The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, January 23, 1937
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WEATHER ot o co 11 rrirr t T.i.ture Bu rw flawaM Tea) fM to eeeve Tear THE DAILY CLINTONIAN DAILY CUNTONIAN by 6t r. M.. Phone 41 or lir and eopy will be brought to you at once. Price Three Cent Clinton, Indiana, Saturday, January 23, 1937 Volume 25 Number 65 BENOIT GIVEN Iowan Police Chief Wants No Injuries Among Spectators COUNCIL BU-'KFS. ta.. Jan. 2S. Police Chief Klmer Lane doesn't Refugees Struggle For Lives in Ohio's Fast-Filling Valley RETURNS TO CITY :...-r9'r' ' ' ' - r I S .... 1 s. - ; s ' ft I V-l V H C . .-1.1 Akide BeuoM, 8d-yearld turuled sotni, rweiied a aenteace of life iatpHMMuuieat at tuird ImImjt atju-r be bad ooiUTeaed tuat be slagged, bot and killed fcttate Trooper HUiiarG Haauuvond near Monroe, JHii-h. I'be manner la aniiii Beaofet uw-aied bis vUtim to a Mtaiiboa: post is tdiowa at rteW, LIFE SENTENCE J Roumania't Prince Michael Undergoes Operation In Italy FIjORENCE, Italy, Jan. 28. Crown Prince Michael of Roumania underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis today and was reported in a grave condition. His father. King Cajoi was ealled bis bedside. Reliable sources said Michael bad relapse early this afternoon and that bis temperature rose suddenly. Japanese Cabinet Resigns Today as Diet Is Convened ' TOKrO, Jan. t JaspatT abi-' net, hammered by .charges ot arutv-controlled -"fascism," resigned to-i day, shoving directly before the island empire's millions the Question of rule by parliament or ru'le by tlie army. Adamant refusal of Civueral Count duicui Terauchl, -war mjniiter, .either to oinuiit Bars Karl, as be was I'hallenged to do. or te resign, caused tiie cabinets ai'lion. Victory ent to the parties in the house of representatives, where the Minseito party, although half-favor-uig the army, IkoLds such a slim majority that It did uot dare risk dis solution of the diet and the conse quent general elttction. Resigns,! iou of the cabinet during an actual shshIou of the diet bas no precedent in Japanese political liis-tory. Eiuporor Hirohito oommand-ed Premier Koki Hlrota to remain iu office until a suuuessor can be chosen. JL THE TEMPERA 'PURE By The Clinton ian thermometer: 8 a. ta., 8; noon, 20, Pain Is Less in about th wrestlers, but ! does have tbe welfare of the spec tators at heart. Explaining an edU-t that all ring side seats at wrestling matches i" the council Bluffs auditorium must be at least eight feet from the ring Chief laije declared todsy: "The way tbey throw those rass (era and referees out of the rim sooi spectator is sure to get kille if the seats aren't moved." SAM GLEGHORN LOSES LIFE IN MINE ACCIDEN1 Terre Haute Man in Hospital a-Reault of Slate Fail That Proved Fatal to One Man oa Friday One person was fatally injured and another slightly injured in ' fall of slate a tbe Universal mlrx in Universal yesterday morning a' a o'Hock. Bam CUighorn, 84. of R. R- 8 died at tbe Vermillion county bos pitai at i g. m. yesterday. His deatr was due to shock and bemorrhag' caused by several broken ribs, t fractured apine and Internal is juries. His left leg. below tbe knee was also fractured. One Injured William Gardner. t. of Terr Haute, with whom be was workisg sustained a e.ut ender-tiis right ev and bruises about the face when he was struck by the elate. He war also taken te the local hospital wheiw lie remain for severs; days. Gardner was among tbe ate whe aided la releasing Cleghorn from beneath the elate. Mr. Cleghorn is urived by th widow, Elisabeth: one eon. Donald; four brothers. Aaron, Iow, Roy and William degbom; five sisters,, Mrs. Joe Walters, Mrs, Dennis Cottrell. Mrs. Arnold Mikels, Mrs. Ocie Hj and Miss Elisabeth Cleghorn, and the father, Jobepb 8. Cleghorn. The body was taken to the Thorn as Funeral Home In Terre Haute Definite funeral arrangements bav not been made. CHICAGO