctly as to the j wisdom of any proposed action that j $10 (Within Indiana.) Or.e year Six months ( Outside Indiana.) Charles Buller has completed a course in embalming at Cincinnati and returned home Saturday. Doyte Holliday of Indianapolis, spent Sunday with his parents in this city. $1.50 much attention. Meetings were held . . . . . .90 Sunday forenoon, afternoon and night. 5 The crowds are increasing in size. One vear f- Bo tabernacle was full or people Next to the famous All-Weather Tread this is the finest 30x312 tire on the market. It is made of the same material as the All-Weather Tread and carries the same guarantee of satisfaction. Call, phone or write in order to avoid delay in delivery. spent Stev- H. F. Stevens of Frankton Sunday with his father, B. F. ens and wife. ton's remarks were listened to with utmost interest and brought out a Six months I -5 Sunday night and interest is growing All subscriptions payable strictly , rapidly. in advance: paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time un-- The of removing the electric MratSidlte " reCC,V rnT "'.lighting plant of LaRue & Patterson pira u v - t-s week, during which Entered as seeor.d-class matter at patrons of the line will be without the the at Fairmount. Ind., un- . current. A sustantial brick room has der the Act of Congress of March S, n cor.structed on the LaRue lot at 1879. ; the Big Four railroad and machinery i will be placed therein. Prof. Edsrar L. Morphet. principal number of inquiries which the speak- of Fairmount high school, will go to ! took up and answered. I Laporte this week to spend the week- At the conclusion of Mr. Hamilton's U end. i talk the attendance prize, a handsome ' glass fruit dish, made by a Kokomo j E.O. Ellis Auto Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dennkk are ' glass factor and cast from a mould ; 9 home from Greenfield for a few weeks 1 used bv the Hoosier Mould Company ?T ai UApciiiiww . Samuel H. Pearce, an old and well stay. Of French Girl known citizen living near Back Creek school house, north of Fairmount, died .Sunday morning. Burial took place STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 in its Fairmount factory, was awarded, being drawn by Mr. Marshall, of the Academy faculty, and who was a 'guest of the evening. ; The question as to whether or not i business matters should be taken up rCort!rv.ed from Pace Or,e. 'Monday at 2:30 p. m., at Back Creek Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kimes and Ed Lovall spent the week end in Indianapolis, the guests of Mr. and Mrs Ernest Kemmert, !h 1 1 publican primary election to be held on May 2, 1922. ... . . at the regular luncheons came up for Mrs. Same llollmgsworth is mov- . , , . , r. ,, j , . , , , , , , consideration and after some discus- mg this week from her farm a half was tQ a vote it bcin? thus mile west of town into residence pro- determinod that hcreafter business perty on East Second street which she matters phouM W pjven a piace on the reeentlv purchased. . j ' program. r s,in n,.nn -!,- v w 1 Before the adjournment. Coach that she had been brought to France tery. and placed in the convert. Residents of South Walnut street Nevertheless, she with many other present a petition to the town girls, were taken across the border trustees. Thursday night, for the Germany. Sometime later, she cf four squares of water mains escaped back into France, through on tnat street from the M. E. church Alsace-Lorraine, but was recaptured. to Harrison tsreet and for two fire She was treated with some respect, 5 plugs. This extension is needed very however, as the Germans believed her much and ought to have been put in to be American. She repeatedly told lone; ago. FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR John W. Pit tenser, of Center town .m K V C V Llf 11VF VV. V 11 ship, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for the nom- who was a Jones ot tne acaaemy, very ill for the week past with influ enza, is able to be out. ; guest of the club, was introduced and ination for County Assessor, subject! THEATRE ? announced that the academy was mak- to the decision of the Republican R, J. Beals and wife visited Mr. and Mrs, F. M. Presnall at Marion Sunday. Rev. S. Adelbert Wood, pastor of ing an effort to secure the coming sec- : J Action to be held on May 2, j the Friends church, who has been rnn- : tional track and field meet for Rush them she was "born in Indianapolis and was an American citizen." Getting some bogus passport papers through some method. Miss Lauler de- ducting a series of evangelistic meet- field and asked that they have co-op-j poR AUDITOR ines in New York state has returned