The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 27, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1922
Page 3
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TUB FAIRMOUNT NEWS CALLS ATTEtlTIOIl TO THE UNWRITTEN LAW NOTICE TO NON-RESIDENTS. State of Indiana, County of Grant, ss: Grant Circuit Court, February Term 1922. No. 19592. Complaint to Quiet Title. Orestes Ballenger vs. Lydia Cook, et al. Be it known, that on this 4th day Indiana, on the Fourth Monday in April, 1922, said complaint and the matters and things therein contained and alleged will be determined in their absence. Witness the Clerk and seal of said Court this 4th day of March ,1922. S. A. CONNELLY, Clerk of the Grant Circuit Court. HOGSTON & DICKEY, Attorneys for Plaintiff. March 6-12-20-27. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION FOR SALE HENRY LANE WILSON POINTS OUT AGE-OLD TRADITION OF REPUBLICAN PARTY. ! of March A. D., 1922, the above nam-i ed olaintiff bv his attorneys, filed in It ought also to be remembered that the unbroken tradition of both the Democratic and Republican parties In Indiana has been that a senator who has, during his first term, acquitted himself to the satisfaction of the people and whose integrity Is unquestioned shall succeed himself. This "unwritten law" has been in effect since the organization of the Republican party, and has never been broken. If I am not mistaken, I think this ' unwritten law" of succession was Invoked upon one occasion against a prospective opponent by Senator Beveridge, and one of the strongest claims of Senator Beveridge for re-nomination at that time was based upon this precedent. If the principle were correct then, is it not so now? ' the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the said Grant County, his It lead in War, It leads in Peace, It's name is Blue Jacket Coal. C. C Brown. complaint and plaintiff's affidavit, acainst the defendant in the above bkisiiim. Hie uciriiuaiu 111 lire oivci I, Ed Jackson, secretary of state of - ' . , T ,. - . . entitled cause, together with the am- sUte of Indiana, hereby certify that PRAISES SENATOR NEWS RECORD AS STATESMAN Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marios Fairmount Flour wholesale , price at ; davit of a competent person that the the mill door. We guarantee iL clIOW,s namea. a"e v . . , i Cook, Zimri Cook, her hubsand; un- Fairmount Hour Mills. tnnirn heirs. Wnroos and devisees of 77 iLvdia Cook, deceased; Leah regg FOR SALE: Marion fence, right. Oscar Loy & Son. rrice . Weesner, Michael Weesner, her hus-jband; Unknown heirs, legatees and de- visees of Leah Fegg Weesner, aeceas- FOR SALE Two 19-inch leather col- j ed; Elitabeth Nicholson, Nich- lars. $5 for the two. Phone 104. ' olson her husband whose christian name is unknown; Unknown heirs, , . 1 1 71! 1 GOOD HIGHWAYS F. A. GOODNESS PATENT PIN COMPANY has this day filed in the office of the Secretary of S,tate of the state of Indiana, the properly signed and attested consents, statements and papers required by Section One of an act entitled, "An Act prescribing the method and procedure for the voluntary dissolution of private corporations and voluntary associations and declaring and emergency," approved March 14, 1913. And I further certify that said written consents, statements and papers as filed aforesaid, show said company and the officers thereof have complied with the provisions fo said Section One of said act and that said corporation is now in process of dis nv.oo u leeatees ana aevisees oi iiniaoein FOR SALE An ii I Nicholson, deceased; Mary Menden-tall. Mendenall, her husband moved. C. O. Ribble. O0-OO00000OO0000OOO000. REVENUE FOR HIGHWAY WORK r 'whose christian name is unknown; Un- FOR SALE Male Duroc hog. Ever- known heirs, legatees and devisees of ette Covalt, Phone Black 562. I Mary Mendenall, deceased; John H. Davis. Sarah Davis, his wife; Un- Window Glass ALL SIZES. Bring in your sash and let us do your work. Contract work a specialty. PRICES RIGHT FOR SALE White Rock eggs for known heirs, legatees and devisees of hatching, 75 c for 15; or $4.00 per ' son, John iF.Pearson, her husband; Un-,aJi r a t c-.wn.fvir John F- Pearson, her husband; Un-hundred. Mrs. A. M. Kirkpatnck , known hers ieP)atees and devisees of Summitville. Ind., Phone 401. j Mary Pearson, deceased; Ruth Pear son, Benjamin Pearson, her husband; (Written for This Taper by Henry Lane Wilson.) (Editor's Note Mr. Wilson was appointed Ambassador to Mexico by Taft, and is now in line for appointment as ambassador to Turkey.) I am unequivocally and earnestly for the renomination and re-election of Harry S. New as United States senator from Indiana, I am for New because I know something about his record and history as a man, a Republican and a statesman. I have known the man Intimately and well for something like forty years, and in that long stretch of time, I find to his credit many splendid and generous acts. Party Debt to New I believe the debt of the Republican party of Indiana to Harry S. New to be very great perhaps as great as its debt to any other man, for he gave to It unselfish devotion, wise counsel, and energetic action for the greater part of his life without expecting or demanding any reward. These services, however, finally led to his recognition, and he was sent to the United States senate. In that body his record as a statesman Is peculiar, and precisely what might be expected from him. Elected In the midst of the world war, he de-Toted himself with unfaltering teal to the problems growing out of the war, and consecrated himself to the great task of securing peace with victory. solution. