The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 22, 1937 · Page 9
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 9

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1937
Page 9
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Page 9 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday, January 22, 1937 One of Mellon's Art Treasures LUXURY MODEL5VRfsfIE SYNOPSIS THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ... Foundfcd 1011 ' - ' Established as The Weekly Clintonian 1800 1 -The Clinton Plaindealer absorbed In 1K08. ' - - George L Carey Editor and Publisher sintered at the PbatofUce at Clinton, Indiana, a Second Was Matter. - Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association - Nntionnl Advertising Repreewntnlivm (iwo. b. nAVtn rt.- lor, how am I to believe anything?'' Gently he took her hands. "Before we went on the plane, yon remember I sent a messenger to my hotel with money to pay the bill end instructions to bring a bag to me V' "The bag you took to Yuma and The mirror gave back a grotesque picture of herself, tear-stained and appallingly grimy. The thing to do was take a bath. She would feel better then, be able to come to some decision, perhaps. Th warm water relaxed her tired '..1 mi I t -F I brought here?" body. She lay there, almost coma lie nodded. "1 cnecaen it in uw men's room downstairs. My divoroe naners are in it. Elir.nlieth. You cau lflnn Wi-lgley Illdg., Chicago. I 1(1 General Motors niilK.I Detroit 110 Knit 4'nd W , Nee Yrk tose, bar uiougnu in suspension. Someone had left a box of talcum on the window ledge. She dusted herself with the fragrant powder. A heavy bathrobe of Turkish towelling was on the towel rack. She slipped it on. She splashed cold water on her fan, till hnr eheeka e-lowed. Then I'l.OI.B 117. see them for yourself." Ske broke down. He took the sob-bing girl into his arms. But thl time without ardor. More like an elder brother or father. Phona 41 I 1 .. a H she applied powder and lipstick. The "Youre all on edge. Hop into bed, darling, and let me tuck you up." "YouU come back for me not later than six o'clock, Gerald?" He promised. The room was dark and It seemed deep shadows round ner eyas tnai, had come from fatigue and anxiety-gave depth to her beauty. She started in alarm and her breath caught In hei hroat aa someone rane4 sharply on the door of tilt DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM t - 1. To'fUrttier every iriteret' of Parka and Vermillion counties. 2. T aUid the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry.. 3. TrV fcooperate- in solving Vermillion' County's onrrtiploy ment problrtn. ' 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moil attractive city ' of its tit in the atalel . ; i. . ; V . . movies THK WHITlt RAtil,!?" but lie illlike mi effort In help ln'i-light a linndlt band mill! be retiliz-s his lovn ror her. Thou Jlellamy MugeB a thrilling comeback. "Just (be Type" la Hie comedy, n "Dig; Blow Out" 1b n novelty and John KJiik s "Aeo Hi iiimuond" is Ibe continued feature. AT THE OOLVMBIA , BiiVk Jonea, the most popular hero of the rasl-movlng Western epirs, hnB the leading i-ole ' of the quick-shooting daredevil hero of "The White Kuile'' on the screen Friday and Saturday at the Columbia, A Sport Short and' a comedy about a '"Bashful Buddy" fire other subjects on the program. Jne of the greatest private art collections in the world is expected become a federal public exhibit in Washington when eongresa lets on President Roosevelt's recommendation to accept the offer jf Andrew W. Mellon, former secretary of the treasury. Mellon fi"ered ins art masterpieces, valued at about $20,000,000. along with a fund ot t9.000.000 to provide suitable housing for the collection, to the people of United States. One of the most famous Mellon Masterpieces is Titian's "Toilet at Venus", above, worth ItMO.uOO. WASTKIi: JANK TUINEIt" AT TflK I'AI.ACR (llorin Stuart unit Lee Trncy have a say yet dangerous time of it in "Wanted: Jane Turner", the two playing the parts of II. S. Post-office Inspectors (though (llorin I only Ills secretary . The story hristles Willi public enemies, very dead corpses and beautiful blonds. Barbara Pepper appears as the attractive decoy for the Kane's mall work."