WARNED BY ELECTRICIANS CHICAGO, Jan. 28 Union elec trie workers warned Chicago's mil lions today that the strike which left them without street aud traffh lights for nearly three hours las' night was "tfnly a taste" of whs' they will get next week unless theji wage demands are met. The 800 city lectriclaus demand ed return iOf a depression salary cui amounting to 88 days pay, or I20U UOU a year. The lty council said I' had no mouey. The workers, mem bers of two local units of the Inter national Brotherhood of Electrics Workers, abandoned their ai p. m. i For two hours and to miuutesl streets ordinarily lighted by J lamps were ua.i r. iuuij-um-brldges across the Chicago river re mained poised in the air. Pope's Afflicted F.D.R. EXPECTED TO INTERVENE IN GM-UAW BATTLE National Picture I Changed by Stroke Unemployment ; Many Go From Auto Plants to Relief Rolls MURPHY NURSES HOPE FOR PEACE WASHINGTON. Jaa. 25 Barring 'he proBgect that both General Moor and Labor Leader Joha L. Lew- experience a change of heart, 'resident Roosevelt must ultimately tep in and move to settle the auto mobile strike, officials oa both sides elieved bere lodsy. General Motors and labor chiefs tiave predicted this publicly; feder- officials have expressed tlie view point privately. They pointed out that the strike in the billion dollar orporatioa le costing the company miJIios dollars daily, and that idleness of employes Is adding to relief rolls and making serious inroads oa the employment total of the nation. Consequent to this, federal revenue is being lowered, while federal expenditures must inevitably rise. BATTLE HCKKK tHJPTH DETROIT, Jan. 28 Key figure a the labor war between general Motors Corporation and the United Automobile Werkers Union eped ack to Michigan today with Gov. Tank Muriphy "confident" aew Ian might lead to a settlement despite apparent failure of negotiations at Washington. Gov. Murpny, returning from Washington, disclosed in a train in-rview be bad ."new plans" for peace. He did not reveal details. 'ut saidL""! am -eouSdeat a settlement will be worked ami.'' Also returning to Detroit were William S, X M Iiwii. executive nee president ef GTA, and Homer Mar tin, president of tie anion, Ktiud- sea's announced purpose was to pat nos-strikers sow idle back to work building ut Inventories which, G. pokesmen eaid, will be stored in -.varebouses pending settlement. Commission Puts Blame for Crash On Poor System WASHINGTON. Jan. 28 The 'livi-ago elevated train disaster vtiich resulted in the death of 1 ereous and injuries to 9 others as caused by the lack of an efficient system to provide for the proper spacing of trains, the interstate "raaueroe commission reported to day, , Director W. J. Palerson of the wmmission safety ibureaa said that Chicago, Northnhore and Milwau-4e Railroad train was not brought jnder control before it crashed into ihe rear end of a Chicago Rapid Transit train. The re-port urged immediate con-siderallou of means of providing lor in adequate block signal system and elimination of wood cars from service as rapidly as practical. It also was recommended that the use of wooden cars in Uains wbich were made up of steel irs r those having steel under-frame onstruction be prohibited. The commission reported that ihe vuather was clear, will) good risi- ility. at tbe time of the aucident at ,:Jt p. m. November li. "All of the person killed and lost of those seriously injured were j tbe rear car of the L exyres aiu," the report aaid. "This was . woden car, with two steel cars ia-aedlately ahead of R- The results a the case are substantially a repe-tion of what occurred in numerous .jaes in years past on various raU-jads of the country where wooden ijuipiuenl was commonly used ia jisseiiger train service." SLEDDERS ARE WARNED AGAIN Children are prohibited from led-iding on the streets of Clinton, ac-ordmg to Chief of Police Cole Cur-y. One child was y y. One cbild narrowly