The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 23, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1937
Page 6
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f. . . ft - 1 Saturday, Jfiiary. 23, 1937 The Daily Clintornan, Clinton, Indiana! PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADS Dizzy Dean & Co. Announces Price, Awaits Struggle MILLIONS LOST AS COLD WAVE STRIKES FRUIT (Continued irom Page 1) As Roosevelt '7 iri. " 'V'V fe . ' A - This excellent picture of the Roosevelt family at I Roosevelt, his daughler-lh-law; Sarah Roosevelt, the inaugural shows, left to right, Mrs. James I his granddaughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Rooee-Roosevelt, mother of the president; Mrs. James veil. . Buy neckties with what it saves ll In'l wrrmiy HKW" " l-7 " dfiillfrir. Ltiirripa laalh fM, by Ik of liM'riM, 7 l "' '" " w ll tlnM. bMvtlRH and vrotneit u wrth. Mora- at IIMvarlll'r,'lllM, W " "W ftl'ra. Su ll.ina ?" 4 wllh lbl aa,liig-rk. aa urn aurrlf a tf- UUB LISTERINE TOOTH PASTE 25e WITH PIAniH THE LJ-UUE-Ll t 420 00 Up PKILCO 61S Amerlcio and Foreign fctt "the world's best" in radio receptioa. Philco Foreign Tuning SyiUm, WidV Visioa Diaf, aad manr otbtr b features. Place your mocr nowl Sold only wbkPkHto High ' -Efficiency Aeriallo intnr grtnti$ fortigm retepiitm Osmon Bros. i "Radio's Home" 224 Blackman ; Phone 169-W READ THE ADS "" ' .i.-ii M.imiMp pin i in ! f V uirrai ' i Xu how ' " SARASOTA, ria., Jan. 23. "Fifty thousand is my price and I'll not sign for less." That was the Insistent demand of Jerome (Dizzy) Dean, star St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, today In response to a qtie-tlon If he'd follow his younger brother, Paul- (Daffy) Dean, In signing bi Cardinal con-traol for Jlrts' season;', ' V "After all- -we don't bare, to sign, and we're-in tto'llMrry," ehlmed In Mrs. Dtar.-V''. ' "Dlz was a perfect gentleman last season," Mrs. Dean eontlnhed. ;?He worked plenty and said nothing, hot Just as soon as the Season closed Rickey (Branch Rickey or the Cnr-dlnal high command) started talk-nr about blm. "It'll he 150,000 and nothing Jess." Mrs. Dean emphatically declared. ' Mrs. Dean declared It was the nubllc's business to know "what Dizzy gets and when he Bigns. We've nothing to hide." Mrs. Dean said her husband would sign , "any time, but that's the price." ' Then Dizzy was able to get In a word edgeways, and said: "I feel fine, and don't have to play ball any more. We're not worrying over contracts." ' The Hradenton chamber of commerce awarded Dean a medal as Its outstanding citizen last night. The Cards have framed at Bradenton for the past seven years, and Dean resides there when he Is not on the road with the Cardinals. Believed in the Ruby The Assyrians believed that the ruby protected the wearer against famine. . No poverty could come within hailing distance of the wearers of the ruby. Ruby powder taken Internally , was supposed to cure hemorrhages. , It was a health amulet worn against rheumatism. Holy Fish Stock Lake . An angler's dream of paradise are the few scattered lakes and. streams of semi-arid Inner Mongolia, owing to a religious taboo on the catching of fish. The lamas (priests) also teach that great merit is acquired when fish which -have been taken are returned to the1 water. This gave rise to a curious trade , at a certain lake in eastern. Inner Mongolia. Thrifty Chinese, unhampered by supersitious prohibitions, . catch large numbers of fish, which they keep alive and sell to' merit-seeking Mongols, who then throw them back into the lake. ,; , . "' Wolverine Fun Prised . Furs of the wolverines are prized by Alaskans. ' The characteristic white strip on the shoulders indicates the only' pelt that is impervious to frost... Hepburn Linked M M f'''ltntharlne Hepburn jf' ' f ' !J5. Howard Hughes Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c tor each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same Ic charge (you get three daye at double the cost of the first day). Neit three days insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole woek, six days, at three times the cost nf one insertion). Kach group of three days there-sftMr, 8c a line. Illack IWo (like this), 10a per line. . All ilalfliil ads Including memo, flams ami notices of all kinds must be paid In advance eseept those by regular customers whose accounts re paid monthly or those from organizations whose Mils must be allowed before being paid. In Uie latter rase the person auk lug the ' publication of the notice will be held reMiisll)le for Its payment. Business Services HEAD THESE ADS EVERY DAY lor late buying and selling Information. DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO find you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad costs very little. ODI)S-AND-ENl)S MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. Why Buy a New Radio? I will service your Old Set and give you a New Set guarantee at lowest prices. Call Don's Radio Service today. 