-TrulllhK' the culprits, Tracy and Miss Stuart come face to fue.O with the chief of the culprits wh" has never been caught by police. In addition to all this excitement, you'll see Yellowstone Park" in all Its glory, a comedy and newsreel. months visit. YESTERDAYS JANI'AltY 22, 11112 "Illliin Nichols was in Brazil Sun "WII.II BRIAN KKNT" AT THR WABAHH Harold Bell Wright's best-selling novel called "The lie-Creation of Brian Kent" Iff now brought to life on the screen by Ralph Bellumy and Mae Clarke in the ninlii roles assisted by Helen Lowell, Richard Alexander and Lew iKelly. Bellamy is a lazy playboy who gets stranded In a western town without money of friends' Miss Clarke befriends him Oa lha train, nroota to her horn to Lot Anfele from collee. Eltrabeth Harmon meti bandaoma Garald Bruton. younc lock broker. At luncha-on, when Kliiabctb compare college to prison, a hard look ereepa Into Gerald' face. and. later, when a man approaches their table and ex-clalms, "I never expected to ie you in Ihia part of the world!" lie turns white. At home, Elizabeth's step-father. Colonel James McCarthy, forbids her to go out with Gerald, so she arranges to meet him clandestinely. Over champagne, at the swanky Miramar, Gerald Tells Elizabeth of bis love for her. She la deliriously happy and, gazing at the stars, waxes poetical. Had he laoked at Gerald at that instant, aha would have seen a queen attained look, on bis fee. Their tete-e-tet is Interrupted by the suddea appearance of two friends of Elizabeth, Nancy and Jasper, wba r celebrating their engagement. The four young people elope to Tumaj Arizona, where a double wedding is performed. After the ceremony, Gerald refuses to poee for the news, photographers. He and Elizabeth slip out a side door. Gerald is in favor of driving straight through to Tia Juana, but Elizabeth is too tired, o they stop at San Diego where Gerald uggests that she take a Single room in her own name in or-er to keep their marriage secret until they crose the border. While Elizabeth ia registering, a woman approaches Brutoa and exclaims. "Why, Gerald, I'd no idea you were 'n California. Have you brought your wife along? Or s M'. Bruton in Chicago?" CHAPTER VI The. room clerk had given Elizabeth her key. From her stiff tingem it clattered to the desk. She picked it up, A wiftt Was the woman crazy? A wife in Chicago! Mrs. Bruton T Qeiwld? . , ' -A'BTeat wave of faintness swept over her. She reeled. She put out a hand to steady herself and caught at the edge of the desk. The room clerk ii (mailed a bellboy to show her to her room, giving him the number. With an effort she summoned her strength to get her to the elevator. Inside the car the gates clanged-shut The car shot up. It stopped at the fourth floor. "To the left, miss. Down the passage." The bellboy stared at the pale, beautiful girl with the strange look on her face; He decided she had been drinking. That would account for it. - He unlocked the door with his ass-key, throwing it open. She stepped in quickly, slamming the door in his face, and forgetting even i "thank you." He could hear the key rasp in the lock. He whistled softly. Some partyl Inside the cool, quiet room, Elizabeth had just strength enough to est to the bed. She lay across it helplessly. The walls were leaping up and down, the bed shaking violently. She lay there for a few minutes, everything whirling. Then sharp nausea assailed her. Her physical distress was so intense that for a while it blotted out the mental. The. paroxysm stopped. She lifted her head, saw her face deathly white in the mirror above the wash-basin. Sh sat down on the edge of the bath, her head in her two hands. Gradually it began to clear a little. If . what the woman said were frue . . .? It couldn't be I Gerald would never be such a scoundrel I A still, small voice Inside tier whispered: "What do you really know about him?" She racked her brains to remember all their talk last night and the Erevious night. It evaded her. It ad been a mad