escaped ln-ury yesterday and one child was silled last year as a result of sliii-ng on tbe'sireet, aud so the waru-ug has been, named again. , INTERNATIONAL PLOT REVEALED IN DEATH TRIAL Seventeen Former Officials ia Soviet Union Plead Guilty to IntrifiM Involving Germany, Japan KAREL RADEK IS AMONG DOOMED MOSCOW, Jan. ii A strange tale of international intrigue In which the exiled loa Trosky w accused of seeking the military -lid of Germany, Poland, and Jspaa to overthrow the 15ovte government was told today s the rial of I J former government olf trials, N prominent. The defendants, accused of aiding Trosky's plotting, all pleaded gHy and apparently were headed for the firing squad. . Powers lavotved The many allegatloos jncludi-d s plan to give Rskhalin Island to Japan for its oil supplies in event of war with the United Slates, wl to aid Oorauuay'a conquest of the Danube countries and the Bulks A la trerkus trial, the defendants seemed almost to boast of (lit lr guilt as they shouted tblr sins tbrough microphone. The indictment was a blistering one, Rjukfc Aocaseaj Karel ftadek, world famous pub-liciat and aost prominent of the defendants, was charged with negotiating (with a military attache avt Moscow while Trosky, tret enemy of tbe government communicated with Rudolph Hess, deputy leader of the Naei party, ia Berlin, It was alleged that Radek communicated with the military attache after Trosky, from lle, aaid that military belp from Germany, Poland and Jajjjn jrf. needed to overthrow the government. ' Jt was alleged further that it was proposed a part of tbe deal with Japan that Japan would get oil from Sakhalin Island, off the Siberian coast, in event of war with the United States. CouUuued oa Page ) Foffner Resident To Be in Charge On Sunday Night Union services will be conducted at the Christian .church Sunday at 7:80 p. BJ. by all Protestant churcn- g of the city. At that time unaries Clark of Washington, D. C, well known evangelistic singer and a former resident of Cllntou. will be in charge of the services. Mr. Clark conducts revival met- ines in the various states. He has been associated with Dr. Bulglon Oregon evaugeliat. for the past J2 year. Sunday morning at :6 o'clock he wlU ibe a guest at the Methodist church at which time be will sing several vocal solos. From there he will go to the Baptist church to at tend the morning servioes at 11 o'clock. He will leave Monday morning for Springfield. Tenn., to conduot revival meeting. The public is invited to attend this service Sunday night. them had experience in flood work last spring in Pennsylvania. Crane were carried with te boats so that they can be unloaded quickly at any point where tbey might be needed in rescue work or in transporting food and medical supplies. The boat are equipped with running lights, life belts, fire oriiueuishers. and cables. Four portable radio outfits were als provided. Each boat is 20 leet long with a 20 horse-power motor. Two coast guard amphibian air planes, piloted by Lieut. E. IS. Faye and Ueut. Percy S. Lyon, are also Kolng to tbe flooded area. They are to make surveys and report to Wash ington and to Red Cross officials eugaged In relief work. tuuiw Clark of Washington, D. ., former resident of Cliutoa. liae MWHd to le rite in rbe rule of an evangelistic singer, for M'tilcb lie line become nationally famous. He will have charge of the union eervioe at lite iiriM-tiau fliurch ob Sunday night and will appear at (lie Methodist and Baptist rhurcues la Uie morning. MILLIONS LOST AS COLD WAVE STRIKES FRUIT California's Citrus Grower in Desperation a Temperature Stay Down j Two Killed Tending Heater Los Angeles, Jan. 28 Grim winter bad invaded tbe semi-tropics today, striking a staggering blow at California's golden citrus empire. Record breaking low temperatures caused (50,000,000 in damage to tbe hundred million doljar .otop, experts declared after a" surwey -dor. "" .' " S" Imperial