The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 21, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 6
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l J 3 f Trie Dally Clintoniari, Clinton, Indian! Thursday, January 21, 1937 f AGE SIX Playboys ONE SENTENCED Governor Seeks Aid it Strike 1 CLASSIFIED ADS Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 21. Livestock: HOfiS, 6,000; holdovers. 152; 160 Ihs. up 20c higher; 1110 lbs. down 2!ic higher; bulk 1110-180 lbs., $10.00; 180-200 lbs., $10. 6B; 200-210 lbs., $10.70; 210-225 lbs., $10.05; 225-2.15 lbs., $10.60; 235-250 lbs., $10.55; 250-200 lbs., $10.45; 260-275 lbs., $10.35; 275-2K5 lbs., $10.30; 286-300 lbs., $10.20; 300-325 lbs.. $10.10; 325-350 lbfl., $10; 350-400 Ills., $10.90; 150-lliO His., $10.25; 140-150 lbs., $10; 130-140 lbs., $9.75; '120-130 lbs., $9.60; flO-120 lbs., $9.25; V I; - ) Try Again -A, Mas MCMPeD 1 r. HIS MAD LUve jajo UILI TBV A COM, BACK ,AJ fMGLAND-tifr ne$ Thau! Ht KC.ED, BBOKI lossro i n. if V -'"J 1 ., If I Ocorge Murphy IATHEt UP 2-, MAS IZAttHCO HIS - Bur ntcy coMtiAcx- Seriousness of the automobile strike situation resulted in a trip to Washington by Gov. Frank Murphy of Michigan, right, who went ta Ui capital, accompanied by his brother, George, left, to ask aid ot federal labor officials.. Gov. Frank Murphy If Palm Changes Foliage Daily movements of the foliage of the "playing palm" of the Orient is caused by changes in temperature. Onions, Garlic Old Onions and garlic were established articles of food in ancient Egypt. Natural Resources Georgia is the second marble-producing state in the Union and leads in its possession of asbestos. Seventeenth Century Mode Virginia ladies of the Seventeenth century differed little from the English in their costumes, except that, being richer, they were belter able to gratify their desire to shine and outshine. As they manufactured nothing in the South, all their finery was fresh from England. A Virginia lady, Mrs. Pritchard, in 1B60, owned an olive colored silk petticoat, another of silk tabby, one of flowered tabby, one of velvet, and one of white striped dimity. Her printed calico gown was lined with blue silk. There were also a pair of scarlet sleeves and another of ruffled holland; also a pair of green stockings. BOYS eeTrWAjAV, -4f AMD CHOCOLATC BUKNCD ThW CAUOLCAT ' Both hudi -and UOUND UP HO.DIHS -mc bas One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh NEW YORK, Jan. 21 -"Open-snliHldy," that dark, dread word that causes all good alhletle directors to flinch violently and then pans on by with averted gaze. Is coming to college football -perhaps next fall, certainly no later than I9IIH the writer is able to state with con fidence today. However, college football, never a mode! of refreshing frankness, won't be so Ingenuous as to call It that. It will be known as an "athletic endowment fund" and, seemingly, II will be set aside for maintenance, new buildings and equipment, Actually, it will mount into the hundreds of thousands al the richer universities, and the Interest will he used to buy football players. I said "buy," because If they aren't nought after tuition, books, , room, hoard and spending money are thus furnished them, then the prospect can be deemed to be quite without a sense of obligation, Under a fancier name, this, of course, is the very program that in- J cites the big-shot athletic director to say "shush" very indignantly when the party from east llverpool or Kaalla Walla get up to suggest It In meeting, as a means of overcoming tho stigma of hypocrisy. Now, the big-shot has got a word more to his liking and, right this minute, quite some few of them are urgently at work, perfecting the details. Most of the really great college endowments are held In Ihe cast and, as one coach recently put II. "they're the elite; the rest of us are the dogs." But with one erstwhile holier-than-thou Institution already the field with a 1UO.OUO athletic endowment and others preparing to follow, it looks very much as though the "elite" will be in there out-snapping the "dogs lor cnoice prospects from the scholastic field S. C. STULTZ TO HAVE BIG SALE On of the larBest farm sales of Ihe season will be held by . c. Stultz, of Clinton, at hfs farm two miles east of this city