The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 25, 1937 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 25, 1937
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PAGE TWO The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday Januury. 25, 1937 I .tin ii ii in i iinmmm li . i, list ii minimi i mm mum CI ITEMS RECEIVED FROM HILLSDALE .nil? i By Beatrice Biggs FlofsAIDi NEWS r. II. - i-4.-i.L' ' I . lit I ' FViT t i tf a. M......---- .... ,.r. Miisiiiif Mr. Jim Bennett Returns From Indianapolis) Dan Short Goes To Hospital IIILLSDA1.K, Jan. 25. Mrs. Jim President Franklin I), Mimm-vell K ill explain Hie purpose of the Pres ident's Hlithduy ball In be held on Weekly Farm Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS , -By WILLAKD BOLTE January III), when he sneaks from Bennett was brought homo Wednes day from the Robert Long hosnlU. the White House over CI3S this eve medicine, given Joe lor his first proleHsloiial eiiKagemenl, when he was 12 years old. Aflnr traveling one week, or $7 worth, with Dr. Iliickiier's medicine show, the youthful trouper allowed himself to be "spell-hound" Into accepting Vorak Wonder, "worth a dollar a bottle," instead of cash. Joe aays that was his real initiation Into the art of Indianapolis where she underwent an operation for cancer. ning from 11:30 to 10:00 p, m. Tin ball, arranged to commemorate Hi Chief Kiecutlvo's HBIh birthday, Blurted their theatrical career on nn old Hedpiilh Chautauqua circuit, played in Kclth-Orplieuin vaudeville, appeared In Knglisli mimic hulls mill starred, in Swedish, In Knife's revue In Stockholm. Until Rudy brought Bergen to Hie nilcrophoiu , ventriloquists were considered ;i r.i-dlo linpossllilllty. Bergen hus the distinction of IicIiik the lirst, therefore, to create In the listener's miml the Illusion of the vaudeville urli ii heldlng an animated tete-a-tete with his precocious dummy, Dan Short Is In Fort Benjamin HAVE YOU SEEN i THE NEW ' OLDSMOBILE For 1937 Special Price on Used Can SOARD MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street will lie held sim'iiltaneously In thou Fall Chickj for High-Priced Egg Manjr of the professional poultry keepers are adopting me uractlrt of hatching part of their laying stork in the fall. Experience has proved that chicks of the American breeds that are hatched op October 16th will Harrison hospital Iudinnaiioiu for an appendlcltiiB operat'-it. sands of cities throughout the na show nianship . . . Sidelights on Rex lion and funds accruing from the be laying; 60 in April 6694 to 76 in May, June, July and August in nearly ovvc inrougn nepienwer ana uctc. will be particularly valuable from July to November, ai t period for the spring-hatched hens. Poultry Tribune. Chandler, musical director of the I'niversal Rhythm program on NBC A native of Meiniorse, Mass., has conducted orchestras In Kurope Australia, Africa and the Orient, Has done everything musically from conduct lug opera in European capitals to playing piano in Porst Ssld. Cabbage Worms various events are to be donated to the Warm Springs Foundation In the Interest of stamping out Infantile paralysis. fl 1 Clock and Bully, radio's noted comedians, and Robert Wlldhaok another leading light in the world of laughter, will be the "visiting Unless spraying can be properly done, dusting Is recommended for the control of cabbage worms. But Ohio Experiment Station recommends Mrs. Marlon Hardest spent Thursday with Mrs. B. H- Mct'urty. Lorotta De Vanls. wwho sustained a sprained ankle In phyii.-; education class, Is improving ai d was able to be bark to school Thiirxluy. Mr. and Mrs. (Mia'-lns Olnze i,f Jonestown were guests of Bum Cox and family Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Hoy McCoy went to Rosedaie Thursday where they were guests of Lester McCoy and family Willie Fort tier moved In ill-house recently vacated by Mrs. Jes i gri spraying; tor best result using- 2 pounds of Far spreader, to 60 nitons of water and apprylnf snpfylnf the snrav at 300 oounda LeBs than eighteen mouths ago, it young fellow about the size of the average jockey, sol himself up in business at Mission Bench, Sun Die go. If you wanted to he really citn-merclul about it, you would sav In- days from the time the worms first appear until two pressure every iu pressure every weeks before harvest. frame t armer, professors" at "Jafck Omkle's Col lege" during Oakie's gala hour Tommy Horsey, star trombonist; Coso He ,ys, CBS songstress, and Raymond Scott's quintet, newly-formed instrumental rhythm group, will he broadcast over CBS Saturday from 5:4!i to 0:15 p, m. Dorsey. Feeding Butterfat to Pigs? Too many dairy fsrmers are feeding butterfat to pigs and calves, according to a report from Oklahoma Agricultural College In Breeders Gazette. There is no argument abont butterfat being splendid feed for livestock, but it is much more profitable for the farmer to torn it into but broadcast over CBS on Tuesday sie Magers. from :.10 to 8:30 p. m. Shaw and had the music concession. Hnl whether or not, the diminutive young man who used a violin how for a baton certainly fold his product to the Pacific Const in general, and, spei-il'irully to the ni.iny WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth Cello-Glass Putty, Paints, etc. STEVEHSOH . LUMBER CO. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hire, and I ,ro, talented comedians of vaudeville and radio fame, have been per who will he featured throughout the daughter, Marline, of near Dana vis lied relations here Wednesday. program, will engage In some in imwently added to the faculty of ler or cream cnecKS. r or this reason, tne college recommends having your skimmilk tested from time to time. If the test shows under 8100 percent, your separator is okay. If It runs over that you are wasting butterfat and should do something about it Lespedeza vs. Alfalfa Hay thousunds who attended the Hi formal "jamming" with Bunny Ber- rigau. trumpeter, and four other Kiego reposition In lis opemui; year. In fact, the music of Ster members of the orchestra. The Quintet will repeat, by audience re Illinois Experiment Station recently Issued a report on a feeding test ling Young became so popular Hint comparing lespeaeis nay wnn anans nay, according to Hoard s Uairy- with the closing of the exposition ith types of hay were fed to dai Botn types of hay were fed to dairy cows and to erowinr heifers. quest, their already famous "Twl light In Turkey," and will accom Bob Braun, pilot of the Don l,cc In spite of the fact that the lespedeza was lest palatable and lower in protein, fiber, total ash and lime, it produced as much milk and as much "Jack Oakie's College" and their antics with Oakle will demonstrate a variety of methods for dealing with unruly class room professors and Professor Robert Robert Wlldhnck will lecture on the art of snoring as i hscrved on a number of eastern cud western campuses. There will he lots of music, collegiate and otherwise, from Geprgle Stoll's Orchestra and Benny Roodman's Band playing from the past. pany Miss De Lys when she sings Artist Bureau, persuaded t li e "My Red Letter Day." Selections by violin-playing maestro to go to 'he full "Swing Club" orchestra In Los Angeles where young's orehes tra was soon installed at the WiT gain as oio me aiiaua. Harvesting Potatoes When potatoes are dug before the crop is fully mature the yield Is materially lessened aid the skins suffer much greater damage because they are more tender than mature skins. If they must be dug before maturity, skin damaere can be reduced bv leaving- the duv notate nn tli ley are more tender tnan n aturity, skin damage can be elude "Stompiir at the Savoy," "I'm Toollu' Mv Horn," "By Heck" and shire Bowl, in the heart of famed "Love and Learn." Wilshire Boulevard's 'Miracle Mile.' Young can play 'cm hot, or he can Valley Nnc WI.8, Wl.W. 8:00 "Watch the Fun Co Hy" CHS WBBM, WHAS. 8:30 Juek (inkle's College CBS WRHM, WHAS. One Man's Family NBC WMAQ, WLW, 8:00 Chesterfield Presents Nino Martini CBS WBBM, WHAS. 10:15 loor(se Olsen's Orchestra CBS WBHM, WOC. THl'RMIMY 7:00 A P Bund Wagon CBS WBBM, WHAS. S:00 Maxwell House Show Boat NBC WMAQ, WLW. 0:00 Kraft Music Hall-NBC WMAQ, WLW. I -round for at least an hour before they am picked up provided the sun ground for at least an hour bi swing, but his orchestra is essential ii not sufficiently hot to scald them. Prairie Farmer. Anil-bid Hanging, Brkt utd fiaot 6tyltt it but tiulc otOff TABtr UfkHS 1 AMPS I H g I Zjfl " i", out enadf X S or ui pod . I lil;lf I.M.HTK MONDAY 7:00 Horace Heidi's Brigadiers CBS WBB.M. WHAS. 7 : TJ 0 Voice of Firestone NBC W.MAQ, WLW. ly a purveyor of music that's sweet. Vocalists heard wil'.i the orchestra which is now on Hie Mutual network, coasl-to-coapt, several times weekly are Doiia, comely song-stylist, and Billy Mozel, "('(isi-lle McCarthy," a dapper runt and blockhead If there ever as one, is radio's newest comedy star. Charlie, In case you don't, !s the wise -cracking dummy of Bdgnr Bergen, the ventriloquist, whom Rudy Vallee has Just signed for an Wheat Made Summer Silage When his pasture showed signs of giving out last spring, a Jackson County, Missouri, farmer filled his silo with wheat silage and thereby provided his herd of 40 cows with plenty of succulent forage In July and August. The wheat was cut in the early milk stage and he added 60 lbs. of molasses to the ton of wheat. Missouri Ruralist. Cooked Potatoes for Poultry RAYNES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of All Kinds 323 South Main Phone 33 8:30 Jack Pearl; Dorscy's Orches Cull potatoes make a profitable addition to the nonltrv ration. accnrH. FRIDAY 7:00 Cities Service Concert- tra NBC WENR, WSM. !l:()il Wayne King and Orchestra-CBS WBBM. WHAS. Tt'JCNDAY . 