medley of love-making to the accompaniment of music, and loads of champagne, and Spring glamour, aad moonlight on the ocean. In the plane whirling over the eerie desert that lay whitely be-Inw them. Gerald had held her hand. Edward Ro,4e, employfd at tlio Alherton mine, was rtligHfly Injured Thursday hy the biiHiuens end of a mule's leg. day. IF 1 A Jr Miss Ethel Doughty and Mrs. W. R, Ben ner are preparing to stall next Sunday In California, for a few Misses Maggie Maokey and Klva Fflley spent Saturday" and Sunday at West Terre Haute, the gnests of Misses Maggie and Josie Hughes. They attended the Orand Saturday night. Closing and locking the door behind him, Gerald made two strides towards .iizaoetn ana Kaiaercu uci iu ium the bedroom. Elizabeth. It's I Gerald, upen. as thougb she had been sleeping for years when she was aroused Ly a peremptory rapping. There was something in the harsh, insistent I want to speak to you." She oat a hand to her rapidly quality of those knocks that made Elizabeth spring from her bed in beating heart, hesitating. The peremptory summons came again.. Other people would hear him. affright, switch on tne ugni, ana then stand helplessly staring at the door-knob which was violently turn J.AMAHY 22, 12 Miss Virginia Satmnnil, ynutliful Clinton dancer, and William Ilui ton. talented violinist, are to take part in the program Friday night at Dreamland hall which is to be given in celebration of the birth unuivers-iiy of Robert Burns, scotch poet. If she wotUdn't open, were wouio. oe a scandal in the hotel, Eeluctantly, and trembling as she held the bath ing, though the door did not give. Use your pass-key, Mcdraw, a robe tightly about her slender ooay. she unlocked the door to him. The vision that Gerald Bruton saw stentorian voice boomed. Following the grinding of the key in the lock, the door opened, revealing three strange men. waa so breath-takingly lovely that it went to his head like wine. Closing and locking the door behind him. he made two strides towards Elizabeth and rathered her in bis arms, "Where is he?" snapped one or them, glaring at Elizabeth. Another peered about the bedroom while a third strode into the bedroom. bathrobe and all, kissing her pas "Where's who ? What do you sionately, straining ner to mm. With all her strength she tried to The condition of Thelma Kh sh, who is in St. Elizabeth's hospital in Clik'iigo with the flu, is said to be a Utile better according to the latest word received hy her sister, Mrs, Louis Carli, of Whitcomb avenue. Miss fiirsch formerly lived here and has been ill for the past few weeks. mean?" she faltered. "Who are throw him off. but she waa power- leas. "Don'tl Oh, don't!" she nan you? What do you want here?" "We're from the district attorney's office. We want Gerald Bruton." The first man produced a paper from his pocket. "A nice chase sobbed. He onlv strained bar closer, Bis he s given us. nere s a wiwiauv i... hungry kisses raining on her throat. With a violent wrench she freed herself, staggering back against the bis arrest. Elizabeth Bruton stared at tne wall. "Yon dare to touch met she "Jf-?"'.! ' i. j iv.i- i. .. moiiooroea nskprl them to select items they Mrs. Mable Church and daughter, Hilda Lee, of Fairview Park and Owen S. Cam.pbell of Center visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell of South Main street yesterday. choked, dragging the robe about her. detective, her face ashen. They had come here for Gerald? They were going to arrest him because he had eloped with her, a minor? He was to be punished because she bad deceived him a to 'You dare to come nerer Thpt-a waa horror in her eves. As we aeaicaieu una wee iu .