The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 16, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS 525 FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT do solemnly swear that the above statement is true. E. M. BLOSE, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 14th day of March 1922. CHAUNCEY T. PARKER, Notary Public. My Commission expires June 18, 1924. (SEAL) BANK STATEMENT No. State 71-435. Arthur R. Maloney, President; Charles T. Parker, Vice-President; E. M. Blose. Cashier; W. W. Ware, Asst. Cashier. Report of the condition of the Citizens State Bank Rev. Thompson of Marion (for Nevin Raber this season, has be- Presides at Wesleyan Meeting. hif sPrin wrk bv br!ai"g a The Rev. Walter Thompson of Ma- j Pjece of sod ground on the old factory L. E. Richards is taking treatments at Muncie for a cancer on his eye. Cecil Couch, who was opera Led on at Marion some time ago fur lung trouble, is still confined to his bed. Mrs. Frank Payne and daughter. Clista Ruth, are on the sick list. Mrs. Mary Hazel baker is seiously ill at her home with complication diseases and her recovery is doubtful. W. W. Payne is suffering with a gathered head. Mrs. Bessie Couch is sufTerii;' with a gathered jaw on account of having her teeth worked on. Nclder Underwood while returning site. rion presided at the Quarterly Con It is the habit . of bees to place their honey in the coolest place in the hive, and the young insects in the warmest. at Fairmount, in the State of Indiana, at the close of its business on March 10, 1922. RESOURCES Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and i cm.1 ironi a sale with a hot m a trai:er on the back of his machine, as j Loans and Discounts ..$140,779.87 47.13 Ruth Retz, daughter of Mr. Retz, principal, visited school Tuesday. Mary Corn and Verniece Lees were absent from school this week. Clarence Delbert and Lillian Mit-chiner are absent from school being quarantined on account of diphtheria in the family. Mrs. Dallas Atkinson and Mrs. S. F. Kinsey were Fairmount callers Saturday. Two truck loads of hogs were loaded at the local stock pens and taken to other points to be placed on the market. ,Mrs. Fred Curtis and children were visitors Tuesday afternoon at the he looked back saw his trailei. horr Overdrafts ference Thursday evening: at the Wesleyan Methodist church. Rev. Thompson who is conference president, had other engagements for Saturday and Sunday, being the cause of the midweek meeting. Cradle Roll Program By Boxell Bible Class. The Cradle Roll entertainment which was fjiven Sunday evening at the ML P. church in honor of that department proved a success in spite of three speakers being absent. A quartet from Marion gave several numbers which were highly appreciat- TV, a Rrt-roll RiWo rlacs Via vine and ail turning somersaults ovr and over and over and ever. D. E. Richards and family entertained at Sunday dinner, Mrs. Bessie Dr. EMIL FARIS Other Bonds and Securities 5,000.00 Banking) House 8,000.00 Furniture and Fixtures 1,000.00 Due from Banks and Trust Co.'s 14.642.59 Couch and children, Clayton, Carl Exclusively Optical South Side Square Mario Miss Gladys Cash on Hand 7,316.50 afford and Effie Bell, Payne and Luther and Willy Payne. current expenses l,b7.Z4 Interest Paid 499.01 Trust Securities 22,993.11 Mrs. Joe iloier? of near Gaston. v;'d Mrs. l-'na.k Payne Friday charge of the program sang some ; home of Mrs. Henry Owens. Miss Anna Smith has accepted the ' Zella Hazelbaker and wife a.e run- Budapast, Hungary, embraces the historic town of Ofen, once a Roman colony. choice selections, also a beautiful duet was given by class members to a crowded house. Nothing hitherto has been deemed more worthless than fish scales, yet the commercial fishermen now find a market for them at a very satisfactory price, 50 cents a pound. It should be said, however, that only the scales of some species of fish, such as the shad, the river herringt and the sea herring, have value. These silvery scales are now systematically saved by the fishermen of Maine, Massachusetts and Virginia, and during the last year six tons of alewife scales alone were thus collected and sold. The scales are used in the manufacture of "pear essence," which is the material employed for lining the glass globules commonly sold as imitation pearls. It is a beautifully irridescent sub- position as helper in the local bank, ning a dairy in which they are milking as Gertrude Holloway will retire 24 cows. Milkers wanted. from the position in a few days. Ben Couch and family ca1led on Mrs. Emma Harrison from the Isaiac Ice and family Sunday evening, country was a guest Wednesday of Lulu Ice, who has been working at her sisters, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Marion is visiting her parents. Crawford. I Russel Kimes and wife visited his A baby boy arrived a few days ! parents, Ben Kimes, Saturday and arc at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ce- j Sunday. The inhabitants of Jutland are believed to be the most nearly genuine specimens of the old Danish stock. Total Resources ... $202,145.45 LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid in...