The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 23, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1937
Page 5
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PAGE FIW Tk na v C ntnnlan. Clinton, inaiana emnse. BDaima Meet i VmlJt?fLSSSSL&SSB linnIFR TAKES ...i ....I ii.ia in from lliil n ni f id nitMCQ Defying Father Time feVr W ft MOOMt, UUlSIXtS f ill '' i 1 i 1' wMow3t JffJ HAbLey 14 if &2 ' -BUT- L any point. "Chlili" Hlinim tar t the llix I'lliiiini iciini unit Wei" in Hie iiiiii ri-r liimls "f the "'"' iiiimiiiiiiii ill "I Iniliauapiills. Is !'- lie iil, Ml bin, k dmniiiinls nt gtent rule In order to gel Umbered up. Tubby" Tnihiiiigh and "Hirer- lor" Hays having tuken up wresilinu in an effort ni regain Ihelr school- Bill figures. These Iwo flushes ire Iso priicilciiiK sluilllng lo ecsiv Karl l!yd. who will rei'eree Ihe runlets, "r'liin" Sluti- He. Ihe family's ilit fool, six inch center. Is slaying out of dark alleys js a result ,n" ., klilii,ii rumor heiiic whispered froni Ihe ilii-ixli.ili of '.'i.- Iielliy I llliip. The regular nieeiiiiK of the lull will he held Tuesday. January Jli, 111 the Clint, ill III, lei at V p. W Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor X-ray Servlia. Ptiner tirailuate. XH Black"'"" Street AHCE AND FISH FRY ' at Monte Carlo Cafe 1301 North Seventh Street EEER WINES Music ty , Herb Hedges Orchestra toiwiBlHtit wllh lli-lr play In l Kfiiil-ttiuilH. Huinimirlfii: ihiiiii (mi) All NIK. f Mruhiii, f .Illinium, f KH . . 0 FT IT II 2 I :. t u II ii i I 'I 1 Hi nil. c Itlpalim, i k Wbki". Totals iiM,n I'.'srninn, f . , . Muck, f Walthall. F . . . . Kims, K Vamli'kle, K Knlil. K II Kli r. u . S . 7 I . I . II . II 4 il 1 a u - 0 4 2 I Tniala . . . Heferi': 12 8 I ', Myle. King; inn I'it Hi. H. mice (f!4) KO FT PF Dclioll, f " filBBH, t KellB. I '2 Williams, f llnrftueyer. e Brown, g " llarlmiok. a 0 Totals ( Union CM) Berrlufortl, r . . Bennett, f . . . . Honnooml, f . . . Phillips. Schumau, c . . . Dunn, g Herto. k 'losstltic, K . . . in 4 11 FT I'F 0 1 I'd n 4 .... II 1 0 1 . . . . 0 ft 2 0 3 n 2 1 o Totals . . . Iteferw. 8 ! King. MylHB; umpire One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh NEW YORK. .Ian. 23. Fearing hat. by some miscarriage of justice ,e mightn't have been fully under-tood the first ten t.mes. Bob Pa-r, the good, old college-try boy rom N. Y. I!., boldly asserted this norning that he was going to knocl; p Louis rlope-shoulilered at Mod- on Square Ciardn next Friday 'ght. "I'm within one punch of a crack t the tllle," said the young man. 'and I'm not going lo miss." In order lo straighten out the rial balance. It might as well be made clear that this is the same nielodeon who was all over the press row not bo long ago with a humply dumpty like Eddie Sims and who not only is one of those Bhort- Out, sTV7k This witi TMV cons Twm ? ARE CHANGED TO FRIDAY EVENING Milt Tourney Date Inteiferci . With Original Plan for , Double Bill Hooked ! al Local Gym Since the (inldi ll (Hove linxln tournament is scheduled to begin In Terre Haute, next week, it was derided thai Ihe iwo "("'. club uiiakelbiill hall gnmes booked for Tuesday would be played Friday night, January z!l. On that date, barring nil-ilitlonal complications, the leiter- men's B team will tackle the Volunteer Fire Department at seven o'clock and one hour later Ihe C. II S. faculty will take the floor again"! the alumni's ace hardwod rombi- tlon. . ,. , The gate receipts will he