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the State of Indiana at the City of Indianapolis, this 27th day of Febru-arv. A. D. 1922. ED. JACKSON, Secretary of SUte, P. M. WOLFORD. Denutv. J. A. MAYER Phone 47 or 7 Fowlerton, Ind. FOR SALE Virginia Crystal Black Unknown heirs, legatees and devisees Ash Coal. Loy & Son. 'of Ruth Pearson, deceased; Sarah Baxter, Joseph Baxter, her husband; FOR S.ALE Two room house and Unknown heirs, legatees and devisees two lots. See J. W. Smith, East of Sarah Baxter, deceased; Margaret March 20-27. r- y,v study, John w. study, ner nusDana; Clgnin Miri'U TT,lr,,vr.-r1 Vn;ro locrataaa arA ffnvicooa FOR BARRED WHITE or Partridge tI'iln Rock Coekrels or eggs call Black Unknown heirs, legatees and devisees Much Money Made Available by Cot-lection of Fees for Automobiles and Trucks. trrerared by the United States Department of Agriculture.) A total of 9,245.115 passenger automobiles, trucks, and commercial vehicles, 2S.114 trailers and 177.234 motor cycles were registered In the 48 states and the District of Columbia during the first six months of the present year, according to the bureau of public roads. United States Department of Agriculture. As a result of these registrations and the licensing of drivers, the states and District collected, during that period, a total gross revenue of JIOS.213.165. The figures show an increase of nearly $6.-000.000 over the full year of 1920, when such revenues totaled $102,540,-212. "Of the 1020 registration revenues." says the bureau. "$07,671. T42. or 95 per cent, was available for road work. Of the registration revenues collected during the first six months of the current year $101,793,41 is available for road work, either by the state hljrh-wav departments or local road offt- 2734. bf Valentine Pegg, deceased; John Pegg, Demaris Peg?, his wife; Un- Our Clover seed is tested. Come known heirs, legatees and devisees of in and see it. A .A. Ulrev & Co. John Pegg, deceased; Davis Pegg, Jane Peggv his wife; Unknown heirs. legatees and devisees of IJavis regg, FOR SALE A reed go-cart. Call 286. deceased; Unknown heirs, legatees FOR SALE A hatch of Brown Legr nd devisees of James Pegg, deceased, HOTSHOT If i s-C BATTERY D-O Roscoe norn cnicnens, aue pru Rich. Phone 764 Black. MISCELLANEOUS No senator gave more time, more , energy to this great task than Senator i diana and that the residence of each of said defendants, after diligent inquiry and search, is unknor.-n, and that said cause is an action to quiet title to real estate in Grant County, state of Indiana, as follows to-wit: 1 Fifty-eight and thirty-seven hund-reths acres off of the north end of the cast half of the northeast quarter New, nor did any senator render more useful services than were rendered by TRACTOR plowing done by the acre See Stanton Davis. WANTED Second hand sewing ma chine. Phone 702 Red. Senator New on the two great committees of the senate the committee ' on foreign relations and the committee on military affairs. j of Section 26, TownsTiip 23 North, i Ranee 7 East, excepting twenty acres Columbia Dry Batteries work better and last longer for bells sml buzaera fm thermostats - off of the west side of said real estate. ... ra- . Also the following: Beginning fifty representative and diversified traffic. one rods seven feet west of the north-The location tentatively selected Is be- past corner of Section 26, Township ' gas engines dry battery lighting How many uses you have for Columbia! For doorbells, buzzers, thermostats, and alarms, use one Columbia "Bell Ringer" or two Columbia "No. 6" Batteries. For ignition on gas engines and tractors, use Columbia "Hot Shot" Ignition Battery No. 1 46 1. Full power when you need it most, while starting. For quick starting ignition on Fords, use the same size Columbia "Hot Shot" Ignition Bat tween Dyer and Scherervllle In Lake 23 North. Range 7 East, running county, Indiana. j south eighty-four rods nine feet. . thence west thirteen and one-third TO PLANT MEMORIAL TREES in closet, cellar, garret, barn, etc for ignition on the Ford while starting The wurWt most ftmomt V battery. UseJ whert group of individual cells it needed. Faknettock Spring Clip Binding Potts at no extra charge rods, thence north eighty-four rods nine feet, thence east thirteen and one-third rods to the place