319 South Main Street, phone 404. t64 SPARK PLlia WIRING SOME-TI.MES -'leaks." Drive in for complete Ignition Inspection. .1. L. Horney-Roberls Battery company 226-228 Mulberry street, phone 56 EXPERT TIRE REPAIRING vulcanizing equipment. We'll call Clinton Auto Wrecking Company "Ernie's," phone 640. FOR SALE Good Ford T 11-ton truck. Osmon Brothers. Inquire t67 WANTED Housekeeper for family of two. State age, experience. Give references. Write Box M, 442, Clinton, Ind. t67 FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH VEIN URA.IL BLOCK COAL. MX IK OKF.LLA, PHONE 013-12. t72 Coal range. Cheap. 458 Elm St. t66 For Sale Coal Good cheap coal, phone 797-W. 57tf FOURTH VEIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BETTY. NO. 5. HAIiLEY HUFFMAN, PHONK 10. 64tf FIFTH AND SIXTH VEIN COAL. CALL MB FOR PRICES. I)E-MVERED. ANDY JOHNSON, TELEPHONE 915-12. t5 PAID NOTICfc NOTICE! Chicken dinner will he served Tuesday at Fairview Methodist church by Builder's cluss. Time, 6 p. m. Per plate, 25c; pie, Be extra. t67 CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness in our recent sorrow in the loss of our husband and lather. We especially want to thank those who sent floral offerings, donors of cars, the singers, the minister, hospital stuff, Frist Funeral Home and anyone who assisted In any way. Mrs. A. N. Foils tfnd daughter. t66 NOTICE! A called meeting of the Pythian Sisters will be held Saturday at 7 p. in. to muke arrangements for the funeral of Sister Janet Uritton. t66 General Farm Sale. J-mile south of Lyford on II. 8. 41, Wednesday. Jan. 27. 10:30 a. m. S. C. Stults. sch FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms. Ground floor. Outside entrance. Mrs. Wayme Curry, 356 Vine St. tC6 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indiana. Administrator of the estate of Klnora Green Pederson, late of Ver million County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. WILLIAM H. HEELER, Administrator. January 14, 1937. William H. Beeler, Attorney. 116-23-3037 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court oM Family Attended to Ace Airman Marine Theater k Our Advertisers Inauguration REFUGEES STRUGGLE FOR LIVES IN OHIO'S FAST-FILLING VALLEY (Continued from Page 1) And the rolling, ever-widening torrent, fed by thousands of rain-swollen tributaries, continued to r Ise, with the crest expected to be reached late today or tomorrow. Record Stage -At Cincinnati the Ohio reached a stage of 72.35 feet early today, a new all-time high, and was expected to reach a Btage of 72.8 feet before receding. City officials estimated there are 40,000 homeless n the metropolitan area, while at Portsmouth, above Cincinnati, the Ohio and Scioto rivers coursed through the business district and 13,000 refugees sought haven on high ground. Sub-freezing temperatures added to the miBery of the flood victim and handicapped the rescue workers through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. ' National guardsmen, naval militia, coast guardsmen ,the red cross and federal, state and local relief agencies mobilized forces from far and wide, but admittedly were unable to care for the thousands of victims of the onrolling yellow tide. The fa,te of many villages la th path of the flood was unknown, Largest Snakes The reticulated pythons of the Philippine islands are the largest snakes, measuring sometimes thirty feet long and fifteen inches in diameter. The bushmaster is the largest venomous snake. A specimen twelve feet long has been measured. PHONE 41 or 117 FOR RESULTS Buyers know it; the things they want are easy to find when they phone 41 or j I 7. Sellers know it; the things they offer find a ready market when they phore 41 or i t 7. Everyone in Clinton knows it; Clintonian Want Ads are always at work for them. 4 . CLINTONIAN WANT-ADS hi ' chards. A heavy black psll of ocrld petroleum smoke hung over the entire coastal reglou in southern California, cuuslng some schools to close because of the darkness. INTERNATIONAL PLOT REVEALED IN DEATH TRIAL (Continued from P. e 1) I. A. Knlafcev. former official of the hind transportation commlssar- iut, confessed, according to the Indictment, that the Japanese intelligence service gave him the task which lie was said to have confessed accepting of using bacteriological means to Infect troon trains, food supply depots and sanitary stations with germs, causing highly conta gious diseases, In case of war. REBEL SHELLS BLAST MADRID AT NOON HOUR (Continued from Page 1) The screaming shells tore through thfe dining room and presB room of the fifth floor where the American newspaper correspondents have been telephoning their reports on the siege of Madrid for the last two months. The first rebel shell came hurtling in while I was crossing the Grand Via, Madrid's Broadway, and missed me by about 20 feet. The bombardment continued for a half