used n iay for the electric score board re rently purchased for Ihe new gym naaium.. i ' Disaiinointmenl was keen amom fanB when this Information leaked out this morning, indicating that Clinton citizens are areatly interested in tlie pending contests. And why not? Never before have local spurts addicts been privnegeu i" witness two battles of tlie ceiitinv In one evening. The ntlile.tes themselves welcome Die posl piinerneilt : severul feel that they have not yd reached the peak in Ihelr ruiidiiion-Ing, Ij-lternien Wiirliiml The "C" Club's two post-hole die gera. Boh Brown and Jim Tate, :iri reported as having devised a uuinne method to sliarpen tlieir ahootliiK eyes. They aland back 20 or 30 feet from the hole under ronsinei- aaw A aVlM IVi at a vwka'c I Ca5 UI 1 1 k CJ 1 1 J Taverri a x H Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap , Wine Liquort Mixed Drmki LOOl. XxDCTOK.THAT I 1 GOLF TOURNEY 1 ''!,, . t'ort.M, CAULKS. Flu . .Inn. 23 Iiiiii I'ettlgrew, Indiana University student, was Hie winner today of Ihe Miami Bilitnor,' Invltuilnii umateiir golf toiirnauieiit. lie heal Hr. L. J. Ilarnelle. Coral (laliles. clergyinun. I o and 9 in Hie lifi-lmle final, FISH FRY STEVE'S ' TAVERN Jacksonville ' SATURDAY BEER 5c and 10c Sandwiches of All Kindt. Steve Giordano,, Prop. PISH FRY Tonight at the idle hour cafe" '"- 461 North Seventh Street GOOD MUSIC Everybody Welcome at- By E. C. SECAR . . . , KarrArM vo : a TONIGHT Dianas Win Over Murphy Bowlers tn Tie Play-Off t;innr resti-ft today with the. Diana Sweet Shop howlers as the 11(1 was closed on the first halt of the weight guys on the scales, but Is a shade on the brief side, even win-standing on a slight incline. Still, lor two months now. he's talked the best punch on the nose I've ever beheld, wfth the result that, the first thing you know, somebody's going lo believe It and It may even be Pastor. Even now, lie's got quite a few of hs a little confused. Including Boxing CoinnilHsioner Bill Brown, who's practically on the point of he-ng barf led, "I don't know what It's all abont." this gentleman conresseu. .'But when I went In to see Pastor .;!. ih 'iimiellitliere knockout, lie 1:1,.. 1,0 .a,iti it 'Look here W.VB. III.: II " " now. You've got lo give me Louis." I a i.a'a nuuot nvpii seen Louis fight.". VOU TH006HT 1 mile west o Fairview MUSIC - BEER - DANCING T - - MaaaMaaaaaaaaaaMamail I , " CATS, NEWPORT ARE ELIMINATED III SEMI-FINALS Clinton Fiv Loaet to Horncli, 34 lo 26, 'After Making Serioiu Threat in Second Period OVERTIME USED IN FIRST GAME Clinton wan dwiBivHy hPan-n. St to C6, by St. Bern ice and Dana nosed out Newport, S3 lo S2, In o thrflllnjt oveMlm battle last nlttlil to clone remi-flnal com put It Ion In the Dana center preliminary of the annual Webanh Valley banketball tournament, ' At eight o'clock toniRlit tlie host team and tlie Hornets will flKht il out 'for the Vermillion county hardwood crown and the right to represent the county In inn Valley final at Terre Haute next weekend. Hornet Look Bet Although Dana was the pre-totir-ney favorite, they didn't flash the form that Bt. Bernice showed In cecond-ronnd play. Led by the redoubtable Tom Mack, the most cap able forward ill the county, Newport started off with great strength ond stood on top, 10 to , a tthe quarter mark. The game went Into the filial period with, the county seat boyt four pointa behind. The score waf tied three times Inhe last quarter, being knotted at 29-all when the gun