and one-half mile south of Lyford Wednesday, Jan. 27, starting promptly at 10:30 m. Mr. Slultr, rermitly leased the farm. 1,11 d for the sale are 10 head of 7 s AHD AT usioit ntvca Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same (c charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day) Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, si days, at three times the cost of one Insertion), Each Kroup ot three days there after, 8c a line. Mark Fare (like this), 10c nei line. . All classified ada In. hiding memo-rianis and notices of all kinds iiiuhc be oald in advance except tliose by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must he al lowed before helnir paid. In Uh alter case the person auk lug lliu publication of the notice will he held responsible for lis payment. Business Services HEAD THKSK ADS EVERY DAY lor late buying and selling Information. 1)0 PEOl'LK KNOW WHERE TO lind you and your particular type of service? Tell tbem! A want-ad costs very little. bnns-ANU-KNua merchandise. will quiekly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. Why Buy a New Radio? 1 will serv ice your Old Set and give you a New Set guarantee at lowest prices. Cnll Don's Radio Service today. 319 South Main Street, phone 464. 104" YOL'R CAR TROUBLE MAY BE ill the Ignition system. Let's checkup. J. L. Horney-Roberts Battery Company, 226-228 Mulberry street, phone 66. RECONDITIONED 01CNERATORS. (Jood for miles of performance. Get our prices. Clinton Auto Wrecking Company, "ERNIE'S," phone 64 0. FOR SALE FOIRTH, FIFTH AXI VKIN IIKAZIL W.OCK MiUK OSKI.LA, I'HOXK SIXTH COAL. oi. vt a. t72 Two goats, very reasonable. Sycamore street. 724 t63 Coal range. Cheap. 458 Elm St. tC5 40 acres, well-Improved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also 6 acres, well Improved, 21 miles northwest of Rosedale. F. M. Brown, 769 Elm street. t48tf For SateCoal Good cheap coal, phone 797-W. 67tf FOl'ItTH VEI.VCOfc, UNIVERSAL. MIAMI 0. , AND BLACK BETTIT NO. 5. HAKLKY HUFFMAN. FHONE 10. ' 64tl m i" r BiAin im.i I CAhlj MB FOB PRICKS. IE-: LIVKRKD. ANDY JOHNSON, TF.L- KI'HONE 915-12. MS PAID NOTICES IN MEMORIAM In memory of our dear husband and father, Bortolo Boscardtn, who pa Bed away two years ago today-Deep in our heart lies the picture of our dear husband and father Kone to rest and in our heart come longing to see bis smiling fare Sadly missed by bis wife and children, Mrs. Nina Boscardin. 163 CAM OP THANKK We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for the beautiful floral offerings and their many deeds of kindness extended us in our Had bereavement. Especially do we thank the Pocahontas lodge. Dr. Gerrhib, the ministers, Hev. Chapjn, and Hev. Wagner and th Frist Funeral Home. Mrs. Mary E Iavis nd Eleanor. tGii Salesmen Wanted Your chance to earn good income selling coal heaters and eleetie refrigerators, washers, sweepers end radios. Good opportunity for iwo aggressive men. 319 Kouth Main street. THE RtJOT KTOIiK. t.'ome In from 1 to 11 I. m. Friday. t e -' Callus of Gas A gallon of gasoline weighs 6" pounds and produces in burning 50 per cent more heat per pound than anthracite. No Incense Trees lo Egypt Ancient Egypt had to import all of its incense of myrrh, pine resin, or labdanum, as no incense trees or shrubs grew in the country Rediscovered Paradise After his discovery of the New World, Columbus maintained h had rediscovered Paradise. IN CITY COURT Tom Jones, ot Western avenue was sentenced yesterday In city court to fifteen days In the county Jail at Newport, for drunkenness, John Cargnlno, of Bogart street, was in rented this morning on a com plaint filed by his wife, Mrs. Opnl Cargnlno, for failure to support. Ho was to be tried today. Frank Cunningham, of South I'-iglith street, was arrested yester day on charges of drunkenness. Aphasia Aphasia k' lack of speech. It may be due to a local trouble, but is usually due to a disorder In some of the brain centers. Very often it is psychic or hysterical in its cause. It is this type of ptrson who under great excitement sud denly regains the power to speult It may be due to a motor defect which makes it impossible to speak so that one can be understood. Sometimes, according lo an author ity in the Washington Star, the patient becomes unable to rei . II