$ 25,000.00 S.urplus 7,000.00 Undivided Profits 3,500.00 Exchange, Discounts and Interest 3,120.97 Demand Deposits $72,733.07 Demand Certificates $34,092.62 106,825.69 Savings Deposits $7,459.37 Trust Deposits, $4,246.31.. 11,705.68 Bills Payable 22.000.00 Trust Investments 22,993.11 Martha Couch visited Saturday The gnat fashions its eggs in the shape of a lifeboat. You can not sink them without breaking them to pieces. cil Corn, which has been named Robert Cecil. Mr. and Mrs. George Bannister night with Rhoda Helms. D. E. Richards and Russel Kimes moved ther household goods from the j were in Alexandria on business local telephone exchange the latter Thursday afternoon. nart of the week, where they had j Mr. and Mrs. Ben Couch and daugh- been stored for several days. I ter Martha visited Mr. and Mrs. Cecil During the last 300 years there have been more changes in hat fashions than in any other part of. men's attire. Total Liabilities $202,145.45 scales by chemical means, is utilized STATE OF INDIANA, COUNTY OF . . Mr. and Mrs. Will Ballard were visitors Wednesday at the home of the latter's mother, Mrs. Jennie Craw j Couch and family Sunday. 1 A bigi crowd of people attended the Howell and Carmony sale, Wednesday. The Aid from the Wesleyan in the form of a slightly milky fluid which looks as if shot with all the GRANT, ss: I. E. M. Blose. Cashier of the ford. Citizens State Bank, Fairmount, Ind., hues of the rainbow. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS. Pet Luck Supper At M. P. Church. A pot luck supper was served Friday evening of last week by the seni-orand intermediate Christian Endeavor of the M. P. church in the basement of the church. Owing to the continued downpour of rain only a portion of the members were able to come. Those present were Misses Mary Compton, Gail Smith, Elsie Lees, Anna Smith. Gladys Miller, Rhoda Helms, Martha Couch, Frances Murray, .M'eiry Simons. Dorothy Ford, Verniece Lees, Iris Allen, Helen Cas-kev, Freda Owens, Vera Jones, Messrs Ben Brewer, Paul Royal. Myron Partridge, George Allen, Byron Duling, Clyde Lynch, Robert Lees, Arthur Lynch, Horace Smith, Clayton Todd and Ray Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright Meet Peculiar Accident. An accident occurred Sunday morning which mirftt have resulted far more seriously than it did. In some manner, as Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wright and son Loren were driving to Sunday school, their buggy became uncoupled, throwing the trio to the ground, Mrs. Wright falling on her head and shoulders, receiving severe bruises and also an ugly cut on her face. The others escaped with minor h"rts. The horse became frightened and ran away with the two front wheels, but was caught near the C. & O. railroad, having run the entire length of the town. Mr. and Mrs. Otho Hardy were Methodist church served lunch, $18 Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred was cleared. Curtis. Miss Reba Holmes of near Summit- Miss Opal Key, who is making, her ville visited Miss Gladys Payne Thurs-home with her aunt, Mrs. Sarah New- day. ton, near Sweetser called on friends Mr. and Mrs. Frank Payne are pre-here Sunday. paring to move this wTeek to their new Mrs. Mattie Caskey with her moth- home near Gas City, er, Mrs. Atkins and Irene Hancock, Virgil Carmony and wife are go-were callers at the home of Mr. and ing to move soon to Fairmount where Mrs. Clyde Caskey Monday evening. Mr. Carmony will take up black-Charles Haynes and family have smithing, mn' H to the John King farm north Mr. and Mrs. Will Mason were in of town. Fairmount Thursday. A community sale was held at the Relatives of Frank Payne and wife D. vV. -Nottingham barn Wedneshay with well filled baskets gathered at afternoon with Clayton Dickerson inv,;, home Sunday, March 5, and gave1 charge. him a farewell dinner. The following j Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Myers were j quests were present: Nolder Under-' called to Carmel last Wednesday by , wood, wife and son Harry, Mr. and The critical illness of the former's ; Mrs. D. E. Richards and son Earl i aged father and have not returned at ! Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Zella Hazelbaker, ! mis writing. j Mr. and Mlrs. W. W. Payne, Bessie ' Sick children in the community are j Couch and children. Vivian and Effie ; renorted better at this time as most Miss Holloway Becomes Gf them have been able to return to Bell Couch, Clayton, Clifford and Carl , , Couch, Morgan Luther, Willie, Paul ! and Clista Ruth Payne and Miss j Gladys Payne. j Bride of Tonv Soence. : their studies. Miss Gertrude Holloway, daughter j John Langsdon son of Mr. and Mrs. of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Holloway. resid- j Ray Langsdon, is out of school owing ing nar Fowlert on and Tony Spence, i to sickness. , . .. .t, , son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Spence, ' Misses .VUdge and Gail Smith and of near Fairmount. were united in i Evelyn Smith were Sunday evening marria at the bride's parents, Sat-j callers of Miss Pearl Lynch north of J NEW MULBERRY j town Clyde Davis spent last week at In- urdav eveninc at 7 D. m.. by Rev. Miss Marjorie Caskey has returned j dianapolis. Rhoads of Fairmount- Those pres Mr. the to school after being absent several Virginia, the litle daughter of days by sickness. . and Mrs. Mark Richards, is on Clayton Dickerson was a Marion sick list. ! visitor Monday afternoon. The Kingsley W. C. T. U., held ! Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barrett are j their first March meeting at the home ' Wage 'moving to tneir new nome m juucs- .j Mrs. koss Troyer with Mrs. taiza-boro. ! beth Anderson and Mrs. Doxey Miller ; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dickerson as leaders. I were in Fairmount Monday afternoon. r anj jjrs. Joseph Littler are on Chalmer Kerr and Ben Leach have tne sjck ijst j started on their spring occupation of j Misg Cora Kibby wag home f rQm spraying fruit trees. .Muncie Normal over Sunday. ent were Mr and Mr .T. C Hnllownv and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Snence and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Spence and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Corn, Mr. W. W. Corn and son, Mrs. Sarah Holloway, Miss Opal Lewis, Miss Mary Arnet and Floyd Corn. Mr. and Mrs. Spence will reside on a farm in Madison county. Local and Personal Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis Tuesday. Dan Payne and family were Sunday evening guests of Holland Nottingham. Wilie Craw spent Wednesday with V? mother near Matthews. Mrs. Earners mount, was a caller here 3ionaay ei e-ning. I Mr. and Mrs. Zella Hazelbaker of Delaware county were shopping here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kibby were the guests of Emory Carter and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Burr Wilson and Mrs. Eva Arnett attended church at Fow-lerton Sunday evening. Dallas Atkinson, who has oeen em- raw na ut-.. ... . . . w f r. & O. railroad com-! "M ; 1 1 ..- 0-,,- eral weeks, but is convalescing, at VJ . . . '"V'Vrfav 1 thMrlntCynthia Mann of Fairmount night and Sunday with his family i Mrs Jcsp.. q. m has gone to Ar visited Mrs Jennie Leach Sunday and here. - . cado for a short stay. MonSv Mrs Mann plans on mov- Mw. Will Murray was a Marion vis- q Frank Richards are on the sick itor Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caskey were TrT-Tviniirit rallers Friday evening. Mrs. list. and Mrs. Samuel Brown have hTt-c S R Tarb is able to be up! Mr. moved to the I. Richard farm north of ,TMatthews. ing to her farm north of r owlerton . in the near future. The heavy rain of Friday night badlv handicaped services at the Wes- j leyan church, this being their Quart- ; erly iMi?etine; also the senior endea- , vor entertainment at the M. P. church. I the attendance being small at both j churches. . , ) Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dickerson at-JnA tVi birtbdav anniversary sur- Miss Estella Davis was at Indianapolis Saturday and Sunday. after be'ng confined to her bed tor several days, suffering from gallstones. , Mr. and Mrs. Noel Whittaker of Dunkirk were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood. Miss Carrol Millspaug,h returned home with . ... t x 1 If.. T7 , tV,om Veter at Summitville Sjanday. About I w Misses Elsie Lees, Gail Smith and fiW-latives ard friends came with Lacey Leach were week-end guests well filled baskets from which a sum- I of Marion friends. ptious dSner was served at the noon Mrs. Willard Dickerson was absent hou Mr and Mrs. Dickerson re- from her Sunday school class Sunday Sn, home at a late hour reported .on account of ill health. M. A-a very eniovable event. ers s teacher of the Lxcelsior 01 A ?ar W of cTnders is being plac-j young men's and young women's class BANK STATEMENT No. 209 Wm. F. Morris, President; R. A. Morris, Cashier; Tony M. Payne, Ass't. Cashier; Earl Morris, Ass't. Cashier. Report of the condition of the FairmountState Bank at Fairmount, in the State of Indiana, at the close of its business on March 10, 1922. RESOURCES and moderate salary folks, until lately, have been denied the money-making advantages of Investment. But now all this has been changed. There is a new order