of beginning, containing seven acres, and containing in all the above tract forty-five and thirty-seven hundreths acres, i Several National Organizations Co operating With Local Authorities in Arranjjements. For National Economy In all the great legislation of an economic, political, or moral character which has passed through congress since 1916, and especially and emphatically In all the legislation passed since the advent of the present administration. Senator New has borne an active and influential part. Every measure for national economy has received his vote. Every measure for reduction of public expenses or employes has received his support. Every bit of legislation presented in the Interest of our soldiers has received his persistent and xealous espousal. Every single measure for the betterment of the condition of the farmer has received his unstinted sympathy and support. It hasn't been more or less t ..... . ... i ,-j . iiti i hat saia action is msuiuieu linns are iiiaierimiziuie iur mr . , . .. r u planting of trees along the principal mX:JS roads In many states, as i me- described real estate as against all de- ruortal to the American soldiers who fendants. claims and claimants, what- tery No. 1 46 1. Saves your back, temper, and time. Fits under the front seat. Sold by electricians, auto supply shops and garages, hardware and general stores, and implement dealers. Insist upon Columbia. j lost their lives during the World war. soever and whomsoever, and as Several national organizations, mciua- against the world. Ing the American Legion and the Boy ' Said defendants are therefore Scouts of America, are co-oneratlne hereby notified of the filing! and pend- with local civic organizations In ar-ranrinc for the planting. The black i ency of said complaint and that unless they appear and answer or demur thereto at the calling of said cause on the 3rd day of May, A. D. 1922, the same being the 9th Judicial Day of the April Term, 1922, of said Cash Collected for Registration Fees Is Available for Improvement of Roadways. necessary for him to go into a farm ! bloc to vote for the agricultural Interests of the State of Indiana. Every j business man In Indiana knows that ) Senator New Is not only sound In all ! ' walnut seems to be the variety most i favored for such planting. Planting . davs are belne arranged In Illinois, In- ' rafale TVio nrrntiPA rtf tha nvi " . 1 - 'lt,.nctn f!sfoffrin Wo 1 a... v . v ... . . v i " - Vllillin, 1. i.-v ' 'll. Ill, .'.v ...p.. 1.1, V (L, Court, to be begun and heia at tne Courthouse in Marion, Grant County, Ohio and other states. matters of legislation affecting their j .hiring that period Is IH an apparent t..n,.. V.. I. II, 1 . 1- - . ft.2 ' . - Interests, but thev will know that his decrease of 1 per cent, but the In , 1 . ! , . . . ptrisuua.1 srn hts in soiYing ine intricate problems which have grown out of the war have been unreservedly at their command, and no soldier's per Big Help to Traveler. The state road commission of Maryland Is ercctins road markers on highways that will not only Inform the traveler where he Is, but will give him a map to guide him on the way. The signs also call attention to dangerous places, as well as explain the Maryland traffic laws for the benefit of tho stranger motorist. crease seems more apparent than real, because In some states the funds do not become available until the end of the year. Ten state leplslatures have imposed a tax on gasoline during the current year. They are Arkansas. Arizona, Connecticut, Florida. Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. South Dakota and Washington. Trior to this year Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico and Oregon had levied such a tax. The state of Louisiana has written such a measure Into Its new constitution. Now you can get yeast the way you want it sonal affairs, no farmer's just com- j plaint, has passI unheeded. Is this the sort of man which the Republicans of Indiana ought to retire from public office? Is It not true that this Is precisely the type of man we need In public office at this time, and especially In the United States senate? Solidly Behind Harding Is it not true that what is needed In Washineton at this hour more than Good Roads in Java. The island of Java Is fiSO miles long and has 40.000 kilometers of good roads. For the first time you can get a pure whole yeast in agreeable and convenient tablet form anything else is political solidarity and i PERFECT MILE OF HIGHWAY The eider duck of Iceland, is ex ceptionally fond of bright colors and musical sounds, and at the approach of the breeding season the natives hang out gayly colored rags and bells in order to attract the attention of loyalty to our great President Harding, who Is devoting himself heart and soul to the great task of lightening the burdens which rest upon the great body of the people? The Republican party had nothing to do with the making of these great burdens that burden rests