sounds. Aphasia may be due to an abscess or tumor on the brain, or a rupture of a blood vessel. It may be due to some form of paralysis dr toxemin. The King' Jewel House One of the last acts of King Edward III in 1377 the year he died was to acquire from the Abbey of Westminster a tower which became the King's Jewel House. " This tower is perfectly preserved; but, being hidden by buildings on all sides, few people have ever set eyes upon it. Just to the west of the Jewel House, in a canon's garden, are some still more ancient remains, which very few people have seen. They comprise a wall, windows and parts of columns which belong to the Chapel of St. Katherine, built about 1150, as the chapel of the abbey infirmary, The Early Waistcoat The waistcoat, at least when it is a "fancy vest," is the last remaining vestige of the gorgeous-ness which was once displayed in men' dress, and on October 15, 1608, Pepys chronicles its first appearance on the person of Charles II. Makes Steel "Springy" Silicon makes steel "springy." It is used to make car springs. Nickel steel is hard and tough and if used for the armor plate on battleships. Tungsten and other metals are added to make it hard. Such steels are used in high-speed cutting tools which retain their hardness even when red hot. Keeps Mouth Closed We are told that the Indian mother of the past watched her baby boy at sleep, carefully closing his lips, if apart, that he might acquire, the habit of keeping them shut, day and night, as audible breathing might, some day, betray him when in hiding. helped the family out financially on more than one occasion during the lean years when Anne was struggling to attain screen success. Now it Is hers and, before Brenon returns to England, he will receive a check for the full total of the loans. The Edward G. Robinson art collection, enriched by 15 canvases during the actor's trip abroad, Is good enough that the Warner star is loaning two Van Gog be to s exhibited in London and an Aii-in-can painting, "Daughlars of au Revolution", by Grant Wood, to be shown in a Paris salon. Most of the canvaaei recently acquired by Robinson are ot the French Post-Impressionist acnooi. e Latest Gossip! The death ot Martin Johnson and the serious injury of his wife cast a pall over Hollywood, but particularly on the set of Director W. 8. Van Dyke, who was to have been their host at dinner on the night of the day they crashed. . . . The Ralph Kainger baby has arrived and it's six and one-half pound gin. They'll call her Constance Mrs. Buster Crabbe, who had a narrow escape from death in tliat auto crash, will be on crutches for two weeks. . . . Tn "Story ot Vualm Pasteur" Is being re booked in Austrian theaters crvi 1 doing a b'.g business as a. result of a showing to th Duke of Windsor who lliukl it. ... In a magazine article, AMec I4D Moais. tie o- Briaa Aaerae ciallt . b wrote "Nice Girls Don't i'-- r". names Douglass Montg-diery and Brian A heme as the only two Hollywood actors on her list of "extra" men to be invited to New York parties. . . . Now It is Betty Fur-ness whom Johnny Green Is dining at the Brown Derby. Flash! A flu vict:;r. ta'ld Carlisle, is being retl.vl ta Warner's .lm, 'r: Jet.r". by Gordon Oliver. ' the sarce ture. Director Buv Brti.7 trying to figa'. off '-be allmsnt. rT 1 AO j In a. fl 100-110 His., $9; packing sows 10c lo 26c higher, hulk $9.25ffi9.76. CATTLE, 800; veals, 400; steers and heifers mostly steady; hulk steers, $7.00 9.00; lop. $10.50; most heifers, $6.60 8.00; cows steady to strong; beef cows, $4.76 I11J5.50; cutler grades, $3.754.60 suusage bulls, $G.50 down; veals steady to strong, good and cholcf $11.50ifl)12.ii0. SHEEP, 3,0110; nothing done enrly on lambs; Indications, steady to strong. CIIICACO. Jan. 21. Livestock: HOOS, 13.000; 10c higher; hold overs. 1.000; top. $10.40; hulk, $10.0010.35: heavy, $10,011 IV 10.40; medium, $10. (10 10.40; light. $9.75 fi, 10.30; light lights, $9.25 ra 10.00; packing sows, $9.25 10.00; pigs, $7.5018)9.85. CATTLE, 5,000: steady. Cnlves. 1.200; steady. Beef steers: good and choice, $1 1.00 1 4.25; common and medium. $7.00 & 1 1.00; year lings. $9.00 14.35. Butcher cat tle: heifers, $5.00011.50; cows. $4.758.II0: bulls. $4.507.00; calves. $5.00 12.00; feeder steers, $5.009.00; stocker steers. $5.00 8.75; stocker cows and heifers, $4.75 7.00. SHEEP, 15,000; steady; medium and choice lambs, $10.25 1 0. 