eration of the Kiwanis club in their i Earl (Toby) E. Bugher authorizes SATURDAY, APR. 1st. Mat. Eve. 7 and c::i0 WILLIAMJS. HART IN home efforts to land this important event. j the announcement of his name as a , . . . candidate for nomination for County , ; t wa5 announced that the next Auditor subjeot to the docision of th . There was born recently to Mr. and meeting would be on April 10 with Republican Primary election to be Miss Kittie Haisley visited her brother Waldo E. Haisley at Marion Sunday. H. W. Winslow & Sons have purchased a fine team of horses which have been added to their fine stock of livery. Mrs. Frank Dowling, of Fifth and C. L. Goodacre as chairman and Tony held on May 2, 1922. 0'Malley Mounted 4 Buckeye streets, a baby boy. Payne and Earl Morris in charge of ; the rrosrram. The booster talk vill j FOR SURVEYOR cided to take the risk of trying to get thrcuch the lines to Holland. After several hardships and excellent diplomacy on her part, the girl finally got to Holland. The passoprt ruse, which she had vaguely hoped would work, had done its duty and she was again free. In all, she had been in the hands cf the Germans for 1". mcr.ihs. '"The funny part of it all is, Miss Lauler said, ""that I though I was telling an awful lie when I said I was More than $55 dollars was taken at given bv Robert Lindsev, Milton Porter is getting his mach-! the annual collection for the benefit i Frank W. Whte, of Fairmount, authorizes the announcement of his name as a Republican candidate for 1 County Surveyor, Grant county. Indiana, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election of May ? 1 " incrv here with which to move Lewis of the Southland college at the & Parriir store building. The build- I Friends church Sunday morning. The g will be moved to the lot opposite Southland college, a school for colored MILt the old Wheeler mill cn West Wash- i children maintained by the t riends church, is at Southland. Ark., and was established in 1SC7 at the close of the an American citizen, but later I found ir.gton street. that iviv father had taken out rautral- . ill Health Hi Lloyd H. Kenimer authorizes the 1 announcement of his name as a can-diate for County Surveyor, subject to the decision of the Republican primary election to be held May 2, 1922. j-r'i. --.-..-- st-.I ha.l hororie an Edgar M. Baldwin is at home for a j Civil war. American citizen prior to 1914, so my fcv days. 4 Hi Clnopr;tric is rot a fat. It is si hr;!ih-r:lii MoATKK & V.-AfF.K (irauisatos of Palnr School story was not so bad after all. 1 ,.,.ui TTii.n.i Late Ribble visited Newcastle M. P. Woolen, Misses Edith Ellis and Pea Nolder were at Marion Saturday and took examination for teachers' license. Davenport. Iowa, Miss lauler began to make plans t;fricnJs Sunday. Wt HE smile of health animates the face come to America, bhe reacr.ext ! eountrv in 1917. "That Statue of Lib- - Henry Simons, father of John Sim- ! . i ens of this city, died Monday morning Misses Inez Nixon, Georgia Hiatt ; at his home one mile east of Fowler- and Gertrude Wiltsee returned to j ton. age S5 years. He was a pioneer j Earlham College Monday for the j of Grant county. I spring, term. FOR COMMISSIONER First District James Stridor of Richland township. Grant county, announces his name for commissioner from the First District, subject to the Republican primary May 2nd. Leslie Mills of Pleasant Township, Grant county, announces his candidacy for commissioner of the first district on the Republican ticket, subject to the primarv election of May 2nd. erty was the best thing I had ever gazed upon and my happiest moment was when I sailed into New York harbor, the new teacher said when J drets of the evening will be given by Mrs. Omelvena. Everybody come and of the person whose spine is normal. Chiropractic adjustments will put in place any segment of the spine that is pinching a nerve so that every part of the body will function properly. Chiropractic is not a fad. It has che endorsement of thinking men and women who realize that health science may progress with the times. v.k iVrl'l-.iropractu lit-raturp SUNDAY SERVICES commenting on her trip over. -Immediately after reaching the C S. Miss Lauler came straight to Indi- J ana to see the Indianapolis, where J she wes supposed to have been born. A short time later, she went to In- j diana univeity and became an instructor in French in 1917-191S. She FRIENDS CHURCH v F. V H !J j VOTES IN NEW MEM HERS. j The intermetliate department of the ! Second District. i Jamo E. Devore, of S:ms township, authorizes the announcement of his name as a candidate for Commissioner Ifi-op) the second district, subject to th decision of the Republican Pri- ! mary election to oe held May 2, 1922. BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school, 9:S0 a. m. Preaching service, 10;45. Rev. P. Williams, prospective pastor, Anderson will deliver the sermon. Christian Endeavor of the Friends of Eva Ncvckaai William S Hart O'Malley of the Mounted ' A Paramount Picuue. "The difference between you an' a skunk is a skunk's got a white streak up his back." Also Mack Sennett Comedy "LADIES TAILOR' ; cnurcn, .miss Leora tsogwe, superin-J tendent, held a social and business ill MvATEE SyftFATEE B. Y. P. U 6:30 p. m. Preaching service, 7:30 p. m mon bv Rev. Williams. 