upon the shoulders of the present Democratic opposition but it has assumed responsibility for slow but sure reduction in these great burdens In measures designed to lift the weight ofT business, agriculture and labor, and If this great task is to be the ducks to the nests which have To Be Constructed to Stimulate Inter-eat in Improvement of Modern Road Building. The best mile of road In the world, to be constructed at some point on the great transcontinental highway of the future Is being planned by the Lincoln Highway association, says a writer in Popular Mechanics Magazine, As an object lesson this perfect mile will stimulate Interest in highway improvements, and especially in the promotion been carefully prepared for them on t shore. you will find nothing more efficacious than a prompt treatment of Yeast Foam Tablets. They are sold by all druggists. NorlhwtittrH Yeutt Co., Chicago accomplished, It must be by an army Maker of the famous baklnp vesu Yeast Foam and Magic east Of surpassing interest to you thousands of men and women who understand the remarkable health-building proper ties of yeast is the knowledge that you can now get yeast the way you want it. Ever since the therapeutic value of yeast was definitely determined by leading scientists, there has been an insistent demand for a pure whole yeast of high vitamin potency that would keep; that would be easy and. agreeable to take; that could be conveniently carried about in the pocket, and, finally, that would not form gas nor cause flatulency or belching. In Yeast FoaznTablets these demands have been met. A food not a medicine Yeast has within itself the amazing therapeutic element, vitamin, the corrective properties of which are more astounding than any known drug or medicine. If you wish to take drugs or medicine, do so on the advice of your physician. If you wish to take a supplementary food, for its tonic action on the whole body, take pure, whole, concentrated yeast Yeast Foam Tablets. What this new yeast does Foods which lack vitamin will not maintain health," says a noted medical authority, wand many foods which originally contained this element reach our table with all vitamin eliminated, due to various heating and preparing processes The vitamin thus eliminated is restored through the addition to your regular food of Yeast Foam Tablets. They stimulate the appetite, aid digestion and enable the body to convert food into firm, healthy tissue. What to ta1eYeast Foam Tablets for For that ill health, commonly known as a run-down condition, and all its distressing symptoms such as sluggishness, anaemia, failing strength and endurance,' lost appetite and malnutrition. of politically drilled men. and not by j of ail ocean-to-ocean roadway, em-a lot of masquerading bush-whackers i bodvlng the highest Ideals of modern using the livery of the Republican American highway construction. After pa,rtT inerTiI1S the alms of Its ene- an lmm(kOS! amount of consultation miea. Every man who has even a dol- t ii.k m ,K - lar at stake in this country Is Inter- i wd collaboration among the foremost ested In having there a man of the highway engineers. It has been de-type of Harry S. New, who can always i cldert to construct this Ideal mile on KEEP THE KIDNEYS WELL Health is Worth Saving, and Some Fairmount People Know How to Save It Many Fairmount people take thtir lives in their hands by neglecting the kidneys when they know these organs need help. Weak kidneys are responsible for a vast amourrt of suffering and ill health the slightest delay is dangerous. Use Doan's Kidney Pills a remedy that has helped thousands of kidney sufferers. Here is a Fair-mount cititens recommendation. Milton Powers, decorator, 118 S. Bartley St., says: "My kidneys were the Lincoln way, so located as to be of easy access from all parts of tna be depended upon to support the administration in Its program for fie betterment of the affairs of the nation. country, and where Jt will carry a Extraordinary advantages of Yeast Foam Tablets The only pure whole yeast In easy-to-take tablet form. They contain no drugs or other ingredients. They do not form gas nor cause belching. They are the only pure whole yeast suitable for children ; they do not cause fermentation. Each lot is tested to in ore high and uniform vitamin potency. (weakened by an operation and I suf fered a nreat deal with my back. I didnt know what it was to be free from backaches. My kidneys refused to act. I used Doan's Kidney Pills from H. W. Hahne's Drug store and they regulated my kidneys and rid me of the backaches. I am glad to re-' RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FFirnKG OF GLASSZS 403 M&rion National .tnlx Cull-hia ;UAU10:i,iNBIAtti commend Doan's. Price GOc. at all dealers. Dont aimfelr ask for a kidney rettedy- gel Dotn'ft Kfelacr PUU tla icssm t .It Ffcc3 243 Sundays by A; ; Mr. : Powers karL FotersIIiIburn C. j "11 rs., OUilaUO, tl. iwitiHKiacut.

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