Bounded. ... The most exciting moment of the tourney so far came in that fourth stanza of the opener last night. A fourth personal foul was called on Van Sickle, Newport guard, whlcl put him out of the game and placed Dana's pivot man, "Pete" Stull on the llni. The wore was tied and there were fifteen seconds to play Stull lost a cbance for undying lory by missing the basket, rim and net Dtlssttig, in .fact., the backboard, i ' ' .... HtUll UOTH Ollt In the overtime Stull fouled Wal thall, which put Dana's ace centet out of the game, and the big New port Basketeer made the try good nuttine- his team In front by one point. Then Biggins and Wagner both sank field goals for Dana. A few seconds before the final gun went off for the second time, Mack sank his seventh two-pointer. Mack also chalked up four free throws. The Hornet' high degree of ac curacy In shooting field goals de feated the Clinton In the nightcap. Both using the leap-and-fling styli of delivery, Class netted six from the outfield and Dorfmeyer tanked five, However, Bob Bennett, Wildcat forward, fwas hrgb man wltl 14 points. Bennett garnered six foal tossaa. The am was rough at best, am the officials were calling everything Two 'Hornets, Hartsook and Kelfz left the tilt by the personal rou'e St. Bernice will whip Daua tonigh if the two teams perform In a styl- SPECIAL! DANCIINU TONIGHT Mimic by tlie Provence String Band FISH FRY AND CHICKEN DINNERS Every Friday nd Saturday Ice Cold Beer Honeymoon tare 4M N. 71 h W. CI into. TONIGHT AT Roberta's Tavern Beer 5c and 10c BLAIIFORD, IND. 1 PoDeve THIMBLE THEATRE I Aun NOTHING ) I Y I ?1 INSTEAD OF Ttft- 1 THOUGHT fOU MIGHT OO WHW SrJEU-EB Noo HWJE ft MfVSlC FLUTE National leugue'a split season. (living their opponents a handicap i.r .17 Pins each game, the Dianas whipped the Murphy keg- Ins Ihe fli-Bt two or tnree game last nijrht. When It was loo iuib. the lonlng combination went wild In ii,,. it irame to amas a total of l iii!i if von count Ihe 67. Roll, MnrDhv store manager, rapped th maples for a high Individual game of 234. r:. c Mnritliv Oi. i 197 172 1SS Tasso 16 20S 1Z u.,11 151 176 234 Schelsky ........ 170 164 170 White ... n 172 131 i" Handicap 67 67 67 Totals' 846 903 1019 niaiia Sweet Shop Colombo , m "9 Murdock 130 172 Uraznkas ........ 12 171 Ave 200 198 Benetti J4 22 1S1 187 172 192 179 Totals 805 922 801 Additional Sports on Page THCT LIKE VOUR ADVICE TO .tarrina (swk) A - , i A hScts:- md$ . "7 By RUSS WESTOVER flLUE THE TOILER z E? r ... . I r lit ss .r- I TO THICK ME" KmKa H TFLOTE ME OP r HrMB0R6tR, THKT l, IF VOU FEEL. I tlC T-irTlNA hiiV ivw..,. I D y U 5 - : r F7 ' LEVEL ' yvy SMttBP f? V. gT ft t! sf ' fl L ,eM 7 I IM A T3 AJ ' i i o wolf Secret Operative 48 r YES, BABT5, I'LL BE BACK IN A WHAT IF THEV OO '-ir P'i LITTLE BIT- UUINI WKC-rg THE DOOR FOR ANYONE WHAT TO DO UBVUi Mtr I DO WANT TO DO THE VE5. JUDSE THINK I -iHOU-O SEE YOU tMMEDIKTEL.V fk.N OTFICER FROM BACK TO THF HON"t : - f OM I DON'T EVER aa.kit TO GO i DANN DUNN TE THERE' MR. DWM TA.LKIN' ON THE PHONE - j. Dm it kc, WOLF.' U H T 1 RIGHT THING MtK- HtALH ml UrMLL - t n . ,y V ' I'M e,CK0ED- fi fiirni" A int. vvvt'iw, . .-v IS THE RIGHT THING . A.KI ORPHAJM HOME W QUI WHAT Wfc.'S- MERE .ND 1 TPiETD TO. ALL RIGHT ILL. Bfc OVER IMMEDIATELV .', V I J SI I i YOU'LL BE ABLE 1U GOING OUT, 1 4.T TufV-iE LEVELS I TAKE GOOD CARE Ot- ) HER, WOL.F DA.N t WUF dm ' pV. ft ft" . X f fill t

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