5er j session Monday evening in the annex i and basement of the church. As the FOR TRUSTEE Clyde E. Helms authorizes the announcement of his name as candidate for nomination for trustee of mount township subject to the sion of the Republican primary election to be held May 2. 1922. rv,.. xrToAr- s puests arrived, they were met at the ?r -v vr ff ?ryjr,K'i'?1'H at " door by the social committee, Greg- ory Dale, Esther Wright, Marie Hunt, All day meeting Thursday with Mrs. ' 1 resigned this position to take up lec-ure work and became a member cf the Pvedpath Chautauqua staff and lee- , tuned throughout this part of the country on her experiences. In August 1919, Miss Lauler lectured in Marion from the Redpath platform on "The Spirit of the Women of France. Many Marion people remember her splendid talk and the public reception which was arrangod for her after the lecture. In the interview last evening. Miss Lauler com-, mente-d upon the wonderful hospitality ' extended by the Marionites on her visit here. "I have never forgotten Cleo Morris, Harry Weaver and Joe Henery Barber. Political Announcements Johnson, who with the assistance of W. I. McKinley, Chairman Pulpit Committee. Miss Lora Bogue and Miss Marporie ! Armfield had charge of the meeting. : FOR CONGRESS Aittoe-ether there werp twpntv.ttirM. ' Samuel Cooks, of Huntington PUBLIC SALE present who enjoyed the pames and 'County, Democratic candidate for i .... .. ... , Congressman in the eleventh district other entertainment provided for . .i i CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday school -"3C a. m. Young people's ,;t eting, 7 p. m. Eevening service. 7:30. Subject Why Should I b - s. Christian." MARTIN LEE jiXT, Pastr. Mi . their amusement. The time being so ' candidate for re-nomination, and asks near the first of April, much merri- , your support at the primary May 2, ment was caused by ideas suggestive 1922. Marion since that time, she said. At the close of the 1919 Chautauqua season, she returned to France to take i up reconstruction work and help take of that day. Refreshments consisting of vegetable soup, crackers and Milton Kraus authorizes the an-1 nouncement of his name as a candi- j date for the nomination for congress j from the Eleventh Indiana district, j care of the thousands of French war pickles were served at a long table in the basement and the diners remain- orphans left destitute and homeless j of the after the destructive pericvd WESLEYAN CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching, 10:30 a. m. Young people's meeting, 7 p.m. Preaching at Back Creek, 7 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednes- war. ea seaiea aiter me meai ana entered ,ican Primary election to be held on upon their business session, during May 2, 1922. the course of which the names of FOR STATE SENATOR ed to this country and "hit for Hoos-; four new members were voted upon. The meeting then closed with a song ierdom immediately. "I like Indiana ;ar, ":30 p. m. and Indiana people. Miss Lauler said ' You are cordially welcomed at all and the benediction. On account of continued ill health the undersigned will offer at public sale on the Pearl McCassel farm, also known as the Ditto farm, 2 1-4 miles south and 3 miles east, of Summitville, and 1-2 mile south and 4 1-4 m iles west of Gaston, on Monday. April 3, 1922 The following personal property, sale to begin at 10:30 o'clock A. M. HORSES Five head of horses consisting1 of one team of gray mares, 8 and 10 years old, weighing 1650 pounds; both will bring colts. One black mare, 11 years old, weighing about 1,600 pounds. One bay mare, smooth mouth, weighing! about 1,400 pounds. One brown horse, 10 years old, weighing about 1.30Q pounds. CATTLE Consisting of 2 cows and one yearling heifer. These cows are one registered and one grade. Papers for the heifer will be furnished. HOGS 18 head of Duroc hogs, all eligible to register, furnished with sows and gy.Its. 4 sows with pigs, 4 summer gilts, one good male hog. Col. Fancy O. R. C. King, recorded. 