00; culls and common, $8.5010.25; yearlings, $8.00 9.60; common and choice ewes. $3.506.25; feeder lambs. $8.509.50. CHICACO, Jan. 21 Good buying of wheat futures inspired by sharply higher cables lifted prices Vi to c at the opening here today. Corn advanced A to c and oats to WHEAT: May, 1309-i; lim-; Sept., 110-?T. CORN: (new) May. 110'4 106; Sept., 101; (old) July, July. May, 108 "4 : July, 103 OATS: May, 61 -B2; July, 45-li ; Sept., 42-. Leader in Printing Industry Theodore Low De Vinne, the famous printer, was born at Stamford, Conn., in 1828. He learned the printer's trade and was an employe and later a partner of Francis Hart, New York. After the latter'g death the firm in 1883 became Theodore De Vinne It Co. He began to print St. Nicholas Magazine in 1873 and the Century in 1874. He organized the National Typothetae Society and became its president in 1898. De Vinne made notable improvements in typography and wrote a number of books on printing. Pun8- New York of Indies Surinam in the West Indies interests New Yorkers because the Brit ish government gave it to Holland in exchange for the little colony now called New York. Balbriggan, in Irelau" Balbriggan is a watering place In Ireland, 21 miles northeast of Dublin. It is a seat of linen, cotton, calico and is especially noted for its stocking manuiactures. WABASH Friday and Saturday Galloping madly into thrilling adventurt u the playboy turned tomboy, RALPH BELLAMY, starred m "Wild Brum Kent," adapted from Harold Bell Wnght'i biggest bestseller and released by Twentieth Century-Fox. - , ' - I f ' J P Behind Ihelcen In 1L.H I HOLLYUIOOD e,ond farm horses, t fonr head of mules, two milch cows, 20 head of Hampshire lions, 52 tons of baled hay. 250 bushels of good corn and a fine selection of farming Implements. Itay Bros., of Tangier, will he the am tlmieers und George Scott, clerk. Lunch will be served on the grounds. DISTURBED A. UllIRKTIC tim- uliiit. urh ait Dr Pierce h An uric. Is of-sen tmlicaltcl and usu AT NIGHT? ally It U sinfidnit to relieve minor kidney trreifiilarltieii. A-nu-rfc" Is of value In relieving the burning ami aoreneM, and the desire fur frequent urination caused y or asaot lated witli except acid, and tends lo ease the Row of urine. Obtain Dr. Pierce's A n uric now. Price, 65c It $1.35 at your neighborhood drug store. Mali ihe symptom blank which If (n the A -n uric package and tend a sample of urine for free analysis to Dr. Pierce' Clinic, 665 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Bring Happy Rlif Many sufferers relieve nagging bapkaen quickly, once tliey discover that the real eeuee of their trouble mav be tired kidneys. The kidney ere Nature's chief way of takJuc the excess auila end waste out of the bloud. Mist people paen about 3 pint a day ur about 8 pouoda of waste. Frmnspnt or Bfiantv naaaajrM with marf na and burning shows there way be eomeUiioc wmna with your kidneve or bl juuiuer. An exeeae of aefcia or poisons in your blood, woeo aue 10 luncuorisj iuuney ilney disarders, may be ibe cause of i cause of nagging backache, rheumatw pKine, lumbago, leg pajne, loss ol pep and en-nty, getting up nights, eweiling, putfioeee unuer lua eyes, headaches and dissineM, Don't wait I Ask your druggist for Doan'e Pills, used successfully by millions for over 40 rears They give happy relief and will help the 5 miles of kidney tubes flush out pojBuQuu waste from your blood. Get Doaa's Pilk. FRIST I Home ELACKMili ROCK Brakesets ervice Phone 6 3ZZZZ j" OR X niGHT IHBlOQ i JUSTICE MOVES TO SHUT PRISON GATE ON KILLER (Continued from Page 1) a truck stolen from a farmer. Be- noit was slightly hurt as he tum bled, out of the moving car. Trooper Hammond was kidnaped after he and State Trooper Samuel Sinenf had stopped a stolen car to question the two ocupants, Benoit and John H. Smith, 29, alias , Mike-Del Berto. Paul Revere, Silversmith Paul Revere was a silversmith and copper worker, and the copper sheathing for the fricate Constitution was supplied by his shop. Monastery of St. George The monastery of St. George, in which Florence Nightingale lived in the Crimean war overlooks the fishing village of Balaklava, at the waterside of the valley