- knew you'd want and promised them we'd knock the prices to rock-bottm. Here are their selections, and just look at those Prices! he saw that look, passion subsided. "Good lordl Aren t you my wue i What do yon think I'm made of, her age? lllBlIIIIIIIIlll!lllll!IWIIIIllllWIH "Youre maning a temoie mis Elizabeth?" "Your wife? Why, youTa mar take." Her own voice sounded tar away, like that of a stranger. She Amazing Soap Values This Week Only COMPARE put out a nana to srcuuy nwiwu, caught at the back of a chair. .Mr. and M is, Ka,r 1 T u r ne r a n d son; Jack J Miss Marie Fields and Mrs. Mallie Marshall aud sons, Lyh Vernon and Harold C, of South Fourth' street,- spent Sunday with Mrs. Turner's and .Miss Fields' mother, Mrs. Carrie Fields' and Mrs. Leutta Young, southeast of Brazil. Don t play tne innocent angei. ried alreadyl Don't you think I heard what that woman in the lobby just said to you?" She laughed shrilly, hysterically. "Elizabeth, be silentl I tell yon you're mistaken. I'm married to no one but you. I have no other wife." "But I heard her. A wife in Chi sister. You know what 1 mean. but she could hardly hear what he Lge. Pkg. II 11 S3! ill I CIIIPS0 or lOXYDOL 18 Had Gerald married ner wnen ne already had a legal wife? Was his divorce a lie? Would they both have to go to jail together on a charge of bigamy? said to her over the roar of the twin motors. They had drunk champagne In the alcv. it had made her mad for him. cago, she said plainly. Don't lie to me, berald. "I'm not lying, Elizabeth. I'm go-tn- to ezTilaln. For the Lord's sake. The detective tappea me paper in bis hand. Ho sniffed: "You know darn well he's, wanted for 23c ii utterly reckless. Nothing in the world had counted but himself and her, and the electrifying knowledge they wer to be married immedi 1 LIFEBUOY or LUX 4 c, don't make a scene and have the whole hotel about our ears. Come, Miss Lucina Charles of Neheker street is spending a few days in Terre Haute as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kgloss. defrauding Innocent Investors in Frisco, and umcago wanu nun on sit here with me." He tried to draw her towards him. but she shook him ately. -She remembered now. with a sick. 4 Cake, J or PALMOLIVE CAMAY off aa though his vary touch were Tomato Juiu 3 c" 25c Giant Cin. Ion. Brand Spimch 3 & 25c ire From Ortt Supr Corn 3 c 25c Swst and Tandr Peas - 3 c.n. 25c Sited Early Jum Flour "$105 Pill, burr Of OoW MmVI Margarine 2 27e i Kyko Soup 2 c $5o Cam Tall Bar Pickles ' . 2 " 25e Brd and Bu(tr 0. . . . .a a S. loathsome. the same count too. Where a he hiding, sister? Come on. Com across." She moistened her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. She felt aha was choking. ening sinking of the heart, his desire to get away from Tuma, his dread of publicity. Why, be wouldn't even let her wait to say rood-bye to the Go on. Say what you have to say. FEL5 NAPTMA 1U uc m m stand here." 10s The expression on his face was m-im. He had thought her soft and Ban "He'll be here any minuie. ne n OK SOAP other couple; nor had he wanted to stop In San Diego, but get right on over the border into Mexico. Ha had told her to register in her explain. It's all a. mistake. I tall yielding. Never gi.eased she could be such a termagent. .'.JIIIl'i'HiiMHJ,H'",flH"'f":,liiH' Mrs. David Build. Mrs. Walter Shorter. Mrs. George Waters, Mrs. Tom McLutehle, Mrs. Matthew W u rd ro pe, Mr, a n d Mrs. Willi a m Kae, Mrs. Fmily llaigh, Mrs. Agues Wardrope, ami Mrs. Walter Burn-side attended the Burns' concert and dance in Terre Haute Saturday evening. -SiaajwajM IMiaflljiamMNlMlittltlttl! He said slowly: -It's really very "reanr rne same raisiaae mat rated him a two-year stretch in awn name in this hotel. Wasn't that eenflrming proof T Riaanvt simple. I have been married. 1 m divorced now. You're legally my New York?" She sank helplessly on the bed. Assorted Flavors 9c Pkgs. wife. Elizitheth. JELLO Scarlet flooded her cheeks. She trembled with shock and horror. Whv didn't Gerald telephone her? her face hidden in ber bauds, great, shudders shaking her. The men from the district attorney's office were unmoved. They '190 lge. Bots. 25c Fiour Because he knew she had heard. Recause he waa unable to face her. Her eye never left his face, but he saw the horror gradually fade from them and th look of strain lesren. If that really it true, why didn't you tell me? Why did you leave me ta find it out from strangers?" CATSUP FLOUR 79c Had be gone away? Ought she to escape now? But where en earth to go, with hardly any money ia her pocket-book? There must be an explanation! Apple