7:00 Leo Reisman and Company NBC WMAQ, WLW. 7:30 Kdgar A. Cuest in Welcome mended engagement for his Variety Hour, heard over the NBC network on Thursdays at 7.00 p. m. Bergen is the straight man and his dummy, the comedian. They've l eoq together for 17 years, having toured the world several times. They NBC 'WMAQ, WTA.VI. Star Dust: Joe Cook, mad zany of the "Clialleau" program and a former Hoosier, has preserved his first salary earned iu show business under a glass case, it comprises twelve bottles of Vorak Wonder 8:00 AValU Time hig to recent tests by Ohio Experiment Station, but they should be boiled. Laying pullets did well on a ration containing 80 of boiled potatoes. The potatoes were mashed mixed in equal parts with dry mash and fed once daily as a moist mash. Poultry Tribune. Fertilizing Asparagus Contrary to popular belief, an application ot aulckly-availBble nitrogen fertilizer in the spring will materially increase the asparagus crop that same season. It should be applied as early as possible U3ing 1R0 to 200 lbs. per acre of nitrate of soda or sulfate of ammonia. American Poultry Journal. NBC WMAQ, WTA.M. 00 Philadelphia Orchestra CBS WBBM. W.HAS. INSURANCE and Surety Bonds Old Line Stock Companies ROBB Sc GItMOUR Dependable Insurance ' Since 1890 141 S. Main St. Phone 13 7:00 Swing with the StriiiKs CBS WBflM,' WCCO. 8:00 Floyd Glbuons; Lopez Orchestra . CBS WBBM, WHAS. 9:30 Irvin 8. Colin; Paducah Plantation Cutting Alfalfa Late Iowa State Colleee reports that airaira should i Into winter with a repo lid six weeks' growth to avoid winter killing. During tbe month of October Only at UM WS COMPARE THEM ALL! and you'll choose the 1937 this writer visited almost every county in Wisconsin and I saw hundreds of (armera cutting alfalfa even after the first kMling frost. It will be Interesting, at the very least, to see bow many of those late-cut Wisconsin fields suffer from winter damage. NBC WMAQ, WLW. si 6:30 The Bakers Broadcast NBC WLS, WBB. 7:30 Kddie Cantor; Menard's Or C. COLUMBUS COOPERATIVE STORES chestra CBS WBBM, WHAS. 8:10 Rippling Rhythm Revue NBC WENR. WLW. Feed Hoppers . . .. Since the purpose oi leemng ary nmsn in Hoppers is to increase feed consumption, everything possible should be done to achieve that purpose. To this end, there should be at least a foot of feeding space for every 4 layers the hoppers should be set not more than 14 inches from the floor they should be set so that neither the hens nor the hopper cast a shadow on the feed and it is a good plan to stir up the mash or sprinkle a little fresh masb on the surface sevrsVtim day. American Poultry Journal, Cutting Soybean Hay The best time to cut soybean for hay will depend upon what the hay Is to be used for, according to Georgia Experiment Station. Late cutting is preferable when the hay is to be used for wintering stock cattle, as late cutting will provide more tens of hay and a lower protein content. Early cutting is best when the hay is to be fed to dairy cows, as the protein eon- -1 . A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may ue brewing and you cannot afford to take s chance with anything less than Creomulsion. which tent win De nigner ana the nay more palatable Southern Agriculturist. poisoning Field Mice I When field mice are bothersome in young orchards, Pennsylvania Farmer recommends poisoning them by dusting pieces of apple with powdered arsenic and piecing the bait in- the runways. The poisoning fhould be repeated every three or fpur wee ks during the winter month. (oes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed riembranes as the germ-ladea pmi gm is loosenea ana expelled. Even if other remedies have fnllArf READ don't tie cHbcouraged. your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomultlon and to refund vour money If vou are not: s-atlsfled with results from tbe very first bottle.OctCreomulMonrightnow. (Adv.) 1 The Daily CLINTONIAN STOP It's the ONE radio that staggers the imagination . . . with its WORLD-WIDE SUPER PERFORMANCE . . . its UNMATCHLESS MA-JESTIC TONE' Compare it with the finest radios selling at TWICE its price and you'll know why MAJESTIC is literally sweeping the nation off its feet as the most sensational BUY in all radio history at hi It's Your Fooling Around HOME NEWSPAPER AND WANTED Hides Iron Racs Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid A. Dumes Water Street GO CLINTONIAN Job Printing Bears The Union Label FRIST 1 FUnRAL The MIGHTY MONARCH of Directly to Soard's -., For Heal Buys in Good USED CARS Your Oldsmobile Dealer Home the AIR" . . . combines ALL the new 1937 worthwhile features in the world of Radio! Radio Eye for precision tuning - Fpreign stations named on dial Gyro-Rapid "balance-wheel' tuning illuminated controls Genuine RCA dual purpose tubes You have LONDON, PARIS, BERLIN, ROME always at your finger tips EXTRA ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD "MAJESTIC" Terms as Low as n WEEKLY S CARD' Sales Company DOLLARS Spent In CLINTON Return To You! A. JT. HDUI1TOY flIGHT FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES ' "Quality First, Prices Always Lowest" 234-38 Elm Street Phone 361 107 Elm Street Phone 42

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