Valley's tomato .and can- leioupe crops 'Jinuaiiy were wipep out as the mercury sagged i- 18-6 on the desert, more than 100 degrees colder than summer temper- atur5' : . Beoovd Cold . ' ' " It M the lowest teittperaiure ever -recorded iu the alley, yhew damage was estimated at $4.0ut),- ooo. . . "ft In' .the .San Bernardino citrus belt the -tUiarometer dropped to I", lowest in 7 years. Temperatures be low 8P were the rule in other tfit rus area. , Meanwhile 00,000 griui-laoed weary men bravely carried on with 48 hours of unceasing labor burning smudge pots iu orchards in an effort to salvage whut they could of the re maining liulf of their precious crops. Pour Are Killed Four nieu forfeited their liveg to the buttle. They were burned to death while tending tbe orchard beater. Of finals HtlmateduiIsiroi7 000 gallons of oil, valued at 11.000.. immi, hud been burued lu the or- (t'oiitiuued on Pute 6) Hunter. Cold. Illne Strike Thouand Homeless in Floods RELIEF CALL IS ISSUED IN CITY Contribution for flood sufferer are to b wad to T. L. Me-Doaald of Blackmao etreet. Jadge G. Bingham, chairman of the Red Crosa chapter of Vermillion: county, received a tele-era, today from Washington, asking him to put a drive on cere to rata $T2 tor the relief of flooded area. Tie Wabash river bere dropped over one foot (luce yesterday mprn-ing, and today wu 21 feet and three inchea, while yesterday it vaa 22 feet and eevea laebea. Since Thursday Bleat no train has arrived on schedule from the south-era part of the; state. The trains have bee froa eight to twelve hour lata, and aometimes pass through water as deep as (our feet south of EvaaevlUe. Freight train which pass through her are aeea tarrying eurf boats to the Hooded districts. Death and dasWuotion. misery .nd suffering rolled over the Ohio river valley today with the yellow flood waters of the ragtag er-ria-ing riwer. As estimated 15000 persons are hoaieiee. whole taera ewamped and isolated. With refugee scattered along bl uf fa and " W mere.rr havens . ., ..c, Hn with MBnr so caUUen entirely t of', no accurate estimate of the number of fatalities is available. Long Flood Strip No section t the valley, from Pittsburgh to Cairn, 111., escaped the ravages of the relentless tide. Famine and peatilenoe threatened many section of the etrlckeu area. Oontinaed a Page ) Legislature Has Many Measures Up, Others Due INDIANAPOUa. Jan. 28. The state legislature, completing its second lull week ot In 18T session, is showing superb disregard tor Gov. M. Clifford Townsend's admonition te hold new laws to a minimum with 217 bills already introduced and approKimately as many more in the process of being drafted. Charles Kettleborough, head of the legislative reference bureau which writes toe legislators1 Ideas into form, said today that he hnr-as many bills awaiting action by his office as have been offered In the house and senate thus tar. Consequently. It 4 indicated that the number of bill to be considered by this session Fill pear 600 and will require tlrm treatment by the democratic leadership to prevent the flood of personal and sectional measures from becoming low. Many pending proposals admittedly are lor borne aonaumptioo and for the fulfillment f campaign pledgee, but enough controversial measures not backad by the administration are on file to create plenty of trouble. The "Utile NK A" hill it 1 this category. MRS. ERITTON'S FUNERAL SUNDAY Sunday at 2 p. . funeral services will be held for Mrs. Jeannette Brjt ton of New Coahen at the residence with burial la he Highland Lawn cemetery at Terre Haute. Mrs. Brittoa died at ber borne Friday following an Illness of two mouths duration. - TWO RECEIVE FINES fJave Haekett of Bwing street and James Pepella Were each fined 9.80 by Justice of Peace J. C. Hayslett yesterday on charges of operating a vehicle with improper license plate REBEL SHELLS BLAST MADRID AT NOON HOUR Tea Hits Scored