hour. Civilians Flee Frightened pedestrians ran for cover as the shells began dropping along Madrid's famous thorough-1 fare. The newspapermen nearby sped to the telephone building to report the bombardment by telephone to London. I had Just got my call In to London when the first shell struck the building. Smoke and fumes from the bursting shells Bent all but two switchboard operators hurrying to the basement. . , , ., Sir Walter Raleigh's Clothes The usual attire of Sir Walter Raleigh, it is recorded, consisted of a white satin pinked vest, close sleeved to the wrist, and over the body a brown doublet finely flow ered and embroidered witn pearis. In the feather of his hat a large ruby and pearl drop at the bottom of. the sprig in place of a button. His breeches, with his stockings and ribbon garters, fringed at the end, all white: and buff shoes which on great court days were so gorgeously covered with precious stones as to have exceeded the value of $3,000. He had a suit of armor of solid silver, with sword and belt blazing with diamonds, rubies, and pearls. Green Slai.ds for Immortality Green, which stands for immortality, is regarded by Mohammedans as a sacred color, and is seldom employed by the orthodox Mohammedan in weaving rugs and carpets. When Mahomet made one of his flights (hegira) from Mecca to Medina, his followers raised a flag, of green cloth, which was most accessible at the time, and thereafter it became the sacrec" color of Mohammedans. The irregularity of design in rugs, which may appear to be the result of carelessness, is frequently the intentional work of a devout weaver to emphasize his belief that only Allah can be perfect. The Amaryllis The amaryllis is a member of tht Amaryllidaceae family, a close relative of the lily group. Some of the members of this family bear flowers of a lily-shaped contour. About ninety genera are included among which will be found approximately 1,050 species. Many of these are bulbous plants such an the amaryllis, itself, the zephyranthus and the crinum. This latter variety is not unlike the amaryllis in either the shape or the perfume of the flowers. The bulb, however, is its mark of distinction, sometimes approaching a length of two feet and a width of ten Mo twelve inches... Daguerre and Photography Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre perfected with Bouton, in 1822, the invention which is called after his name. The process was made famous by the announcement at the session of the Academy of Sciences, Paris, January, 1839, and from that time it began what may be termed its career. The introduction of photography to the public may be said to be about simultaneous with that of Daguerre's invention, and improvements since then have been continually made. "America" In Tapestry The European early eighteenth century conception of that wilderness known vaguely as "America" is illustrated in a tapestry made in Brussels in 1720. What's The ' MYSTERY Watch Monday' Clintonian! When Howard Hughes, ace airman and wealthy sportsman, flew to Chicago from New York after setting a new transcontinental air record, his trip gave credence to reports that he was joining Miss Katharine Hepburn at the altar there. Miss Hepburn is now playing Chicago in her new stage play, "Jane Eyre". JACECSOn J.10T0R CO. n Splash at Expo DOWN THROUGH THE AGES WITH PERFECT PROTECTION That is what you want, and what we can give, when you put your loved one in their last resting place in one of owe vaults. , t I , - TMjT"""3 Why Use Makeshifts? The protection insured by the Clinton Burial Vault could only be equalled by vault of similar construction in copper or glass, but the cost of such a vault, made to order, would be prohibitive. The Pyramids of Egypt and the Panama Canal locks and abutments, which are concrete, could have been made of either glasa or copper, but the cost would probably have bankrupted the world, both in money and material. YJy'Av H'1 Mirt' ' - -' "" - - " Have Peace of Mind V MERMAIDS OF THE MARINE THEATER of the Great Lakes Exposition, which opens in Cleveland on May 29th, practice regularly in preparation for the spectacular season which will bring famous aquatic, acta to the Exposition's popular marine show. Here are seen three starSj of the Marine Theater ballet during one of their training session' Use the Clinton made Automatic Sealing Reinforced Concrete Burial Vault That is your insurance against the ravages of time and the elements, no matter where the vault is interred. ' ' ' Your undertaker will tell you that you can get nothing better and will gladly furnish. CLINTON BURIAL VAULT CO. Factory: 5th fit Beech St.. Clinton. Ind. Phones: 910 c 330 Vermillion County. State or Indiana. Administrator of the estate of Joseph Bertottl. late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. JOHN BERTOTTI. Administrator. January 15, 1937. 116-23-3037 Patronize 1

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