of things. Now, everybody, no matter how small their salary or wages, can invest and receive cash dividends from their savings INDIANA GENERAL SERVICE CO. has worked out a way for you to enjoy all the privileges, advantages and benefits of investment. Our Plan, while new to many folks, is not untried and untested. By means of it hundreds of local people have become partners in this business. They bought shares in the company by paying a little at a time out of their earnings. Lots of these folks had nothing coming in but their wages at the end of the week. Now, with the income from the money they invested, they are able to provide many comforts and luxuries for their families and themselves which they could not have afforded otherwise. i' Why don't YC U become an investor? Come in4 and talk the matter over with us. Or, if you say so, a representative of the Company will be glad to call upon you and answer any questions you'd like to ask. Use the coupon below; it is for your convenience. church. j .ifinicVxwl struts here, al- I at he M. ir Misses Wanetta Weaver and Mary though street work is being done most of the time, as they are in a bad con Compton, townships teachers, were jruests at dinner Saturday of Miss dition caused by the recent rams. William Garrettson, who will farm! Elsie Lees. Overdrafts 718.76 j Other Bonds and Securities 5,000.00 furniture ana fixtures i,uu.uu Due from Banks and Trust NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS Co.'s 36,418.75 Cash on Hand 14,031.14 Cash Items 3,205.98 Total Resources $365,798.39 LIABILITIES took dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis and family. ML-s. Ann Kimbrough and son Walter entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. HACKLEMAN Capital Stock $ 40,000.00 1L Surplus 8,250.00 Undivided Profits 1,224.46 Dividends Unpaid (Not called rnd Mrs. Tom, Hasty, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moon, Lova and Ray Moon and Martha Mae Hasty. Afternoon visitors were Mr. and Mrs. George Kim for) 900.00 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Collins were1 pleasantly surprised last Sunday by ( their Sunday school class. Those en- 1 joying the bountiful dinner srve at the noon hour were Mr. and Mrs- j Orville Hasty and children, Mr. and j Demand Deposits $177,376.73 Demand Certificates $135,448.55 Certified Checks $1,543.86. .314.369.14 Reserve for Tax 1,054.79 brough of Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sheedy and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mlrs. Walter Gibson and family. Little Beatrice Pearson of Fowler-ton spent last week with her grand- Total Liabilities $365,798.39 STATE OF INDIANA, COUNTY OF Mrs. Avery Powell, air. ana iirs. Mark Powers and son Vaughn. Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCombs, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Neal and son John Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Martin and children Mr. and Mrs. Russel Kimes, Mr. and Mrs. James Sheedy and Mr. and Mrs. GRANT, ss: I, Robert A. Morris, Cashier of the Fairmount State Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is parents, Mr. ana Mrs. J. in. tioson. Mr. and Mrs. John Eiber are snend-ing the week with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eiber. Mrs. Anna Havens and daughter Edith snent Saturday evening with true. ROBERT A. MORRIS. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of March 1922. Mrs. Ol Banister. Amos Banister is convalescing after several weeks illness. Mr. and Mrs. Troseau Hill are tht proud parents of a boby girl born recently, named Phyllis. W. D. LONG, Notary Public My commission expires Sept. 25, 1923, INFORMATION COUPON (WITHOUT OBLIGATION) INDIANA GENERAL SERVICE CO. (Send to local office.) Please send me illustrated booklet, -containimr (1) More Information about Pref arred Stock, 'C2) Details of Easy Payment Plan, (3) How to Judee an Investment. NAME Ben Kimes and son liarry. Mrs. Pearl Davis spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Kate Eddmgton. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Comer near Greentown were guests Sunday with Elmer Comer and family. Mrs. Ritta Sierren and son John Bob of Marion, were guests of the former's parents Saturday nigfit and Sunday. Mrs. Mary Hilton and Mrs. Margaret Spangler spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Nettie Eddington- lr. mr,A Mr Sm Krmes and (SEAL) Indiana General Service Co. A Business which of Necessity is Permanent The phase, "I was taken aback,' meaning "taken by surprise, is i j COUNTY LINE II nautical term. A ship is "taken aback" when the sails are suddenly ADDRESS ill Miss Flora lee, who has been 22 blown back bythe 'wind. liaushter Mary Asnes andJMr. Sleeth pneumonia is recovering,

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