Jelly Whitenuuaa ffranslruil 2 Cam lac "Because I happened to fall tn love with you, and fool that 1 was Short Interviews PEACHESs..."i" 2'S 29c The thing to do was keep one's bead Juice Bordo Sweetened . . . wait her for Gerald to call her. 2 19c No one had compelled hire to but) her. He must have cared for Poil Toastiei Uaaaiifaat Food I was arraiu or uie eneci ic mipni have on a young girl ignorant of the world. Don't you know that love make cowards of the best of us, Elizabeth ?" Ilia voice had a ooax-ing, ingratiating quality. Hia ayes had that warm, snagnecte look ic HWUni!aranaaiaiMiiiaiw i - m I had witnessed loo many srenee at this sort to he anything but skep. tical about them. She was stalling to gain time. Potting on her act. "Second offence this time. Itll be a long stretch, and melodramatic won't help any." She lifted a face so drawn am tortured to the apeaker that a faint touch of pity sounded in his vokr aa he answered bar stammered question: "Yon mean, he's been wi prison f "Sure. Only out of the pen a few months, and uo to his aid gam again.' . She was -stunned. But she knew, as dearly as if a great dark curtain had been suddenly swept aside. her. Hadn't bis actions, from the moment of their romantic meeting on the train, clearly showed what be felt for her I A devastatta1 thought struck her. Uem she had first seen oa tne cram. Seeing his advantage, he pressed it. "If voo don't believe me. I'll take Sale on Quaker Maid Canned Goods SULTANA BRAND PEANUT BUTTER Ha had realized that she was not the voo te Mr. St. Ives' sitting room Fresh Fruits ana Vegetable an s the woman woo spoae to me in the lobbv. aithoueb I didn't know land who wwdd eves give herself outside of marriage, so for the oya of a brief honey moon he bad Bnnw a aop to .convection, froze yeu'd heard her end shell repeat to you what I just told her about my divorce. through a meeningleae ceremony I-Her hands clenched. "I hate him! Then she broke down. YELLOW 2-Lb. Jar 23' revealing her situation in its atark-ness and cruelty, that wliatthe maa said was true. So many things tallied. (To Be Continued), Kl rubim raeiaa, be "But how am I to know tfs true How am 1 to know yon weren't deceiving her ae well aa me I Since yon keptuat back, poaing a a bache- The storm of tears spent, she went over to the baaia to get a glass f toe water. LOS ANGKLKS Pierre Clemen-iPiiu, (jrandson of former French Premier CeoiRes riemeni-eau. lauds America's neutrality stand: "I have a little boy at home, and t must remind myself that It is likely that little hoy will have to go to war That is Kurope. In America yon dn not rear your i-hildren with that reeling, ' NEW - YORK Ohnrles Ci. fond, commissioner of the New York City alcoholic beverace hoard, laments the fact that women are permitted to stand at bars: "lf not a pretty r.lKht, hut under present laws women have tlm same riehta Bts men.'1 : CHICAGO I'rof. Fay-Cooper Cole, head of the department of atl-i hmpoliiey at the I'niversity of Chi-'ago, reflates the theory of evolution: -.i. ii utists are practically ull-mininua in lluir belief that all e- ONIONS 5 & 10c HEAD LETTUCE war will have a llillilaililui iall e: - 12 2 55c Si 25c 6c.39c o. in PORK AND BuANS SALAD DRESSING WHITEHOUSE MILK RAJAH VINEGAR feet: "non-fiiial cas could disrupi loniplelely the iii.rijial activities of a lare etly. bringing Ihe enemy ti. term with a minimum of casual DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST Criap 5c hot. ww ties' 249 i Scuth Main Strew! Isting forms of life have come from older and simpler forms. "' PALM SPItlNClS. Oil . Paul l.u kas, aetor, explains why he lives at this resort: "time simply ceases on the desert and one assumes a calm, rational perspective of thinEs." NEW YORK Jol. Adeline Gibson, chemical warfare service, he-lieves the use of gua in the next Clinton, Hid mi. m 'llll lulls llll lllliliW it'llil'llil'twHllfi guuHiaWA.UhlUllbkia:IUIli Most Valuable Diamond Blue diamonds ant' absolutely colorless diamunds are more valuable than those with tushes of other coiars. .0eliPPO.Sfl3 READ THE ADS

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