35 shoats, weight, 50 to 125 pounds. Alfred Hogston authorizes the announcement of his name as a candi-i date for the nomination for state sen-i ator from Grant county in the Indiana ! General Assembly, subject to the decision of the Republican primary elec when telling of striking out for this j our services J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor W. F. M. S. OF M. E. CHURCH OBSERVES FOUNDER'S DAY. state as soon as she saw the Statue of j Liberty for the second time. She j tion to be held on May 2, 1922. The W. F. M. S. Society of the M. ( went back to Indiana university and j was sent here to become French in-! structor at Marion high school. She FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15. Meeting for worship, 10:"0. Subject of sermon, ntiie Sancti- E. church will render the f ollwoing j FOR COUNTY CLERK program in observance of Founder's ! Lafe H. Ribble, of Fairmount, au-Day and the annual thankoff ering: ; thorizes the announcement of his Music High school orchestra. ' name, as a candidate for nomination assumed her new duties Monday. When asked about the conditions in ! fkation. Processional Little Light Bearers cision of ReptI'bHcan primary elec- ii k mire 1 1 or, I .-1 ... . . 1 i 1 , r ck . nan King's Heralds. and lion to oe neia on may i, Evening service, 7.00. Junior Mission Ban I, 3 o'clock. Intermediate C E., I o'clock. Senior C E., 6 clock. France, Miss Lauler indicated that reconstruction was being accomplished in France but that it was very slow. Tn time, all will be well again, but now there are only a few of the build Missionary Hymn 408 "Lead On O, King Eternal, by audience and orchestra. Devotions Rev. C. B. Sweeney. Samuel A. Connelly authorizes the anneitntement of his name as a cr.n-Ididate for nomination for County Pltrk- eiihiwt trt tb rlfricinTi nf the M. E. CHURCH Sunday will be Good Fellowship ings in the devastated district ready , for occupation again. Many families ; Recitations Ruth Moon, Brison Republican primary election to be held Wells, Jas. McTurnan, Barbara Jones, j on -My 2 192 FARMING IMPLEMENTS One disc, one 3-horse drill, one hay loader, one mower, one disc with tandem, one 2-row cultivator, two 1-row cultivators, two breaking plows, one John Deere stag plow, one Oliver walking plow, one 3-section harrow, two wagons. These tools are all good. Other tools too numerous to mention. Harness for four horses. live in buildings known as barracks, , Day. Sunday school at 9:30 and the with no carpets, no beds, no furniture sermon at 10:30. After this an old f.ano auer Maxine ana j w R VanArsdall authorizes the! ' of anv kind. The conditions in these ; fashioned basket dinner will be serv- AloertS. innnnnmmiint nf hi. nam n n on- cases are pitiful.w ! ed in the basement. Bring your has Much of 3.Rss Lauler's work while kets and your families and enjoy the Recitations Chas. York, Jr., Betty ' didate for the nomination for County i Bartling, Phillip Campbell, William ! Clerk, subject to the decision of the j and Hariet Ribble. ij cti Eg? election to , , j held May zt lvsz. Song Kingj's Heralds. Band Boys 4 j Chorus. FOR SHERIFF Address Mrs. Martha OmiWin Frank C. Tukey, who has served CHICKENS From 50 to 100 Buff Orphingtons. SOME GOOD CORN FOR SEED. LUNCH SERVED ON GROUNDS TERMS Six months time on all sums of $10 and over, note drawing 8 per cent, interest, bearing) approved security. All sums under $10 cash on hand. CECIL COUCH Offrtriw ! several years as deputy sheriff, and ! in France this last time was devoted -day. This is the last preaching ser-t- the war-orphans. There are thous- vice before conference- In the eve-anis them in destitute condition, j ning at 6:00 the Epworth League will a o- "ng to her. Americans think j have their regular program. At 7:00 r--r because the war is over that the j the W. F. M. S. will hold their annual war orphan problem is ended, but it i thank offering meeting. An excellent is not. Americans should not stop program will be given. The high adopting French war orphans but con-' school orchestra will furnish a part tinue on even a greater scale than j of the music Special drills by the they did during the war." . children will also be given. The ad- who has seen active service m the U. Founder's Day Hymn Mrs. Lea s Armv. as well as law enforcement ftic lurnan. (work for both the state and federal OSCAR VINSON. Clerk. PURL DEAN, Auctioneer Selection Orchestra. government, authorizes the announce- Benediction. ment of his name a a candidate for cucuicuon. ... nomination for sheriff of Grant coun- nogrmin to begin at 7 sharp, subject to the decision of the Re-

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