through which rode the "Six Hundred" of the Light Brigade. Genius Is Intensity Genius is intensity of life; an overflowing vitality which floods and fertilizes a continent or a hemisphere of being; which make a nature many-sided and whole, while most men remain partial and fragmentary. Steel, Strongest Material Steel is the strongest material known. Some steels can stand a pull of 500,000 pounds per square inch. Steels may be marie so hard they scratch glass or so so.'t they can be scratched with a pin. superstitious About Friday "I kain't help bein' superstitious about Friday," said Uncle t:ben, "but 1 reconize dat it ain't so much whut you does on Friday dat brings bad luck as what you sidesteps on Friday an' five or six other d.-iys a week." Edison Lost Much Munc) Thomas A. Edison, holder of more than 1,200 patents, lost more money fighting for his cla'nis than he realized on his inventions. The money he made was through sale of his products as a manufacturer, not as an inventor. Island of Monte Oisto The island of Monte Cristo lies midway between Corsica and Italy south of the Island of Elba. It was the scene of the successful treasure hunt participated in by Edmund Dantes, one of the Alexander Da mas' heroes. Trees Sleep in Winter , Trees may be said to be sleeping in winter. They are alive, breathing, and slowly consuming their stored food supplies; but are not growing or manufacturing any food. In these respects a tree is very similar to the woodchuck which is napping in some well-protected den. Both will become active again when warm weather returns, although the tree probably will be at work first. . The Seven Sleepers The Seven Sleepers were seven noble youths of Ephesus, according to legend, who lied in the De-cian persecution in A. O. 250 to a cave at Mount Celion. After 230, or in some versions, 309 years, they awoke, but soon died and tiieir bodies were taken to Marseilles, France, in a large stone collm, which is shown in Victor's church. Their names are Constantine, Uio-nysius, John, Mariimari, Malchus, Martinuui and Serapion.. By EARRISOV CARROLL Copyright, 117. Kfng PfMliirrii toyDdicKtc, Inc. HOLLYWOOD Whether it's the recent air tragedies or not. many film colony aviators are losing their en thusiasm for flying. James Dunn is selling his plane, fearful that it U a jinx ship. Borne weeks ago, when the actor flew an officer and a prisoner to New Orleans, Jafiiet. Dium the accused man, leaving the plane, said to Dunn: "I hope you break your neck." Due to a combination of had weather and mishaps, the actor was 11 days on the return trip to Hollywood. Now, he won't go near the ship. Come spring and Basil Rath-bone's college boy son is arriving in Hollywood to stay. His name is Rodion and he has been going 5. Cambridge. On a recent trip to .xiollywood, he developed a terrific crush on Olivia de Havilland. Never question the power of coineidence tx Virginia Sale Several years ago, she and a friend, Georgia Burrows, expressed the wish that each might marry and have twins. Virginia wed Sam .Wren and, on Feb. 22 last, gave birth to a boy and a girl. Her friend married John Losee and, now, Bhe, too, has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The Wren youngsters, niece and I.ephew of the late Chic Sale, are now registered with Central Casting, t&nd are available for nlm -work. 1 Answering Your Questions! 'Joeephine Edwards, Los Angeles: Yes, Lola Lane has two sisters, Rosemary and Priscilla. Herbert Brenon's return here on a visit from England has brought about a reunion of the director and Anne Shirley, whom he once wanted to adopt and was willing to pay $50,000 to her mother for the privilege. This is now an old moiy but what very few know is that Brenon. though turned down. I p .A, , .9 A J IF YOU WANT TO LIVE LONGER Don't Trust the Other Guy . . . In these days of modern traffic don't depend on the other fellow . . . that's certain suicide. Be sure to have a regular safety check-up of your brakes. Make your car safe for any member of your family to drive. Our brake) repairing is done by experts using the best materials obtainable. . . . GREY Balanced Wo Pay 5c per pound for large ''clean Cotton V dags. Daily Ciintonian Welker's Auto S I 409 South Main

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