oa Telephone Building; Fare Started ) Fourth Floor of Skyscraper . By AS VINWMCH MADRID, Jan. 28 insurgent ar-j tillery bombarded the American-! owned telephone building and the Grand Via ishortly before oa ta-! day, scoring 10 direct hits oa Ma-! drid's only skyscraper and killing an estimated 20 persons. The fourth floor of the telephone building, operated by a subsidiary of the 'nternational telephone and Telegraph Company, was In flames as t write litis dispatch $0 feel away. , ! Skyscraper Mrs Ten rebel shells smashed their way through the buildiug from the third to the lltb floors, wrecking biMihunft switchboards, control boards and lines. (Continued oa Page CENTENARY MAN HURT IN WRECK Wllliami Counsell, of Centenary.! was slightly injured In an auto ac cident yesterday, when be oinaea with Pete Secondiuo at Tbird sua Mulberry streets. Counsell was treated at the local hospital a no then enioved to his borne. Both cars were damaged. A car belonging to Cedric Berry. of Sheuardaville, waa badly dam aged yesterday when it caught Ore iu the Miami neighborhood. FJXIOTT RITES ARE ARRANGED 1 Funeral services lor Ha den Santord Elliott, father or .rne... Elliott of Vine street, will be held at 2 p. m. Sunday at tbe Prat- rie Creek Baptist churcb. ot wmcn be was a member. Mr. Elliott died at tbe Vermillion county hospital Saturday morning from a beart attack following pneu monia fever. Burial wlU be in the New Har mony cemetery at Prairie Creek. PROSECUTOR IN CITY County Prosecutor Eaton J. Dud ley will be in Clinton every Satur day afternoon, and anyone wishing to see him may do so by celling at the city Jail. INJURIES PROVE FATAL FORT WAYNE. Ind.. Jan. 28.- Guy Fullx. 42, Wabash railroad em-nlov. died yesterday of Injury re- reived when struck by a u t a Trains Convey Boats, Men From Leas Today; Resumes Customary Cood Night's Sleep Uncle Sam's Coast Cuard to Aid Relief Work in Flooded Districts Routine After VATICAN CITY. Jan. 23. Pain ,-bich bas tortured Pope Pius tor days was lessened today and he was able to carry out hi normal rou tine. Tbe pain persisted in his legs. swelled by varicose veins, but tbe spasms were of briefer duration and at greater intervals. A spokesman said that he bad enjoyed a mere restful sleep than for three nights past, and that his general condition appeared unchanged. It is the heart condition that causes anxiety. After listeniug to mass and taking communion in bed, tbe pope re ceived Prof. Amiuta Miltnl, the Vatican physician, who administered ointments and hot pad to tbe swelled leg. He then asked to e rriinl fueelli. hi eeereeerr of state aud a daily visitor, aud tbey discussed current churcb problemi at length. gtepurte Denied A member of the Vatican oecre tariat of elate denied reports thai the pope was prostrated twice yes terday. "The notip's condition varies lit tie from day to day," this omeia said. 'There has been no marker: change in tbe fundamental condition and there is nothing abnormal to report." Another spokesman called tbe report, which were that the pope lay speechless and motionless, fantastic and without foundation. This spokesman eaid that Friday was the beet day the pope passed three days, though he wot weak from pais. NEW YORK. Jan. IS. The. United States coast guard went inland, uday--Tby train Vo. the relief of Ohio river flood victims. x route from Atlantic City." N. J., .to Cincinnati on flat oars .were ten motor surf boats and 2 turf men, bile ten additional aoats were .shipped from Jersey Ctty , Eyansville. Ind., via Albany, N. Y. Ftftyix men were In the seoond contingent. ,; : The lioats were assembled en Abe New Jersey coast from Jjong Island and other coast guard stations in this area and were placed under the command of Lieut. M. P. Jensen and Boatswain Joseph Maiota, Many of the - coast g uardsmen assigned to rsday mgbi. They were arrested Thursday, jThu J

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